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Monster Job Search App

Instantly search through millions of new jobs. Simply apply by swiping right! Monster Job Search is 100% free & the highest rated job app! 1. Install the free Monster Job Search app 2. Create a profile or upload your resume / CV 3. Adjust filters to find the perfect job around you! 4. Apply to jobs instantly! Hear back quickly Features: • Get interviews faster than any other app! • Apply instantly by swiping right • Set a location radius around you • Use search to filter specific roles Featured in NPR, ABC, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, FastCompany and Quartz. ---


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Monster Job Search app reviews

  • Don’t get excited 1/5

    By mount an dew
    Love the swipe ideas, that’s about it .
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By BobC860
    Unable to easily navigate through app. Unable to slide through the job offers either by swiping or double-taping. It’s just a big waste of time
  • Great App 5/5

    By Surodrz
    Very easy to use, straight to the point with enough information from each job postings.
  • Great App! 3/5

    By HachiChan
    Easy to use, uploads your resume quickly, easy to approve or pass on jobs. Overall great app. They do need to add more jobs faster as Craigslist has more relevant and current jobs that Monster.
  • Not a fan of the Tinder of job searches 1/5

    By Jamielyn8732
    It’s really awful. Why should I have to swipe through 30 jobs to find the one or two that actually match what I’m looking for?
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By GlenFL
    Doesn’t work on tablets. Difficult and non-intuitive to use.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Dissapointed job searcher
    Terrible way to find a job! It doesn’t give you jobs based on your area even when I specified area that I wanted. Also, the jobs shown to me had no relation to my field making it even more impossible for me to find a suitable job offer.
  • Read faqs before you use 3/5

    By Kbearpa
    Not intuitive. Applied for several jobs before I realized swiping directions were important. Indeed and Zip Recruiter are much easier.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By alicia banks
    Very helpful and making applying for jobs quick and easy
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Popy145
    Found a job in 3 days
  • Don’t get this app! 1/5

    By Spiritace
    Doesn’t seem to matter if you dismiss or swipe left on a job, Monster sends an application. Many of these jobs I would NEVER, EVER apply to. I’m deleting this app. I’d rather not see a job I. Ugh this like than be applied to a bunch that I’m either not qualified or not in my location. Argh!!
  • Relevance 1/5

    By Bekkers345
    Please consider looking at how you code your search fields. How does a search for financial analyst come up with a job for driving Uber?
  • Totally useless 1/5

    By Joe stop fighting me Monster
    The app is horrible and a waste of space monster never helps with problems and has not gotten rid of the horrible tinder format filters are useless . You folks respond with the same tired old line thanks for helping us, But you done nothing to actually improve this horrible app you been doing much better to scrap it and go back to the previous format which actually seem to work much better give up on this horrible tender crap it doesn’t it doesn’t work it simply doesn’t work give up on it
  • Tinder is stupid so is this monster app 1/5

    By Jphollist
    I’m not trying to hook up for a one night stand with an employer. I’m looking for long term employment. The tinder model does not work here.
  • Swipe only, really?? 1/5

    By RebeccaB123
    Give me a list that I can simply scroll through quickly and efficiently. This swiping is ridiculous. Monster provides 1 in 100 jobs in which I am interested so I have to swipe 99 times. I don’t have time for that. I’d prefer to use the slightly better web version. It wouldn’t be so bad if it actually searched on the items that I typed. If I want a job in IT/Healthcare/Director, I don’t want to see a job as an analyst or operations supervisor. I’ll probably go back to the other apps that haven’t transitioned to the new age dating apps. This is my career not my next fling.
  • Sad 1/5

    By ndbdjcidns
    When did searching for a job turn into Tinder? Lame.
  • Clumsy Email to App Integration 1/5

    By tiredofcornyappsreviewer
    It's weird how monster sends emails with links to specific roles and the link does not open the app. It opens an internet link and then you have to sign in via the webpage to see more info. You would expect a link to open/launch the app, but it doesn't. This app is really clumsy.
  • Finding a Date, not a Career 1/5

