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JW Library App

JW LIBRARY is an official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It includes multiple Bible translations, as well as books and brochures for Bible study. BIBLE • Choose from various Bible translations. • Compare all available Bible versions by tapping a verse number. • View the associated material by tapping a footnote marker or reference letter. NAVIGATION • Swipe left or right to quickly navigate your current publication. • Place bookmarks at any verse or chapter to quickly resume your reading. • Use the history feature to quickly access recently read content. • Find words or expressions in your current publication with the search feature.


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JW Library app reviews

  • Thank you. Just a couple requests 5/5

    By reba1982
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this app. Just a couple requests, I wish that the study notes in the study Bible could be read to us. Some of the words are hard to pronounce, and I'd love to listen to it on my drives. Also if we could have the option to have things read to us without using wifi this would help tremendously. Thank you so much! Much love!
  • Bible update looses all audio ability 5/5

    By R&S2016
    Help please. Study Bible showed an update, and we updated it, all the audio books that had that ability are no longer available .. to listen to
  • UPDATES 5/5

    By 08941215
    Thank you for all the self sacrificing love you have shown in the work of keeping us up to date with current events and bible truth. Form time to time updates are made in the digital publications in the app but as regular users of the app and the publications we are ignorant as to what these updates are. For example, you updated the study bible the week of 08.13. 18 but what was updated? Can you consider it to be more helpful if a note or explanation is written alone with the update so that we can know what they are? Please give it some consideration. Thank you again for your hard work and pray Jehovah’s continued blessings.
  • Limited Downloads 5/5

    By AngieSBT
    Hi Friends, my mobile iphone app does. Or download meeting workbooks. Only able to download song book and BE book. ):
  • Best app ever!!!! 5/5

    By diegofalcon1718
    As a brother I use this app everyday! When doing sound at the meetings this app makes it so nice and perfect! But I’ve noticed when doing sounds for the meetings their isn’t a shuffle button to put for the songs as a prelude before the meetings. Just a thought.
  • Education about god is great 5/5

    By beachbum1114
    I LOVE this app. It’s gives me spiritual food and best of all, it’s handy and educational.🤩 favorite app of all my apps! Keep up the good work!
  • Carolzjensen 5/5

    By carolzjensen
    Thank you for this very practical and all inclusive app! We literally have everything at our fingertips for Bible reading, study, research and the ministry. I love having multiple language translations of the Bible within the app and have seen people weep with joy to see the scriptures in their own language! I love being able to make editable notes on all publications including the Bible. If it's not too much to ask, could you please add more bookmarks? They are a very useful feature!
  • 🚨🚨Urgent🚨🚨 5/5

    By BigRod3266
    App recently loss ability to pull up meeting workbook and watchtowers. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and that made things worse. It only allows me to download songbook, BE Book, yearbook, and a couple of tracts. Please help.
  • Love It!!! 5/5

    By TeddyF7654
  • In need of an update 1/5

    By pho3nix_92
    I would greatly appreciate if I can get some help. I am not getting all the content of the app . On publications section I am only getting three tabs instead of a list of tabs. I NEED HELP PLEASE.
  • Un Regalo de Jehova 5/5

    By Campo Florido
    Damos gracias a Jehova todo el tiempo por esta valiosa herramienta. Nos preguntamos Cómo pudimos estar antes sin ella. ??? Oramos a Jehova para que nuestros hermanos en proscripción puedan nuevamente disfrutar de ella. No hay nada mejor para estudiar Gracias por dar lo mejor para Jehova siempre pensando en el bienestar de sus hermanos Todo nuestro Amor.
  • Highlighting in the reference pane? 5/5

    By 091369
    Thank you so much for the hard work you all do on this app. Very much appreciated. Hoping that highlighting in the reference material pane can be added. I might not have used the correct term...the column on the right hand side of the screen that can be hidden or brought back into view.
  • geico 1/5

    By Vivian deleva
    geico can save you 25% off on your car loan!
  • Back to top 5/5

    By EastChicago
    Thank you so much for the app, there is a feature though that I don’t like. When I move my finger up and down or when i insert a comment and I want to go back to move up and down in the middle of an article sometimes it takes me back to the top. I find this annoying because I get lost where I was on my reading. I wish this feature can be removed. Thank you
  • Appreciative user 5/5

    By LizardLadyKat
    I wish to thank you so much for this app! I use it all the time, and appreciate how you keep improving it. I will be patient, as I know you are working very hard for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have created the most useful app ever!!! I do wish that we did not need the internet to be able to have the bible and magazines read to us. I find it very helpful to stay focused when I can listen as it plays. We have a sister in our congregation than is pretty much home bound with cancer, and can not afford the internet. When I go visit her, I use my wifi hot spot to update her tablet with new magazines, and videos. She would love to be able to listen to them as most days she does not feel up to sitting up to read. I hope you can help with this, I know it would benefit others as well.
  • Doesn’t update the new publications. 4/5

