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JW Library App

JW LIBRARY is an official app produced by Jehovah’s Witnesses. It includes multiple Bible translations, as well as books and brochures for Bible study. BIBLE • Choose from various Bible translations. • Compare all available Bible versions by tapping a verse number. • View the associated material by tapping a footnote marker or reference letter. NAVIGATION • Swipe left or right to quickly navigate your current publication. • Place bookmarks at any verse or chapter to quickly resume your reading. • Use the history feature to quickly access recently read content. • Find words or expressions in your current publication with the search feature.

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JW Library app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By OoofBoi78
    Thanks for this app!!
  • Jehovah have blessed us 5/5

    By lovefromcherish
    Jehovah have truly blessed us with this app. We have every book and all our JW literature in one convenient place. We can take it everywhere we go without having to worry about having the proper literature with us to give a great witness. We have it all. Thank you Jehovah and all our wonderful brothers and sisters who are working in-line with Jehovah God and Jesus Christ to give us everything we need at the proper time 🙏🏽💕
  • Favorite Place in internet 5/5

    By adenena
    Thanks Jehovah and all others that working hard in this app,excellent information available for all kind of person
  • Best App in the World 5/5

    By Acerice2010
    Very well organized. Saves to iCloud no problem. Amazing and easy to use
  • Good for mind 5/5

    By froyoshwap
    I love jw library app
  • Need a fast forward button 4/5

    By SLASHER amc
    I was wondering if a fast forward is possible, like what YouTube has.
  • HELP 5/5

    By Deisivillalba
    Bro I’m having trouble I’m a millennial I know how to use technology but the app on my phone will not show me the meeting content like it does on my IPAD and it frustrates me so much please fix! Still have it five stars tho cuz it’s Jehovahs gift to us!
  • Awesome Bible Study Resources for ANYONE 5/5

    By ChrisBell453
    You know what I really love about this app? Even if you’re not JW, you can use this. There are other bible translations than what the watchtower society publishes. Even if you don’t agree with EVERY one of their teachings, there are a lot of basic scriptural principles explained simply enough to be useful in teaching your children, which is so hard to do in today’s world. So if you’re reading this, and you’re not JW, don’t dismiss this app just cuz it is. Explore it and decide for yourself.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By MozelTom
    Dear Brothers, if it’s not too costly please consider having this app and/or JW.org support the Apple Pencil in addition to other styluses. At the risk of sounding selfish, I miss marking up my Watchtower and writing notes in the margins. Just a thought. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By all star basketball player
    This a great app and I never loved it more then the 8millon other witnesses and thanks to Jehovah I can never be more happy,exited.I'm so excited for paradise and..... I just love all of and jah.
  • iPad Pro 11 inch 4/5

    By calexgo
    Great app! Could you add support for 11 inch iPad Pro? Doesn’t let me download publications.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By BabyBeardie
    I hope Jehovah blesses you for your hard work! You guys are amazing! In Caleb’s words ‘I want to go to bethel when I grow up! This app has helped me make notes, study to get baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness, and more! Keep up the good work! I love listening to the dramas before bed! My favorite is “Preserving Life In Time Of Famine”. To think about the courage and patience Joseph had to have to put up with that kind of undeserved treatment! Amazing! One question, would it be ok to add Jesus' water into wine miracle in there? And his baptism? That was cool too.
  • Great app 5/5

    By JW_07
    I love this app but I recently got an iPhone XR and for some reason I can’t download anything in meetings other than the song book, please fix
  • Please help! 2/5

    By miahman3000
    No matter how often I try to download and install this app I continue to get the message: “the publication is not available at this time please try again later” I’ve followed many tutorials online on how to fix this issue to no avail! Please help!!!
  • A very good app 5/5

    By demicki
    I have had lots and lots of good use of this app. Helps in personal studies and also for the preaching work. But I usually have issues with updating my publications inside the app. Especially at the home screen of the app. Pls try and fix that bug. Thanks for the wonderful app
  • Love this app 4/5

    By mtthwnk
    I’d just suggest adding 3D Touch option. Let’s say you’re on a watchtower and there’s a text, instead on going in and out you can 3D Touch and get a preview of the text. I think that would be such a great experience
  • Loading trouble 5/5

