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JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows App

100% legal offers Check the legal offers available for movies or TV shows, either you want to watch them online or at the cinema. We list all offers for 37 streaming providers and we cover most cinemas in the US with all their movie times. What’s on Netflix? Easily find where to stream movies and TV shows online amongst 37 legal providers in the United States, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and Amazon Prime Video. New on Netflix? Browse all the recently added TV shows and movies on your favorite providers and don’t miss the latest full episode of Game of Throne or the new Original Movie from Netflix. We update daily the availability of TV shows episodes and seasons and full movies. Cinema near me Check out all the new movies in cinemas, as well as the upcoming ones. Select your movie time in a cinema near you and book your movie ticket in one click on Fandango. Kids Movies and TV shows Worried about what your kids can watch online? We added age ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17) to help you select the best and most suitable movies and TV shows for your children. ------- Features & Functionality - 100% legal streaming offers: watch movies and TV shows online through paid subscriptions, free streaming, streaming with ads, renting and buying (as download) - Watchbar: select your favorite providers amongst 37 available and filter different attributes like movie genre or release year. - Search Engine: 60,000+ movies and TV shows listed, with their trailers, synopsis, cast, ratings and VOD offers. - Cinema near me & movie times : find all movie times for cinemas near you (AMC Theaters, Cinemark, Cineplex, etc.) and get your movie tickets with one click on Fandango. - Upcoming movies: check all the upcoming movies and watch the latest trailer as soon as it gets released. -Timeline: stay up-to-date with our daily list of new releases for movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and 38 other providers. - Popular : find where to watch the best movies and the best TV shows online. - Price Drops : enjoy every day the best deals for renting and buying movies and TV shows online. - WatchList : turn your Smartphone into a remote - queue movies on your device without a login required. Login: create an account and synchronize your Watchlist on all your devices ------- JustWatch in the Press "JustWatch Debuts A New Search Engine For Cord Cutters" Sarah Perez, Techcrunch "The easiest way to tell which streaming service has the show you want." David Nield, Gizmodo "The problem with cord cutting is that it can often be difficult to find what you’re looking for on all of these streaming services. Thankfully, one nifty web app is looking to simplify the searching process." Zach Epstein, BGR "There are several other similar services for finding what's streaming online but JustWatch is probably the best I've found." Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt ------- In the United States, JustWatch is currently listing offers from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, FandangoNow, Hulu, Vudu, Yahoo View, HBO Now, showtime, starz, Playstation, Microsoft Store, The CW, Crackle, tubi TV, Filmstruck, AMC, Fandor, CBS, ABC Go, NBC, EPIX, Max Go, FX Now, History, A&E, Lifetime, Shudder, HBO Go, Acorn TV, Sundance Now, BritBox, Guidedoc, realeyz and Mubi. JustWatch is also available in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, South Africa, India, New-Zealand, Malaysia and 20 other countries. We shows the offers for more than 400 legal streaming providers worldwide, including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, OCS, BBC iplayer, Voot, Hotstar, Crackle, Mubi, Wuaki, Shudder, M6 Replay (depending on regional availability) You have questions about JustWatch? Check our F.A.Q: https://www.justwatch.com/us/faq The F.A.Q doesn’t answer your question? Well then, just contact us: [email protected]


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JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows app reviews

  • Not Intuitive 3/5

    By Fxhgd
    I just downloaded this app. Although I selected which genres I wanted, apparently no movies are screened out. Ratings seems to be the only constructive tool for eliminating titles. I would like to reset my genres, but apparently I am stuck with my first choices. Also, for some reason, when I search for a director or actor, I’m shown only films in my watch list (and sometimes a subset of my watch list) and none of the films shown have that actor or were directed by that director. I wish this app had a “how to” page available for reference and directions.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Brian343477
    This app makes finding new releases a breeze.
  • What’s wrong? 3/5

    By PVBarbara
    I love this app, but ever since I installed it on a new iPhone X, it won’t let me get past this survey that they put at the beginning. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? I answer question I hit “continue”, but it just doesn’t move forward.
  • Not Accurate 1/5

    By cbertrand
    I thought this would be a good alternative to Netflix’s pathetic browse and search menus, but none of the movies thus app lists as available in Netflix actually are. I’m deleting this sop from my device, as it’s useless to me.
  • Incredibly Useful 5/5

    By JGib1949
    It does just what it is designed for. It’s full of the right information and is accurate. Really like that it links to the source - so if a show or movie can be found on Amazon Primed, it links you right to it. Also like that it runs everywhere, phone, iPad, computer. One of the most useful apps I have.
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By Emory+5
    Really helps me find ways to legally watch movies and support the industry
  • Used to work 100%, now iffy 3/5

