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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read eBooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You may also read your book on your phone, tablet and Kindle e-Reader, and Amazon Whispersync will automatically sync your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can pick up right where you left off. What you’ll get: • Sample any eBook for free • Discover and download popular fiction, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images through direct purchase and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. • A customizable reading experience with your choice of 10 fonts, font size, line-spacing, text alignment and more • Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, flashcards and more • Instant definitions without leaving the page • Comfortable reading experience with adjustable screen brightness and page color • Ability to make in-page highlights • Access to local library eBooks • Support for Text-to-Speech on devices running Mac OS X 10.10 or above. New: Supports reading with Split View on devices running Mac OS X 10.11 or above.


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  • Amazon needs to spend some time bringing this application up to snuff 2/5

    By Chris78665
    Amazon apparently is a member of the good enough club and does not really see iBooks as a threat because they seem to spend very few resource on this application. It is not 64 bit STILL, can't look at your whole library/downloaded by genre or First Letter of Title, not easy see which books are NOT on the device, downloads to devices are SLOW, collection syncing is unreliable, updating of current book read status requires you to go into the book and make sure you synced it before going to another device. Very disappointing.
  • Too many crappy titles, weak device mgmt, ancient 32-bit app 1/5

    By DavidCharlesVasquez
    There are still far too many titles where it’s obvious the Kindle version was an after thought. What’s up that so many book authors recommend to readers that they buy the paperback because the Kindle version is so crappy? Why is there little or no device management? I have an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook, and I can’t freely read my purchased books on all three devices. The Kindle app prompts the reader to purchase another copy! Why not allow deactivating one of the other devices directly from what ever device I’m not using instead of asking to purchase another copy? The app forces the user to open the app on another device to deactivate, when that should be an easy task to take care of from the device one is already using! Lastly, it’s been 10 years since Apple introduced 64-bit processing, so why is the Kindle app still 32-bit? Is the Kindle app going to stop working or is Amazon going to update with enough time so that everyone is not doing a last-minute upgrade? What a weak effort from one of the world’s largest corporations. Amazon, you need to do better than this!
  • they dont even have page numbers, just percentages 1/5

    By Yeaaaaabudy
    complete piece of trash, jeff bezos is the richest man in the world yet he can’t hire a couple good software engineers to build a half-way decent kindle app… Now that i think of it, i actually think it’s purposely bad!!! they are afraid of apple!!! so why would they make good software for their competitors?? But wait, i thought bezos “puts the customer first”? LIAR!!!!!
  • Incompatibility between OS and iOS versions 1/5

    By lanedecamp
    I downloaded 595 books and created book collections for them on an iPad (2018 iPadPro 10.5, version 11.4). The books show on an iPhone 7Plus (same iOS version). I expected them to be reflected on Amazon’s Kindle for Mac app on my MacBook Pro (late 2016 15-inch, ver 10.13.5). Instead, this is what I get: 1. No collections will sync to the Kindle for Mac app. 2. A handful of the collections show up in “Manage Content and Devices” on my Amazon website. 3. Of the 595 books I had purchased, 8 show up by name on the MacBook Pro but will not download (they download everywhere else). 4. My “Manage Content and Devices” page says I only have 582 books, so Amazon’s own website says 582, Amazon’s app says 595, but the app won’t download eight of them. 5. I spoke at length with escalated support at Amazon. Amazon says the most recent version of the app is 1.22. The one I have is 1.23.3 (build #50157, build date 10/20/2016). Amazon confirms that Kindle for Mac and Kindle for PC won’t sync properly with the iOS apps or the Kindle device apps. No one could explain whether Kindle Cloud Reader would work properly or not. In short, Amazon appears to have done nothing for two years on the Mac and PC apps for Kindle and what is there now is defective. I can’t even get an accurate count of books purchased and can’t reliably download books to the MacBook Pro. (I purchase all my books on the Amazon website on this same MacBook Pro so there isn’t a question of having to sync through iCloud or otherwise website. A part of my library on Kindle is professionally related and I need to be able to access it and have functionality on my MacBook Pro. I can’t do that. I am frankly astonished that what should not be that hard an app has gotten no attention for two years from Amazon and that its digital content program is so badly supported. If anyone has had similar issues and has better information on the Kindle for Mac app, I’d love to hear it.
  • Kindle for Mac needs 64 bit 4/5

