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  • Current Version: 6.1.0
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You can learn anything. For free. Spend an afternoon brushing up on statistics. Discover how the Krebs cycle works. Learn about the fundamentals of music notation. Get a head start on next semester's geometry fundamentals. Prepare for the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, or NCLEX-RN. Or, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, learn how fire-stick farming changes the landscape of Australia. Whether you're a student, teacher, homeschooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien trying to get a leg up in earthly biology — Khan Academy's learning library is available to you, for free. - Learn anything, for free: Thousands of interactive exercises, videos, and articles at your fingertips. Study math, science, economics, finance, grammar, history, government, politics, and much, much more. - Sharpen your skills: Practice exercises, quizzes, and tests with instant feedback and step-by-step hints. Follow along with what you're learning in school, or practice at your own pace. - Keep learning when you're offline: Bookmark and download your favorite content to watch videos without an internet connection. - Pick up where you left off: Your learning syncs with, so your progress is always up-to-date. Learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra) science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics, humanities (art history, civics, finance), and more! Khan Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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Khan Academy app reviews

  • Great for brushing up on a topic 5/5

    By dragonchickie
    I would like to have volume control added in. Also, please stop the videos from auto playing.
  • Khan academy rocks!! 5/5

    By Lol minesweep
    I love Khan academy it helps me get ready for another grade right now i’m getting ready for 4th grade i hope it works!!
  • Extremely buggy 1/5

    By ;.kjbu
    My adventure through computer science ground to a halt because the app is so buggy that it’s unusable. Pretty much every activity in the app freezes and doesn’t let me move in the app. I tried reporting the issue on the Khan Academy website but their report issue feature is also non-functional.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By rhuglin
    The math is just horrible. I remember trying to work on math that was so simple yet they make it the hardest thing
  • Fed Up 1/5

    By Caligurl2025
    The actual learning part of this app is ok but, it wouldn’t let me log in, so at first I thought I was entering the wrong password so then I did forgot password multiple times still didn’t work. So then I decided to create a brand new account it kept saying my email was invalid. Even though I’ve used my email for other things. So I’m fed up with this app I have wasted almost 20 minutes just signing in. I do not have the time or the patience.
  • You can’t turn the sound off 2/5

    By thepinkanator
    This app would be great if you could sit in a public place while you’re board and work on some exercises. However, there is no way to turn off the sound effects inside the app. That’s a simple feature that needs to be an option.
  • Lost my account 1/5

    By The century city mayor
    I had a 400k account but I couldn’t link my email to it because my email was linked to another account and the directions for unlinking accounts are honestly-50/100. To delete an account you have to wait for a day without getting on. I waited for a day and the account still existed. I don’t know how to unlink the email address and I tried logging out to figure out how to unlink the email and now I can’t login because I don’t have a registered email and I don’t know what my password is. Great system.
  • Writing recognition? 1/5

    By Spidey333333
    I used to love writing in answers on my iPad but I don’t see that feature anymore. Change back and I’d be happy to give five stars
  • Not as good as website 2/5

    By DachusundLover
    I love Khan Academy as a math site, but the app doesn’t meet the standards of the website itself. The app navigation is just clunky and confusing. I love the content, but I can barely get to my lessons. I also can’t see my achievement badges, just the number of them. I really hope this will be fixed, or I will stop using the app altogether.
  • App not working 1/5

    By SirWhy
    The app is not letting me in the app
  • Horrible interface, and full of glitches 1/5

    By Hunt.tr04
    I find this interface to be full of lots of glitches, and the interface self is a pain. It may take you 10 seconds to solve a problem, but a minute jut to be able to type it into the box. And it’s not like it’s a small screen. I use tons of other apps with iPad compatibility that’s flawless. I thought the message was to make life easier, and give anybody the opportunity to learn. But with an app like this, I’d rather carry around the textbook. Also what’s the point of mastery challenges or points, if you can’t access it with the app itself. And on a final note, I would like it if the app wasn’t so glitchy, the pages constantly quitting, going crazy and just being so slow. If you are a teacher, please spare your students, practice problems and videos are fine but please, do not replace the textbook. After a year of using khan rather than a textbook and old-fashioned practice worksheets, I came in knowing more about pre-algebra than after, and it’s not like I’m not trying. It’s just so hard keeping up with it and teaching yourself
  • Clever Integration Issues 3/5

