Keyboard Maker by Better Keyboards - Free Custom Designed Key.board Themes

Keyboard Maker by Better Keyboards - Free Custom Designed Key.board Themes

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Daneco Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Keyboard Maker by Better Keyboards - Free Custom Designed Key.board Themes App

**Free For A Limited Time Only** Fully Customizable And The ONLY Keyboard App That Let's You Create Your Own Keyboard Sound Effects! Get It Now And Blow Your Friends Minds With Beautiful Designs, Cool Visual Effects And Super Funny Sound Effects! From the creators of the extremely popular 'Better Fonts' comes 'Better Keyboards'... The Most Attractive & Fun Way To Type! Download now to get instant access to all of these cool themes: Jeans, Ouiji Board, Woodcraft, Classic Typewriter, Chalkboard & More! Here's just a few reasons you'll be happy with these sweet keyboards: * Customized for All of your iOS 8 enabled devices. Yeah, including your iPads too! * Each button action fits the theme. So when you press the typewriter key, it acts like a typewriter would and shoots down! * Quickly change from theme to theme with the sneaky 'Magic Wand' button! * Plenty more sweet stuff you're going to love and your friends will be jealous of! Don't Miss Out On This Limited Time Chance To Download Free Today! Enjoy! The Berzapp Lab Squad

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Keyboard Maker by Better Keyboards - Free Custom Designed Key.board Themes app reviews

  • Buy this!!!!!!! 5/5

    By jabrauer
    If recorded sounds don't work, who cares? This is the best app I ever got!!!!!
  • DON’T BUY 1/5

    By Amber_sct
    I literally only downloaded this app so I could write a review. This app has not been updated in 4 YRS!!!! I hate when apple and developers make an app “free for a limited time” when it is old and not updated in years. Many times it isn’t supported anymore and doesn’t even work with latest iPhones or iPads. Apple needs to send warnings to developers when they haven’t updated their app in the last 12 months. If it goes 24 months without an update they should suspend the app and mark it somehow do people know it probably isn’t supported anymore. At 3 yes it should be taken off the store if it still has not been updated. However, I hate that currently Apple just deletes them and suddenly when my phone syncs overnight apps go missing. I would like a warning of at least 90 days so that if I want it I can sync it to my computer so I don’t lose the app completely if it is something I enjoy and can still run.
  • Why I rate this a one 1/5

    By sjantelle
    I rate this app a one because when I tryed to make one and I was done and when I wanted two text my boyfriend and wanted two show him it wold not work at all I try to ask my sister and she said I don’t know so I wanted to rate this a one and I thought it was because I have a I pad and I have a iPad and a phone so I tryed on my phone and still did not work and now I will need two dalete this app so I will thank you so much for me wasting my time for my life
  • It doesn’t work but I like it 2/5

    By None of yo buissnies
    Hi the app doesn’t work every Time that I try to apply it just shows the normal keyboard I even tried powering off my phone and powering it back on it still shows the normal keyboard please tell me if there are any ways to fix this bug
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TiffanyBlue Tarot
    Trash. Don’t bother. NOTHING works.
  • bad 👎🏽😡🤦‍♀️ 2/5

    By uindog
    I wish to give this app a five star but I don’t know if people have the same problem but I can not figure out how to apply the keyboard you create and this makes me a angry 😤 👎🏽
  • Am i deaf????? 4/5

    By Im officially deaf
    The app works good but the sound dont work and i created a sound thinking it work but nah
  • Puuuulease 1/5

    By richard blister
    Not free. Crappy with a capital S😲boooo!
  • Joe mama🎄 5/5

    By qt.bxbygirl
    I love this app this is amazing 😉
  • Hello! 2/5

    Hello creators 0f this app! I rate this a two star. Many people have had the same problems I have been having. They cannot put their wallpaper onto the keyboard. Even when they apply it, it will not work. People are very disappointed about this. I have an iPad, so I was thinking: Maybe this is because I have an iPad. But when I read: "And yes, this is also for iPads!" (or something like that) I was just confused, or frustrated. So I probably read like 10+ reviews. This is where they started saying thing like: "This app does not work, when I tried applying it, it didn't show up on my keyboard!!" And other things relatable like that. The same things are happening to me. I'm pressing 'Apply' and it still won't turn up on my keyboard. I might edit this because I found out how to use the keyboard ( and possibly give it a four star). - From, Olivia 🐕🐩🦮🐕‍🦺
  • Nice one! 4/5

