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KCRA 3 News - Sacramento App

Take the KCRA 3 News app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Sacramento and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the KCRA 3 News app for free today. Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include: - Sacramento breaking news alerts with push notifications - Live streaming breaking news updates from our KCRA 3 News reporters when it happens, where it happens - Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air - Share stories via email or your social media pages - Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Sacramento weather updates, and 7 day forecasts - An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity - Sacramento weather alerts and updates, First Alert weather videocasts and more

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KCRA 3 News - Sacramento app reviews

  • Cannot read the full story. 2/5

    By LDYB1
    I read the news stories on the app every morning. I am rating this app a 2 because lately the stories at the beginning of the story are cut off mid sentence by an ad. It is very annoying to say the least. Even when I delete the ad it is just blank space When I scroll past the ad or where the ad was the story picks up again with a new sentence. I never get the full story because the story is broken mid sentence and story/s is ad ridden. I like KCRA however being not able to read the full story is frustrating and it may drive me away from its app.
  • Ads are blocking story details 1/5

    By need_zzz's
    The articles are missing info because the ads cover/hide potions of the stories.
  • News 5/5

    By myteb
    The app is very good. I can pull it up anytime of the day to see what’s going on, and it’s always update it. No complaints
  • Best weather app.. excellent Interactive radar 5/5

    By Joan Tardieu Mason
    I share with everyone this is best... allows me see where the Snow and rain is going hit me.... I live in Minden Nevada It even shows Johnson Lane where I live... There isn’t a interactive app. This good in Nevada ... Your app. Is much better then the weather channel app. I even used it in Hawaii...
  • Like keeping informed 5/5

    By 56832u
    Really enjoy Live Copter 3! This app allows us to have a birds eye view.
  • Cat girl 5/5

    By Crenn
    Love the app.
  • Review 1/5

    By dvs1226
    Delete all news that are over one (1) day old.
  • Back to the beginning 3/5

    By WindyGirlF
    While I like the website and can even tolerate the endless commercials, I’m unhappy with being put back to the top of the page almost every time I finish a story. If I’m down in Entertainment or Sports I’d like to finish an article then when done, be returned to where I left off instead of scrolling back down the whole page. Come on Channel 3; you have the funds and should have the expertise to have your page run at a more professional level.
  • Ads 3/5

    By juanita 175
    The same ad being played over and over to many times.
  • Ads turn me off. 2/5

    By stuf it.
    I hate all the ads every time you go to read a commercial breaks in before you even get to read anything I hate that I would love to see more but I hate all the ads bye-bye
  • Content 3/5

    By Leroy8910
    I like to be able to see what is happening in area fairly quickly but the content in the middle and lower portion of the service tends to stay for several weeks and isn’t updated!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By 1stNoel
    I read the articles I am interested in and ignore the rest. I very seldom watch the news on tv.
  • Past headlines 3/5

    By Black Cat Mom
    Some of the past stories remain on web for a long time. Example the story of the baseball player who passed away & Dale Earnhardt’s plane crash are still up.
  • No access if you’re out of the area 2/5

    By apphap
    I travel a lot but like to stay in touch with what’s going on at home. This app doesn’t allow that. If I’m not in the KCRA viewing area, I can’t access anything on the app (just a blank screen). Even with location services turned off, it won’t allow any access. Very frustrating.
  • No associated video of story 1/5

    By Seemehappy
    For the past few months when you click on a story it shows it has a video associated with it, but the only video that shows is the morning stories for that day that have nothing to do with the story I clicked on. If there’s no video to show for a story then don’t show a video at all. It’s annoying when I think there’s a video associated with a story and it turns out to be morning highlight stories that have nothing to do with what the linked story. Please correct this issue. Thank you
  • Could be better... 3/5

    By Tmsimmons56
    I don’t want video to play, unless I select it. I prefer reading. I could be anywhere and not bother anyone. Fix this so the video won’t automatically play.
  • Glitchy with too many ad’s. 1/5

    By Nickjones3177
    I enjoy this app just as much as I enjoy watching CNN. It’s glitchy and crashes half the time. When I’m curious and actually interested in a story that matters, I have to watch 8 minuets of ad’s to see a 30 second video that’s so unhelpful I should of just tried to read the story. (Also full of ad’s). If there was a paid version with no ad’s I would buy it just so I didn’t have to see all that.. please at least make the app work..
  • Great coverage! 5/5

    By zu's gramma
    We raised our son in the Lodi area and retired out of state. KCRA is how we keep up with what’s going on “back home” from weather to news and sports. I check the app daily, and often. I have no complaints.
  • Sound 4/5

    By scass2
    I enjoy reading the news on my phone but the sound can not be turned off so you can’t just read with out the voice over
  • Temperature Reporting for Lodi 2/5

