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  • Current Version: 5.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Kaiser Permanente App

Whether you're at home or on the go, the Kaiser Permanente app gives you a simple, secure way to manage your health — all in one place. Live in Washington (outside of Vancouver/Longview)? Download the Kaiser Permanente Washington app instead. With the Kaiser Permanente app, you can easily: • Email your doctor’s office or Member Services with nonurgent questions • Schedule, view, and cancel routine appointments and see information about past visits • Fill or refill most prescriptions, check the status of a prescription order, and see a list of all your medications • View your medical history, including allergies and immunizations, ongoing health conditions, and most lab test results • Choose a doctor by browsing our online doctor profiles • Find facilities and pharmacies near you • Get care in a way that works for you — online, by phone, or in person • Access your digital membership card to check in for appointments, pick up prescriptions, and more • Get personalized reminders and health information as soon as they’re available Allows users to integrate with the Apple Health app to: • Enter information about their health (e.g., glucose readings), so that it can be shared with their care team • View information about their health (e.g., glucose readings) To get started, download the app and sign in with your kp.org account. If you haven’t registered yet, you can also create your online account in the app.

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Kaiser Permanente app reviews

  • App is worthless 1/5

    By $213jerry
    I’ve been a kaiser member for years and when their app became available i downloaded. It was easy to use and i enjoyed it. But for the past 8-10 months it’s been worthless. It does not let me sign in even after calling support and changing my password. For the past several months i log in and it kicks me out and returns me to the sign-in page prompt. As of last week, i enter my user information and this time it hasn’t kicked me out, but instead i receive a blank white page with no images. It is both sad and frustrating because now I have to log in through the internet browser at work or at home. I’ve written a response but have not received a callback or assistance like other who’ve written reviews on other apps and receive a response immediately. I guess it goes to show why their app is not working for me by their actions.
  • Works mostly 3/5

    By Onlycris
    The app has been awesome! But the last week or so, it has mostly stopped working. It will let me sign in, then white screen and nothing moves. Browser still works, just not the app. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By done! :(
    Still can’t open the app. Each update it gets worse.
  • Does not load 1/5

    By Mub716
    App logins me but does not load. Works on my friend’s phone. Both are 14 pro max and on Verizon. Website works 100%. Can someone please reach out and help?

    By edeleon72
    ok i can log in but the APP is not FULLY LOADING up it just turns WHITE ONLY not FULLY LOADED
  • CRASHED 3/5

    By AshCillo
    I have used this app for a couple years now and although it had some issues but I could manage. However, I have been trying to access my app but haven’t been able to get in through signing in, Face ID, I’ve tried resetting my passcode, deleting and reinstalling the app, but it takes me to a blank white screen after sign in. Is there any explanation to why I cannot access my account?
  • I love it 5/5

    By Perlera, Luis
    Love the way this app is designed- the fact that i can contact my doctors and being able to refill my prescriptions with a touch of button is wonderful. Well done kaiser!
  • Useless 1/5

    By mattydlo
    I’m trying to pay my premium, and it always fails! And then when you call in, the robo gate keeper that directs your call takes ten minutes to get to the right place, and still can’t understand English. I just want to pay my premium! Why is this so difficult!
  • Does not work with my older ios device 2/5

    By dbbmd
    Demands update which my older ipad does not do. Geniuses at Kaiser IT creating probes with their updates. As an as aside many seniors got calls stating important medicare updates followed by a canned message gloating about its medicare services. Way to go Kaiser scaring seniors. Spend you funds on hiring more providers.
  • The update 1/5

    By tutcutie
    The recent update on 3/13 is so secure that it stopped even trying to log in. Just a white blank screen with no end in sight 😡
  • Cant login 1/5

    By wilocarpio
    I was using the app for years , suddenly can’t login, keeps running and running without no access. My user and pass are ok, I can login in a PC Please update
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Nomuzzle359
    I don’t know what happened but for months. And I do mean months I have not been able to access this app. All it does is doin around on a white screen. Send message to developers with no response. Told kaiser it stinks with no response. Not sure what else I can do but tell people just how horrible the app is and you won’t get ANY response to help inquiries.
  • App broken for months 1/5

    By Beware999
    Please fix your APP and get it right. It has been down for months now. Please fire all your IT department and get a real professional one, it has been months yiu guys try to fix this login issues and it still down.
  • Bummer 1/5