    By Mojaks
    Nice fonts and themes!
  • Real 1/5

    By you are the god
    I gove it a one star become I can’t put the one I made to my real texting thing
  • Idk 4/5

    By Me and My Freind
    I can’t Figure out how to put your fonts thing on your key bored Idk how to do that I would give this an 4 star.
  • I don’t really like this app 1/5

    By color snake
    This app is SUPER slow. I like typing fast and it won’t let me. I have to power of my iPhone just to use it! At first I thought it was cool and now I just hate it. I tried to add a new keyboard and there is no way to save it. I think the only good thing about this app is that the keyboard is pretty. There were WAY better apps than this! I don’t recommend this app!😡
  • It was alright 1/5

    By $arah🦄💜💙💜
    I liked everything about it but except it doesn’t save to your keyboard I don’t get the point of it but it could be potential
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Big Debby
    Just doesnt work.... rip off.
  • One problem 3/5

    By 방탄소년단 Bangtan Mon
    My pictures for the keyboard come out too wide and it kinda looks weird then
  • Alex 4/5

    By susibellaalexҍҍ@.ϲօʍ😍
    I really like this app but I gave it a four star because it doesn’t really tell you how to put it on your actual keyboard how you actually thought it was but I totally would’ve gave it a five if it would’ve showed you how to put it on your wheel keyboard but I really like this app
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Lyn_Esco
    I haven’t been able to change my keyboard like this since I had an android phone
  • Better fronts 1/5

    By 迪貂
    I vote this because it DOESNT LET ME USE IT >:(
  • It’s not good at all 1/5

    By Regan)
    When I got it I was like aww is cute and all but when I use it it can’t keep up with what I’m typing so I can’t use it I tried and it’s a bunch of shhdhshxhd
  • Super bad 1/5

    By Why timer!
    Ughhhh this app is so bad better keyboard more like bad app
  • Unusable 1/5

    By dmaster3000
    I downloaded the app, made a custom wallpaper, and even gave the app full access to my phone, and it DID NOT WORK!!!! Very disappointed and I do NOT recommend this app.
  • Needs a little fix 4/5

    By KateReviewSongs
    I really like this app, but I type really fast. The keyboard misses letters and takes a while to work. Overall, besides that it’s pretty good!💘
  • LOL 4/5

    By lolkolk
    Wow it’s great 😯😯😯😯😍
  • Nice 5/5

    By TashaJimChristm
  • Keyboard 1/5

    By fho ig ig oh ohc
    It’s not letting us change the keyboard and it’s not changing to our keyboard so we still have the same old boring one
  • Nice keyboard themes 5/5

    By zah.raa
    Its very nice to have these cute keyboard themes. I think the creators of these themes were exceptionally creative and full of useful ideas. The 'Denim days' was the one I love the most because there is a beautiful background. Incredibly beautiful and not plain. Well done creators of those pretty themes and the maker for making this app.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By vuvugoffiyt
    It’s a waste of time. I spent a long time making my keyboard because of ads. It was just a simple yellow Keyboard and it took me like 10 minutes. Then I spent anther 10 minutes going to settings and trying to find the keyboard. I tried lots of times and it didn’t show up. Then when you finally start texting it doesn’t have a font. So I think this app is a waste of time.
  • This app could lead to a potential data breach 2/5

    By Some_guy098
    To get the app to function you have to give it Full Access to your phone in General->Keyboard->Keyboards and select it from there. However, this means and I quote “Full Access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address.” Be cautious. Also the designs are pretty good, but a lot is locked behind transactions. Just go with whats free.
  • I thought it would be better 1/5

    By galaxy_estrella
    When I downloaded it I thought hopefully it’s good but it’s not when I made a keyboard IT WOULD NOT LET ME APPLY IT EVEN THOUGH I PUT APPLY sorry it’s just I thought it would be wayyyy better also almost EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING was blocked sadly.1/5
  • I don’t get this app 3/5

    By 👎🏻or👍🏻
    I have the app better fonts but it doesn’t let me use the keyboards I make on it and on better keyboards it as the sign of better fonts and when I press on it all that happens is an add and then it is back to home screen I think they need to figure that out because I have asked other people and they can’t even figure it out.
  • Ok this didn’t work for me. 2/5

