Keiki Preschool Learning Games

Keiki Preschool Learning Games

  • Category: Education
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  • Current Version: 2.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: BENIPOL LIMITED
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Keiki Preschool Learning Games App

Keiki covers all key topics: abc, numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, positions, city life, sea life, a whole zoo of interactive cartoons with the animals and a lot more! Download now and you will see efficient educational games while your child will see fun! Keiki is an early learning app for toddlers, pre-k and preschoolers aged 2 to 8 years. We know that love to education and discovery in early years serves as a foundation for success in further learning. That is the key reason why we are committed to do our best in creation of very engaging and curiosity-stimulating educational app for kids. Our main goal is to support you in development of your child. This game is transforming kid’s screen time into a fun and interactive opportunity to explore the world! The content of this learning game for children was developed by the gaming industry professionals in collaboration with the early learning experts. The program takes into account the needs and features of kid’s development at each stage and has a very interactive and beautiful animation. While going through Keiki learning path your child can improve 10 essential skills: 1) Creativity 2) Intellection 3) Fine motor skills 4) Hand eye coordination 5) Imaginative play 6) Learning to count 7) Develop confidence 8) Problem solving 9) Social skills 10) Attention & alertness We care about the safety and comfort of the gaming environment: - Keiki is 100% kid safe - The game is ads free, so no pop-up will interrupt the game or cause your worries. - We are sure you are the one, who knows best the strength and needs of your child, so you can customize learning plan based on your kid’s age and needs. By subscribing to Keiki you can be sure that the app will only get better: there is a whole team of professionals behind Keiki to make children’s games more engaging, useful, fun, create and upload more and more content with every app update. We value every subscriber and your opinion and feedback is priceless, so do not hesitate to share it, and be sure it will be heard. A little technical details to know about Keiki subscription: Once the free Keiki trial period is over, users are automatically charged standard price specified in the app. Once confirmed, the payment is charged to the user’s iTunes account. As a rule, AppStore renews subscriptions at least 24 hrs before the current period end date. To find all the information on managing the subscriptions billed through Apple, please go to your iTunes account. Please note that subscriptions are canceled through iTunes/Apple account settings, not through the Keiki app. The subscription (as well as the free trial period) can be canceled any time but at least 24 hrs before the end date of the current period. Please find our Terms of use and Privacy policy information here: Your ideas, opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome at [email protected] Feel free to contact us if you need help with any app-related issues.

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Keiki Preschool Learning Games app reviews

  • Enjoyable but fully operational 1/5

    By nlidonde
    My daughter enjoys playing the games on this app however not all of the games are available despite being on WiFi. I have reloaded the app endlessly to no avail. Questioning if this was a good investment.
  • Says purchased but I did not consent to buy anything 1/5

    By This is theft
    I ran across this app on Facebook and hit the install button which did not say anything about purchasing anything. Then it says “purchased” but there’s nothing downloaded on my phone nor did I consent to any amount of money being taken, and I don’t even know how much money it was. This needs to be fixed!!! Messing around with peoples money is not right!!!
  • Scammer beware 1/5

    Once you download this app, it will begin siphoning money out of your account LITERALLY every few days- not weekly, monthly or yearly. The app barely works/loads most times and there are no updates. So a scam like I said. They’ve gotten me for almost 80 bucks alone, and I just started the subscription last month. No one at Apple support helps, they just keep listing this app for them to receive their cut off the scam. And refer you to reach out to Keiki. Truly disgusted being that this is supposed to help kids. I guess no ones safe when it comes to money, not even our kids. UPDATE: two days after this post was made (& I’ve been unsubscribed) they made even MORE attempts to steal more money. This is happening everything 3-5 days. I’m filing charges with my bank NOW! Nvm, the response from the creators. It’s all robots copying and pasting. No real solutions here. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP 12/1
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By manworkhard
    Apps for kids should be free not false advertising and when you go in you all ask for monthly payments
  • Not working 1/5

    By hjsiu
    I paid 1year ($59) But It is frozen.
  • Love this 5/5

    By Beemoore90
    My two year old loves this app but sadly lately it won’t load. No updates or anything. Not sure the problem.
  • Downloads 1/5

    By crankbait09366
    I have been trying to download the the worksheets to print out and when I try it states wifi. My wifi is on and I turn the data off just to be on wifi. Still haven’t can download them at all.
  • Ydydgdgdyds I can definitely help you 5/5

