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  • Current Version: 15.25.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Kik Interactive Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Kik App

Get connected. Kik is way more than just messaging. It’s the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop, and explore – all through chat. No phone numbers, just pick a username. • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Share pics, videos, gifs, games, and more • Meet new friends with similar interests Get on Kik now. Start chatting!

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Kik app reviews

  • Too many glitches 2/5

    By Jshan88
    For the last month or so I haven't been able to receive messages. I get notifications but when I check the app there are no messages.
  • So slow. Not usable. 1/5

    By Shtrelvis
    Many many people have requested to communicate with me via Kik. I resisted getting the app, because I had privacy concerns. Finally, I decided to get the app and try it out. I have the newset ipad pro, running the latest ios. I installed the Kik app and tried using it right away. There is some problem. It always says that it is "connecting". I am not able to chat with the people that send me their kik usernames, because kik cannot find them. I am not able to chat with folks who are already in my contacts, because the messages are not going through in a timely fashion; rather, the problem is the same. The app seems to always be "connecting" and not connected. Why fight and struggle and waste time to use an app that does not work, when there are so many other options that do work? Still, the app seems popular and many people seem to be using it, or claim to be using it. I don't get it. I would lioe to use it, but it is just not working for me. Frustrating.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Bearclaw1956
    I can send messages but I can’t receive any.I am not really happy with this app
  • Constant trying to connect 2/5

    By ironman19855
    Since the app update the app is constantly trying to load. Most of the time it does not connect
  • Lags 1/5

    By para-medic9
    Lags too bad
  • So slow too many bugs 1/5

    By dgh457
    Over the past few months it’s gotten harder to send messages. The screen freezes and you have to get out of it. You guys really need to fix the bugs. There are lots of messaging platforms that are much more reliable than kik.
  • Meet new people 1/5

    By ggd oh vfghxh
    I used to use the “meet new people” option to chat with random people when I was bored. I recently downloaded the app again and I can’t find that future anymore. The help center says it’s still there but it’s not. Maybe because it’s not formatted in the new iPhone but if I could get some feedback on how to fix this it would be awesome.
  • Cant delete it, this is Bull 1/5

    By Pv2miller81
    Cant seem to delete the app this is Bill....
  • UPDATE 1/5

    By angry123455
  • Help... 1/5

    By •ÇùrśėdŚíññęr•
    I don’t know about y’all, but my Kik suddenly stopped working for me and I don’t know why. I THINK it might be my internet but I’m almost positive that it can’t be because my internet connection is good. I tried going into kik one day and it wouldn’t load for me and I got scared because there’s so many friends I have on there that I deeply care about and one of my best friends on there has really bad depression and just thinking about that alone makes me wanna cry because Kik is the only thing I can use to talk to her. If anybody knows how to fix this issue please let me know..
  • New contact notifications. 4/5

    By Gmitch1146
    My only complaint is that when I add a new contact to my list I never get notifications from them even though the notifications are all on. I get them from older contacts but not from new ones. I can delete app and redownload it but I lose all past messages. Don’t want to do lose that. Help fix it. I use this every day.
  • Why is Kik Down 1/5

    By Anyahhhhhhhhhhh
    I made my account and Kik is showing my messages between people but when i open them they are empty and I am unable to receive or send messages from ANYONE - only when I see a notification ban ad room can I see partial of the message. This is really annoying and never happened prior and would like to know what is happening? I’ve deleted and logged out and it still remains the same
  • Slow 1/5

    By Daalice
    It's so slow- messages from the day before pop up out of order, messages send so slow that conversations are impossible to follow, and some message disappear or fail to send entirely.
  • Application is always lagging 3/5

    By Mrbaked
    The application always seems not to have any service. When I’m trying to communicate with people
  • Not updating 3/5

    By Jenn41819
    I have never had problems until now and it keeps crashing and now it’s not updating my messages or sending my messages I have uninstalled and reinstalled and logged in and out and it’s still not working
  • Connection 3/5

    By swimfan1
    I like the app but it’s taking a while to connect and I have tried the suggestions that you have on the help part of your site but none of it worked.
  • Trouble Loading 2/5

    By SJMessenger
    Ever since I loaded the new Apple update, I can see notifications that I got messages, but then when I click on the app, they do not load. It just keeps saying “connecting.”
  • Kik 5/5

    By marshun parks
    Great app
  • Very unhappy 1/5

    By Papillonsdream
    Very unhappy with kik right now. So much going wrong with it. Be more than willing to pay for a premium version that actually worked. Thinking of looking for a different app right now.
  • Where are the features 2/5

    By Dubble OGe
    This app seems to be lacking in important features and filled with some unnecessary ones
  • Good but also bad 3/5

    By The cutest loli
    Hey I been using this app for more than 2 years now. The new update that you guys did was a little over the top. I want to meet new people on the app you guys use to have bots for that. Now it’s all gone, can you guys please put those bots back into the app? Oh, also about the ads....I know at the bottom of your screen you can see “Meet new people” but for me I can’t. There is a ad in the way of me pressing that button. I am a iPhone user I can’t press that button because every time I try to the ad pops up again and again. I missed the old kik where you can video chat and also meet new people without joining groups or anything.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ktall13
    Glitchy, won’t load, I’ve had to download the app 4 times to get back to my groups. Worthless.
  • I miss the old Kik 1/5

