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  • Current Version: 1.5.32
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  • Developer: Ludia
  • Compatibility: Android
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Jurassic World Alive App

Bring dinosaurs to life in Jurassic World Alive! Dinosaurs have returned to rule the Earth, and they’re roaming free in your world. Explore your surrounding area to find your favorite Jurassic World dinosaurs, including new breeds that are more awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before! Discover your world and collect epic dinosaur DNA to level up and create hybrids in the lab. Craft the perfect strike team and take them into battle in real-time player-vs-player matches. Challenge your friends to win exclusive rewards! EXPLORE your world with location-based technology and discover dinosaurs on a map. Discover surprises around every corner – you’ll never know who you’ll run into! COLLECT rare and stunning dinosaurs and maintain a full roster of thriving prehistoric animals. CREATE unique hybrid dinosaurs in the Lab – science knows no limits! BATTLE teams of dinosaurs to defend and challenge others in real-time PVP arenas; come back daily for new events and rewards! EARN rewards in battle and stock up by visiting Supply Drops near you. SHARE your legendary dinosaur collection by posting AR images and videos to your social pages! Become the ultimate dinosaur trainer today! Membership - Jurassic World Alive offers a monthly subscription at USD $9.99, please note prices may vary depending on sales taxes or countries. - The user will be asked to login to his iTunes account (if not already) prior to the purchase. - The payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - Additional information will be provided afterward stating that subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - We also mention there that subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. - The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. Compatible with iPhone 5 and up, iPad 4 and up, iPad mini 2 and up, iPod 6 and up, on devices with iOS Version 10 or later installed. AR capabilities available on iPhone SE, 6s and up, and on iPad Pro on devices with iOS Version 11 or later installed. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. Privacy policy can be found at http://legal.ludia.net/mobile/2018/privacy.html Terms of service can be found at http://legal.ludia.net/mobile/2018/terms.html By installing this application you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements. © 2018 Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Jurassic World and all related marks and logos are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Licensed by Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. * Please note: Jurassic World Alive is completely free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.

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Jurassic World Alive app reviews

  • Love this game 5/5

    By kingcubbie
    So man different Dino's to find
  • I did the free money link 2/5

    By 13ED1989
    And it didn’t give me the reward I work really hard for.
  • Problems 5/5

    By PhoenixCats
    I love the game but the battles are rigged to the point where I can’t win anything and I don’t get incubators over 8hrs. Not only that but I don’t have any rare or epic dinosaurs spawning anywhere where I live in Springfield
  • Incubators 2/5

    By mrax
    Game play is great and all but I can’t justify spending another 50 bucks for my nephew to get some more epic dna. You can’t even get a dinosaur for spending that much money isn’t that crazy?
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Lan the Crafty
    I like Jurassic World Alive because I can play it in the country just as much as in the city. I can hunt for dinosaurs out in the middle of nowhere. That is great for someone who lives on a farm!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By valscot
    This was an enjoyable game till convenient glitches happened when you’re about to set up a winning move. It’s seems this game is purposely trying to keep you from advancing and trying to make you spend to level up!
  • Fix it! 1/5

    You guys neeeeeeeed to fix this app, there is major problems with this like battles, radar glitches, radar doesn’t move at all, and dinosaurs stuck in special events or arenas, fix it I’m begging you I like this app how you can catch Dinosaurs to get exercise but just fix these major bugs and I will give you a 5 star!
  • Having trouble with battles 4/5

    By SparklesKos
    I overall love the game!! The battles have been messing up some lately, though I was hesitant to mention them since I seem to always win the awards in them and don’t do anything at all. I have some screenshots if you wanna see of what’s happening. Great game though :) My kids and I take walks and play a lot together and I even play when I go places to kill time. It’s just a fun game :)
  • It was amazing but something happened 3/5

    By 17383726
    I was playing the game and loved it but then one time I got on and I wasn’t in my actual location I thought it would be fine later. When I went on later I was still there. Even when I start moving it doesn’t move I can’t get any Dino’s without it spawning in that specific area or using scents. Does anybody know a way to fix this and does anyone have the same issue?
  • Good game but has problems 3/5

    By J_B_c01
    The game is cool and all but the pvp matching is not right it dosnt do it by a plays level it just throws who ever is looking to battle in and 9 times out of 10 you get someone way stronger then you so you lose a lot also the battery saved dosnt do anything because my battery is draining every time I play the game the same amount as it did with out power saver on
  • Cool game. 5/5

    By StumpyShortNose
    Cool game. I like to walk around outside and get exercise.
  • Good concept, poor execution 1/5

