Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes

Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes

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Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes App

We provide you with an essential guide about the keto diet, food lists & 200+ ketogenic recipes: GUIDE - Many details about the Keto Diet & Ketosis? - How to reach a state of Ketosis and how to track it? - Standard Keto vs. Targeted Keto vs. Cyclical Keto - Benefits of Keto & negative side effects (backed by scientific studies) - Fighting the Keto flu - Quick tips on how to stay motivated - Knowledge about unsaturated vs. saturated fat - much more... FOOD LISTS - Food list with zero carbs (important to get into ketosis) - Food list "moderate carb" for your delicious meal plan - Easy to prepare Keto recipes incl. all important nutrition infos - Foods to avoid while doing Keto RECIPES - 30+ breakfast ideas under 10 net carbs - Keto lunch & dinner recipes - Quick Keto meals - Keto snacks & dips - Keto desserts & sweet treats - Keto soups & salad meals - Vegan Keto Recipes - Fat bombs & bullet proofs - Low Carb Drinks You can save your favorite recipes in your own cookbook to access them faster. We work on improvements and more content of our app - update always our latest version to get all benefits. Wishing you all the best to reach your diet goals! Let's start burning fat now. INFO ABOUT THE APP & THE SUBSCRIPTION Weekly auto-renewable subscription The weekly subscription gives you unlimited access to diet tips, recipes & knowledge, including but not limited to the Keto diet, Low Carb diet & Superfood recipes. The free trial period is 3 days. After this time frame,​ the subscription will begin automatically if it is not canceled in advance. Subscription duration is one week and it is auto-renewable which means that once purchased it will be auto-renewed every week until you cancel it 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. If you decide to subscribe you will pay the price set for your country, as shown in the app for a subscription duration of one week. The subscription automatically renews if it is not canceled​ within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription expiring. You can manage your subscription and auto-renewal by going to your iTunes & AppStore Account Settings. Terms of Service Privacy Policy

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Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes app reviews

  • Same info on internet for free. 1/5

    By Thablondeone22
    I thought there was going to be endless amounts of keto recipes to look through. Nope, there’s a few keto tips, 10-15 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc., and workout tips all presented in slideshow form. Don’t waste your money. You could easily find any of these recipes online and the keto guidelines can be found with a basic google search. The recipes aren’t that inspiring either. Again, don’t waste your money!
  • So far super amazing! 5/5

    By Viktoriia B
    I love it, super simple, super knowledgeable, super easy to navigate! Omg! Had bad experience on previous keto app, this one have it all for me))
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By hunterrider21
    They charged my credit cards as well. This is a false review
  • Cost to much 4/5

    By ginnymoncrief
    I don’t mind paying for an app, however $20 a month is far to much to pay for an app. That’s $240 a year when I can go and buy a cook book for way less than that. It’s just more convenient to use an app.
  • A Joke 1/5

    By Loping hey
    39.99 a year subscription for a simple book ? Ripoff
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Stickingtoketo
    This was such a waste of money! Very very limited recipes, no updates since I was stuck with this subscription since October 2019! Ridiculous to sell this as unlimited access to recipes! They have approximately 18 recipes that they repeat in each category! The app is completely useless. The trial period says 3 days but you really have to cancel 24 hrs before day 3 so essentially it’s 2 days. BE WARNED BEFORE YOU COMMIT!!
  • I don’t like this app 1/5

    By Reneenaynay she
    You get locked in this for a year no way do I want to stay committed to this app
  • It’s Okay 2/5

    By AJ36747262628-98237473
    I’m currently using the free version of this it’s alright but to be honest I don’t like how I have to pay a lot of money just to get the other features and the other bad thing is that they don’t tell how much calories it is I really hope they fix the calories thing
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Shawn/E
    It should be as easy to unsubscribe to this app as it was for them to take the money out of my account. I'm pescatarian, not enough option for neal plans!!! DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY!!!
  • Free Trail is not working 1/5

    By LaliDelgado
    Downloaded the app and asked if I wanted to start a 3 day free trial . I pressed yes excited to start the trial but it only moved on to asks if I want to pay $4.99 week ?? It won’t even let me use the app . I tried closing the app and and re-opening and it won’t go away from asking to start the $4.99 a week subscription.
  • No contacts anywhere 5/5

    By deMonica_
    I was charged $45 after using this app for 1 day, no trial period and no way to dispute this cost. The app only provides recipes and a shopping list and as good as the recipes may be, it doesn’t update and there is no way to track your eating or macros. I hope someone reads this and contacts me.
  • Something is wrong please fix 1/5

    By Emmynyla
    I used this app last year and loved it. Redownloaded it and subscribed. Now it just won’t open; goes to the subscription page or just shuts down.