    By pagerl
    We need a 64 bit Kindle App for Mac prior to the Fall 2018 release of Mac OS 10.14. Amazon should know that many of us rely on the Mac App as well as the iPad/iPhone app, which is already a optimized 64 but papp. Amazon, please get the 64 bit version for Mac out soon
  • Interface feels clunky on Mac 2/5

    By Azaariel
    The app does not run smoothly—expanding a page to make textbooks with fixed page widths readable makes the scroll bar skip. I’m grateful for a electronic textbook reader for books I buy from Amazon, but the interface does not have the feel of a high quality, polished app or service provided by a company such as Amazon. Compared to iBooks, this app is a bit disappointing.
  • Great app, but needs improvement 3/5

    By Jfollower77
    the kindle app is an amazing resource, but it needs to change a lot. so many of the features that are on the android and iOS counterpart need to come to the mac version of the app. features such as continuous scrolling, the improved page selecting function, and other features need to be added to the mac version of the app. also the actual app icon needs to be updated. Right now the icon is just a giant square that looks so out of place, but it it were to be turned into a smaller circle the icon would look so much more sleek.
  • Glitchy and terrible for texbooks 2/5

    By Sasabutcher
    I love kindle, and I love my kindle paperwhite. But the mac kindle app is frustrating to the point of near uselessness. It’s glitchy, and when I use the app for reading textbooks, it’s difficult to zoom in on necessary paragraphs without the app spazzing out. Very user unfriendly.
  • No Good 2/5

    By TexGeek
    A lot of room for improvement.
  • Not Bad 4/5

    By Danno19890503217
    Useful to read kindle books. If you want more, then buy a Kindle or something like that. The only thing that I can find wrong is that they limit some of the features on the Mac edition. For example this wont show you page numbers under the “Aa" button. Beyond that it does what its supposed to.
  • Can't even update the app 1/5

    By Eremolalos
    So I am here with my brand new Macbook Air trying to download an update to the Kindle app and all I get is the spinning wheel of tediium. I give up. Hoping Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader still exists. Thanks, Apple. Steve, I miss you.
  • Immersion reading? 3/5

    By blaise328
    I’ve been waiting since however long immersion reading has been available in other devices, but not on the Kindle Mac. It’s been over a couple of years now at least, and still no immersion reading available on the Mac? come on! Its available on the Fire, on the Ipad, on iPhone, but not on the mac? I tend to jump around from different devices depending on what I am doing that day, so whisper sync is extremely helpful, but really annoying when I can’t do immersion reading on my Mac. And no, text to speech is not the same. Makes no sense to have it this way….
  • Could not get this version to run 1/5

    By BobtiredofShowtime
    This version did not run on my MacBook Air (2014) running High Sierra. I had to go to the Amazon store and download 1.23.1 (1.23.2 does not show up in Amazon store). Also 1.23.1 is a 32-bit application. Don’t know if 1.23.2 is intended to run 64-bit or not.
  • Needs to be 64 bit 4/5

    By CSDAmedia
    Overall a nice app. However, Amazon needs to recompile this app into a 64 bit app. Currently, a message appears that this app has not be optimized for the Mac. Now if only Apple would do the same for the dvd player.
  • Still 32-, not 64-bit... 2/5

    By sdietric
    It over-over due to convert this app 64-bit, and maybe that will also help with the speed of the application (launching is slow, and it just doesn’t fell “snappy”)
  • Still 32 bit 3/5

    By bobembry
    When will Kindle be updated to 64 bit?
  • No translation nor lookup features 1/5

    By Mr. Dmitrу
    There is no translation nor lookup features in the app. They replaced standard context menu with their own ungly thing that removed standard lookup feature but didn’t add their translation feature. What kind of developers are writing such low-quality software?
  • 32-bit to 64-bit? 4/5

    By ReadingInSF
    Just installed the latest Kindle reading app update to my MacBook Pro running the latest OS upgrade. A “not optimized” message appeared. Learning more I discovered that the the update will work today but Apple has moved decisively into the 64-bit realm. Heads up, Kindle!
  • Message on startup- This app needs to be updated by its developer to improve compatibility. 2/5

    By David O in Tacoma
    Dear Amazon, I just got this message about the Kindle app for the Mac on my 2 year old Macbook Pro.. "This app needs to be updated by its developer to improve compatibility.” UPDATE YOUR APP.
  • Needs Work 1/5

    By King Sitting Bull
    Music tabs and notation forget it just buy the real book!

