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KCRA 3 News - Sacramento App

Take the KCRA 3 News app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Sacramento and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the KCRA 3 News app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Sacramento breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our KCRA 3 News reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Share stories via email or your social media pages - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Sacramento weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Sacramento weather alerts and updates, First Alert weather videocasts and more

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KCRA 3 News - Sacramento app reviews

  • Review 3/5

    By Viewer for many years
    So tired and bored of the same ads over and over again. Also discouraged when clicking on a headline and the list of top stories comes on instead.
  • 5 o’clock news 2/5

    By mikeeddy0847
    You say “Where the news comes first”. I don’t know how many times channel 3 and 58 have both, on the same day, elected not to have the normal news at 5P.M. to show some other thing. There are too many things going on in the world today, both globally, and much closer to home here inNorthern California. The power outages, wild fires, mass shootings, the impeachment hearings. And yet you telecast a soccer game or the Big Bang Theory. Or both at the same time. That’s why I have turned to other stations for the news. If your going to say “Where the news comes first” you should carry through and carry the news. Games don’t impact me. Things going on in the world can, and do impact me and my family. Until I can rely on your station to broadcast the news everyday at 5 I’ll continue to follow the news elsewhere.
  • Ads 3/5

    By bgsending
    Too many ads. One up top, another at the side, another at bottom and they won’t go away.
  • Great! 5/5

    By judybell2002
    Love it!
  • KCRA 2/5

    By 1935joker
    Headlines often not in sync with actual news. Annoying!!
  • Issue reading articles 3/5

    By Krabit17
    Love the station, but reading articles on the app or online is a pain. When a photo comes up or an advertisement, it cuts off part of the story. Whomever is your web designer, they need to fix the code so it doesn’t cut off part of the story. FOX40 doesn’t have this issue. I may have to switch.
  • Great app 5/5

    By improvise adapt and overcome
    Best local news app
  • Video links 3/5

    By matthewpesco72
    This would be a great app, if only videos actually played coverage of the article shown. Videos often do not match the article mentioned. I frequently find myself watching coverage of weather or traffic when my interest was in something totally different.
  • Still My Hometown favorite news channel! 5/5

    By CMae&Co
    I live on the Central Coast now ( Pismo Beach) but I stream live Ch 3 every night. It helps me not feel so homesick. I use to see Gulstan at my gym and restrained myself from being hauled away while singing ya.alls praises but honestly, no better weather guy than Mark Finan...well let’s keep,it real...all of you rock!
  • Weather sync problem 1/5

    By NAHPiano
    I am so frustrated with this app because I can’t rely on it for accurate information. I will go to it to find out the upcoming weather forecast - just for today & tomorrow - and I see one thing. Then I listen to the morning news and they say something completely different. If they can’t get the weather on the app to match what the meteorologist says, how can I trust it for accurate news? I’ve reported it several times and no answer/no change.
  • Stories chopped 3/5

    By mailgal
    Tired of news stories being cut off mid sentence for ads. Get it together!
  • I Would Love to Give 5 Stars, but I can’t 2/5

    By Long Time KCRA fan
    KCRA is just a fabulous news station. Unfortunately its website / app is pretty terrible. I would have given one star, but I raised it to two stars because the weather section is quite good. So what’s the problem?? The problem is HOW OUTDATED the lead stories are. What’s the point of calling it news when it is old. I do NOT want to check KCRA @ 6:30 a.m. to get the overnight news only to find I am looking at what I saw 12...or more...hours earlier. KCRA surely can find competent staffers to continually update the site 24 hours a day.
  • Wish the ads would go away 3/5

    By Bizaleth
    I understand the need for ads. But I get so frustrated when reading a story and the ad is blocking an important detail and there is no way to get that info in the app.
  • Does Lisa Gonzalez have. Black eye? 5/5

    My husband and I have a bet that she has a black eye. She’s gorgeous!
  • Ads-aaaaccccckkkk! 4/5