    By hdfhieejwwjjdjr
    This app is a scam. Do not download. There is not a free 3 day trial. As soon as you get the app your credit card will be charged $39.99 even if the app is immediately deleted. Apple needs to remove this app from the store!!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Meanduandthem
    I deleted it right after I opened it. Can’t get past subscription page. Worthless app in my opinion if you can’t browse anything before you buy without inputting payment info.
  • this is urgent 1/5

    By please read this its imp
    i downloaded this app months ago, i don’t even remember it, and i deleted it, i then i find out it’s been taking money from my account every month i tried cancelling my subscription but it took almost 20$ and it won’t cancel the subscription. what can i do?! can you please help and tell me how i can cancel it asap
  • Keto diet and recipes 1/5

    By V.A.T.
    I got lucky, when I downloaded the app and it gave a three day trial I deleted it. It’s just a scam to make money off of people. Three days is not enough to know if the diet is going to work.
  • Refund 1/5

    By Alondra_d22
    How can I cancel my subscription. I made the mistake of purchasing and now I have no idea how to even cancel. I tried contacting the developers and I got no response. Please help because when I go on the app there is NO option other than to just see recipes.
  • Free app 😒 1/5

    By Arra's Rai
    If you need a subscription to use the app it’s not really free 🤨 also glad I read reviews before subscribing!
  • No stars 1/5

    By Ezra Brooks
    $4.99 per week for a subscription Not
  • Was great before, now asks for money to unlock anything. 1/5

    By AnnickDalriada
    Was a great app before where it gave a limited number of recipes for free and enticed you to subscribe for more. Now it updated and immediately asks for App Store sign-in to verify purchases and locks you out of everything. Bait and switch for great reviews in the beginning and now a money grubbing agenda.
  • iPad Pro please! 4/5

    By fatguy1234
    I’d love to use this app to the fullest buy cooking next to my iPad but its not compatible yet! Please fix!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Peggy3485
    So I downloaded this app, I agreed to the subscription knowing there was a trial period and I didn’t have to pay if I didn’t like it within that time frame. It keeps going into the subscription option every time I open the app and I can’t get into the actual app. I also received a kickback notice that my credit card was already charged the $45. The way it was read was I wouldn’t be charged until after the 3 day trial. That’s not true, I was immediately charged. I tried deleting the app and uploading it again. Same problem. I can’t get into the app, let alone being charged for it right away!!! So then I decided to cancel it in my subscriptions, which I did, but it says I’ve now paid for it for an entire year. Again, no trial period. There is no way to easily contact the developer. This is ridiculous! I’m disputing this charge. Mind you all of this, from the app being downloaded to me writing this review, it’s been 20 mins. Also, I downloaded this and read the 3 day trial period must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.... so really it’s a 2 day trial period before being charged.... that’s false advertising. Just say there is a 2 day trial period. Highly unethical in my opinion hoping that no one reads the fine print and you make out on annual subscription knowing full and well they probably won’t cancel until the 3rd day.
  • Waste of money! 1/5

    By zoeloki
    This app keeps on charging me even though I already canceled my subscription. I’ve never used this app! Such a waste of money!
  • Can’t cancel subscription 2/5

    By Lia Rolin
    I cancelled the subscription after the 3 day trial but still got charged for a week subscription. Now it’s been a week and in the app it says my subscription is still active and in my settings there’s no cancel option so I’ll probably get charged for another week again.
  • Wow 5/5

