KFC US - Ordering App

KFC US - Ordering App

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2023.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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KFC US - Ordering App App

Ordering world famous fried chicken has never been easier. Skip the lines and access exclusive deals with the new KFC app. One-Click Reordering All your favorites right at your fingertips. Order Tracking Get updates on your order along the way. Faster Checkout Quick, easy and contactless. Stay Connected Never miss out on the latest KFC products and offers.

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KFC US - Ordering App app reviews

  • Never works 1/5

    By JFergieFerg
    They never know about our order and we end up having to park and order inside. Our order NEVER goes through.
  • Kfc app doesn’t allow you to leave a tip for the delivery guy— fix this problem!!! 1/5

    By Anayansia
    Kfc app doesn’t allow you to leave a tip at check out area for the delivery guy— fix this problem!!!
  • Unsafe food 1/5

    By carolL87
    I just make order from app for dinner. While waiting my order I saw the worker make my sandwiches without use gloves and the meat in my sandwich was small than the pickles. Shame on KFC. Don’t go there. Go Popeyes is way better
  • KFC app 3/5

    By Glens-man
    When you pick up your order there should be a button to touch to say I got it!
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Nickname 2.99
    Pictures stated on app are not accurately priced and extremely misleading. KFC chicken bucket in app picture $6.00 KFC chicken bucket on actual app $21.99.
  • Drive-thru option? 2/5

    By Introverted Girl 🤷🏼‍♀️
    There is no advantage to having this app. I use restaurant apps for the ease of ordering and pick-up. You still have to go inside the restaurant when ordering from the app. Please update this, KFC!
  • Fake 1/5

    By Kelwood21
    Never got my Diablo 4 beta code, straight fake offers in the app. Hadn’t been to kfc in over 15 years before today, planning on never going back again.
  • The “FC” Stands for “Fools Customers” 2/5

    By hkequeen
    Ordered from app before and somehow received support first though order history seems to have vanished but ordered 2 days ago and want to reach support and apparently THEIR IS NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT BECAUSE THERE ARE NEVER ANY AGENTS AVAILABLE AND VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE ONLY CAN TELL YOU THE OBVIOUS LIKE TOTAL & ORDER STATUS. SENT FEEDBACK EMAIL AND STILL NO RESPONSE.
  • Bad first experience 1/5

    By ca8179
    Well let’s see, had to try to place the order four times using two different credit cards before it finally went through and when I got to the store and picked up the order, my two piece chicken was one piece of chicken short. Not a good first experience. Plus, there are absolutely no rewards or offers or deals of any type. Might as well just order in person at the store. This is a bottom of the barrel experience as far as a restaurant app goes.
  • Quick pick 1/5

    By Liquidsnakeblue
    What’s the point of quick pick online ordering if I have to go inside when I arrive?
  • False Advertising 1/5

    By Eric's Sunshine_89
    Hi, I made a purchase on this app and got to the store and the store stated that they didn’t even have the product there. Not only did they refuse to refund my money, I was not given any other options on how to receive a full refund. I waited the few days thinking I’d get a refund from the app and that time came and went. Still NO REFUND. The local store said their manager was contacting someone to let them know that there was basically false advertising as their store did not have the item I ordered. So why did the app let it go thru in the first place is my curiosity? I would love to delete this app, but I would prefer my money back ASAP, respectfully…
  • Billion dollar company doesn’t know time change 1/5

    By lance7629
    Time change occurred and now the app is telling me the business is not open for me to order on the app. Lazy developers, deleted
  • Cant even order because address keep invalid 1/5

    By Tenni4ever
    I want to order but the address section was invalid , how can i order?
  • Horrible!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Wilson1080
    Do not use the app, they will never get you your order if you reschedule. Then you can never contact anyone and they won’t give you your refund. Kentucky Fraud Company!
  • Dissatisfied customer 1/5

    By Ggtyuop
    I ordered two chicken meals and they didn’t give me what I ordered and paid for I told them they didn’t give me what I ordered and I was told that there was no more chicken cooked that what they had was for Mobile app orders I ordered chicken legs but they gave me wings instead and was told that what I would have to eat instead of what I ordered and they would not give me back my money I will not order from KFC ever again very unhappy customer
  • No in-app support/glitchy 1/5