    By Cameronicheese
    Twice in the past week, it has told me movies (Catching Fire Part II and Thor Ragnarok) have been on Hulu and Netflix respectively, but both times I've gone to those apps, the movie is not there. Seems to be wigging out a little bit
  • This app is not free 3/5

    By PopularEsquild
    It works but it is not free to watch
  • First place I check for movies 5/5

    By Joelee427
    Until I found Just watch I struggled with how and where and when to watch movies. Note it's a snap!
  • Super helpful, v thorough 5/5

    By Beetle Bodkins
    Love that Acorn is included. So glad to have this app so I can stop trying to track all this myself!
  • App doesn’t load 2/5

    By Orical154
    Used to work, now it won’t even load.
  • Stopped working! 1/5

    By mweared
    The app has stopped working. I’ve deleted it and reloaded but still not working.
  • Fantastic, but 4/5

    By SammyD42
    I like the interface. It’s easy to control and use, however the inherent problem here is that the filters are not separate by category. When I am looking to buy something (price drop), it makes sense that I wouldn’t want to include streaming services. But when I want to see what’s new on my streaming services (new) I don’t necessarily want to include what I want to buy. It would be nice to be able to have search filters buy category. Even so, this has easily become the tool of choice for me, thanks for the efforts.
  • Good but no iPhone X optimization 4/5

    By Jguadagno43
    Good but no iPhone X optimization
  • Won’t load and web site “not trusted.” 1/5

    By Campn
    Won’t fully load on either my iPad or iPhone X. Web site reports “DO NOT TRUST.” After skipping the warning, I get to a dead site address.
  • Good app but very buggy 3/5

    By qudsi123
    Main issue is the scroll is broken. All scrolling is often detected as a tap and opens the movie you were scrolling past.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ThreeRiversCali
    Great app and free!
  • Excellent app, makes searching for what to watch easier 5/5

    By AdequatelyFrustrated
    It’s impossible to sift through what’s available on Hulu’s smart TV app or the website. This makes it 100% easier to find all the movies hulu has to offer. Plus you can easily see what’s been added by day. Highly recommended.

    By Manny Camps
    When scrolling down and I try to stop the scrolling motion, it never fails to open up whatever movie happens to be there. I’m tired of it opening up a movie every time I scroll down. Please fix this. I love this app
  • I’ve been missing this in my life! 5/5

    By Vdfhj
    I came across this app on accident. I always googled where to watch shows and now this saves me so much time! I love it!
  • The best app in its categories. Just one suggestion 5/5

    By Sulsukr
    First off let me just say that I love this app and I thank everyone who works on it because it truly has, in a way, brought me a lot of joy. Just one suggestion though, I would love to be have the option of looking at the new releases in a grid view where the posters are little tiles. If you could do that... 👌
  • Tired of endlessly browsing? 5/5

    By ChipisHD
    This app makes it much easier to keep up to date with anything coming out. Especially with looking up movies that you find on sale somewhere just to find out bam it’s free on another platform.
  • It works 5/5

    By JayEssSee
    Something that actually does what it says it does.
  • Price Drop Incorrect 1/5

    By BottleRocket_
    When I search price drops for iTunes, the choices are mostly mislabeled. The show name will be correct, but the seasons are not.
  • Waiting for iPhone X optimization 3/5

    By Xinger21
    App deserves 5 stars, but it’s got the gaps at the top and bottom on the iPhone X. Otherwise the app is fantastic.
  • Love it 4/5

    By d4nnyb0y5
    Great app
  • Watchlist is capped at 20 1/5

    By BP 235
    The latest update only shows you the first 20 based on how you sort it even though I have 28 in my watchlist. Please fix!
  • Missing Filters 2/5

    By Chiwaw
    I’m a heavy JustWatch user on their website and was happy to learn there was an app for it! My enthusiasm deflated when I realized I could not filter my Watchlist the way I can on the website (for instance show only the movies that can be streamed for free). Two stars for still allowing me to add to my watch list on the go, but still need the website to figure out what that watch.
  • Can’t sign up w/ email 1/5

    By The Sidewinder Three-Thousand
    This app does not allow you to create an account using your own email and password. Instead, they require you to sign in with either Facebook or Google. Services that only have those social media sign-in options have always seemed shady to me, and given the current controversy with Facebook data sharing, such a limitation seems even more dubious. After mourning the loss of Fan TV, I thought I’d look for an alternative. The app seems decent so far. I wish there was an option to add your cable provider, like Fan TV had. If they added an option to sign up using your own email I’d bump up my rating.
  • Just About Perfect! 5/5

    By PaladinTom
    The recent update has now made this a killer app for me! Having more control over the watch list is most welcome. My only request is to have the watch list Grid view display just poster images - just like the Popular and Cinema tabs. Also, are there any plans for an Apple TV app?
  • Wish I woulda found this earlier! 5/5

