JUMP – by Uber

JUMP – by Uber

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  • Current Version: 2.15.10000
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JUMP – by Uber App

Meet JUMP by Uber. Electric bikes and scooters available when you need them. Go further, get there faster, and have more fun. You can find JUMP bikes and scooters nearby—in the app. Reserve ahead of time, or walk up and scan to unlock. Use the app to: - Sign up and create an account - Find and reserve electric bikes & scooters nearby - Track your rides by distance and time Visit www.jump.com for more information.

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  • Make JUMP usable outside Service Areas 2/5

    By Josh van Hulst
    [7/12/2019] My biggest request: you’ll have me as a constant customer, please make it known to your pricing strategy team or market research team to please REMOVE The Out Service Area fee. It’s regrettable that the $25 Out Service Area charge is there when you are not in a Sevice Area. Especially when the JUMP bike/scooter is already left there by someone else. It just makes it unfair to not be able to use it in nearby towns/sister cities. I want to use the bike of Service Area and be able to bring it at the End of Day, not per usage as it’s current set. Sometimes there isn’t the ability to bring the JUMP bike/scooter at that current moment.
  • Not working, unhelpful customer service 1/5

    By Blossom4ever
    I started using the bikes almost everyday when they first came out. However for the past two months since they’ve changed from the U-locks to the locks that are unlocked when you scan a barcode—I can’t unlock bikes. I’ve tried calling customer service and emailing them multiple times and they simply say it should be working and my account is active. However I still haven’t been able to use it. The phone calls last 20 minutes for the same robotic responded and I don’t hear back any replies from my emails. I would love to use the service again. However it’s just not working for me.
  • Login issue 1/5

    By Uber user 165
    When I try to use the social media login it only presents facebook even though When you press on Facebook it shows the google button which you can not select. For a person whose uber account is on google I cant use the app even trying to sign in the app via phone number my email address is already in use with my other uber account please fix this.
  • Can’t use app 1/5

    By dammit dani
    I have tried to sign up multiple times. I get a message in a foreign language. I don’t know why I can’t remove the app to reset it.
  • Electric motor doesn’t kick in on hills even when charged sometimes 3/5

    By Kipp27
    Multiple times now the electric motor won’t kick in and your left trying to pedal an extremely heavy bike up a hill. Each time this happened the bike indicated >15 mile range and no issues. JUMP is not dependable. Edit: I rode 3 more times and didn’t have motor issues. If this trend continues, I’ll add stars back. However I’ve now had a new issue: I’ve scanned the bike to unlock it and the app starts charging me but the bike lock won’t come out. So I’m left with a bike I’m paying for but can’t use and worst of all: there’s no UI in the app for reporting this problem or aborting the ride!! I have to resort to writing a negative review here. Happy to make this a 5 star review if: the UI lets me abort or report a ride error and I don’t have electric motor issues for another week. Edit 2: After more rides, I’ve not encountered more motor issues. So up to 3 stars. Still holding back 2 because of no way in-app to dispute or report problems.
  • Can’t use bikes due to bug 1/5

    By young speccy
    The app shows my cards in the payment tab, but when i scan a bike, they don’t show up under choose payment method. Broken
  • Keep clients informed 3/5

    By Gary295325843
    Great bikes, no doubt. But could you show me the park area before renting a bike??? It is very scammy that you only get to see the parking area after you paid... how do I know if the bike can take me where I want to go?? Because I cannot park there. Great bikes, love them. But the other bike companies show me the park zone before riding...
  • Stay away 1/5

    For the love of God please do not buy this service. First- Lime, Bird, and Spin have all been in this game longer and as such have far superior, cheaper, and safer scooters. The Jump scooters are shaky and have a notoriously low battery life and range, even though for some reason the scooters have an iridescent rainbow light that must waste a lot of energy better used for travel. But the real reason is the BIKES. They have bikes that you have to manually lock around a bike rack at the end of your trip, which is inconvenient because I never know where those are. But because there’s no way to lock the bike from the app, it’s possible that you’re manual lock didn’t register and you can get stuck with a $153 bill for a 17 hour bike ride (never mind that the bike was in the same place for 16 of those hours). There’s also no customer service or mechanism to complain. 0 stars.
  • Charged $7 for a 5 minute ride 1/5

    By Penny Salem
    I locked the bike but was still charged for 27 minutes for $7. There's no way to contest this
  • 👎👎 5/5

    By صفاء المعالي
    You are now in a no parking zone. Ending your rental in a no parking zone may result in a fee. They going to send you the message every time you use the bike
  • Meh 1/5

    By Holowe
    Yucky Uber. Am I right ladies?
  • Please bring more to Seattle! 5/5

