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JPay App

The JPay App lets you send money and email to inmates from your iOS device. Your favorite JPay services – money transfer and email to prisons – now on the go! JPay Mobile email allows you to send photo attachments* and email multiple recipients. With the updated Send Money service, you can quickly transfer funds to inmate trust accounts with your credit or debit card. You can even manage your JPay account. Features: -Send money with your credit/debit card* -Write and receive emails* -Attach and send photos* -Send emails to multiple recipients* -Add/edit payment options *Available in select facilities


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  • For Julie Morales 2/5

    By lcduzhair
    I had the same problem, it’s due to you exiti g from the email and using your other apps then returning to JPay. If you save your email as a draft before exiting it won’t do that. I hope this helps... My complaint would be that my boyfriends tablet has not been syncing to the kiosk and I’ve gone two weeks without an email. This needs to get fixed ASAP! Also I send pictures (not explicit) and he doesn’t receive them... JPay wouldn’t even credit my stamps back either. Frustrating when these stamps along with phone calls can get very expensive. So therefore my rating would have been a lot higher if these issues would be taken with some compassion.
  • No sound 1/5

    By MJK1234567890
    I did love this app but now I’m rather disappointed. When I was finally able to get a video gram the sound didn’t work.Now you can’t even hear what I sent either.
  • Videograms 1/5

    By ss492018
    Sent my first videogram but my loved one couldn’t hear it only see it, and they tried to send me multiple videos but could not transmit, don’t know if it’s the app or the computers but kind of ridiculous considering the charge
  • Email 2/5

    By #Collegemamma
    I would rate this app a 2 or 3. Using this app is supposed to be a way to keep in touch with our loved one. You can’t keep in touch if half of your email doesn’t go through to them. My loved one only receives half of the emails I send, and yet I’m still charged stamps for each one. This app really needs to be checked and fixed!!
  • The App is nothing like it shows on here 2/5

    By Lilbitlori
    Why is it that Apple shows a completely different app than what I downloaded?!?! Mine only shows email and snap n send. It doesn’t have the send money. It doesn’t look anything like what they show.
  • Excellent App 3/5

    By Deeberri
    It’s so convenient sometimes the App freezes up on me but hopefully this will end soon 👌🙄 No letters No stamps No driving for long visits Faster way to send 💵 I approve this Message😜
  • Complete Trash app 1/5

    By Geno Germanotta
    Can’t even make a password without it telling me I’m putting in a wrong format, yet I’m following exactly how I’m suppose to create a password. Also I heard the fees are insanely expensive just to transfer money.
  • A good way to use JPay 3/5

    By Erik the Black
    I have been using the JPay app for a number years and overall I like it and it’s reliable. It allows me to do most of the features that I would’ve done online. But there is one major flaw with it especially when it’s being used on an iPad. The email feature is basically useless you can’t really write an email to an inmate. The amount Space available to write is so small that you can’t really accomplish anything. It needs to be improved. It works well on the iPhone and that’s where I’ have to write my emails. Also from time to time the email that you were writing disappears not often but enough to be frustrating so that means I have to make sure that I at least save it by copying it to memory otherwise poof gone. The last thing I would like to see is a list of the money transactions that I have completed you have to go to the web to see that information it all should be in the app
  • App is always broken 1/5

    By Lori Evans
    I love the idea of jpay. It has made communication so much better with me and my husband. But, the app is junk. It freezes all the time, and the only way to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall the app. It gives me error messages when I try to send messages. It’s gotten worse since the last app update. I feel like with as much money as these correctional services are making that they could afford to hire a decent app developer.
  • Can’t send pictures! 1/5

    By rosaliesnana1
    Have had this problem for months. Reported it to get a reply saying I won’t get a response. They will monitor it and use it for future fixes. Meanwhile no pictures can be sent. Thanks jpay. Thanks.
  • Email disappears 1/5

    By beyond belief 😥😥😥😥😥😥
    I’m not sure what’s going on with this app. But I’m unable to use the email anymore. One day there next day gone. Spent money on stamps I can’t even use because the email disappeared.
  • Images 1/5

    By Pinkyawa
    Everytime I try to go and see the pictures I previously sent they app continues to shut down it’s annoying
  • Another E Mail Glitch 1/5

    By Queen T. Ms. GOAT
    I’m loving the app in that it provides a mean to communicate with your loved ones as often as you would like, and I am anticipating getting the tablet fir my love one. However the e mail glitch accrued to often and there is no resolution to the problem , the call center frequently redirects you with no Affinitive answer. I have lost $100 worth of stamp purchases and I never got a follow up phone call from corporate office to correct this issue. The lack of care and concern for me as a customer is sad and disappointing , users of JPay spend alit if money that we don’t have, we sacrifice and to have money taken from you shows a lack of value and moral on JPays behalf!!!
  • Irritating 2/5