    By troyb1011
    Very useful, but it has a hard time whenever someone downloads it, to refresh and allow someone to get the meeting workbooks and watchtowers and new videos. Everything from when the app was originally released is downloadable such as the Bible and the daily text, and some tracts and like 5 videos. But it will tell me that “no publications are available at this time.” And I can’t download any thing for the meetings. So maybe we can try to fix this thank you! May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts to make things easier for the brothers and sisters. :) ❤️
  • One wish!! 5/5

    By Tillah519
    If possible, I would love a few more underlining color options. An orange, turquoise, and blue or black “pen-like” option. Certainly not needed as the app is perfect... but just a wish. Thank you!
  • minor glitch/lag while scrolling in song book 5/5

    By p l a y e r 1
    As of this post, I’m on the latest version for iPad. Not sure if it is just me but I have noticed a small hiccup in scrolling when using the song book within the jw app. Other than that, it works great!
  • Una valiosa herramienta AAA+++ 5/5

    By Ev Med
    Excelente herramienta. Fácil de usar. Las publicaciones están localizadas de manera lógica por lo que se facilita el acceso. Se agradece infinitamente la enorme labor que han realizado los creadores de esta aplicación.
  • Streaming 5/5

    By Hazerrrrr
    It would be very helpful if the app had a video streaming button to smart TVs that have built in smart cast
  • Thank you Jehovah! 5/5

    By samiian
    I am beyond grateful for having this application. It’s very helpful in every aspect, there’s something for everything. Amazing!🌸🍃 Thank you brothers for developing this app and always striving to make it better.💛☺️
  • Maybe a dark mode? 5/5

    By Ninja-X
    Hey! I’m just loving the updates for JW to make it easier for the brothers and sisters to help teach and preach the word! I wanted to suggest if a dark mode on the app to make Bible reading at night easier on the eyes? It would go hand and hand to us users with the iPhones X, XS and XS Max Super OLED screens! That would be awesome! Thanks!
  • Love it!!! As a suggestion for an update... 5/5

    By Flyfisher88
    I love the app!!! As a suggestion add a way to mass delete the personal study notes and maybe group everything on the home page into hidable tabs to make the home page less ‘messy’. Thank you brothers for all you do!
  • I love this app. 3/5

