Juno - A New Way to Ride

Juno - A New Way to Ride

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  • Current Version: 1.51.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Juno USA
  • Compatibility: Android
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Juno - A New Way to Ride App

It’s time for a new approach to ride sharing. Juno treats drivers better. Drivers treat riders better. Happy drivers, happy riders. **Special Promotions** 30% off all rides in New York City for a limited time. International phone numbers qualify for 10% off. At any time of the day, our drivers will make sure you ride with a smile. Simply open the app and set your pickup location. Watch as your driver arrives to pick you up. Payment is seamless - no need for cash. Rate your driver once the ride is done. We’ll make your Juno ride more comfortable: * 3 service types for a choice of quick, stylish or SUV. * The best drivers in New York. * Need assistance with luggage? Add a special request. We are here for you: our support team is available 24/7. Call us at +1 (844) JUNO USA (844-586-6872) or email us at [email protected] Enjoy the ride. Yours, Team Juno


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Juno - A New Way to Ride app reviews

  • Rider 5/5

    By staff&me
    I’ve been riding Juno car service for the pass month & all drivers are pleasant. Also, the rate is Cheaper than any other car service I’ve used before,
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By AlonzZoey
    Slightly cheaper without pool . Excellent discounts. Don’t let driver cancel on your ride. Professional drivers. App Made for the customers instead of the driver .
  • Service has declined significantly 3/5

    By Kaynon
    More expensive than when I started using, constantly being charged more than quote price, gps is incorrect almost daily and there is no consistency is wait times for cars. Sometimes the wait is ridiculous and sometimes multiple drivers cancel. I use the app 6+ times a week, give me a reason to stay.
  • Best Car Share Service 5/5

    By Johnny Diaz Jr
    Hands down the best Car Share service! Very happy with experience in all aspects! Thank you!
  • Payment method 4/5

    By Mikey1234556
    Cant update the payment method. Looks like a glitch pops up when i try to
  • A must for NYC travelers 5/5

    By sp910011
    Yeah, Juno is the best. They keep their drivers happy and the customers satisfied. June is my only go to for all airport traveling.
  • Dope Service 5/5

    By KingKinnect
    Really great service very nice and whatever problem you ever run into with a driver they handle it right away for you
  • Need more discount and offer for the customer who take it all the time . 3/5

    By Trinisexy
    They need to give more discount for people that take Juno all the tine even if it’s a promo code .
  • Juno ride 5/5

    By frisky212
    Great first ride
  • Great Service 5/5

    By despinos
    Great service and much cheaper than Uber and Lyft.
  • Teresa 5/5

    By Priya Gomes
  • Multiple stops 4/5

    By richdawgz
    love Juno, but can u think we can get that multiple Stop feature.. “round trip” plz and ty

    By carridezinNYC
    Everyone should use Juno because the drivers receive 25% more of the fare than they do with Uber!!!!
  • Give your money to a worthy corporation 5/5

    By Genipenni
    Juno is like the syrupy antidote to the evil empire disease that is Uber. Their focus on customer service eclipses Uber’s tenfold. I want to take back all the money I’ve given Uber over the last five years and give it all to Juno. They are amazing!
  • Great service 5/5

    By londonANDny
    I left some bags in the back of someone’s car and Iain from customer service was right on it. Friendly helpful, responsive. Same goes for our driver Krishna. Thank you!
  • Juno is best for driver and rider 5/5

    By Marsor10
    I always use Juno whoever possible. They pay the drivers more which is very important to me and it’s also usually less expensive.
  • Request an hour early 2/5

    By Wait Longer
    I downloaded this app and started using it because I was told this company was a little more caring towards their customers with prices and service. The price part was right but the service leaves a lot to talk about, the ride is not a problem, getting your first driver to come to your house is a problem very often you don’t get the driver that was assigned and it’s understandable it happens sometimes but it’s outrageous that it happens extremely often I would say 8 out of 10 times, switching one driver is fine but I’ve gone through as many as 4 drivers being switch for one ride and my wait time go from 4 minutes to 24 mins cumulative with all the wait times. Their 5 minute policy to cancel is beautiful but not when your ride is 6 minutes away and cancels a block away from your house and now you’re stuck playing the wait game because if you cancel now you’re down $5. The service and reliability would have to greatly increase before I start referring more people. And if you’re downloading this for the first time beware of all these points I’ve made.
  • Gigi Fisdell 5/5