    By JenOP417
    I love KCRA anchors and stories. However, like others have reported, it’s frustrating to read a story on my iPhone and have an ad blocking the story. Can’t this be fixed quickly?
  • Please fix this! 2/5

    By GBresident
    Whenever I forward a story to someone, either by text or by email, it sends the story twice.That means the photo image link appears within a text, and the story link twice in an email. It’s annoying, and makes it look like I did it myself, when it’s actually something your app is doing. Can you please fix this? This is in addition a to the redundancy of ads with each video story, and difficulty getting to a story through all the ads and anchored newscasts.
  • Incomplete Stories 2/5

    By UCDT
    I like to follow KCRA3 news and I have liked the app for a long time. Lately, though, the stories are cut off by advertisements and then continue a paragraph down in the story. It’s been like this for awhile with no fix in the last update. The other annoying thing it that if you want check the weather of another city, you need to know the zip code!
  • Love KCRA but app needs fixing! 4/5

    By "The CLoak!!!!"
    It is just frustrating and sad that whenever I go to read a news report, the sentences cut off above an advertisement displayed. They never continue, and I’m left without information. This happens again and again...and again. Also whenever a Twitter quote/post is within the content of the report, while scrolling, the text will flicker and disappear. It jumps around. I mostly ignore the ads but I do concur with other reviewers. I do understand the need for the ads for revenue but there is a point where it is too much and distracts from the news report. Also sometimes, the video accompanying the report has nothing to do with the report at all; there’s no correlation. Now I’ve been watching KCRA for years, and have been using their app for a few years. I will continue to use and support KCRA but some fixes in the app are very much needed. Thank you for all you do!
  • Do away with commercials 3/5

    Hate the noisy commercials
  • Getting my online news elsewhere 1/5

    By Bizzy traveler
    I used to love this app but for some time now it has been increasingly frustrating to read. The news articles are obscured by advertisements. Can’t you figure this out ?!
  • Weather 2/5

    By Ramjet!
    Your weather reporting needs to be drastically improved!!! The vast majority of days you’re “low” temperature is from 4 to 7° higher than it actually is...
  • Difficult to navigate 3/5

    By Leslie K. OP
    I am trying to get to the stories that show up? Nope.
  • Rate you guys 3/5

    By Jp0718
    Only news show I watch at 11 pm, but way, way too much focus on HS football, so don’t even watch. Wake up, not every sports fan love the whiners or the let’s get outta town losers from Oakland! I’m forever a Denver Broncos and LA Dodgers fan, so you’ve followed newspapers trend to ignoring them but have stories about losers like Kapernick who sooo disrespectful of being an American citizen. Please I’m a second generation American, my grandfather faced Irish need not apply, but he (Kapernick) sure doesn’t mind the US dollars. Love Mark Finan weather reports that I rely on and I just turn off the rest when weather is over
  • Six stories on the screen. Each of them requiring you watch the same commercial. 3/5

    By illusions37
    A little variety in the ads would be nice. I do like the numbered countdown for the ads. At least you know when the end is coming. But then the same ad is played over and over again.

    By 1tjsepe1
    KCRA will write or copy articles from the far left Never Trumpers who hate the President more than love their homeland. They will quote from LYING 'shifty' Schiff, (He made up a false transcript of the President's phone call to Ukraine and read it before Congress & the American People to falsely impeach the President) but never from REPUBLICAN NUNES or JORDAN because of FEAR of exposure to the TRUTH! That's ok. Their are plenty of honest everyday folks, like myself, that will tweet your article and then the truthful NON-BIASED articles attached to it. This impeachment farce will backfire on Dems just like the #RussianHoax , Mueller Failure, etc...😂
  • Please give us a choice 4/5

    By Yanmarguy
    When I open a story there are times I’d just like to read the content rather than watch the news cast, which by the way, is some of the time not even related to the story! It would be great if the story opened as an article with the option of hitting a play button. Please keep in mind when watching the app the use of speakers or ear buds are not always options. Thanks!
  • Always informed 5/5