    By JocelynRenee084
    I used to really like Kik when it was more active and there were a lot of chat groups. It’s been pretty dead lately and now you can’t search for new groups
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AverageUser23456
    How does an app as well known as Kik function so horribly? Messages do not load, are sometimes not sent, and I’m constantly receiving the connecting icon for extended periods of time. The app is no longer worth using. Just download whatsapp and save yourself the headache.
  • Hi to the team 3/5

    By aimaq12345
    Can we trust on this apps , is its have securty . Is its have better secure than line , wechat or iko whats
  • Login issues 1/5

    By arjunsiingh
    Always freezes on login. And sometimes doesn’t accept my login info
  • Good app. 4/5

    By Keyson2021
    I’ve had this app since 2013 when I was in the 7th grade (I think) or 2014. Great app to meet people, it’s 2021 and the only problem is getting rid of bots!. Kik needs to fix that problem.
  • Dead 2/5

    By BMiValentine
    It’s dead nowadays because everyone went to a different platform. Need more advertising.
  • Kik app 1/5

    By jabronibologna
    Different from other apps difficulty in blocking spam bots and other fake accounts by kik forcing hundreds of fake profiles to proliferate online.
  • Kik won’t accept my email after iPhone updated 1/5

    By Mami smile
    This is the worst app. My phone updated now I can’t get into kik cause it won’t accept my email address that I’ve used for 15 years. No way to contact kik Poot customer service. My question is not on question list so no help there and been over a week since any assistance with kik So I lost my kik account because I updated my phone smh and kik has no way to contact them cause all their email support come back to you as invalid. Again poor customer service.
  • Very slow app full of ads 1/5

    By Twittersuxs
    Complete trash
  • Noooo 2/5

    By loveans review
    These app is listening to you and your audio all time even without giving permission
  • Problem 1/5

    By hiyabish
    I’ve downloaded this app but the meet new people button doesn’t show up for me so I can’t meet people individually
  • Any other time it’d be five stars but right now I’m running into an issue 1/5

    By dex the ronin
    I can’t send messages to people I get this ! Or I think it’s stuck on s and I have the current update
  • Can’t sign up 5/5

    That’s it. Can’t sign up. I used to have an account but lost it since I got a new phone. Would like to create a new one but I just get a pop up that says registration error. Sooooo if this could be fixed that would be dope. I’m on an iPhone 12 mini. Dunno if the app is developed for the new phones ig
  • Help us out here... 3/5

    By jgilstrap2
    iPhones have a hard time using Kik, have for quite a while. Video chat was taken away, ads out in place and now it will not load. I have to close the app, and reopen 2-3 times before it loads. I have a IPhone 12 so I know it’s not that. Create a Kik Premium, charge 2.99 a month. Plenty will pay, you can upgrade servers, and afford to create a better app. Please help us.
  • You gotta fix this 1/5

    By Biggie Bycd
    I’ve been using this for the first time I’m years and I’ve only been using it for 4 days and suddenly, I open the app, and none of my notifications go through, no chats are loading, and I can’t send any messages. I love using this app but I can’t use it if it doesn’t work. Please fix it
  • Bugs 2/5

    By aeicrio
    It won’t show me new messages and won’t stop sending me the buzz notifications in the app. Please fix this.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By RahHa29
    The app used to be great, but now it lags and messages don’t get sent or received.

    By ArmenJooJ
    Super annoying every time I get a video via kik it buffers indefinitely or refuses to open and will not play the video. Serious issue really annoying, they just updated the app to fix bugs but they literally did nothing -.-
  • Won’t let me reinstall 2/5

    By middreamz
    I deleted the app and tried to reinstall it but it’s not working. Before I deleted it it was super glitchy and kept restarting then saying error. Is there anyway I can get this app back on my iPhone??
  • Connection frustration 1/5

    By sdmgolf
    When it works, great. When it doesn’t, maddening. Goes offline for days (so far) at a time unable to fix connection and send/receive issues. Spinning wheel of death too frequent
  • Very Buggy 2/5

    By ybablio
    There are days where it takes a very long time to connect and other times when the entire system will just “reset”, which results in you losing all of your feed and pictures.
  • Mal funcionamiento 1/5

    By 15 perry
    Estoy teniendo problemas con la app sin conexión funciona muy bien pero al encender los datos se paraliza y no hace nada mas. Espero una respuesta rápida o solución
  • Worst Dating App Ever- zero stars 1/5

    By SJKosiorek
    The introduction of AI BOTS to the platform has slowed and caused frequent freezing randomly. Bugs across the platform have caused keyboard issues and stalled links and pages from opening. Loading and buffering issues with pictures and videos additionally lead to iPhone reboots to often for me to keep using KIK
  • Pro version no ads 4/5

    By Bree Envy
    Needs a pro version with no ads.
  • KIK 5/5

    By janetdicks
    It’s been nice so far
  • Lagging slow typing 2/5

    By Broski442
    The app is very slow at times my key stories lag quite a bit
  • Messages 5/5

    By brishow11
    so i’ve been using kik for a while and usually it tells me when my messages have been delivered and read now it’s going from sent to read i’ll never know if they got the message until it’s read

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