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How it Works -Personalize your macro goals to your specific body type and activity level. -Goals include losing weight, maintaining weight, or gaining mass. -View and record nutrition goals, so you can consume the right amount of calories, protein, fat, and net carbs (app can count total carbs optionally). -Use our simple search engine to input food and beverages, or scan the product’s barcode. -Search suggestions mark foods to avoid maintaining your daily goal. -Record your burned calories and steps. -Set your daily goal for water consumption and track it. -Record your weight changes. -Export food logs to PDF file. Key Features - Create your own Meals and Recipes. - Scan barcodes. - Track meals altogether or separate by Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. - Synchronize with Apple’s Health app, including export of your nutrition data, water, activities, and weight. - Import your activities from Fitbit. - Sort consumed foods by any macronutrient simply by tapping on the corresponding circle. - Create grocery lists. - Product databases for USA, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Try it for free! A subscription is needed only if you want to count more than 5 foods per day. No subscription needed if you make a one-time purchase in the app. Purchase a PRO Subscription to get the most out of your nutrition tracker, while saving money. PRO Subscriptions are available for three different time periods: -1 month for USD $2.99 -3 months for USD $5.99 -6 months for USD $9.99 -12 months for USD $11.99 A PRO membership is also available for a one-time payment of USD $29.99, which includes all PRO features and lifetime access. If you choose to subscribe to a PRO membership, the purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out, and you can manage it from the User Settings in iTunes after purchase. You have the capability to cancel the auto-renewing subscription in your iTunes settings. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase any subscription. Terms and Privacy Policy: Contact us: ios[email protected] Download (formerly Keto Diet Tracker) today to achieve your health and fitness goals! - Keto Diet Tracker app screenshots - Keto Diet Tracker app reviews

  • Dumb 1/5

    By erinmaylynnholbrook2001may
    I’m really frustrated I could only add a certain amount of food to a day and I couldn’t calculate what I was eating I am deleting
  • Free version doesn’t allow more than 4-5 entries 1/5

    By iBookreader510
    After a certain number of food entries you have to purchase subscription. It’s a waste of time.
  • Bxbdheh 4/5

    By denPRITE
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  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Jennagerst
    Terrible app, freezes immediately when opened and the customer service is slow. Doesn’t have a lot of skus
  • Not free - Very limited adds only 5 foods 1/5

    By lots of users disappointed
    App says it’s free but you can only add five foods per day. You were prevented from adding additional items. On my sixth food I was restricted and sent to another screen to pay for the pro version. Only two days and I’m already deleting the app. I’ll stick with tracking my intake on paper.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Neonshizzy
    The UI is gorgeous, in fact better than MyFitnessPal! It moves so smoothly between screens and the font and colors and icons you guys went with are perfection. For those of you complaining about the free version being to restrictive and it’s unfair that the pro version isn’t free... have you ever made an app before? It’s INSANELY hard to do! It takes months sometimes years of completely draining your brain and energy and everything and pouring into it. They DESERVE to get paid for working as hard as they do! And an app of this caliber I can guarantee was a struggle to perfect! Would you do your 9-5 job for free out of the goodness of your heart for years and years? Heck no! So stop telling this amazing talented Devs to! Thank you guys for such a quality app! Keep up the good work!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Tom72rd
    Easy to use and allows you to stay on top of tracking foods.
  • Limiting 1/5

    By Rad Ladies
    I wasn’t able to input all my foods throughout the day without switching to pro. I couldn’t even see all the app could tell me without inputting all my food for the day. Unfortunate.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By DJ Jae
    I’ve had to re enter my meals 3x. Needs more intuitive interface.
  • You have to $subscribe or it doesn’t work 1/5

    By KatherineTheSweet
    After you set it up. Tricks I don’t enjoy.
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By ElizabethGB
    I totally LIVE by this app! I use it all day long and love how it presents my macros and the nutritional information. I don’t think I could do keto without it. I even had a support issue and they got back to me within 24 hours and apologized for the problem I was having. I tried two other popular ones but like this one waaaay more. I do have the Pro version but it was more affordable than other apps and VERY worth it. I love that I can make meals and easily access favorites.
  • Can’t do anything unless you upgrade 1/5

    By User3897654
    I downloaded and deleted this app on the same day. It will not allow you to do simple things such as log all your meals without requiring you to upgrade. It doesn’t even give you the option to try things before requiring you to spend $$. No thank you.
  • Life changing! 5/5

