Jow - easy recipes & groceries

Jow - easy recipes & groceries

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  • Current Version: 3.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Jow - easy recipes & groceries App

Select from thousands of homemade recipes created by our team of foodies and tailored to your tastes, kitchen, and household size. Jow’s dynamic shopping list is optimized for the number of people in your home–never buy more or less than you really need. Once you’ve selected your meals, Jow automatically orders the necessary ingredients for your recipes, plus all your other groceries, directly from the store of your choice. You’re even able to schedule that order for pickup or delivery! ◆ "What’s for dinner?” ◆ Download Jow now if: - You are a human (and responsible for other little and big humans) and need to eat :) - You’re tired of wasting time deciding what to eat - You want quick and easy recipes with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials ◆ Get cooking with Jow ◆ 1. Tell us about the appliances in your kitchen, how many kids and adults are in your home, and what foods you want to avoid. 2. Jow serves up easy, homemade and delicious recipes personalized just for you. 3. Customize your menu based off our recommendations. Or search our catalog of hundreds of recipes suitable for all diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, pork-free). 4. Add a meal, or several, to your cart and Jow figures out exactly how much of which ingredients you need based on your household size. 5. Jow creates your smart shopping list, which you can take to the store and check off items as you fill your cart. 6. When it’s time for dinner, pull up that recipe in the app and get cooking with our step-by-step guided recipe and video tutorials. More than 4 Million people around the world trust Jow to answer “What’s for dinner?” Our mission is to help make your life easier through meal inspiration, smart shopping cart creation, and grocery pickup or delivery. Looking for even more inspo? Follow us on instagram at @jow_us. Download Jow today and get cooking tonight!

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Jow - easy recipes & groceries app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By Greg is my dad
    This app is so clever. I never knew an app like this existed. It has helped me so much! It helps me come up with new recipe ideas and dinner/lunch/breakfast foods. AND IT MAKES A LIST FOR YOU! Idk how it could get better. It’s so clever. And it’s completely free. I would have to say my favorite thing about it is that you can filter your preferences. There are keto options, gluten free, vegan… anything! And then you just look up the ingredients and foods you don’t like and they simply do not include them in your recipes. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who is curious about new food or is sick of eating the same old recipes!
  • Sounds like a good idea, but the app doesn’t work 2/5

    By Milamoli0
    Cannot create an account?? I’ve tried signing up with all three options-Facebook, Google, and Apple and it doesn’t work.
  • AWESOME App! 5/5

    By Lydia Violet Grace
    Wow I love this app!! The design is so intuitive and thoughtful. I love the little touches like being able to see main ingredients at a glance, selecting appliances to use, even saying “energy” instead of “calories”; there was so much thought that went into designing this incredible app. I’m sharing it with all my friends! Love it! Such a fun way to meal plan and try new foods.
  • I can’t even create an account 1/5

    By voidarrama x
    I literally can’t even get past the create an account screen it just sits there after I click on it and I’m looking at the comments and other people are having the same issue this must be a recent thing because it’s happening all of a sudden I really wanted to try this app out it’s kind of annoying I really hate to give this a one star but this is a really really bad developer issue that ultimately is bringing the apps rating down I hate to give it a one star but I’ll have to🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Troubles 3/5

    By jessybyousee
    Any one else having trouble at the sign in page? It asks me to sign in using Facebook, Gmail, Apple. I choose 1 and it takes me back to the same page?
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By Alarmed triple a
    Can’t get even get past your sign up menu. Facebook, apple, or google are working. What a shame
  • Can’t create an account 1/5

    By T Ramirez
    None of the 3 options to create an account work. Not sure what to do now
  • Can’t Sign Up 1/5

    By LexiBrownn
    The only reason for a one star is because I can’t get passed the sign up stage with facebook, google or apple. I really want to try this app out, but i can’t! Please update and fix the bug!
  • Good idea but needs fine tuning. 3/5

    By Dwdisnerd
    Title. I especially had an issue with my disliked food being shown in the suggested section. Since there is no place to list food allergies, I just disliked them. I individually disliked every single nut out there, and it kept showing results with various nuts. What’s the point of the dislike feature if you suggest it anyway?
  • Go do dinner app! 4/5

    By mollieannob
    I am enjoying this app so much. Helps give me ideas/ options and my favorite part is the grocery list. Only thing that could make it better is the ability to link it to a partners account. I am always the one planning, cooking etc. but if there was a way my husband could see and edit the weekly changes it could make the daily “what do you want for dinner” question simplified.
  • Great idea 4/5

    By Allison.13
    I love this, it makes it so much easier to decide. Only downside, I wish we could add our own recipes
  • PITB setup & no Keto recipes??? 3/5

    By bhop2017
    Setup was a PITB! I tried with FB, Google and Apple. Every time it just took me back to the same screen to ask how to set up: FB, Google or Apple. After about 6-7x of that, I gave up and closed out. I happened to open it back up and it recognized me. Okay, great! Problem is that I don’t know how it set me up!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Setup asks for preferences and some dietary restrictions, but not Keto? Really??? I went with it anyway and the very first recipe it brings up includes rice. Great concept, but that’s gonna be a no for a lot of people! 🫤
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Macht echt Spaß :)
    I can’t even open an account on this app. Won’t let me sign in with google
  • App gets stuck at ‘Create Your Account’ section 1/5

