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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read eBooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You may also read your book on your phone, tablet and Kindle e-Reader, and Amazon Whispersync will automatically sync your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can pick up right where you left off. What you’ll get: · Sample any eBook for free · Discover and download popular fiction, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images through direct purchase and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions · A customizable reading experience with your choice of 10 fonts, font size, line-spacing, text alignment and more · Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, flashcards and more · Instant definitions without leaving the page · Comfortable reading experience with adjustable screen brightness and page color · Ability to make in-page highlights · Access to local library eBooks · Side-by-side reading and note-taking · The ability to export your notes · Support for Text-to-Speech on devices running Mac OS X 10.10 or above · Supports reading with Split View on devices running Mac OS X 10.11 or above

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Kindle app reviews

  • App lacks basic functionality 1/5

    By Mac_User_01
    I am extremely disappointed that the Kindle app for Macs is lacking very basic functionality (e.g., windowing), as it cannot open two books both purchased from Amazon simultaneously. This is an especially glaring omission given that the Apple Books app allows me to open two books both purchased from Apple simultaneously with ease. Because of this lack of basic feature support, I will no longer purchase books from the Kindle store, and will obtain all ebooks through Apple given that their app supports these very basic features.
  • bug 2/5

    By hamba allah(serius)
    there is still an error, hope u will fix it as soon as possible
  • Crap 1/5

    By Jus tA Consumer
    Macbook Air- COmputer is totally connected to WiFi, downloading the app was problem free. "Unable to connect. Please check your network settings and proxy configuration" Can't use at all.
  • Malware? Drive Genius Malware scan: bundle.js- Txt.Downloader.Fakejquery-6888225-0 found 1/5

    By Strange Thought
    I do appreciate this app, but after running a malware scan with Drive Geniius it reported: bundle.js is malware infected with- Txt.Downloader.Fakejquery-#######-0" in /Applications/ Perhaps it's just a PUP but I thought to report this. I coudln't find anywhere else to notife the developer about this information and I'm not sure what esle to do but delete the application at the moment.
  • Why are certain features removed? 1/5

    By Never on the right page
    I used Kindle on my Mac a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, but after installing it on my new laptop, I have noticed that many of the features I enjoyed are unavailable to me now, for some reason. It won't let me use dark mode, change the background to sepia, change the font size, or use continuous scrolling. It shows options for these features, but they are grayed out and I cannot click them. I am very disappointed in the current iteration of this app. I don't understand why I cannot access these features anymore, but I can understand why it has such a low overall rating.
  • Where did it go? 1/5

    By Bugs675
    After the last update I cannot open the app on my mac. I have deleted, reinstalled numerous times since. I have used the app store and gotten a link for Kindle from Amazon and nothing works!! I have books on the app that I use frequently and now they are gone!!!! I'm very disappointed needless to say.
  • Finally digital content that is easy to read 5/5

    By FunkyMnky
    This is an impulse review so my opinion may change after awhile. I was thrilled when opening the Kindle book I bought to see how beautifully rendered the text was and the ease of navigating through it. I was about to dock a star since there was an image of a table on a page that was hard to read but found that double clicking the image brings up a larger easier-to-read version. I was weary of buying the book digitally since I did not have a great experience with purchasing magazines in a digital format in the past through other applications, not Kindle. For the magazines, I would have to zoom in on the text in order to read it and use the scrollbar to get across the whole page. The flaw with the magazine format was presenting the left and right pages at the same time so by default it was zoomed out to fit both pages on the screen at the same time thus making the text small and blurred. It was lacking a single page flip format like this Kindle app does for the digital book I bought. So far I’m impressed.
  • Lacks Features of the iOS App 2/5

    By Leonard Flier
    It’s past time for Amazon to take ebooks seriously as research sources. Students are using them. Scholars are using them. But the tools Amazon gives us in the MacOS app aren’t up to the task. Here are just a few of the ways the MacOS app falls short as a research tool: 1. The iOS app permits us to search the notes we have made in our books. It seems like this would be simple enough to add to the MacOS app. 2. The iOS app permits us to download and sync documents we have uploaded to be read on Kindle. It’s not clear why this functionality does not exist in the MacOS app. 3. The iOS app syncs collections. But this doesn’t work in the MacOS app. Every college student and scholar has either a MacBook or a Windows laptop. We use them constantly for research and writing. So, it’s unclear to me why a company with the resources that Amazon has leaves its MacOS app so underdeveloped. A single developer with a week or two of time could fix all of these things. In these respects, the MacOS Kindle app is disappointing. And for that reason, it deserves only two stars.
  • No continuous scrolling 2/5