    By jonathandwood
    Please allow a way to log into Clever from your app. Using the Clever app, only works through a web browser to access Khan Academy. Also, existing Khan Academy accounts can't be connected to Clever, you have to create a new Khan Academy account for it to work. I have already contacted Clever support and it is an issue with Khan Academy. Please address these issues!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By cts3md
    This is a great app. I got it to try and revisit some math and science subjects I learned a long time ago and to learn more advanced things and have been very impressed. Sal is a great teacher, very good at breaking things down so you can understand the why along with the how which I feel is very important.
  • Struggling with biology? This is the best educator you’ll ever have. 5/5

    By SuzanneKanj
    I’m so in love with Khan Academy, and I’m so grateful for it!! It’s really simple to use, and it has all the subjects that I need. And it’s free!!!! I am a foreign student who recently moved to the US, and I just started my first semester at cuny as a biology/premed student. Biology is hard, especially that English isn’t my first language. The textbook is really hard to understand and I have to translate most of the words, but Khan Academy made it so much easier for me. The language that the professor uses in the videos is really simple and understandable, yet academic and professional! The best thing is that when I don’t understand something, I can repeat the videos as many as I want!! In addition, there are articles about the same subject that I can read after or before the video! I just want to thank everyone in Khan Academy! You guys are the best!!
  • Great for review 4/5

    By Tammi ='-'=
    Lessons are simple, and tests are short. They're just barely long enough to prove that you know how to do something. You can take them as many times as you need! A little sad that my progress was erased after making an account, instead of applying my current progress to it. Fortunately, I made an account soon after finishing a section, so I didn't lose too much progress. So make sure you make an account right away!
  • Some issue 5/5

    By Maggie Noah
    Great app , I have iPhone 7 , every time open this app or close it my iPhone restarted, Sometimes hang only inside app , other thing great. Go on
  • safari to app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lulululu Lulululu
    if you google something and click a link from the search results, you are taken to the apps home page, not the article you clicked on
  • Content is great but can’t input variables on iPad 2/5

    By afla97
    Content is great and helpful but can’t solve any problems since keypad doesn’t allow variable input, only digits
  • Great I just have one thing that bugs me 4/5

    By Galaxyj2
    Ok this app is great it is wonderfully informative and has helped me learn so much. My only issue is the eraser. You know the one when you are writing out your work or something but then you make a mistake and have to erase to fix it. The writing part of this is perfect but the eraser is way to small. Like incredibly minuscule when I’m trying to erase some work to make more space and I’m working with an eraser that barely makes a dent in the markings. But like I said the rest of the app is amazing and I thank you some much for making it.
  • Has potential, iOS 9.3.5 and 4" screen = laggy and mediocre. 3/5

    By Star gauze
    First of all I love Khan Academy and it has been extremely beneficial my learning and a lot of those I know. I like the design of this app but, there are sevral features that are not perfect. The feature of being able to play back the tutorial videos at different speeds is possibly causing the audio in the video to be distorted, and the video and the audio become disconnected (the video looks to be playing nice but, the audio stutters and some words seem to be completely lost). The feature of quizes is great but having a small screen (4"), which makes it so that at least for some of the practices, I have to scroll to see the entire question, and toucing the screen causes the cursor in the answer box to start selecting different things. Then the combination of small screen and possibly my old device may have caused the lag from the quizes to cause the app to crash sevral times. Along with the quizes I noticed, at least briefly that some progress wouldn't sync between what I did on the computer and what I did in the app. The home page, the one with all the courses, takes a bit to load, almost every time. A side note, about the app, the programing course should have a label or something saying that it will open the course in a browser, and that may actually not load depending on the device's capabilities. Also, please add the feature of the forums that are at the bottom of most of the videos and articles, like in the desktop version of Khan Academy. Along with adding the forums, it may be beneficial to add the forum feture to the quizes, just in general. The feature of seeing your own streaks could be really cool in the app. I think this app is still a great way of learning from Khan Academy, it's just that my device probably can't process well enough. I like the overal design and workings of this app but, to work on iOS 9.3.5 and screens that are small (4") I think a little more coding has to be done. So, it'd be really beneficial to at least fix the video play back and the quiz laggyness problems in the next update for iOS 9. Thank you.
  • Lags 1/5