    By Marily08
    I sign up for the alerts & works great for me. Always know what’s going on.
  • Unfinished sentences 1/5

    By truley irritated
    I would give this zero stars if it would let me. Why don’t the stories have full sentences? It is soooooo frustrating that the sentences are disjointed!!!!!
  • KCRA App. 3/5

    By Zinforpop
    Give me a way to turn the sound off so I can read the text without disturbing others— such as at work. You apparently don’t want many responses because one has to try 15+ nicknames before being able to send the response.
  • The best there is... 3/5

    By Sandi's husband
    Not “THE” best, just the best available in our Central Valley area. Like all media outlets...slanted, wish you would just report and let your viewers decide left or right or?? Early morning crew is tops for sure...traffic coverage and am reporter are amazingly accurate and very easy to watch before coffee. Couple of long term reports have become long winded like their tenure. All I ask is keep personal feelings out of it...just report the facts even if you don’t “break” the story.
  • Very disappointed! 1/5

    By ipkaren
    I really love KCRA so I was looking forward to getting news and weather! But all I am getting is a little news and a ton of advertisements and musical ads! Unless this changes am going to consider deleting their app!
  • Content covered by advertising 2/5

    By Nana Lusa
    Same complaint as others. Content is often covered by advertising. Very frustrating and deters me from using app.
  • Live Coverage of Officer Funerals 1/5

    By Nisha-Tessa
    Please stop the commercials before you can watch the live streaming of law enforcement funerals. It is so disrespectful.
  • Love it 5/5

    By KarenKalifornia
    The app makes it easy to keep up with what’s going on. I use it all the time
  • Major glitch lately 3/5

    By Awesome Pink Fluffy Unicorns
    I am having the exact same problem frustrated is having. Sentences just stop for no reason right before an ad and you can never find the rest of the sentence. It was great before but this is a major glitch.
  • Problem with ads covering content 2/5

    By OVH Master
    Recently ads cover article content and they can’t be removed. I’ve tried emailing app support but have never heard back.
  • November 2019 UPDATE - Let’s watch yet ANOTHER commercial 1/5

    By mechers
    UPDATE - 11.04.2019: I realize I said that I am going to delete this app, but I am keeping this app for one reason. They do occasionally send out alerts that I need to know. If it is something that pertains and is important, I will open the app. Of course I will have to view a commercial before seeing the alert. The last straw is they are running ads for a police and fire department (Torrence I believe) in Southern California. What in the HELL does that have to do with the Sacramento area and why am I supposed to care that the Torrence PD or FD can protect its people? They are around 400+ miles south of Sacramento. So yes KCRA, I will stay, but only if it important. I know I will get texts from you if I don’t log into your app and you will threaten to delete me. If it is that important to you that I log in, than delete me if I don’t. I don’t care. BTW, it states the app is free. If that is the case, then why does it matter if someone logs into it or not? Why does it matter? Please explain. There are other news sources in Sacramento, and I will use those for my news needs. UPDATE - 07.29.2019: My original view is below. It was three (3) stars but I have to change it to one (1) star.I am just about done with the KCRA app. They don’t bother to reply to a view so this will be for those that read reviews. The things that I wrote about in my original review (about 13 months ago) still apply. There are still ads that repeat ad nauseam. The final straw for me is they texted me to alert me to a live update on the tragic Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting. Believe it or not, I had to watch a commercial before the started the update. How pathetic that KCRA puts their financial well being before such an important update. How pathetic. I know I won’t be missed, but perhaps (but I a not betting on it) on of the other local channels won’t be as bad. If so, I will stick with national feeds that don’t run incessant commercials. 6.7.2018: While I do understand the need to bring in revenue to help keep KCRA running, is it really necessary to show the same commercial time after time after time before showing the video I selected? Apparently it is. I guess that they don’t think I will remember what I saw the first 10+ times the ad ran. Sometimes the ads are longer than the video! Please stop with the incessant babble of the unnecessary ads. Once, in this case, is enough. Secondly, if I don’t log onto KCRA for awhile (not sure how long) I get a threatening text saying I will be taking off the alert list because I haven’t logged on. Well guess what KCRA, there are other news sources out there and KCRA is not the only one I subscribe to. Besides, it is all electronic and I am sure the amount of bandwidth it takes to send me the message is not that great. Please allow us the flexibility of deciding which story we will log onto from KCRA. After all, as KCRA used to promote, “There is more to life than news, weather and sports”.
  • Traffic Map 3/5