    By Michigander1952
    For over 6 months I have been requesting that KCRA’s weather dept investigate their reported temperatures for Lodi. They are consistently 5-9 degrees higher than The Weather Channel, Fox 40, ABC 10 and my own Lacrosse Station which are all within 2-3 degrees of each other. They haven’t even offered an explanation.
  • Saj 5/5

    By Camroz
    I’ve had this app about 2 yrs & get very timely/ correct info. Much appreciated! Sometimes I’m first in my group to become aware— thx to KCRA.
  • App needs to fix problems 4/5

    By wanting to like
    Sometimes the news will stop, repeat a partial sentence, or skip that part and go on with something else. I’m dependent on my iPad for news, as I have given up cable.
  • Crash... crash... crash 1/5

    By PaulHDelman
    Airplay/Screen Mirroring DOES NOT WORK... dumb commercials stream just fine... but the news stream crashes and glitches every time. Same issue on my MacBook... can’t airplay this app from any device with quality. iPhone XS Max.
  • News alerts should be newsworthy 4/5

    By boonjoe831
    I live in Lake County, and PAY additional money each month to follow channel 3 news which is, in my opinion, the best news coverage. Having said that, when I receive a news alert, I have to wait sometimes up to 5 minutes to open the alert and read what it is. Also, I wait that long and then read something that really is not all that “news worthy”. Please fix with your next update the alert delay because sometimes the information is important and should be read right away.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DMoney808
    Way way way too many ads. I understand free apps are gonna have ads but I can’t read a single story or watch a single story without having to watch an ad each time. This makes this app useless unless KCRA3 is going to pay for my data.
  • Biased 1/5

    By 1tjsepe1
    Biased and one sided approach. No real search feature. Cannot enlarge pictures

    By GBresident
    I hate how you have to watch a commercial with every story you want to view. AND, you can’t just view a story. You have to sit through the anchor reading it and other stories. Why can’t you just extract the particular story, as it shows up on your main menu, without having to view the entire old newscast? All a person wants to do is READ the details, and view the video version if desired. This app has such potential, but never lives up to our expectations.
  • Volume issues 2/5

    By Ccowens
    No matter what level my volume is set to, videos always start with an ad that blast out of the speaker at full volume. Extremely annoying
  • Article not what you clicked on 2/5

    By skibum19
    Now you click on a news article and story but the video clip has absolutely nothing to do with the article/news story but generally the top stories of the day.
  • Informative 5/5

    By loofahlilly
    This app gives you down home news that’s informative I have been KCRA fan since I was 5 years old
  • KCRA 3 1/5

    By Wallace357
    This station has become more liberal and very negative. All they focus is on the negative and never have a balance of the good and bad in the world. I can’t stand them anymore. If it’s more balanced I could watch it but I’m done. I will stick with NOAA and weather channel since that’s no manipulated or negative all the time.
  • KCRA app review 3/5

    By Poppa Bear 1976
    You need less advertisements that confuse the app use. It’s often difficult for me to follow a story due to frequent advertisements popping up during my attempts to get to your news stories. Also, just give us the news without the left (or right politics) unless they are truly part of the fact picture.
  • KCRA App 5/5

    By feather1288
    NBC’s always first up with all the current news and I appreciate and count on that. KCRA keeps me apprised of what’s happening locally. Love the interactive weather data and use it a lot. Thanks for the great app!
  • Sports is so limited 3/5

    By profweather
    I would like to see high school, college and pro sports scores on a timely basis.
  • Alerts 3/5

    By Rioosoblanco
    All too frequently i get an alert, go to the site and the item is not there. Perhaps posting the item prior to the alert prior to the alert may help your reader.
  • App better than Air. 3/5

    By Elzak
    Hi! You are doing great with the App. Check it often. Much better than the live show on Ch. 3, where you constantly are praising yourselves with being trusted the most, the fact is that you repeatedly keep running the same story for days, while most of the plentiful other news are ignored. Apparently, you have a very professional crew, however, it frankly fast becomes annoying to have to listen to the two top nightly lady reporter’s constant loud gasping for air. Singers learn how to breathe, why not anchor ladies? Love your weather, however, we don’t need a half hour show telling us the it is or has been raining. O. K. Everybody has the ability to improve, why don’t you try that, and reduce your repeatedly patting yourselves on the back. Have a nice day.
  • Just go over to CNN for the liberal hate propaganda 2/5

    By real americans
    Not much for real news reports, just more of the liberal BS bias from CNN! Start doing your own reporting and be more neutral.
  • Adds 3/5

