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Keynote App

Easily create gorgeous presentations with Keynote, featuring powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzling effects that will make you a very hard act to follow. The Theme Chooser lets you skim through an impressive collection of 30 new and updated Apple-designed themes. Once you’ve chosen the perfect canvas for your presentation, simply replace the placeholder text and graphics with your own words and images. Easy-to-use tools let you add tables, charts, shapes, photos, and videos to slides—and bring it all to life with cinematic animations and transitions that look as though they were created by your own special effects team. Use Keynote Live to present a slideshow that viewers can follow from their Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and from With iCloud built in, your presentations are kept up to date across all your devices. And with real-time collaboration, your team will be able to work together at the same time on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud. With Keynote, you have all the tools you need to make an amazing presentation quickly and easily. Collaborate with others at the same time • With real-time collaboration, your whole team can work together on a presentation at the same time • Collaboration is built right in to Keynote on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch • PC users can collaborate too, using Keynote for iCloud • Share your document publicly or with specific people • Easily see who’s currently in the presentation with you • View other people’s cursors to follow their edits • Available on presentations stored in iCloud or in Box Get started quickly • Choose from 30 Apple-designed themes to give your presentations a beautiful start • Use the slide navigator to quickly skim through your presentation, add new slides, and reorder slides • Engage your audience with interactive charts and chart animations • See live on-canvas previews as you animate your slides • Use gorgeous preset styles to make your text, tables, shapes, and images look beautiful • Enhance your presentations with a library of over 600 editable shapes • Quickly open password-protected presentations using Touch ID on supported Macs Easy-to-use graphics tools • Edit down to the pixel with rulers and alignment guides • Simplified toolbar gives you quick access to shapes, media, tables, charts, and sharing options • Use donut charts to visualize data in an engaging new way • Add an interactive image gallery to view a collection of photos • Use Instant Alpha to easily remove image backgrounds • Free-form curves, shapes, and masks Cinema-quality animations • Beautiful cinematic slide transitions for easily creating stunning presentations • Magic Move effect to effortlessly animate and morph graphics • Gorgeous slide transitions including Clothesline, Object Cube, Object Flip, and Object Pop • Impressive text and object animations including Trace, Vanish, Crumble, and Fade and Scale • Emphasis builds let you add impact with one click Present to your audience • Customizable presenter display with support for up to six displays • Keynote Live lets you present a slideshow that viewers can follow from their Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and from • Create self-running, interactive shows for kiosks and displays • Control your slideshow from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod touch with Keynote for iOS iCloud • Turn on iCloud so you can access and edit your presentations from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and • Use Keynote for iCloud to access and edit your presentations from a Mac or PC browser Share a copy of your work • Export presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, QuickTime, HTML, and image files • Export your presentation as a movie or images Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply. Keynote does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.


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Keynote app reviews

  • Editing shapes 2/5

    By Zac Isaac
    When editing shapes, the points tend to shift around here and there. It is really annoying when editing basic shapes into complex shapes, all the points that are perfectly traced from an image started moving around. Never encounter this issue on prevous software update. This bug realy drives me crazy! Hate this update very much!
  • great app 5/5

    By is567654
    This is an amazing app and i use it as much as i can to make presentaions for my parents for father’s day or a birthday and this is just spectacular i like it better than powerpoint by windows
  • Simple, Elegant and Effective 5/5

    By Donjovi
    I love this app. I have to use powerpoint and times and find it to be far more capable than what I need. I do quite a few presentations and keynote it more than capable itself. One of the best features is the ability to create multiple slides by dragging and dropping them on to the app. Each item is created as its own slide. I like to collect data/images outside of the app in a folder and then dump them all in. This makes it fast and precise over having to import each into a new slide as I have had to do in the other program. There are plenty of presentation states and the tools abound. Thanks for a great app and for the years of providing it.
  • Essential in presenting scientific research with one minor defect 4/5

    By Useful in my research
    I have recently started using Keynote for my presentations as a substitute for Latex and Powerpoint. While the output in Keynote looks much better compared to the previously mentioned softwares, I have been suffering from a defect which might be happening to other users too. Its regarding dragging objects around on a slide. Lets say I write an equation using Latexit or say copy and paste an image from my computer, it sometimes get “stuck” and won’t move around when selected and dragged around. It will eventually but I have no clue as to the origin of the problem. This is time consuming and annoying while editing presentations at the last minute or in general. I haven’t found a good solution to this problem online. The typical solution suggested is to use coordinates which works but sometimes and more often you would like to place the object according to your liking which is difficult to judge from the coordinates. Compared to Keynote, it is seamless in Powerpoint to drag and drog items. Barring this issue, Keynote is a wonderful software, easy to start with and highly useful in presenting your research anywhere.
  • WOOO 5/5

