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Kardia App

Kardia works with the FDA-cleared KardiaMobile or KardiaBand ECG devices— the most clinically-validated mobile EKG solution on the market. Just touch the sensors on your Kardia EKG device for 30 seconds to capture a medical-grade EKG anytime, anywhere - no probes or wires necessary. Get an immediate result from Kardia's Instant Analysis of Normal, Possible AF, or Unclassified. Additionally you can choose to send the recording to your physician or to one of our partners for a paid Clinician Review. (Clinician review available in U.S., U.K., Ireland, and Australia only). SmartRhythm workout monitoring is a system that takes your heart rate and activity data gathered from the Apple Watch during workouts, and evaluates it using a deep neural network to predict your heart rate pattern. If your heart rate differs from the neural network prediction, SmartRhythm will notify you to record an EKG with your KardiaMobile or KardiaBand. Kardia integrates with Apple Health to monitor users heart rate during workout. New U.S. accounts will have their first EKG sent to our partners for review by a U.S. board-certified cardiologist free of charge (a $19 value within the app). You will be blocked for up to 24 hours from EKG features until the review is complete. This will only happen with your first EKG, all future EKGs on your account will give you a Kardia Instant Analysis, and allow you to review your EKG immediately. The Kardia app, paired with Kardia Mobile, is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people around the world for accurate electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) recordings.Record your heart health data with the medical accuracy your doctor can trust. NOTE: Requires KardiaMobile or KardiaBand hardware to record an ECG


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Kardia app reviews

  • Awesome !!!! Highly recommend if you have any heart prob 5/5

    By VoooDooo 40
    Afib hit me outta blue !!!! cardiologist recommended i try the detector but i got the wristband for my apple watch works great and its reliable,,, i even run the smart monitor at night sleeping any alerts it discovers is recorded and beep or vib if you like wake you to take a full ekg.. oh and the support people are very responsive and helpfull 5 stars to them!!!! Also your doc can download kardia pro and instantlyget all your data at his finger tips
  • Kardia 4/5

    By Dee Dee 69
    I love Kardia it gives me comfort because before I never knew when I was in AFIB. The only things I don’t like about Kardia is a lot of times it takes so long to get a signal and I hate when it says your ekg is unclassified but your heart rate is in normal range but it says it’s probably unclassified because it’s out of range Other than that I think it’s great. I think if you pay $100 for the finger pad premium should come with it not just basic that is way to expensive but you have to pay it because who doesn’t want a history of their EKGs ? That’s the whole point of having it.
  • Amazingly simple and helpful 5/5

    By Sinner959
    For a fib sufferers, being able to track your rates and know when you have relapsed this product is invaluable!!
  • Best EKG 5/5

    By joje brandon
    Don’t have to go to hospital it tells you and can be sent to your Doctor
  • Weird comments 4/5

    By Mavi1003
    I’ve been looking through my history and in some of the EKGs I find some comments as if someone was talking about their personal life and what not and it got recorded at the same time as my EKG. Not audio, just comments. Where is this coming from?!
  • Not Reliable for non Afib Tachycardia 1/5

    By iParentCoach
    Very disappointed Watch band broke almost broke watch HR records while on charger abnormal high rates distorting results HR abnormal alerts good except wouldn’t read mine until HR improved Only records Lead 1 Useless for now. Great potential for future.
  • Interference 5/5

    By GI slow.
    Electromagnetic interference can be picked from the GI tract due to gut motility problems. This must be the cause of so many unreadable alerts for me. My heart rate is always normal when the gut is relaxed. I hope that the unreadable problem can be overcome.
  • Vital Health Monitor 5/5

    By Wdrummond
    I use this app twice daily. It gives me the feedback I need to track the progression of my afib, so it’s a vital part of my health monitoring to let me and my doctors know when I might have to start taking active countermeasures. I had to figure out how to stabilize my iPhone so those instructions should be improved (the phone has to be on the table or platform, not just my forearms).
  • Add 02 2/5