    By faaaaaaaaaackoff
    Constantly logging me out of my account then not letting me back in when I know my information is correct
  • Issues 2/5

    By L0VE143
    The app is ok but I was charged multiple times for emails sent but the receiver never received them.i currently cannot receive picture messages ..the pictures have been sent 3times already for the past 3days .i still have not received them yet sender has been charged... i called customer service and I was told I would not be reimbursed for the stamps but I’m not the only one with the issue .. So I know the fault is not coming from my end....they need to notify customers when theres a glitch In the system .therefore if messages are not being sent through,loyal customers are reimbursed for the stamps and make sure the customers are taken care of .
  • Huge disappointment 1/5

    By Caz user
    This app would be a major convenience if only it worked. I’ve had the app on my iPhone X and iPad for 2 weeks. The app freezes repeatedly when I go to a new received email. So I’m left using their website to read emails and send them.
  • Who do I speak to about undelivered emails? 1/5

    By Honeybeezlove
    I don’t even know how to contact you all. I have sat up an account and have been using it since I did. And I sent an email yesterday and needless to say it cost me 3 stamps when it normally costs me 2, and my husband said he didn’t get the email. I have been very sick and this email was very important. PLEASE REPLY!!!
  • No Audio on Video Gram 😕 2/5

    By Pretty_Aquarius
    Decent. But since the last recent update you can't hear the video gram audio.
  • Very disappointed in your new update !!!!! 1/5

    By curlybrooks
    There was nothing wrong with your email as far as I was concerned , but there sure is now . Who came up with the bright idea adding a counter ? Well let me inform you that who ever did needs to go back to school , why would anyone in their right mind put a counter in the middle of a page ? Needless to say right where one types. Now I can no looking see what I am typing and if this counter isn’t moved real fast you have lost a customer I will go back to snail mail which is so much cheaper , but slower , but letters from my loved ones are worth waiting for without the extra stress . I have file a complaint , I tried to find how to undo the update but there none . By the way who really cares how many characters one types ? Sure not me cause these are emails not true letters. Your inmate would never need another email if one used the 20,0000 character s allowed ,take them a lifetime to read with only 15 minutes on it go figure . Really thought this out didn’t ya . And I am a true blonde too . Go figure !!!!!!!!!
  • New Udate 1/5

    By kribmad
    This new update doesn’t even let me log into it. Go back.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By SueMuffin
    It takes too long for the us and them to get messages.
  • 1 Star Raters are tripping 5/5

    By Press Fernandez
    This app is bomb and very under appreciated. JPay makes it so much more easier for me to communicate with my husband besides the phones. Being allowed to send and receive emails and videos and even video chats... I love it! Maybe it’s your guys phones that are messed up?
  • Easy to use be not happy! 2/5

    By TV Series Junky
    I have been using this app only for about two months and a half! Like I said easy to use but I have not received ALL his emails! Like in weeks! Some I get, others may take days even weeks to come. Or they don’t come at all! It’s annoying! Two stars only because it’s simple and easy to maneuver through!
  • Won’t Let Me Create A Password 1/5

    By Bren-diddle-a
    I’m doing everything correctly. This app seems like a really great idea, but if doesn’t even let me create a password, and it keeps sending me back error messages, how in the heck does this stupid thing even work? Get your programming sh*t together, people. :(
  • Miss D 3/5

    By Princess1DPJ
    It’s horrible every time I use jpay I have a hard time logging in. It’s always saying to update app. It keep losing my log in information and I have to renter user id and password everyday!! A 3 stars is a struggle for this app. And i wish there was another choice!!!
  • Poor service 1/5

    By wambamginamaam
    System is always down..
  • Hit or Miss Emails Received 2/5

    By Ashley Lynn B
    This is my first time using the app. It’s very user friendly. It’s just a little frustrating when I’ve paid to send messages, extra so they can reply, that my loved one didn’t receive. I sent two messages via the website and one message via the app. He got the one from the app but not the two from the website, not sure why. It’s been over the “48 hour” timeline. So far it’s hit and miss. I don’t have any other communication option right now so I have to take it for what it is, just wish it was more reliable.
  • JPay App stops working 2/5

    By carmetia
    I get an email and when I read that email and go out the app and return it’s says I’m not authorized. So I have to continually delete and re download app to make it work properly. I am using an IPhone so I don’t know if this an IPhone issue or what but really getting tired of this issue to the point I just use the website instead. Is there any updates coming to fix this problem? Better yet maybe you guys need some competition to keep your app updated and fix bugs or issues!!!
  • No pictures!!?!?! 1/5

    By Tind78
    3 email stamps I purchased through the overpriced stamp system and they get blocked completely because I attach normal pictures?! What gives?! Can I at least get a refund for the stamps? They can’t view the email at all because pictures are attached. They were normal pictures to of the family. JPay has a scam going with this email system!! Beware!
  • 😒 2/5