    By Alelau33
    Love these as they are great for cost effectively bridging short distances quickly. Although Lime is on literally every street corner and more, their $1 to unlock++ price point doesn't make sense for a 3 minute ride. If only Limes are around, I'll walk and deal with being late. If there's a Jump, I'll pay the 66 cents to be on time, but there frequently isn't one for several blocks. Please add more! I promise I'd use them!
  • Account Issue - Non-responsive Support for 6 months 1/5

    By Paul S. BK
    I was an early Jump user, but haven’t been able to use it since the acquisition by Uber. Countless support/help requests have led nowhere or been ignored for the last 6 months. It’s sad because I really enjoyed using it before Uber.
  • Customer support is terrible 1/5

    By Avery N
    There was a malfunction with a bike I used for 2.11 miles and it stayed on when I stopped using it, therefor charging me $55. After reaching out to JUMP support, it took them a few days to reply back. After so they wanted information about the trip and I sent that over as requested. It’s been OVER A WEEK since I’ve heard anything from them and I’ve sent multiple emails but still have heard nothing. I guess they’re going to pocket that extra cash and push me to the side. And that’s Ana Guerra who was “helping” me with the issue at hand. Still waiting to hear ANYTHING from them.
  • The old Jump app was better 5/5

    By RM202
    Regress please! Or at least make the bike and scooter icons bolder so they’re easier to see (and different background colors so they’re easier to differentiate)
  • New Pricing, Won’t Be Using Anymore 2/5

    By MisterMax35
    The new bikes are great. They are reliable and I get around town quicker than any other mode of transportation. I have been a regular user since the bikes came to DC. I would call the Jump Bikes my primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, Jump has decided to up the rates to 25 cents per minute. This equates to $7.50 per half hour, which is utterly ridiculous. I can ride share, Metro, or take any of the other multitude of scooters for significantly less than a Jump Bike. Unless Jump lowers their rates back to 15 cents per minute or offers some sort of monthly unlimited rate, I will no longer be a customer, which is unfortunate. I love the product and have been evangelist for my other friends to get onboard. No more though. Jump, y’all need to get some new pricing analysts on your team.
  • QR Code Nightmare 3/5

    By CorwinD.Kelly
    I find this service incredibly convenient when my own bike is broken down. The rollout of the new QR code bikes was handled very poorly however and I reserved them on several occasions and was unable to unlock them which was a giant pain.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By abusoof
    I lost my account information since I upgraded 2 months ago. I have not been able to use the service since then. Customer support was not helpful. I’m very frustrated and disappointed.
  • They charge you for walking time 1/5

    By erikjmaldonadl
    Why should I get charged for walking
  • Absolute Garbage 2/5

    By WA State Resident
    Are you kidding me? How can you possibly raise prices by 150% without telling the customers before hand? Shady business practices, crappy bikes, crappy service. I’m done. Dynamic Pricing? What the h***? There’s no difference when the bike is rented. What are you talking about? It’s the same price at all times. Perhaps you guys should learn your own policies before lying in response to bad reviews. Further, your Webpage regarding price says check the app. The app says check the website. Nowhere can your actual pricing be found. And also it should be asked, why 2 apps? Jump is Uber, why are there still 2 apps. Seems really disjointed. Doesn’t matter, bought a scooter. Paying your crazy prices for bike rentals would have paid for it in mere weeks!
  • Impossible To Use 1/5

    By Nickname10119876527
    Uber should not have linked the Jump app to the Uber account. Impossible to use when linked because of password navigation.
  • Doubling the pricing is horrible 1/5

    By philipdowley
    Deleted the app when I found out the per minute pricing went from .15 to .30. Now biking costs as much as an Uber? A joke.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By pinto32
    Terrible app and bike
  • The price went up 😖 3/5

    The new jump bikes are so much better and now I haven’t gotten one broken the only problem is that now they are more expensive 🤦🏽‍♂️

    By burrbrato
  • charged me 25$! 1/5

    By Xjdisbaianeosnskdn
    me and my friend rented a scooter. we rode it for maybe a block, until it gave us an out of area text message. we took it back in under 30 seconds, if that, since we were so close, and it charged me 25$. seriously? will NEVER be using again, would not recommend to anyone
  • Need more info & more bikes!! 1/5