    By eosports
    I understand that selling advertising is a source of income, but when I have to sit through an add that’s longer then the subject, that’s aggravating and it gives the impression that you care more about the add than the story.
  • Great but repetitive. 4/5

    By Arleigh S.
    Great app. Regarding the news stories after the main headlines, I wish they would not run the same ones over and over and over and...
  • July 2019 UPDATE - Let’s watch yet ANOTHER commercial 1/5

    By mechers
    UPDATE - 07.29.2019: My original view is below. It was three (3) stars but I have to change it to one (1) star.I am just about done with the KCRA app. They don’t bother to reply to a view so this will be for those that read reviews. The things that I wrote about in my original review (about 13 months ago) still apply. There are still ads that repeat ad nauseam. The final straw for me is they texted me to alert me to a live update on the tragic Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting. Believe it or not, I had to watch a commercial before the started the update. How pathetic that KCRA puts their financial well being before such an important update. How pathetic. I know I won’t be missed, but perhaps (but I a not betting on it) on of the other local channels won’t be as bad. If so, I will stick with national feeds that don’t run incessant commercials. 6.7.2018: While I do understand the need to bring in revenue to help keep KCRA running, is it really necessary to show the same commercial time after time after time before showing the video I selected? Apparently it is. I guess that they don’t think I will remember what I saw the first 10+ times the ad ran. Sometimes the ads are longer than the video! Please stop with the incessant babble of the unnecessary ads. Once, in this case, is enough. Secondly, if I don’t log onto KCRA for awhile (not sure how long) I get a threatening text saying I will be taking off the alert list because I haven’t logged on. Well guess what KCRA, there are other news sources out there and KCRA is not the only one I subscribe to. Besides, it is all electronic and I am sure the amount of bandwidth it takes to send me the message is not that great. Please allow us the flexibility of deciding which story we will log onto from KCRA. After all, as KCRA used to promote, “There is more to life than news, weather and sports”.
  • App not News Review. 2/5

    By mscottnv
    What needs change: 1) don’t want video feed on top of unrelated story. If media is part of story great. 2) many times your content is a day after even is widely published on other outlets. 3) you seem to keep content for newscast and release to app day later. App needs to be up to the moment! 4) too many ads and of the same sponsor.
  • Good App but room for improvement 4/5

    By Lumber999
    Two things to improve One, the news alerts are helpful, but it’s not always “breaking news “. And if I done click on the alert, the story isn’t posted on the app until much later. Two, the video of the story or an ad runs automatically with full sound. Give me the choice to run the video as to not disturb others around me Keep up the good work
  • My 4th Review 1/5

    By BrianCusick57
    I would love to use this app but the minute you open a story an ad starts playing. Usually I am not prepared and it start blasting. I may just want to read the article And don’t want a video to play. KCRA App, where the Ads come first! Allow the user to click when they want to watch a video, don’t just start it the second the user clicks into a story.
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By Monte Weathers
    I’ve had this app for sometime. When I use it, it always seems they get the ad in, but when it comes to the article I’m interested in. The app locks up. Also, you may sit through the ads, and the news they show has NOTHING to do with the cover story.
  • Really tired of mistakes and stupid errors on this app 1/5

    By Pastorfurlie
    This app is for my local TV news station. I have really been frustrated by this app, there are tons of typos, links purporting to be one story but are not, and links that simply lead an error page. For example: tonight I clicked on the link about one of the NASA Apollo 11 flight control leaders who just died, and the link sent me to an interview with another NASA leader from that same time period talking about the refurbishing of the flight control room for the 50th anniversary celebrations. This happens way too often with this app almost daily! Deleting it now, I’m sure the other two local stations don’t have so many frustrating errors!!!
  • Stop videos 2/5

    By jjacq13
    I have quit using this app almost completely because of the fact that you have to watch a video with every article. So annoying! I just want to read the news, not watch a video. I have downloaded another local news app, which I use instead. I’ll probably delete this one.
  • Dislike interrupting ads especially those that REPEAT 4/5

    By illusions37
    The interruptive ads are very irritating.often I give up and just go elsewhere. I imagine that your ads would get a more favorable response if they didn’t interfere with the information I am seeking. Information on the fires and road reports are much appreciated. Articles on celebrities lifestyles not so much
  • KCRA 5/5

    By Grammiescz
    My daughter lives in Rocklin. KCRA is my go to station when I visit. I downloaded app so I could keep up with what is going on in the sac area. The app works well for me.
  • Almost there 3/5

    By GV Jay
    The app is very reliable...no crashes or getting “lost”. I wish the stories on the program were easier to find...like on the home page. It seems as I scroll down the main stories I’m quickly in strange but true land or bizarre stories from out of the country, area. Would be great if the app was as good as the on-air news.

KCRA 3 News - Sacramento app comments

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