JUMP Bikes - Bike Share

JUMP Bikes - Bike Share

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  • Current Version: 1.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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JUMP Bikes - Bike Share App

JUMP allows you to rent electric bikes in cities across the US so you can go further, get there faster, and have more fun. Each JUMP bike features e-assist to boost riders to 20mph and help conquer hills and long distances. You can find JUMP bikes nearby right from the app and each bike has a built-in lock so you can park and end your ride right outside of your destination. The JUMP app allows you to: - Sign up and set up your JUMP account - Find hubs and available bikes - Track your ride – miles, duration, route - RESERVE bikes in advance - Put your ride on HOLD - Report a problem with a bike - Manage your account and payment information The JUMP Bikes app integrates with Apple’s Health app to sync each ride. You can enable integration in the “Settings” tab. New members can sign up with the JUMP app. Visit www.jumpbikes.com for more information.

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JUMP Bikes - Bike Share app reviews

  • Fantastic service with lots of bugs 2/5

    By Kay2075
    This is an excellent solution to the last mile problem when using public transit and a great commuting tool. However, the app is extremely unreliable - in the 6 months I’ve been sporadically using it, 1 in every 3 times I have made reservations, I am not able to unlock the bike, the bike is missing, or the app isn’t working. That said, it’s hard to rely on the bikes during a commute. Hoping Jump works out the kinks so I can use the service more often!
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Dchez33
    This app is so simple and easy to use, they have alerts, and all the questions you think of asking are answered. Very convenient and the bikes are in close range.
  • Need bikes! 5/5

    By lora1956
    Please bring bikes to Corpus Christi, TX. Rode in Austin and it was an AWESOME experience!
  • Monthly fee scam 1/5

    By chyla gloodman
    Read the small print if your on vacation one one hour per day monthly fee!
  • The worst scooter service ever 1/5

    By Queen Casey🙋
    I will never use again. Scooters never unlock properly and they will not refund.
  • Jump bikes and why I don’t like them 2/5

    By thereviewerisback
    So I use jump bikes pretty regularly going to work and getting around town, they’re pretty convenient. But one day when I went to unlock a bike it said that my account was inactive so I thought oh something must be wrong with the app or something. Then a couple days later I go into the app and it says that my account has been suspended, which makes no sense because I always put the bike back into a station and make sure it doesn’t get scratched or anything so I think I might have to make a new account which really pisses me off
  • Review 1/5

    By kevinemccall
    Very poor. This app will not unlock the scooters and has charged me $21.65 and I haven’t even used a vehicle related to this app.
  • Great when it works 3/5

    By areviewerofalltrades
    I often stumble upon bikes that are not on the map.
  • Lacks basic information 1/5

    By Druza70
    Doesn’t give ride history and payment amounts.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By stevixonenine
    I don’t know what’s up with this app at first no bikes around me where unlockable. Then it worked for a few rides. Now I’m back to square one. There’s way to many other bike/scooter options for me to waste my time trying to make this work. I’m officially over jump
  • Be cautious of use 1/5

    By SampsoniteFlight
    If you don’t live within the bike’s limits but still live in the city be prepared to either bike back from where you came so you can traverse to where you actually want to go or pay a hefty fee. The app was downloaded today and it will be removed today. This is merely a luxury item not an alternative to affordable transportation.
  • New bikes don’t work 1/5

    By MartenSF
    In the last two weeks 3 out of 4 bikes either wouldn’t unlock, or the electric assist wouldn’t work despite more than sufficient battery. I used to use jump bikes to get around the city all the time, but I can no longer rely on them and the experience is extremely frustrating. The app is really not helping when you are experiencing issues. Also the lock is clearly in the wrong side of the bike when you park it.
  • Out $10.00 1/5

