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  • Current Version: 15.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Kik Interactive Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kik App

Get connected. Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more • Meet new friends with similar interests Get on Kik now. Start chatting!

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  • Video Chat 2/5

    By youdonthaveaclue
    Hey, great app to chat with friends and all, but do you mind making a few changes to it? Can you add a way to remove the video chat button in the upper right corner? Thanks!
  • Great App 5/5

    By !,?.??:?;)3$:$:&
    Good for texting my friends in group chats without anyone reading my messages.
  • Chat history needs to be fix soon! 1/5

    By Baler matha
    I just started using this app from today! It’s not bad but they need to focus on the chat history . Yes it is possible to fix it. Otherwise it’s seems to me very scary ! I didn’t try the video chat yet. Hopefully in future soon.
  • Fuk u 1/5

    By MLP-Jolt
    Fuk u
  • Love but please fix bugs! 5/5

    By CloClo😅
    This app keeps closing itself whenever I exit and go back to chat after taking a picture sometimes i don’t even receive notifications.. over the top of that we have it lagging extremely bad.
  • Num Nums 4/5

    By GuineaPig1030
    The app is amazing but I wish I had my num num back 😭😭.
  • Kik is dumb 1/5

    By iysteetee
    It have to many bugs and keep logging me out
  • Love It 5/5

    By MissKiki💕
    KIK is a good app... Talk about old school but I like old-school and it works perfectly for this new era
  • Why when u go on another device it deletes messages? 3/5

    By Bxby Angel
    I had a lot of memories and when my phone broke and I downloaded kik again all my messages were gone I’m lowkey depressed cuz I had my first love texting on that account so many memories gone. Bring back my messages!!!!
  • Rotation and freezing 2/5

    By ohmie93
    So the app freezes and exits out a lot for like six months this has been happening. The screen randomly rotated and gets stuck the chats freeze and blank out while trying to text. Kik two years ago worked perfectly. Not sure why it’s been acting so crazy. I even turned off my phones auto rotate and it still rotated randomly.
  • Bring back chat now 2/5

    By Kristya33
    I have been using the app on and off for 5 years! When I first started there was chat now! Just a large list of people that were on that you could talk to! I HATE the chat rooms! I hate trying to find one that has active people in it! Most of them are full! Then you have to verify with people! It’s annoying! I want the old way back!!
  • No one using it 1/5

    By محمد تيسير
    The only thing this app is used for is for sexual favors
  • Decent at best 2/5

    By Jake Ryans
    On my iPhone XS It becomes extremely hard for the input of letters typed and the software to keep up with eachother. Meaning, I need to slow my self down so it can catch up to what i’m typing. That needs to get fixed. Even my old iPhone 6 could type better. Other than that, the updated software and stuff from last time I had an iPhone, (6) is very cool. Things load faster than ever.
  • Usually great 4/5

    By ThatOneGuyFromSomewhere
    Sometimes however messages don’t go through and take an absurd amount of time to reach the intended recipient. I am not just talking about when someone is in a bad signal area either.
  • Suggestion 2/5

    By 1999kiki
    Can yall make an ipad version ?
  • It’s great 5/5

    By slingone
    It’s great
  • Wrongful banned for 12 hrs 3/5

    By CassyWiedem
    I didnt do a thing wrong and get banned. I didnt bully anyone. You keep banning me cuz people report me for not sending them nudes. FIX THIS PLEASE!
  • Reports 2/5

    By Juande_dios
    I think you guys need a better report system, there’s people in the all that report for no reason, your help center is all machines so none of them can help when a problem comes up.
  • One of the worst app I ever used 1/5

    By EliaRossi
    This app as the worst user experience I have ever had. It keeps crashing and freezing. Most of the time I can’t even write a sentence since it freezes. The app has a huge and awesome community which is the only reason to download it. I feel like there’s a massive need of an update with fluidity in mind, something that will simplify the user experience and cut down the frustration.
  • Acessable but... 1/5

    By Truestm
    Kik is an easy to use and convenient app for lower-end roleplayers like myself. However it’s filled with bots and the ban system is absolutely busted. The app will randomly ban you for your profile picture when it clearly is fine, and the auto-ban is extremely abusable. I cannot stress enough the poor management and banning system. The app will randomly lock you out for pretty much nothing and you will NEVER get an appeal through.
  • Dead App 1/5

    By Darkon1488
    This app died for a reason.
  • Verification too often 1/5

    By mangator69
    Why do I have to go thru Verification process daily. Sometimes several time
  • Not Updated for iPhone XS Max 2/5

    By euphoricwho
    The keyboard is big and blurry. I keep making typos and it’s frustrating. How can such a big company like Kik not make optimizing their app for newer iOS devices a priority? It’s a shame.
  • Stupid 4/5

    By bunnyboo0017
    The company should let iPhone people change to themes chat like other phone people
  • Decent but could be improved 3/5