    By bad bizness
    I’ve had the Kaiser app for quite some time now but for the last 6 to 7 months whenever I do try to sign on, it lets me login with my Face ID and it just goes to a main blank white screen when I want to get on app (Kaiser) I have to actually go to the Internet and do a desktop page instead of a mobile browser I deleted the app I reinstalled it but I keep getting the same thing whether is my phone or my tablet for whatever reason I just cannot access the app
  • Still unable to even log on. 1/5

    By ricmor555
    I'll keep short and simple. Still can't even log on. Like other users I'm in an endless loop of entering my screen name and password and nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. When will it be fixed? Can we revert back to a previous version? Thank you. Update 11/4/2022 Just installed today's update, log in issue still there. App still unusable. 11/24/2022 Installed version 5.9, still can't log in. 3/15/2023 Installed version 5.11, slight “progress” in that I’m out of the endless loop. Now I simply have a constant white screen after I enter my screen name and password. Tried the usuals of uninstalling and reinstalling, used Face ID and not used Face ID. App still unusable.
  • Human/Individual-unfriendly experience 2/5

    By zzz97
    The amount of anti-Covid discrimination is massive. furthermore, it seems like they don’t even want you to come in to a physician appointment anymore they just want to talk to you over the phone. A lot of stuff you can’t do over the phone having someone tell you “there, there“ and hang up on you is not very helpful either. Ever since the agenda 2030 pandemic there’s a definite reduction in compassion and human empathy here. furthermore, there seem to be elements and features of the app which are not working. Is this only happening for me or is this something that many people have experienced? I am unable to use this app to schedule an appointment.The app keeps blocking me by demanding that I make a selection, but refusing to offer any button in the window which pertains to that selection. For example, I have to select a time of day for an appointment, but I am not able to select any time of day, because there is no user interface for selecting a time. And since I have not been able to select any time, due to lack of selections available onscreen, I cannot proceed.Thus, I am locked out of making an appointment. Is this anti-Covid discrimination… which forces certain people to go through extra hoops, just to discriminate against them? with someone else not have to jump through the same hoops that I am jumping through? I am the individual user and consumer, I have a right under consumer reporting laws to speak freely here and expressed my concerns, just as I have done here. Kaiser Permanente is a large healthcare provider for the public and so they cannot be immune from questioning and criticism. My interpretation for the reasons why these things are happening is how it appears to me. perhaps this was nothing more than a glitch. but it certainly raises my concerns.
  • Dark mode 4/5

    By krisn118
    Please add the option for dark mode in settings.
  • why can't it be used in horizontal mode? 3/5

    By TWH in Riverbank
    The Kaiser app is fine, except that it's extremely frustrating on my iPad that I can't use it in horizontal mode. It means I can't use my physical keyboard. I have to remove the iPad from it's dock and type everything using the onscreen keyboard. When are you going to fix this.
  • Does not work with my iPhone 13 max 1/5

    By Kaycly
    It suddenly stopped working. Will not let me sign in. I can sign in on the website, but not using the app. Just sits and spins or goes back to the sign in page.
  • Can’t even login 1/5

    By buddywho83
    Stuck too just using the website as I’m not able to login. Just sits on a blank page after password entered
  • So frustrating!!!!! 1/5

    By Noien
    I have changed insurance, but my son is still on Kaiser. I still get notifications for his care prescriptions and so on but I can’t access them because he is under 18. So frustrating!!!!!
  • Log-in issues 2/5

    By Twisted30
    They keep requiring updating the app and every time I update, I have log-in issues. I use biometric (TouchID), but it won’t allow that for first log-in after update, but it also does… it kinda cancels itself out and log-in fails. I struggle with this EVERY TIME I update this app. The other issue is that there are no options for ANY mental health issues! If you are experiencing a mental health problem , this app does nothing to help you.
  • Can’t Attach Photos in Messages 4/5

    By Desiree_nc16
    I’m not sure what happened, but I am no longer able to attach photos in messages I send to my doctor. I can upload the photos, but when I click the “attach” button the spinning wheel appears and keeps spinning; it doesn’t actually attach the photos. The other day I had to login on my laptop in order to send photos to my doctor. Please fix! This was a very convenient tool I used to use all the time.
  • Video call and KP app 1/5

    By staniswaiting
    It’s easy to get the call on my iPhone with a link. The app is confusing for a video call. We may have missed the doctor’s call. It’s confusing to wait on Kaiser app for a call.
  • Can’t find kp south cal 2/5

    By Rocambole9393
    I tried many times but it always leads me to kaiser Washington; In the past the app was working good. But I changed my phone and it’s all messed up…
  • Sign in Issue 2/5

    By Romeo815
    I’m still unable to sign into the the app even though the app was just updated to address these issues. Keep getting a blank white screen!!’
  • App does not work iPhone SE 1/5