    By Upset in Cali
    I rely on the traffic map. A few years back it was great. Recently it was changed. Hard to use and navigate now. Because of this I do t use it as much anymore.
  • App doesn’t do KCRA justice 4/5

    KCRA is great for covering local events (we just had an officer involved shooting on my street and the KCRA helicopter was here rapidly providing live video!) The app however leaves much to be desired! Every time you want to read a small article you have to watch an ad. Each time you log in to the site you have to watch an ad. It’s so annoying when you are attempting to get news that impacts your life and that if your fellow citizens! The articles don’t seem to be complete either. I could be done better to fit with the quality of KCRA!
  • News 3/5

    By Skaggerspl
    Coverage of HS Sports incomplete and hard to find. Even worse is old news items that do not tell when they were first added. Prefer only current news. I can search for older stories.
  • Advertisements cut articles 3/5

    By Debra Sedwick
    While I can appreciate the need for KCRA to include advertisements, the placement is cutting off content to the articles. I find it very frustrating reading an article only to find part of it cut off from an advertisement. I suggest that this be fixed as I’m at the point I only read the headlines and don’t bother with the article knowing it won’t be complete. Soon I won’t bother with the headlines—I’ll just find another news app!
  • Fixes needed 1/5

    By AB Pokerman
    Need to fix bugs. Stories get chopped off by ads. Also remember “who, what, when, where”.
  • Muting Ads 3/5

    By SusieNews!
    I would rate this app much higher except for the extremely annoying ad that pops up at the top of every screen on full volume!!! How does one mute this ad! I’m just trying to quietly check hot news items and the farm blasting ad comes on!! I’ve had to remember to turn my volume down all the way but then I miss important phone calls. Please fix this. Thanks!!
  • Could be better 3/5

    By mauna loa high
    When I choose a news website I go there for current headlines. Often times I find the news on KCRA website is over a day old.
  • Grateful for you! 5/5

    By ChynahMoon
    While I was growing up and raising my family in Sacramento, KCRA TV was always there to inform and educate me and keep me company throughout each day. Now that my husband’s job has taken us across the country, I am grateful that I can still count on the KCRA app to fulfill the same function. Since I can no longer read the Sacramento Bed without subscribing (we cant afford that), thank you so much for always being there to keep me informed on what is happening at home!
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By Sparker6790
    I have used and really liked this app for several years. However, in recent weeks, I haven’t been able to read all the content of many articles. Sentences will be left unfinished where an ad is stuck in the middle of an article. I haven’t been able to get rid of the ad, or to find the rest of the article. Instead, the article is often continued without ever being able to complete the section I was reading. I am not always in a location where I can view a video, so it’s important to be able to read the article in it’s entirety. KCRA 3 has been my favorite local news & weather station for more than 30 years. While I will continue to watch it on TV, I’m considering looking for another local news app on my iPhone.
  • Rating 3/5

    By Buckshot5bishop
    For the site itself works well. Just have a problem with the never ending commercials. I know that they help pay the bills but they are the same commercial over and over.
  • Up-To-Date News 5/5

    By Dr. JCB
    Current, real time news for Sacramento and surrounding areas. On-the-scene and studio reporters zero in on what’s important. Great fire coverage.
  • What happened ? 3/5

    By SRP549
    I enjoy reading the news items until an add is inserted and after the add it is clear that something from the article is missing. I feel like something pertinent has been left out especially since the interruption is often mid sentence leaving the reader hanging. Hope you can correct the edits so that a story appears whole.

KCRA 3 News - Sacramento app comments

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