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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read eBooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You may also read your book on your phone, tablet and Kindle e-Reader, and Amazon Whispersync will automatically sync your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can pick up right where you left off. What you’ll get: · Sample any eBook for free · Discover and download popular fiction, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images through direct purchase and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions · A customizable reading experience with your choice of 10 fonts, font size, line-spacing, text alignment and more · Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, flashcards and more · Instant definitions without leaving the page · Comfortable reading experience with adjustable screen brightness and page color · Ability to make in-page highlights · Access to local library eBooks · Side-by-side reading and note-taking · The ability to export your notes · Support for Text-to-Speech on devices running Mac OS X 10.14 or above · Supports reading with Split View on devices running Mac OS X 10.14 or above

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Kindle app reviews

  • garbage 1/5

    By alexniiii
    Fix the icon first.
  • Buggy and poorly designed 1/5

    By Zay^
    I rarely write reviews, but I had to for this one. I rented a couple of textbooks to use for school, and one of them just keeps crashing. Every time I try to zoom in on the book, the app crashes. When i try to highlight, the app crashes. And the book cannot be read on kindle online web reader because its not compatible. never renting textbooks from amazon again.
  • Late 2022 Update: Still Unusably Buggy 1/5

    By Justin_and_Shannon
    In case someone was reading the reviews and hoping that Amazon had updated things to be better over the years, sadly, you should know that they haven't. Something as simple as widening the text area inside the window causes it to crash 100% of the time. As a software developer myself, it's so bad that I would be embarassed to ever be associated with an app this buggy. This app is a stain on Amazon's reputation.
  • Needs continuous scroll and multiple windows 2/5

    By jamonathan
    Pros: I buy my textbooks on Kindle for the ease of portability. I also choose it over the publishers' proprietary apps, because I've found some have expiration dates for access. I'm a health professional, so I will need to refer back to them throughout my career. Cons: Kindle should allow multiple windows with different books. I would love to have several resources open when I'm doing assignments or need to quickly refer to things during clinicals. The Mac app should also allow continuous scroll like the iPad app. Having to page through using clicks or arrow keys just adds friction to my study flow when I'm trying to skim text for a particular piece of information.
  • this app is...... BAD 2/5

    By Elizabethsnow70
    I mean the app does not even work!!! I mean like seriously I cant even search for e books or any books.........................It keeps saying " NO RESULTS FOUND"....... SO SAD
  • glitchiest app ive ever used 1/5

    By Birdie606
    zoom too much? crash. delete app. redownload. swipe too much? crash. delete app. redownload. click too much? crash. delete app. redownload. this is the glitchiest app ive ever used in my life. weird that amazon cant spend 5 mins making this a little more user friendly.
  • Not as functional as I would like 3/5

    By Rev.RC
    First off I would say that it's great having the convenience of digital books on multiple devices such as my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and kindle device. I know that sounds like an overkill. My problem with the Kindle app for MacBook is that I can't remove from view books that I have read, or view only books that I have read, or samples only. I can do all of this on my iPhone and iPad and I think also on my kindle device though I don't have that handy right now. I also cancel Mark a book as read or unread on the Mac book app. This has become an issue because the app was constantly crashing so I removed it and reloaded it. None of the books that are read already are indicated is such.
  • Crashes on Mac 1/5

    By Vespuria
    The most constistent feature of the Kindle app for Mac is the crashing. It crashes when you open a book, when you flip the page, when you resize the page, when you change the text size. Fix your app Amazon, its unusable.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Celticdoc
    I just installed it on my Macbook Pro. It skips pages, sometimes pages get stuck and won't turn at all. I should have read the reviews before installing because I wouldn't have lost over an hour trying to get it to work for a presentation I have to give
  • No less than 1 star? 1/5

    By Köko
    It is probably the worst app I have installed in my MacBook. Unfortunately, I have to study with a book that is only available through Kindle, and it wasn't cheap at all! The app is so unstalble, keeps closing due to a failure constantly, I am not able to zoom the book without forcing the app to restart... A lot of issues in an app that has been developed by one of the biggest companies in the world. I cannot believe Amazon is not able to do it better. So dissapointed and upset with this app.
  • Crashes Often 1/5