    By lame128
    This game is a refreshing alternative to Pokémon if you’re not into that sort of thing. It’s an overall great game. However there are glaring indications that Ludia cares more for its profit than its player base. This is plainly obvious in the hundreds upon hundreds glitches and bugs that never get addressed. They have promotions as far as the eye can see but it does you no good if the game stops responding in the middle of a fight, giving your opponent an easy win. Get a text message while playing the game? Responding to it will ensure that your game takes a dump on you. Soo much potential to really make something out of this, but developers squandered this by ignoring simple fixes. (inb4 cut and paste response by 3rd party customer service)
  • Game won’t load 5/5

    By carnotaras
    Okay so every time I try to play the game it doesn’t show up it’s just black and I’ve been playing for a year and it hasn’t done anything like that to me so can you fix it please I love this game and it would be awesome to play it again
  • Pretty annoying battles 4/5

    By yeehawgod
    It takes a while to battle, buttons disappear and won’t work. This is especially annoying in the tutorial when you can’t choose your other move if you even wanted to. But overall it’s pretty good.
  • I love this game 4/5

    By limac22
    But whenever the dinosaurs are on the supply battle thing on the map I can’t get the dinosaurs
  • Update battling plz👍🏻 4/5

    By Dtown27
    I wanna start this with something positive. I love this game and have been playing it for awhile now. But there needs to be an update for battling, sometimes your battle just won’t start other times you’ll have no option to choose your attack. Also wanted to mention there is a problem with knowing who is going first sometimes, this is pretty important when it’s a whoever attacks first wins situation. Other then these things it’s a great game👍🏻
  • Buggy 3/5

    By RoscoeSaidWhat
    Loading bugs are constant. They’ll screw you out of dinos you could snag and matches you play in by either throwing an available dino into the abyss or lagging your game so you lose a turn in action economy during battle. Also, I’m not sure how the hybrid DNA increase works. Is it supposed to be random? Because it feels that way. If so, why? Not to mention the game can be pretty unfair with darts. If you’re on your last dart, you auto fail. What’s the point in having darts if you’re out on a long hunt and your last dart always auto fails?
  • Good game but a couple bugs 4/5

    By samthollon
    I like this game a lot but there is an issue where the game shows my Dino as the faster one yet the opponent goes first. It doesn’t happen every time but it just cost me three matches today where I would have switched had I known I wasn’t the faster Dino. Another bug is that sometimes the game accepts a match but doesn’t allow me to begin making choices just the loading battle screen. If I close the app and reopen it I’ll be in the middle of the battle like I had never left but usually with a Dino already dead since I couldn’t choose it’s attacks. Without those bugs it’s pretty fun but those are costing me trophies, wins and incubators. Please fix!
  • Irrelevant... but you have to hear this... 5/5

    By Sirlance74
    Please for your players bring back transformers age of extinction. I really loved that game back then. I love all your other games and please bring back transformers age of extinction. Thank you!
  • Overpower Dinosaurs 5/5

    By Padoru-dude
    The game it’s great and I love everything about it but the Alanqa its too strong when it reaches lvl 15 because it has long invincibility, long shield and rampage which make it really hard to kill for most of my dinosaurs and it may seem that I’m overreacting to it but what makes me mad it’s that the swapping dinosaurs passive gives a dinosaur a boost after being swapped to and they use a specific dinosaur to give the Alanqa an additional invincibility boost so when the boost is over they use their invincibility so you waste the ability you were going to use to kill it and after that they keep using rampage until you give them damage and that’s when they use long term shield so they get additional protection and they always kill me. And it’s not that I’m trying to make the dinosaurs look bad I’m just saying it’ll be better if it was a little less defensive because I got lowered one stage (I did win my way back to my current stage). Well that concludes my review and also great job on the game it’s awesome:D
  • Bugs an glitch’s 4/5

    By juhbhvvhimmmjjgtdd
    Jurassic world alive is fun but doesn’t have triceratops or indoraptor or idomnius Rex also barxyox plz add those back to this game
  • Computer all ways wins on higher levels 1/5

    By Anonymous 2516
    Completely trash because cPUs always win on higher levels they always get critical hits and dodges when you want to get normal hits and dodges but you never do
  • Broken AF 2/5

