Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes

Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes

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Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes App

We provide you with all essential infos about the ketogenic diet: - What is the Keto Diet & Ketosis? - How to reach a state of Ketosis and how to track it? - Benefits of Keto & negative side effects (backed by scientific studies) - Lots of food lists and recipes: - Food list with zero carbs (important to get into ketosis) - Food list "moderate carb" for your delicious meal plan - Easy to prepare Keto recipes incl. all important nutrition infos - Qick tips on how to stay motivated - Knowledge about unsaturated vs. saturated fat - much more to come... We work on improvements and more content of our app every week - update our latest version to get all benefits. Wishing you all the best to reach your diet goals! Let's start burning fat now. INFO ABOUT THE APP & THE SUBSCRIPTION Weekly auto-renewable subscription The weekly subscription gives you unlimited access to diet tips, recipes & knowledge, including but not limited to the Keto diet, Low Carb diet & Superfood recipes. The free trial period is 3 days. After this time frame the subscription will begin automatically, if it is not canceled in advance. Subscription duration is one week and it is auto-renewable which means that once purchased it will be auto-renewed every week until you cancel it 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. If you decide to subscribe you will pay the price set for your country, as shown in the app for a subscription duration of one week. The subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiring. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by going to your iTunes & AppStore Account Settings. Terms of Service Privacy Policy


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Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes app reviews

  • It’s not free 1/5

    By Gtek81
    You can’t even get past the main page unless you pay
  • How much is this app weekly? 5/5

    By Bray2286
    I really like this app has answered all my question and has some great recipes. Still exploring but love it so far.
  • Literally only downloaded to bring attention to the low rating. 1/5

    By OhHaiKawaii
    Didn’t even open the app, didn’t have to. The rating is rigged, out of 30 reviews one was a 5 Star and only said ‘good’ one was a 2 Star, and all the rest are 1 Star. Now tell me how it has a 4.7 rating? And the little bar graph shows mostly 5 stars, a couple 3 stars (there were no 3 star reviews), and only a few 1 stars. *Edit* Developer claims that the reason the rating is so high is that there are a bunch of 5 star rating without reviews. Please explain how AT LEAST 54 of the 135 ratings and reviews are one star yet the bar graph still shows an extremely higher number of 5 star reviews and a tiny amount of 1 stars? More than a third of the ‘ratings’ are still 1 Star and that’s just counting the ones who put a review with the rating.
  • Rip off—requires subscription. 1/5

    By bwarrenholla
    Very poor app. You can’t do anything with the free version and can’t even get away from the “Subscribe Now” screen. Don’t waste your time
  • How to cancel app? 5/5

    By Youduke
    I didn’t mean to prefer this app!!!! Need to cancel before I get charged!!! Help
  • Me 5/5

    By feefee47
  • Scam 1/5

    By AndrewPelletier
    Scam they charge you if you download
  • Issue 2/5

    By Keto Beginner
    This app is not only free like it says but some of the features don’t work🤦🏽‍♀️.
  • Was all excited... 1/5

    By Miss_Redd80
    I’m very new to Keto, so I’m looking for apps to help me be successful- I found this app. Downloaded it, only to find I have to pay 4.99 a week. No thanks. I have to revamp my pantry for this diet. I will stick with getting recipes from my Keto groups and the NutriBullet recipe book I got.
  • Bogus 1/5

    By Tommysworld
    Try being honest
  • Paywall 1/5

    By Michael.Ehrmann
    Absolutely useless (like you can only see the splash screen) unless you agree to get a 4.99$ subscription after 3 days. How can something like this pass Apples test?
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Copper stars
    It’s not a free app. You will learn that it cost $4.99/week after you download it.
  • Greta recipes but.... 1/5

    By bnwrd6
    Just discovered I’m being charged monthly and can’t find a way to cancel the subscription!
  • Not free 1/5

    By Cjreviewsit
    Says it’s free but then tries to rope you into a trial. Wasted my time, enjoy your 1 star.
  • Can’t cancel 1/5

    By Joe Dipaolo
    It said that I could cancel before the three day trial was over but there was no way to figure out how to do it three day trial is over and I’m being charge the 4.99 a month and I still cannot figure out how to cancel this app
  • Download ONLY if you are ready to buy. 1/5