    By mrquinn1
    Not sure where to begin besides that I rarely ever rate apps. But this one is very different. What happened to the old Monster? Did you turn into Tinder? To begin, the sync between the website and what you have in the app are completely off. I have to enter my info twice which is highly inconvenient. Second. I do NOT want to do a full and complete keyword search when you could easily introduce filters. Have I mentioned how wonderful filters are? Let me filter by location (which by the way if I do filter by location and limit to 10 miles or so, I get other states, which I do not understand). If I search for a specific title, I am told that this job is not available. Yet when I look for said title on Indeed or LinkedIN, it appears with HUNDREDS of results, not none. I’m not too sure who programs the app and the website, but they may want to think about working better as a team! I receive more hits on my resume here than anywhere else, which is why I keep Monster. But if it wasn’t for that, I would never touch this app again. Please get back to the way you used to be Monster. The old Monster always had the perfect results and filters. None of the “Tinder” like ideas. It just ruins the juju of finding the perfect job. Instead it feels like I am trying to find the perfect date....I hope in the future that Monster turns this around.
  • Did they hire an intern to make this app? 1/5

    By TopRamon
    This app is probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had. When you look up specific terms it gives you Random selection of jobs. And on top of that, if there any jobs that you're interested that maybe you don't want to pass on but you also don't want to apply to. You can't save them so you'll never find them again. For this being a professional company, this app seems like it was made by a low tier tech company
  • Location location location 5/5

    By Maggie271961
    Monster has a nice selection of employment opportunities. I have several employment apps but I get the most interviews through Monster.
  • Applied??? 1/5

    By budswifedml
    Monster said I applied for 2 jobs. In fact I had not I have not sent my resume to them. I regret loading this app. It is not consumer friendly at all.
  • Excellent Job Search Site 5/5

    By Fupa420
    Super easy to upload your resume. The jobs are great and the notifications are helpful. I’m thankful to have Monster helping me with my job needs and finding my perfect career! Thank you!
  • Swipe Left or Right? 1/5

    By sosa_raerae
    For some reason Monster wanted to turn their app in to a job dating site. Where you swipe left or right to apply and pass on jobs. That seemed really weird to me. Companies are trying to hard to reach millennials that they turn them away. Like me. I’ll stick with Indeed. Not all millennials are on dating sites looking for hook ups. I applied for a job and didn’t even mean too. Do better Monster.
  • 1st time 5/5

    By Monster Newbie
    I find myself single & looking for a job after 25 yrs working for my Ex. It's scary & exciting & with Monster helping me I feel confident that I've got this!
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By JoshJM84
    Was just disappointed in the mobile application. It is not what it used to be (it seems poorly set up for a job-finding app) and I’m unable to upload my resume because I don’t have any of the formats it allows. I have used this in the past without issue, but it just isn’t for me with the newest setup. It has got a high review rating, but it doesn’t always mean it’s the best option for you. I suggest trying other software.
  • Not worth the download 1/5

    By yhdhvc
    Unless you want to apply to Uber it avon or mercy there isn’t any other jobs just keep going threw the same one.
  • Pretty much worthless 1/5

    By mercrnbsnccm
    The app says “relevant jobs”, but all I get is jobs for Avon, Uber and many more that are completely irrelevant. I was under the impression that they posted jobs according to my resume I submitted. I’ve only seen one job so far that fits what I’m looking for. Very disappointed.
  • Search function doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Allygrl12345
    The mobile app doesn’t allow you to set parameters for the industry/type of jobs I’m looking for. I type in “marketing” and get a bunch of engineering jobs. A waste of time.
  • Excellent job board application from Monster 5/5

    By raradhyula
    I find this app easy to use and I don’t ever have to login to their website!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Joaquinthemachine
    I love this app, great way to experience and get around with a comfortable work environment and accumulate experience in different fields of work.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ld&ap
    Awesome app!!!! Lov it !!!! A must app to have and download. So download it already.
  • Not helpful anymore 1/5

    By user1234?
    Before it used to be a great app, unfortunately not anymore
  • Attentive 5/5