    By angllyn122
    I love it’s easy
  • Says it’s free but it’s not! 1/5

    By K.merritt13
    I hate when an app says it’s free and I download it just to find out it’s not
  • Charged 1/5

    By kaelalrk22
    Charged me when I didn’t want it but whatever
  • great app 5/5

    By YouCam star
    so far enjoying this app with its colorful illustrations and informative topics
  • How Often Do You Add New Recipes 4/5

    By Nikimo13!
    How often are new recipes added to this app?
  • العراق 5/5

    By احمد الخزاعي
    ارجو انزال نسخة بالعربي كي يتسنا لنا الاستفادة اكثر
  • SCAMMERS 1/5

    By Squid430
    I downloaded it and when I opened it, there was a 3 day trial period. Today, on the 3rd day I went to cancel the subscription because i literally haven’t touched it since I downloaded it. Even though today was the 3rd day of the trial period I was charged starting on the 3rd day- and it left me no other choice but to be charged by the app. There is no method of contacting the curator so basically they screwed me over. I feel inclined to dispute this transaction and I just might because this is a scammer move. $40 for stupid recipes to begin with is a scam. Disgusting
  • Don’t want app. Doesn’t work for iPad. 1/5

    By leemahi
    How do I get a refund?
  • Keto 1/5

    By lvy1965
    Why can’t I open my app
  • Call it a crash diet 1/5

    By Quazi_Modo
    Because that’s all this app does. Crash.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By mrlovins
    I just download the app and subscribed for a year at 40 dollars then they want me to spend another 4 dollars a week to even use it not happy with this app at all!!!!!
  • Keto diet by Drama Labs 1/5

    By Texasland
    Don’t click on this app. I can’t get rid of them!
  • Yearly or monthly subscription! 1/5

    By justbeka
    Very misleading, This app it’s not free!!! When you first download the app, it demands you pay close to 40 dollars a year to use this app and wants your credit card information up front!
  • Very basic recipe app 1/5

    By M Schrier
    I’m so confused why you want to charge a weekly $4.99 fee but content/recipes never change. What am I paying for? There no meal plan. You don’t even include calories to the basic nutrition information you provide. For me this app was a complete let down.
  • Scam! Don’t download!! 1/5

    By Ramblesauce
    I downloaded this app today. Before it would even let me enter the app to see what it was forced me into a free trial with an agreement to pay $40 in three days. No big deal! I accepted the trial...if I didn’t like it, I could always cancel the subscription. But that’s when it started getting weird. After confirming my trial purchase, it wanted me to agree to ANOTHER subscription with free trial...this time in three days I’d pay 4.99 weekly. It’s a never ending cycle of having you sign up for all of their subscriptions at once. I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve cancelled all the trial subscriptions. Just beware!
  • Not free 1/5

    By ViceRussoIsTerrible
    Don’t believe the reviews calling this a free app
  • Charges 1/5

    By Jules 1718
    It should be required that you announce the fee is automatically charged after 3 days. To me this is dishonest on this app makers part. I will be deleting and notifying ITunes as well as apple of the deception of this app.
  • $39.99 Per Year? 1/5

    By WickedPumpkin
    I guess I missed that important detail. It starts with a three day trial and then costs $40 per year. Not what I wanted.
  • $40 and can’t refund 1/5

    By Lemarzo
    Horrible! Delete this app!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Tara Svehla
    Love this app
  • Keto diet 5/5

    By dudualtamimi
    Amazing app
  • Great tool for Keto starters 5/5

    By Precious04
    The app provides variety of recipes and makes keto doable.
  • New to Keto 5/5

    By @hiighly_Vee
    I LOOOOVE this app it’s so informative I’m seriously thinking about paying for the subscription!! The free info is LIFE CHANGING to feel like I can start a keto lifestyle now
  • App would not open the receipts 1/5

    By LalaMBM
    I downloaded the app, sign up for the 3 free day subscription then confirmed the 39.99 a year only for the app to not open up to the receipts. Keep loading then going to a black screen. Waste of time. I just cancelled!
  • Not free 1/5

    By choliz36
    Only 3 day trial then $40 per year

Keto diet & Ketogenic recipes app comments

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