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Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 3.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kahoot! AS
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes App

Create your own quizzes in seconds, play anywhere, anytime, on your own or with friends, have fun and LEARN! Kahoot! unleashes the magic of learning for students, teachers, office superheroes, trivia fans and lifelong learners. Our app has a whole bunch of superpowers! Here are a few of them: Quiz creation app Creativity can spark anytime! Create a game in minutes, even if you’re on the go. This works great for student projects and can also be a hot hit at parties when you want to surprise your friends. Live game app Join kahoots hosted live - for example, in classrooms - use the app as the game controller, and win medals! Or, put your quizmaster’s hat on: host your own game for others on a big screen, right from your phone or tablet. Trivia app Find a quiz on any topic from millions of games on our platform. You can play on your own or challenge friends for a fun competition. Homework app Instead of paper assignments, teachers can now assign kahoots as homework using challenges. Make homework awesome, save time on correcting assignments and track learning progress. Remote training app Calling all corporate trainers! Make training really engaging with Kahoot! challenges, even if participants are miles apart. (For businesses, this is part of our premium plans - Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro) Ready to play?!

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Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes app reviews

  • Please read before getting this app 5/5

    By Jigglyjellybean
    If you are a teacher than this is great for your students you can put either 3,4 or2 answer choices and you can add pics or vids. You get to pic how many seconds or minutes you would like. And there are points. They get to pick there own name you can post one on the app or you can make one and just have it live this is also great for party's and whatnot everyone will enjoy even the adults
  • Can’t see the answers or question 2/5

    By br33zy26
    I tried to play with my friend over FaceTime. She made the kahoot and I got the game pin and joined but I couldn’t see the available answers or the question. It got boring after a while because she had to read each question and all the answers for me to be able to pick. Sometimes by the time she got done reading time was up so we couldn’t even answer after all that. My recommendation is for you guys to make it so the answer will come across the screen before hand and the answers will come up so you know what you have to pick from. Because if your playing long distance it doesn’t work that great.
  • WOW SO GOOD 5/5

    By eohuzykugekuguekuige
    This app is the best learning app it helps you understand uses words etc* my teacher always makes us use it SOOOOO GOOOD PLEASE GET IT YEEEEEEE
  • So annoying 3/5

    By el21🧐🦄🤩😍☺️
    It is annoying when you lose. I hat e the noise it makes I would not advise this game to competitive people like me 😤😡 It is okay when I win though🧐
  • awful, just bad 1/5

    By mjjuuuienth
    this made me want to die. i literally could not be more displeased. all i wanted to do was use a username that represented me. but instead. but instead, i was forced to be characterized as a glowing animal, whomst i cannot even identify. i was shook, devastated, and i felt as if my heart had been ripped from my cold dead hands. all i face now is the fear of never being able to love kahoot again. how am i supposed to be who i want to be when others are shooting me down telling me i have to be something. maybe, just maybe, kahoot could possibly consider my feelings for once. p.s. love the new spooky theme🎃
  • Love it but some problems 4/5

    By emm1321
    I have been using Kahoot! For wile now but the website it great the app is great but when u try to log in it does not work and I have a account with the same info. It’s also annoying when u want to do a Kahoot! With only yourself and you need an other tab or Device. Also when you log in it has a hard time loading. But overall I think it needs a little help but the rest is great when I am in class and the class is playing altogether we are enjoying it but sometimes get really loud.
  • Kahoot! 4/5

    By Temp11
    I love to create quizzes for my friends and family
  • Kahoot rules with dragon ball Z 5/5

    By Pjchavez0901
    Kahoot! you are the best on the world with dragon ball Z love your app.
  • SO FUN!!! 5/5

    By DoubleTacoCat
    I think this is so fun that I’ll keep on doing some challenges over and over!
  • Kahoot! Is incredibley good 5/5

    By thanmayee Moolinti
    Kahoot! Teaches

    By yourpallkris
    It kicks me out when I’m playing it’s so dodo
  • From jonathan 1/5

    By Just be a bee
    This games trash
  • The most helpful thing for school 5/5

    By Goodness euro
    This app is super helpful when preparing for tests at school! Whenever I prepare with kahoot, I get a high grade! Definitely recommend to any student!
  • Kahoot! 5/5

    By boooooooooooooooooooooooooyyy
    It is so helpful especially with test these quizzes no what they are doing to improve your mistakes I totally recommend it!