    By lynxesrgood4u
    When I answered a questions topic alright it says that I hv to try again. Why? Khan academy is mean especially when I have to answer these questions. Please fix this right now
  • So goood 5/5

    By jhkggyukvkghuk
    My child so much like that she can do a 12+34+56-1 an that is hard but she’s not really learning anything about science!
  • help?? 4/5

    By LittleLillyDIY
    So.. at my school, we use khan academy. I decided that I wanted to use it at home too. So i logged into my acc to see that apparently, my progress for one of my “skills” disappeared. But I have progress for everything else. I tried logging on my laptop ( we can’t bring our own laptops to school, we have to use their chromebooks ) and saw that the progress is also gone too. Is it because I was using a chromebook and then logged in on an apple product?
  • Amazed 5/5

    By MoDolce
    Getting licensed in securities and got lost in the math. Even though my lectures are there I could not wrap my mind around it. (Math is my worst subject). I ran across these videos via google. I’m soooo happy I did. Then I learned of the app. Mind blown. I now know and UNDERSTAND how to calculate present values with discounted cash flows.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Cb= vomit
    A outstanding school! Very impressed with the way it teaches, even human teachers couldn’t do this! Keep it up! 🤗🤗🤗🤗✌🏼
  • Great App! All it says and more. 5/5

    If you have doubts about the believability of these apps as I did, you won’t be disappointed in this one. Within the first day of use you’ll know you made the best choice.
  • Best learning app ever made 5/5

    By Erickr32
    You want to learn more about any subject in school. This is the best app for it. You can learn math, reading, science, and social studies. This is why this app is the the best learning app ever made on earth.
  • Hmmm.. 4/5

    By Hijijhii
    I'm not quite sure why you are unable to erase drawings on mobile with the missions. Could you fix that? Another problem, you can't remove something you added on mobile or tablet for missions, yet you can on PC or laptop. Thank you!
  • This makes math funnier than before! 5/5

    By Milotickz
    It’s like repeating 6th grade, only better!
  • Priceless 5/5

    By Bbgub136
    Every other app wants to charge a monthly fee, and then there is this app, bringing it free.
  • Great app for kids and learner 5/5

    By Yuong NG
    This app is good for kids to learn specially on the ipad but however i few the app is optimize for iphone rather than ipad because is feel a little bit lagging.
  • The truth... 3/5

    By jdjdhfhbd
    SOME OF THE VIDEOS DO NOT EVEN HELP!!!!!!!!!! But overall..... KIND OF good
  • Bugs 1/5

    By vitory queen
    Doesn’t load subjects. Keeps saying connection problem. Please fix, so I can give 5 🌟
  • notamathnerd,really 4/5

    By horse girl💜
    great app but 2 suggestions: - that you can save videos, etc. -that you can turn off the CC if there is a way to do these then there needs to be a clearer way to

    By Forward_Thinking
    Can the developers please add the ASVAB and ASTB. Khan Academy does a phenomenal job teaching. I requested it in the past, yet the new update did not include it. Please developers hear my cry!
  • Good, but has some problems 3/5

    By Kai the music fan
    So far I absolutely love the app and my teacher uses it for AP Gov, but it has some major flaws. In the most recent update the app has a huge problem with loading times. What used to take only a few seconds now can take up to three minutes to load. I know that it is not my IPad’s fault for it is only two years old and I still have over half of total memory remaining. By far the biggest problem is that whenever I open my profile the screen will just completely freeze. I waited for over ten minutes during this and nothing happened, so I was forced to close and reopen the app. Also, sometimes the buttons will just completely disappear forcing me to close the app once again.
  • Great app with major flaw 1/5