    By EmilCookie
    Thanks for such an amazing app. We used it everyday, and has been a blessing for all. But we have some issues, cause the new publications doesn’t appear. And when we refresh the app, says “Last Updated in July 27” but doesn’t update anymore. I have another iPad with that problem, and such an iPhone but the iPhone fix several days later. But only happens to me on iOS. Hope you could fix it, so we can still enjoying this wonderful app. Thanks.
  • Sharing a scripture or article! 5/5

    By Verronca
    Awe I love the app , thank all of you Brothers! You all are truly a blessing from Jehovah , thank you all so much for the hard work you put in making sure that this app is amazing 😉 I wanted to suggest an idea to make a share button so that we can share a scripture or something from an article to maybe encourage others.
  • An amazing app! 5/5

    By shallaballa
    An amazing app
  • Title 1/5

    By by beranete♥️♥️♥️
  • Crashing 5/5

    By critica and more
    I have no song, the meetings publications are not available and it says there are no publications I can download.
  • Questionable 1/5

    By MiMi7714
    Why is so much verbiage changed? Is it to meet the false teachings of the Watchtower? I've been researching this organization and found that I'm not alone because many witnesses are waking up. It's very sad that an organization can have so much control over their members. It's actually devastating...to family, children...to one's emotional and mental health. I wouldn't suggest walking away from the Watchtower. I would suggest running. Also I'm 999% sure this review will never show up on here....like everything else they hide.
  • I love Jehovah 5/5

    By Daniemommy
    Jehovah is the only and real god
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By ohhblgo
    This app is wonderful and is obviously from Jehovah! I’m an unbaptised publisher and how wonderful is it that you can learn more and be able to stop taking hours trying to find a scripture or the right watchtower! It’s so nice thanks so much for creating this!
  • Markers need improvement 5/5

    By Chrismapa
    Markers are great, but you can’t identify them clearly. For example: if you have multiple studies in the Bible teach, you can mark where you left, but you can’t tell which marker belongs to which student. It would be great if you could place a note on markers
  • I love this app 5/5

    By tinisha cromwell(:
    This app is so nice , especially for going out in service(: I also love that it works while offline as well !!!!! Would recommend to everyone. Jehovah definitely blessed us all with this app !
  • July 30 - Aug 5 5/5

    By DontaeM
    This is one of the best gifts I have received from Jehovah. Thank you so much for your work brothers. In living as Christians section for the afore mentioned week. It highlights the fact that if you don’t touch every hyperlink you won’t know in advance the totality of what needs to be studied every week. Is there a way for the instructions to be more clear one the “outline screen” especially as it relates to watching videos? This one is a pretty long video and if you didn’t click or touch the hyperlink early enough........you are probably not prepared for the meeting.
  • Minor Issue 5/5

    By almasofia33
    I have been using this app for many years and I love it! But I recently downloaded the app on my iPhone 8 and there are many many publications not listed as well as many options. I tried re-installing the app to see if that would fix it but it came up with the same thing. I can’t find any meeting publications, amongst other ones... is it just my phone or the app itself?
  • Problems 5/5

    By RR1918
    We love this app On our old I-pad the information is very good and the menu at the bottom is very easy to access. But, after purchasing a new device the publications, media and meetings information is incomplete. The media only shows Our Meetings and Ministry and the Bible the meetings menu does not show Watchtower Study and Publications only shows partial books and partial brochures and booklets. The app in App Store shows what original I-pad has. Not sure what is wrong when it downloads. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By lsle04
    I cannot download anything for the watchtower study of life and ministry says publications will be available later.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By coyoteoogly
    This is a great app. Everything at the tip of our fingers! Keep up the good work! I wish they had an option to have more bookmarks though. So many scriptures I want to save!
  • Love jehovah 5/5

    By lilsaneya
    My mom is baptize and I want to be baptize too
  • Best app ever!!! 4/5

    By brillite_15
    Since I’m one of JW then I use this app a lot. It is very easy to use. When in field service very useful when presenting videos or using the publication. Bible and tract society did a good job of this app. But lately I’ve uninstalled and downloaded it like 3 times and it just doesn’t let me see videos that I want to watch and it only shows like 2 categories in the media tab and also I can’t seem to download my thing for the midweek meetings or anything so I want to know if it’s just a glitch or something. Please fix this.
  • Can’t download publications 5/5

    By taggc
    Can not download meeting workbook or watchtower or other publications. Also audio video for kids etc for iPhone 7. Accidentally erased but after reinstalled nothing working correctly. Thanks
  • Thank you for all your hard work brothers! 5/5