    By Brando 75
    1) I will see many bikes in my area for a week & then they all disappear and I can only find one several blocks away or none. Please make the bikes more available! They’re much less dangerous to ride for us older generations. Everyone remembers how to ride a bike! There is no way that I will ride a scooter! Not with my injuries. 2) I still can’t find how much it costs to rent a bike. Have looked throughout uber & jump apps. & followed directions. No rates. 3) it concerns me that it appears that I have to leave the bike at a parking station or I will be charged an extra fee $ when I’m finished riding. How am I supposed to get home? That was what was so great about the scooters. You finished & you left them wherever so you can use them for transportation & someone else can use it. Why are bikes different? And WHY?! WHY?! Isn’t it crystal clear , I mean, literally an address and cross streets and nearby buildings that spells out exactly where to leave the bikes so I don’t get stung with a hefty fine. That alone , makes me very hesitant to even try it. 4) I really really get frustrated with uber that they don’t seem to want to hear customer feedback. They make it so challenging to almost impossible to write a simple email to customer service. Thank god we can leave a review here. It’s the only way to leave feedback. At this time while all of these new modes of transportation are rolling out, one would think a company would be eager for feedback so they could improve upon experience. 5) also for those of us who are visual learners. Which because of phones is now almost everyone, instructions on how to ride a jump bike & adjust seat etc. a short video link would be very helpful.
  • Jump app won't take all my credit cards 1/5

    By RichB916
    I have no problems of credit, jump app refusing all of my credit cards all of a sudden. I put in request to fix it, I never get any hear back. They have no number to call. I was late to work because jump bike wouldn't register all of a sudden anymore. This is a terrible app and it made me late to work and they won't fix my account. Don't use jump, they're unreliable.
  • Trying hard, but needs lots of work. 1/5

    By Augustus McCrea
    I have to continually close the app and re-open to get the GPS working. The bikes are great, but the app needs a lot of work. It’s usually easier to get a bike from the Uber App. Time to get serious “jump”, and smooth it out. Too much competition to be second rate. Very difficult to contact in an emergency.
  • Worst Bike Share App Ever 1/5

    By TheRandyManCanCan
    Clunky, frustrating, app. Be careful. They will tell you the bike is being returned in "no parking zone"'and will change a hefty penalty but they won't show you where to park it... the app is a joke.
  • Add Filter — Bikes or Scooters 4/5

    By atlert
    Would be five stars if I can filter between bikes and scooters. I don’t want to see scooters on the app.
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By katie012218
    I have NEVER found one that actually works (and I live in downtown Baltimore with loads of them everywhere just walked by 4 on one corner) plus they don’t work after an early time which is really unhelpful.
  • Was great until they charged a $1 to unlock 2/5

    By Jujujonnytsunami8876
    For months this service stood out as the one that didn’t charge you “$1 to start.” As someone who commutes to work on a scooter, this is an unnecessary charge given that (i) they went for months without this and (ii) the manufacturing cost of the scooters isn’t so high. So, until they institute a rewards program or discounts for frequent riders, I’m not going to pay into Uber’s bottom line
  • Can’t find any 1/5

    By oqyd
    Are there none located in Philadelphia?
  • Tripled the price overnight with no notice 1/5

    By Crypt0j1m
    I absolutely loved Jump. I told everyone how awesome it was. I convinced a lot of people that it was an amazing service. And then yesterday, I took a ride, and the bill came, and it was over triple the amount that it normally cost. It was literally 3.5 times increase overnight with no warning. That is a scam. Jump is a scam. Don’t use their service. I wrote to complain because I thought it was a mistake. No mistake, just a scam.
  • I give up. 1/5

    By Atroyz
    Edit: 6/11/2019 The SF jump trip cost was $2 for the first 30 mins and $0.07 after. Yet suddenly today (without any warning) it was $3 for the first 20 minutes and $0.15 thereafter. Jump, first you killed app functionality, and now it seems you’re trying to sneak price increases on your customers. Really makes me angry. That means for the first 30 minutes the price went from $2 to $4.50 - a 225% increase overnight! Jump now costs much more than simply taking the bus, so this will be my last month using this service. I have been a vocal supporter of your service and your bikes, but you’ve lost me. (This is a review of the jumpbike app, not the actual bike service itself.) The most recent update to the Jumpbike app has rendered it nearly unusable. The new interface opens with a half-legible and VERTICAL “Jump” logo (the text bleeds off the screen and I had to turn the app sideways to read it), followed by a few seconds of a map containing the entire EARTH, before it slowly refocuses on the local bike map. But this map is also very hard to navigate, especially since there is a giant red QR scanner that centers itself on the map, completely blocking the view of several available bikes nearby. The new map interface also includes highlighted freeways and freeway onramps, which is especially confusing since bikes are not permitted on these roads. In addition, functions like pinch zoom are now both hypersensitive and ironically unresponsive at the same time. Twice, while trying to zoom in closer on the map, the app thought I was trying to book a bike that was nowhere near me at all. In addition to looking completely different, several helpful functions seem to be completely missing from the new app. The “your trips” tab is completely blank, and shows none of my recent trips at all. Where did my trips go? Also missing is the battery percentage indicator for each bike. This was a helpful shorthand for choosing a fully charged bike, and it seems to have totally disappeared. Worst of all, I can no longer find he tab displaying my Jumpbike credits. These are $3-$6 “points” that are awarded for returning a bike to a charging station. As there is a charging station a few blocks from my work, I have regularly used this in the past and had upwards of $10 in credit, which the new app has apparently rendered obsolete. I really like the jumpbike service, and I have been a user since long before Uber took over. I hope this new app is just a bump in the road.
  • Broken and hidden bikes 1/5

