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KING 5 App

Get award-winning coverage of local news, weather, sports and traffic with the KING 5 app. Enjoy up-to-the-minute coverage of the important news and events in Western Washington and Puget Sound region, including Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett and Bremerton. Watch livestream newscasts, receive notifications on breaking news and follow your favorite Seattle sports teams with statistics, rosters and schedules. You will also get the latest from Evening Magazine, New Day Northwest and more. KING 5 features: > Breaking news and news notifications > Livestream newscasts > Seattle forecast and weather conditions > Location-based weather > Futurecast radar > Sports news, stats, schedules and more > Video stores from the newscasts and other KING TV broadcasts > Location-based traffic maps and reports > Share articles via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter > Submit photos, videos and news tips


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  • Used to be OK 1/5

    By HuskerJeff
    I used to love this ap to check local/now in Seattle. Now I have to log in to Twitter. Don’t y’all have another way to collect data?
  • “Location” based weather 1/5

    By Carolynink
    What happened to the weather temperatures for North Bend? It seems like our area, North Bend/Snoqualmie have dropped off the face of the earth, unless there are major car crashes here or on the Pass. I have repeatedly asked for an explanation with no response. What happened that we are no longer considered part of the “Eastside” and no longer a valued market, unless there is a major dramatic event? Apparently we are no longer relevant to the Channel 5 Seattle/Eastside coverage.
  • Drops out 2/5

    By Solojat
    The version issued on August 30th drops out regularly on my iPad. This maybe be a Tegna wide issue because I have the same problem with the KGW Portland app.
  • Ads, ads, ads load but your NEWS fails 1/5

    By Tradinglow
    Must be nice to make sure your advertisers are top priority instead of your audience, that are relying on your broadcasts for up to date news. Constantly waiting for videos, articles to upload, while the advertiser messages come in loud and clear. I understand your corporation needs the revenue, bottom line and all, however; I waste more time waiting for your news feeds, and agitated with the advertising to the point where I would never hit that button to go to their site. The instant messaging is nice, but I don't bother any more to open, I just do a search for a different news station.
  • Annoying full screen ads 2/5

    By Playaplayaplayer
    Full page ads block screen as you click on a news article. Makes me think twice before I choose to read a king-5 news in my newsfeed
  • Real news and timely. 4/5

    By South Sound teacher-E
    Good notifications and practical.
  • Not my favorite app, but it's even worse on an iPad. 1/5

    By HawkEye2015
    This app keeps getting worse. It’s terrible for voiceover accessibility, as it mixes up the stories with voiceover. Video crashes, and the nag screen ads that don’t work with voiceover at all, but you have to Close them to continue with the app, are worthless! I have been reading Cairo and KOMO news more often. And they don’t do that! But after yet another nag for review, here's my thoughts. While the app is trying to give you more information on the main screen when first launched, this new version has even more clutter than before. When I opened on an iPad in landscape, there is a lot of empty space on the left and right sides. The older version would adjust for landscape, while displaying as much information on the screen as possible. The app does run slow on current devices. Am considering switching from the local king5 NBC affiliate to one of the other local stations as my main news source. What's even worse with this app, is it gives you push notifications for useless information. You might want to get some of them, but not all of them. Since they are sending out so many alerts, why don't they give you the option to customize which alerts you want. Fun not having that option, I am forced to turn them off. Or uninstall the app.
  • Content issues 1/5

    By Neutral Observer
    “News” is slanted toward a particular political agenda in many cases, their reporting is biased.
  • Good updates 5/5

    By jkeblas
    I enjoy the local news and updates I get.
  • Ads cut off text 3/5

    By Judy V.
    Usually the ad from Everquote (?) cuts off the bottom paragraph of the story. I do a quick check throughout the day to see if there is anything happening that I need to know about.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Anne Brooks
    Very frustrating to use. Slow to respond and crashes every time. I usually only get to read one or two stories before it crashes. I hoped the recent update would help, but it didn't. My iOS is up to date.
  • Frustrating!!! 1/5