    By ok. u gotme
    Add 02 level to ur testing.
  • Cannot record EKG without membership 1/5

    By Karendeedee
    The Kardia band has provided false info saying that you do not need the premium membership to record an EKG using the band but this is not true. After my free trial expired I have not been able to record another EKG. I contacted their support department and they did not even bother to reach out to me.
  • PACs 2/5

    By Poiuytrewqqeertyuiop
    The device cannot tell you if you are having PACs. It seems like the only arrhythmia it can see is afib.
  • Carole, RN 5/5

    By ChickieLittle
    The information obtained through this system is so clear and accurate. My Doctor was very pleased with the clarity of the ekg’s. It has really been of tremendous use as he and I work together to understand my heart rhythm abnormalities.
  • My cardiologist is recommending to other patients 5/5

    By Joybudding
    It has taken the fear out of my a fib episodes, my cardiologist has been very impressed with the device
  • Great Ap 5/5

    By Taxmann
    I have AFIB and this Ap was recommended by my cardiologist. It gives me great comfort to get an accurate reading immediately and then be able to send it to my doctors. I also use it to track my weight, medications and blood pressure. It has been really helpful in my quest to be healthier and manage my AFIB. I really do love the Ap and show it to all my doctors. One note that they should publicize better is you can’t get a reading if your phone is charging or the speakers are otherwise affected by headphones or other Bluetooth speakers. Not a big deal at all, but originally thought there were issues with the hardware and/or Ap but it was just I was trying to take a reading while charging. Great Ap. Thank you.
  • Vital tool! 5/5

    By JeffTravis
    Kardia mobile gives me the confidence to exercise and live without fear of a cardiac event. Revolutionary!
  • Kardia WOW! 5/5

    By Mauius
    Great system, you monitor yourself wherever/whenever you need to and shoot the results to your cardio doc and your set! No co pay and no fighting traffic to get to docs office! AMAZING!
  • Worthless Due to Lack of Instructions 1/5

    By ENG_prof
    This program and the device it supports are worthless because the corporation — like most — does not provide ANY instructions. Yes, if your vision is good, you MIGHT be able to read instructions on your iPhone, but you can’t read them while you’re trying to use the product. There is no info on how to produce useable tracings. I’m a former EKG tech, and these tracings are so poor that I can’t even determine if I have elevated T waves. IF YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO WRITE INSTRUCTIONS, KADIA, YOU SHOULDN’T WORK WITH HEALTH EQUIPMENT. Manufacture something worthless like text-messaging software, and leave health products to someone who cares, if there is any such person in modern corporations.
  • Peace of Mind! 5/5

    By Gunny Knows Best
    This app, along with the sensor, is a must have for anyone who has experienced a cardiac event. It is extremely accurate, readily accessible, and easy to use. Without this device, if you feel a cardiac event you are left with waiting for a doctors appointment or a visit to the ER to obtain an EKG reading. By the time you get there the event may not even be measurable. With this device, you can take a measurement immediately upon recognizing the event. This app allows you to show the results to your doctor via email or by printout or you can, for a small fee, elect to submit your reading electronically to a board certified cardiologist for a quick analysis! I if you are looking at this app, you should probably give it a try!
  • Product great, support not so much! 3/5

    By Muffngrrl
    PROS: Love the band, really easy to use and comfortable! Looks nice too. The app is great! Looks nice, easy to use, and awesome ability to get data to my cardiologist. App pairs with Omron bp monitor. CONS: Doesn’t pair or allow sync with other brands, such as Qardio (my pref) or withings. Cannot pay for service through Apple Pay. Seriously. CUSTOMER SUPPORT EXPERIENCE I’d rate it five stars if it wasn’t for the lack of actual customer service I experienced. Customer support was not responsive. Took ages to get replies... and even longer to finally get it up and available, never really understood why. ***The device does NOT actually “work” right away because it’s suspended until their cardiologist reviews your first EKG and releases it.*** I signed up for the service when I ordered the band, so two weeks of my free trial was wasted with the shipping time and then waiting longer for the review by their Cardiologist. Despite multiple inquiries, the delay was lengthy and largely without any resolution. By then my trial expired, and no response to multiple requests to amend my trial period to begin once I actually had access to use it. Buyer beware I guess.
  • Wow! So disappointed, do not recommend. 1/5