    By Meaganrae
    I have been on keto since November 18 and this is the first step I took- downloading this app. I’ve lost 70lbs in 7 months! I tell everyone that asks “how to get started?” About this app because this has been a vital tool in helping me stay on track! Thanks follow Me on Instagram to see my keto journey @ makingitcountmeagan
  • I really wanted to love this app 2/5

    By mamamia2boys
    At first this app worked great.. but they made some upgrades and now all it does is freeze up and you have to close out the app to try to get it to work. Tracking is a pain because of the time and then add this extra time on top of it? So disappointed.
  • Useless unless purchased 1/5

    By not free (2)
    I can’t even add 1 full day of meals without them making me upgrade to a purchased app- and my first meal was a keto coffee! They should just be honest and upfront and make it a purchased app to start with.
  • Makes you purchase to enter food log 1/5

    By gorc0006
    The app is ok. It’s not really free. Once you use it for more than a day it will make you purchase it to enter your food log. My fitness pal is better
  • Easy. Accurate. Excellent Value. 5/5

    By Jenatolla007
    I’m not one to subscribe to anything but every dime spent on this wonderful app (Pro) has benefited me four times over. In the last year this app has helped me lose over 30 pounds. I’m able to ‘plan ahead’ when going to our favorite restaurants. Love that it syncs with (just discovered this today-u should really pump up this feature!) I’m amazed at the bar code feature since I’m basically a lazy dieter. Can’t say enough about this great app. Would pay twice as much.
  • Too short of time to review! 4/5

    By Lawwhite
    So far so good. Would not let me post foods until I upgraded. I didn’t think that was very nice. But I have found everything I looked up and it has already added my Apple Health info and that was a key factor in getting this app. So time will tell. This is my first day!
  • App keeps freezing won’t refund my money 1/5

    By pikachu11111111111
    I purchased the app two weeks ago and every time I go to use it it stays frozen I have to exit and enter exit and enter exit and enter until it opens up there is isn’t a refresh button I asked for a refund they won’t give me a refund or ignoring my request they even deleted my ticket numbers from my complaints this isn’t right they took my $9.99 and won’t even help me.
  • Disappointed 5/5

    By emp101529
    Great app for tracking Keto
  • Excellent App. But enhancement... 5/5

    By Meme141
    Is there anyway you can send the NET CARBS to the health app to track NET CARBS consumption? Thanks in advance
  • Search not working 1/5

    By jenifah
    Nothing is searchable today? Just keeps saying it timed out
  • The search feature is broken! 2/5

    By ppgallini
    I just started using this app. Yesterday it worked fine. So I paid for a year. Now I can’t log food at all unless I’ve got it already favorited. The search feature hangs indefinitely and doesn’t return results. Fix this!
  • So helpful BUT.... it’s not working!!! 2/5

    By jezzyjuja
    I have been loving this app. It’s fantastic for staying on track. However, as of today, there is no “search” functionality. It’s driving me nuts. I can’t enter in my foods because it keeps timing out. I want to give it 5 starts, but I’m so irritated that it will get 2. I will adjust accordingly once the issue had been resolved.
  • Wouldn’t work 1/5

    By Tiffany Ruth
    I downloaded and it didn’t work. Every time i tried to add a good it would just spin and then eventually say “the operation timed out”. I deleted and reinstalled and it still didn’t work. Was never able to add anything. Guess i won’t be buying the full version.
  • Stopped working! 1/5

    By Deborah2301
    It was great until it stopped working. Won’t add your food. Keeps timing out very frustrated!!
  • Never works!! 3/5

    By PaulyWalutz
    The scanner is ridiculously hard to use and the app doesn’t work properly. Fix the BUGS!!
  • Not working 3/5

    By FatOlakes
    One week in doing Keto and I love this app however it stopped working! It will not find any foods. I paid for this app.
  • Crap 1/5

    By ketojunkapp
    Only worked for 1 day. Reinstalled the app. And is junk. Doesn't look up food keeps freezing. Didn't store my history so I have lost data. Crap. I want a refund
  • Loved it but stopped working 3/5