    By jfgrissom
    The kindle app on my iPad supports the one and only feature I "really" care about. Continuous scrolling. This app sadly doesn't support it. So, I'll just keep using the iPad app and ditch the idea of reading on my MBP. I like the dark theme feature (black background with light text). I like the bookmarking and notes features too. But continuous scrolling is the main feature that makes digital reading superior to paper reading IMO. Page turning on digital media feels like a throw back to a previous era. For all of the reading apps (kindle, pdf reader, iBooks), these are the only features I would be willing pay a premium for. Continuous scrolling, dark theme, highlighting with notes, and bookmarks.
  • Frustratingly ridiculous! 2/5

    By Rican_love21
    I use Kindle almost on a daily bases. This new update was a total waste and unnecessary. I used to be able to click on the app and it would open up rather quickly. Now I have to click almost 20 times or more just to get some kind of response. The app doesn’t respond and I have to force quit each time and re-click it again in hopes of it eventually opening. It takes so long for it to finally even open that I am so close to deciding it isn’t worth my time, which I would hate because I have a couple thousand books in there but this is beyond ridiculous. I usually even prefer Kindle over iBooks, but this is just too much. If this does not get fixed I really think Kindle will become a thing of the past.
  • Good 5/5

    By KaiiDeniese
    The app works fine for my mac.
  • The Kindle Mac App crashes and freezes my iMac 1/5

    By centralparked
    I can only add my voice to the chorus of Kindle book owners like me who have seen their Kindle purchases rendered usesless on a Mac. We should get our money back on all the Kindle books we purchased under the understanding that they could be read on a Mac. The current version of the app is worse than usesless because it crashes my Mac.
  • Feature Request 3/5

    By pks1990
    Please include word-wise & continuous scrolling to Kindle mac app, which helps ability to read requently without any friction :)
  • Compeltely horrible 1/5

    By Thisisbullshitdontgetit
    Never download this for your laptop, especially if you are using it for a class. Can’t read or even take notes.
  • 2 crashes so far after new update 1/5

    By SocietyoftheFist
    Maybe Amazon puts little effort in to this because they see poor usage compared to Android and iOS devices, but I'd say it is because the experience on macOS is worse than those other platforms. Get it together Amazon.
  • Continuously Crashes 1/5

    By Boo1234-7
    This desktop app really stinks. It's constantly crashing, making it useless for me to be using Kindle Textbooks.
  • iMac Sync Flaw 1/5

    By Cutezzzz
    Surprisingly, my iMac laptop Kindle app will not sync my content in my newest curated Collections, from either my Kindle E-Reader or my Amazon Kindle iCloud website account.
  • Horrible - don’t update 1/5

    By John Soane
    The app quit on me twice in the first 30 minutes of using it—and I wasn’t even doing anything when it quit! Plus it’s left me with two blank book covers in my library window after I restarted. Awful engineering. Oops - make that three times — it just quit again while I was writing this review!
  • Somebody write a third party app!!! 1/5

    By Telerad
    How many ways can you make a client want to leave? Let’s see; Pain to install, pain to uninstall, won’t allow you to register copies on new machines, won’t sync properly, won’t let you download some of your books, Should I go on? OK. When you try to push a book to one of your installed Kindle for Mac, the Kindle site asks you do you want to deliver to Kindle for Mac 1, Kindle for Mac 2, Kindle for Mac 3, Kindle for Mac 4, Kindle for Mac 5, Kindle for Mac 6, Kindle for Mac 7, or iPhone? How the hell are you supposed to know which one it is you’re trying to download to? How about letting users assign names? When you try to launch the app it fails miserably after a prolonged attempt and crashes without notification. On one of my systems I get a message “unable to connect. Please check your network settings, but I just downloaded the app from their website. Duh. No support of any kind, except some lame web page with a list of prior quiestion that people have asked. Makes me regret ever buying any books on Kindle and I’ve bought quite a few.
  • Cannot Sync Collections 1/5

    By T Beyer
    I have just been informed by customer support at Amazon that the Kindle app on MacOS does not support syncing cloud collections from iOS or Kindle devices such as my Paper White.
  • Kindle gets worse each upgrade 1/5

