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Jungle Heat

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  • Current Version: 2.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: MY COM
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jungle Heat App

Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you can play on any device or social network. The tropics full of oil and gold are languishing under the onslaught of General Blood. Your task is to free the native riches, to rip them out of the hands of the bloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself! The treasures of the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages. So onward - fortify the walls, hire troops, and onward to battle! Brutal battles, military bases, wild jungles, and all this displayed with beautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings, which will delight even the most ardent fans of battle games. Download today and join the battle for the treasures of the jungle. If you want to continue the game on another device or social network, go to the settings section of the game, select "OTHER DEVICE", and follow the instructions. Continue to play on other platforms without losing any progress. In Jungle Heat, you can develop your military base into an unassailable fortress, battle with other players, raze their bases to ashes, unite into invincible clans, and participate in regular tournaments. Game features: > Simplicity and fun: battles are as simple as one, two, three, and what is more, each battle is unique! > Freedom of maneuver: plan out your base, upgrade buildings and troops, set up an ideal defense, and think up an effective attack! > Battles with other players: attack blindly, or take revenge on your oppressors! > Assemble an army of unique heroes, whose different capabilities can change the course of battle! Each battle they fight is saturated with an atmosphere of old school war movies. > Regular tournaments: Participate in individual and clan tournaments, show the entire world that you and your clan are the best! > Cross-platform capability: Play on social networks or on any mobile device; > Bright, colorful graphics: an explosion of color in the jungle! > Dynamic music: an atmosphere of endless tropical fun! If you like Jungle Heat, don't forget to give it five stars. Do you have questions or need help? Write to us, we will help you: http://support.my.com/games/kb/jh/ http://jh.my.com Attention! A reliable internet connection is required for Jungle Heat.

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Jungle Heat app reviews

  • Don’t waste tour time and definitely not your $$ 1/5

    By BBITK
    This is what happens when a company lets a game die. If you start Jungle Heat today, you will never be able to create a top-level base. There are. no regular events like there used to be. There has not been an update in ages. Not any more - this is basically a dead game. It does not matter how much time or money you spend: your level 10, 11, or 12 base will never be competitive vs. the players who have all the extra weapons and troops. So you will be a failure in head-to-head clan wars and skirmishes. The game play features they added last and last and long ago, like the Clan Base and Researcher Island, are about as much fun as a bad rash. If you want a game that is going nowhere and in which you can never compete against top players, this is it.
  • Met my wife here 5/5

    By Juanchouus Mr.508
    Ive been playing this game since 2012 only thing that i dont like is that the wall upgrades are way to expensive i wish we could have a option to choose oil to upgrade walls other than that the game is perfect i also met my wife trough this game and now we are happily married with one baby on the way who will take over my account.
  • No full screen on larger iPhones 1/5

    By Jumblesasaugh
    The game has not been updated in a year. If you have a larger phone it’s not even worth downloading. This is a shame. Was a great game that I spent a good amount of money on over the years. It’s a total dud now.
  • Game doesn’t load 4/5

    By Mgford
    This game is just like any other clash of clan type. It’s fun with a different twist; when you can log in. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the fame only loads up about 10% of the time. I click on the game and it sits in a loading screen. Literally once out of ten tries it logs in. Waste of time. Received an alert yesterday, receive extra rewards for pvp battle..haven’t been able to log in since lol they was like ten, 12 hours ago. Don’t bother.
  • Save the game!!! 5/5

    By Vanilla____
    I love this game and I use to play it when I was a kid and every thing about the game is great but the only problem is that the game is starting to die and there are no updates. If the creator of this game is reading this I ask you to please update the game because there are more people who still play this game.
  • I love it!!! 5/5

    By G7_bravo
    I use to play this game a lot when I was little but I want them to make more updates so I can play even more. And I need more diamonds :)
  • اضف لغة عربية 3/5