    By Kherk
    Would not read the code.
  • Jump scooters 1/5

    By briben1
    I was charged $10 for a scooter ride I never took because the scooter was not working. And it’s impossible to get in contact with anyone to get a refund. Use any other scooter service except this one.
  • Scooter should have been on the jump app first. 3/5

    By Iam_adam
    Scooters aren’t on the app. It’s your company. Why the heck do I need to have the Uber app to ride the scooters. That next to retarded!!
  • Bike didn’t work 1/5

    By bandobevsjake
    Bike motor never engaged.
  • Charged for not even taking bike 1/5

    By 126Ryan
    First started trying to scan a jump scooter and the scanner did not work properly and would not unlock scooter. I tried it in a jump bike and it worked but thought by not riding it and locking it, there wouldn’t be a charge. I’m visiting Phoenix and seems I cannot use my $5.00 credit in the Denver market. Not happy. I’ll continue to use the competitor options. And now it’s requiring me to choose a nickname to submit and I’ve attempted 8 times so far and it’s saying nickname taken. Hmmmm
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 22Peps22
    It just doesn’t work when you need it to. Pass
  • Bikes are routinely out of order 2/5

    By dudet900
    It’s a nice thought but electronics routinely don’t work. Can’t rely on for steady transportation either around events or otherwise... not sure it’s worth ripping roads up for...
  • Essential Piece of my Commute 5/5

    By KnowsKnolls
    This is often cheaper and almost always faster than taking bus or train for short distances, even on SF hills. You can pick up a bike to or from your errand and put together a quick flow to get where you re going. I like to reserve a bike on the train across the bay, and then i know what station to stop at for maximum efficiency. My only critique is that I want moar: more bikes, more coverage, more east bay penetration. Oh and people often steal or hide these bikes, so be sure to report them lost if you can’t find it from the link on the app.
  • App doesn’t load with bikes located 4/5

    By buenosairesliving
    And the refresh button doesn’t work. U have to move the map around or fiddle around with other buttons to get the bikes to load. Also San Francisco needs 8 speed bikes
  • Ride 5/5

    By sal- san diego
    The bikes are awesome. It’s like having turbo attached to the bike. Easy to use
  • No explanation of how the bike works 1/5

    By native_german
    I tried riding two of the bikes this morning and upon “unlocking” both I was not able to pedal at all. It only went backwards. I couldn’t even walk the bike. So I start hitting buttons and it said I was locking the bike and ending my ride..... I go to the app and there is no explanation on the process of riding the bike. They just say “you’re ready to go”. They don’t explain the different buttons or any mechanism of the physical bike. Just that it is solar powered and you can reserve it. Terrible app. Should stick to carpooling
  • Good app; furtive price increases 2/5

    By rmottenad
    App is great however the prices rise and there is no warning. Rides in Seattle for $.40 for months then all of a sudden went up to a $1.40. I think I’ll probably think twice before taking these shorter rides now. A little transparency goes a long way.
  • Ugh! 3/5

    By KilledIt!
    Much trouble with unlocking issues. It Took forever to find a bike that was free that I could use. I had to try to unlock several bikes with no success. And also one of the bikes was covered with bird do do. And that was the only one that I could unlock. And I waited about a half an hour and try to get on I got a bike
  • Dies a lot 3/5

    By Matt02180
    Was good. Died too often.
  • Relies on people’s making mistakes to make money 1/5

    By Ikr51515251
    Minimal instructions for new users. Doesn’t specify clearly the bike must be locked to end trip
  • Stole Money 1/5

    By Meowing meowerson
    I was riding my bike then it suddenly stopped and charged me $5 for parking the wrong area.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By shannon-reynolds
    It make me load money and none of the scoters beat my location worked. Waste of $10. Get a bird or lime bike. They will most likely be near by.
  • Great! 5/5

    By meliboi
    I love them it’s a great adventure through the great Old Sacramento 😂
  • bike wouldn’t unlock 1/5