    By Qwambybee
    They should let you know that as soon as you download, the first screen you see is one asking you to sign up to pay after 3 days! I have never hit 'delete' on an app so fast!
  • Not free 1/5

    By Hdawg777
    Tricked by saying it was “free” as soon as you click on it says free for 3 days after that you will automatically be subscribed. Don’t waste time downloading!
  • Fraud Alert!!!!! 1/5

    By Educator 101
    You need to either shut this app down or be a bit more explicit with the pricing!!! I need my money back. You even charge me twice on the same day! Not cool. You now owe me over $20. I’ve never used the app and I did not authorize the purchase. You are being reported.
  • Total scam 1/5

    By donnaweave
    I do not have an iPhone. I downloaded on my iPad. Can’t delete in iTunes. No way to delete in open app. I do not want this subscription. No link to developer. This is a total scam. Do not download! Buyer beware!
  • Not really free 1/5

    By it got even worse
    Pretends to be a free app but after you download it it forces you to pay 4.99 each week to use the app.
  • Have to agree to monthly payment to see content 1/5

    By fllnickname
    It says the app is free but it's $4.99/week. You can try free for three days but only after you agree to pay the $4.99/weekly price. If you don't cancel at least 24hrs before end of each period you get charged and they don't issue refund for unused portion. I get having a paid service but usually you can see some of the app while the "premium" features are disabled until paid. I couldn't see anything without agreeing to the 3 day trial that would then bill me if I didn't cancel.
  • Sneaky App 1/5

    By jcat's iTunes
    Be careful what you click! 3 at trial sure, with automatic charge-not cool!
  • Won’t load recipes 1/5

    By hippo8me
    iPhone app won’t even load recipes. Deleted and reinstalled it and cannot get the recipes to load. Very disappointed. It looks nice but that’s all you get to rate.
  • Shame shame! 1/5

    By Beez1227
    I have tried to cancel this app for 2 weeks but the app keeps spinning and spinning. Very poor job. Thief!
  • Deceitful pricing. It is not a free app. 1/5

    By rrnashyc
    The app is actually requires a subscription service. It is NOT free. Very frustrating.
  • You get charged even after you cancel!!! 1/5

    By annoyed_with_service
    I made the mistake of downloading this app in hopes that it would be beneficial, I was wrong. The app is lackluster and the price they charge for it isn’t worth it. They offer you a “free 3 day trial” which is honestly all you would need to explore the entire app. Then after you cancel your subscription in the app they charge you! Because apparently the cancel subscription button in the app does nothing. After spending an hour with apple’s customer service they informed me they can’t refund the purchase! That’s just poor business practice. Really questioning if I want to stay an Apple user for much longer.
  • How do I delete the "subscription"?? 1/5

    By Amanda Mueller
    I downloaded because I seen it was "free" and did notice the trial of subscription will start after 3 days with an automatic charge. I tried multiple recipes that night, did not like the way the directions were set up so I deleted the app the same night as purchase so I wouldn't get stuck with a charge... I got charged and no longer have the app!! How do I "unsubscribe"?
  • Misleading 1/5

    By KNSchaper
    I also downloaded it because it was free in "in app" but as soon as it loads it says free 3 day trial. But you have to subscribe. No thank you.
  • Misleading. 1/5

    By trelengo
    I rarely write reviews for apps. This one just irked me enough to write a review. It says FREE but in practice it’s free to download. If you want to actually use it, you gotta pay $5/week (after a 3-day trial). This is textbook bait and switch. Bad business practice. Thanks but no thanks.
  • This app is not free!!! 1/5

    You should advertise the cost prior to Download because many people like to navigate the app to see if it is what they need. I felt bullied as a consumer to have to enroll exactly after the download for a “free trial period” irrespective of duration. You should consider allowing consumers in to explore become committing to something. I understand that “trial” period is not a commitment however your committed to canceling before you are charged. Not a proper way to gain popularity.
  • Read this before you download 1/5

    By LB472
    Started free trial day before trial ended - app stuck in downloading recipes and never would load. Deleting everything- too bad this looked like an amazing app!
  • Scam Alert!! 1/5

    By Brandi Bella
    Bogus business practice. App froze all the time. Collected subscription fee before the 3 day free trial was up. They should be reported to BBB and block from Apple APP purchase. I wonder how much money they have taken from unsuspecting customers. If I could give them a negative rating, I would..
  • Cancellation 1/5

    By Knina707
    How do I cancel this app?
  • This is a TOTAL SCAM!!! Do not Download!!! 1/5

    By ketokluster
    I am not able to cancel this subscription through iTunes
  • Help 1/5

    By Jazmin3:)
    How do I cancel my subscription??