    By MurphyJoy
    My MacBook Pro is telling me this app needs to be updated. When is the next update due out? The last update was August 9, 2015!!! I won’t be able to use this app when the new IOS for MacBook Pro comes out. Better get on the ball!
  • Appears broken and doesn’t make it obvious why 2/5

    By Skywalker5446
    Downloaded this 1.12.1 version, have used in the past a couple years ago without any troubles that I recall. Wow. Books and recent purchases show up, but don’t sync. Right click and it says “Cancel download” but doesn’t show progress and have been online for hours and a single book hasn’t finished. Can’t drag books to organize them into the predefined groups. Right click add to collection only allows “New Collection”. Is this different from the categories on the right? If not, why isn’t the comic showing up as part of the built-in comic category? Is it because it’s not downloaded? Badly needs update to let the user know what’s going on. Also to fix the fact that it simply isn’t working as expected at least for a fresh install when you have existing purchases.
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By pfunk4billion
    I’ve used Kindle for years and I have always loved it. However, using it on MacOS is frustrating. Seven months ago I purchased a book on Javascript and attempted to work my way through it. With no input from me whatsoever, the pages jumped forwards or backwards by 2-8 pages. I didn’t click anything, I didn’t hit any keys. Then I would have to go back and find the page I was on. Clicking to find the page would also result in it going much further than I intended it to. So then I’d have to go back the other way. Then sometimes that would go too far. Then I’d get it right and halfway through the page it would start doing it again. Unfortunately, I forgot about that experience and, being busy with work, didn’t have time for Kindle until recently. When I ordered another book, this time on Python, it was the same wretched experience. I gave up on it a few times, then came back because I already paid for the book and was determined to get through it. Then I’d give up again. It is infuriating to try to learn something while your app can’t stay on the intended page and 2/3 of your learning time is getting annoyed and fighting the program just to keep the page. I hate to buy the books twice because I obviously can only do this with the hard copy now (with the added inconvenience of not having the reference on the screen next to what I’m working on). I love Kindle and Audible and I hate to give it a bad review but on Mac, this app is garbage.
  • Eh 2/5

    By Ethangirard
    This app is convenient for class books that I don’t need once the semester ends, the option to rent an online book is great. However, it is incredibly annoying that most of the books I use either have no page numbers or the page numbers are completely off from the print version, making it difficult to follow reading deadlines.
  • the actual worst 1/5

    By vanasal
    Took time out of studying to write this review (and actually my first review for anything) because I was so frustrated with this app. Downloaded it so I could access a text book for class and it’s actually the most annoying thing to deal with. If you click anywhere it will select a word and a box pops up with the definition and more options. You try to click out to make the box go away and it selects a different word and another box pops up defining that new word. Should have a “right click” option that gives you the option to define, highlight, and more instead of just popping up all of the time. When you actually try to highlight a phrase, it glitches and takes 10 tries to highligh the correct thing. I only have it for the one book so far, but it really doesn’t make me want to continue using it for other books.
  • Inertial Scrolling 1/5

    By WokaWokaWoka
    Unusable on a Mac with a Magic Mouse connected: The app flips pages with the slightest touch of the mouse because the OS X has inertial scrolling on by default. The only current fix is to disable inertial scrolling *system-wide*. The Kindle app needs to be updated with an option to turn off inertial scrolling.
  • Ok to read plain text but pretty bad for everything beyond that 2/5