    By Decebalus
    bike wouldn’t unlock
  • 2 stars 2/5

    By flavioteano098
    Why because I cannot see the bikes location sometimes and sometimes their broken
  • Jump Bike 1/5

    By TedMunson
    Terrible app, rarely works when I need it to. Would love for another bike company to come to Sacramento that had a service worth using.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Navidinc
    Doesn’t show the scooters on the map, even when you are next to it. Network errors all the times which cans end the ride. And no scanning on this app. I had to use Uber app to scan and that doesn’t end the ride. Too many errors.
  • App issues 3/5

    By evmill
    The app is very stable. I love jump bikes though 🤙🏻
  • Bikes are great; app has issues 2/5

    By Gutcrunch
    The app did work fine for a while while but in the last month it’s had problems that have led me to use the service far less than I could or want to. Issues include very slow start up and map loading times, bikes not really being reserved even though the app says I’ve reserved them, failed cancellations.
  • Unwarranted locking fee 1/5

    By KweenAsh
    DO NOT USE THIS APP. How you gonna charge me almost $30 for locking the bike back in the same place I unlocked it from talking about "it's outside the hub". It was very much in the zone with a million other bikes when I unlocked it AND when I locked it back, and you charge me a fee? No. I won't be using you guys anymore and if my fee isn't refunded, I'll be taking it up with my bank. DO NOT USE THIS APP.
  • Reservation does hold 2/5

    By ubenice
    2 stars for the following reasons : 1. From time to time, after reserving a bike, while walking to it the bike would 'disappear' 2. After reporting a problem with the bike such as flat tire. The bike would still appear and available for next rider. 3. GPS and cellular locating bike from time to time would be inaccurate, for example: bike located in body of water 4. The new bike often cannot be unlocked (seems to completely out of power (dead bike) and therefore no communication) 5. Noticed many 'dead bikes' left at same location for days or weeks 6. Return bikes to pickup stations often do not ear. Rider credits and actually deducted money from the rider account,which necessate checking every ride Hope improvements are coming
  • No Apple Pay. 1/5

    By 007 Benny
    Just can’t fathom why Apple Pay isn’t integrated. I was standing in front of a bike but had to walk because I didn’t have my credit card info on hand.
  • Ever since they first came to San Antonio every scan I’ve tried never works. Cmon jump 1/5

    By mexican tony
  • Best experience ever with electric bikes 5/5

    By Texasman87
    I have to admit, I had a blast on this bike, I’ve been cycling most of my life, but this makes you feel like a superhero because you don’t get fatigue and tired super fast, you still get a workout but not exhausted like you would on a regular bike. It feels like barely Pedal and the the bike does the rest. I see this for people who want to lose weight but enjoy doing so. Thank you Jump, I found what brings me Joy.
  • Nothing loads 1/5

    By zooander
    And location tracking is awful
  • Phantom bikes 1/5

    By Chupacabracito
    Twice now the app has said a bike is there when it doesn’t exist.
  • Handle Fell of Bike While Riding 🤕 1/5

    By Joe 10233
    The handle fell off the bike while riding. I now have two bloody hands and a hole in my jeans. The handles need to be more securely fastened.
  • Not the best. 3/5

    By LarryG_48
    Map does not see every bike. Limebike app is much better.
  • Jump bikes 1/5

    By nopeidontthinhkso
    App does not seem to sync with the bikes quickly or at all in some cases. Not as good as many other companies out there now.
  • Gps 1/5

    By Hansrudolfursula
    Gps is super slow, didn’t show up my right location
  • Great when it works 1/5

    By Chris6565
    Unfortunately not reliable enough to rely on for daily commutes. Also if I try to cancel a reservation I’m stuck waiting for a few minutes. All the while my time and money are being used to rent.
  • Bikes don’t work 1/5

    By GooseGus
    Just tried 4 different bikes. All showed error messages and would not unlock. Total piece of trash product, major disappointment.

JUMP Bikes - Bike Share app comments

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