    By Hogie123
    Awesome and great for schoolwork, work or if you just want play around.
  • Maybe it would be good if it worked 1/5

    By joyfullmom
    I’m so tired of getting notice from Apple that there is a new free version of Keynote in the App store, would I like to download it. YES! YES! I would like to download it. YES! I would like the new version. But my MacBook Air spends hours and hours just spinning the wheel to “update” without ever actually updating Keynote.
  • Not all that hot 3/5

    By Cattgut
    Overall, the ap seems slow to me. But…my main gripe is the in text handling. For me, using a magic mouse, creating proper sized text boxes is difficult because adjustment of the text boxes takes multiple mouse clicks, the boxes don’t become “live” immediately and then there are only two “handles” to adjust the boxes. It is beyond annoying. That’s my experience. I’m willing to accept operator error if someone can tell me something different.
  • Crashes constantly during show 1/5

    By App not compatible
    8.0 is crashing constantly during show mode, freezing my mac and requiring a hard reboot.
  • Please let us use Keynote 9 with High Sierra 2/5

    By kumoito
    The new app is still so much more time consuming (number of needed clicks, wated real-estate,loading times) than the iWork ’09 version. I KNOW we need to update to high sierra for security but not being able to use iwork 09 would slow down my output too much. Therefore sticking to Sierra.
  • Images from past presentations can’t be opened 1/5

    By francomatt
    When opening presentations done before update (about 1 month ago, not 10 years), I get an error message saying “Images cannot be converted”, I’m talking about hundreds of images, which means I cannot use presentations I did even just a month ago, am I the only one experiencing this?
  • Needs update! 2/5

    By App froze!!
    The app paused mid-update and has been frozen for about a week now … please fix the glitch.
  • Thank you, Apple 1/5

    By skeeterville1
    Every presentation I created in Keynote, even those created in October 2017, will not open in te latest version of Keynote with the latest OS. Once again, Apple has screwed users of this software. It is unbelievable that a company can have such derision for their loyal customers.The latest OS will not open previous Keynote presentations. And the latest OS will not open previous Keynote versions. I’m ready to switch to MS forever.
  • Requires OS X 10.12? 1/5

    By Bummed Keynote User
    Actually don’t know if I hate it as it won’t run on my hardware. Can’t afford to replace 3 computers to get them all to work together on 10.12-which didn’t run that well on my newest iMac with an SSD & 16G of RAM. Laptop will kinda run OS X 10.9. but, that’s been iffy even with the SSD update i did before installing 10.9. Will most likely downgrade to some early version. I have tried the later versions of Keynote and have gone back to one that is easier to use and works better from iLife O9, version 5.3 Went from Corel’s Presentations software to Keynote in the early 2000’s. It was an awesome upgrade in productivity, usability, stability, and performance. Still looking for the next awesome upgrande from iLife O9. So far, Apple’s just provided lots of layout changes and removal of items that worked well when I tried it last year or so. More of a downgrade.
  • Clean, simple, intuitive. (ONE minor complaint, though…) 4/5

    By CalebTalbot
    I don’t use Keynote often, simply because I don’t frequently have a use for it, but whenever I do use it I am amazed by its beauty and ease of use. (Although I’m going to describe my one complaint, there are many things I love about Keynote and I would recommend it to everyone.) My ONLY complaint (so far) is that it cannot automatically change the color of text once you've clicked on it (in the case of linking something to a word). For some context: I was making a Jeopardy game using Keynote, and it went so smoothly, but then I discovered that once you click on “Category A” for “$100” and come back to the table there is no way to make the “$100” a different color, so there is no way to know which ones you have already clicked on. This isn’t a huge deal, but I would like for Keynote to be able to do what PowerPoint can (simply because I’m an Apple fan). And I understand there are differences between the two, but it would be a nice feature for Apple to add. With that said, I LOVE Keynote and am not switching to PowerPoint for this minor inconvenience, it has just been a known “issue” for over a decade now that I would like to bring some attention to, haha.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By F Palmeira
    Beautiful, easy to use and powerful presentation software. Way better than others (I’m looking at you MS PowerPoint) Align objects tool is a must!
  • What do we have to do for “SAVE AS…” option?!?!?! 2/5

    By naHanoY
    Duplicate is not the same as SAVE AS.
  • Save As feature is available 4/5

    By swenk222
    I see people missing the Save As feature. Save As appears in the keynote file menu when you hold down the Option key.
  • Very nice presentation tool without import functions 3/5