    By vgrjik
    Okay thank you thank
  • Keeps trying to charge even after I paid lifetime 1/5

    By chansansa
    I already purchased but keeps trying to charge
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By fredy gose boom
    It’s not letting me restore my purchases
  • ?Lifetime Access for Half a Year? 1/5

    By Torribly95
    Apple support can’t do anything to restore or refund my purchase. Sitting here with a useless digital receipt for $70. Son really upset that he can’t use it. He really enjoyed it for 6 months. I know there is a pandemic and it’s lowering life expectancy but HALF A YEAR IS LIFETIME ACCESS!?
  • Purchased full access unable to access content 1/5

    By hhjjkkggffdd
    Purchased the life time subscription, but most content says there is no wifi connection and is unavailable. I have done the 4 steps suggested in previous posts, with no luck in resolving the issue.
  • Made the purchase twice and I still don’t have access 1/5

    By Gee Hartley
    I have purchased this lifetime package for this application two times already and both times I do not have access to all of the material. I thought that I did something wrong initially so I went back and did it again paid for the lifetime subscription and still I’m having the same issues. They said it’s some kind of payment issue but it is not because the first time and the second time it went through my bank account. If I am unable to get the lifetime subscription I would like my money refunded for both purchases. It also said that I do not have Internet access however I do have Internet access on my phone everything else works except for the activities within the app. Very very disappointing.
  • No no like it 1/5

    By ksnarvaez
    Please do not charge I will not going to use it
  • audrey 5/5

    By atwta
  • Not able to cancel 1/5

    By myaba yppppp
    Said I can cancel anytime but can’t
  • Full access but I have no access 1/5

    By divinity4258
    I’m subscribed to the yearly full access but I still have locked features. What’s the point of paying the yearly fee if I can’t everything on the app. Went into the restore feature only to have it said nothing to restore. Can developers tell me what is going on?
  • Purchased yet it says I have not purchased 2/5

    By Tsvec89
    My son loves this app, and I love all the educational features it has. I purchased the weekly version; however, recently when he opens the app the first thing that pops up is joining for the membership or starting a free trial. This is frustrating because I have paid monthly for many months, now suddenly there are issues and he can’t really play. No, it is not a payment issue - everything has cleared my bank account as it has every other month. I don’t want to delete this app because my son loves it so much but what is the use if you purchase yet still can’t fully play....?
  • Always crashing 1/5

    By chrisgen1
    This app is so annoying and I hate that my child likes it so much because everyday it stops working I have to constantly delete it and re download it please fix this annoying issue
  • No trial 1/5

    By red noble
    No trial without setting up auto pay after7 days.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Rachaelhen18
    I’ve spent a lot on this game to realize when I was turning it on for my daughter she said not that one mommy there’s nothing on there so I look and she’s right no buttons anything this game automatically renews so I’ve been paying for a game she couldn’t even play and I couldn’t find an update button or anything I can take a screenshot it shows an empty blue screen after the ad plays I’m very disappointed!
  • Super Disappointed 1/5

    By cel0325
    Got this app for my 4 year old& chose the weekly plan - thus far , all’s it has done is test both of our patience!!!🤯😤 the app shuts down every... say 5-7ish minutes. Then it continues to crash every time we re-open it and get just past the starting video ( each time I try to skip said video , app crashes) . Whenever the app HAS chosen to load up and stay opened, the loading times are absolutely absurd!! Especially for a child?! I’m so upset because she actually ENJOYS the silly, simple games and earning herself a star on each ... and she usually does not like playing games on her iPad period. I read a few reviews before purchasing the app, so I should’ve known better than to purchase... I was just really hoping that the glitches were version/ device based. Please fix these awful loading times and constant crashes& I would be happy to give it another try & edit my review based on that.
  • I want my money back, please 1/5

    By xcfrt1234
    I can’t believe I paid almost $60 for this. It’s not worth it. I want my money back.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By RaeAnne25
    The ad for this said free. I down loaded it for my kids went to turn it in for them and it cost 7.99 a month! Can’t do anything with out paying was very mad for that!

