JUMP – by Uber

JUMP – by Uber

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  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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JUMP – by Uber App

Meet JUMP by Uber. Electric bikes and scooters available when you need them. Go further, get there faster, and have more fun. You can find JUMP bikes and scooters nearby—in the app. Reserve ahead of time, or walk up and scan to unlock. Use the app to: - Sign up and create an account - Find and reserve electric bikes & scooters nearby - Track your rides by distance and time Visit www.jump.com for more information.

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  • Best bang for your Buck 5/5

    By danritchiemichel
    I’m in Washington DC and there are a plethora of options for scooters. This is by far the best option for your buck. You don’t have to pay an unlocking fee, it’s the fastest one, it displays battery life and speed, and haven’t had any technical problems. All other options you run into these issues. I just wish there were more in the area and in Chicago (where I’m from).
  • It’s 2019 1/5

    By Please dint
    No ring function seems absurd, gps is never spot on with tiny scooters, so it took forever to find a scooter that was supposedly nearby. Then when I found the scooter, I went to unlock it and found out the app doesn’t take Apple Pay, and I didn’t have my wallet with me because it’s 2019 and it seems like in a world where I can wave a handheld computer to unlock an electric scooter that is tracked by a satellite I shouldn’t have to pull out a physical credit card to type in numbers on the side of the road in a city.
  • Not working the first time 1/5

    By Annie ding
    Not working the first time trying. The location of the bike is wrong. And after I unlock the bike on the app, the bike is still locked. Have to call custom service to end the ride. Won’t bother try again
  • Not working 1/5

    By cozrenee
    App hasn’t worked for weeks. I have deleted and reinstalled and still nothing.
  • App barely works 1/5

    By ritamckernan
    What happened to my trips & list of available bikes with their charge %? Why does account have to be connected to uber account? You ruined a great app.
  • I’d 1/5

    By buhlee
  • Awful 1/5

    By saraena1332
    Had to add credit to use the scooters and that would have been fine if any of them worked. I must have tried to unlock at least 10 scooters and none of them would unlock. I have no idea what was wrong but it was infuriating because I was stranded. Luckily I found a scooter from another company that unlocked immediately. I’m just disappointed that I spent that money on Jump for nothing...
  • My Pros and Cons 4/5

    By Ms. Funkylicious
    I like the electrical system very much as it turns transportation into a nice workout. I was not too sure about the gearing so I needed to experiment to see which gear worked best for the flat and for going up hills. The ride is very harsh. If you go over a bump you feel it all the way up to the top of your head. Please design a bike with better shock absorbers. I am mostly dismayed that I cannot ride the bike out of the system area for fear of getting the fine. I rode to the top of Buddy in Brentwood and was out of the zone. I go there twice a week to teach yoga and was hoping to be able to use the jump bike to get there, teach the lesson and glide all the way back down the hill to where I need to go. But with the service area, I could not do that. Maybe there’s a workaround for that, if so I would like to know how to handle it.
  • Lost money 1/5

    By Kenny99998
    I signed up for Jump while in San Diego. Now I’m trying to use the app at a different location and it only asks me to sign up for an account. I already put money in the account in San Diego. On top of that the app doesn’t even work anymore, locks up. ZERO stars if I could!!!!
  • Color coded dots to differentiate bike/scooter 4/5

    By darg2006
    Wish there was a way to filter the search (just bikes, just scooters, or both). Differentiate the dots by color on the map when zoomed out would be very helpful.
  • Update not transparent 1/5

    By mic5413(
    The new update is a big step down. I can’t report a problem with a bike (the last three out of four rentals have had mechanical problems - the new model has got some problems!). I was told support gave me a credit but there’s no place to verify this in the app. There is zero ride history. I’m a monthly subscriber. I can’t tell where to cancel that. A lot of other features that were helpful to riders have also disappeared. Please restore transparency to the app.
  • Parking zone lines no longer appearing 3/5

    By ryjacs
    The lines indicating the parking zone no longer appear on the map
  • Broken and hidden bikes 1/5

    By Bored at Holloman
    On two separate attempts I only found broken bikes or bikes that people hide behind gates when they’re at work so you can’t access them. Complete waste of time
  • Avoid update 1/5

    By Duder476
    The update erased my jump account. The new version only allows you to sign in with an uber acct. There is no apparent remedy.