    By Kid Flash 101111-
    I really love that you care that every brother and sister has an app that they can rely on for meetings, and preaching. I do think the app deserves 5 stars for how great it is, but I gave it three because I believe it could be even greater. I would like to share some ideas I think could make the app better and more organized. 1. It’s getting a little hard to have the JW Library app, plus the JW Language app, plus JW.org app, plus the etc... apps. Phone just get to the point where they have no space, and so many apps don’t help avoid that. So I know it might take some time and work but I know all pf you work really hard, but I would like to one day see all the apps combined into one. Libraries don’t just have media and books, they have thousands of sources of information and articles, as well as a vast collection of dictionaries of hundred of languages and millions of words and translations. So to make JW Library a true library, why not add the features of Watchtower Online website into the app itself, eliminating the need for another app or bookmark to a website. Also, add the many language options to JW Library too, just like a library would have books, media, recent news, information, articles, and dozens of dictionaries and hundreds of languages and translations and thesauruses and additional information. Combining all these aspects into one app “JW Library” could make JW Library the ultimate, most reliable, most efficient, and most storage-friendly app for any Jehovah’s Witness, whether it’s to have access to dozens of publication like Reasoning or Perspicacity, or to have access to all videos for preaching (to kids or parents), or have quick access to the vast collection of articles in Watchtower Online. Really hope this become a reality one day, it’s my biggest desire for improving the app. My other two ideas are short. 2. People now a days give a lot of importance to communication, whether it’s through Social Media, or other methods of sharing ideas with the world. I think it would be nice to add a feature for congregations, where you would have to log in to JW Library as a member, and then select your congregation. Elders would sign in separately and have an extra feature, where they could send any and all important messages to the congregation and all brother and sisters signed in to that congregation. This could be really important and an efficient way to communicate any important alerts (like no reunion) or reminders (like who has assignments or which group will be in charge of cleaning, or a reminder to submit the papers where you write down preaching activity for the month (not sure what it’s called in English I go to a Spanish cong.)). Also imagine a time when we are facing the Great Tribulation, quick and efficient communication is important, and the feature would eliminate the necessity for elders to keep a record of brothers’ and sisters’ phone numbers, which change all the time, but the app would work by sending a message to all brothers and sisters signed in to JW Library with an @jw.org email (just making an example) and who have joined their selected congregation (maybe by each congregation have a join code that elders can share and then brothers and sisters can set up their JW accounts, sign in, and type in their congregation’s code to join and receive messages by those with the ability to do so, like elders, who may have a special code or an option to choose and confirm their position or responsibility in the congregation, which would allow them to send messages to members; and to maintain stability and coordination, the message that an elder is trying to send would first be notified to other elders who would then approve the message, and when all the elders have approved or made a decision, the message is sent to members of the congregation. If someone doesn’t approve the message for any reason, they could have the option to reply to the person who created the message and give there opinion or suggestion, before the message is approved and sent to the congregation (so basically just like elders would typically discuss things and come to an agreement when making any decisions). I know I said this idea would be short but while writing I kept thinking of all the benefits and possibilities and suddenly it became a very long; though interesting idea in my opinion. 3. Adding to the communication feature, there could be a big change in how things are reported, like a brother’s monthly preaching hours and publications handed out. Members could also have the option to send messages, but unlike elders, they would not be able to message the whole congregation, but they could send a private message to just the elders, and this would be a new way for brothers and sisters to report their monthly report preaching activity. And those who may forget could receive a notification or message from the elders reminding the congregation to make sure to turn in the the reports. That’s all my ideas. Overall, it’s improving the apps actual “Library” part while also combining several apps into the JW Library so users can save some storage. Plus, reimagining the way the congregation communicated and works together by adding methods of communication between members and elders, and making it more enjoyable to the large generation of teenagers and children who are JW (trust me I’m 13; I know so many people with a similar age that would love this including me). I love this app. I truly do, and I felt very sad and kind’ve shocked while reading some other reviews, there are people who don’t realize all the hard work and effort being put into making this app the best it can possibly be, it makes me disappointed to realize there are brothers who don’t appreciate or value this app. Whatever updates are done to the app, I will be happy and satisfied trusting that you all work hard to give us the best, so that we can give our best to Jehovah, and that is all that matters in the end.
  • It’s great 4/5

    It’s wonderful, but it takes up so much storage.
  • What a git!! 5/5

    By Mimi Edward
    21 Century Manna provider for all.
  • This App Is AWESOME 5/5

    By T Van Sciver
    I started studying with JW’s in 1963. I’ve never been disappointed with what has been provided to help us learn the Truth of the Bible. This app increases learning and Bible study. I use to have a theocratic library of hard cover books that took up a whole wall. Now I carry around numerous times that amount of research information in my pocket. Thank You and Thank Jah
  • Won't let me download latest Watchtower 1/5

    By Mikedreamproductions
    I love this app. Of course. However, for some reason it won't let me download the latest magazines for my meetings. Very frustrating. It just says "These publications are not available at this time. Please try again later." So now I'm stuck with no study material or anything. Please help me fix this bug!
  • Line 4/5

    By Histopy
    There is a line that goes from the spiritual gems icon across the screen. This happens an IOS 12.1. iPhone XS
  • Great functionality, but not very responsive. 4/5

    By EddzGamez
    Everything works as it is supposed to. You can read the Bible, download articles, and download media. However, for as long as I can remember, the app is not responsive. When you make the text small or use a large screen, such as on a large tablet, the text is not centered. This is worse when the content has images because they do not take up the whole width of the screen, especially when the sidebar is closed. Overall, however, the app is great. Thank you for your hard work.
  • Student 5/5

    By Oscar Rasmussen
    Best app out there. Excellent resource for Bible study. No pop-ups asking for money, like other Bible study apps. Love it!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Thansk forever
    Thanks is helps a lot to study. And it’s easy to use.
  • iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 5/5

    By BrandenAmbriz
    Great work brothers! A handwritten notes feature for writing up a publication in the margins with Apple Pencil would be amazing!
  • iPhone X’s Max 5/5

