Kik Messaging & Chat App

Kik Messaging & Chat App

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 16.1.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Kik Interactive Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
430,339 Ratings
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Kik Messaging & Chat App App

Get connected. Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more • Meet new friends with similar interests Get on Kik now. Start chatting!

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Kik Messaging & Chat App app reviews

  • Please get rid of live feed 3/5

    By VR Troopers
    I know this app is free so I expect ads but the live feature doesn’t really do it for me. When I accidentally click on one, then I start getting unwarranted messages. Also I couldn’t get chat notifications and it takes forever to add new people. Just update please
  • Pm Request bug 5/5

    By uraddiction.
    Although this app is very nice I don’t appreciate not being able to see new chat requests no matter what I do, I’ve uninstalled, gave all permissions and cleared cache and my pms are glitched.
  • Issues 2/5

    By williamttn
    Constantly locks up! Doesn’t let you save your conversations after you log out!
  • Can’t use chat now 1/5

    By ziidc
    Honestly not able to use chat now
  • KIK LIVE is nothing but SPAM 1/5

    By Marcantonio724
    Once decent. Now horrible. This was a decent app to use until they added LIVE. If LIVE was a feature when I first saw the app, I would have never downloaded it. The developers refusal to add the ability to disable LIVE is truly disappointing. Plus their inability to prevent SPAMBOTS from constantly trying to connect with me is the perfect reason to skip this app. I will be dropping this app as soon as I have time find a replacement.
  • Update app 1/5

    By Halo 2015
    Hi can you all update the Kik app it’s been 3 weeks since the last update.
  • Live banner blocks chats 2/5

    By paul.scott
    Live banner blocks chats and is annoying. There is no need for it as there is an icon at the bottom if one chooses to watch those folks.
  • Kik 1/5

    By w2's
    @Kik I think you need another update cause I’m trying to join my friends stream and it’s not loading me into my friends stream it just keeps loading there’s so many bugs in this app fix it please
  • New features 1/5

    By ShugarKane2018
    Please change Kik back to the way it was. More often than not, I can’t get new notifications, and the “Live” feature leaves a lot to be desired. Thanks.
  • Please get rid of the live tab it is so annoying 5/5

    By baileyboyninja
    Fix the live tab please
  • Very bad app loads crashes ads 1/5

    By Spike Fojas
    You can’t exit out of ads that play when you look around with people it’s so freaking annoying the ads cannot be closes will not be using this app again waste of time!
  • Trash 1/5

    By FernyEz
    This app is so buggy, get new chat requests but can’t even access them. So I end up missing a lot of messages. Not being able to store chats is lame. This app has gone downhill the past few years. If you can’t have a working app just retire it at this point.
  • Group chat glitch 3/5

    By jayleedcoffey
    When I post something on the group chat think in the search history it pulls up about five tabs and then when I finally post something i don’t think it posts but if it does I havnt got and message requests
  • Badges and crashes 3/5

    By PurPear
    For the most part this is a pretty good app. But recently, the badge icons have gone haywire. I’m up to 12 now and it keeps adding more. I definitely don’t have 12 unread messages. I’ve done everything to fix it except delete the app (I don’t want to lose all my chats). In addition to the badge problem, it gets glitchy and slow and then crashes. Multiple times in a row. I think an update to fix these issues are in order. Once these issues get fixed, I’m happy to give it a higher rating.
  • Need to do better 3/5

    By hillbilly12346969
    Ever since the new update I have people that try to chat me one on one and it shows that I have a notification for it but it done at show up as of right now I have 54 and Probley more new chats that I can’t get to because it not showing u need to fix bugs please I have done all the lil trick and none of them work was wondering how u can help me
  • Chat limit reached error message 1/5

    By FloraFather
    It seems as though the “start chat” option does not work for me, tells me I have 15 chats remaining, but gives me an error saying “chat limit reached”, but, it still shows the actual number of chats, which stays at 15.
  • Kik may be back but at what cost. 1/5

    By Ladyxavior
    I miss the old kik. The notifications for new chats aren’t working. When they do and you open the chat it’s blank. I’m tired of seeing the kik live cams. I want the option to turn that off. Whoever resurrected this app ruined it. It was better off dead.
  • Glitchy app 1/5

    By Bob26589
    I use to use this app all the time and it was great now it’s so glitchy it takes multiple seconds to open any chat and it’s just super glitchy I hope in the next update you address this issue.
  • Works when I wants 1/5

    By JHTBO
    This app has gone down hill quick! It just stops showing my new chats constantly. KIK worked great up until a few months ago. Now I can barely use it. I deleted and re-downloaded the app countless times losing my chats. I’m so sick of it!
  • Very unhappy with this app 1/5

    By ms.pinkyy
    I can’t see my messages that are being sent to me. I have uninstalled this app twice now!! It is very frustrating!
  • Do not use. 1/5