    By Zaleski1987
    I can barley ready without the software crashing and then needing to reopen. I'm currently using the updated features (Which are great) but with it crashing constantly, it makes it difficult to study from.
  • Kindle on Mac Constantly Crashes 2/5

    By Deb's IPad Mini
    This old version constantly crashes, so I tried updating this application on the Amazon website, but that one locked up as soon as I tried to open it and had a window that said that one of the books that I purchased had to be trashed in order to open the application. However, it was locked up on that window and the only way that I could get it to close after trying everything including the "Shut Down" button under the apple icon, was to do a hard boot and then trash the application and download the old 2014 version from the App Store. I am running 12.6 on my iMac.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By GrandpaCheese
    Doesn't work well on a mac computer. It's awkward to use and can be glithcy. Often the search function yields 0 results (which is an error), which is frustrating when using this app for textbooks/school.
  • Difficult to use because full of bugs 1/5

    By Seer clearly
    I need kindle for my on-the-go student lifestyle combining work, internship, and classes. But using it is very frustrating. 1) It's difficult to use highlighting. Trying to highlight to the end of a paragraph causes the highlighting to jump into the next one. It's almost impossible to highlight the last word and you have to "feel around" for the right mouse position to trick it into working. This takes a lot of time and breaks concentration. After talking to Kindle support, they said it was Apple's fault. But no other apps on my computer have this problem. So it's Amazon's fault. They don't know how to write or support an app. 2) Kindle for Mac doesn't sync to the cloud reliably. I cannot go from Mac to iPhone without closing the book or I lose my highlights and bookmarks, etc. This can be very time-wasting if they are not near each other. Amazon, you can do a LOT better with this.
  • Keeps quitting or won't open 1/5

    By KCD56
    Lately, the kindle app is unreliable. It either won't open or quits everytime I try to open a book. Then the app has to be deleted & re-downloaded. Extremely frustrating.
  • Works ok 4/5

    By Paul, just Paul ...
    I've been using this app for years. It works ok for the most part. Two things that really need improvement that are found on Kindles and other Kindle apps: 1. Allow hiding the family library, so I don't have to see everyone else's titles all the time 2. Support Whispersync, so you can listen to a book, and also so you can see what it's reading when you want to look over at something.
  • Accessibility issue 1/5

    By Celliguy
    Can no longer use the text to speech function on kindle app and you are unable to use the built in text to speech function that comes with the mac in the kindle app. Awful experience for those of us who have reading difficulties.
  • Crashes infinitely 1/5

    By More powerful facebook app
    Open one book, click library, open another book, crash. Need to reboot to open another book. If I try to switch the book again the crash cycle repeats. Have reinstalled with no change in the app's behavior.
  • Mac M1 Dies all the Time 2/5

    By mozartcomcertosrock
    Kindle crashes all the time. I have to delete it and reinstall it. It works well for awhile and then I'll go to the library to open a different book and then it will crash again and won't reopen. Then I delete it again, reinstall it again, etc.
  • Current Mac app is an embarrassment 1/5

    By Alex Hamilton
    It'll sync your place in a book, but it can't sync collections? Of course it could, but Amazon won't make the effort to build a great Mac app. As other reviewers have said, the solution for Apple Silicon Macs is for Amazon to enable downloading the iPad app onto your Mac. Works great for other apps, and would make the experience so much better—consistent look and collection syncing!
  • Not Apple Silicon 1/5

    By Todd in Washington
    It's almost two years since Apple left intel, and this app still does not run natively on Apple silicon. There's no excuse for this.
  • App crashes constantly, horrible 1/5

    By CrazyL
    App constantly crashes, doesn't save your place or highlights, and boots you from your account. Horrible product
  • No Apple Silicon 1/5

    By Alex Celeste
    This app is nice to have, though admitedly I rarely need to use it since most of my reading is now in Apple Books. The reason for my abysmal rating is that the app does not have any native support for Apple Silicon. Come on, Amazon... These Macs have been around for well over a year. Why is it taking you, such a large entity, so long to update the app?
  • Still No Collection Syncing 1/5