    By attackman469
    Latest update introduced a lot of bugs, as if it wasn’t QAed at all on the Xs Max. Multiple battles have glitched out, from the long-standing disappearing attack and swapping bug, to shields not dropping when attacks are done to destroy or nullify them, to my most recent battle claiming there was no response from my opponent, only to freeze the game. After relaunching it was in a battle with one dinosaur already dead, and the same bugs hanging around. Between the game being pay to win, not dropping enough coins to upgrade higher level dinosaurs (unless you pay, of course), and this new slate of miserably bad development (seriously, spend some of the money these filthy rich kids are paying for DNA and coins on a real QA staff, or real devs, please) I have to slam the game here. Don’t bother getting started. You’ll be trapped in the Skinner Box until nothing comes out when you hit the bar, or the box just collapses around you.
  • Love the game,but small issue 5/5

    By Zombie killer king305
    I really enjoy Playing this game but I keep having a problem. When there are strikes around me and there a Dino. Inside of it, I try to tap on the Dino but it keep putting me on the strike,after a while the Dino is gone 😕🙁 can you guys fix it where we can be able to tap on the Dino easier when there inside of the strike or something?
  • Disappearing Dino’s 4/5

    By Slade_133
    I really enjoy this game but one flaw that I have encountered is when you are battling the Ai for an Incubator. When you are mid way through the battle both Dino’s just sit there waiting for an attack and all of a sudden the players Dino dies. Making the Ai instantly win the battle.
  • Disappearing Dino’s 4/5

    By Slade_133
    I really enjoy this game but one flaw that I have encountered is when you are battling the Ai for an Incubator. When you are mid way through the battle both Dino’s just sit there waiting for an attack and all of a sudden the players Dino dies. Making the Ai instantly win the battle.
  • Scents don’t do what they say they do 3/5

    By buttese45
    The scents are supposed to span Dino’s that are sometimes in your area. Pyroraptor doesn’t spawn in scents but it spawns everywhere around me so can you pls fix this
  • Servers 4/5

    By shjwkfivjnd
    Please get your servers together. I just walked through my neighborhood to get to a Dino and the moment I get there the game crashes and it’s gone. Make the connection better.
  • Want more ar features 5/5

    By Tommy Rinker
    It sounds stupid but in the map could you make it so people could make 1of their unlocked creatures walk by the side of their dot and make the dot a Jeep these are just suggestions anyways keep up the fantastic work. Also could u add aquatic creatures and a water remote controlled drone sub that shoots harpoon darts to get dna mosa and dunkleosteus epics pls. Also I have a new hybrid suggestion how about pteranodontosaurus secodontosaurus and pteranodon hybrid
  • Great fun 5/5

    By Jordaniiiiii
    I love creating a new dino!!
  • It’s okay, just a few glitches. 3/5

    By Hosslyn13
    Hey there! I got some glitches for my game. 1. It says I’m going too fast. But I ain’t even in a car. 2. The character moves as if I’m moving. 3. epics are everywhere and I can’t reach them because it’s winter. Complaints. There are too many epics spawning and I can’t reach them. The rarest thing I have (with the highest lvl, 8) Majundasuchus. Hybrids. I cannot get a single hybrid except the Majundasuchus. It’s hard. Money. You actually have to spend money on the game to get in-game money. (Not coins, but the money.) Plus, it’s so rare to get like 100 money because the daily rewards are 1 or 2 or 3. Ever so rarely it’s 10. Alright, that’s all. I’ll edit this most likely. Later. Mew317.
  • Disappearing Dino’s and attacks 4/5

    By pikachu is spelled wrong -_-
    So I was in Mt. sibo and I was fighting against a lvl 1 dimorphodon with my lvl 7 Charlie then I killed it with pounce and then after I defeated it no Dino’s appeared so I had to attack, but nothing happen and that’s when the attacks disappear so I had to quit and report it. Please fix this bug Ludia.
  • I have had this for a long time 5/5

    By spacy crazy!
    ever since it released I have played this every day. I stopped playing for a while but then I got back into it along with the pterosaur event. I love this game so much expecially the augmented reality feature, also I got a t rex a few days ago and its attacks are fatal. I know the developer wont reply but I love this I will eventually make a movie with the AR feature ✌️
  • Good game but sometimes purchases don’t work 3/5

    By JJsal01
    Purchases don’t work I literally wasted $50 on a vault of cash and it didn’t work
  • James 5/5

    By JCHarris56
    The quality is so great. The graphics are really good.
  • Good game 5/5

    By hy*4
  • I love it 5/5

    By Eric Godsey
    I love the game but it will not load it is just a black screen and it has been all day
  • Ужас,боты,напаривают. 1/5