    By Bfeels1
    I absolutely love this app so far! When you have multiple streaming sites, And have something you want to watch, but not sure which place,(Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc), the show you want to find is playing on...all you have to do is come to this app, and JustWatch will tell you every site it’s playing on free, to rent, or buy! Live it!!!!
  • Great! 5/5

    By AmasTurtles
    After dropping cable I am trying different streaming apps, and it was hard to remember which one had which show when! This app solves the dilemma and will help me decide which streaming app to keep.
  • Choice of being data-mined by Facebook or Google? 1/5

    By Dude0u812
    This app has a lot of promise, but stops dead in the tracks when I have to share my movie interests with either Facebook or Google to use it. No choice for a simple user ID and password. Gee, would you like your left knee hit with a hammer or your right knee?? This would be a 5-star app if data was kept away from those above criminals and also had a “Movies Anywhere” filter or at least indicator. I’m doing my best to avoid MGM, Paramount and Lionsgate since they are not working with Movies Anywhere. You’ll understand if you were unlucky enough to “buy” a movie from a place like Microsoft (who has stolen money from people who “bought” Zune music and/or “bought” Groove music). These companies cry and cry over piracy but when they “sell” you a product, apparently their fine print contract says they can change their mind at any moment and just steal, ahem... “not return” your money. To use their logic, you wouldn’t “buy” a car that the manufacturer could tell you at any time that you don’t own it anymore and it’s taken away.
  • Nice but needs some improvement 3/5

    By Emrerose
    Good app, really useful but there are a few problems that I am struggling with. Well, surfing on this app is a BIG PROBLEM. Really couldn’t count the times when I accidentally clicked on those movie posters*. Sometimes I add movies to my watch list, ACCIDENTALLY. Please fix this sensitivity problem. What I am about to tell next, is not a problem it is more like a request, a request about country section. I would be really happy if you add new country options. Portugal and Turkey would be amazing. Maybe it is already on process, if it is let me know.
  • The best companion app for streaming! 5/5

    By Jimbobthatsme
    I view it daily and the Watchlist is a great feature as well. Very happy with the app.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By KayKawaii
    This app shows you where you can watch it, I want to watch it at home with YOUR app
  • Just short of five stars 4/5

    By SKEW021986
    I would give this 5 stars if it listed not released, but coming soon tv/movies. I don’t like that I read a review in a magazine and cannot mark it to watch. I forget about it by the time it is actually released. I have to use the IMBD app to track those shows. It’s annoying to use two apps when it seems this one could fix this problem. Otherwise, this is very user friendly and I like that it gives you all the options of where to view shows.
  • Looks good so far 4/5

    By Ucavman
    So far this appears to be fairly close to what I was looking for. If I find out +/- differently I will put in more to my review
  • Lack of auto update is frustrating 3/5

    By Giantmike13
    I really want to like this app. I like the website. But the problem that I have is the recent titles will not update. Each day I load the app, and I have to force close it and reopen it to get the latest recent movies. What a pain.
  • Telecine And Fox 4/5

    By Snarkeee
    Support for Telecine Play and Fox Play from Brazil please!!
  • Meh 2/5

    By Don't invest amcrest
    Not great
  • Indispensable 5/5

    By royb200
    Now that I have it, I can’t live without it.
  • Sporadic 3/5

    By BenFDick
    When the app works it’s awesome. Recently though, the app doesn’t get past a loading screen. I cannot see new additions. I cannot search anything. I deleted it and reloaded it. No change. Kind of irritating. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.
  • Nice App 4/5

    By Page_95
    Was very useful. (I think it is my iPad. I’ve been trying to reinstall / troubleshoot. A few things started acting up.)
  • Great app 4/5

    By Asonn26
    Great app just wish it had sort columns for popular shows. I.e weekly/ monthly/ etc
  • Highly Recommend 5/5

    By curlygirli
    Love this app! Saves so much time.. instead of looking through all my streaming services to see latest releases... 5 Stars
  • About time 4/5

    By mike roussakies
    Well either I wasn’t looking or I’m too hard on myself. Great app I use it everyday especially now when cable and apps changing every five minutes.... easy to use and changes every day
  • Just what I needed! 5/5

    By krollb
    Fabulous app, well designed. Highly recommended.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Krainock
    I wish I would have known about it sooner.
  • This could be the perfect app! 4/5

    By JohnJay1231
    Their results are suspect sometimes. There have been times where I know they are wrong so I can’t completely trust them but they have improved over the years I’ve used the app. Better than any of the others I’ve tried. I don’t think I’ve ever received a notification one of the apps on my watch list has become available on a streaming service so I can’t say if it just doesn’t work or if I’ve just never picked a show that’s been added to Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime or Crackle or Tubi or ... you get the picture.

JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows app comments


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