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  • Current Version: 1.30
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Kindle App

The Kindle app gives users the ability to read eBooks on a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You may also read your book on your phone, tablet and Kindle e-Reader, and Amazon Whispersync will automatically sync your most recent page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can pick up right where you left off. What you’ll get: · Sample any eBook for free · Discover and download popular fiction, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images through direct purchase and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions · A customizable reading experience with your choice of 10 fonts, font size, line-spacing, text alignment and more · Unique features like X-Ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, flashcards and more · Instant definitions without leaving the page · Comfortable reading experience with adjustable screen brightness and page color · Ability to make in-page highlights · Access to local library eBooks · Side-by-side reading and note-taking · The ability to export your notes · Support for Text-to-Speech on devices running Mac OS X 10.10 or above · Supports reading with Split View on devices running Mac OS X 10.11 or above

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Kindle app reviews

  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By balonius
    On my Mac Mini M1, Kindle v 1.30 crashes constantly, literally after only a few minutes of use.
  • Very slow and laggy 1/5

    By Juandlr1986
    This app is so slow and laggy on my loaded imac
  • crashes nonstop 1/5

    By RayLillywhite
    Pretty embarassing for a company this rich to produce a Mac app this bad
  • please update 1/5

    By mzlpei
    the scrolling is not smooth at all, the app for the ipad is much better. it crashes very often.
  • This app literally crashes every 10 seconds 1/5

    By Chadderbob
    None stop crashing constantly, simply unusable
  • loosing my patience 1/5

    By Yeshooron
    this app use to work fine. I'm thinking I've been hacked because now everytime i open a book, it fails and shuts down moments after opening. I send a report to apple but who really looks at these anyway? I've tried re booting the app (reinstall). I hope someone looks into this because this is not good. I can read on Kindle Cloud but it won't let me copy and paste for my studies. Frustrating! This is all happening on my MacBook Pro. My phone and Tablet are fine.
  • completely unusable 1/5

    By boxorama
    skips pages constantly and leaves you unable to read the book. it's so sad. Amazon has enough money to create a good app. what happenned? are you trying to force people to buy a kindle device? That certainly won't be happenning.
  • This app is a dog 1/5

    By nanookian
    Complete and utter garbage of an app. It largely just shows text, but is slower than Photoshop with 500 layers.
  • Massive Opportunity for Apple to get "Trapped" Kindle Users Over to Apple Books 1/5

    By NYCers
    Apple, I implore you to take advantage of this massive opportunity to bring us "trapped" Kindle users over to Apple Books. I've got hundreds of books that I can't read on Kindle for Mac. The app simply doesn't work. It just keep crashing. I'd like to move all of my business over to Apple. At least I can rely on Apple to keep their installed software apps up to date and working. I'm disappointed in Amazon for neglecting Mac users entirely.
  • Frustrating on mac 2/5

    By Dsy_jonny
    It can be seen the developer has not put much attention and effort on kindle for mac than for other devices. I would love to read on my laptop; I would love the kindle app to be more user friendly by making it much easier to use. Using the kindle for mac is much more of a frustrating experience.
  • Continous Crashes After Recent Update 1/5

    By sam251884
    After installing the recent update, the app just continues to crash every single time it is opened. I have used this app on my comptuer for years and never had these types of issues before. It also continues to add a blank book in my library whenever I open a new book to read. Really poor update for this product and hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Incredibly slow 1/5

    By Spydernights
    I had never used Kindle for Mac before, only every reading on my Kindle itself. Recently I bought textbooks for a class to read using this app. It is so incredibly slow and laggy that I can't use it. I have to open my textbooks through the website in order to get my work done. Amazon should really examine how the let this piece of garbage get released.
  • Terrible. Here's Why. 1/5

    By Brossiah
    Why can't we just simply download, what we paid for, in PDF format? This reader is terrible.
  • Everything is lost 1/5

    By Mrsvinylrock
    All of a sudden none of the books i've purchased are showing on the kindle app except those I bought from Amazon. They're shells of books, and when I click on them, there's nothing there and the app freezes. Tried reinstalling. Same thing.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Elaine5926
    Every time I try to open my book the app crashes. This app is literally unusable. Also the book that I downloaded on my computer (MOBI file) shows in the kindle app on my laptop but does not show on any other kindle apps despite syncing.
  • Minus 10 1/5

    By Nvd234
    I choose book, read first page. Then I get error report, shuts down completely.
  • Why does it keep crashing??? 1/5

    By A. Pelle
    D: why does it keep crashing????
  • Absolutly pathetic 1/5

    By jcilione
    The app is great on iphone and ipad but it's a joke on a Mac computer. And what's worse it customer support who can't even figure out how to chat with people complaining about the app. They're even wose the the pathetic app. See below: "Moses | Customer Service I understand that you can't able to review Have you checked in website? me - what me - this is ridiculous me - ive done all that was said. Have you seen the reviews? the majority are 1 star and I'm now writing one too and including how pathetic customer support is too me - so good bye. You guys have been no help at all me - and still you have nothing to say. what a stupid joke me - I've cut and copies the joke of this discussion and posted it in my review" After deleting the app and redownloading it, and speaking with yet another tech support, I got 0 results and 0 help 0 stars for the joke of an app. 0 stars for the joke that is support
  • Great App With One Flaw! 5/5

