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  • Current Version: 4.27
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Kaiser Permanente App

Managing your health care just got easier with the latest version of our app. The redesign includes a colorful new interface, tools that make it faster and easier to use, and new quick-access menus that let you get advice, schedule appointments, and refill prescriptions. And our improved navigation puts the features and information you need within reach at all times. Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. NOTE: Former Group Health members and Washington residents outside of Vancouver/Longview are unable to use the Kaiser Permanente app at this time. Download the Kaiser Permanente for Washington app to quickly and easily manage your health care • Health plan members can sign into the app using their kp.org user ID and password to access our secure features, including: • Messages: Email your doctor or Member Services with non-urgent questions, privately and securely. • Appointments: Schedule, view, and cancel appointments with your doctor’s office and see information about past visits. • Pharmacy: Refill prescriptions for yourself or another member, check the status of a prescription order, and see a list of all your medications. • Medical Record: See your health history at your fingertips, including your allergies and immunizations, any ongoing health conditions, and most lab test results.

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Kaiser Permanente app reviews

  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By Dcbrucelee
    Don’t know why so many people complained about this app. I never had any issues with it. It saves me lots of time to either book an appointment, refill medicine. It’s so convenient with this app without turning on my computer. It just keeps getting better and better.
  • appointment set-up does not function 3/5

    By rocketman_42
    The app, when scheduling a new appointment, redirects to a webpage that reads: “We’re sorry this page does not exist.” Not sure if error is due to server communication or if the app is directing the appointment set-up to a page that was taken down. This makes it very difficult for my mother to schedule her appointments though the app, is this the service we pay for?
  • Love it 5/5

    By (TNO) Klaus
    This app is so easy and user friendly. I am able to easily schedule or reschedule or cancel my or my kids appointments with ease. It is so easy to see and send messages to doctors. You can see your bills and medical info. This app is a real time saver!!! Love it!!
  • Many issues 2/5

    By BatTय
    I would love to live the app. But I find that I have a lot of issues. One being I can’t access my emails. I get a message that says “couldn’t load some messages”. And I can’t access my lab results at all.
  • Needs to be improved 2/5

    By crazy894509
    I can’t access my bills online through the app as I click on the link it just loads and loads and nothing ever pops up. Also I wish we could access our person doctors information through the app.
  • Not suitable for those who have more than one account 1/5

    By m.b.05
    Needs to fix some technical errors overall. Though the app is a convenient way to better access your information, they need to fix the problem of allowing patients who have two member accounts/two member ids to be able to access their records. I was able to create a Northern California account, but was not able to fully register because it did not allow me to. I did receive a temporary passwords via mail and the password was said to be incorrect. I tried a new way and was able to create my own but once it asked me to login again...it said password was incorrect. Super frustrating
  • Nope! 1/5

    By stukhere
    Screwed up prescriptions! Appointments not processed! Nothing but excuses as to why the app didn’t work properly. Easier to make appointments and refill prescriptions by phone and know it was done properly
  • Login issues 2/5

    By Stoptellingmetocreateaname!
    Literally every single time I log in I have to reset my password. I go through all the motions and make it the exact same password it’s always been, and I’m able to get in. But what a waste of time. I’ll just use the website.
  • Billing Pay section fails 1/5

    By MPac99
    I show a new item in the Bill Pay section. I have gone in and looked at the bill and confirmed nothing is owed (balance due is $0). After reviewing the bill, the main menu on the app still shows I have a new item in Bill Pay. No way to clear it or mark is having been read. Also the response time for items to come available in the Bill Pay section is ridiculously slow (multiple minutes) if it shows at all. Most of the time I leave the section and go back in to try to refresh it quicker. Hopefully someone is looking into the issues for a future update.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By J_O1
    Does not let me connect with my member ID. It’s buggy and frustrating. Do not recommend.
  • question 1/5

    By Treasure island honey
    does anyone know if you can add your family to the app. If so how do you do it
  • It keeps crashing 1/5

    By tmpnottxyz
    It gets stuck on new information. Today it said to try out its new features and it froze at that spot.
  • Someone hacked my account 1/5

    I tried to register my account I couldn’t because someone already hacked my account I called operator & she said nothing they can do about it but lock account !!! I can’t not believe her attitude What is the point to call operator to fix ???
  • Ehh 3/5

    By Sophiemypup
    It used to be good and now I can’t schedule an appointment help!!’
  • App doesn’t let me contact my doctor 1/5

    By sonrisa8
    Every time I try to compose an email to my doctor, it tells me system error. I thought this was temporary because it used to work, but for the last few months now I get a pop-up saying “member must have a primary care physician in order to use this feature”. (When I already do have one and it used to be listed when the app worked).
  • So behind in technology 1/5

    By Misterjaws
    The app is so behind the times that it’s not even worth downloading.
  • Junk 1/5

    By JoeBeCrasie
    Do they just not have any unit tests? This is terrible software. I tried to confirm a new email and then it says “not recognize this email”. What do you mean?!? I’m entering a NEW email! Of course you don’t recognize it!!
  • Rating 3/5

    By Vivi_ruby
    I like this app because you can set up appointments when needed, can see test results, and can send messages to your doctors about any concerns. What would make the app much greater is notifications of messages and reminders of appointments etc. Overall, decent app.
  • Seems to have a bug with making appointments 3/5

    By Halphalphalp
    I can’t get past a gray “continue” button to schedule an appointment with my doctor, or any physician, after the mandated “warning- do not schedule if you’re having an emergency, please call an advice nurse” page, no matter how long I wait or what I click on to move along.
  • Garbage Since Last Update 1/5

