Kikistory-Enjoy read and life

Kikistory-Enjoy read and life

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  • Adult Rating: 17+
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Kikistory-Enjoy read and life App

Kikistory has massive exclusive completed novels!We can enjoy all day to reading now! Dear novel lovers! Here is Kikistory, an amazing,reading app that provides lots of genres of books and gripping stories. Join Kikistory and kick off a new novel reading experience immediately! There is a wide range of online fiction trending genres on the Kikistory, from urban books to spiritual books, which are deeply loved by thousands of readers around the world! Werewolves, Urban Romance,Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Billionaire, Submission and ect. Various of book genres are provided for all users to explore on Kikistory. Popular Functions: - Massive library of books with a myriad of genres - Reader-centered reading environment - Smartest recommendation system - Night mode - Eye protection mode - Robust search functionality,finding all books that you want search

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Kikistory-Enjoy read and life app reviews

  • To expensive 1/5

    By Not happy 8500
    I would not download this app. It is miss leading when it says free, because it is not. It gives you a few chapters of a fairly decent written novel but just when its getting good the have locks on the chapters and you have to paid to unlock them and that cost more than buying a newly released hard back novel for the New York sellers best book. Don’t fall for it because you could end up spending over a hundred dollars to read one book that has several errors in it. Don’t do it, one of the biggest mistake I ever made.
  • tickets every saturday 1/5

    By dcocter
    How do we unlock the 3 tickets every Saturday? it's Sunday now and it never unlocks. The story I'm reading is so frustrating because how many chapters does this series have? Why are the chapters so short?
  • Must buy each chapter 2/5

    By gramsx07
    It’s ridiculous that you have to purchase each chapter. Just put a total amount for the WHOLE story and you would have more subscribers. Your stories are a great read but not so great that I can’t walk away without finishing the story. You would get more subscribers, happy satisfied, subscribers if you just had a total price per story, NOT charge for each chapter.
  • KikiBook 1/5

    By gigi2gaga
    Do not download this app. This is the only app that charges ridiculous prices to read a book. It says $11.99 but charges you $21.99!😡 as soon as I finish this book I am deleting this app. It is a scam…. The book is good but I have been reading it for over a month. Chapters ares short and you can only unlock 3 a day for free.
  • Precios altos 1/5

    By JohanLim86
    Leer un libro te puede salir sobre $500 ya que una novela contiene 1,800 capítulos y para poder desbloquear cada capítulo sale carísimo, por ejemplo yo compré la oferta de $20.00 la cual es la más cara u solo pude leer sobre 50 capítulo. Si multiplicamos el libro saldría a $750.00. Fatal no la Bajen porque van a empezar a leer los libros que son muy buenos y van a querer seguir y ahí es donde viene el robo. Espero que les sirva.
  • Over charged 1/5

    By never again 223
    Bad never go an get there ap u will have to spend over $50 to finish the book Amazon is cheaper this is a ripoff
  • Not worth the Read 1/5

    By k3421
    No story is worth what you are chargeing. It started out great and then I went to the reviews to se how much it’s going to cost me per chapter and it’s not worth it. You can go get a novel out of the bookstore and it’s not going to cost you more than 20 bucks and if it’s a story like this, it’ll probably be about $10. If you can’t charge that amount, then someone needs to just close down your site because you’re ripping people off.
  • Outrageous 2/5

    By Tenley Ann
    The price is rediculous I spent 48 dollars in one evening. Deleted the app
  • Cost for reading the books 5/5

    By Cost58
    The books are great the cost is CRAZY!! I am trying to finish one book but the cost is going to make me not do anymore reading them 🥺🥺
  • Expensive 3/5

    By KKeegz
    This is by far the most expensive reading app out there. Far more expensive then real books, and the chapters are very short. I will not start a new book once I finish my current one. It should not cost 500$ to read 1 book!!!!
  • Tuvimos un hijo? 5/5

    Me fascina
  • Unfair 1/5

    By Lishaltamia
    It supposed to be free but you asking to buy
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By ablaine_bey
    Your better off purchasing a novel. The cost to continuously read on this app is too high.
  • Do not start reading 1/5