    By @NeeVA
    Since loading the latest version, my kindle is no longer functional on my MAC. I literally have to click at least 15 times before I get a processing. Then several more before the processing runs its cycle and actually opens. The books now go through a ‘formatting’ before they will actually open. They used to just open. At first books purchased were no longer able to open. I got the delete and redownload message. Then the application would open after a very long opening process. All new purchases went directly to archive and display the download failed message. Then the application would partially load then crash. Now the application will open eventually. I have to manually download each book. The Kindle developers obviously never heard of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They seriously need to test their app on multiple platforms before deploying.
  • Just make it sync with kindle, my god, can't send to kindle 1/5

    By GrandTerr
    Send to kindle sends only to mobile devices, no mac sync.
  • Version 1.25.2 For Mac Will not open 1/5

    By 10284657483
    I share the same issue with others. I was working on my college work last night with no issues. Woke up this morning and was unable to open the app on my Mac. I sent a tweet to amazon looking for help with the problem and they suggested live chat with customer service. After hours of customer service suggesting the same thing over and over (uninstall, reinstall, restart, clear cache, try another network) and speaking with several different customer service employees, I realized the issue was not going to get resolved and decided to write this review instead. I’ve had minor inconveniences with this app in the past and for the most part I love using it for school work as I can do a quick search, make notes, highlights, etc. However, if I am not even able to open the app (especially after spending money on several books) I would have to say this app is currently garbage. I can only hope that amazon resolves these issues soon as I have read other reviews with those that have the same problem. Help fix this problem please.
  • Don’t download this update! 1/5

    By DeeEff90
    The update is terrible. It takes for ever to load and heats up my laptop. The app is unstable and quits much more frequently than before. I’m going to restore the old version.
  • The underlying message 2/5

    By bmccar
    If Amazon’s goal is to express how unimportant MacOs is by putting out this half-axxxx app, they have succeeded. Buggy, crash prone, sloppy navigation.
  • Unusable on my iMac 1/5

    By mathmarm
    Since the latest update, Kindle crashes the moment I attempt to open any ebook. I have tried dozens of times.
  • why oh why oh why 2/5

    By cat throwup
    I’d really like to get my newstand magazines I get on my Kindle to also download onto my mac version of Kindle. Sometimes I need to print an article from my Handwoven subscription. I’m about ready to cancel all subscriptions to the newsstand on the Kindle. And don’t tell me to print directly from the Kindle. I’ve tried. It doesn’t happen. I’m not buying a new printer. It would be a lot easier to change my Kindle newsstand subscriptions to maybe Zinio or whateve it’s called.
  • Doesn't Sync 1/5

    By J~Boogy
    I have to say I am quite disappointed. The Mac version does not sync with my other devices - iPad, and iPhone - highlights and notes from these devices are missing. Also, whatever highlights/notes are on the Mac version do not transfer to the other devices. When I try to sync on the Mac, I receive a message that I am on the furthest page, which is highly incorrect, especially since I was on a different device a few moments prior. This one flaw greatlly impedes my productivity :(
  • This is a ZERO 1/5

    By LisanneH
    won’t work, can’t read, just get a color wheel. I’m going back to my iBooks. WHich works, all the time. WORST EVER. DO NOT download this.
  • Seriously flawed 1/5

    By Shupshe
    View options are severely limited. Trying to change them cause frequent crashes. Devs, don't add any more features until you get the basics down. This is one of the worst apps I've ever tried to use.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Garbage App User
    I downloaded this app to read sheet music and it is garbage. The app is constantly crashing. If you want to zoom in to read the notes and then move to the next page it freezes and then crashes. The width when zooming cuts the rest of the page out and I have tried to adgust the settings with no luck.
  • Can’t even open it so it’s really a zero 1/5

    By morethanthis
    I’ve been trying to open the app (ver. 1.25.2) on my MacBook Air running 10.13.6 High Sierra and the app attempts to load, but never really opens. So I gave it 1-star, but it’s actually no-stars because it won’t even open. If you login to your Amazon account and look up how to troubleshoot the app, there’s no information on how to do so and you keep getting bounced back to the same page. This is very frustrating and one reason why I try to avoid purchasing Kindle books because I mainly read on my Mac, not my phones or tablets.
  • I can't even open my textbook sample 1/5

    By eguat
    I downloaded this app to rent a textbook, and amazon sent me a free sample. I literally can't open the file. the app glitches every time and duplicates a random file instead of opening the one I want, and now I don't know how I'll get my psych textbook. Waste of time, I wish I could give less than 1 star.
  • Bug in latest update? 2/5

    By Greek and Hebrew nerd
    I am finding that since the latest update some footnotes and ToC links do not seem to be working with some of my books, the same books where I am certain these footnote and ToC links worked fine before. The links work fine for these books with my Kindle Fire and the Kindle Cloud Reader, but not in the Kindle for Mac app. Also, other books from the same publishers and even in the same series do not appear to have these issues.
  • So many missing features 1/5