    By Scot1234
    Maddening. Simply maddening. Seriously. Give the option to fully sync collections to the cloud (or not - if user chooses) so what is seen on desktop is also what is seen on mobile - and vice versa. Who is the knucklehead at Amazon who doesn't seem to undertand why this is needed?
  • Won't open 1/5

    By DanDeeFergie
    The app was finally stable. Then a few days ago, I tried to open this app and it crashed. I tried several times. I even deleted and re-downloaded it. It still will NOT open. It tries, but then crashes. (I am running OS Big Sur)
  • Crashes when zooming into textbook pages 1/5

    By NateInAction
    Spent nearly $100 on a digital textbook and I can't read it because the text is small. I can't zoom in because the app crashes. I'd like the app to support dark mode but improving stability is a must have.
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Bek Turan
    Very sluggish. Buttons don't respond.
  • garbage app 1/5

    By ilanuki
    I can't download the books that I purchased. What kind of nonsense is this???
  • Translation needed 1/5

    By Bookibooky
    why can't we just use the macOs system wide translation feature????? pls improve it asap
  • Crashes Constantly 2/5

    By Steve9-3
    I like this app and use it every day. However, version 1.37.0 crashes constantly as I close one book and open another. I mean every time I use it it's crashing. This app desparately needs an update to make it more stable!
  • Constantly crashes, "broken" but can't redownload 1/5

    By Chittychittybangbang12344
    I have my etextbooks on this app but unfortunately I can't rely on Kindle to work when I need it to. It crashes almost every single time I try to open it. Recently it won't open at all, coming up with an error message saying the progam is "broken", needs to be deleted and redownloaded from the App store. I've tried to do this process 4 times now, and with no sucess. It still won't open and is "broken", suggesting the same instructions.
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By mmc27
    Running on a fully updated laptop that's a year & a half old. When I try to open Kindle, 9 times out of 10 it immediately crashes instead of opening. When it does open, it doesn't sync with what I'm reading on my phone. Just a useless waste of space.
  • Useless, Dysfunctional, Broken App. 1/5

    By ChristopherMusic
    Kindle for Mac is useless. I can't even list all the dysfunctinal, broken, unfinished, missing half baked features. They still don't even have a real full screen dark mode or proper sized dock icon. Endless syncing and library issues. Apple should kick Amazon off the store until they make a remotely functional app.
  • Why the Heck Isn't This VoiceOver Accessible??? 2/5

    By LoneJedi
    Kindle for Mac is not accessible with VoiceOver. On the initial screen, one can navigate the grid view of their books, but cannot activate the book they want to read. When in the book itself, the book cannot be read by VoiceOver, there are buttons that aren't labeled, and the notes and highlights section on the right portion of the screen is not visible to VoiceOver whatsoever. Given the state of technology, the number of blind Mac users, and the "commitment to accessibility" on the part of Amazon, this isn't acceptable, especially since there are many books whose only accessible version is on Kindle. Boo Hiss Amazon! Please do better.
  • I won't download "KindKindle" 1/5

    By Seeemef
    What is going on with this app?
  • Jumpy page leaps with micro-mouse movements 1/5

    By Magister_S
    Reading books on Kindle for Mac OS is a tiresome and often infuriating experience. Pages jump unpredictably with the slightest pass of the mouse anywhere shouth of the toolbar, thus continually disrupting the flow. Such jumps happen when just moving the mouse from one window or app to another, and when trying to highlight a section of text. This problem is compounded, if not necessitated by the lack of a continuous-scroll feature, as available on iOS. Kindle is way better on an iPad or iPhone, but when I need to type more extensive notes on a computer, Kindle for Mac lets me down on a moment-to-moment basis, and makes me wish there was an alternative or competitor app. Surely Kindle would provide a better experience if it was not addled by a de facto monopoly on the format.
  • Works okay, but... 1/5