    By qqqqqqqwwwqetufxfgvcd
    اضف لغة عربية
  • Update. 1/5

    By mols😊😊😊
    Hello, I’ve been playing jungle heat for a little bit now and I enjoy playing it but I do believe there’s a bug with my log when I go to view my attacks and when people attack me, I clicked on it and it kept saying that I had no attacks or it said no one had attacked you yet, can you see if you can fix it?
  • Great game but you need to make more money and weapons 5/5

    By angie7770
    I love it
  • You 5/5

    By yo🤡🤡
    You are the best this is the best game
  • Update the game 1/5

    By EvoX23
    Doesn’t even fit full screen on the X very sad how the game is falling. I wish they would just update it somewhat like coc. Seems like they just made money off of the user and left it and don’t really do much afterwards so sad.
  • Devs abandoned this game 1/5

    By Gau8888
    Was a decent game with frequent updates and special events. Unfortunately, the devs have abandoned this game. Maybe too much competition from coc, etc.

    By tman23er
  • Poor communication 1/5

    By not fukn happy
    I have tried several times to move my account from an android device to an iOS device and it’s not allowing me to do it. I’ve gone back and forth with support several times now and they keep saying the same thing over and over again. I’ll be deleting this game considering they couldn’t care less about the people that play the game
  • It’s meh, 3/5

    By 2.1 update
    Jungle heat was amazing once I first got it, but since they left it behind I missed updates and it feels off-date, please fix this soon- signed, player from the game
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Geek_Nigga
    I’ve played this game for years. I’ve always preferred it over Clash of Clans but now I’m reconsidering. I’m not sure if it’s just me but on the XS Max the game won’t make it pass the loading screen. I’ll reset my phone, restart the internet connection but not nothing seems to work.
  • No longer playable. Uninstalling 1/5

    By littlebrownboy76
    Game no longer loads. Use to be fun but looks like the developers don’t care about their users by keeping the game alive. It time to pull the plug and call it a day and let the game go sense their never updates or any fixes on loading. Nore is their a iphone x support witch kills the gaming experience.
  • iPhone X support 3/5

    By Ayziks
    Great game it just needs iPhone X support!
  • Clash of clans is better 1/5

    By Yay100
    Still buggy, needs updated content. Some new content makes little sense to keep on playing. Reasons to play are becoming less. Give us more reasons to play. This game seems to have gone the route of in app purchases that aren’t worth your while because content doesn’t keep you interested. Hope it gets better. I’d like to keep playing. I have played this for many years but I am starting to loose interest. I am still loving Clash with all its new content and exciting reasons to play.
  • Battle level gap 5/5

    By godzai
    Please, please please put a cap on the difference in level between fighters. As a lvl 48 it’s entirely not fair to be attacked every single day by someone who is over lvl 100. There’s absolutely nothing I can do. Maybe like 20 lvls different? Something like that, and that’s honestly a lot. A perfect number would be 10 lvl difference between the person you pick to fight. Higher or lower. This would be great thank you
  • Losing fun 1/5

    By Herculezzzz
    Where is developer?? Had no updates for a while. Losing fun
  • Made their money and no longer care 1/5

    By spending no more
    Jungle heat was one of the best going. Now long term players all notice the minimal crap updates and lack of holiday activities within the game.
  • Once a great game.... 1/5

    Jh is/was one of the best games of it’s type sadly the developers destroyed it and broke the hearts of many of their loyal customers after the split windows and Fb players played on with no updates for yrs then bam the biggest blow was made by my.com when it was suddenly shutdown and everything was lost forever...now android/iOS users seem to meeting the same fate...horrible customer service never seen a company treat loyal customers so poorly
  • Good game but where did the developer go 4/5

    By dupacotus
    This is honestly a good game but I’m just wonder ping where the developers went it’s like they abandoned there game. NO HATE just saying it’s a great game.
  • Please update game ASAP 1/5

    By Djsgfjs
    I used to love this game. I played it when there was only 10 command centers it was actually worth grinding it out ! Now I play with hackers and when I look for opponents it’s nothing but lvl 130+ when I’m barely a lvl 80. How does that even work. I have over a 2100 rating but still not a good enough reason. Please look into this! I would much rather fight people in my lvl because it is so hard to keep my ratings up.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By fantasticgamer384&
    This game is great
  • Best of its type. 4/5

