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  • Current Version: 1.3.16
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Jurassic World™ Alive App

They’re ALIVE in our world! Dinosaurs have returned to rule the Earth. They have fled Jurassic World on the unstable island of Isla Nublar… and they’re roaming free in your cities and neighborhoods. As a brand-new member of the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG), your mission is to save dinosaurs from a second extinction. Explore your surrounding area to find your favorite dinosaurs – including new breeds that are more awe-inspiring and terrifying than ever before. Activate augmented reality (AR) to interact with these unbelievable creatures in the real world. Track these magnificent animals with a drone and collect DNA samples needed to level up and create hybrids in your Lab. Then, assemble the perfect dinosaur strike team and take on dangerous threats in real-time PVP arena battles! EXPLORE your world with location-based technology and discover dinosaurs on a map. Identify behavior patterns to track specific species in their natural habitats. COLLECT rare and powerful breeds by flying a drone with precise accuracy. Capture DNA samples and maintain a full roster of thriving prehistoric animals. CREATE hybrid creatures by combining the genetic traits of multiple species to develop their strengths and abilities. BATTLE a strike team of dinosaurs to defend against threats to your mission and challenge others in real-time PVP competitive arenas. EARN rewards such as in-game currency and battery life for your drone by finding Supply Drops on the map. SHARE your legendary dinosaur collection with friends by posting your AR images and videos to your social pages! Membership - Jurassic World™ Alive offers a monthly subscription at USD $9.99, please note prices may vary depending on sales taxes or countries. - The user will be asked to login to his iTunes account (if not already) prior to the purchase. - The payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. - Additional information will be provided afterward stating that subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - We also mention there that subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. - The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. Compatible with iPhone 5 and up, iPad 4 and up, iPad mini 2 and up, iPod 6 and up, on devices with iOS Version 10 or later installed. AR capabilities available on iPhone SE, 6s and up, and on iPad Pro on devices with iOS Version 11 or later installed. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically reduce battery life. Privacy policy can be found at http://legal.ludia.net/mobile/2018/privacy.html Terms of service can be found at http://legal.ludia.net/mobile/2018/terms.html By installing this application you agree to the terms of the licensed agreements. © 2018 Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Jurassic World and all related marks and logos are trademarks and copyrights of Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. Licensed by Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. * Please note: Jurassic World™ Alive is completely free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.


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  • Restart 3/5

    By Wrens24
    Hey Ludia ummm I really like the game except for that fact that I just went on a Dino catching spree today to find out right now that I had to restart and start from the beginning and now I’m mad but good game otherwise
  • Disappearing Attacks, but still a good game 4/5

    By XOmegaxCosmosX
    I realized that my last review was completely petty on my part. I apologize to the developers for such a unneeded comment. But the only thing I have to complain about now is that my attacks disappear some times and it crashes on me when I start a battle some times. I don’t know, maybe it’s my phone. Overall a good game though :)
  • Tyrannosaurus rex 5/5

    By daltbridges
    I want a t-rex 🦖 please
  • Great competitor against Pokémon go 4/5

    By Devinreedk
    I’ve been playing this game since release and I must say I have grown to love this game even more than Pokémon go for the reasons of better PVP in fighting as well as the rewards. One thing I would like them to bring to the game are more strike team slots so we can save more styles of fighting.
  • New Arena Idea!! 4/5

    By HeroTron001
    Me again!The Lockwood Estate should be the 8th Arena, where the arena is inside!Great idea right!Also,you should put Epic Inductors not only at AMCs but at Cinemarks as well and when players are using money to spend up the indicators, give them a second chance to think about spending it because some players use up their money by accident.Also,the forum link in the email doesn’t work.And to add on,the tongue for Suchotator glitches through the snout.One more thing, the 8th arena’s dinosaurs should be Majungasaurus,Carnotaurus and Baryonyx or Sinoceratops. Another thought,at church camps such as Lakeview in Texas,should have special offers inside the property.Also,involving the Suchotator,the fact about it says it has spiked defense yet doesn’t at all.Just a slight thought ,but after a battle 3-0,players should get a rare ,epic or legendary incubators.Another Great idea, one that must be done ,take off all the hackers on the leaderboard. Another idea , When you are catching dinosaurs outside of your home, a detector activates when another member of the DPG is nearby.Something that came to my mind,Colorado’s Garden of the Gods has their own dinosaur and putting it on the game would be amazing.Just spawn enough so you can catch it.Something else that came to my mind , no more 15 minute incubators.Give someone an award worth fighting for.Another thing,Add a hybrid between Apatosaurus and Amargacepholus to make it almost the most powerful dinosaur in the game.Except for Armor Piercing Attacks.Call it Amargacepholosaurus or Amarcepholosaurus or Amargacelosaurus or Amarcelosaurus.
  • Hard to connect 2/5