    By TI-REX 77
    Во-первых: Очень много ботов(90% игроков это боты). Во-вторых: Очень много лагов и багов(когда проходишь какое-то задание вылетает игра или пишет что ты проиграл со счётом 2:2. Сегодня так произошло со мной). В-третьих: Критические удары даются противникам намного чаще тебе же раз в 10-15 ударов. В-четвёртых: У противника оглушение постоянно,но у тебя раз в 5-10 ударов. P.S. Никогда не вкладывайте деньги в эту игру.
  • Good game 5/5

    By jalapaneco
    II like ti what I don’t likes is that I can’t play connected to the att free WiFi other wise would be perfect
  • Started out loving it but it’s going downhill 2/5

    By Zangoosed
    Tons of in game glitches that seem to never get fixed. Same old problems for weeks and weeks. If you don’t plan on spending money, don’t bother downloading. Game is fun at first but you will hit a wall and you will need to invest real money if you want to advance to the end game. Wishing I hadn’t spent any time on the game at all nowadays.
  • Why 1/5

    By bryanquintanilla
    Why you hate me
  • Log in 2/5

    By Morbid7137
    Besides the other issues and they have yet to fix. Since last update it logs me out of my account and has given me another guest account. Where I have to keep logging into mine. If stay on the app and do battles it logs me out and progress is not saved.
  • Pay to play 1/5

    By unwilling to spend money
    One of the worst games that I have found when it comes to buying in-game purchases in order to compete
  • Only if you live in the right time zone. 3/5

    By Charl Zero
    This game is the best AR one I've seen. The graphics and game system is fantastic and engaging and very giving. The in-game economics always balance, unlike some previous AR titles where there are numerous pointless activities with even less sensible rewards and dumbed down silly battle systems that do not advance gameplay (Pokemon Go I'm also talking about YOU!). I can't afford to pay but I don't see the game as a money-grab which some say it is. I'm level 11 and I've only ever bought one incubator. This is a really good game BUT: The daily event and tower changeover often takes a few hours. This is done during nightime in the US, but it happens at the same time globally, disadvantaging players that are awake during the hours of the changeover. They are then left with a bare landscape to play in with no strike towers or event dinos for hours. To experience this EVERY day during my free time has become so frustrating I am considering giving up. Battling is in desperate need of a concede button. Sometimes you are left with three dinos with low health and have to sit through a minute of losing animations. Painful to say the least. I close the app then rather (like most other players seem to do as a workaround) and try again later. Battling through the first few arenas creates a great feeling of progress. When you eventually get stuck in Badlands or Sorna for weeks f.e. it starts feeling stagnant. If there is a way to make the arenas more varied (variety of backdrops that change, or a split game path with subarenas) it could spice arenas up. Currently it feels like a loser’s paradise. Something is missing. Just visit the game’s Reddit page to see how many players have the same complaints. The second drone animation (after you shoot darts) is completely unnecessary. By then the flying drone impression has already been made by the first animation and you have done shooting darts, so you want to return to the game asap. The first drone animation sets the pace perfectly, but the second time you have to sit through it (with every dino!), becomes a second wasted which quickly adds up if you are out hunting. Recently the daily quests have become ridiculously difficult. They just increase every day. 20 battles, 22 battles, 23 battles. What’s the point? I cannot even open all the incubators required to finish the quest because there’s not enough time in the day before the quests reset. It reminds me of an army camp rather than a game. It’s like Ludia want’s to drill the fun out of me ☹️ so now I play even less. Quests should encourage you, not deter you. Ludia seem too strict in this regard. Let us have FUN please! If the time zone issue can be sorted, I can see myself playing more often or even paying for things. Then Ludia would get 4.5 stars from me.
  • Battle Bugs 1/5

    The Battles need to be desperately fixed. Almost every time I try to battle my Dino don't show up, my attack options disappear and so does the option to switch out dinos.
  • Do not get this game! 1/5

    By diers mount thief
    Don’t get this game, once you reach level 11 they put you against players that are op, and you have to pay to get good dna, please don’t waste your money
  • Creature randomizer 2/5

    By corey dotterweich
    I always lose online battles just because of the stupid battle creature randomizer because it always gives me terrible creatures. I have a level 15 T-Rex in my team and I almost never get to use it in battle just because of your stupid randomizer. My T-Rex is the only thing that lets me win against opponents who use strong commons and you just take that away with your stupid randomizer and lower the population of majungasaurus and increase that of velociraptor because the things are just as rare as a rare, even at night and please make it so you get to choose your own creatures to use in battle just like for the strike towers
  • Reason 4/5

    By domslow
    I wish you guys would increase the area while cathing dinosaurs and get batterie longer!?!
  • Hello can this be added also this game is great 5/5

    By zekromFanX
    Great game but can you please add epic dna to the request so we can request epic dna not only rare and common but I like the game

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