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  • Current Version: 6.6.0
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Monster Job Search App

Instantly search through millions of new jobs. Simply apply by swiping right! Monster Job Search is 100% free & the highest rated job app! 1. Install the free Monster Job Search app 2. Create a profile or upload your resume / CV 3. Adjust filters to find the perfect job around you! 4. Apply to jobs instantly! Hear back quickly Features: • Get interviews faster than any other app! • Apply instantly by swiping right • Set a location radius around you • Use search to filter specific roles Featured in NPR, ABC, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, FastCompany and Quartz. ---

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Monster Job Search app reviews

  • Dating app or job app 1/5

    By Tyler Brianna
    Is this a dating app or a job app? I don’t have time to be swiping left and all that BS.. just show me a list of jobs.. and also if I’m looking for a “quality technician” job why are you showing me cashier and chef jobs??? Stupid app
  • Leaves a lot to be desired 2/5

    By Geneva, Ohio
    This app is awkward to use & was continuously displaying jobs which were no where near me. Not sure what R&D Monster is relying upon but this app definitely misses the mark. Uninstalled.
  • The Tinder of Job Apps 1/5

    By Jroby9
    I used to use Monster all the time when I would browse jobs periodically. However this new update that forces you to apply or pass right away is awful. Also, the information given for the listing is extremely poor compared to other apps. Monster is definitely falling way behind sites like Indeed and Zip Recruiter IMO.
  • Reason for low rating 1/5

    By sendankit2
    I have created an alert and also when i search for the jobs of my field, i get mostly other positions info rather than the position i am looking for. For example I am looking for salesforce Administrator Position but i get mostly results for other positions.
  • My thumbs tired of swiping 1/5

    By ScurtMcGirt
    Took a simple job searching tool and turned it into a dating app. Bring back the classic or atleast give us a way to switch back to it
  • This is awful 1/5

    By LilDanasaurusRex
    I hate this swiping left or right for jobs I want to apply for or jobs that I don’t want. The filter I applied was completely ignored I’ve used monster in the past but now it’s awful. I would like to be able to scroll through job listings and have jobs offered to me that fit what I’m looking for.
  • App seems broken? 3/5

    By LPLouw
    Nice intuitive UI - swipe left, wipe right. A little light in explaining. Why do some applications end up failing? Why when I try to read the FAQs the link is broken? Didn’t expect this from a great site like Monster.
  • Is anyone swiping back at me ? 1/5

    By pajarox
    Beyond useless. Why am i swiping on jobs instead of applying for them? No contact info on any of hem either. WHAT IS THE POINT ?! Most postings are from the same spammy company whose descriptions are so vague it could be anything
  • Terrible search engine. 2/5

    By pvjeltz
    Entered my search criteria and it came back with a whole list of jobs that were totally unrelated to what I was looking for. Enter the word ‘Manager’ and you will see everything from McDonalds shift Manager to Senior Corporate Business Manager, regardless of what other words are part of your job title.
  • New update awful! Don’t install! 1/5

    By AMONymous. :D
    The newest version of this app is awful. It constantly asks for my resume, but as someone currently employed but looking for a better job, sorry, that’s not going to happen. You have to swipe through single listings and it freezes the screen on my newer iPhone. I can’t figure how to go back to the previous listing, and there’s no way to reset to the basic list. Sorry but this app is getting deleted ASAP.
  • Monster 4/5

    By Myshonique
    I’m starting to like this app
  • What is this? 1/5

    By Jac3718173617181
    This isnt Tinder. Couldnt find an option to show jobs as a list. Had the app for a total of 5 minutes.
  • Still looking for work 1/5

    By #StillNoJob
    I have had this app for a while now, I have uploaded my resume and still no luck.
  • Help? 1/5

    By JOELG37
    I’m not getting any positive results.
  • Not user friendly. Horrible. 1/5

    By ed1faunce
    Quit with the swiping nonsense. I’m just looking for part time work and this app is worthless. It keeps demanding my resume. I’m not going to upload my data just for a part time job. I need to see a list of jobs, not go on a date.
  • Meh 2/5

    By BoodahBaby95
    Why is it set up like Tinder? Hate the swipe feature. Why can’t you creat a resume instead of being forced to import it? Not impressed
  • This isn't a dating app... so don't make it act like one 1/5

    By Thought it would b btr
    I don't want to have to scroll through full page job descriptions and swipe left or right. I want to see a list of all jobs offered with some very basic info. After looking at all there is to offer perhaps I might change my mind about some I've already dismissed - but I can't view them again because I dismissed them. Go back to the old view. Until then I'll use Indeed.
  • Can’t apply for jobs 1/5