    By rerbear
    Ok this didn’t work for me. I still like it cus I think I did it wrong but I tried like 50 times. I still recommend this because the different options cool.
  • I’m confused 3/5

    By americaexplain
    Why does it say 4+ why does a four year old have a phone
  • Slow typing 3/5

    By minecrafterty1
    I live this keyboard mainly because of the customisation but when I use it it has slow typing which is impossible to use for me since I always try to type fast. Please fix
  • fake 1/5

    By Noodles meow cat ima dog
    it doesn’t work, after setting my photo it did not do as promised, i also dont recall it ever asking permission to go into my photo gallery
  • Needs work 3/5

    By PhamtomAngel
    This app would be a lot better if you guys would get the keyboards to be more responsive to fast typers and not glitch and double insert letters. Needs to have settings like the normal keyboard for iphones, such as auto punctuation and auto correct, spell check, etc etc. im keeping the app, but i would love for you guys to update all of this.
  • Works nicely and is really cool! 3/5

    By Gteduktd
    I love being able to use photos to create custom keyboard backgrounds. I could not figure out how to make the visual affects work. I have to say I miss the ability to access the dictation key rather than typing all the time. Very frustrating! I also miss the words predictively coming up as they do with the regular iPhone keyboard. Unlike other users, I do not have any problem with the keyboard responding to my touch. I rate this app 3 stars. Should the programmers address the lack of a dictation key and predictive interaction, I would turn around and give this 5 stars. I have already recommended this app to a few friends that thought my keyboard was "Cute!"
  • Don’t bye the app 1/5

    By teidsad,ubko
    I can’t even us the app I am picking everything I like and I go to my keyboard and it is not there and it is really frustrating because I really want to like and use this app but I can’t it looks very cool of an app but it doesn’t even work so do not bye this app I mean like don’t make a app if it doesn’t even work because I got my hopes up for no reason
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By PVZLORD1008
    This is so rad! I like oh there is tons of backgrounds to choose from! There is also sound effects and good visuals. And the best part is: Custom keyboards! \ (•◡•) /
  • Question 3/5

    By alfndhfndj
    I love the app but how do you set your design for you screen
  • Yikes 1/5

    By MoonVoid
    The app took a very long time to download, roughly about thirty minutes. When it finally did load the first thing that popped up was an add. Then as I use the app an add pops up about every thirty seconds or so, and it was incredibly annoying. I managed to make a keyboard and was incredibly excited to use it, but low and behold it didn’t even show up on my keyboard or work. This was honestly a waste of my time.
  • ewwwwww 1/5

    By dinaaryanjaff
    i thought it was beautiful while i was making it but when i apply it it just reminds me of A poop thx
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Very, VERY Angry User
    I’ve been working on my own keyboard for about an hour now and this app won’t work. I’ve tried different keyboards and it still didn’t. Work. I followed the tutorial and even restarted my iPad after that. Still no keyboard difference.
  • Do not work 4/5

    By Candy rodrigez😍
    So when I was making one it did not work when I did it
  • Slow and Refund 4/5

    By dawooziest
    I got it and it was cool for a second, then I was looking at the different options for the keyboard and it accidentally bought the wallpaper $4.99 pack which i didn’t want. I thought it’s okay, it’ll be cool hopefully, and it’s not even fast nor does it correctly read my fingers and what I type. It also doesn’t let you buy a singular thing and says that No Pro Version is available, which is really frustrating because there’s no point for it to be there if you can’t use it. I want the money I didn’t mean to spend back and I wish it could read my fingers better and not be slow. Over all it’s a cool concept and all but it needs work.
  • Works, but slowly 2/5

    By Roman Bakai
    It works, but the response is slow. I would rather have the original.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By KawaiiShrimp
    Ok, this is great and I love seeing my pictures on my keyboard, but... this is really slow to type and only a few things are unlocked unless you pay for them but a great concept!
  • Nice concept 2/5

    By CurlyGirlPhotog
    Pretty but super slow. It’s annoying bc you have to type slower or constantly go back and fix words. I tried it for 5 minutes and got frustrated and deleted the app. Sad.

Keyboard Maker by Better Keyboards - Free Custom Designed Key.board Themes app comments

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