    By OCon Photography
    I have faithfully used the Kindle app for Mac since 2014 mostly for school and also for personal, and business purposes. I actually love it. I have used it this app on multiple iPhone device (over the years started with iPhone 7, currently using iPhone 11 Max), iPad, and Macbook (MacBook Air (2015)) Now MacBook Air 2020 M1 version. They always synced great. Kindle has and still is working great even now Spring of 2021 with the MacBook M1. *There is only one thing I would suggest for the developer. Can you please add in a way to custumize citations, (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.)? That would be great. Other than that, I actually recomment the Kindle app based on my own personal experiences. I have personally paid for my Amazon subscription since 2014 and I will continue to pay for it with Kindle being one of the main reasons. Thank you for developing a great and free product! Please add/fix the citation options stated above. Thank you kindly.
  • Unusable on M1 mac 1/5

    By Cody 7272
    Unbelievably battery intesive and laggy mess. Not sure how a big name company like amazon is okay with having this disaster of software out in there in the world
  • Lost all my annotations 1/5

    By John1.6
    I had been using this app to highlight and take notes in purchased books. All of the sudden my devices were not recognized as "registered" on Amazon's online "Manage Content and Device" page, although the app still recognizes my devices as. When I attempted to correct my accounts to sync all of my devices, the only option presented was to unregister my device and register it again which would lose all of my annotations in all of the books that I use to study. I did that on my iPhone 11, but I am reluctant to do so on my MacBook. My MacBook will not sync with Kindle Cloud Reader either. Oh yeah. I also use Kindle Unlimited. It will not sync with that either. So far, there is no explanation as to why my devices suddenly became "unregistered."
  • Unacceptable performance 1/5

    By 0172640273
    Every interaction with the app takes about a full second fro the app to process - scrolling, switching pages, zoomin in and out, everything. I'm on a macbook pro 16" with good internal specs. The is no reason for it to bee this bad.
  • Macbook crash 1/5

    By Cml360
    so i cannot read book on my mac. Great
  • Kindle silent fail 1/5

    By dano3006
    Click on Kindle to start it. Watch it begin to start up and then it just silently quits. Console log says this: * Could not find and/or execute program specified by service: 2: No such file or directory: /usr/bin/ * Service setup event to handle failure and will not launch until it fires. * Service exited with abnormal code: 78 * Service exited with abnormal code: 1 Not something I can fix and I cannot remove and reinstall as it is in the App Store so all my purchases are no longer available. App description says the latest version has bug fixes. But not quite enough bug fixes. 0 stars
  • Most recent update - awful 1/5

    By JimBCE
    Since the most recent update to MacOS and Kindle, I've not been able to open a book on either of my Macs. The Kindle app crashes after 10 seconds or so every time.
  • Crashes continually 1/5

    By MarzieGK
    I wanted to use the MacOS app for looking at textbooks and it's a complete disaster. The app crashes every single time I open a book.
  • Would only be open for 30 sec and then crash 1/5

    By BeckyDJD
    I would find it very useful to be able to have Kindle books open on my laptop. Downloaded and opened the app to see all my books. Opened the book I needed and it crashed... opend the app again, opened the book, turned to the page I needed, and it crashed. After the fifth time I am just giving up.
  • Crap software 1/5

    By ZUrlocker
    It just goes to show Amazon doesn't give a sh** about user experience or building high quality software. This looks like they put their best intern on the project 10 years ago and never updated it since. Try clicking on a MOBI file that's been previously opened in Kindle. Instead of opening the file, you get a message that the file already exists. What developer thought that was useful? Oh, and the error message is buried at the bottom of all your windows. So what you really get is an app that appears to frozen. Hey thanks Amazon. Thanks for showing us you don't know care about your customers or user experience. If I worked at Amazon I would be ashamed of this app.
  • Truly awful 1/5

    By Juliusdel
    Buggy, frustratingly designed, and runs terribly. Incredibly frustrating to navigate any kind of larger book with the table of contents feature because whenever you collapse one section on the sidebar it automatically not only jumps your page TO that section, but also opens the sidebar panel for the previous chapter. This app also shudders at every possible command, taking either a full three seconds to scroll the page or will scroll up the sidebar at about 4 frames per second. Absolutely awful, I would never consider downloading this app again, and I STRONGLY encourage you to find something else to read on. Truly, I cannot stress enough that if you are a student looking for a textbook, use VitalSource's bookshelf, and not this travesty.
  • Fix for M1 Macbook Pro 4/5