    By dirtbyron71
    Always getting connection issue game crashes a lot
  • Family activity 5/5

    By diznyguy
    We go for a walk almost every day just to Dino hunt!!!!! Great app.. few things that don’t make sense from time to time, but no biggie!!!!
  • One problem. 5/5

    By Skullcraller2323
    This game gives Pokémon go a run for its money! I’m amazed at the models. The first game to ever make me want to play every time I get a chance! One problem, what about the hybrids in J.W. Like Spinorapter, Carnorapter, Segnosuches, Yudon, and my favorite one metrophodon. Overall great game. Love it. Keep it up. Can’t wait until the next update.
  • I love it! ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By itgirl225
    This game is so fun and a lot more addicting Pokémon go! I’ve been obsessed with dinosaurs 🦖 my whole life and this game makes me love them even more! And I am also improving on my dinosaur skills 😂😂! So I totally recommend this game! It’s a blast! 🦖🦕🦖🦕
  • What? 2/5

    By TheGoat1515
    Why is it whenever I’m battling someone they can keep running out the timer and still win? If the timer runs out for someone 3 times in a match should be an automatic loss to them. And seriously the Velociraptor comes in, hits you one time, back out and is so over powered. I have a surplus of coins I can’t trade for incubators or in game cash. I love to battle the dinosaurs bc I love dinosaurs in general but these are making the game so frustrating. My abilities don’t work but someone else’s works “30 percent of the time” actually works everytime. After spending money once in this game will not again unless something changes and quick
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By My name is dennis
    I love this game. My cousin,aunt and myself have been playing it a lot. There’s a lot of great features like the pvp. One thing I would love to see is more levels of the strike events. Also clans would be great I love the idea of joining a group and working together to get rewards of some kind.
  • Stupid 1/5

    By g14117
    The battles are the most rigged things ever
  • Omg I love it 5/5

    By 80nn13
    Way better than Pokémon lol
  • 7/5/18 Raptors OP 5/5

    By TerraBaddie
    7/5/18 ~ Nerf raptors sick of them being the only meta... 7/27/18 ~ Thanks for heeding my call. Love the new update buffing all other Dino's! And looks like a graphic update! ✌🏻🤓 Cheers 5/5! for listening to the community! 8/13/18 ~ I'm noticing on my bike there isn't much motivating me to ride around besides Dino's and darts, maybe incorporate a reason to travel / exercise? Like 5-10 DNA per mile for common-Dino's Etc. 1 DNA per mile for epic-Dino's (in wild Dino's only). Idk just an idea, also I'm not saying copy PGO with the buddy system maybe make it Research Center in the COLLECTION TAB! Or something idk. 5/5 still!
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Terg127
    Level 9 almost 10 I know what I’m doing, I’m sure a lot of us do by now, but I reached my breaking point. Been fun peeps but going 0-5 while almost losing 200 trophies just for a 15 minute incubator sums up this game for us non paying players... Beyond 1 🌟 if I could, which is sad cuz I loved this game What happened to all the Dino’s? If I could take a picture I would show you but what’s the point. Every night since this update I see TWO Dinosaurs every night only. I currently have 3 sarcosuchus’s sitting outside as usual and when they leave they will be replaced by, Deinocheirus... I love Einiasuchus and you took the two Dino’s away I need to make it stronger!!! There would be an epic or two maybe a few rare’s and plenty of other Dino’s that would appear but nope. Add in the fact I haven’t been able to advance score wise in weeks is just sad and really boring. And why am I getting battle arena 2 and 3 our of my incubators when I’m in Sorna Marshes? It’s been like this before the update and has been worse ever since. I’m getting sick of this crap, I can’t even get the proper Dino’s out of my incubator anymore. I should be getting T-Rex 🦖DNA but nope... Must have cheaters or hackers in your battles still. I was kicked out of a match and I was about to go 1-0 in the match, after it kicked me out of the battle I signed out and back in before I knew for sure my dinosaur would be killed. I was gone for less than 15 seconds and when I came back I was down 2-0 and watched my last dinosaur die... very piss poor from you guys. Battle system still broke no Change what so ever... -5 🌟 -10 🌟
  • Glitchiest game ever. 1/5