    By Flora319
    I was very excited to use this as a tool to help monitor my heart issues, since my symptoms are not always consistent this made me feel better about having the ability to record an EKG at the precise moment I was having symptoms. TO MY EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT I found out that my expensive band is just that! Unless I pay EXTRA for the “premium” subscription, I can’t even record an EKG to send to my cardiologist for his review. To make matters worse, the customer service I received was ridiculous. First, she wouldn’t answer a question without me giving her my contact information (I just had a question, why is my information needed to just answer a question), then after clarifying that my Kardia band will only work if I PAY EXTRA for their premium subscription. The rep attempted to “pacify” me stating, “you didn’t have to buy the watch, sorry you didn’t see this on the website prior to purchasing the band”. This is all aside from the fact that the app drains my watch battery and takes over the face of the watch making it difficult to use other features on the watch. I FEEL LIKE I WAS SCAMMED! I bought this to help my health NOT CAUSE MORE STRESS! I will definitely be telling people about this experience.
  • Kardia 5/5

    By Kyine Lian
    It's small but great works for my Afib. I used almost every day monitoring my heart rhythm. I got satisfaction and useful specific results.
  • Where is Basic?! 3/5

    By No remote functionality
    EKG on basic service refers to premium subscription. Apparently Basic service is non grata. Nice move. 200$ paperweight.
  • Subscription for ekg history and inconvenience of data management 3/5

    By Spacek Ace
    All things said, this is a good product but with some drawbacks. After the 100$ instrument needed for the app you must pay 10$ per month to keep track of history and the data is still stored on your phone. My doctor and I have been able to whittle down what is cause if afib but exported data does not work well for Apple products (iPhone in particular) in order to attached to attach to MyChart. It is a good product just rather expensive and needs a little more modularity
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By Guyandguy
    I am a board-certified cardiologist. I bought this app and have been waiting over a month for a “board certified cardiologist” to review my rhythm strip before I can use the premium feature. Meanwhile they keep trying to have me buy the premium feature at 9.99 a month and my free trial has expired before I could use it. Be aware that the only way to use this watch is to buy it for over $200 and to buy the premium service at 9.99 a month.
  • Price 1/5

    By mxpunky
    If you have to pay 100.00 a month for the service then the hardware should be free…. I think this is a total ripoff.. I probably could have lived with 5.00 a month.. I won’t subscribe to 10.00 after paying 99.00 dollars for the equipment…. Other than that this would probably be a great product to use… I would have given it 5 stars
  • Helps me understand 5/5

    By Seangooosss
    I have pvc’s and its noce to turn kardia on . It lets me know that I am not having any issue and eases my mind. Thanks Kardia
  • Strange Account Policy 4/5

    By whatwereyourhinking?
    Rating only 4 stars due to account policy. This device and app was recommended to us by a pediatric cardiologist for our 12 year old daughter. She is not the first patient for whom he has recommended this device. Unfortunately, I had to sign her up as a 21 year old because the policy for an account is at least 13 years old (that didn’t work either, hence the 21 yo entry). The reason age is entered is to allow positive identification by a physician (according to the registration page), so we now have to be clear with school staff to include her ACTUAL DOB in an email when submitting an EKG. This was not clearly thought through. We paid $99, I think I should be able to enter her actual age.
  • Very accurate 5/5

    By Dave.Ed
    Sometimes it can’t get a reading, but when it does, its spot on.
  • Premium not currently worth it 2/5