    By UVRay1984
    Why am I not able to send money to an inmate on the app and on the website??? I don’t see an option for it!
  • iPad friendly? 4/5

    By Gamer reviewer27
    Very good app, I just wish that it was friendly towards iPads because I don’t have an iPhone. I just thought it was a small inconvenience for people who prefer using tablets.
  • Email 1/5

    By Ms kymbella
    I’m receiving my emails 2 to 3 days later sometime a week.
  • POS 1/5

    By dougncincy
    I have tried repeatedly to set a password to start a new account and repeatedly after watching the app highlight my correct installation of the password continually not allow me to move forward and why isn’t Touch ID not available on the latest update. Whoever the programmer is they should be fired.
  • Why can’t I send pics!! 2/5

    By Coleman1975
    Says there is an update to fix problem with sending pics but when I got to the update, THERE IS NO UPDATE! Still can’t send pics!!
  • Mrs. Miller 5/5

    By Mrs. Millz
    I love the convenience of using the App. I am also happy with the fact that you take my suggestions into consideration and fix any issue within a short time span! Thanks for creating this app. I am looking forward to new updates
  • ☺️ 3/5

    By thebabylove
    I love the app because I can be in touch with my loved one, it’s easier and faster than write a letter and send to the mail! But I will go with 3 because I’m waiting for them to approve the video app so I can send a the 30 sec video! I’m just waiting for that and then I will go with 5.
  • good but..,, 4/5

    By Gdzchld
    The videos should have an additional 30 sec option and able to be downloaded outside the app. Other than that I haven't had problems.
  • Pictures 1/5

    By KayKay0986
    Unable to upload pictures using app with IPhone 8 I always have to use the website.
  • Liars 1/5

    By Kewa
    I have attempted to reset my password but the app keeps saying my information is invalid. Then I put in 3 different email addresses and I'm being told they are already in use. I highly doubt that considering one of the emails is fairly new. This app lies like a rug. Guess I'll go the traditional route and write a letter.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By vpark32321
    This app NEVER works properly! It’s supposed to let you attach images to your email messages but each time I try to it says I only have 6 images on my phone when in reality I have over 800. Trying to send a photo of my son to my mother and it won’t let me. Also, messages sometimes get sent out of order or take DAYS to a week to be received. This app is just horrendous!
  • Can't get to email 1/5

    By Ltraw
    This upgrade will not allow me to get the email!! I can't send or receive anything so I can't keep in touch. Please fix this asap.
  • Please fix the issue with buying stamps 1/5

    By MOREEE!!!!
    Every since the update i can’t buy stamps please update!!
  • Can’t access current camera roll 1/5

    By humnsparklr
    This app used to be decent but it seems to have gone downhill. I love being able to email my loved one but now I can’t access my recent photo roll on my phone. It only gives me the option for old albums saved on my cloud library. What a bummer that I can’t sent updated pics. Please fix. Thanks.
  • I loved it at first but now dislike it so much 2/5

    By Mluna19
    In the beginning everything seemed to be working, emails would go through fast. Now weeks pass and I don’t receive the emails from my loved one and vise versa. I pay for stamps I do everything right and it still delays. Not content
  • Frustrating... 2/5

    By DrP07663
    Let’s you send money. But locks up when sending the free e mail with your payment.
  • Doesn’t open anymore 1/5

    By SassyM2u
    I downloaded the most recent update and now the app won’t open. It just spins and tries to load.☹️
  • Fix the problem 1/5

    By meterydiva66
    Your app is really frustrating I haven't been able to send an email for 3 days now it's freezing up apparently because it say it's updating well if it takes that long then you need a new plan here people have family members they can't talk to because of your mistakes I paid money for stamps to Email and purchased phone time that I'm not able to use so what now From the reviews I've seen it doesn't look as though too many people are satisfied how long will it take for your company to properly address people's issues and concerns or do we get ignored and our money stolen and a thank you for the review
  • Will not allow to login 1/5

    By Deevalee
    After update on last night cannot log in to jpay its so frustrating. Ugh 😑
  • Email 3/5

    By Jmsrock
    Great for inmates, their families and friends...everything you need located in one convenient app! Email is faster than sending a letter by mail, but it is slow (especially on the weekends) and can take up to 3 days unfortunately
  • Seriously disappointed 1/5

    By jessie539811
    Before the update I would write and couldn’t see what I was writing because the space wouldn’t expand. Now, I can’t even send an email because after writing I get an empty box when I try to send with the option to hit ok but nothing happens! The box usually said the cost of email and remaining stamps so now what? I can’t even write, that’s what!!! Come on people!!! Fix! Fix! Fix!!

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