    By Louiexiv
    These books have soooo many chapters. I’m already over $100 in and it doesn’t seem like it will end. I can’t afford to read these! They aren’t even edited! I’m a nurse, and if I had a red pen, there’d be red marks everywhere! I hope the writers are getting the money us poor suckers spent to read their stories.
  • Highway Robbers 1/5

    By Highway Roberry 101
    Run from this platform as they just want your money. I love to read and this platform is horrible. Books is ok. I have spent more money to try and finish a book and not be able to without spending more money. They charge a different way. I haven’t figured it out. It is either by page or chapter, not by the book. The book I stopped reading at chapter 157 or 158 after spending almost $40 was not even close to being done. Author is probable paid to write an extra long story to receive more money.
  • His & Her marriage 1/5

    By Lalala_BMT
    It’s been stuck at chapter 1319 for days. Is it going to have an ending or not paid lots of money for an incomplete book
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By maggier67
    What a way to still your money
  • Terrible App!! 1/5

    By Avid reader 76
    I have been reading His and Her marriage and I am over $100 into this in chapter 800 and there is no end in sight!!! obviously I am completely wrapped up in this and this has been going on over a period of two weeks but I’m going to have to stop because there is absolutely no way you would go to the bookstore and spend $100 on a book….that is insane!!! You would end up spending well over $200 reading this book and that’s if it ever ends!! This is a total scam! they always answer everyone’s reviews saying that they’re trying to charge a fair price for each book, but no one in their right mind pays more than $50 to read a book.
  • Wayyyyyyyyy too expensive. Not worth it 1/5

    By _Linds00
    Not worth it
  • Too much money involved 1/5

    By alittlebeth
    Too much money involved just reading the novels. It cost more than when u buy a book in a book store or online at amazon not happy with this. It’s like robbing people of their money.
  • His and her marriage 3/5

    By topnutch1
    I am an avid reader. I was hooked with the first set of chapters, so when the information came up to buy to continue reading. I invested, but after reading again. It looked me out. So I order to continue reading I have to invest a further $9.00. This is ridiculous, who does this? As much as I enjoyed my 42 chapters, I am not investing in any more of this side show. Everyone trying to get rich quick. A subscription for one month is 9.99. For streaming, and that is 30 days.
  • Rip off, scam… $$$$ 1/5

    By Paula designer
    By the end of the book, they charge $150 to read it.
  • To expensive 1/5

    By Nolenkay
    I just found a book that i love and I've spent $60 bucks and not even half way through. I see the responses saying to be fair and keep up with market prices, i just don't see books costing $300. I'll go back to Dreame, a lot cheaper and same quality books
  • You have to spend in order to open next chapter 2/5

    By L8dy J
    Why would I spend money to read further when I can go to library to check book out.
  • Overpriced 1/5

    By Lili1992s2
    You have to pay so much money to unlock each chapter I spent $20 and it only unlocked 50 chapters out of more than a Thousand
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Ambcious
    Coins are not deducted with consistency- meaning- they can charge whatever per chapter
  • His and her marriage 3/5

    By yayaSandi
    I’m liking the story line but way too much money! I’ve already spent over $200.00 on this book which is way more than it’s worth!
  • His and her marriage 5/5

    By alwetrish
    I like the story.
  • Expensive 2/5

    By Susxyz10
    $24.99 won’t get you two days of reading. You can read a week for same amount on other apps. Poorly edited books that are drawn out with unnecessary crap to make you pay more.
  • Too Expensive 1/5

    By Shay Y.
    The books are pretty good but the cost is ridiculous. You’ll end up spending $200 a book. Then there’s books that are never ending. Way too expensive. These books are not market price. There are much better reading apps than this one and they cost way less. His and her marriage is decent enough but even that’s getting annoying. All these chapters in about 1000 and they still don’t know they parent one another’s child. This app is trash.
  • You over charged my account an I never got my chapters it ridiculous rude an in professional!! 1/5