    By kellehm
    Loved this app, used it for weeks but out of nowhere it said the session would time out when I went to add a food. I deleted and redone loaded, lost all my progress and still doesn’t work. AND I paid for it! Hope it gets fixed.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By bettyboop11133
    Downloaded and tried to search for food items and scan bar code to track food, everytime received The Operation Has Timed Out

    By Wassim Iskandar
    The application crashed and the search is not working as it takes ages and it says that operation timed out.
  • Operation times out 1/5

    By kmds1111
    I can’t add any food to the tracker. I keep getting a message “operation timed out”

    By KalynnnnnnM
    I never write reviews but this app has been game changer and worth every penny, so I felt the need to give it some praise. It’s so easy to use! I love the scanner and the ability to make my own meals. It keeps me motivated to reach my goals and stay on track. I only wish there were a tutorial with all the features as I’m finding sneaky (but great) features everyday! Just learned about dragging food to different meals (i.e. breakfast to lunch, etc.).
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By Emily's Googie
    I just started using this app (there are a bunch out there), but this one is so easy to use! I went ahead and signed up for a year as I have lots of work to do here!
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By beckyjmuncie
    I am new to Keto so loved the idea of an easy way to track protein, fat, carbs and calories. It seemed fine until yesterday, when the totals in each category increased midway through the day, so that instead of 1727 calories, I had 2000. The same was true in the other 3 categories. I sent a note via customer support on the app. Today the totals were back where they should be but 5 hours later, they have increased again. I have had no response from my 3 notes sent via the app. Not much help at all!
  • Enter 6 foods a day for free, pay $12 to make app useable!!! 😡 1/5

    By Timetospare
    This is not a free app by any means. There is an option to upgrade for $12, and then it may be handy, but as-is you can only enter 6 foods in a day before you’re prompted to upgrade to pro. If you want to charge for the app, great, but to offer it as a “free app” is deceptive and an instant turn off. I found another Keto app that works as well (has more positive reviews) and the free version is actually usable! Deleted this one.
  • Has a glitch 3/5

    By dgb (:-}>
    I love this program but it has a glitch. When I try to enter the number or portion of the food I'm eating, the keyboard comes up and then goes away before I can enter anything. Otherwise I would give it five stars. If not fixed soon I will be looking for a new KETO app.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Sharotic
    How can I get rid of the upgrade requests when I’m trying to add in items. I wouldn’t mind the add except you cant get rid of it to add the item.
  • Why does it cost money? 5/5

    By DontMessWithMe17
    Make it free
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By Suezq0528
    They claim it’s free but after entering a few entries you are required to pay to continue. Total rip off!’n
  • Extreme slow start up 1/5

    By Note Taker
    On launch, the UI freezes for up to a minute. It’s acting like it’s trying to contact some server instead of responding to the users interaction. I’ve come close to deleting this app because of this issue. After submitting bug reports to the developer and going thru two updates, this issues hasn’t need addressed. Unsubscribing and deleting the app.
  • A feature that allows you to connect to others 4/5

    By Molly_95
    I just got this app bc I’m doing keto with my cousin and my mom and my first thought was that it would be great to be able to connect to them on the app so that we can share the recipes we’re eating. I think it would just be more convenient for one person to add the recipe to their app and then share it. I already think I’m gonna like this app tho :)
  • One improvement and it would be #1 4/5

    By MollieMilaPorter
    The only thing that I’m slightly unhappy about is that MyFitnessPal allows me to see alllll the different vitamins and nutrients I’m getting. It’s important for me. I’d like to see how much potassium, calcium, iron, etc. That’s the thing holding me back from being 100% satisfied. Maybe a progress report would be sweet too, but not as necessary as the other.
  • Love the App 4/5

    By wperkins1106
    Love the app but it continues to freeze on startup. Very frustrating when trying to add food on the fly.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By saraelizabethhh
    I could not live without this app. I’ve lost a total of 48 pounds in 2 months. It makes the keto diet so much easier.
  • This isn’t free!!!! 1/5

    By +)Whitters(+
    I downloaded this App. It’s not free, I logged one meal and tried to log my next meal and they are already asking for money to subscribe monthly. No thanks!!!
  • Keto 4/5

    By Borders2345
    I tried the app I like it but the major downfall was I can’t link my Apple Watch to it. I also think that the goal should be custom.
  • Upgrade to pro to save more foods 1/5

    By Phryke
    You can do this for free when pen and paper, save your money. - Keto Diet Tracker app comments

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