    By Tessa731
    The chicken option I selected was changed somewhere between adding it to my “bag” and placing the order, so review your orders carefully. The only in app support is the order assistant, and all it says is that “your order is ready for pickup” no matter what you type into the block. Absolutely no place to leave feedback
  • Bad first experience 1/5

    By Howard Foo
    No feedback pathway on incorrect delivery. Virtual assistant does not do much.
  • Trash 1/5

    By TROY12344774
    This app is ABSOLUTE TRASH!!!!! You can’t order at all so what’s the use?!?! And they have the nerve to be advertising it lolsmh. Total waste of time!!!!!
  • No Coupons or Deals 2/5

    By MArceloaalphausa
    I am unscribing cause it has NO Coupons and Free Points to Earn. 🤷‍♂️
  • Makes you sign in via the website 1/5

    By mjh8483
    The app takes you to the website to sign in, so get used to screens flipping around and not being streamlined “kfcmobile wants to use kfc.com to sign in” is the message. No other app I use does this. Tried resetting my password, so had to open gmail also, and when I did, the time it took was longer than it to put my order in, so I checked out as Guest. Now, after getting kfc for the first time for months, the notifications won’t stop coming to my phone. Aggravating.
  • Doesn’t auto update location. 1/5

    By retrospiii
    Ended up placing an order to “my nearest kfc” using the app, placed the order at a KFC that I was at 4 hours away previously. Impossible to get a refund, spent an hour trying to get a refund for a singular sandwich, still on hold as of writing this review. Honestly, forget the app. They don’t even offer pick up at the drive thru. Literally defeats the convenience part of ordering food on the app for a “quick pick up”.
  • The app is bad 1/5

    By TruckDriver151
    First off you don’t get deals or rewards that I can see. Secondly, I tried ordering a wrap and couldn’t even select to remove the pickles. REALLY KFC? Really? SMH!
  • Unable to customize? 2/5

    By Oldschool427
    There isn’t an option to customize your food on all items. For example, lets say I wanted no mayo on my chicken wrap, there is no way to take it off on the app. So I go somewhere else and eat instead. I love KFC but there just always seems to be something.
  • A Useless waste of time 1/5

    By CDPreey
    Crappy app that advertises a special that cannot be ordered. The chat tells you that nobody is home. When you purchase off the menu it won’t accept payment

    By DILLIGAFing
    huge mistake making people go inside to pickup order! I’ll never use the app again.
  • Needs a lot of work. Locks up when ordering. 1/5

    By Adrik Patientia
    Tried to order for the family. Clicking to order a bowl froze the app. Tried it from different phones and same issue. Please fire your QA and product manager.
  • Don’t not use 1/5

    By Bertrum_T
    I used this app for the first time yesterday and my order automatically changed when I paid. I verified 2x before I submitted my order and it still came out wrong. I called the store and they told me oh well call customer service. Then after spending 15 mins on hold they tell me all we can do is refund you $5. 🫤 I love KFC but this has been the worse experience.
  • Twelve time crashes. 1/5

    By Not a KFC app fan
    Went to KFC to get the 8pc bucket and was told it was only on the app. So, I sat down in the dining room to order it on the app. After trying repeatedly, the app kept crashing. Twelve times it crashed. I ended up going straight to the website and ordered from there. Not worth the time it took to enter all my info over and over and over.
  • BRING BACK 5/5

    By imsusiegirl
    Why not bring back the hot wings that you had back in 2005 I’m not talking about this Louisiana hot wings . It seems like you don’t want to have available the things that you have done away with. Your chicken is overpriced and way to greasy, the last time we thought we would give it a try again there was a good 1/2 inch of grease in the bottom of the bucket which is not good. And for the price we had to pay we could go to Golden Corral and get chicken that isn’t greasy and the potatoes taste like real potatoes, plus we can have steak. fish and anything else you want for a lesser price.
  • Can't login to my account 2/5

    By SunShineAround
    When i trying to login, the websites refresh every time that when i click login! fix this!
  • False advertising 1/5

    By dg3274
    Too much false advertising with this app. They advertise five dollar pot pies on the app, notifications, and app homepage but when you look on the menu in the app, they are $9.99. Same thing with $10.00 eight piece buckets. those are actually $14 when you get to the app menu.
  • Bad Bad Bad Payment 1/5