    By disable periscope
    This app promotes content sellers and suspends accounts regularly without cause and try’s to say you violated their guidelines. When you go to the guidelines page the site they use says it’s has been shutdown. This app also doesn’t tell you what guidelines you have broken when you haven’t broken any. Kik promotes a non nude live stream service but plenty of people break it and the only get a temporary banned for sexually content. Not only that the app is constantly glitching and not working properly. This app should be permanently shut down and investigated by the government.
  • Love the app but getting zero help 2/5

    By Farmer CP
    I’ve had the app for a year. I love using it though it gets buggy. Recently I was not receiving new chat requests so I uninstalled and re-installed. The problem, I lost my password and gmail is not accepting their auto email to change it. I’ve created 2 tickets to address this, specifically asking my email address be changed and apart from a useless auto response have as of yet received ZERO help. I’d happily change my rating IF the app one day helps me log back on. In the meantime I’m losing contacts. Sigh.
  • No longer working on my iPad 2/5

    By Sir.H.H.B.
    The app doesn’t work on my iPad (12.5.5 OS) since the last update. It can’t even launched to start working. It was working before the last update even though it wasn’t as smooth as it was in the past. However, at least it was working. Now, it doesn’t even open, which is really disappointing. My iPad is already on its latest version and nothing to be updated as this is the latest version of update for its model. Please fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Notifications 1/5

    It says I have notifications yet when I open the app. They are not anywhere to be found.
  • Live future needs to go but I enjoy it 5/5

    By savageLJ1
    Live future needs to go but I enjoy it I enjoy kik but the live future needs to go because It makes it complicated. The video calling was way. Better
  • Agree with SLoggia… 2/5

    By Lucky_82
    I totally agree with SLoggia! Get rid of the Live Videos. This is the worse update ever!!!! I have not use this until now and I’m thinking of getting rid of this app for good.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Speedwolfify
    I come back to my account after a month break and it says that I can’t login on Kikfriender and the customer support doesn’t want to tell me if I did something wrong or the reason I’ve been banned from the site. I also can’t even make a new account because it says invalid username and email every time
  • Good app for staying touch 4/5

    By Cheysay
    It’s been helpful to stay in touch with family outside of my country. Recently, I’ve gotten 4 red badges on the app, but can’t seem to figure out what it’s for. No messages from anyone.
  • Met new people but… 1/5

    By I didnt use the app
    This app is great for meeting new people, but there’s problems. New chat requests don’t show up, app randomly shuts down and deletes all messages and notifications sometimes just stop working in general. These problems are completely out of the control of the user and the bugs really need to be worked out. I don’t understand how these can’t be fixed but they need to be. It’s the three most annoying things for a chatting app to have
  • Unsafe and barely functional 1/5

    By mythic_fox
    So first off, the app is barely functional. Right now, it's a coin toss as to whether it's possible to receive new chats. Most the time I just can't access them at all (and this is a very common problem as of this writing) and sometimes even when I can I can't actually see the messages. The pop-ups and banner ads never fail to function, though. Sometimes, notifications just don't function no matter what you do. Your only option to fix it is to delete the app and reinstall it, which also wipes out your chat history because that's saved entirely on your device. And the service itself is a cesspit of spam bots. Groups are non-functional because they fill up on bots, unless someone is willing to aggressively mod the group. Which almost nobody does. Most of those groups are for hookups or buying and selling drugs, anyways. And then there are the sexual predators trawling the service looking for vulnerable teenagers who are ostensibly the app's target audience, that the company makes no effort to do anything about. If I didn't have one or two friends who just refuse to use other services, I'd ditch this app and never look back, and I still plan to as soon as I get them on something else.
  • Meh 3/5

    By conrre
    It’s not terrible but it’s not great either. Like 7 ish years ago it didn’t have as many ads as It does now and it’s not as good as it was
  • New Chats 4/5

    By Iamshanford
    For everyone having trouble with receiving new chats go to your settings then chat settings then click allow new chat requests
  • if you’re a kid please do not get this app 1/5

    By strawberry_bun
    I would rate this a 0 star if I could, this app is horrible and filled with groomers. I still have a lot of unresolved trauma that’s led to multiple mental health problems because of irreversible damage that child predators did to me when I was 14, I am now 18. Please do not get a this app if you’re younger then 18 and even then I would not recommend it to anyone.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By SourShark43
    They need to update the app to where its a bit easier to use while going live. We should be able to save our lives for up to 30 days
  • It's good, but Messages aren't getting all the way to the recipient 4/5

    By gorillawolf2099
    Whenever I send a message it gets stuck on either delivered or sent instead of notifying the user (taking away the call system didn't help this case) Idk if it's because they don't accept their new chat requests in their settings but what I do know is it's almost annoying, as being left on read/red maybe FB should just buy kik
  • I don’t understand what happened 1/5