    By Taesung-ah
    So....this app seems like a great concept, but whenever I press ‘apply for this job,’ it usually takes me to the jobs original web page, which is fine, where I then fill out whatever other information they may need. However, when I go to actually upload my resume to the site, it just....closes. It doesn’t make any sense and I’ve wasted so much time filling out the same information over and over just to have the same thing happen when I try to upload my resume. I’ve even tried uploading from different locations but it still won’t work. Obviously, this defeats the entire purpose of the app since I can’t even apply to any jobs...Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By Trista7488
    Love this new app or updated app. So easy to apply for jobs.
  • Jobs Not Relevant or Accurate 1/5

    By ssolypop
    Not sure if it’s just Hawaii, but the jobs are not matching with settings. Also the app continues to show the same 10 or so jobs in slightly different wording, then eventually it will say that there are no jobs available. On the island of Oahu there are hundreds if not thousands of job openings and the app doesn’t show them no matter how I adjust the settings. Great features to swipe to Apply or Pass on a job, but the jobs are not up to date.
  • Old version better 1/5

    By Lakegeorge12845
    I can’t stand the new version; I just need a list of what’s available, not a photo per opportunity. It is too time consuming with this new version of flipping to the next job. I am going to stick with the Indeed app.
  • Fall from grace 1/5

    By ABlack3
    Used to be the best employment app ever. Now is the absolute WORST. Doesn’t follow filters. I am searching for restaurant management and get a welder job shown. Then engineering. This isn’t new and continues daily. It’s convoluted and hard to navigate. It’s a dinosaur. I’m taking the app out after this review. Indeed and even Craigslist are better.
  • Useless if it doesn’t have any jobs in your industry 1/5

    By Vavatch
    I am an estheician, and I can find plenty of jobs on Indeed (horrible app), Glassdoor (ok app), but not a single one on Monster. I’d like to use it, but pointless
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Grizzo89
    Terrible interface. Shows you 50 unrelated jobs for every one that you might be interested in.
  • New App is terrible 1/5

    By Clemscrag
    The new app may be “modern” but have we really made job hunting equivalent to hooking up on Tinder? I don’t mind the enhancements as much as what’s missing: I get an email to check my messages and I can’t use the app to do that, only “conversations.” The FAQ is also broken and therefore useless.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Avg player
    After uploading a resume I have been called and emailed for jobs as an office manager in the insurance industry. Problem is that after checking on the messages and all I found out that these were scams. Just wish Monster only allowed serious inquiries. Until then I have to research every company that contacts me. So much as a level of trust if this site can be used for scams
  • App is not so good 1/5

    By Josie Guida
    The phone app is terrible! It’s not intuitive or easy to use.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By IG: Lisa2Lovely
    I cant upload my resume anymore. It says go to “locations” on icloud menu but I cant find what locations they are talking about in my settings or online. I search for jobs within 20 mile radius and i get results for jobs in places states away.
  • Location Services Terrible 2/5

    By Tiffyrocksteh574
    I’ve done everything I can to refine my search to my city alone, but my feed is full of nothing but openings from major cities several hours away. Indeed shows there’s a ton jobs available here — but apparently there are only a handful available in my state.
  • New Swipe Format Needs Improvement 2/5