    By Kroggy93
    Like others, I also could not get this applciation to run on my m1 macbook pro; the appolciation woudl automatically close within a minute or less of opening and running it. For whatever reason, this issue is fixed by downloading the kindle for mac app from amazon directly on safari. I did this as requested by an amazon support sepcialist and the application works well thus far.
  • Contantly crashes 1/5

    By Philmelda
    It's absolutely unusable. I can't get it to stay open for more that 3 or 4 seconds. Useless.
  • Pure junk! 1/5

    By DogBros
    “Image not supported” — this is a chess book. It’s not much good without the board images. Links to chapters don’t work at all. You click — nothing happens.
  • Does not work with Mac OS 1/5

    By Court reporter 21
    Does not work with Mac OS. I click on the app and it takes forever to initialize. The books come up but when I click on the book I want to read it will not fully load up and then the app just quits. I really don’t know what to do. I have around 1500 books loaded into this app and I see where some people are having to redownload their books. That would be extremely time consuming Does anyone have a suggestion other than Amazon needs to do something about this or I guess I will start purchasing books and putting them in ibooks.
  • Not Great 3/5

    By tllReviews
    I can't delete multiple books at once and deleting a single books take 4 clickes (right click, select delete book, change selction from no to yes, carriage return. There is no reason for this. There is no way to zoom a page as far as I can tell. Since I am tutoring a young student remotely, this causes problems when my young student cannot read the words on our shared screen. The ways to sort my library are very limited.
  • shaky 2/5

    By robere
    Crashes when trying to sync. Only will sync manually. 2 stars about covers the review. This is on the MacBook Air (M1, 2020). No other Rosetta app has these problems.
  • All it does is crash crash crash crash crrrraaaaash! 1/5

    By jwbradle
    I can't do anything with the Kindle app for MacOS beyond look at my Library. Within seconds of opening a book, it crashes. Every. Single. Time. I've even deleted and redownloaded the app.
  • Worthless! 1/5

    By Not Impressed in Dallas
    This app used to work well on my MacBook Pro. I use it because some ebooks from Amazon won't run on my Kindle. I needed to read them on my Mac. However, since updating the Kindle App, it crashes within minutes every time I open it. For months now. Totally worthless. Come on Amazon! You can do better! Or, can you!?
  • Please fix this! 1/5

    By Craig Hinrichs
    I use this on my Mac and right now it's unusable!
  • Terrible Currently 1/5

    By Cruel Angel
    I've been using Kindle (on phone and laptop) for years, but a couple of years ago, MacOS Kindle stopped working. It would crush and struggle last year. Now, I can't even open the application even after making sure everything is current and removing the application and downloading it again. Awful, no idea why Kindle is so awful now.
  • unusable; crashes every time 1/5

    By Armshar
    This app crashes every time I open a book. I only use it occasionally and now with the latest Mac OS and a new laptop it just doesn't work. I tried trashing the app and downloading a fresh copy, but the same thing happens.
  • Very poor in general 2/5

    By E Whipple
    Given how good the IOS app is, it's hard to understand why the macOS version is so feature poor.
  • So frustrate 1/5

    By PastorAngeloV
    My Kindle app used to work great. But as of recent I've been barred from my e-reader on my Mac. There is no rhyme or reason to it. I am completely unable to access my library and find this infuriating especially since I've purchased many books.
  • exreader 1/5

    By totally tired of Kindle
    When your “Library” won’t even open to all the books you’ve onedownloaded, whats the point of buying books on line? much easier to go to a shop and buy the dam book, read it, and pass it on to abother frustrated ex-Kindle user. Of course Apple will never post this comment.
  • Crash every 10seconds 2/5

    By i3ootcamp
    I cant read a page without the app crasshing every 10 seconds. Check for updates; app already updated. 🤡
  • How am I supposed to read my books? 1/5

    By gracemarief
    I don't own a Kindle, I like to read books on my laptop, and I like to do it off-line. However, since I got my new Mac M1 with Big Sur, Kindle crashes everytime it is opened. So now I'm stuck using Kindle Cloud Reader, and of course, they removed offline mode from that last year. You know, DRM shouldn't make it impossible for me to read MY OWN BOOKS. Clearly Amazon knows about this, and they don't give a s.
  • Doesn't work anymore 1/5

    By rh2006fan
    Also doesn't have dark mode on the windows. Very annoying. Nothing works and I can't turn pages. Y'all really need to update the app.
  • So Slow. 1/5

    By Kacieroo
    This app is so slow, and very infuriating to use as a college student with textbooks online. Kindle is garbage. If you can get the textbook using Vitalsource Bookshelf, go that route.
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By YugenLakey
    App crashes every time I open it running MacOS 10.14.6 on both my Macbook and Mac Mini.
  • Crashes - never been able to use it. 2/5

    By MyOpine1
    Kindle works great on a iPad or iPhone but forget it working on Mac laptop. All it does is crash.