    By Littlemissbunny
    I used the use kik a lot for quite a few years until just a few days ago. The app was great to use to communicate with friends, set up groups, and I didn’t have to worry about it much until the last month with it. •I understood that with kik being a free app, it’s going to use ads, which I didn’t let bother me too much, until the ads would take up the whole screen. And these ads would have the exit buttons so small that even if you tried to press on it, you STILL ended up going to safari or the App Store because of it. A fee of these ads wouldn’t even go away unless I closed out of the app. • The bots that have recently showed up are RIDICULOUS! Over the last month I have had numerous notifications telling me I have “people” interested in talking to me only to see they’re bots. I would see more notifications about these than from the actual people I’m trying to talk to. •And notifications are a hot mess. You might as well not download this app because it has since stopped letting you know if your friends have sent you a message or not. I have deleted and re downloaded Kik quite a few times because of this problem. I have even checked my notifications (on both my phone and kik’s) to see both claiming the notifications work. And it does…if it’s for bots. The app literally has no problem with telling you if you have new chats from bots, but they won’t even tell you if your friend has messaged you until you go in the app. I have had NO ALERTS unless I go back on the app only to see someone messaged me like 3 hours ago, but it is so fast to tell me if a new bot has started messaging me within seconds. That is ridiculous. I used to really love this app because I used it for so many years and had so little issues with it. Now though? I don’t understand what happened to it. I don’t know if the developers grew lazy, don’t care, or are just straight up giving up on the app. It is a shame to have to stay and go from greatly enjoying this app and being able to talk to my friends (especially if they’re from other states or countries) only to delete it because I quite literally can’t talk to my friends because of the app. And from seeing the other recent reviews about this, it looks like it’s been an ongoing issue that is being refused to be looked at. I’m just disappointed after so long and an only wish for this app to do better, but that really depends on the person running this thing.
  • Private Message Requests 3/5

    By Popiporulez
    When someone messages me via private message from a group, they are not showing up in my chat requests and I have disable chat requests turned off, so there must be a bug somewhere. Help please.
  • I hate that everyone insists on using it 1/5

    By EmBecc
    Glitchiest app on the planet. Get better programmers.
  • I cant read my new messages 1/5

    By 1.34dqu
    So I had kik for the longest time. Recently, everytime I get new messages its not coming up. I tried restarting my phone and closing the app but I couldnt retrieve those new messages. If it is bugs they need to fix it..
  • Suddenly can’t find new chats 1/5

    By redrammer
    ….Tens of thousands of users suddenly are unable to find or see or open their new chats on Kik. Rendering it basically useless. Numerous people have reached out to kick and they simply respond with there’s nothing they can do about it and they don’t care. Or maybe they care but they don’t care enough to fix the problem. What good is a texting platform if you can’t open new text messages? Get your stuff together. Good grief
  • Fix your app 2/5

    By Colton pokemon
    Ever since your last update, I don't get any notifications from the app and invites from other people do not show up in app, please fix these issues
  • needs to be fixed 1/5

    By sergio33333
    update won’t let message request show
  • Can’t see new chats 2/5

    By Whatalou
    Can’t see new chats even though numerous badges say otherwise, I get alerts but still can’t access them, pretty annoying.
  • Can’t get no notifications 5/5

    By infamous208
    I check my settings on my phone and deleted kik and downloaded it back and still the same thing I still don’t get no notifications I have to get on kik to see if I got messages and it starting to get annoying to keep going back and Fort I ain’t to happy with kik at all get this fix please
  • New chat tab 1/5

    By affirmation 21
    New chat tab non existent and do not have access to see new people.
  • Can’t see my new chats still! 1/5

    By Brenton Osborn
    This is crazy! I still can’t see my new chats
  • Something is ALWAYS broken 2/5

    By alexnicole99
    I swear y’all fix one thing to break another. Last week, I wasn’t able to see new chats even though the badge notification would still show. Now that’s fixed, I’m getting notifications for a group chat I’m in even though I have it muted in-app. I’ve had to work around and mute notifications on my phone instead. The amount of ads are unbearable, and frankly ever since you added the “lives,” the app as a whole is almost unusable. I think you should split it into two apps, so people that want to use the live option can and people that don’t want to be bothered with it can still use the messaging part without issue.
  • Not great lately 2/5

    By JJMLS70
    Half the time I get notification badges without messages. Other times you have to open the app to even get those. At other times, I’ll open my app and have several messages that were sent days ago with no notifications so I had no clue they were there. Used to love the app but the last “update” screwed everything up.
  • Chats invisible! 1/5

    By Bigtopuc
    I keep on getting chat alerts however I cannot get to the new ones. Very dissatisfied. There are better Chat Apps out there. I have reported it to Kik but as of now some 2 months later no response nor adjustment to the problem.
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