    By Greta Fisfell
  • Price hike 1/5

    By jxmxd
    Prices used to be competitive and now they’re trash.
  • Holy crow was it expensive! 1/5

    By junohater
    Went from 88th and Broadway to 67th and CPW and it cost me 16.00! And now I can’t find a stupid nickname to send this!
  • I might stop use of my car 5/5

    By wildstyle vanessa
    I was skeptical about the Uber and Lyft cars. Now I found Juno it works best for me I’m loving it !
  • Fare 3/5

    By pkmimi
    The fare was different from the estimate. Disappointing!
  • Glad to have this socially-aware company in NYC 5/5

    By gusflaubert
    I support using Juno because of its commitment to healthier driver practices, transparency in revenue allocation, and options for driver equity. I try to use it exclusively in NYC and have always had perfectly good experiences.
  • Bad driver 1/5

    By Carlr219
    He was late. Called me. Said he was still coming. I’m waiting at 1515 Broadway. Finally HE CANCELS! Then Juno assigned a second car. I canceled him immediately. The Juno had the nerve to fine me for the cancellation. Unreliable service by unreliable drivers. .
  • I love JUNO. No more Uber for me!😁 5/5

    By StaRufd
    Love Juno!
  • Bad first experience, but I’m still hopeful 4/5

    By Wertof
    Update: reached out to Juno customer service and they were able to warn the driver and issue me a credit. Also, I didn’t miss my flight 🙂 First time using the app on a ride to the airport. Waited 15 minutes for the driver before he canceled. Then had to wait another 8 minutes before the next driver arrived. Went from having plenty of time to cutting it close. Are drivers who do this flagged? Because it’s definitely a lose-lose for the riders. Not only do you have to 10+ minutes for a nonexistent ride, you also can’t cancel without a fee (at least on Uber anyway). I’m still hopeful that Juno will be a good experience for me, but, right now, I’m just hopeful that I don’t miss my flight.
  • Driver 5/5

    By johnmdoe
    I use June and work for them my only problem is as a driver y don’t whe see passengers rating
  • 👌🏾 5/5

    By Deathst*r1
    my driver was very outgoing and friendly , even assembled my daughters stroller while I was getting her ready to exit the vehicle, great drivers , great rates & great service
  • Juno steals your money. 5/5

    By Qfranco
    I was charged for a ride I didn’t take. This company has stolen from me and that will be the last penny of mine that goes to them.
  • F*** this app is not available in the whole usa 1/5

    By alester42
    Is only for New York
  • Question 5/5

    By itsyourboiahmad
    When are u guys gonna start in Chicago??
  • No Drivers 1/5

    By Kadajk4
    Every single time I try to use the app, it always says “Juno has not yet launched in your area”. I tried every address I knew from all the way across America and none of them worked. I guess there isn’t any drivers that has signed up for Juno yet. This is a rip-off.
  • My experience 3/5

    By 1894Candi
    I loved my driver, but I hate the navigation of the application. The application mixed up the address that I input in the system, uploaded incorrectly to the driver and I had to pay double for my fare. I had to put in the correct address after I arrived to the wrong destination. I was not happy, but my driver was so funny and friendly it made me feel better.
  • Discounts for regular users 3/5

    By Vivia5
    They are not enough discounts and perks for dedicated users.
  • So Long Uber 5/5

    By Clell3
    Vehicles and drivers hands down superior to Uber and Lyft. Wish they were in more locations.