    By Bored at Holloman
    On two separate attempts I only found broken bikes or bikes that people hide behind gates when they’re at work so you can’t access them. Complete waste of time
  • Cannot log in with jump account 1/5

    By pk •••
    Only Uber. Money STOLEN.
  • Raised prices, lost a customer 1/5

    By Jesshoff2
    I used to use these occasionally and was excited to use them this summer in Santa Cruz. Sadly, prices went up by a lot and now it makes more sense to walk or buy my own bike.
  • App not working 2/5

    By still annoyed ugh
    No matter where I am or connection the app used to work... Now after uninstalling and installing it still doesn't. Just said Uber jump unable to load. I have to go into the Uber app to reserve any bikes.
  • payment method doesn’t work 2/5

    By pmoney2805
    i love using the bikes and think they are great to get around with, but whenever i try to unlock one it asks me to use a payment method, even though i have already previously imputed 4 different debit cards. at first i thought that maybe it was because the debit cards were out of money, so i went and bought a $25 mastercard gift card, and i tried inputting it right away. i pressed scan to unlock and then it asked for a payment method, so then i input the debit cards information, pressed the save button, and instead of unlocking the bike it just went back to “input payment method” and so now i can’t unlock the bike
  • Tried two bikes, both did not work 1/5

    By denero111
    Never write bad reviews but I was in a time crunch and could not get either bike to work.
  • $0.25 / minute RIP OFF 1/5

    By Kf2012dencol
    Overnight these guys raise their rate from $.15-$.25 per minute. Not only did they not warn anyone, but also the bike literally says right on it $.15 per minute. I am furious with them for a whole bunch of reasons this is just the icing on the cake RIP OFF
  • worked great then Uber came 2/5

    By 1Jessabelle
    i used daily. loved it. the Uber came. can't login to my jump. can't create Uber rider acct. it's been two months. I've emailed 6
  • Don’t update just yet! 1/5

    By JBChai
    I have a year long membership which was working fine earlier that day until I updated it. Despite double checking that yes, it is the same phone number, email address and credit card, all my membership credits are somehow forgotten and cannot used for payment. Logging in via browser assured me that yes, I still have membership, but somehow does not translate to the app. Updates should be addressing issues, not creating more.
  • Thiefs 1/5

    By MarcoStifler
    I had a membership with them and when they merged with Uber I couldn’t use my account anymore. Each time I called customer service they said they can’t do anything and a specialist will email me which never ever happened.
  • Didn’t work even once 1/5

    By Gilligbrt
    I’ve tried to use this in SF five separate times now. All 5 times, *after* reserving a bike and scanning the QR code, the bike became “unavailable” and disappeared from the map. I’m giving up on ever trying to ride a Jump bike again. Incredible waste of time.
  • Expect it to NOT work. Great when it does. 1/5

    By Tropical Papaya
    Love the bikes, when they work. Unfortunately, there’s a really long way to go before the service actually functions well. I use the service pretty frequently to commute to work of other places. I used to use ford go bikes until they removed the e-bikes. 1/5 times the pedal assist doesn’t work Location of the bike is usually inaccurate, sometimes I can’t find a bike at all and need to cancel reservation I try to return the bike to a gift icon place for credit but it’s unclear if I receive a credit or not (I think sometimes I get an Uber credit? But not all the time and it doesn’t tell me in the jump app) Customer service tells me I need the newer version of the app even though I already have it Wrench icon on the keypad never ever works, so I have to email customer service when the bike doesn’t work. It happens a few times a week. App is extremely slow and buggy - sometimes get stuck in loading mode for minutes. When I try to end the ride, sometimes it won’t end for minutes after I lock the bike. Sometimes it’s 2 minutes, sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes it’s 2 hours. This is really inconvenient because 1) they charge by the minute and 2) sometimes I just want to use another bike because the previous one was broken, but I can’t because the app still thinks I’m on the ride.
  • Should have stuck with .15 a minute! 1/5

    By helloyodu
    Prices are going up so I deleted the app. Should have just done $1 start fee and left it at .15 a minute. But, .29 a minute is INSANE! Not worth it 👍

JUMP – by Uber app comments

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