    By Equusstar
    Very attentive to my job search. I’m on four job apps and monster gave me a direct contact with a real person to help me. Pretty cool.
  • Monster deleted my account and selects inappropriate positions 1/5

    By Shpeeeddy
    For no know reason monster deleted my account I am a senior lead Electrical and Project Manager. Monster suggests prep cook, delivery driver, and administrative assistant positions. What a waste of my time!
  • Biggest waste of time 1/5

    By Miknikmik
    Any calls I get are for some online sales jobs. The jobs that pop up aren't jobs that I'm looking for and no matter what I do, those are the only jobs that will pop up. All for some sales jobs. I'm just trying to get a job working at a restaurant or something good related. None of the info I put up there said I wanted anything to do with sales. Worst app ever
  • Job 5/5

    By Shelan Mito
    Best app ever. I have been using it for a week and applied to many jobs and got accepted already! Very helpful app thank you very much :)
  • Horrible interface 1/5

    By xPhagex
    For some of us who don’t use the app very often, we need a more obvious reminder of how the interface works when we open it. I accidentally applied to several jobs and was told I could not “unapply.” It’s easy to make a mistake when it doesn’t show the swipe commands until the job has been halfway swiped off the screen.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By InspectorDP
    This app is terrible. There is no way to narrow your search except by mileage from desired location. There should also be a way to save several searches with different criteria. I searched for “government” jobs and everything BUT government jobs popped up. UPDATE: I just installed the newest update and when click on the app, it won’t open. So, now it’s even worse than before.
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Todd 1299
    I’ve only been on this for a few days but I do love the fact that this guy Jay will text message you and ask you if there’s anything that they could do to help you that’s pretty awesome So as far as this app goes it’s all right I like the fact that you can swipe left or right if you’re interested in a job and it will automatically send your resume that’s pretty cool and how you can zero in on the town or city that you’re looking for a job at that’s awesome but for me I have not found a job yet still looking fingers crossed all will go well
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By rej1833
    This app is very easy to use with lots of information.
  • Disappointing and Invasive 1/5

    By UnknownProdigy
    This app now is horrible, swipe right or left, this isn’t Tinder. Also why do you need read and write access to all files on my cloud service to upload a resume?
  • Worthless 1/5

    By CWONeal
    This app is unusable. I can’t just review a list I either have to either review pass or apply each finding. I don’t have time for this. Just horrible and no settings to change it.
  • app review 1/5

    By Caitlin0929
    The app is horrible. The jobs displayed don't apply to my experience or filter requests. Even when they're remotely close, the salary is way off. The app needs some serious work.
  • Monster is so lame 1/5

    By crabs at mulligans
    I’ve spent like hours trying to figure out how to import your resume this is so beyond stupid get with Current technology idiots
  • Maybe the worst app ever 1/5

    By Dubeage29708
    Completely useless. Does not provide any worthy information. Search function doesn’t do a search. Do we really need to swipe right to apply for job? Is this where technology has gotten us? Fairly important decision in life, who you work for, and maybe who you hire. But it takes it down to mindless superficial image decision. Whatever. Good website to find employment, but the app, just worthless.
  • “Pass” doesn’t mean pass! 1/5

    By BigDiez
    I’ve inadvertently applied for jobs I’m in no way qualified for due to this buggy app. “pass” doesn’t mean pass! I’m an IT person however this stupid app applied me for Optometrist, Border Patrol, CEO of a Bank??
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Auphysique
    Easy download. User friendly
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By zZDraGunSlayaZz
    Thanks Monster, looks like you died. Wasted 2 hours of my life setting up a profile and searching jobs only to find out that everything within 100miles of my area needs either 5-10 years of experience or the job has already been taken. So if the job has already been taken, then why am I still seeing the posting. Do we see the problem here? Might wanna fix that.
  • Job Hunter 1/5

    By Maxandchloe
    I don’t like the layout of this app. It’s difficult to save a job to refer to it later. As a role is presented you either have to apply or deny. Needs quite a bit of work.
  • 👍🏼👌👍🏼 5/5

    By Yo suppy
    All dialed in. Even have live support for any questions...

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