    By Former user333
    Glitch after glitch turns what is already a painfully slow grind into a completely not fun experience.
  • Still bugging 4/5

    By Wanz!
    I would like to reiterate what some people have said. Occasionally some of the attacks available to me disappear during battle. Other times, my screen just freezes. Generally I enjoy the game but it seems like maybe there are some more bugs to work out.
  • Unbalanced 1/5

    By Jonathan1795
    Stun and evasion rates appear very high. Be careful. Not worth in app purchases. Prices are very high.
  • Reset 2/5

    By Tdoge42069
    I was on JW Alive earlier getting dinosaurs and such Then about an hour later I got on to find that everything had been reset. Personally I’m frustrated because I just lost everything. Please look into this so others don’t get the same problem.
  • Really fun 5/5

    By ender l wiggon
    I like that you can find dinosaurs with your Google Maps or whatever
  • Why can’t I friendly battle with my friend? 4/5

    By sangnidek
    For some reason I can’t battle with my friends in friendly battle.Please fix it
  • I have an idea make the dinosaurs walk 5/5

    By Wowallthegoodnicknamesaretaken
    Make the dinosaurs walk in the mainland so we can have more fun getting them 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Good game I got Dino ideas though 5/5

    By dkidjeed
    As I. Was On the AppStore reading reviews I Wondered Why is there no Pterosaurs or Mosasaurs I’ve Played your other 2 games and you have them I wrote a list of what you can add .At level 20 you unlock a Aquatic Arena With Pliosaurs Mosasaurs Or Megalodons. At Level 30 you unlock a Cenozoic Arena with all Cenozoic mammals Like Titanoboa and the Mammoth. At any Level You can Find Pterosaurs You catch them while flying and They fly in Ar Just an Idea cause your other games gave me the idea
  • Money Trap 2/5

    By WWWebGuru
    Could be an excellent game but is essentially useless unless you subscribe. At $10 per month, it is ridiculous at best.
  • Great with flaws 5/5

    By minecrafter184
    Great things about the game: • supplies are common • a large variety of dinosaurs • features google maps • a layer of challenge and a hint of help • includes indoraptor/indominous Rex • has special rare dino areas • has a speed max Flaws about the game: •large amount of hybrids • incredibly difficult to make a SUPER simple dinosaur • has bad animations • swaping dinosaur takes up an entire turn • you can keep on hitting your opponent and he/she cannot attack or vice versa • the Tyrannosaurus rex is so hard to obtain.
  • Improvement 5/5

    By musicguy22
    Needs a raptor combined with T-Rex DNA
  • Buggy 2/5

    By T-Money-101
    Great app... decided to spend a couple of dollars... ever since I spent money I cannot access the app. Freezes while loading 18/22 every time.
  • Pretty good game 5/5

    By KYLOREN4587
    Very fun to play. Just a couple issues .
  • Good but 3/5

    By pln2bs
    Fun game but the battling aspects are weird. You should be able to pick the Dino’s you want not the system doing it for you. The battling itself is confusing. There should be a better way to modify you Dino roster. It should be more of a list with the HP and HEALTH visible without having to go into each individual Dino.
  • Newest update is a disappointment 2/5

    By Br(@n
    I really liked this game. You could log on and most of the time there would be a dinosaur near your location for you to start. Not anymore. Now you HAVE to leave your start location. I get that it’s a walking based game, and we often do go out for walks but cmon! The current spawn methodology is terrible. Also, the supply drops have been moved, and the new locations do not seem to be balanced at all. Two glaring issues that have caused me to not play this game as often as I used to. UPDATE: deleting the app. What a shame. Dino’s don’t spawn close by, and Ludia definitely manipulates battle lineups to YOUR disadvantage.
  • Change 3/5

    By I_IS_REXY
    Can you change the rating to like 12+ because Jurassic Park Franchise has always been PG-13 not R so yea please change it
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Yoi-Akumu
    An absolutely amazing game! I'm completely addicted to this. There's always something to be progressing to and new things being added to make the app even better! 5/5!
  • Error on battlefield 1/5