    By Pagandeva2000
    I take cabs to work daily. Juno price gouges their customers. On an average demand day my ride is $14-$15. Some mornings ( such as this one) Juno wants to charge $32.50...MORE THAN DOUBLE during their high peaks. Lyft offered a $14.99 flat rate to my work destination for $3.99 per month NO MATTER HOW BUSY THEY ARE. NO SURPRISES, NO SHARING, NO LAST MINUTE DESPERATE ATTEMPTS TO JIGGLE A MORE REASONABLE PRICE. I'm done, Juno...
  • Tip option could be more visible 4/5

    By WishIDidntUpgrade
    Make tipping easier to see on the app instead of a small button. Otherwise good experience.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Monkey barista
    At first I was hesitant when a friend told me about this new app similar to Uber but I figured I’ll give it a shot, I was surprised to see how beautiful and well designed the app is, I was even more surprised when I started using it, fares are a lot better then it’s larger competitors and service is exceptional, I’ve been using only Juno ever since.
  • Great ! 5/5

    By Khadismom
    Very nice service so far. The driver also told me Iam able to speak to someone directly unlike Uber or Lyft ! I also love the 30% off deal they have going ! I’m pleased !
  • Works most the time 3/5

    By Artrajeus
    Worked tonight didn’t the other day
  • Awesome 5/5

    By gates45
    Price great and driver was amazing
  • Juno Review 4/5

    By Nappyzeus
    I love the logo and the app is easy to navigate but the locations could use more accuracy. Also, the prices could use a drop sometimes.
  • Best juno 5/5

    By Theo12345123
    Great guy
  • No show!! 2/5

    By K4drt
    First time we tried Juno, driver got lost and never showed up. We called him and he said he would pick us up in a few minutes, then he or Juno cancelled!! We called an Uber and had no problem.
  • Apps 1/5

    By jumxo
    Juno apps is no God with driver and customer both but juno driver are Good
  • On the fence with this app 2/5

    By Limap1
    I’m not sure why the drivers would take a route filled with traffic and say thats the fastest route but we end up sitting in traffic forever. The gps or whatever they using is dumb. Like this morning I’m tried to avoid taking the train so I can get to work a little earlier. The driver took a route filled with traffic and to make matters worse while the other cars in front of us are going around the dam truck that was holding up traffic he decides to stay behind the vehicle like really ?😐 bad enough I had to ask him if he can’t go around the truck, he attempted but couldn't because the cars behind us started going around us (yay me) so that was a waste. Oh and the icing on the cake ? He decided to make a turn and ended up on a dead end st so he had to go back the opposite direction in order to get to the highway. Yea y’all need to do better, get drivers who actually know what they’re doing and not acting like they are scared to drive in the streets of NY. Also the gps is not accurate at all it makes drivers take the longest route to the destination. Tragic
  • Best ride service available 5/5

    So far Juno has been the best ride service I have used. They beat Uber and Lyft easily and leave Via in the dust. The cars are cleaner and the drivers are friendlier and better skilled. The app is just as easy to use as the rest, but it is the quality of the drivers that makes a difference.
  • Decent app, tricky GPS 3/5

    By Paul Reyman
    App is solid, but GPS accuracy needs work.
  • Only issue 3/5

    By Reyesmarie
    I’ve had Juno since it first came out my only issue is the fact the rout changes when I put my self in the cab I’m fully away it’s the gps and the driver is not at fault I’m never mad at them but I hit find a driver because I know that rout is best like why even show me the rout if it’s going to change to the longest rout ever
  • unreliable eta wait time 3/5

    By riderjay
    I usually use Juno on a regular basis. However, I’ve noticed that more drivers have been cancelling pick-ups which is a huge inconvenience and very frustrating. The GPS navigator tells the drivers to take longer unnecessary routes that adds more time. Additionally, ETA wait times for a car is usually longer than portrayed. Today, my first driver cancelled and then I waited at least 20 mins for the second driver while the app showed that the car was 7 mins away. It was very frustrating because I was walking on crutches and it was physically painful to be kept waiting that long standing outside in the cold. Had I known it was going to take that long I would’ve just used uber or lyft.

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