JUMP – by Uber

JUMP – by Uber

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  • Current Version: 2.45.10000
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JUMP – by Uber App

Meet JUMP by Uber. Electric bikes and scooters available when you need them. Go further, get there faster, and have more fun. You can find JUMP bikes and scooters nearby—in the app. Reserve ahead of time, or walk up and scan to unlock. Use the app to: - Sign up and create an account - Find and reserve electric bikes & scooters nearby - Track your rides by distance and time Visit www.jump.com for more information.

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  • Fails on login with NO OPTIONS AT ALL to fix it. 1/5

    By phukiu
    App appears to insist that I create a new account, and then fails because my email address is already taken (by ME!?!?!) idiotic!
  • Extremely buggy! 1/5

    By Bcaspar
    Every time I open this app I am reminded about how terrible this entire service is. Every time I'm hoping to rent a bike, I see at least 3 I cannot.the app is buggy and the GPS spotty - sometimes showing bikes that do not exist. This is frustrating when I'm hoping to get somewhere on time, I often end up walking at least 10 minutes before finding a bike which really defeats the purpose. This is not the quality of app that I would expect from a company like Uber.
  • Price???? 1/5

    By ?!'73&
    HAVE THE PRICES SOMEWHERE ON THE APP like come on I searched through the app and found NOTHING about how much it cost
  • App doesn’t work half the time 2/5

    By Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!
    I’m so disappointed! I love to Jump on a bike for a few miles then walk a few miles but the app doesn’t work half the time. And it’s usually when I’m on my way back home and I want to Jump on a bike again. Suddenly the map doesn’t show where any bikes are and when I happen upon one, the scanner doesn’t work. This has happened so many times it’s ridiculous! Plus the map never shows the boundary of where I can park it so I got charged $25 one time but didn’t know I was out of bounds until after the bike was locked. Frustrating!
  • Useless in SF 1/5

    By pizzaguy2003
    First scooter has a brake that would trigger throughout my drive for no reason. Lots of headache, time added to trip, wasted effort. Next series of bikes couldn't unlock because app says it can't recognize the state I'm in. Useless time wasting app.
  • Random fees 1/5

    By Steveo939
    Watch this app closely after every ride. They randomly charge fees, mine was $25, for things like parking, even if you park correctly. I noticed it and let them know so they removed the fee, but you have to watch them.
  • Needs Improvement! 3/5

    By Gabii B
    This is a good app but it keeps malfunctioning!! Please fix it!! I use this app EVERY DAY and every day it won’t let me start, or it won’t let me end my ride, and it charges me for maximum time even if I only used it for 5 minutes!! I love this service but I’m about to stop using it if this issue doesn’t get resolved ASAP!

    By KevinB-88
    I took an 8 minute trip and travelled maybe 2 miles. They charged me $26!!! That same trip in Uber would have taken 3 minutes and cost $8 best estimate. Unreal!
  • $25 next to service area charge???? 1/5

    By JoeScript
    I don’t recommend this app at all. $25 dollar service charge for not parking in the right zone. This app is a scam. Everywhere basically isn’t eligible for parking.
  • Jump bike ride is too expensive 3/5

    By DJMacBert
    The app is great and the service is wonderful. At 6 cents a minute it was quite a lot of fun and very convenient to park the car and ride around town. Then they raised the price to 20 cents a minute and I stopped riding completely. I actually used to plan to go into downtown and grab a bike and ride to a local brewery or dinner. The bikes were sometimes scarce when I wanted one and I had to walk several blocks sometimes to get one but it was worth it. It seems that when they put the scooters in that the bike service price went up. Maybe coincidence, who knows? And also there were some bike being ridden around by people who didn’t pay to ride. I saw a guy pulling a trailer with bags of cans and a couple of times they would be sitting in the middle of urban campsites. Add to that the difficulty of contacting Uber with the things I want to say about pricing and bike riders subsidizing scooter riders. I don’t like scooters and don’t want to help pay for them. I won’t be riding jump bikes until the price goes down to no more than 10 cents a minute.
  • Messy 1/5

    By theyrealltakenfuckwad
    Couldn’t add a payment method because it was already added but I had no payment options to choose from. Like I said, messy. As a “technology company,” maybe have your technology work properly? Just a suggestion.
  • Can’t end a ride 1/5

    By saul.mtz.v
    Since a couple of weeks almost all my rides are impossible to stop, I had to do a claim for all of them which is time consuming. I have bt active so not sure what is the problem
  • Jump scooters 1/5