    By ace apertura
    No doubts about it: Keynote is a very nice presentation tool. It works pretty well during presentations (no nonsense, just works). Side editing is also very easy. BUT: - Keynote just doesn't have any import functions. There is no way to import a pdf with a set of slides. Sure editability might be difficult in the end, but literally no import? That means you'll have to start from scratch when switching to Keynote. - Limited math editing capabilities. It's nice to be able to write LaTeX for math. But for mathematically heavy slides LaTeX might be better. If only it could be imported.
  • Still not as good as Keynote 9 4/5

    By RickL
    This app has improved since it was “updated” and degraded from Keynot 9. Most of the things I don’t like about it (no “save as” feature, no way to set the presenter notes font in a master slide, among others) were also true of it’s predecesssor. I often get the feeling that the people who program these products never actually use them. I do presentations for a living, and it is still better than powerpoint, but not by much. Apple seems to be intent on becoming a mass consumer products company instead of catering to the professional. Rick Lynch
  • Great 5/5

    By graphicprof
    Waaaaay better than Powerpoint. It is not without a problem here or there. Overall it is a great presentation app.
  • RESTORE Non-contiguous text selection 2/5

    By Matamarea
    My work has doubled, even trippled without non-contiguous text selection. Selecting multiple sections of a text in order to apply similar formating, needs to be restored. As is, one would have to select text, change formating (italics, bold, color, etc.) then select another section, apply similar formatting - multiply it by several thousand times and see how much time is wasted.
  • USELESS Aplication 1/5

    By Magnanelli
    7.3.1 version is Crashing Repeatedly with High Sierra. My files are big and I cant edit or duplicate it without the app close. PLEASE APPLE FIX THIS ASAP
  • Works Perfectly 5/5

    By @carlosvaaz
    I use it in my presentations at school during teacher’s and parent’s meeting and I love it!
  • Fantastil! 5/5

    By Naughty_iPhone
    fantastic app!!!
  • Far Superior to MS Powerpoint 5/5

    By nathangraham94
    The people complaining just don’t know how to work the app and have obviously spent little time trying to figure it out. For example, @supermagnetman, there is a “save as” feature. It’s just called “duplicate,” wich makes more sense anyway. The top three reasons it’s superior to MS: 1) it’s far easier to make professional-looking slides, 2) it’s more oriented toward video/animation, and 3) it’s more user-friendly/intuitive to navigate.
  • shape movement 1/5

    By Alfonso L.
    new update, inserting Shape, you cant not move them plz fix asap thx
  • Amazing program, just a shame the 1080p rendered videos are choppy 3/5

    By Cupjackk
    I got this program on my macbook, the program itself is amazing, especially all the animations and tools. When I preview the presentation the animations are smooth and how I expect them to perform. However, when once I export the slideshow in 1920x1080 quicktime settings, when I watch it back the animations arent as smooth and its quite choppy and not as high quality! Is there any way of fixing this?
  • unable to update 1/5

    By grannyyaya
    I love keynote but I’ve been trying for months now to update to the latest version and have been unsuccessful. I have no idea what the issue is but apple needs to resolve.
  • Dragging Photos Feature is buggy with selecting a region 3/5

    By easonphys
    I found that dragging a photo in Keynote sometimes works but sometimes doesn’t. It would get confused with selecting a region. Which means when I try to drag a photo instead it select a region and the photo is not selected or moved. I hope this can be fixed as soon as possible, before I turn back to Microsoft...
  • Can’t update my Keynote 3/5

    By Versieve18
    I can download the update but during the installation it’s always said it’s error, please help me fix this
  • Use the Duplicate Feature 4/5

    By Ninja 423
    Supermagnetman: use the duplicate feature. Even if you forget to duplicate before making changes to your previous week’s presentation, choose duplicate, rename and it will save. Then go back to the first presentation and undo all the changes. Unlike Word, you are able to undo changes even after a save. Try it. To others, I’ve been using Keynote for over a year. With a few exceptions, I love it. It works well, is smooth, doesn’t crash.
  • Stuck in lalaland 1/5

    By Wynn123
    Unable to open my document without the new Keynote, but unable to download the new version either. My laptop specs are up-to-date. Whatever happened to the Apple that only released bug-free products???