    By Shaunna Dreamer
    I read over 200 chapters paid 200$ and didn’t get my chapters owed to me
  • I love reading 5/5

    By pumpkin precious
    Love the story
  • Pay to read 1/5

    By Mrs. B…..
    You have to pay in order to read the book continuously. I already spent money and still read 1% of the novel I’m reading. It would be better if it’s free.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Guadalupe Gamboa
  • Muy caro 2/5

    By Soeypr2015
    Los capítulos son muy caro
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Foxaboss
    Books cost to much these authors aren’t award winning authors yet chapter by chapter some of these books will cost hundreds of dollars to finish my experience was poor you developers hop on to respond to comments that are good please don’t tell me the prices are reasonable they aren’t they are far beyond the norm and not at all acceptable
  • Conflicted 3/5

    By Wild child 78
    I love reading and the story I am reading now is great. Unfortunately, I probably won’t finish because it costs too much. I understand you want to make money but gouging readers isn’t the way to do it. I think you would get a lot more readers if it was more affordable. I’m not even a quarter of the way through the book and I’ve already spent $40! That’s just greedy on your part. Let me know when you decide to make your books more affordable and I’d be glad to pay. Sincerely, Not a Millionaire
  • Reader Of The Comments 1/5

    By Cost To High
    After reading the comments of the COST OF READING I find I will NOT use ur App. 150 coins to read a Chapter is OUTRAGEOUS.
  • Over priced and greedy 1/5

    By Dp456m
    This app is Over priced and greedy while also changing the charges on the chapters if it was more affordable customers might stay and read other books but the cost for one book would be over $100 so I will pass on knowing the out come because I have spent $50 and have over 500 more chapters to go I feel scammed!
  • You have to spend over 100 dollars to read a book 1/5

    By dd books
    Don’t download this app you have to spend over $100 to read one book For all my book readers out there this is not worth it don’t waste your money
  • Update 3/5

    By ScoobyDoo2023
    Why is it taking so long to update the book I’m reading. If this book ever ends I will be deleting this app. It cost too much. I can go to Amazon and get books for free or purchase the entire book for 1 price!
  • my best suggestion 5/5

    By Carie Jeannetta
    "The app is fantastic, much novels that l actually enjoy. The genre is already great but I hope there can be something added just like filter,type of books you don't like. Ex: Harem I hope new genres can be added and it's also hard to get bricks, I also hope there can be more method to getting bonus because it's very
  • romance book 5/5

    By dorman consuelo
    "“His” and “Her” Marriage- i like the flow of the book, just begin but it does
  • Awful 1/5

    By loveroycil
    It’s a lovely story hers and his marriage, but it’s awful the way you have to get to a next chapters. I spent almost a $100.00 already I can’t go on I am very disappointed.
  • my best suggestion 5/5

    By elizebeth shores
    "The app is fantastic, much novels that l actually enjoy. The genre is already great but I hope there can be something added just like filter,type of books you don't like. Ex: Harem I hope new genres can be added and it's also hard to get bricks, I also hope there can be more method to getting bonus because it's very
  • romance book 5/5

    By StatonRousev
    "“His” and “Her” Marriage- i like the flow of the book, just begin but it does
  • DON’T DOWNLOAD!! 1/5

    By Yassie1987
    Do not get this app. It cost SOOO much money to read a book and the chapters go into the hundreds…thousands sometimes. There isn’t even a way to earn coins by reading like other apps like this. Yes the stories are good but if I have to pay $50-$60 (maybe more) for a book it feels like a whole scam. I was reading His and Her marriage and then I found out that the story is in the thousands (1050 to be exact). The free chapters end at chapter 18. Yeah I’m not paying for the rest of the story. BYE.
  • Jared Chance's Journey of Cultivation 5/5

    By Spradlin Royal
    Crazy lovable stories, I can't stop reading. I read a story a while back and I was trying to look for this app for the longest because I couldn't remember which one was and finally found it again.
  • The Sweet Wife Explosion 5/5

    By Herrington Eldridge
    This novel is well written and keeps me coming back for more chapters!I hope that
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