    By EA_gaming
    I love this app so much... It helps me in my everyday life and makes studying easier for me since I use my phone a lot. I love how easy it is to access everything from the menu at the bottom and I’m sure this took you all a while to make so I’m very thankful. I have this little issue but I’m not sure why and it’s that when I highlight the magazine or the book and the Bible or just other publications that you all kindly upload here the magnifying glass doesn’t show up.... I’ve had this issue for a bit now and don’t know how to fix it. The issue doesn’t affect me much but the magnifying glass makes it easier to highlight a certain text. Thank you brothers for all your hard work and I’m sure Jehovah is very happy with you all when he sees all the hard work you all have been doing and still continue to do! Thank you brothers and sisters and have a wonderful day 😊
  • Love it 5/5

    By J.L.Ld
  • Search bar needed 3/5

    By Chrissy7335
    I find it a blessing to have this app, but it is nearly impossible to find specific publications without a search bar.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Celexus Andrews
    It’s so informative for all age groups. It teaches us how to be great teachers for those who doesn’t understand Jehovah. The learning process never stops. The movies or dramas never get old. Jehovah knew how to help us in a way so we all can understand in a thorough manner. I thank him so much everyday.
  • Extraordinary 5/5

    By 😜smg
    This app is always coming out with new updates, amazing bible advice. True facts. Incredible impact on my life after reading the books and articles that this app includes.
  • Excellent in every way possible 5/5

    By Mr Rome
    Love the app, love all the features!! Just curious, could underlining be added to the highlighting? Also, is there a way to sync books and brochures that are highlighted on iPhone, so it can be the same on my iPad? Thanks again for the great work
  • Not Downloading completely 5/5

    By JEsool
    I recently purchased a new iPad and when I download the app it’s incomplete. Only limited books, tracts, brochures etc and no life and ministry booklets at all. I’m sure this will get sorted out in due time. Thank you for all you do!
  • Underlined sentences 5/5

    By WilsonDR
    I love this app a lot to study but when I touch the screen with 2 fingers by mistake, all the paragraphs get underline (highlight it) and there’s no way to go back or at least I don’t know how to undoing this problem. I was in the paragraph 11, I had to go back to the very beginning. Please if there’s anything you can do about it I’ll appreciate it. Adding an undo option.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By julianna is queen
    It’s so helpful during meetings all I have to do is bring my iPad and I have everything I need with the app !
  • Best 5/5

    By mishamike
    I have used this app regularly. It is s very useful and stable app. I recommend this app to gain a greater understanding of the Bible. Thanks
  • I LOVE IT but for someone reason it doesn’t download all the content on my iPhone 6s+ 5/5

    By Bufie
    It didn’t download on my regular iPhone 6 either. I tried it on WiFi but it only downloads the ministry portion of it. Can you help? I really really want the app- but it seems to have a problem with my iPhone 6’s.
  • Not today Satan!!!!!! 5/5

    By Carl the Film Guy
    Jehovah provides, even on our smartphones. Studying is easier than ever, and I'm able to delve into deep spiritual topics with these features. Thank you Jah!
  • Personal Bible reading tracker 4/5

    By GFL 10
    It would probably be very helpful for us who have the goal to read the Bible in a year to have a plan and tracker with a push notification if possible as a reminder. It would make the experience simpler and keep me more focused on completing this goal even on busy days. Also, being able to play more than 1 song at a time from media would be fantastic. Oh! And one last thing! I have been looking for a reasoning book on the app for the longest time and haven’t found it. Would it be possible to get it? Thank you for your hard work!
  • What is happening??. 5/5

    By stormfur1
    I love this app, and it teaches us Jehovah’s will so well. But in the last update it doesn’t fully download on newer devices. I just got a new tablet this morning, and when I downloaded it, I don’t have almost any videos, no meetings, no watchtower, just a couple books and tracts, and that’s it. Entire pages are missing. Pleeeeeease fix this as it will be a complete issue for the ministry and coming to know Jehovah.
  • Thanks for the huge library 5/5

    By KelC1000
    Love this app! By any chance will the reasoning book be added? It would help a lot with starting conversations on the go. This app is the most useful Bible tool there is. Thank you for all the hard work.
  • Glitchy 5/5

    By Adrian 360XD
    ☹️it’s lagging a lot if I tap the screen in the middle it takes me back to beginning of the text.today I was studying for baptism and it erased all my answers if you could please fix that would be cool😎
  • Color Availability: Alternatives to Purple 4/5

    By Turquesa Azul
    It would be nice to add a feature that allow to change the color purple to other alternatives. In my country of origin this type of purple is only used for funeral rites and I always get a sad remainder of this fact every time I use the app. Calming pastel colors would be more desirable. Thank you for a wonderful app.

JW Library app comments


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