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How it Works -Personalize your macro goals to your specific body type and activity level. -Goals include losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining mass. -View and record nutrition goals, so you can consume the right amount of calories, protein, fat, and net carbs (app can count total carbs optionally). -Use our simple search engine to input food and beverages, or scan the product’s barcode. -Search suggestions mark foods to avoid maintaining your daily goal. -Record your burned calories and steps. -Set your daily goal for water consumption and track it. -Record your weight changes. -Export food logs to PDF file. Key Features - Create your own Meals and Recipes. - Scan barcodes. - Track meals altogether or separate by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. - Synchronize with Apple’s Health app, including export of your nutrition data, water, activities, and weight. - Import your activities from Fitbit. - Sort consumed foods by any macronutrient simply by tapping on the corresponding circle. - Create grocery lists. - Product databases for USA, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Try it for free! A subscription is needed only if you want to count more than 5 foods per day. No subscription needed if you make a one-time purchase in the app. Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of your nutrition tracker, while saving money. PRO Subscriptions are available for three different time periods: -1 month for USD $2.99 -3 months for USD $5.99 -12 months for USD $11.99 A PRO membership is also available for a one-time payment of USD $24.99, which includes all PRO features and lifetime access. If you choose to subscribe to a PRO membership, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out, and you can manage it from the User Settings in iTunes after purchase. You have the capability to cancel the auto-renewing subscription in your iTunes settings. Terms and Privacy Policy: Contact us: [email protected] Download (formerly Keto Diet Tracker) today to achieve your health and fitness goals! - Keto Diet Tracker app screenshots - Keto Diet Tracker app reviews

  • Need IPad support 3/5

    By XA45
    Good Keto App. I did upgrade and got a subscription but disappointed it does not support use of a tablet. I use my iPad mostly, so will have to delete and move on to Carb Manager. There I can log my day on my iPhone or my iPad. **Note - I did ask the development team and they advised no iPad access. But working on web support.
  • This app is a rip off 1/5

    By Ran.J
    First they say it’s a free app but then whenever you try to add meals or ingredients it won’t allow you until you upgrade and pay for it. Why don’t you just say it’s not free from the beginning? Very disappointing!! Do not download
  • Great app with 1 problem 4/5

    By The lord of my life
    ... the weight tracker... loss is stated from day to day only as far as I can find ... no chart, no loss statement of pounds lost from beginning to current date ... so what is displayed as weight lost at the bottom of the page is not rewarding or motivating ... perhaps add a weight lost from start statement to bottom of the page under the day to day ... please!!!
  • I like carb manager better 1/5

    By hemwndks dh
    It wouldn’t let me adjust my calories and fats separately. Every time I adjusted the fat to 70% the calories moved up way over 2000. No matter what I moved around I could not get a 70-20-10 ratio for the macros even when I turned on “advanced mode”.
  • Doesn’t transfer device to device 3/5

    By causeimjlynn
    One of my favorite keto apps but I recently got a new phone and have lost my previous information it won’t let me transfer it between devices which is very difficult I like to be able to go back and see stuff as well as just add things from a previous date which will be harder. But all around I’ve tried a bunch of other apps and this is the one to go with just don’t try to Use it on multiple devices. If it did that it would definitely have my 5 star rating.
  • Please improve scanner 3/5

    By Audiobook Listener Only
    Please improve scanner
  • Great app but.. 4/5

    By rb8509
    I love this app I bought the first month after my free trial. My phone was broken and I had to get a new one I uploaded the app and found out there was no way to upload all the info I had saved such as my meals and the progress etc is there some thing I have missed? I think that is the one default with this app.
  • Force Pro 1/5

    By Nuggins909
    I added 4 items to my search and any button after that they tried to force me to upgrade to their monthly fees. No thanks
  • Misleading 1/5

    By limonixa
    This app should say in app purchases at the very least it doesn’t let you add more than five foods, it’s ridiculous very disappointed
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By Mrs. Takeda
    I like the macro trackers and the ability to scan barcodes, however, after entering about 6 items I was prompted to purchase the upgrade. Its only 1$ so why not. Well even after I purchased the upgrade I still cannot access the information needed to just click and add. Super frustrating. 😡
  • Good But Eyestrain 3/5

    By Cartybabe
    Love the app. I think! The print is so tiny and fine it’s hard to see against the white background. Needs bigger bolder print. It’s the one reason I won’t upgrade to prime. Won’t pay if I can’t see it!
  • Couldn’t log a full day without paying 3/5

    By Bourget04
    Looks like a great app, but I would have liked to fully tried it before having to pay. Not interested in paying for something I can get for free elsewhere.
  • Bullsh** 1/5

    By Thom1Seven
    Half way through trying my first days meals- ads pop up “more meals when you go pro” Would have been nice to at least try it
  • Can’t use on IPad 4/5

    By Kmrowe1
    I really love this app but I’m wondering why you can’t use it on an iPad?
  • Great for just the 1st day 1/5

    By Kaethie
    Once I added 5 foods via search, it wouldn’t let me add anymore unless I bought the pro version. Deleted app.
  • Beware 1/5