    By Mohawk315
    Can’t watch a video without it stopping all the time. Can’t read a whole article with an ad in the way that wont move and you cant scroll down!!!!
  • Sharing 5/5

    By Retiredrat01
    I enjoy sharing the local news with my daughter in S. CA as she loves knowing the areas in WA state. Thank you😎
  • Keeps me up to date 4/5

    By Kathyk800
    I agree with the previous review regarding the videos I too am using the latest version of Apple iOS. But the snippets of news that I receive come more quickly than with competing apps--a feature I appreciate and from a news crew I trust.
  • Ads Too Obtrusive 2/5

    By BillInRedmond
    When I open an app looking for news I don’t like having a full-page ad covering the content. Performance is better but too many videos still don’t play correctly if at all.
  • Finding the story 3/5

    By Caldoniah
    When I click on the story I want to read i am never taken directly to my page. Navigating the page is not straight forward. What i do like is that all the stories continue to remain on the page
  • Editing leaves a lot to be desired 2/5

    By matneyswife
    The constant spelling and grammar errors are enough to give anyone a headache. When pointed out you receive nothing but attitude. Obviously they care more about getting the first story than making sure it’s accurately presented.
  • Weather 1/5

    By VampireJamez
    Bring back the 7 day forecast in non video form
  • Much Improved! 4/5

    By acemanawc
    Thank you King 5 for adding iPhone X support. Looks so much better than before. We can expand videos edge to edge by finger spreading which is just fine. Suggestion: Although the upper frame is translucent (nice touch) I think you reduce the size of it a bit (maybe 3 mm or so) so that the main scrolling window is maximized. Other than that, thank you again!
  • Plays sound unexpectedly on advertisements 1/5

    By Ender7911
    I’m sitting here clicking on news stories here while my wife sleeps, and this thing plays an advertising video. I’ve got the sound off and it still plays full blast. Average quality news app plays sounds on ads full blast while sound is off => 1 star review
  • What I like is the wide range of topics 4/5

    By Whois who
    What I love is the news on the go. Plus I can find sports scores. What I want is more up to date things like breaking news stories
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By NatRyannDog
    This app is full of adds that make the news unreadable. There are now adds that pop up while you are reading (not just when you open the app). The app tries to do too much and it runs poorly because of it. Would give 0/5 if possible
  • Wayyyy too many notifications. 2/5

    By Trf612
    New useless notification every 5 minutes.
  • Decent app but ridiculous “alerts” 2/5

    By GriffinDog
    Do yourselves a favor — if you install this app, turn off lock screen notifications from KING 5. It is so ridiculous what they consider breaking news, worthy enough to alert you. Example: five things you should know today — every friggin’ day!!! And then you need to click into the app to get the info. Alerts should give you high level information, not try to serve as clickbait. And then today, trying to get you to click to find out how old Shaun White is. Seriously?!?!? This isn’t news!!! Turning off my KING 5 alerts and will likely never have a reason to open the app. Time to focus on KOMO and KIRO.
  • Advertisements are bad now 1/5

    By Qwerty12345
    All of the sudden nearly every time I try and open an article, advertisements pop up and you can’t get around them. Rediculous. I understand the need for them but come on, not every time. Deleting the ap now.
  • Video is buggy 3/5

    By LiquideFeline
    Audio continues and won’t stop unless I force quit the app but video disappears. Way to force this: swipe up from the bottom to show the control center while a video is playing.
  • Great Notifications! 4/5

    By N Sandoval
    The notifications are wonderful and timely. Unfortunately, playing the article videos is not so great. It needs a little work. It's still a good app.
  • No problems 5/5

    By ProudAm
    I appreciate the updates sent to my phone. It works great!
  • No more King 5 video streaming 1/5

    By CK_2018
    Video streaming in King 5 app is not working at all.
  • Push notifications 1/5