    By dibamus
    It’s amazing that a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon doesn’t get a “simple” book reader right. For instance, I am still unable to display two columns of a book. There is no table of contents (maybe that’s dependent on the book, but I expect that the publisher, Amazon, puts in 10 min to create a table of contents if the author doesn’t provide one). The alignment of text is rather awful, especially with half-column pictures and/or two-column text, with many paragraphs broken down into “half" columns etc.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By plagaise
    I am blind and I use voiceover on my mac. This app is not accessible with voiceover at all. Please make this app accessible for voiceover users so I and other blind users can access this app.
  • Can’t be worse on Mac 1/5

    By r-martins
    It doesn’t sync collections, or even documents from your Kindle content library/devices. Furthermore, the user experience is terrible. Simply scrolling a document/book is annoying. Export notes and markups? Forget it. Only to poor html. It’s like the Mac Preview, but much much much worse. You can’t even click on pdf hyperlinks. See it as a standalone app, not a Kindle integrated app.
  • What are Amazon developers doing all day? Certainly not working on this 2/5

    By Sam_Marcus
    The year is 2018 and this app is still not 64 bit.
  • App is not optimized for your Mac 1/5

    By Zappanana
    Please Update the app, as i am reciving this warning “App is not optimized for your Mac”, every time i start the app.
  • Kindle does just fine, but devices need to be on Wifi 4/5

    By Wizbang Trainer
    Sometimes I think people download an app and don’t actually read information on “how it works” even if the information is presented some will look like there are 3 heads present. First lets look at the first thing, they call the cloud technology that keeps you on the same page “whisper sync” So with that phrase you should not anticipate it will immediately WALA be on your computer at the same place. but in 5 or so mins yep it will get there. But IF you haven’t shut down your iPad or iPhone. DUH, it isn’t yelling to amazon "YO the DUDE is on PAGE 140 I SAID 140 Yo!” No, it’s more like “hello…. amazon….. are you busy……. it’s me kindle……….. would you make a note that johnny is on page 140…. ok thanks…….” Also if you turn off WIFI you have effectively put a muzzle on your Kindle, iPad etc. (for iPad you have to allow backround app refresh, that is the whisper sync) and again WIFI has to be ON. Ok, so you were done reading on your iPad (backround app is turned on, and wifi or cellular data is approved for the app) (don’t close the app, just go to your home screen and lock your device. Go to your computer and verify you are on the internet and signed-in to the same amazon account that you were reading from. So open the kindle app and after about a minute or 2 after opening the same book you were just reading. the message “we show were reading page 138, would you like to start there?” yes or no. Now when you are done reading a book rewind the book back to the start before you close the book. this makes it so you can start over if you want to read it again. Only time I have had issues with syncing is when wifi was turned off and cellular data was disabled for my iphone.
  • Poor. requires major updating and improvement 1/5

    By Bara'ah Sinjab
    I use this app mainly on my computer for studying textbooks or reading ebooks. i only use this app when i have no other choice. this app is slow, freezes constantly, has no features, and inefficient. Scrolling through pages, highlighting, and making notes or looking up words are especially slow, and your typical, simplest PDF viewing programs (like Mac’s Preview) on your computer greatly outperform this app. i’ve been using kindle for years now and none of the updates done have improved the app. Although I’m an avid supporter of Amazon, this app is very poor, especially on laptops. Kindle really needs to improve the quality of this app, especially being one you can access thru multiple tablets and devices, and one that is used on a daily basis by students and others around the world.
  • At least make it on par with iOS app! 2/5

    By BodyByBuddha
    The MacOS app needs some serious attention. At least make it on par with the iOS version as far as feature set. If it weren’t for the outstanding job a PaperWhite device does in the sunlight - I would just switch over to iBooks and forget about the Kindle ecosystem.
  • Annoyingly glitchy 2/5

    I use this app to read books but mostly for textbooks. It is SO BAD at highlighting and even just going to the top of pages. I will never download an Amazon eBook until this is fixed. Everybody join me. This company has so much money and people working for it that they could fix this within a day. This company is LAZY and greedy if it can’t do a simple fix to make the HIGHLIGHTING work. It is EMBARRASING. Download eBooks from Google Books or iBooks. If you buy a Kindle textbook you will not do as well in the class as you could, simply because of how frustrating this app is. DO SOMETHING Amazon.
  • Mac Updates-degrading Select 3/5