    By pk •••
    Now only works with Uber account. FUNDS STOLEN.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By dobelini303
    Uber is a huge company. When I open the app is just says "Uber Bike failed to load" completely unusable
  • No Network Map; Bikes don’t unlock 1/5

    By TheSmitchell
    The new JUMP app has no network map. How do I know I’m back in network if you don’t show me what the network is? Also—bikes fail to unlock when I scan the QR code most of the time. Never had any issues unlocking bikes with the old key pads. I thoroughly dislike the new bikes & app. Please make it easier to unlock bikes and put the network maps back in the app. Thx.
  • Credit card 5/5

    By my ding ah ling
    Can I use my cash app card for this app ?
  • They a biggest scam ever! 1/5

    By jcm2391
    Me and a group of friends rented the bikes and did a small trip... they all got charge $7 or $9 dollar max. Everyone ended the trip and once I hit END TRIP the red button Disappear and the time was still running... I ask my friends how they ended their trip and we all follow the simple steps but my timer keep running. Before I walk away from the bike I try to contact JUMP (Uber) and there was no way to get In touch by phone they only option was to type your concern through the app. Next day my bill was $58.68 for a 15 hr ride... they bike was lock so someone had to scan their own app to opened... I email jump and Uber a week after that no response... I had to call my back and explain my self over and over again and after 2 hrs they re inverse $48 and I still agree to pay $9 dollars for the use... with that being said jump lost my business...
  • 4 out of 5 rides had serious problems 1/5

    By proteus-ix
    I tried this stupid service 5 times. The first and third times the electric assist didn’t work. The second and fifth times the app wouldn’t end the ride and just kept racking up money in the app, and I had to call them to make it stop. The only trip where the bike actually worked and ended the ride when it was supposed to was the 4th. So yeah... never wasting my time and money on this nonsense again. And their customer service are total jerks. Not helpful at all, and just want to make excuses so they can keep charging you money. I shouldn’t have been surprised, Uber is the worst of the car services too, which is why I use Lyft instead.
  • Superbad 1/5

    By Hashdjdn
    I hare to use this jump bike !!! Always has a same problem , even if i hve a full Battery ,i m losing the electric of bike !!! 0 star
  • Can’t login anymore 1/5

    By GrahamFreeman
    With this new version, suddenly the app forgot about me.
  • Buggy - please fix 3/5

    By Ebbey
    Every time I try to reserve a bike, I’m redirected to the Uber app to confirm my payment method. There’s nowhere to do this in the Uber app. It’s a cycle of reconfirming that never gets resolved.
  • App update is AWFUL! 1/5

    By justseastheday
    The newest app update pushed to my phone on April 21, locking me out of my Student Rate plan. I contacted customer service and 13 days later I have yet to have a resolution. It seems like a new person responds to my requests each time which leads to an on-going circle of unhelpful solutions and no resolution. I have asked several times for a single person to be assigned to my case and I keep getting the run around. No one seems to have read the history of my account issue, and I am left unable to use the service which is impacting my ability to commute.
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Rosiera
    The white in white is hard to see when outside. Which is where people use this app. The giant scan button gets in the way of the map. My PIN changed with this update. Why?! What the heck are parking zones and why do they randomly pop up? Just warn me if I’m outside of one! The toasts on the bottom of the screen don’t go away, rendering the app almost useless. The hold bike button used to be super clear. Now it’s easy to tap done instead of hold. What were you thinking?
  • Overcharged me and no customer support to contact 1/5

    By SeattleScientist1609
    I rode the bike for 10 min and was charged for 2.5 hrs despite locking the bike correctly. Absolutely no way to reach a human at customer support to fix this. Ignored my emails as well. Definitely the last time I use this bikeshare

    By Brettvtfb33
    Second ride on one of their bikes and it wouldn’t lock and wouldn’t let me stop my ride. I still got charged for 24 hours ($70) even though I messaged them afterwards. I have had much better experiences with the other scooters/bikes. For example I had a similar situation with VeoRide and they only charged me for my distance traveled.
  • App update problems...warning 1/5

    By ATL Gooner
    I was enjoying the service but ever since the app update (sometime in March 2019) which makes you merge your JUMP account with uber, I no longer have any funds in my account on the app - which before the update was $10.20! I corresponded with them via email and they said they were not able to help me because my account was reflecting the $ on the website - though on the app it was showing zero $. I asked for a refund and I have not heard back. Be careful if you choose to put money in your account because you may lose it if they decide to do another update. Very disappointed. They have lost a reliable customer for $10.
  • So misguided 1/5

    By nathangsm
    Requiring an Uber account was so misguided. Seriously, heads should roll for this miss-step.
  • I open up the app and... 3/5

    By Potato Salt
    It just says “Looking around” at the bottom of the app. I was able to use the bikes two days ago but now It’s not working and there’s one bike right in front of my house lol?
  • Don’t Update!!!! 1/5

    By Appliance
    The new version of this app just plain does not work. It is incredibly laggy and heats up my phone to boiling within seconds. Moreover, I lost my student plan (which I payed for in advance for a full year). Absolutely terrible update. Don’t update unless they force you. Even then, it’s probably not worth using anymore. :’ ( I used to loved JUMP
  • couldn’t use email log in! 1/5