    By Yurztrulymisfit
    Can’t get past this.
  • Needs More 3/5

    By mynamesalreadytakenig
    I LOVE the idea of this app! The fact it makes your grocery list for you makes dinner that much easier. I love that you can customize your dishes based on dietary restriction or even just personal preferences too. My only complaint though, is that the recipes are VERY limited, and not to my taste. They all feel very fancy, with expensive ingredients, and all have flavor palates that are too much for me, so they’re not exactly something I would go for. If they expanded their library of recipes, especially to add more everyday simple meals, then this app would hands down be 5 stars.
  • Can’t even get started 1/5

    By ksc111333
    I just downloaded this app and was in the process of signing up via Facebook then hit the terms button and nothing happened. I really wanted to try out this app but I’ll be deleting it.
  • wait what? 2/5

    By emiilyjane1215
    I love the layout of the app and how there are video instructions for recipes. However, some of the recipes are so odd. Slices of ham on top of mashed potatoes? Chicken nuggets and mashed broccoli? Sliced steak and tomato salad? Obviously there are some recipes that are decent, but I am so confused about the others and why they are even shown as recipes when it’s less than 3 steps.
  • It won’t let me sign up 1/5

    By Ana9877
    I’ve tried it with my gmail, Facebook and Apple ID and it doesn’t do anything afterwards please fix..
  • Great concept, horrible user experience 3/5

    By OuisterEater
    App design is amazing, concept definitely has potentials, I’m trying out a few vegan recipes that look really good. The app experience itself however has made me delete the app a few times. It truely has no prediction into user intentions and it’s buggersome at best. I encourage your design app write a typical user flow from looking up recipes, to shopping to cooking. And what happens when someone backs out of the app mid shopping or between steps and gets back in. Hope it improves. Has so much potential.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Gghhafebdsjkakf
    I’m absolutely in love with this app ❤️ saves me so much time on figuring out what to eat each week and adjusting everything to my diet and than figuring out how much to buy of what… love it! I wish there was a “low carb” option in the diets but still great app!
  • Everything is perfect about this app 5/5

    By Phag-//;(/):$:
    I literally love the fact you can make a list and cross the groceries off while you're shopping at the store, so convenient! That was my favorite part of the app there's definitely a lot more things stuff to love
  • Needs landscape orientation support for iPad! 4/5

    By BrandonA2
    Love this app so far and can definitely see the potential for this to change the routines of many when it adds full pickup support for recipe ingredients! Love the video instructions on every recipe, and impressed with the variety of recipes available so far. Only thing keeping me from rating 5 stars is the lack of landscape support, would be so much better when using the iPad while preparing.
  • Helps shed a bit of mental load 5/5

    By alice b. f.
    My partner and I love food, but not so much the preparing and planning. How makes it easy to just pick something good. And the recipes are simple but still yummy!
  • Exactly the app I needed 5/5

    By Valor no longer
    This app is exactly what I needed. I have a hard time thinking of what to cook. And being a single person, this app makes it super easy to cater to the amount of servings I want. LOVE THIS APP.
  • Cool idea confusing to use 3/5

    By Baublechubble
    Concept is good but I feel like I hit a dead end many times. Here is my struggle: I accidentally pressed the wrong button during sign up and had to attempt sign up for a 2nd time, I’m not sure everyone would be as motivated as me, if I was busy I would have abandoned the app. The cart button goes no where, it’s basically a checklist. If you leave the recipe page, it asks you to restore it, which doesn’t make sense, because I’m not going to eat these meals in the same day. I was thinking it would be dinner over a 5 day week.
  • Really Great App 5/5

    By jdksksh
    We were looking for an option that would help us come up with ideas for meals while still being healthy and interesting. This app has exceeded our expectations. Every meal we’ve had so far has been delicious and really easy to prepare. We look forward to cooking dinner every night now!
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Robin Rootman
    Finally an app that is well designed, easy to use and without any extra annoying stuff. It’s PERFECT
  • Takes the stress out of “what’s for dinner?” 5/5

    By Keanan, B
    Every day my wife and I ask the same question to each other. “What’s for dinner?” Then inevitably the other person says “food! Good food!” You can see how this isn’t a productive process. With Jow we can easily decide what’s for dinner and then create a smart shopping list to take to the grocery store. The recipes are tasty, easy, and a lot more cost effective than HelloFresh. I’d recommend Jow to any busy people who want to eat healthy, yummy food.
  • I love it! 4/5

    By Uratarous
    The app is great! The recipes are tasty, the ui is super clean and intuitive, and the included nutrition facts are nice! I hope they add a way to input desired macros per day or week so I can get a list of meals more tailored to my diet
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Nilsou26
    The app doesn't work, it stays on the loading screen forever.
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