    By _kembry_
    App does not work iPhone SE even after resetting phone
  • after login gets white skin 1/5

    By Saleh__699
    so wired after putting correct user and password it became white skin. developer needs to fix this problem because i easily can login with browser but i can’t login with app .
  • Please, improve the search functionality 3/5

    By avoronts
    Please, improve the search functionality
  • App STILL NOT work! 1/5

    By RelRR
    Just downloaded the new update and there’s just a blank screen. Is anyone there listening… Please get a new app developer that knows what they're doing!
  • Can’t log in if you’ve had past coverage in different states 1/5

    By xDanielx16
    I’ve had Kaiser in California, Washington, and now Oregon. When I try to log in, it says I no longer have coverage and can’t use the app. When I log into the webpage, it automatically logs me in as if I’m in CA, so I have to change my location on there to do anything every time. I’ve called their tech support and was told I just need to use the webpage.
  • Very unstable 1/5

    By Afedu
    This app has been very unstable for the past five months and I can’t access my account. Unbelievable that this has persisted for such a long time and still hasn’t been fixed yet.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Memorico01
    The app hasn’t worked for me in a while. I have the iPhone mini 13. I can’t get past the sign in screen for some reason. Tried everything
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Marlon__A
    This app doesn’t want to sign in anymore, it keeps kicking me back to the sign in screen, I’ve already deleted and re downloaded the app
  • Crap 1/5

    By twoshihtzus
    Can’t log in!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By __TheDoctor__
    When I try to sign in it just reloads the main page. It never opens.
  • Not working 1/5

    By gloriacg
    This app is not working for months On iPhone
  • Not satisfied 1/5

    By gonzalez2999
    Will not work on my iPhone
  • User friendly app 1/5

    By Cuckla
    No only if you are young any savvy texh. Very difficult.
  • Wont sign in 1/5

    By Fabeeeyfabecheaa
    Have been trying to sign in for weeks. Does not move past that page.
  • App No Longer Works 1/5

    By Photo2314
    Every time I hope the app. I cannot get past the login in page. Face-ID also kicks me out. I have all the correct information to login. This is definitely a developer side issue and not a user issue. 🫠
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Type Arie
    Doesn’t work just keeps taking me to the sign in page after i sign in
  • Where’s the landscape mode for this app? 3/5

    By bobgoesout
    KP is light years ahead of other heath providers when it comes to patient communication and engagement mediated by information and medical technology. So why is the KP app STILL only viewable in portrait mode? I have been waiting for years for the IT crowd at KP to deliver a scalable version of this app so that it can be viewed both vertically and horizontally. I have filed complaints and responded to surveys. Nothing. C’mon folks. Help me thrive!
  • App not working 1/5

    By diliciusJR
    Can’t sign in for weeks.
  • Pathetic app - 1/5

    By Qwertiop8
    It has been literally close to a year since I've been able to log into this app - and in the olden times when it actually worked, it was a data vacuum and contacted all sorts of domains known for tracking etc. KP, why do you need to contact Akmai and other data tracking domains??? IMO there is absolutely no reason!!! I'll add my voice to the chorus of angry KP patients - it is beyond ridiculous that this giant health organization can't make a minimally functional app!!!!
  • The Kaiser app is worthless ! 1/5

    By williamgreed
    I am on able to sign on to the app. I have tried everything for it to work and nothing works. I have to go to the website in order to see anything about my health records or appointments, drugs ext. and when I call Kaiser, they will not successfully help me and get the app to work for me. They just agree that they will do something but I never get any feedback from them.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Lunova
    The messages don’t load sometimes and the edit payment never works. It just cycles through to the main homepage again
  • App not working in iPad or iphone 1/5

    By croozeemama
    Sign in keeps looping. Even changed PW and deleted and reinstalled app
  • KP APP-FOR iOS “100% BROKEN” 1/5

    By CeciTigre
    I don’t know what the problem is with the developers AND testers of this app but I have not been able to log in, sign in for over a month! I can’t even use internet to log in to the KP site, as I’ve had to do to access vital doctor referrals, test, scans, new medications, critical messages, etc. Direct online access behaves as ineffective as the iOS app. PLEASE stop releasing new but broken, non-functional, bug riddled, UNTESTED, utterly dysfunctional KP SOFTWARE. Software releases are supposed to add functionality, features and NOT take away functionality. Come on developers and testers, if I had released software upgrades as you do, I wouldn’t have a job for very long. I’m really shocked that Kaiser allows such shoddy work to represent them. FIX iOS app AND online access to KP.org