    By moyavilajr
    Love this app. No flaws. My suggestion is for the iPhone users if you guys can add 3D Touch on the highlighted text. That would be nice. ☺️
  • OMGGGG 2/5

    By smaiers
    best app ever hands down
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Wrightsville_NC
    We want to thank you for this loving tool we have. JW Library has been a true blessing from Jehovah. We want to thank the hard work and dedication to the governing body and the IT department that keeps giving us the best experience for use in the ministry, meetings and personal study. I did want to say that my wives iPhone 7 Plus has been having an issue. For some reason not all the publications that I have access to (iPad mini 3) in Spanish can be seen on her phone. Almost as if there was a “limited” app she was running. We have tried everything but can’t seem to figure it out. She can’t even download the publications for the midweek meeting or the weekend meeting. Again, we want to thank you for your hard work and know that Jehovah will keep blessing your hard work to help us have the spiritual food we so need.

    By Bible4all
    BIG THANK YOU TO JEHOVAH!!! For providing us this amazing tool to use out in the ministry and for our meetings. I cry 😂tears of Joy thinking about how hard the brothers work to put all of this together. There is not a word strong or big enough to express my feelings of gratitude. I love this organization so much it’s undeniable. Thank you Jehovah! Thank you to my Bethel family! Brothers and sisters all around the world I love you.
  • There is nothing better!!! 5/5

    By Zonata 63
    Must watch all videos
  • I thank Jehovah for this wonderful app 5/5

    By Happy JW
    Thank you brothers for all you do for the earthly part of Jehovah’s organization. The JW Library app just keeps getting better and better. And with the complete library soon to be available on the app, it will be a joy to use for all my studies. I wanted to make you aware of 1 issue I have noticed. When playing the video at the last midweek meeting of the week of 10-22-18, I noticed that there is a lag with the video and the audio that goes with it. The audio fell behind the video. I just noticed that the same happened when I hooked up the audio from my iPad to my car stereo, it was out of sync with the video. Played just from the iPad, it worked with no problems. I just wanted to make you aware of this. Thank you again for all your hard work, and may Jehovah continue to bless all you do for His great name.
  • My favorite app 5/5

    By Piggyxyz
    I love the updates and every——thing 💚💚💚💚
  • Switching to different languages 5/5

    By Lshaqattack
    This app is amazing. I use it every day when speaking with different people and doing personal research. It’s slow to change languages. In another app you can double tap the screen and it will switch to a different language and triple tap it will switch to a third language. It would really help preaching in different languages if this app had something like that! Also underlining not just highlighting would be great!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By SharkPup64_YT
    This app has SOO much bible based videos, activities, and you can have a mobile copy of the new world translation of the Bible for FREE!!
  • Wonderful app 5/5

    By ShadatheGadite
    Can you add the Apocrypha Books (Tobit, First and Second Maccabees, Prayer Azariah, Prayer of Manasseh, Susanna, Bel and the dragon, letter of Jeremiah, First Esdras and Second Esdras, Judith, Additions of Esther, Baruch, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon) Can you add the Print Document File of the Hebrew Calendar and The Greek Calendar Can you also add the Jacob’s stairway illustration and Gideon Fleece illustration and Imitate Their Faith Stories and Bible Illustration Stories, please
  • Love the functionality 5/5

    By Lchatts1128
    Love this app, love being able to flip between bible and books with out losing my spot in either !
  • Favorite App 4/5

    By Singularity50
    I use it for all my Bible studying! Love how during my personal Bible reading I can instantly jump over to the Insight book to read about a certain character, a town or location, and many other things. Very easy to use!
  • Missing data 5/5

    By Taylor from ASL
    I just got the iPhone Xs and downloaded the JW library app, but many publications are not appearing in the home section, meetings, media, books. I deleted the app and re-downloaded, but the issue persists. Please brothers, let me know if this is a glitch within the app. Thanks- your sister.
  • One request 4/5

    By cooluare
    This is the best app Jehovah loves us if we apply our effort. One request is to let us play our meeting on the play button, if we are a little busy and need to pre-game
  • One new idea to make the app better 5/5

    By Laimee0
    Great app, thank you so much for all the sacrifices that have gone into making this! Can you make it possible to highlight the reference info that comes up when we use the study Bible?

JW Library app comments

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