    By infiniti69
    I like the new swipe left/right format of the app, but my issue is that the job postings that appear in my feed are completely random and encompass a wide variety of job titles. Even after I chose specific filters and changed my search parameters to be specific to the job titles that I’m searching for, the job postings in the feed were still the same random job titles which do not all apply to me and are a frustrating waste of time. If I’m searching for Office Manager positions, I shouldn’t be seeing job postings for Network Analyst, Assistant Controller, Pilot, Investment Broker, Financial Accounts Manager, Retail Store Manager. There doesn’t seem to be any organization or categorization of the job listings. They just exist in a collective jumble and appear randomly in the user’s feed. This is inefficient and gives the impression that Monster has become lazy and complacent in their role as one of the top job search resources in the country. I know that Monster has to realize that there is a better way to present job listings to candidates in a more efficient, productive, and streamlined way so as to better assist candidates in specifically targeting ideal jobs listings which are applicable to that candidate’s individual skillsets, experience, and qualifications, while limiting postings that are not applicable to a candidate’s job search and ultimate career goals. It’s tough enough looking for a job. Job searching is time consuming, stressful, tedious, and frustrating. Job searchers do not need the added hassle of numerous incompatible job listings cluttering up their feed, nor do we enjoy wasting valuable time flipping through irrelevant and redundant postings. Additionally, if inapplicable postings aren’t bad enough, the SAME postings are added back to the feed after being swiped to the left (Pass). If a job posting is passed on, swiped left, it is obviously a job that is of no interest to the candidate! Why add it to the back of the feed so that it appears again?? Monster really needs to update this app to reflect changes with regard to all of these issues. 1. Make it possible for candidates to specify search criteria, and only show job postings in the feed which meet the specified criteria and selected search options. 2. Remove all job postings from a candidate’s feed which do not meet the criteria and parameters selected by a candidate. 3. Do not recirculate job postings through a candidate’s feed more than one additional time. It’s possible that a candidate may accidentally swipe left on a job that was of interest. Recycle the postings one additional time to allow the candidate to be sure they didn’t miss out on an opportunity. 4. Add communications messages to indicate when there are no more new postings available for that day, but give the option to view previous postings of jobs that are still open. 5. Indicate the post date on all postings, as well as the job location. 6. Give candidates the option to view postings in a linear format rather than the swipe feed. It appears to me that the number of job listings on Monster has decreased significantly since the last time I was in the job hunt. I wonder if it’s become obvious to employers that Monster doesn’t seem to care enough about staying on top of the online job listing and recruiting industry? Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are rapidly replacing Monster and CareerBuilder in the online job search world. Monster needs to get it together. The swipe format is modern, but Monster has failed to utilize it to it’s full potential, and using it feels like a weak and superficial attempt to stay relevant, without putting any actual effort or thought into the system. That’s unfortunate. I’ve come to expect so much of Monster through the years. It may be time to consider the glory days being long gone if your management team can’t or won’t do something to improve on this app. Seriously.
  • Worst app I’ve seen 1/5

    By hoshe tay
    Impossible to navigate.
  • More than two options 2/5

    By Statzi54325
    What if we don’t want to apply right now but would like to view it later.
  • Flooded with SPAM CALLS! 1/5

    By JoHoKa
    Biggest mistake that I’ve ever made. I’m CONSTANTLY flooded with ridiculous calls for an unending stream of NON-relevant positions from call centers in India & Pakistan. Signing up for this was a HUGE mistake on my part.
  • Cannot upload resume 1/5

    There is a system glitch that causes an error when trying to upload your resume. Good luck!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Anthony Jackson Senn
    It’s absolutely annoying that every time I pass on a job that the app has to have the same pop up asking me if I’m sure EVERYTIME.
  • Meh. Fewer features and fewer options than before 1/5

    By ExMacHWEvangelist
    Very Poorly done - Cannot get into the MESSAGE CENTER anymore - Cannot do any detailed editing of your PROFILE
  • Tinder for employment... Useless format. 1/5

    By uzanaym
    Let me scroll and browse multiple jobs at a time. Format does not work for the purpose. Irritating. Off to my other job search apps or maybe to see if the Monster website is more sensibly arranged.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By CalGurlinCal
    Mobile app is not intuitive and gives useless results.
  • Awful results 1/5

    By BKeeme
    All I received were various jobs through staffing companies. Hardly any companies posted jobs themselves. Uploading your resume does not assist with matching you to jobs you are qualified to do. The tinder swiping for a job is ridiculous. You should be able to set aside posting to review them again instead of either passing or applying.
  • Very unhelpful 1/5

    By Nadi_J
    No matter how many times I edit my filter it still only shows me jobs in California (I live on the east coat -_-). I’d rather use the website, although it’s not that much more helpful.
  • Five star monster 5/5

    By D-kill
    Makes applying convenient
  • Nice web 5/5

    By sam desai1
    Great jobs
  • Monster Jobs Feedback 5/5

    By PanGirlBrit
    Monster Jobs is a Fantastic Resource when searching for Employment, whether it be a Career or just a Job to get you through until you can get in a better position or be able to actually work a Career in you field of study. I also love how they have articles and journals on various topics from resumes to interviews.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    App needs some doing
  • Wonderful and fast 5/5

    By Velanny
    Time saving
  • Needs a update 3/5

    Monster is okay! But it's missing a lot of features that you get on other job search sites.
  • App Does not have Job Alerts 1/5

    By Bristowva2008
    Hard to do focused job searches. No list to to browse, you have to read each ad individually and swipe. Not user friendly.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By msshaunda
    It’s been helpful but since I updated my phone the app keeps crashing. It’s become very frustrating.
  • Search Engine 1/5

    By NoGood625
    I gave monster 1 star because 0 was not available. You search and filter your qualifications and they send you jobs they think you should have ha. A Medical Sales Executive was suggested to be a 1099 roofing salesman, no thanks.

Monster Job Search app comments

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