    By Frywonger
    Folks, I have been experiencing over the last few month a greater malfuncting of the Select function to highlight and for adding notes. Often times the select automatically Highlights and when I try to select something to copy into a note it will not let me. I’ve tried to close (everything) and try again, but the phenomenon persists! Very frustrating. Otherwise I am grateful for this portal to the world of reading.
  • Does not remember what page you’re on 1/5

    By ShinyBen
    Utterly useless, does not remember what page you’re on. Fullscreen mode has giant useless bars across the top and bottom. Not a pleasant reading experience
  • Collection Sync Please! 2/5

    By BaronMH
    I am not able to Amazon Cloud sync my _Collections_ to my Kindle for Mac. All my iOS devices and Kindle Voyager work correctly. Spent a long time with Amazon Kindle Customer Service and they have no idea. They are filing a ticket, but this is obviously a gapping hole in development. Do I really have to switch to iBooks? Being able to move titles around on the Mac between Collections would be SO MUCH EASIER than on handheld devices, especially an actual Kindle, but that’s another issue. Please remedy this feature miss.
  • Slow Clunky and Typical Amazon 1/5

    By Jabajee
    What did Amazon write this app from? Basic? This thing is slow, very slow and looks like something from 1990s computing. If you’re in need if moving around a big ebook, don’t buy it in Kindle format.
  • Page separation paradigm 1/5

    By MitchellPalermo
    This app needs to focus on taking advantage of the gestures available with macs. The Kindle app for iPhone is amazing, along with the usage of the actual Kindle itself. But this one just fails to meet the same standard. Big Issues 1. Scrolling isn’t smooth. It’s jittery and unpredictable in terms of speed. I’ve found myself being so annoyed by it that I just end up using the up and down arrow keys. If I reach the end of the page and I scroll just a teeny bit, it jumps me to the next page, which is infuriating. 2. Page separation. I understand that the original kindle used the “page by page” paradigm, and it works very very well for that platform, as well as the iPhone. This is largely due to the screen size. The smaller size mirrors that of an actual book. But when I’m on a mac, my eyes want to stay near the middle of the screen. the Kindle App for macs forces the reader to read from the top all the way to the bottom before switching to the next page. Think of how someone scrolls through twitter or facebook. We don’t read the entire screen from top to bottom and then scroll all way to a new section of content, it’s just unnatural. But that’s what the Kindle app is forcing the reader to do. Consider reading through a document in Word or Adobe Acrobat reader, we’re able to scroll through pages that are linked together vertically. This is the functionality that I’m missing in the Kindle App. Overall this app is just like any other PDF viewer with the addition of gimmicks like X-ray or whatever. But it falls flat when trying to deliver basic functionality that we’ve all come to expect from PDF viewers, word processors, websites, social media apps, etc. Please please, for the sake of our sanity, allow us to scroll fluidly between pages.
  • No way to add new books! 1/5

    By ChristopherMusic
    The simple fact there is no way to add or buy new books within the Kindle (for Mac) app, gives me zero negative reasons to use Kindle over Apple Books. Searching, sampling, buying books should be built into the app. Having to log-into Amazon separately via a web browser or my phone, just to find / add a book to my account to download to read on my Mac is absurd. Zero Stars.
  • Hard to believe it’s this bad! 1/5

    By Almost Unusable
    Truly, it’s hard to believe that Kindle on Mac, designed by Apple no less, could be such an incredibly terrible experience. Did anyone even use this before they released it? I’ve tried to read several books now and it’s practically unusable. The cursor jumps around, the page won’t stay where I want it to and also jumps so that I constantly have to shrink or grow the text size to make the part of the page that I want to read visable, I can’t reflow the page on some books making all of these problems even worse, half the time, trying to highlight text ends up moving me to another page entirely. The frustration doesn’t end. A big fat FAIL, sorry folks
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By crossmusic
    Doesn’t work. Signing in with Amazon account and it won’t sign in from the app. The interent connectin is fine as I’m using the same one to write this review. Very dissapointed because I have really come to rely on Kindle on my Mac, but with this new version install on a *NEW* MacBook Pro, it will not work. Very fruststrating. Even the Amazon Cloud works through Safari at this time, but still can’t sign-in to the app. It is telling me there is a problem with my email address even though there isn’t and it’s the same one I use to sign in on EVERY one of my other devices. No big warnings here, since the app is free, but don’t expect much or bank that it will work because, in my experience, it does not.
  • Gets stuck “initializing" 1/5