    By Catawba Claw
    It’s fun, easy to learn, engaging game play and best, at least for me you don’t have to spend huge sums of money to play and have fun. You do still have buy some things but fun with less than you would spend on games of this type. Give it a shot Like this game you should to.
  • Fun Game 5/5

    By Travelled.
    A lot like Boom Beach, build weapons and army's and resources. A good way to pass the time 😀 UPDATE , sill enjoy the game but it crashes ALL THE TIME on my Apple devices🙄NEW UPDATE Crashing seems to have stopped. One of the few games I play every day
  • Major Azzwup 1/5

    By Oxbreath
    No events, and only offers to buy gems with pop-ups. Same ‘stacked’ clans win events, yawn. Used to be a good game but My.Com deserted, avoid, there are better games.
  • Update 5/5

    By Cyber_88
    Hey guys please make update of the game
  • I cant connect help 5/5

    By mr_artist101
    Im a player with a town hall or headquarters 10 and that was on facebook thin the game was removed from facebook and i need help to get my base back can you help me out please so i dont have to stop playin ur game 😭
  • Farewell from one of your oldest fans 1/5

    By Motorcycling Man
    In the beginning of my days as a mobile gamer I chose JH over Clash of Clans. A decision I never regretted. I immediately fell in love with the modern warfare themed game and its cool little soldiers. Back before we even had Bulldozer, remember? Yes, the real excitement of unlocking him and other heroes in my CC was a great moment in your history. I also remember feeling sad about losing my pyros after attacking during the tutorial but such is the growing pains. I’m grateful for the hours of amusement you gave me when I had time to waste here and there. But, somewhere along the way from those fun memories to today you lost touch with what made you so great. It went from “man, this event is rewarding and fun” to “man, I need some luck and/or money for this event.” The first betrayal came when I spent thousands of diamonds to win El Bandito in a game of chance...only to see he’ll be gone in a short time. The second betrayal came when you made it a regular feature to “win” your rewards in a game of chance (is it even legal to have a gambling setup where children could be victims of gambling away at the cost of real money spent on in game currency?). Then you had a special sale where players could buy missed rewards for diamonds. You were selling Scorpion for the equivalent of $100...are you out of your mind? After your very long absence, you came back with a major update and I was excited. But my joy that had pretty much died before was quickly dying again. So now, it is with deep sorrow that I say farewell after many years of our journey together. I no longer care for any of your future rewards or limited time decorations. I can not take another heartbreak, so I shall cherish my memories of your earlier days as they fade into the back of my mind and vanish altogether. May my great guns for great victories stand witness for a once great general who has moved on. And my yearly flags happily blow in the virtual wind that now softly caresses an abandoned site of many battles.
  • This game is getting boring 1/5

    By Garblicks
    How can you even play when it will not load?
  • Research base 4/5

    By jeebus fleebus
    In the research base, you can see what you need to upgrade by tapping on the builder icon, but you can't do that on the regular base and it makes it harder once your base gets bigger. Could you please add that feature to the regular base? Thanks.
  • Clan base needs major improvements 1/5

    By gamer31guy
    So like coc the clan base is fun but this game needs major balancing. I just started my clan base and when I hit the attack button it brings up a four to five higher town hall. My 8 troops barely wipe out a cannon. Please fix
  • Update Please 5/5

    By Tu Pai 19
    Update Game I can’t play full screen on iPhone X’s max
  • JhvCoc 1/5

    By MegaYT hope this is not taken
    Let’s just say how much better clash of clans is compared to jungle heat. First off, the troops in jungle took eternity to train, for example, what can take about 20 min to train in clash took about an hour. You can’t play as much. Secondly, every player should know that clash of clans’s obstacle is a lot cheaper to remover at about 1000 elixir. Here, I would like to mention why in the world are they 10000? Third of all, there are ads. Ok, they need money, but clash makes more money so they don’t. Need ads but they are pretty much the exact same things with different names. Jungle clash is the second. Finally, Some troops also have some disturbing animation if taken the wrong way... “hey vipers, I’m looking at you” Well time to play clash of clans
  • To good not to play 5/5