    By rajivdallas
    It crashes everytime I have a book open for a long time and I try to change to another book on M1 Mac. Also it's unfortunate that in 2022, I can't have multiple tabs open for multiple books in this app: Apps like vitalsource bookshelf for Mac have this feature so I can reference multiple books at once. I will be buying my books with vitalsource from now on. I will give them credit for improving stability on M1 macs over time though. Hopefully they can implement the above features, then I could switch back. UPDATE: It crashed once, and now even if I delete and reinstall I get this message: \U201CKindle\U201D is damaged and can’t be opened. Delete \U201CKindle\U201D and download it again from the App Store. Amazon kindle team, please take inspiration from vitalsource bookshelf app on mac it is flawless. It is very disappointing and frustrating that a company like amazon has such a buggy app, they've overextended the company into too many spaces.
  • Downloaded Books Appear as Blanks 1/5

    By DMillerNick
    New Kindle, synced flawlessly with iphone, but Macbook Kindle app shows latest books as blanks.I tried to trash the app, but the App Store keeps opening the old app instead of letting me start new.
  • Where are my collections? 2/5

    By azoem
    I need to synch collections so I can easily find resources/dictionaries/style guides. They're available on my Paperwhite and even my iPhone, but not on this app. If I try to import them, the only option (yes, they are all logged in to the same account, and the same books show up) is only the app itself. Which has no collections. Unfortunately, I keep the app on my Mac because it's the easiest way to check on a book I might need for work; it's larger than the Paperwhite, and in color. I want to love the Kindle for Mac app, I do. But not synching collections is a serious flaw.
  • Lousy product, like other Amazon devices 1/5

    By jumping_coco
    glitches, crash, clumsy transitions... iTunes turned Win-tel users into Mac fans, Kindle App tells you how lousy other Amazon devices could be. This company shows little care about their products
  • App Often Fails to Open; Needs Word Runner, & to Play Audio 1/5

    By pbree
    App often fails to open and shuts down when changing books, and then will not re-open. Horrible, need to restart computer often to get it to work. It has been this way for over 6 months and the update did not fix it. Also, it has no word runner and no ability to play audio. On the iPhone app (which also lacks word runner), whispersync can play audio of the book and hightlght lines while reading. The Mac version cannot and is far inferior. No true full screen either. I use Kindle all the time for my work and if it is not fixed, may cause me to forsake my MacBook. Seriously frustrating that two giant tech companies cannot or will not get it together and fix the problems and improve features.
  • Issues 2/5

    By liondreams
    1) There is a bug where the page view will not expand when widening the window. It's stuck narrow. 2) There's no way to extend a highlight to the next page. 3) When you add filters in notebook, they should stay applied if you click on a note. 4) Please make the darn app icon normal size.
  • Unfortunate 5/5

    By Syndacit
    I actually enjoy using the latest version of kindle on the mac. I had moved to the web based version for a while but after getting the m1 macbook this app works perfectly fine. It's unfortunate that the rating hasn't improved.
  • Keep unsaved notes. Please. 2/5

    By playb00k
    One irritating aspect of the app is that it silently discards notes a user hasn't save if s/he turns page (by accident) when taking notes. This is terrible. Because it not only interrupts and trashes ideas a user is having in mind, but also waste his/her time to re-capture the ideas and re-type them. Fix this bug. Please.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Alyssa Rae19
    Kindle crashes so much, i want to throw my laptop. I can barely do anything without it crashing every few minutes
  • Comics and GNs full-page only? 1/5

    By Pascudnyak
    I'm looking for a Mac with a bigger screen to read my Kindle graphic novel on. My 15" MacBoook Pro isn't tiny, but I can't make out all the text on a full-page comics page, and I can't zoom in or even view at 150%. I can zoom on my phone, but then it's like looking at the page through a paper-towel core. You would think Amazon wouldn't sell graphic novels for Kindle if their readers aren't suited to the purpose.
  • Doesn't Show Reading Speed 1/5

    By dslkfjsljsd
    Why does the Kindle app for Mac not show your reading speed? That's my favorite Kindle feature, so without that, I don't have a reason to use the Mac app. Please fix this obvious oversite, or just make the iOS version of the app available on Apple silicon Macs.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By it's-d-rod
    I've had to unistal and re-install so many times..
  • Bugs and More 2/5

    By Jar.usmc
    MAC OS Monterey 12.4. The kindle app makes it easy to purchase school books, but it crashes way too much to be reliable.