    By Cabalist
    Currently split screen does not work. No calculator, no notes, no scratchpad on iPad. I’ve stopped using the app because of this
  • Worked great, then they broke it 3/5

    By Girl MacGyver
    The app worked great until the latest update. Now, videos, articles, etc don’t load unless you wait for the freeze delay to be over and hit the back arrow. It may freeze again, but it’s like a game of roulette. We’ve had to use the computer since the latest update, but really preferred using the app.
  • Computer vs App 4/5

    By Qwertzperson
    Hello! I absolutely love Khan Academy. Thank you to the developers who put some much work into it. If I could change one thing though, I would really appreciate a SAT study feature on mobile. I don’t have access to a computer all the time, so I can’t study as often as I’d like. Thank you again!
  • Problems with progress 5/5

    By renegade3115
    I love the new layout and of course I love Kahn academy. Which is why I gave it three stars. But I’ve gone through course reviews and challenges and keep having to redo because there’s an error saving an exercise. I just tried taking the course challenge and got through all the problems but the last I got an error. So I re-entered the challenge only to find that the progress I’d made on the 29 problems up to the last had also disappeared and I was being required to take the entire challenge of 30 problems over again. As I’d already spent my allotted time for Kahn for the day, I’ll have to come back tomorrow and start again. To be sure this is just a review course for me so in the grand scheme of things I could proceed to the more advanced course without problem, but I just so like seeing that 100% on every course. UPDATE: after the latest update, I’ve gotten through challenges and practice without an app error and my progress is saved, so as of now, anyway, I’m quite pleased with the app.
  • Khan is crazy cuckoo AWESOME!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Weirdly Awesome Person
    I like Khan Academy because of it’s non addiction. It is fun, but it makes you wish you would stop playing for a while(unlike prodigy, which is the worst math game ever). Khan is fun because of badges and videos. Khan Academy is also accessible everywhere! My teacher doesn’t do Khan, but I strongly recommend it to you!
  • what a nonsensical update 1/5

    By Ommshi
    I lost all of my videos that I downloaded very very hard with my weak internet😰😰😰😰. it removes all of my bookmarks😤😤😤😤😰😰😰. and the most interesting point is, it does not work completely. It doesn’t OPEN items immediately when you try to touch them.
  • No possibilities to change the language in the iOS App 1/5

    By IzaEmy
    We need to change the language from portuguese to english in the iOS App, but it is not possible...
  • AMAZING GAME. But……🧐 5/5

    By gjggggjhg
    I love khan academy.but in one told me to make 10. But wen I selected 5+5 it told me to try again. Just letting you know. Hugs and kisses.
  • Amazing, as always! 5/5

    By Dracolexico
    I’ve used and loved KA for years. I particularly enjoy with this update that the partner content section is displayed with the others again.
  • Dislike Khan Academy’s look, pretty boring app! 2/5

    By Kirbeh n Prince Fluff
    This app has great intentions and is completely free, but is really boring and the videos are overly long. Can you do a total makeover on this app (one subject at a time) to make it look pretty? Like first, change this app’s look to make it more attractive to younger teens. Add some cute cartoon characters (for both Khan Kids and Khan Regular). Replace the long lecture videos with short, colorful lecture videos less than 4 minutes long, with cartoon characters in them. Start with the math section to do the makeover stuff.
  • Great learning app 5/5

    By dagnabits
    Best free learning app
  • Doesn’t make since 1/5

    By iHateManyApps person
    I do not get one thing they are trying to teach me cause they don’t explain it well
  • Update terrible 1/5

    By Kiddmontana
    This new update is terrible I can’t find my assignments and it doesn’t allow me to see what I’m missing change it back so I can get my work done.

Khan Academy app comments

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