    By judynini
    My operating software is up to date but I cant update keynote - and it keeps warning me that I should. BUT HOW???? IClicking on the download in the app store, the indicator just spins endlessly and NOTHING HAPPENS> SO annoying. I like keynote alot, its so much better than Power POint, but this has forced me to give it a single star.
  • Files stored on Network volumes are absolutely glitched out and crash-heavy 1/5

    By GetJobsBack
    The latest version has nearly ruined my ability to save and access files from a network volume. No coincidence that today after updating to 7.3.1 I’ve experienced no fewer than 10 total hangs and crashes on my macPro 2013. Finder becomes totally unresponsive as well. I’ve pinpointed the culprit being keynote when it is open with a file that is stored on a networked volume. Give me a break Apple.
  • Nice to see the continued support! 5/5

    By Jeffsters
    Nothing renders as cleanly as Keynote and I’m REALLY happy to see the product kept up to date and relevent. So much better than PowerPoint and really makes my presentations standout from the crowd. Keep it up!
  • Keynote is a plague on my Computer 1/5

    By Plague of Keynote
    I literally cannot restart my computer because of Keynote. The app is stuck open, and after trying everything, it won’t let me quit the app. If I could change one thing about the past, I would make sure Keynote was never invented.
  • Lots of compatibility/installation issues 1/5

    By Cvo.Media
    Here are the issues our staff (n=25) is having with the whole new OS/Keynote updates: 1. Frozen App Store - some people can’t update to High Sierra because the app store keeps freezing. 2. Glitchy App Store - some people can’t log into their Apple accounts because the verification code denies the pw, but the dialogue to enter the varification code doesn’t pop up, thereby creating a circular loop of wrong pw/need verification code. 3. Frozen Keynote app - spinning wheel of death when trying to update the new Keynote. 4. Last but not least - some people with the newest OS and newest Keynote cannot open decks while others with the newest OS/Keynote can! Mind blown.
  • I support Supermagnetman’s comment: Where is SAVE AS? 5/5

    By Presentation Maker
    Keynote is a fantastic program over Power Point which I never use now. I can even mimic some functions that Ai does. However, this missing “SAVE AS” feature is beyond annoying. I agree it should be there…like every other program in the universe.
  • Tried to install but it doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ocoronel
    I tried to install several times but the only think you see is the spinnig wheel. It does not download the lates version. It is disappointing.
  • I would give Keynote 1000 stars if I could 5/5

    By DavidRaymondMontgomery
    Keynote is simply the best software of any kind that I have ever found! But especially it is the best presentation software I have ever used. It is simply awesome. I recently found that I can even export my presentation to Quicktime and I can actually run my presentation perfectly from any computer whether it is a Linux, Microsoft or Apple computer. Also, the use of automation is magic move or even simply just move is something that has left me astounded. It is extremely stable and the colors and fonts are simply beyond belief. You CANNOT do as well doing presentations with any other presentation software. There is something that I must mention and I hope it isn’t a violation of the rules of review. There is a man named David A Cox that has classes on Youtube about all the Apple Iworks software. Do a search and let him teach you this software. It will only make you love Keynote, Pages and Numbers even more.
  • Program fail 2/5

    By T800lives
    “project.key” can’t be opened for some reason. This statement about sums it up.
  • Unable to Update Even with High Sierra 1/5

    By Guoseph
    Upgraded Macbook Air (11 Inch Mid 2013) to OSX High Sierra (10.13) but unable to update Keynote. Indefinite spinning circle.
  • Won’t Let Me Use It 1/5

    By MissKG4
    I can’t open the app. Completely unusable
  • Will not Update 1/5

    By Jaksabee3
    I actually love using Keynote, however I haven’t been able to get this to update for a while and I can’t open presentations because I need the update. Really not great when you have classes coming up and you can’t present what you’ve created. Apple, please work on this ASAP!
  • Sure wish I could install it 1/5

    By Cageycruz
    Bought Keynote a long time ago now it needs update. But clicking the UPDATE button does nothing except spin the cursor. Tried installing from command line. Tried copying it from another Mac where it does work. Nothing seems to get this to install. And reading the Apple forums a lot of other people have the same problem. One star for Apple on this one until they fix it.

    By urbanyetti
    What the hell is this? There’s so many reviews here complaining about failure to download. GET ON THIS PEOPLE! I can’t download. I also can’t access my photo library (due to previous version glitch). So…this program is USELESS. Hello? Hello? Anyone there? This shouldn’t even be allowed to be sold.
  • I can’t even update the new version. 1/5

    By CarlosR60533
    I can’t share my slides for a presentation because it does’t want to update.
  • Stay away from 7.3 1/5

    By Sthiessen85
    Do not update to 7.3! It took almost 15 minutes for one of my presentations to open and others just won’t open at all.
  • Deleted powerpoint 5/5

    By Ana Claudia Cunha
    I don’t know why this has such a low rating. I mainly use powerpoint for school purposes and keynote is just as effective as powerpoint for me. Same features I use/need with powerpoint and less storage space occupied on my Mac. 🤷‍♀️
  • It won’t replace Office. 3/5

    By Alabama16
    If you need to do major work get MSOffice or OpenOffice. This seems more of an after thought by Apple like Pages and Numbers.

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