    By JDH Tracker
    I would like to completely love this app, as it is certainly pretty amazing to be able to check your EKG as needed. However, the fact that it must run on my Apple Watch at all times as if I’m exercising constantly, ruining all possibility of my tracking other health items, makes it very difficult to use. This seems like a pretty basic programming issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Highly disappointed in money grabbing 2/5

    By Zauben
    This review is not based on the app performance. The app itself runs great, however the company gets you by charging a premium for he use if the app after paying $200 for the band. Granted you get a 30 day free trial but nowhere in the purchase was I told I would have to spend another $10 a month or $99 (discounted rate) per annum with purchase after dropping $200. So now I have a watch band that has the capability of monitoring my heart and possible afib but only if I pay even more money. Highly over priced and I feel I have been scammed into the use of their product. I would not encourage anyone purchase this without that foreknowledge.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Micheal Padraig
    Interferes with Apple Watch ‘s activity monitoring, spoofing it to vastly over measure activity and exercise. Returns non- interpretations if cardiac rate is less than 50 or more than 120. Good first iteration but as a physician I would not gauge it as ready for prime time. Also, as a minor observation: the band is, and feels, cheap. More fitting for a less than $20 watch
  • Excellent App and Product 5/5

    By Vegada
    The Kardia App is great. Very reliable. It never crashes! Kardia Mobile is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is definitely worth the money! I highly recommend this app and Kardia Mobile. A++++++++++++
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By Nanie1954
    This isn’t giving true reading, even during an episode of Afib it’s telling me my EKG is normal. A lot of money for something that is inaccurate.
  • 24 hour review and no use 1/5

    By Seamuskrat
    I just paid over $200 and no where did it state I couldn’t really use this device for at least 24 hours as a cardiologist needs to review the first ECG. That is tremendously annoying. The linkage using the microphone is flaky. My iPhone 7+ was 2 inches away and the device had poor signal. The device lost signal repeatedly during the first run. Hoping it’s a fluke but not impressed so far.
  • What a disappointment! 1/5

    By RobertinChicago
    As a patient with diagnosed atrial fibrillation, I have to pronounce the AliveCor KardiaMobile a huge disappointment. It’s been frustrating to use this device time and again, day after day, only to be told that my frequent episodes of arrhythmia are “Unclassified” or “Normal.” I do not recommend the purchase of this device. Now, after one month, the device will no longer record ECGs unless I subscribe to their premium service, at $100.00 per year. So you can buy the device, use it for a month, and then put it in a drawer! It’s a big scam.
  • Works but renders all other apps useless 4/5

    By Rawink
    I am updating my review to 4 Stars after hearing back from Kardia. It looks like they are doing the best they can with the watch OS and until Apple provides an OS that permits apps such as Kardia to run in the background we will have to live with it as is. The following is their very reasoned response: Thank you for your feedback and we are looking in to every avenue possible to make this experience better. To be able to gather your heart rate at the required rate, the application is forced to operate as a Workout mode by the platform, and Workout modes are forced to the front of the watch face. There is currently no way around this limitation, but we will happily make the change once the platform allows it. We’ve tried to make this as unobtrusive as possible by adding the time and date to our own screen, but understand that it may not be what you prefer. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I reported this issue some weeks ago and was assured it would be fixed in an upcoming update but we are still waiting. Meanwhile we essentially don’t have a watch dial on arm raise or a working sleep app to name just two major issues caused by this application’s frontal focus. Then there is battery drain. Because the app monitors pulse 24/7 the watch requires recharge twice daily. I appreciate what it does, but it should be smart enough to accomplish its task without expensing every other watch app and placing such a heavy battery drain.
  • Experience 5/5