    By cousin eddies cousin eddie
    Beware of hidden monthly $2.99 fee charges to your apple account. And good luck getting it stopped or refunded with Apple.
  • Not too happy about this 1/5

    By KateD630
    I recently got this app, I wanted to eat better and begin the keto diet. I began using the app and realize I needed the pro version if I wanted to go any further, I saw there was a deal to pay $1 for 12 months of the app, looking at my bank statement I was charged $23. I wouldn’t have bought this if I knew that. I’m pretty upset about it and I would love my money back.
  • Not Sure 4/5

    By MCL77
    I’ve used lose it for a while. I have lost a lot of weigh. Switch over to a keto diet so I tried this app. The net carb calculation are very different on this app then on lose it. I.e. lose it 59nc vs. Keto 40nc. Not sure which one is more accurate.
  • Not Cool 1/5

    By howcomvenient
    Possibly a good app. I wouldn’t know for sure. After 1.5 days it refuses to do any food recording unless I update to Pro.
  • Great App, worth the subscription 5/5

    By Heydarade81
    Haven’t been using it for more than 2 weeks but I like this app already. Very detailed, love the ability to scan in items to get the most accurate tracking. Any chance of adding some functionality to the Apple Watch?
  • Love the app, but 5/5

    By Wanting more....
    I wish the font was bigger it’s hard to see!
  • Pro version/ free version 3/5

    By joane fjdndid
    Won’t even let you log all your meals. You basically have to use the pro version to get all the good benefits the app offers.
  • No response to ticket. Numbers changing. Be aware! 2/5

    By SouthFloridaCountryGirl
    I loved this app for months but lately I have noticed my limits for the day changing as I input my food. I opened a ticket to see about correcting the problem but never got a reply and now the ticket is deleted. Not very reliable. Be wary if looking for a reliable food log guide.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Kelley210
    This app makes tracking macronutrients simple. It’s easy to get lost in the game of macros but this helps simplify your tracking. It does lots more, track your activity, track your water, track your weight and it calculates for you how much of each macro you eaten. I had a quick question for the app designer, sent them a message and within the hour they answered me back!
  • Hostage 1/5

    By jenniamorrell
    Shouldn’t make you pay for searching a food😡
  • Better than My Fitness Pal 5/5

    By Nontech Grandma
    I have been doing Keto for one year. The last month I have floundered. This app got me back on track. Thank you so much. I have lost lost 86 pounds and am having trouble with the last 20. Now I can do it!!!
  • Very deceiving 1/5

    By Datamomof1
    In Order to track all your meals breakfast lunch and dinner you need pro... that is very deceptive. Never did you indicate that you had to upgrade to be able to track all meals! I could understand to track more food choices specific to restaurants and such... but how do you charge to track all meals!! Im already committed to this so I had no choice but to upgrade but buyer beware !
  • Sorta frustrating 3/5

    By allyb282
    I created all these meals and now the app won’t let me access them unless I upgrade to premium.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By adhrdoane
    Too many ads when I’m trying to select food options
  • It is not free 1/5

    By choir mm
    As soon as you get to dinner you can’t enter in any more info without getting blocked to pay. If you are looking for a free app look elsewhere. I couldn’t even enter in a days worth to see if I liked it.
  • Need to pay 3/5

    By saswalker
    In order to track all you ate. I was loving this app until I realized I can’t track everything without dishing out money. I understand the need to make money but I’m still extremely disappointed. Guess I have to look for a new Keto app.
  • Good app, would be better if... 4/5

    By AMR_110
    This is day 4 for me and so far, I’m navigating through the app and finding it to be very helpful. I figured out on day 1 that it’s worth subscribing to a Pro account if I’m going to get the most out of it. My one “but” is the font size and extremely light blue. I don’t know how others do, but I have poor vision and wear glasses most of the day. When I’m using the app at a time when I’m not wearing my glasses, I cannot see the food descriptions and the measurements, nor my meal details (carbs, kcal, etc.) without squinting or running for my spectacles. I would love it if the font was darker and larger. Other than that, the app is satisfying my needs. Thank you.
  • Love this app for Keto 5/5

    By ahc0037
    I really love how simple this app is instead of the more popular app that I tried. This app is simple and functional for Keto needs. I am very please with paid subscription which was also cheaper than other. Developer - is there a way to track averages or see graphs on progress? I’d like to see high level tracking or how I’m improve or not improving over time.
  • Great for tracking!! 5/5

    By GrizzledCraftsman
    Does what it needs to and it does it well. Tracks food, water, exercise, weight and others!!
  • Cancel subscription 1/5

    By mewhoshops2
    I can not find any area to cancel this subscription. I've written to the contact info in this app weeks ago to cancel but no one returns my request and now I'm receiving another charge. Please cancel this subscription or explain to me how to do so in Apple.
  • New keto junkie! 4/5

    By Stephanieburnerlellis
    New to keto and this app, but so far so good!!
  • At first try - Not very user friendly 2/5