    By MasterCoach
    It displays the initial splash screen with “initializing” and gets stuck there. I’ve removed the app and reinstalled, with no improvement.
  • So Dislike This 1/5

    By Why r all names taken?
    I have searched and searched for troubleshooting tips to explain the problems I have with this new Kindle app on my iPad. Then I searched and seached to find a reader that I can download all my books to, and just end my misery with this app. This new update is the worst. Pages don’t turn. I cannot get the toolbars to appear. I am so very frustrated. If I could I’d return to the version before this “upgrade”. What a disaster.
  • Very buggy, very poorly designed app 2/5

    By PTXXK
    So many bugs... where to start? Highlighting sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and sometimes gets stuck. There is no way to undo a highlight (or highlight removal); you have tyo start over if you missed. You can't highlight across pages. The "furthest page read" function doesn't do what it says it does (it actually takes you to the most recent page, not the furthest page, so if you page backward on one device, you'll be asked if you want to go backward on others), the copy function always embeds a citation and there's no way to turn it off (the iBooks app does the same thing). For a reading app, these and other annoyances actually detract from the reading experience. And, of course, the creepiness of knowing Amazon is watching what you read and doing who-knows-what with that data. I love the convenience of digital reading, and the ability to travel with an extensive library but this is one case where the technology doesn't necessarily make the experience better than its analog alternative.
  • WORST APP!!! 1/5

    By eve1957
    Does Amazon have some vendetta against Mac users? How can an app be SO BAD! I just can’t get over it! There are too many specific things wrong with it to mention. Suffice it to say it is virtually unusable. Everytime I weaken, because it’s convenient to read on my computer, this app reminds me how it doesn’t work! It jumps from location to location for no reason, if you do a search it’s impossible to close the search window to have more reading room, it doesn’t sinc with iPad and iPhone app - which I guess is a good thing because THOSE APPS WORK and this one would just make me lose my place. I could go on and on. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but how can they get it THIS WRONG BY ACCIDENT! YIKES!!!!
  • It doesn’t work very well and Amazon doesn’t care 1/5

    By Captain Trixie
    For me, the most aggravating flaw is the app’s consistent failure to tell me the right page to go to when I switch from one device to another. Maybe one in three times it gets it right, the rest you find yourself someplace in your book you don’t want to be. This doesn’t matter so much on a desktop but on an iphone6 plus like mine the page scanner is so tiny it’s impossible to go forward or back less than fifty or a hundred pages at a time. It takes a lot of time — wasted time — flipping pages one at a time to get to where you guess you left off. Support is terrible — when you want to get something fixed their basic schtick is reset the phone, and when that doesn’t fix anything then deregister (which wipes all your downloaded books) and re-register the phone, and when that doesn’t fix anything they thank you for your feedback and, no, they won’t be getting back to you. Live with it. I suppose the hostility between Apple and Amazon has something to do with it but I do suspect it’s Amazon’s way of forcing you to buy one of their devices.
  • Can’t Install 1/5

    By Kindle Blows
    When I try to install on my 2 year old ipad it says “Application requires iOS 10.0 or newer” and of course I cannot install iOS 10.0 on my “old” iPad. Extremely disappointed with this.
  • Unbelievably slow 2/5

    By darrincardani
    It’s amazing that an app that does little more than display text and occasionally some images works so poorly on modern hardware. Web pages display far more smoothly than this. I remember reading documentation on my Mac SE that did the same thing and could scroll the page at lightning speed. Just clicking on the button to go to the next page is excrutiatingly slow. I can’t believe that Amazon would put out such a terrible app.I should mention that running this app with Instruments shows memory leaks, and frequent massive allocations and deallocations of memory.

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