    By Shortyisme
    It’s not free... don’t even bother wasting time downloading.
  • Scam purchases with Zero Substance 1/5

    By SassySharma
    To start off, the app markets itself as free with in app purchases. As you enter the app, it asks if you want to try the app for free for three days and when you click yes, you have made a purchase! Not exactly the best way to start off... I am open to purchasing good content but I don’t want to be cheated and I certainly would never choose to pay for this! Once inside the look is nice but the information is poor... there is literally nothing you couldn’t find in a quick google search, most of which you have probably already read before deciding to go Keto.

    By Artisticjess
    Very disappointed! This app was working during the free three day trial and I purchased ingredients for couple of recipes I want to try out. After the free trial expired and I started the weekly subscription to try out the app. On the day the subscription started, I opened the app and it got stuck on downloading recipes for minutes. I even closed and reopened the app and still had the same issue. My subscription expires on the 12th of January and if the bug is not fixed by then, I’m deleting the app for good! Just think if 1,000 subscribers who have payed $4.99 for one week and not being able to use the app. That’s $4,990 that developers have pocketed in one week. IT’S A RIP-OFF! Besides I have spent less money on a year subscription on America’s Test Kitchen and they’ve done more tests on recipes for years and I have gotten my moneys worth. The reason I downloaded this app was to change my diet. Some of the ingredients are too pricey anyway to be paying for weekly or monthly subscription. I would like refund please.
  • Crashes! 1/5

    By DDDollins
    I started my free trial opened the app for the first time and worked good loved it! But then the second time it wouldn't load and I have perfect signal and internet service. So I deleted the app to redownload it. This only made it worse! I now can't get it past the free trial screen which I already was in my free trial! 😡 Oh well their lose cause I planned on using this app a lot and subscribing.
  • Do not download this crappy ap 1/5

    By Surfburner
    It charges you after downloading it.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Tom Brazelton
    $5 a week for access? $260 a year for recipes I can probably get online? Get real!
  • How to cancel? 1/5

    By At284827628393
    How do I cancel my subscription? I just downloaded today and the app tells me I owe a subscription fee after the first three days if I do not cancel (without any mention of what precisely the charge will be. It could be anything) . I want to delete this app and avoid paying this mystery fee. I went into iTunes and app settings and saw nothing about how to cancel subscription. I’ve looked through every menu in their app and there is nothing about how to cancel subscription. It is clear the developers are purposefully making this complicated to scam people out of their money.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By tuscan princess 18
    I was so excited about this app. From the pictures, it looks like the recipes would be amazing. But nothing will load. I am stuck on the first page with a spinning dial. Sad!
  • not working 1/5

    By NeznamoKto
    I could not get it work. It’s froze on “download recipes”. I mean how long this thing could download??
  • Terrible 1/5

    By sabrina8797
    This was terrible! Didn’t see it wasn’t free, and now I can get this app to stop trying to charge my account. Aweful!
  • Waste of time, don’t download 1/5

    By mlithaca
    I was excited to try this app, getting started with keto diet and looking for recipes. But you cannot get past first screen without 3 day trial sign up. Fine enough, but even then, the app never connects with store and so you’ll see a recipe, making it impossible to evaluate the product. Waste of time, don’t download.
  • Not free 1/5

    By NMFB
    Loaded it and then it immediately asked for a 3-day trail followed by a monthly $4.99 subscription. What a joke. Not even doing three days
  • Beware not free 1/5

    By Fix the crashing already!
    Wish I had read the review before I downloaded. Not free after 3 days.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By amask19
    Worth zero stars. Will not download anything and I keep getting charged for a service I cannot use. Cancelling has been very difficult, in fact just got another charge today. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
  • Free. Lies. 1/5

    By TJayCrazyCakes
    This is the worst. It says it’s free but you get 3 days. THREE DAYS AND THEN 4.99 A WEEK. CRAZY.

Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes app comments


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