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  • Current Version: 7.35.0
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KATV News App

The KATV news app delivers news, weather and sports in an instant. With the new and fully redesigned app you can watch live newscasts, get up-to-the minute local and national news, weather and traffic conditions and stay informed via notifications alerting you to breaking news and local events. • Breaking news alerts and stories • Live streaming • New weather section with hourly and daily forecasts • Live weather radar and traffic information • Completely overhauled app that is faster and easier to use

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KATV News app reviews

  • Passports 5/5

    By babydoll345
    Let’s look at voter passports rather than COVID 19 passports!!!!
  • Poor video quality 3/5

    By Chicksnickity
    When watching live streaming of the governors Covid update everyday, Chl. 7’s view is ALWAYS blurry. I usually watch the update on Chl. 11 just because you can’t see ANYTHING on 7’s site. It’s been this way for MONTHS. What’s going on? I watch this on my iPad. Does your AtV station look the same way? Please fix this issue. Thank you, Shirl
  • Orientation 2/5

    By BrerPossum
    Please fix app to work in landscape. Take a look at Channel 11’s app.
  • Does not change orientation 1/5

    By Squint96d
    Why is it that this app will not change orientation when rotating the iPad?
  • Blacked out 1/5

    By holder2
    Loved this app and used every day until the last update all the txt is blacked when you open the news article. The only thing that comes up is the advertisements. I’ve checked settings deleted and reloaded app same problem. Please fix!!!
  • Articles 1/5

    Where have they gone? It is now an advertisement app. Whoever pushed this update through should have tested it on a phone first. Only the elderly use iPads at this point.
  • Update Fail 3/5

    By Redacted1
    The ads work on my iPhone 6S, but that’s about all. Got a few pictures and headlines. No video or articles. IPad version works great.
  • Yesterday’s news 1/5

    By TWTerri
    DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS!! This app does not have up to date news stories. Many times I open it three days after the college football or basketball game and that’s still the only new story.
  • News updates 2/5

    By Soso3456
    Updates are not current with news. Sometimes you news/updates are over 24 hrs with nothing posted.
  • Live broadcast is worthless 1/5

    I was watching morning news when power went out at house. — I know, I can watch the KATV broadcast live on the app (at least that is what they promote). I quickly started the app so i could continue watching where i was (i figured there would be some delay). I had to watch multiple commercials that i know what not on their live broadcast. My power came back on 5 minutes later - there was the live broadcast on my TV, but my mobile device.... noooo. After about 3 minutes of commercials (worthless commercials I should add), the display on my mobile device said “we’ll be right back”. All this time - the KATV morning news broadcast was going strong on my TV. Just for my curiosity, I shut down the app, restarted it. Selected the Live View button (remember - the KATV morning news is on my TV at this time). As soon as the video feed starts up - the same commercials as before on the KATV app (while not showing any of the actual live KATV news broadcast).
  • Local livestream 2/5

    By littelvick
    How do I get to it?

    By jtcjnr
    Well, it isn't making a one sound on iPhone 7 with notifications. Please place a sound on the notifications! On the previous version, notifications would come through, but no sound. Hopefully that has been repaired. Those notifications with sound are needed, especially with weather alerts.
  • Comet network advertisements terrible 2/5

    By Cfclay
    Are use this app to watch the six and 10 o'clock news. The comet network ads are completely horrible and annoying. I wish you could just put in the same commercials that play over the air on the television. Additionally, sometimes there are two available needs to watch, I don't follow or understand that.
  • Where's Ned? 1/5

    By Yak dude
    Unable to view weather with this app. Previous version was GREAT!! For years i've relied on KATV and we've grown to think of KATV as part of our family. Must now use another crew to get our news and weather. Sad to lose family members.
  • News Updates 2/5

    By MadMax124
    Constantly receiving news teasers. But when swiped for more information there is nothing to be found when opening the app. If it continues much longer I will have to delete.
  • Update Failure ! 1/5

    By jmhtv52
    6.11.8 Update is a failure. Please correct.
  • 😡 1/5

    By Ward1120
    Used to be my favorite news app. Crazy redirects ruined that. The redirect won't allow you to view it and return to the news app. I'm deleting this app
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Amr2648
    You can't open a story or the app without it redirecting you to the App Store for some kind of game?!? 😡😤 very very frustrating!!
  • AFnewsjunkie 1/5

    By Cruisemaster13
    Loved this app for local news. Unusable now. When I opened it, it repeatedly redirected me to the App Store for video game apps. It did this 6 times in a row, and then I just closed it, and it sent me back to the App Store again just after I closed it.
  • Apps crazy 1/5

    By DRM#1
    Liked the app but now as you scroll thru stories. Other apps come up constantly. Fix it please.
  • Done with this app 1/5

    By SF Hawke
    Every time I open the app, it open the App Store to a STUPID GAME APP!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Drumin8r
    Since a couple of updates ago, I can't exit the tutorial. Also why does it not go into landscape mode like the old app. I've searched for support but had no luck. I used to like this app so I guess I will keep waiting for it to be fixed?
  • So so 3/5

    By Snicklefritz Kitten
    I can get lots of info from this app but my biggest complaint is the push notifications. I get one, swipe to open the app & who know where the story is? Maybe I can find it after the next news cast but that loses the whole point of a notification
  • Poor 1/5

    By Needacoolgal
    I get push notifications of new news stories. I click on the notification on my phone to open the app and the story is nowhere to be found. Very frustrating. I will delete the app and use another news app.
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By DingDinger
    Loved this app till the last update! Unusable Now! I miss being able to watch the latest news, don't always have time to read but I could listen...please help...
  • Site is frozen after review 1/5