    By Frank Fool
    I can't use a non-US Visa/Marster card to pay for the KFC app order. Very Bad experience!
  • Too expensive 2/5

    By Rambo#3
    What happened to the coupons that KFC used to give in the mail/newspaper? The chicken is smaller pieces now and I have never seen a drumstick so small in my life. I ca get 16 pieces of chicken at Publix for the price of one 8 piece at KFC. You have overpriced chicken . Corporate greed!!!
  • Options! 2/5

    By Getridofthesestupidnicknames
    Need an option for no ice in drinks!
  • Card info won’t work 1/5

    By Ahdueic
    Not a single credit card will store. Awful.
  • Worst fast food app of any major fast food company 1/5

    By Brecktaylor
    No rewards. Annoying payment methods. No time saved if ordered at busy time or when lobby closes. Almost 0 point in using the app at all compared to just going to the store and ordering. Just takes up space on your phone for no reason. Doesn’t even remember your login then sometimes fails to login after putting in your correct info. Genuinely wondering if the rest of the reviews are fake because this is by far and away the worst and most worthless fast food app. My local chicken place has a better app than this.
  • Needs to fix delivery issues 1/5

    By Purplepineapplexx
    This is the second time in a week that DoorDash and the app have told me my order was completed/delivered but no food was delivered to me. They either need to fix their issues with DoorDash or find a new delivery partner/do delivery themselves because this is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Not like other restaurant apps 1/5

    By Lkkitt
    Unlike every other fast food app, with this one you cannot pick up in the drive thru. You have to go inside and grab from a pickup spot. This means they prepare it as soon as you order or presumably in time for a predetermined pickup time … which doesn’t allow for delays in getting there so your food sits there getting cold until you can get there to pick it up. With other apps they will prepare as soon as they know you are there to pick up so it’s hot and fresh. Also… there is no indication that the free bucket promotion has been applied for downloading and using the app.
  • Not allow to check out. 3/5

    By Bachelorindc
    75% of the time it works OK and then on occasion in my situation it doesn’t allow me to check out credit card is not the problem, the order is correct, but when it comes to checking out is simply won’t let me check out this happened on 02/06/2023
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Anointed & Appointed
    The last two times I’ve come to KFC my order has not been right. I’m paying for dark meat but they always stick white meat and then today again I didn’t get my dark meat. I got white meat, head or two sides of fries to feed my family, and instead of the fries, they gave me two sides of coleslaw that I did not order. I do not think I will be coming back to this KFC again.
  • Very glitchy 1/5

    By No92833
    I have used this app twice, and it’s very glitchy
  • Chicken 3/5

    By ablondie1
    I think it’s time for KFC to step up its game. We pick up food there almost every Sunday. We have noticed that the quality of the food has gone down considerably. The tenders are very small, and seem to be getting smaller. The chicken pieces are so breaded that you can actually stack up the breading after removing it from the chicken. A new Chik-fil-a has opened down the road, and KFC May start feeling the competition. Not on Sunday, but I think we will get chicken from somewhere else on Sunday from now on.
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By TxFireCop
    Love KFC, hate their app! First time I used it, app couldn’t process payment, then later, without my knowledge it went through and I was charged for an order that I never received. Tried again today, and same thing…don’t trust this app.
  • Worst App ever 1/5

    By CMonstaLA
    Rarely works, leads you to the cart with food and then just fails. I just updated and now completely does not work.
  • Not usable 1/5

    By JPXer
    Couldn’t login to old account. Couldn’t change password. Couldn’t create a new account. Then after using the app as a guest, menu won’t load. Deals won’t load. Can’t select home store. Can’t order. Useless app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By whitneyriot
    No point in wasting space on my phone with this app when I used it to order ahead of time for a simple dinner pickup, and not only had they not started my order, I was informed my food wasn’t available at the time. If your stores aren’t going to use the tech available to them, why have it?
  • Broken 1/5

    By review1234567899
    App will not allow me to change location. Just crashes out and says “oops”
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By LisaKat19
    Used app to order dinner recently. Easy to use and designed well. Thanks KFC!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By MrsBerry615
    Doesn’t work, takes forever to load, won’t allow you to actually order. Very buggy interface. Not user friendly. You’d be better off just going to the box and ordering, this app is useless