    By DatBelizeanChick
    Charged my cousin an extra $25 to park her scooter. It claimed to be a no parking zone but other scooters were in the same area. Lime and Bird scooters are way better.
  • Bugs and gross bikes 1/5

    By pepto memento
    Bikes are poorly maintained and the app is extremely buggy. Had to download lyft and walk 10 mins. Bike was cleaner and better maintained.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By 1/(68€|?|£,
    This is bye far The worst bike/scooter app. I live in CA I use jump, Uber, Lyft, lime, bird and Uber/Jumpare the worst. The bikes are always destroyed or the app dose not want to work properly. If you can yourself use lime or the Lyft scooter/bikes use them at least they take care of it get there non functional items out of the fleet. Jump bikes are complete trash. If I could I would give this less than 1 star. Please do not support Uber
  • Nice bikes, garbage app 1/5

    By nuglovin
    I was only able to end my rides after parking in a no parking zone, and when I threw the bike on the ground. I have ridden your bikes twice. Put an “end ride” button somewhere you mongs
  • Can’t use more than one bike 4/5

    By max.123
    I will give Jump only 4 stars because you can’t use more than one bike, when you are with your family you want to ride with them. Because of a strange glitch I was able to rent 3 bikes at the same time but only one once. Lime has an option named group ride and it works great the only thing I don’t like is that all scooters have to be on the same place. I hope that Uber understands that by letting their customers use more than one bike at the same time they will multiply the usage without doing anything.
  • Great Idea, Not So Great Quality Control of Experience 2/5

    By Firrip
    Jump bikes are really convenient, when they work, which is about 50% of the time. Jump bike needs to be more reliable. Half the time i use Jump, there is an issue: bike mechanically does not allow me to lock it, bike is locked mechanicaly but app does not recognize it as locked in app, brake handles misaligned for difficulty squeezing the brakes, qr code camera snaps photo before qr code is in view box, electric motor does not drive the bike, app says i am out of range to park when i am in range, bike does not shift gears—these are all on different individual experiences and uses. Understandably so, there are many variables and things that could go wrong, but these are fundamental flaws to the functionality of the service and quality of the service.
  • Language 2/5

    By h-232
    App is super easy to load and tie to an existing Uber account (based in the US) although, perhaps because I loaded the app while traveling, the help and instruction menus are only in French. Not very easy use in a language I don’t fully understand.
  • Hate this service 1/5

    By Lujbbbh
  • Hidden bikes, mechanical issues, supply not in right place 2/5

    By Bucky rodent
    The success rate of reserving a scooter or bike is about 66% which is terrible. Either the bike is parked underground or indoors, the scooter is missing the scan label. If you’re in a time crunch trying to reach a connection, you’re better off running. Also - getting off the ferry after 8am...there are no scooters close by hardly ever. Get them back to commute nodes ASAP!
  • Many broken scooters 3/5

    By Acappy16
    Jump is not as reliable as it used to be in DC. The last three scooters that I have attempted to use didn’t work after I had already started the ride. When you end a ride you should get feedback on the scooter so that broken scooters can be fixed and you don’t waste peoples time trying to use a broken scooter. It’s frustrating to have to ensure that I get my money back for broken scooters.
  • Great when it works but... 1/5

    By prudence dogood
    The bikes have mechanical issues at least 50% of the time. Not only that but the app has terrible gps and it lags. So you’ll reserve a bike thats one minute away. By the time the app refreshes you find out the bike is in a completely different part of the city. Get it together Uber this is pathetic
  • First ride was 27 bucks 1/5

    By Gcgspire
    Never again. I rode a joke, it cost me a quarter of what I would have bought one used for.
  • Not sure why, but it just won’t work 1/5

    By mcb0576
    I download it and try to connect via social media since I’m not using my primary phone here and it just won’t connect. I’ve tried deleting and downloading again multiple times with no luck. I see there are a lot of good reviews and people riding the bikes in Rome... it’s just really frustrating for me that I can’t even get the account setup.
  • Warning about ending trip 3/5

    By Rhenish
    Overall good service. Huge warning though: Uber will keep charging you well after you lock your bike!! Many times it won’t register as ended until a few minutes later. This is Uber’s way of scheming to get more money out of you.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By jdgz12!
    I’m lucky if I can get the app to load bikes 50% of the time. The help page never loads. I pay the monthly fee to use the bikes, but rarely get the app to work so I can actually use them. Shouldn’t be an issue in the Seattle area. Very disappointing.
  • Locking bike is flaky 1/5

    By Miguetoing
    Locking the bike doesn’t always work. You get charged more $$ than you actually used. No way to request a refund. Will not use again.
  • Solid Equipment...with Offensively Deceiving Pricing 1/5