    By Winniexi
    couldn’t use email log in!
  • It doesn’t let me log in after the new update 1/5

    By ritatant
    It says my email is taken I tried connecting with another email and when I press on the next button it doesn’t do anything. I tried connecting with Facebook and same problem. I tried connecting with google and it’s not working
  • BS 1/5

    By hero050513
    Had to kick up every hill. Uber is bull
  • doesn’t work 1/5

    By rob9095
    Doesn’t really work in San Diego, tried to rent 5-10 bikes and they all said hey were unavailable. After spending 30 minutes looking for a bike You realize you should have just walked
  • Do not upgrade to version 2! 1/5

    By SaQuerelle
    This latest release is terrible. It’s very sluggish on my iPhone SE, that and my account credit balance is gone. Thankfully I still have the previous version on my iPad Pro, so I can use that to reserve a bike if I’m at home.
  • Account balance lost 1/5

    By Paul Rosensreinfeld
    The 2.0 version of this app made my account balance disappear. Now the only option to pay for rides is to pay with a credit card. The account balance i had with the previous version of the app is gone.
  • Great when you can get a bike. 2/5

    By Gentry_Joey
    It’s difficult to find a bike when commuting. Most of the time things local warehouse has like 1-2 ready if you are lucky and they have like 100 (not an exaggeration) sitting and broke down.
  • New update/link to uber leads to poor location 1/5

    By Codenamethumper
    New update is horrendous. Doesn’t refresh map area around you and very difficult to locate bikes.
  • Don’t update your app 1/5

    By Ford Go Bike?
    The good people at Jump didn’t prepare this app on the back end. The updated app merges with Uber deletes your account and forces you to create a new account. Also if you have Boost Account well you can say goodbye to that. Support seems overwhelmed or disinterested from both my experiences and the experiences of others. Bottom line they were not prepared for this merger/updated app.
  • Broken Bikes at Double the Price 1/5

    By mattgrosso
    For the past year I have used Jump twice a day to commute and have loved it. In the past couple of months the quality of the bikes has had a steep decline. About 3/5 bikes have broken motors and are useless. Then, last week, the price to rent the bikes more than doubled. It used to cost me about $4 to get to work and now it costs $9. In addition, the time from when you reserve the bike to when you pick it up is now included in your rental time which, I’m pretty sure, was not the case before. Anyway, I’m done with Jump. I guess I’ll have to go buy a bike instead. It was fun for a while.
  • Can’t Login With Jump Account After Update 1/5

    By Mapadoobu
    There’s no way to login with my jump account after update. Seriously?? You guys released this update without testing something like this?
  • Updates to the app crashing 1/5

    By Mamie215
    This thing is busted. I book jump bikes all the time, but today I wasn’t able to because the app was updated to sync with Uber and is now just crashing. Late to work. 😤
  • A lot going on 2/5

    By pretty princess 54
    The app design is confusing it crashes and charges you for time your not even riding when it cheats he’s and the customer service staff can be very rude sometimes the jump bike service itself is great but the app and customer support is wack
  • Wait for update app is broken 1/5

    By Matt M from SF
    Used jump for months no problem. New app is garbage. Can’t unlock bikes. Made me late and I am deleting.
  • Absolutely horrible update 1/5

    By Samrjenkins12
    The update to your map is absolutely horrible. You essentially broke your service with one update. Congrats.
  • New Update Ruined It - SCAM 1/5

    By bmc182
    Was great before the new update logged me out and tried to erase my account history after I just paid them for an annual membership. Will be contacting them to get a full refund. Of course Uber ruined it. There’s a reason I ONLY use Lyft. Uber is company of scammers and no matter how many times they try to reinvent their branding and say they are going to change their still just after your money. AVOID THIS AT ALL COST. ITS A SCAM!
  • Not working after a certain time 1/5

    By Tammylove2011
    I know this is an obvious situation, most scooters do stop working after a certain time of night, but they will tell you what that time is and if you try to rent they’re scooter it will tell you again. But this scooter seems to not have this info available anywhere. I was unable to find it on the app or any where I searched. I was hoping to find something that runs after 11 because that’s when I get off of work and have to walk 20 minutes to my car. I know that finding something like that is unlikely but I would at least like to know. After hours if you try to rent a scooter, it will not tell you that it is no longer running at that time, instead it will tell you that it is unable to connect and to try a different scooter. Me not knowing if it is a problem with the scooter is where I end up wasting my time late at night just to see it I can get one to work, then I end up trying a few different ones to realize it is probably not running at that time. Honestly all I want is to be able to get from work to my car at night quickly so I don’t have to nube scared .
  • New app ripped me off 1/5

    By Nourkah
    No more ride history from previous app and can’t find my balance on the new one. As far as I can tell Uber took my money.

JUMP – by Uber app comments

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