KATSU by Orion

KATSU by Orion

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Orion uwu
  • Compatibility: Android
2,645 Ratings
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KATSU by Orion App

KATSU its an app that allows the user to load modules and get data from different short of APIs and websites and use it to store it, keep track of it and much more! Features: - Intuitive UI. - Search Section. - InfoPage. - Multi Lenguage Support. - Save to favorites. - Track Content. And much more! What are you waiting for?

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KATSU by Orion app reviews

  • Unprofessional app 1/5

    By professional app checker
    The app is unprofessional very under rated needs bugs to be to fix doesn’t load properly doesn’t show anime genres or doesn’t give a Guide for users to use the app The right way and please explain the tracker this need to be fixed immediately.
  • App 5/5

    By CarloH.02
    Hay this app is good and all like I never had issues but as of a couple of days ago I can’t watch certain episodes they don’t load and it’s kind of frustrating when that happens
  • Do not download 5/5

    By Zenitsu62
    Only reason I put 5 stars is so you could see this the app asks to track you across other apps
  • Amazing... but is missing one thing 5/5

    By gigiplaysgiter
    The app is amazing soo many options and is safe, just wish picture and picture was in it. So I could text friends and watch at the same time.
  • Great app but quite a few bugs 4/5

    By ThisIsAJokeDontSendFBI
    Great list of animes and very few ads,its my go to anime app but there few notable bugs the most annoying one is when a video wont start and the only way to fix it is to delete the app
  • Great app 4/5

    By PuppyDoo950
    A really good app but the movies can have some issues. Like for castle of the sky it only plays the first 40 minutes
  • KATSU is a he best app to watch anime 5/5

    By José jalapeño on a stick
    Katsu so far has been the best app to watch anime do to the wide range of anime and the different servers, if I were to say something I hate wrong with it it would be the long ads, I’m saying this because I know they need ads to stay in business but at least put the short ads that have the option open and close.
  • Excellent app! MAL support? 5/5

    By OzarkParks
    Switching from android recently, I was very happy to find this app! The one thing missing is integration with MyAnimeList. Would it be possible to add support for keeping track of watchlists?
  • Amazing but... 5/5

    By loolplopoool.lk99ooo9o
    This app is Godly but I hate how when you stop watching an episode at 18 mins and 31 seconds it like restarts the episode but besides that it’s a 5/5
  • Great App for Anime Addicts 5/5

    By itzz_danii_
    This app has literally any anime you can think of and they have it in both dub and english sub. I do wish they had a website so I can watch anime on my laptop or an app on the Microsoft store to watch it on a console or tv. Also I really do wish they could also add subtitles to the dub anime’s. It would be a great addition. Love this app and I only recently found it about 2 weeks ago and I can’t stop watching!!!!
  • It’s gud.. but 4/5

    By XxdragowolfiexX o
    This is really good but I think when we download the animes the animes should be downloaded a lot faster I’m still at the 12th eps after a week pls fix it to make it faster and this is the only part I hate about the app! OwO others are really gud
  • Great premise not, executed right 3/5

    By magewatts57
    Free Dragon ball, hell yeah if only it would let me watch it. Every time I try to watch something it loads forever and nothing shows up please fix.
  • An option for a next update for the app. 5/5

    By yoyis200621
    I love the app a lot it is where I watch all my shows, I just feel like it would make it better if you could search up like what type of anime you want to find like a action, comedy, or romantic anime. I feel like this would make the app better.

    By i louth this game
    Ever since I downloaded this app I was hyped to watch demon slayer because of a scene I saw on tiktok and the reason why it’s better than crunchyroll is because it’s add free and it doesn’t need premium and also you don’t need to sign in and lastly it has way more shows than crunchyroll has so please rate this app a five star.
  • Dumb 3/5

    By unknow siker
    It ask”s for human verification too many times
  • Good app for anime but not for manga 3/5

    By carnivoroussprite65
    I had AnimeGT before this, and I heard about KATSU from AnimeGT. I love the anime aspect of KATSU but there isn’t any manga. AnimeGT has manga but not this one, so I tried reinstalling AnimeGT but it’s not available anymore. Please add manga
  • Bad 1/5

    By riceman0
    I mean hard to work with I hate it crunchyroll better
  • fix 1/5

    By kalzidj
    it keeps crashing and the ads don’t disappear when i press the (X) in the top conner
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Nathanxgaming
    I think the app is amazing and KATSU is amazing please keep adding episodes to boruto
  • App 5/5

    By 538241918
    It’s a good app but I can’t load into the app because the update but it’s a great app
  • Ok app 1/5

    By suckye app
    So KATSU is not ok but horrible o log on and my module isn’t working even when I switch it horrible
  • Please read 4/5

    By Tiffany_.XoXo
    Everything was going good UNTIL, today, nothing is loading and it’s saying GOGOanime is having problems and I’ve switched molecules like they said and nothings working, I hope this will be taken care of soon, thank you.
  • Hello! Amazing app but have problems 4/5

    By candlepine94
    Hello!! I love this app so much :3 but I’ve been having problems with it lately it’s not letting my on gogoanime is not working idk what’s going on but please fix it, thanks >3
  • Keeps pausinh 3/5

    By 5274636
    it keeps loading a lot, like at random times, even at good scenes, i dont wanna sound like a karen
  • Really good 5/5

    By kami6190
    This is the best app. Theres no ads during the anime only after, and the ads aren't even long. The apps does have some problems sometimes but they never take long to fix it. 10/10 you should get it, I've already watched so many anime's on it. The quality is good so is the audio. they have SO MANY ANIMES TO PICK FROM!
  • Doesn’t load Some Naruto episodes 4/5