    By Definitely Ian
    The latest update has rendered the app useless. It now takes forever to load account information. Easier to access their website or call.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Yupchew
    I like the convenience of the app, but EVERY time I use the app it requires an update. This is frustrating and time consuming
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Mkls 10
    Used to work great. Now I can’t get past the RX New Pharmacy splash page. Completely useless and has been like this for over two weeks.
  • Hi 2/5

    By Harpysrcool
    ok where the hell do i find my mental health diagnoses, or more anything about my mental health? otherwise a great app but Kaiser needs to update this for people with mental health issues.
  • Doesn’t work properly 2/5

    By Lone-WLF
    Every time I’m trying to use it I have to close it and call to talk to someone in person
  • Appointments link doesn’t work after upgrade 2/5

    By SDfamily619
    I just upgraded the app and now it will not recognize appointments. It takes me to a home page url instead of making an appointment. Please fix.
  • The Touch ID functionality doesn’t work anymore. 2/5

    By liquiduice
    Every time I close the app, the Touch ID functionality resets. Please fix this, it’s a hassle to use without.
  • Not loading 1/5

    By LCG1997
    Ever since the new update happened, it doesn’t load which makes the app useless.
  • Recent update ruined a good thing 1/5

    By Wells riel
    The recent update has caused the app to run extremely slow.
  • App running slow 1/5

    By superstarshiny
    Your app is running really slow. It want caring like this before it just started and it’s really annoying that is acting like that. I thought it was my service but went and connected to WiFi and still did the same thing. Please fix it soon
  • Slowest app ever 1/5

    By Advak
    This app was perfect before but over the last two weeks it has slowed to a nearly imperceptible crawl. I can no longer get any of the info I need because I don’t have the time to wait several minutes per click. This has sustained over time and different internet connections.
  • Helpful, but.... 3/5

    By 1983456789
    This isn’t a big deal because the app is really useful in getting test results, emailing doctors, making appointments, etc., but for the last week I have noticed the app doesn’t load fast like it used to. I’m now waiting like 2 minutes for the app to load so I can see my test results...
  • Slow... Very Slow 1/5

    By Rawdoi
    It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, 6G, etc., this app loads slowest and needs to be corrected.
  • Couldn’t be slower 2/5

    By Andar the Barbarian
    Current update is glacial. It went from being neither fast or slow to load to now I wait minutes for my provider messages, appointments anything to load. The convenience still outweighs logging in on a computer but not by much.
  • New Update = Extreme slow load times 1/5

    By Ernie Gutierrez
    As everyone has mentioned, the new forced update has made this app unusable. It now takes forever to get any information you need. Hopefully the developers find a quick fix. It use to be pretty good too.
  • Loads too slowly 2/5

    By Former USA Today user
    I like the convenience the app, but it loads content far too slowly. I use the app over very high speed WiFi and internet connections.
  • Very Poor website Speed 1/5

    By joy christo
    it is very hard to sign in. it is not user friendly. very slow. always freezing. i have to login so many times only to be frozen again. very frustrating to use. please fix it.
  • Newest version: fails more often than not 1/5

    By tom(myBoy)
    Newest update was forced by app. Update fails to load messages, appointments, etc. almost every time. Worthless!
  • Awful awful awful 1/5

    By just another geek
    This is nuts. Gosh forbid you’re running a version of the app where they’ve since made “bug fixes” (that’s the entire release notes). You MUST download and update before proceeding. Hope you have a good Internet connection! Want to view your membership card? Bzzt — takes long enough that I gave up; don’t know if it ever would have finished. Have a bill and want to see the detail? Bzzt — blank page. This is painful, and doubly so since I LOVE Kaiser. LOVE ‘em. Enough to decline coverage provided by work since it wasn’t Kaiser. But the app? Seriously awful.
  • App has become super slow. 1/5

    By Asmastar
    The app has become super slow.
  • Multiple Members 3/5

    By twiggietwins
    This app is really nice but it would be great to be able to have the ability to add multiple members. I’m a care provider for my mom and having the ability to look in one place for health information would be great.
  • Loading problems 2/5

    By rrlewis1
    It takes forever to load! It started doing this a couple days ago. I’ve re booted my iPhone and it still takes forever to load!!!!!!
  • Bug fixes??? 3/5

    By larrysocsl
    I love this app but the last update seems the worst yet. It just runs slow and won’t load pages. Hopefully they’ll fix the fix.
  • iPad doesn’t work 1/5

    By Keb503
    Opens to a splash screen announcing a new feature and freezes up EVERYTIME! This is on an iPad Pro, latest update. Come on KP, step it up!
  • Slow! 1/5

    By Tealtown
    This last update made the app super slow. Takes forever to load the home page.
  • Update broke it 1/5

    By Markplayspiano
    This was great and useful until the recent update. I can’t compose or read messages until the inbox refreshes but, as pointed out by other reviews, that is a timely ordeal. Useless until fixed. Looking forward to the next update......
  • Several critical issues 3/5

    By BUM 2
    The billing portion did not update, and between that and one bill being returned as not being deliverable, my account was sent to collections for over a 1,000 dollars. When I called to dispute it, they updated my billing and I discovered the $1,000 was actually $570. If I hadn’t disputed it, I would have paid over $400 more than I owed and would have ruined my credit.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Martianmaggot
    Cannot get past the screen showing what’s updated in the app on iPad. So the app is completely useless. Does no one do quality assurance in development?!?
  • Latest update is super slow 1/5

    By academyspatula
    This app is normally awesome but after this latest update, it takes forever to load anything. It’s practically useless. Please please fix it!!!
  • Stop with the forced updates 2/5

    By bkfg6yrrdbjh
    When I'm trying to access the app, I might be in real medical need and I don't appreciate being forced into the mandatory update. This has happened on number of occasions and it's a terrible user experience! Please fix it!

Kaiser Permanente app comments

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