    By kaspnbb
    I just love this game the graphics are good the attacking and reading other people bases in the plans it’s all good it’s too much to say if I said every thing good about this game I’d never stop talking
  • I really used to love this game 1/5

    By Alan JH
    As this game is the only game I play in general I would say when I first saw it I liked it better than coc because it standed out. This game started going down sense last year when JH or mycom decided not to listen to they’re players and started ruining the game with nuke. Recently they changed the rating system because of of lower levels complaining about getting attacked by higher level. But in reality people who go passed 1800 get attacked by people in 1900 and 2000 rating. That why I like to stay under 1799 with my mini. They have put the rating system back when %40+ of player quit the game and a lot of good high paying players quit. So like a bubble that JH has been blowing on it has finally popped. Now instead of not listen to long time players like me, they have completely shutdown on us. With no updates, no fb posts, and lame replies in tickets. If you ever to listen too your players in the future maybe this game will be much more successful!
  • Service dept. doesn’t care 2/5

    By KMB2468
    I have played this game for years, and even invested money. I love the game! I broke my phone awhile back and had to download the app on a new phone. When I connected the app to Facebook on my new phone, it started me all over at square one. It would not bring back my progress. I went through the steps givin in the faq through a deal called my ticket. I gave them what info I could remember. Their response was to send me a reply consisting of the same original faq directions! It’s very frustrating that they seem to have such a low standard of helping customers actually find solutions! I think I’ll just move on to clash of clans or something else! Thanks for nothing! You got your money though!
  • Is it true 1/5

    By Thefoxymon
    I recently heard a player saying this game will be shut down by the end of this year, TELL ME THIS IS NOT TRUE OR I WILL FIND WHERE STUDIO NORD IS HQD *^*

    By Hrbvfgrbfgfgfbfvbrgf
    The one thing I wanna say is that when I’m starting out in the builders base I find these really overpowered people and I can’t progress.Also use your own brain to think of ideas! Please
  • Tamales, Tamales, a buen precio 5/5

    By Robert-Torres-Lopez
    De pollo carne cerdo cordero pavo, a buen precio, TAMALES, TAMALES, TROLOLÓ.
  • BAD UPDATE !!!! 1/5

    By doglak
    I play this game 5 year I enjoy a lot ..but last update changed everything and make game not fun anymore ..ratings are now messing up ..my com too lazy for find decent update ..just copie from other great games ..it's time to find other game !
  • Bad update 1/5

    By GA6272828
    Game was great 2 years ago. They have been changing things here and there some good some not so much. The last update made the game not very fun. I spend 2 years upgrading to have an advantage and be able to do well in tournaments. New update changed everything the rating is all messed up. You only find bases that are at you level or higher. What is the point of upgrading anymore if you can win the same with a lower base and it’s easier.
  • GREAT GAME 5/5

    By grade_builder123
    Great game been playing since it was out.
  • Jerry 3/5

    By mhidog
    About last update! Trouble is it won’t update just goes to App Store and there is no update just open?
  • Poor Clash of Clans Knockoff but kinda fun 3/5

    By PokePuppyKing
    Shameless ripoff of CoC but can still be fun. Substantial money required to reach higher levels, upgrades become unrealistic as you level up. Terrible support but if you join a fun clan it can be a good game. Cool graphics & gameplay.
  • MONUMENTS ‼️ 5/5

    By JETLI2011
    PLEASE change the annoying monument upgrade system. Ive spent 100s of badges trying to upgrade monuments, only to end up with an extremely weak monument. It makes NO sense at all to have the “attention, in case of failure, your monument will stay the same or decrease”. Please allow only increasing of the monuments and disable the decreasing possibility. No other game does the decreasing of monuments, because it doesnt even make sense. I really hope you change this soon. We love this game and are only asking for this one simple and fair change for the better. Thanks.

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