    By MrReviewWhenUncool
    The fine print is everything here. Decent scooter - Software paired well - Overall experience was fine...Until I ended my 6 minute ride outside of a pre-designated ride zone and was hit with a $25 surcharge. Clearly this was my fault...However...clearly this is a dubious revenue model that will eliminate consumer loyalty and retention in less time than it takes to download...and delete. Customer service was quick to reverse the charge, under which any circumstances, was blatantly unjustified. Uber uncool.
  • No located parking areas on app 3/5

    By Dearbriannah
    It’s so annoying that people are being charged $20 for not parking your bike/scooter in the “correct” spot but it won’t tell you where the “correct” spot is. Next to a bike rack? I still got charged even though it was next to a bike rack surrounded by other scooters. Lime is better only because it shows the locations where you can park. Please fix this, and maybe I’ll come back. I’ll be at lime for now.
  • Mexico City 👎👎👎👎 1/5

    By Mcdoopy
    1) Usually full of garbage inside the bike basket. 2) Can take minutes (and keep charging you) before the app realizes that the bike is locked. 3) Customer service is useless in resolving #2. They ask for the bike number, where you picked up and when, where you dropped it off and when. How does Uber not record this info? Had high hopes. Tried it. Won’t use it again. Mobike, Deezba, and evening Bird/Grin scooters are a far better option. Too bad.
  • At one point 5 stars 1/5

    By Blake Mills
    Not anymore. The bike used to be inexpensive which was amazing, even with the bikes having hiccups. But now that they near tripled the price I expect the bike to work properly and not have to pay for the inconvenience the bike gave me.
  • Weak signal = being overcharged 1/5

    By HeatherHi
    My girlfriend and I had a guest from back home join us this weekend. We decided it would be fun to ride the jump scooters for the first time around the Capitol. There was a $5 off promo for your first trip which was great! The downside for me is I wasted the whole 20 mins free waiting for the rest of my group to download the app and input their payment! Nonetheless, we had a great time. We were going to park our scooters where we had originally picked them up, but decided to explore a little more of our city. On our way back we spotted another set of bike racks closer to where our car was. When I opened my app window it automatically said ride ended and I thought that was pretty easy. But when the other 2 parked beside me they had to push a button that said End ride and then were prompted to take a picture. I noticed my speedometer was still lit up and contacted support through the app to make sure my ride had ended. The time had continued but apparently once it connected to the system it went back to the correct amount of time. Cool. Next, I looked at my total charge and it was $30 more that the rest of my party. Even without the promo, it should have been about $17. After going back and forth all day with app support, I’ve now been told I parked in a no parking zone.. funny considering the jump bike that was parked there and the other 2 scooters. I was originally told the vehicle was having trouble connecting to their system. I believe this is the cause of the additional $25 fee, BUT that should not be my problem as the scooter was parked where it was supposed to be.
  • Not loading bike info 1/5

    By timepassport
    Constantly get error showing Uber bike not loaded.
  • Nearly the same cost as getting an Uber 2/5

    By PayPal Guy
    Taken several trips that were a dollar less than getting an Uber. Also, many many days where there were more nonfunctional bikes than functional ones.
  • Porquería 1/5

    By Ax 🍉
    Page 70 dólares en 52 minutos, jamás en mi vida los volveré a usar.

    By Jzzp
    I highly recommend using a different scooter. The process of signing in took way too long. *Within 2 hours of signing in someone from across the country tried to hack into my Uber account* Think cautiously when using these types of things!
  • Overcharged by nearly 40% 1/5

    By Max.r.f
    Jump would not let me manually end my ride, even after submitting the bike number and taking a photo of the bike locked, in a proper area, and not blocking anything. They continued to charge me for my ride even as the bike I had just docked showed up as “rentable” You need to provide better controls for users to end their rides, as bird, lime, etc do. Unacceptable
  • Blatantly predatory, dishonest, and exploitative of customers. 1/5