    By Tnwe
    So annoying! Sometimes lost coz of crazy technical bugs
  • The battle bugs... 3/5

    By PlainOldPlumbus
    Seriously the battle bugs need to stop. My iPhone X crashing, not being able to pick my moves or just plan stop responding. I have 35$ in this game and I want to see some freaking fixes.
  • Won’t reconnect 1/5

    By Setauki
    What’s the point on getting this game back when it won’t reconnect to my phone.
  • Bugs should be fixed 4/5

    By muinatit1
    I think jw alive is worth downloading but bugs have to be fixed
  • Always reconnecting 3/5

    By directioner315
    I love this game but the servers seem to always have a problem with me. I unplug my router and let it reconnect with the internet again to see if that helps but it doesn’t. During battles they start out fine but once a message asking me to reconnect pops up it starts to glitch out, making me exit the app and restart my phone.
  • Non stop problems 1/5

    By Ttttttapppppppp
    I don’t think I have encountered a game that fails as often as this app does. The gps tracking is utterly terrible, and no, it’s not my phone. I’ve played many games that are of this style and this is by far the worst when trying to locate me accurately. The app constantly freezes during all activities. The battle system is beyond flawed. And forget about how often it freezes during a fight, yet keeps you locked in and having to wait for your loss before being able to move on and hope it doesn’t freeze up during your next battle. The subscription for $9.99/month is insanely over priced compared to what you get for it. All around a complete piece of trash. If it wasn’t for the source material, I would have deleted this game within five minutes of downloading it. Horrendous!!!
  • Ideas 5/5

    By bluethegiantraptor
    1. A mosasaurs 2. How about breeding 3.how about more dinosaurs as you go on in levels
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By rampagedinogal
    It has constant glitches and when trying to do combat it doesn’t show the other component and is always saying “thinking” and then all of a sudden your dead or it just sits there so you have to close the app and then it’s an auto win for the other person. It is stupid and not fun. It is frustrating!
  • Restart 5/5

    By WonDaze
    I have an issue with my game. My whole restarted and I don’t know why it happened. If this has to do with spoofing or the cheating thing, I did not cheat. The only that comes close is from when my map is all of sudden moved and I have no choice but to work with it. My map sometimes takes an hour to change. Please will anyone please help my get my game back? I worked on it for like a month.
  • Money grab 1/5

    By Bastion14
    Game is really slow unless you pay for VIP and then you find yourself googling how to take the sub off
  • Great but 4/5

    By stop the glichy!
    The app is one of the best app I ever used played but can I move one of the supplies drop to my home?!
  • A helping hand 4/5

    By Pulsh person
    It think that there should be an update were people that you have as a friend could give you reasoures and you can do the same but I don’t know but please make this happen
  • Small changes 3/5

    By Cubancrime
    Love this app and have enjoyed finding the dinosaurs and discussing them with my nephews. My only complaint is that today while trying to pick up an Epic dinosaur, he app cut me off saying I had maxed out my attempts which is odd since I’d only tried twice. I was supposed to have 6 attempts! I do have a suggestion to make it the app an educational experience as well as fun. Why not add actual facts about the dinosaurs, for example their estimated height and weight, what they are, where they lived and when. You have an opportunity to educate kids and get them excited about dinosaurs and science, why not use it!
  • One of the best games I’ve ever played 5/5

    By ~$1X_81T~
    It’s basically Pokémon go and clash Royale combined but better. 100% recommend to anyone. Maybe add in a feature where you can have more than one team of dinos?
  • jurassic 4/5

    By Jvckdx1
    good game but sometimes crashes and won’t let me finish my battles and because of that I’m looses some battles and stars thanks
  • The New Updates Glitch 5/5

    By Ryan in Kenya
    So in the new update, whenever I get on the game it says I have to update the game to play. And it has a button that’s says ‘Go To Store’ and when I clicked on it it took me to the App Store but it said I already updated it and all it said was ‘Open’ and when I clicked on that it took me back to the game and the whole thing repeats. Which is annoying Bea cause I love this game!!!
  • I can’t play 2/5

    By Gabe 3
    Wen I have wi if I can play but then when I walk away to get more Dino’s I can’t play and I try to reconnect but it won’t work plz let me play
  • Fun but ridiculous 4/5

    By SavageWolf05
    Ever battle I do I lose because the game take my characters and makes them at least two levels higher

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