    By Nanadeb2
    I have tried to use this app and every thing I try to add for my meals pops up “More meals available for Pro Users”. There is not an add button that pops up on my IPhone 7. I understand there must be a way to work around this, but it isn’t easy at all, even after checking the HELP. I am 68 yrs old and only average on my tech abilities (although I live on my phone)- I think it is geared to someone more tech savvy. I am sad, as I always eat clean (more Paleo), but I have recently decided to try the Keto diet and now need to track my daily carb totals.
  • Not a “pro” apperently 1/5

    By emili_anne
    Looking to start a Keto diet and wanted an easier way to track. The first day I put my meals in I learned that certain foods were only available to log for Pro users willing to pay for more options. Definitely wouldn’t recommend.
  • I have to pay for something I made? 1/5

    By lauray72
    So I tried out this app first before deciding whether to pay for the 1 time fee. Didn’t want to fork over the money for something I didn’t like after all right? So download the app and at first it looked promising. Then I went and entered my meal. It wasn’t found so I created the meal, entering each ingredient. Tried to add it to the day. IT WON’T LET ME WITHOUT BUYING THE SUBSCRIPTION OR ONE TIME FEE! Come on makers! How can I try out your app before purchasing if I can’t enter the meal I MADE! So u lost an actual customer that would’ve actually forked over the money if u hadn’t gotten greedy. Bye!
  • Not exactly a “free app” 1/5

    By SSHORT42410
    I thought I would try this one out. It seemed nice, but only after entering 5 items it wouldn’t allow me to go any further until paying $1 a month. No thanks.
  • Good Ap 4/5

    By mbjo777
    I subscribed for a year and it’s a good Ap. A request (and I have no idea how difficult it is to code out apps, so pls understand that I am ignorant to that process) - but I would love it more if it was more friendly to recipes and would have a better, longer range of weight history, maybe even a graph. I have to, still, go back to and use another Ap for these things. Would love to be able to just use this one. Just a thought. Thank you. I do like it for the features that are currently available. Definitely worth the price for the year!
  • Annoying 2/5

    By vickyrdz1993
    It only lets you track a certain amount of meals without subscribing.
  • Like the app but could use a few things 4/5

    By ,.hjih
    Been using the app for a week. Current functionality is great and workflows are well designed. I haven’t noticed any bugs. I feel like MFP always made macro tracking harder than it needed to be and this app does a better job. That said I think some features are missing to make this a five star app. One is a simple weight tracker. I currently switch back to MFP to do this and would prefer to do it all on one app. Another is tracking fiber intake. Tracking dietary fiber while on keto helps keep me regular and it’d be great if the app helped with that. Lastly, since this is a keto app, it’d be cool if it also had a ketone level tracker. It may be tricky to get this right as it would probably need a different tracker for keto strips vs a blood ketone tester but tracking this would help me figure my individual levels at which my body goes into/out of ketosis through personal experimentation.
  • Total Joke for Trail 1/5

    By Section 132
    So I downloaded this app and was excited to use it. I was entering my food items for lunch and received an error about a limit of 5 foods. So I tried again and a couple of other things and then researched a bit more only to find out that for the “free” version you can only enter 5 food items a day - really?? That seems ridiculous. I am all for paying for apps as I know the developers need to get paid but it’s hard to test when I can’t even use it for more than one meal. App has been deleted and I will continue the search.
  • Listed as a free app but won’t let you enter the foods you have eaten without a paid subscription 1/5

    By Huntin
    Listed as a free app but won’t let you enter the foods you have eaten without a paid subscription
  • “Free” is misleading 1/5

    By 12pawz
    What good is a “free” app if you can only add 5 food choices a day?
  • Great App! Apple Watch? 5/5

    I’ve been using this App for 5 days and I really love how comprehensive the search engine for food items is! I used a different Diet App for about a year and it was very glitchy and customer support was non-existent —even though I paid for it. KETO isn’t super-intuitive, but it is straightforward and easier to understand once I read all instructions. I like how there is a Q&A section that clearly answers questions. I am not super tech-savvy, but I do try to learn as much as I can about each App I buy in order to get the most out of my purchases. I’ve only recently began to use an Apple Watch (old version). I just realized that Keto does not currently have Apple Watch or iPad compatibility. Will this ever change? Also, how can I best get my daily activity (recorded on my watch) to sync with this app? Thank you!
  • Great app, needs a customer feedback button 5/5

    By Didyfukfrhfjkgfh
    I really like this app. It helps you like pretty much everything you eat, and it even has certain brand names loaded in there for accuracy, which is incredible! I especially love how it lets me create a meal, then does the division for me when I input all the ingredients. However, I’ve noticed a few carbs/calorie counts to be off, particularly in name-brand products (e.g, Russell Stover Sugar-free Mint Patties have 1 net carb/srv, not 17). It would be nice to have a button for submitting corrections on name brand products. That said, it’s not enough of a drawback to lose a star from me. This is a fantastic tracker for new or experienced keto types.
  • Nice app, horrible subscription format. 3/5

    By Godofallcows
    The layout is nice but it fails to tell you the limits until you encounter them, I.e. adding meals and foods- THE LIMIT IS 5 ITEMS A DAY. Not worth what they ask for, there are other apps that are cheaper or free for the same and more. Disappointing. - Keto Diet Tracker app comments

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