    By Ali Hamodi
    Why this dosn't have many of the ipad/kindle features such as, more dictionaries, automatic learners definitions, fonts
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By BerkeleyDman
    I love my Kindle, and I love my Kindle app for my Mac. Kindle makes keeping up with foreign languages easy thanks to the free dictionaries. The syncing across platforms saves me time. And the layout makes my reading a pleasure.
  • Mostly Broken 2/5

    By Jeff 1987
    This "update" feels clunky and broken. Well, it does download the ebooks, but the UI just no longer feels right. Unintuitive, with features I found accidentally mostly through frustration. Technically only one page at a time, page width does not chage automatically, manual page width was not obvious to manipulate, arrow keys don't work right away on new downloads, incomplete dark mode (top of window stays gray). Seriously, "two columns" just does not look right, and "auto" can look just terrible with an ebook, making multiple columns. A lot of wasted window space. Animated page turn does not work (I see it on mobile). The notebook "feature" does not add much, and seems to take up way too much space when shown. TOC also takes up too much space. The mobile version is not quite as good as my Nook, but is still a lot better than this.
  • Flashcards & Notes 5/5

    By Blucooper02
    Note taking is improved greately, and I love the flashcards! Looking forward to using this on Mac now vs on my PC!
  • annoying 2/5

    By EmojiFan
    the interface itself is laggy, especially when highlighting (like in a textbook) and i am generally frustrated with this. i updated it so it got a little better, but overal, I find it irritating at best to work with
  • used to be a great app 2/5

    By dernhelm1
    I use cookbooks on this app on all my devices often. The latest update no longer lets you click on the recipe in the table of contents and go straight to the recipe. I now have to scroll through the book to get to the recipe I want. Please fix this so the links work. Thank you.
  • I can’t even use it 1/5

    By Joe's Momma87
    Everytime I open it, it says that it can’t connect to my network. I know that my computer is connected to the internet. I restarted my computer after a few times and a window popped up to register and then it quit. When I reopened the app, it started saying the same thing again.
  • Terrible with Magic Mouse 1/5

    By KingJohnTheRoth
    Please increase the threshold of the magic mouse input for chaning pages. Right now if I just barely touch my magic mouse it changes the page. Impossible to read with this app and a magic mouse.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Scott1953
    I have used this on a mac for over a year to print hymns for my mother, who has bad eyesight, to use at Church. This new update will not allow me to click throung the table of contents to go directly to a song. I must now page through the entire book to get to what I want to print. Please Kindle fix this issue! The new square wheel you reinvented is not much good!

    By Alexandrakme
    Opens for about 3 seconds and then it "quits unexpectedly." I've tried reinstalling, signing out and signing back in, restarting my mac - nothing works! So frustrating!
  • This version is terrible 1/5

    By AppCandidReviewr
    Amazon tried to create a helpful feature in allowing a side window for notes. Unfortunately this version failed in its objective. The window appears, but doesn’t allow you to resize it. In addition, it unexpectedly quites on you. It is a great idea. There is alot of potential for this app to beable to view your noted next to the text, but this version doesn’t cut it. Hopefully Amazon will get its act together and create an update that will fix the serious flaws in this app. Until then, stick with the older version. I wish I had, and not I have to wait. I can’t use the app until then.
  • Version 1.25.2 for MacBook will not open 1/5

    By mshendr
    Spent over an hour and wasted many megabites of data with Amazon’s online support chat trying to get this App to open—I uninstalled and reinstall the App 4 times with them. After being handed off to the 5th foreign support personal, I disconnected with them because of their incompetency to understand even simple things let alone resolve my issue. Not sure how I will be able to read my Kindle books on my MacBook now.
  • crash not open all the time 1/5

    By aaron190
    crash not open all the time
  • New 64 bit MAC app does not even work 1/5

    By Rm930
    The new app just hangs up on my macbook. Can not even exit the app, have to use the force quit function. Need to figure out how to rollback to the earlier version.
  • Kindle for Mac Os 1/5

    By Neil3333
    Do not GET this app. I downloaded the app intending to use it to read an e-text. Although I never used it, I was signed up for Kindle Unlimited and charged $9.99/mo without any notice. The Unlimited program is PUSHED on new app users without their knowledge or permission by Amazon. You learn you have been signed up for this program when you see the charge on the credit card you use with Kindle.

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