    By Machappyface
    It’s cool to join groups and meet new people but there’s a lot of creepy people who send your nudes and stuff. It’s also super glitchy
  • Won’t connect fix 1/5

    By Yoder1961
    Won’t connect fix
  • Notifications no longer working 3/5

    By Predator Hunter99
    Have been using the app the problem is notification no longer come through so if I forget to check the app for a couple days I won’t know if someone messages me
  • Help Needed 1/5

    By Dylan Caroon
    I’m seeking help with any issue and the only thing this app offers is a help center with basic topics in it. I can not find my issue amongst all these topics. Tried emailing the support team and just get a generic auto reply email that tells you to us the help center. So I’m stuck with an issue that I can’t get resolved Adding to this, I still have the same issue and still can't get any kind of assistance from them
  • Important 1/5

    By violetswisher
    So I see that kik now has this quick chat where you don’t know who you talking to until the exchange of usernames. What I don’t like is if I’m a male I should only be set up with females as well for females should only be set up for males. 99 percent of the time the private chat with a male and Im strictly for women only. I would appreciate if you guys fix that or take that new feature off for good tired of these males constantly on it.
  • Xs max won’t work with Kik 1/5

    By jmwils3
    Kik refuses to load
  • Issues 2/5

    By peachypeincess79
    App always freezes when someone joins a new group chat. So frustrating!!
  • Good app but not too happy with the recent update 4/5

    I have been using this app for years & have been using daily. I’m not a fan of the chat themes. Not everyone is going to want the same theme & with this update you don’t have a choice. I think it would be better if we were given the option to want the chat theme or not. I do like to change my color of the chat bubbles a lot but with this update it makes it hard since others can be annoyed with it. Otherwise, I have no problems with this app.
  • Chats 3/5

    By LPeters03
    Why do you delete the chats after you re login
  • It’s cool so far. 3/5

    By Cupcake2324
    Just got it back it’s cool so far we shall see... Kik me at Beautifully_thick_10 always down to make friends gals and guys.
  • Love it 5/5

    By sissytruckerbrooke
    Love Kik I’m a trucker out on the road keeps me connected
  • Pictures not loading 1/5

    By Avenger2828
    Really frustrating.. photos do not load on my phone, but videos do. I’ve uninstalled the app & I’ve restarted my phone & still nothing..
  • Themes 4/5

    By hiccupa
    When will the android themes be available for iPhone? If it does happen can it just be the same android themes and not different ones?
  • Great for criminals 5/5

    By american gangstaa
    Awesome anonymous chat for hustlers 😍
  • Needs more security 4/5

    By Annette0011xxx
    Wish they would add thumbprint security, so that family can’t get into it.
  • Laggy on iPhone 1/5

    By NazKerpan
    After the new iOS update, kik has been laggy when typing. The developers only gave half of an attempt to fix this issue. Caps locks also doesn’t work. It needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP. It’s been far too long for this issue not to be fixed by now!!
  • It’s good for kids 5/5

    By kvng_.imari
    It says 17 and up, but it’s great for all ages.
  • So many issues 1/5

    By ninanarc
    This app is driving me nuts. It crashes then I don’t want receive my chats at all. I have to delete then reinstall it and it’s quite annoying.
  • It started out AMAZING. But then it- 1/5

    By 707EXTREME
    At first I L O V E D. This app. It easy to use, the colors of the chat bubbles are awesome. I love that you can add your interests, a cover photo and profile photo plus the chat themes! I had so many chats and fell back on this app when
  • Super glitchy. 3/5

    By SkHebert
    I click on a chat and it take forever for the theme to load. On the main page, times of messages sent and received never update (i.e. stamp says Just Now but was actually sent 20 minutes ago). And plenty other small things. The app used to be great. It’s really irritating now and I’m about to delete it.
  • THANKS KIK! 5/5

    By Esor<3
    Thanks to you I found the love of my life! I had this app in 2014 when this guy messaged me through a feature that allowed you to meet new people. We got to know each other very well even though we didn’t live in the same city, but we did live in the same state which was good. We kept talking and eventually exchanged numbers. In 2015, we started dating at a distance.. In 2016 we met in person... by the end of 2017 he met my parents... by my birthday on feb 2018 he proposed and 3 months later we got married! This journey wouldn’t have been possible without kik!!! Thank you!!!!
  • Extremely lagging keyboard delay. 3/5

    By V-Man97
    Whenever I’m typing there is a very heavy delay on letter inputs when typing. It’s becoming very annoying and am not able to respond fast enough than I used to. Please fix this.
  • I don’t like 2/5

    I can’t send videos
  • notifications 2/5

    By mmart2018.
    why don’t my notifications work?!
  • Cant beat free 4/5

    By Herb in Glendale
    Thank you all the developers that put so much effort into this app. Ito could be so much more but with Angle and venture capital you have done an amazing job.

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