    This app is useless. Does not work at all. Bugs galore.
  • Cannot see live news stream 1/5

    By Wolfgcso
    Something happened and I have not been able to see the news in quite a while. Done.
  • It won't work12345 1/5

    By Gimme a break12345
    Updated my katv news app with this...now I have nothing. App tells how to use but that's it!!! No news....old one worked fine, but you just had to screw it up.....really
  • From bad to worse 1/5

    By Bdeyes777
    Could you have made this app any worse? First I had to beg it for any local news. Now each time I launch it the app tells me there is no news at all, and I have to poke and prod it to get any information. Pitiful.
  • Do not like the new update 1/5

    By Thumbs down X 10
    Please add a tab for local news. I don't care anything about national news. I have other apps for that information.
  • Channel 7 app 1/5

    By Richweav
    Doesn't load the news feed most of the time. Closing and reopening doesn't help. Using Iphone with most recent update. The app is worthless.
  • I don't like the update 2/5

    By Likesitsimple
    There should be a tab for local, because that's why I have this app. I don't need an app for national news.
  • Terrible Terrible Terrible!!!! 1/5

    By M&JPeery
    I loved the KATV app for years. When they recently changed it, I couldn't find ANYTHING I wanted to see. The "video" section is completely gone. The news is all jumbled up. I did find a "feedback" button and gave them my opinion three different times. After three weeks of waiting for improvements, I found nothing had changed. I finally have deleted the app from my phone and found a different local news station to follow. Sorry KATV, but you lost another loyal fan!! If it would go back to the way it was before, I would immediately put it back on my phone. Local news needs to be current and it needs to be separated from national news. Sports should be the same. And, PLEASE, put the videos back! I loved being able to go back and find video clips of segments I had missed or wanted someone else to see.
  • I'M DONE!!! 1/5

    By Scpba794
    Well, after the "enhancement" on 13 Sep 2015, I'm DONE with this app. When I saw it had been updated, I said I would give it one more try. Boy was I Wrong!! I downloaded it again today and could not find one thing different from the previous fix on 2 September. Still no Local news section and garbage that's not needed. You all would please a lot of people if you would just put it back like the original app was before the complete do over that you call an enhancement. Will not recommend it to anyone. Sorry KATV but worse news app ever!!
  • Messed up a good app 1/5

    By Retro Daddio
    I've waited three revisions to comment on this revised app. The new look is okay, but they refuse to make a landscape option available. Why would you make an app for the iPad in portrait only? The next problem is that the news items are jumbled on the screen senselessly. There are week old stories mixed in with new ones. How hard is it to divide the stories into national, state and local headers? How hard is it to display chronologically? This one gets deleted. I gave it three chances, but I don't have time for developers who don't understand their platforms.
  • What?? 1/5

    By Dennis_in_ar
    This is terrible. Pretty much useless.
  • Where is the old APP!!!! 1/5

    By dnorri
    Bring back the old APP wasn't great but you could at least watch the weather video.
  • What a bore 1/5

    By Oh no x 10
    Don't like the AP update , won't be using it any more.
  • New and not-so-improved 1/5

    By LMG70
    This update has made this app awful. I liked to be able to see local news at a glance but now its filtered in amongst all other news. This update is awful. I may not be keeping this app for much longer.
  • Example of how to ruin a great app!!! 1/5

    By jsmobbs46
    The previous app was easy to use and find what you were looking for. It was well layed out and made sense. Now it looks like everyone else and is hard to find the news you want. No landscape mode either. Can't believe KATV signed off on this. What a mistake!!!
  • Ridiculous "update" ruined app 1/5

    By CapnStevo1
    I agree with all the other reviewers. The "update" has ruined a good local news and weather app. The previous app was easy to navigate, options for all sections appeared on the home screen and you just had to swipe through the section you were interested in. It was my go-to app for local everything. This new update has primarily national/world news and you can't make heads or tails of he weather section. Sometimes you should leave good enough alone. I'm using other sources for local info now.....that's a shame.
  • Horrible Update 1/5

    By Red4Summer
    If I wanted to see world news, I would install CNN. I want to see local news. Bring back the old app!
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Queep12
    This update is worthless. I want to delete it. Bring the old one back!!
  • KATV 1/5

    By Kramer Rab
    I also fall into the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp. There are better apps for Natl/World news. Now there are better ones for local news also.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Too old now
    Want this app for local news. Use other apps for national/world news. Just tried to follow up on news story for tonight's broadcast and story is nowhere to be found. Noticed what few local stories were on the site were a few days old. Is this supposed to be local station or national network app?
  • Not an improvement 1/5

    By Hspd 519
    This app was completely usable and easy to navigate in. Someone decided it needed changed. This version lumps all the former news categories together in one long string. If you have no interest in a category like sports or politics you still have to scroll by those articles. Even worse, if you're looking for a story that you know is local news you get to scroll endlessly through articles from all categories until you find, or don't find, what you're looking for. I found it more palatable to simply delete the app.
  • No 1/5

    By Doonie1200977
    Difficult to navigate. News feed contains very little local news. Abc app is better for national and world news. Really don't need this app if no local news is reported. Boo
  • New update is HORRID!! 1/5

    By J McCormic
    Get a different news source for the central AR area. The latest update killed 75% of the news feed.
  • Not enough Arkansas news 2/5

    By rachelalex17
    There's too much world news on the main news feed. I would like to be able to see more Arkansas specific news.