    By Allege nicknamesaretaken
    Not really an issue with the app but whomever manages the content. I want push notification for news alerts not stupid stories or advertisements for stupid stories. Limit your notifications to real news please!!! Update... please consider my request above. The rescued puppy is not important news that should be a push notification. I want to leave notifications on to get School alerts and real news updates but I am so tired of my alerts buzzing and it is a notification about a puppy, turtle or... Don’t be Facebook.... be a respectful local news media. I am on the search for a better managed local news app.
  • Very noisy notifications 1/5

    By kelxia
    This app sends too many notifications with no way to select what kind I want to receive. I get national news from another app so I don't need King5 to send me duplicates of those notifications. Also, some of the "breaking news" alerts really aren't that breaking, and why are you constantly bugging me about news conferences that are starting?
  • Awesome job 5/5

    By Dreamcatcherzo5
    I absolutely love the fact that my alerts are all done through this application. It's easy to use without all the confusion.
  • I love the notifications! Great app! 5/5

    By _Linny_
    I get notifications on my phone from several sources and this one is by far the best! And the articles they link to are short but adequately detailed to give me the information that I want to know!
  • Liberal Bullhorn 1/5

    By stukarudel
    Fake news. Typical Seattle liberal news outlet, they don’t even try to be impartial.
  • Still closes without warning. 4/5

    By Mame L
    I love the app but it will just close without warning on occasion which can be very frustrating. Fix that and it would be perfect!
  • Good App. However... 3/5

    By The real BzzzBzzz
    I’ve noticed that while using this app, my phone very quickly, gets intensely hot and the battery drains really fast (a few percentage points in just a couple minutes of use) forcing me to close it down. It’s a shame, because otherwise I like the app a lot. I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 11.2.2
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Coinfan
    Latest update doesn’t get past ad to view article.
  • Still crashes 2/5

    By JGTT$$
    Still crashes. Like it when it works.
  • Pastor 4/5

    Train damage Rain Roads best of all local news Tops world news
  • Slow 1/5

    By DGodecke
    Slow to update as news breaks and slow to update news as it changes. Cumbersome to navigate through on a phone.
  • To many ads 2/5

    By jules788
    I understand they need their ad revenue but I find the news on this application to be almost unreadable at times due to the number of adds that pop up often covering 100% of the content you are trying to see.
  • Decent, ditch the ads! 2/5

    By Big B Wheezy
    I’d like the app better if videos worked on a regular basis & if half way through the story I didn’t have close the APP because some stupid ad opened up.
  • 3 minute ads 1/5

    By Jerr7719M
    3 minute ads before my news video plays. FIX IT.
  • It doesn't work well at all! 1/5

    By Bill In Seattle
    Still a terrible app. Technical and content quality NOT up to what it should be from major media outlet (K5). Buggy, spastic, content is poor. Hard to navigate. Crashes. Transition from ads to stories poor. Out of date content.
  • Poor execution and old news 1/5

    By Drude 100
    App works poorly most of time. Video downloads can be extremely slow or just don’t download. Worst of all most of the news is really old. Updating is extremely poor.
  • Don’t like the boxes 3/5

    By Bubs59
    I like all the stories laid out so I can choose. The weather and traffic separated would be good. But all the other news would be better found if listed like other news channels.
  • Incredibly annoying Yahoo App Store pop-ups make this app unusable 1/5

    By Kirk-O
    It is just unbelievable how this app works now. It used to be quite good. I practically cannot use it now. Trying to get through one story often has three “takeover pop-ups” that redirect you to the App Store and a Yahoo product. Mail, finance, etc. I’ve sent in trouble reports to no avail. Sad
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Mollynmaia
    Very buggy app. As one review says good luck in trying to read a story without it crashing. Not occasionally crashing, but constantly crashing. They just changed the format again and maybe some improvement. But would not count on it. Content is ok, but frequently USA Today unless local. Probably Tegna owns both.
  • It used to be better 1/5

    By Bluemidgetbear
    I get redirected to the App Store frequently in the middle of reading articles.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By SA-6
    Since they added ads within each story I have a hard time navigating through reading. I don’t like it now at all!

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