    By Naruto lover101
    I got this app to watch naruto shippuden but there is constantly times where the episode will not load or play no matter what server and there’s nothing you can do about it I got to episode 460 and all the episodes after do not load...
  • SUPER SLOW???? 2/5

    By peehours
    i used to use this app all the time and all of a sudden it’s really laggy?? like i don’t understand it worked perfectly fine before but it takes an hour for a 20 minute episode bc of how laggy it is
  • naruto shippuden 3/5

    By Valdestro
    i was able to watch shippuden up until ep. 55 where it stopped loading the episodes. fix pls
  • Really good app but 4/5

    By fabian barajas
    The severs won’t work for me and I can’t watch anything, the episode would keep buffering forever.
  • One problem 4/5

    By yeetabby
    It’s a really good app I love it but for some reason it won’t let me watch hxh anymore, it was working really well but now it only shows a black screen, all the other anime’s work it’s just hxh that won’t work and idk why
  • just a amazing app. 5/5

    By earthwormsallyxoxox
    this app is really amazing! they have ‘almost’ all animes you could want to watch! this anime has all servers which i think is cool. something that bugs me is the audio in ‘some’ episodes but it goes away! i really like how this app is ACTUALLY free and doesnt have ads everywhere, just when you finish watching episodes. everything about this all is cool! i also have to say when you have stuff in your watching list for a long time and never got yourself to watch it , it never works it just goes on a loading screen . but this app works well (besides that—)
  • Love the app, here are some suggestions 5/5

    By Chylkie
    I love the app I use it almost everyday (because of my free time) but it works perfectly and I don’t usually have problems. But they are a few bugs that happen like sometimes the anime I want to watch doesn’t work because my WiFi is on. But honestly I think it’s because of the module and not the app. There are some things that could be better so here are my suggestions: 1) A sorting system for the “watching” tab. 2) A prioritize bookmark (a button that bookmarks a anime so it’s easier to find, if you have a bunch of anime on your watching list) 3) Fix the “download” tab so we can watch offline 4) Have a rating system for each anime, so when people finish a anime they can rate is 1 to 5 and others can see the ratings as well.
  • Bykugan 4/5

    By bssbdbe
    It’s a great app I like it But 1 when you accidentally sidle to much to the right left up down it’s kicks you out from the episode then now you gotta do it all over 2 almost every episode you gotta do a human verification sum like that like bruh lemme watch 3 ion really mind the ads you can earn money you deserve it 4 sum times the audio is horrible same w the quality
  • English 4/5

    By Maktpk06!
    How do I change it to English I can’t figure it out or find anything on how to do it. Ik I can change it because my cousin changed it but he didn’t show me how. Can anyone tell me. But other than that it is a really good app I think.
  • Best app ever😁👍🏽 5/5

    By zakami01
    This has been one of the best apps I ever had. There is a lot of anime’s here that can’t find on other apps. So really love this app. I give this on a five stars. Thank you for this app.🤩
  • Great app hope to see it in windows and android !! 5/5

    By andreams22
    This is a great safe and efficient app to use that I highly recommend!! There r some issues with some servers but it’s always easy to use another server so again I highly recommend!!!
  • This is the greatest anime app ever 5/5

    By Im a alligator :3
    There are basically NO ADS and you can watch any anime even if it’s exclusive to some places, it’s so amazing.
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By jargotytros
    It doesn’t even let me watch anything
  • Free anime is good 5/5

    By KermitSlayer709
    This app is very good if you’re a weeb like me. This app dose not give you viruses so it’s good
  • Amazing app but with issues 5/5

    By Hi guys!!✋
    This app is amazing and I love it but I i have some issues with the new update. The videos used to have different options for watching them but now that they changed its rare that I can watch an episode of any anime. It either never loads or just starts playing something that I can’t neither hear nor see. Please try to fix this!!
  • Great app but not reliable at times 4/5

    By 😂😂😂😂koko😂😂😂😂
    I started to watch this app and it has been great for weeks for my naruto grind😂, however tonight it had some bugs such as not wanting to airplay to my tv all the sudden and not wanting to load the episodes it would show loading then go back to episode choosing. PLZ FIX THE BUGS.
  • Where’s the manga 3/5

    By osbsod wow de
    So I still have the last app on my phone and there is manga on that app but what about this app how do I get manga
  • Please fix KATSU 1/5

    By im MAD!!!!?!!?!??
    I used to love KATSU I would go on it everyday but now it wouldn’t let me watch some anime and I get sad cuz I want to use KATSU and watch more anime but I can’t
  • I’m human 3/5

    By gyuol 67490
    It keep saying I’m a robot and It make me not watch anime
  • Anime 5/5

    By Aflrajshsbaba 28:$:!
    I get like every anime I’ve searched so far and it’s great I’ve had this for 3 days now and I love it I used to watch Naruto Shippuden on Hulu then I had to watch sub after Itachi died but now everything is in dub now it’s much better I appreciate it!
  • Good app 5/5

    By this boiii
    This app is so good I can watch all of the anime show with out paying this app is good recommend to every one that like anime.
  • . 4/5

    By Angel.13c
    I love this app it is a very useful app if you don’t have Netflix or Hulu and also it’s really easy to get the hang of it but the only thing is it has a lot of bugs like sometimes it doesn’t let you see some shows and I always have to delete the app and re download so it works but other than that it’s a really great app but it just needs a little work on it.
  • How do you turn it sideways 5/5

    By jaicjejdjs
    How do you turn it sideways
  • Ok app 3/5

    By James mezovari
    This app is great for Naruto Shippuden English dub episodes but they put so many different serves available to watch which is ok, but certain episodes in the series don’t start even if I keep changing which server to use

KATSU by Orion app comments

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