    By halfdevilhalfchild
    The app is deliberately designed not to warn you when entering a no parking zone. You will also not be warned that you are starting a vehicle in a red zone until after you have started it, and will be charged $50 for ending your ride exactly where you found it (because “you” have parked it in a red zone), when in reality it was already in the red zone to begin with before you. Today I have been charged 2 $50 fees back to back within 3 minutes of each other in this manner. Of 9 total rides, I have had to dispute 4 transactions. That is nearly 50% of my services that I’ve had to contact them about to present an issue manually. Restrictions change often and are arbitrarily imposed. The purpose is to exploit customers, especially broke college students on campuses entirely littered with their vehicles, because the service is too cheap and the business model unsustainable - so they must charge $50 no parking zone fees to make a profit. Dishonest practices, inconsistent policy, and entirely untrustworthy business. Switch to literally any competitor - I have never had such a problem with Skip, Lyft, Lime, or Bird, all of which I use just as regularly. Don’t fall for the “cheaper” price and no activation fee. They will earn it back 50x fold by arbitrarily punishing you with new and ever-rising fees. ***Update: I received an initial response from two agents regarding both $50 back to back no parking fees ($100 total within 3 minutes) and was denied either a waiver or reduction of either fee, even though they originate from the same incident. I have now contacted via the link that was commented under this review. To be determined whether the company actually cares to resolve and curtail such ridiculous charges, or if it is just for show. Will update.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By jumprespond noww
    Its been 3-4 days since I tried contacting customer service multiple times about a ride i never did. The scooter didnt work so i was never able to move it. And the app crashed so i couldnt end ride. They charged me $33 and i been trying to contact them about it, and no response at all.
  • Delayed end of riding 3/5

    By nasrin07
    Rideshare is awesome, and between the Lime and Jump bikes, I like the Jump bikes better. However, the experience has been less great and I’ve started using the other service more due to the locking issue I have with jump bikes. When i first used the service the rides would end within 10 seconds of locking the bike. Now, I consistently struggle to end the ride via app. The bike will be physically locked but the app is still going sometimes for 3 more minutes while I walk away and it charges me before the option the end bike with “done” is provided. This has been the case every single ride for the last month. I’ve complained a number of times via the app and they usually adjust the time accordingly but it’s hassle so I’ve only done it maybe 1 out of 10 times the lock has delayed. It’s super aggravating and I strongly dislike paying the extra minutes when I’m not using the bike.
  • Convenient, but has many issues 3/5

    By CAW1986
    As someone who doesn't own a car, it's super useful to have these bikes around. I would give it a higher rating, but I have issues with the bikes/app about 90% of the time I try to use them. The issues range from the app not registering that I've locked the bike after I'm done with the ride, to the bar code not scanning, to the bikes being so heavy that when I'm on a hill I can't start peddling them enough to get the electric motor to kick in. Their customer service is pretty good though, so there's that at least. Still, Uber has a lot of kinks to work out with their bikes.
  • Didn’t work...no support 1/5

    By dalton export
    App didn’t allow me to rent a scooter and there is no help available though app. Go rent a Lime. Much easier. And it works.
  • Utterly broken in San Francisco 1/5

    By mcmemery
    Rolled out but doesn’t work
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By maite177
    I do not understand why you allow to unlock a scooter that has no battery, this application does not work and has a bad user experience, please I need my money back, it does not seem fair that they charged me that fee
  • Unfortunate scenarios 2/5

    By EJenae.
    I really love riding the scooter but when it comes to issues within the app the Uber team responds pretty slow. The first issue I had was a non working scooter in which I was refunded over 2 weeks later and the most recent issue was my app not ending a ride so another user got on under my account and charged it over $15. The team has yet to respond to this and I thought it would be quicker due to Fraud. The continuous issues is making me afraid to even use them again,
  • Bike stopped working, charged $25, took weeks to receive a response and refund 2/5

    By Jennakattack
    The bike rides nice but that’s the only good thing so far. They need to fix a lot of things. My friend and I went riding in Sacramento, and our bikes were taking turns malfunctioning. The app kept glitching, the lock to one of the bikes was giving us a hard time. It was pretty time consuming. After about 20 mins of riding, my bike stopped working and I had to park it to reset the bike. Went home and checked my credit card account and saw that Jump charged me a $25 fee for “parking in a no park zone”. I wrote to them explaining what happened- it took them weeks to even respond. Just glad they finally refunded me even though they said it was a one time waive. 🙄
  • Very bad experience 1/5

    By app user 1993
    I parked the pike and locked it but I could not end the ride from the app. I waste almost 15 minutes of my time trying to lock it from the app. The bike got stuck and I couldn’t move it anywhere. I had to call Jump and finally they fixed the issue. Beside all of that it, is too expensive. Save your self some money and time and look for a local bike rental.
  • My legs hurt 1/5

    By NathanMendez
    This bike gives me so much pain . It was very hard to paddle and it fells like it doesn’t want to be used like I have to force it to work. My destination was from 32 street to 39th and it takes forever to get there I should have walk and not hurt my legs .

JUMP – by Uber app comments

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