    By SamTheBrony
    Honestly, this is awesome. Everyone in my class enjoys this game, and so do I. It’s the best app ever!
  • The best learning game ever 5/5

    By Productgirls
    Me and my little sister play this game together I make quizzes for her it’s fun and educational keep up the good work
  • Kahoot! Is amazing 5/5

    By LizzieIsPopular
    Helps me when I am studying. The first app I go to when I’m studying is Kahoot!
  • Buetiful and educational 5/5

    By ujiklopiuy
    I love Kahoot I played it at meh school and it was great! I hope the app will be just as good as the computer version! Wish me luck!
  • Doo doo 3/5

    By Skir Skeeeeet
    This is freaking doo doo 💩
  • Kahoot! is AMAZING! 5/5

    By person6890
    Kahoot! Always is a great tool for anybody that helps you study! I hate looking at notebooks and study guides. But Kahoot! is different... IT’S A FUN WAY TO STUDY!
  • Overused 4/5

    By QWCXZ
    I like this app and all, but we use it so much at school I want to kashoot myself.
  • Better than quizzlet 5/5

    By remove icloud
    This is the best when I play it at my house or at school it’s the highlight of my day
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By TheCoffeeShop

    By Fett1977
    I KNOW THE ANSWER! *smashes school ipad* *gets it wrong* AAAAAAAAA FRICK *gets answer right* YEEEEEEEEE
  • Fun for every age 5/5

    By rudoplh57
    This app is so great and awesome for every age
  • Bad 1/5

    Found bad word
  • Kahoot! Is Awesome 👌🏾🔥 5/5

    By Give-Me-A-Beat
    I love this app so much. It comes in handy when I’m studying for tests. I had midterms this week and this app helped so much!! I aced all my tests 👌🏾 This app is da bomb. I recommend this app to people. The only problem is that it takes a bit to connect. So I would like that to improve. But other than that, it’s pretty decent 🔥👌🏾
  • Good Vibes 5/5

    By fddjjklklkl
    I love that which ever quiz I want to do, you have it
  • Fire? Or Fire Red? 1/5

    By schoolsuckz
  • WORST 1/5

    By Hansololuv10
  • 5/5 5/5

    By Jennao0o
    This game is simple, easy to use, fun, and educational! That is my way of describing a 5 star app, I never really write reviews but I am in shock this isn’t a 5 yet, i’ll try to make it happen by recommending it to friends and family. Thank you for reading
  • Kahoot is so bad 1/5

    By lmg and smg is good
    Kahoot makes me mad
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By TestNav testers
    I hate this game if it is anything to do with school or learning
  • K! 5/5

    By Sbcizzy
    I think kahoot is awesome if you don’t know a question you can guess anyways if you get it wrong you can totally learn from it. It’s so awesome for kids who don’t know a lot they can learn a lot and get smarter and smarter each day and you can tell your teacher and their teachers would be amazed. It’s just so much fun to play
  • I like your stuff 3/5

    By Natcat27
    I like Kahoot! But my mom make me do multiplication on here sorry😦
  • Great App! 5/5

    By rjh73060
    Fun and easy to use.
  • Shool app 5/5

    By spgetey
    Love love love it I would say it is for5+
  • FG ya go ivhvgu c 5/5

    By KKSR13
  • Iuui 5/5

    By vttgggv
  • Bad 1/5

    By 847819474)2
    Trash I lost every game they are definitely hacking the game cause people always beat me
  • Kills my battery! 1/5

    By G457528378488888
    It’s terrible
  • Great review tool! 5/5

    By PKAnn
    Kids love to play Kahoot! Now they are super excited about the Challenge feature. Much better than boring worksheets for homework.
  • It's great for school 5/5

    By Hfttrf
    I p,at it everyday and we can play it in my school
  • Good 5/5

  • STUPID AND A WASTE!!!!!😡🤬 1/5

    By FurryKat
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By Reese DiFeanco
    I was in 5th place then i got one wrong and went down one place and that is unacceptable! I didn't get any candy in class de español! Very irate!😤😤
  • Best App Ever!, But needs more features. 5/5

    By Arianna Cunningham
    This is by far the best app I would ever use when I’m at School and for when I’m creating my own quizzes. I even love the music too! There should be some features on adding intro videos, Jumbles, Discussions, and Surveys when we create our Kahoots all on our iOS devices instead of doing all this on a computer, but this is a pretty good start!
  • Bring instruction to the next level! 5/5

    By MathterBlaster
    Students are going to socialize, play and learn in your class. Kahoot! will help you do that without feeling like you’ve lost control. Redirect their energy through competition in the form of a Kahoot! assessment. Do you want your students excited about homework? Assign them a Kahoot! and let the leaderboard do the work. Don’t have time to to look though exit slips? Download a Kahoot! results page and quickly see the area where a little nudge is needed. Kahoot! you’re classroom. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Memes 5/5

    By Nuo52
    I just cane here for the memes.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes app comments

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