    By Mr Ring Gun
    Update: 5/Stars on customer support! Company got back to me and explained iPhone X model I had was in conflict with APP and equipment and they “offered refund”. I was able to use Kardia on my wife’s iPhone X model so I Kept it. They said they would let me know when the issue was resolved and I could use the App and equipment. They emailed me today (January 30th) and told me new IOS would correct issue. They were right and now I am able to use Kardia on my iPhone X!! Kudos to AliveCor Support for keeping “my” issue on the back burner and get back to me when the issue was resolved. Upgraded support to 5-Stars!!! Called when they had phone number listed and lady had me do a bunch of steps to try and make it work with my iPhone X. No dice. She said they will look into it and get back with me. You guessed it, no one called after month. I had to email (few times) and asked for phone call, and all I got a response that basically had me do same things lady had me do. They paid NO ATTENTION to what I had written, only gave me a list of preprogrammed things to do. I wrote again asking for call/Support, no response.
  • Not my EKG 1/5

    By givemebackmynormalcalculator
    This device was recommended by my veterinarian for my dog who has heart disease. In order to record her EKG I now have to wait for your ‘free’ physician to look at my EKG and ‘approve’ me to use the device. I have a Board Certified Veterinary Cardiologist waiting to review these results on my dog and now I sit and wait for your MD to review an EKG that has no relation to what I am using the device for. Thanks Kardia for standing in the way of my pets care and wasting my time.
  • Relief! 5/5

    By FlyingCloud1
    Everyone over 55 should have this fabulous device. The ability to check your EKG for a fib can be life saving.
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By moonman272
    This isn’t a toy, this is a legitimate life saving medical device, don’t get it confused with other toy apps around here.
  • Editing is very poor 3/5

    By Cookie-Monster68
    If you try to edit the text entry after saving, you’ll find that only the first line is visible and to add information, ie blood pressure, you have to delete data to add new data, then re-enter the old data using only the first line of information that is visible. You can not add notes to the blood pressure screens. Blood pressure screen does not display pulse rate even though the Omron device provides it via Bluetooth. Otherwise it is a good device and FDA approved. Just the software needs improvement.
  • Love It 5/5

    By gadgetta
    The watch band and app work very well. I am able to track my heart rate all day and check my EKG as often as I feel. I at intermittent times have irregular pulse, and AFib (of course never while I am in the doctor’s office) and the recordings have been great to share with the doctor.
  • Totally Useless Without Premium 2/5

    By Howardnewkirk
    The hardware works but the recording isn’t saved unless you have premium. That cost $10 per month or $100 per year. If you actually have a-fib it might be worth it, but if you have any other heart/rhythm problems or are just trying to watch your health the device is useless without the added expense. Too bad they don’t have a program for less money that saves maybe a week locally on your device.
  • Easy. Accurate. Helpful monitoring. 5/5

    By LoneAF
    Don’t ignore symptoms. Don’t settle for guesswork. Keep track. Make notes. Consult your cardiologist.
  • Cardiologist loved it 5/5

    By keep ticking
    My doctor had never heard of Kardia, but he loved the information I printed out for him. I even ran my own reading right after the EKG and we compared the two, the Dr.’s response was “looks very accurate”.
  • Monthly fee is too much 1/5

    By Ch173648393947
    The monthly fee is too much, there is really little benefit to paying the monthly fee. For $10/month it lets you store your EKGs on the app. If you don’t pay, you can still email your EKG to yourself and save them that way. The $10/month program needs more benefits, like 1 free EKG cardiologist review or something.
  • Hope to find evidence for excessive heart rate 5/5

    By Stevedw52
    I have intermittent periods of feeling like I will pass out and have done so in the past. I had first a one-day then a 7-day Holter monitor that have not captured my heart rhythm when I was having the problem. I am hopeful that with Kardia I will finally get an answer.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By xenocog
    Use this for my 87-year old mother who has afib. Works great. I take data to her cardiologist on appointments, which he finds useful.
  • Bp 4/5

    By Damaxc
    Needs to allow entry of blood pressure.
  • Great Health Aid! 5/5

    By Sifu Jim
    This device is easy to use, reliable, affordable, and helps you stop worrying about your heart. My doctor was very appreciative of my information. It helped us have iron lad proof of the need for surgery. The price seems steep for the service, but the peace of mind is worth it and proof is ready at hand.

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