    By dazey111000087644672
    It’s not worth the month weekly all the different games only spin
  • Bought the product but not working 1/5

    By Anchahi
    We have paid for the product after 7 day trial but it is not opening at all.. neither it is allowing us to report anything nor any screen is visible to us. Kindly respond
  • “Loading” 1/5

    By shawntay222
    I have hAd this for over a year and it’s constantly “loading” my son can only play one game on it..
  • 7.99 a week REALLY! 1/5

    By SkyTRU1
    7.99 a week I’m sorry that’s unreasonable will be deleting
  • Terrible customer service. SCAM 1/5

    By HLeighxo
    I was charged $24.99 back in October. I tried several times to get in touch with customer service to get my money back or login information to use this app. I finally got a response and was told to submit feedback through the app. To do this I had to select a plan. I chose the free option, sent my feedback request as instructed. I was charged again and still no response to my refund request. Do not use this app. They are a SCAM!!!
  • Problem 1/5

    By lola_x1234
    App is not working at all.. it shows intro and that’s it. I paid for full version and can’t use it.
  • Small bug within settings menu. 5/5

    By Marjefann
    Hello. When playing your game on the iphone xs max on ios 14.2, I found a small bug within the settings menu. If a player taps/touches on the “edit challenge” button, the exit button becomes inactive and no longer functions. In addition to that, the “edit challenge” button doesn’t function at all.
  • Ugggg 1/5

    By Tgold5
    Terrible! Charged 3 times for different versions yet NONE will open. At one point one opened but you hear music and nothing else. Same issues as others describe. And once you purchase good luck trying to cancel!
  • Keiki is bad 1/5

    By yexema
    It just wants to scam and get money I tried it and its a scam
  • Said $6.99 a month! 1/5

    By Areed0
    When I signed up for this app it said $5.99 a month and I thought it was kind of pricy but I bought it anyway. Come to find out they charged me $5.99 A WEEK!! I am 10000% sure that’s what it said because I showed my husband and we talked it over. I feel totally scammed and furious! I saw it on a Facebook add. $26 a month for a less than mediocre learning app is highway robbery and they should be ashamed tricking people. When you say per month that doesn’t mean you can change it to week after people agree to those terms.

    By jasminport
    No, unreal. Scam. Level- babies. No option to change challenge level. No option to cancel subscription.
  • Juego 4/5

    By ramoragde
    Hola yo compre esta app y me dice que la puedo compartir hasta con 6 miembros de la familia pero cuando la abro en la iPad de mi hija me dice que la tengo que comprar y ya tengo lo de compartir con familia activo
  • Not the best 2/5

    By arelijazmin
    This app does not offer the best learning experience for toddlers. I have a hard time getting my son to stay on one page as the activities are not truly engaging. I don’t believe this app has taught my child anything.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By GIBs6129
    After paying for the entire year, my son was only able to play this game twice before the app stop working. I purchased the game sept 10 and payed 74.89. It was so the introduction part and then just show a blank screen with that blue purple background with tree shadow in the back. I’ve went to the developer webpage and sent 2 email regarding this and they have yet reach back to me. I’m regretting purchasing this app because it’s been a little over a week and my son only played the game twice. I’m still waiting for someone to reach out to me. Save your money, do not make the same mistake as i did. 9/19/20
  • ! 5/5

    By vonny1101
    Keeps charging my card after i canceled
  • Very expensive 1/5

    By nyxoxoz
    Price is too high
  • Review 1/5

    By caring2
    With covid 19 it would be great to have this app free
  • Paid once already 2/5

    By Queen brammer
    I have recently paid the full version and this was on my Iphone 7 plus now that I have the eight plus and am trying my beatest to log in for my son who wanted to learn but now we’re just like forget this I want my money back
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jenn3182
    App freezes. Can’t cancel my subscription.
  • Why so many Keiki app 2/5

    I saw an advertisement for this app. Thinking it was going to be helpful for my child. I download and paid for the full version, just to realized that the one I purchase was not helpful to my child and have to download another app that better suit my child need!! Why not just have everything on one app, all of it is educational???
  • Good app until stopped working 1/5

    By LadyTellz
    I brought the lifetime version of the app the first week and a half it worked. My son loved it. Now all of a sudden the app will not load. I don’t understand how a free app is working better than something I paid for. Truly upset and dissatisfied. This App needs to be taken down and fixed properly.
  • Not honest 1/5

    By Emers121
    This company is advertising on Facebook with my work that they copied exactly. They are not honest. Don’t purchase this app or support them.
  • Falsely advertised. 1/5

    By NoSocialLifeEsh
    The content advertised is not in this app at all. Waste of money!
  • Mom2 1/5

    By True2Christ
    Why do I have to buy two separate packages for my phone and iPad? Ridiculous.
  • App not working well 1/5

    By pharm 80
    Can not make changes did it get to use the app due to that reason