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  • Current Version: 19.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The Kroger Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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King Soopers App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the King Soopers app! It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your King Soopers Sooper Card to access all these great benefits: · Shop Pickup or Delivery right from the app! · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order. · View your Weekly Ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list. · Load digital coupons directly to your Sooper Card and use them to save on items from your shopping list. · Get even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards. · Refill your King Soopers Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Just type in your prescription number, select your Pharmacy and schedule a convenient pickup time. · Check your fuel points. · Use our locator to find the closest King Soopers store or fuel center. · View your purchase history. Use it to create standard orders that will save you time. · Add your Sooper Card to Passbook for iPhone and iPod Touch. To use the King Soopers app, you'll need a King Soopers digital account. You can register for your account and link your Sooper Card through the app. If you don't have a Sooper Card, you can create one when you register to access all of these savings and rewards!

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King Soopers app reviews

  • Latest update made app useless 1/5

    By Knzjewel
    The latest update created an issue whereby a user can no longer enter a credit card number, thereby rendering it useless for delivery or pickup orders. And when I attempted to use the “contact us” function to inform them of the issue, it just sent back an error notice every time I tried to send my message. I even reinstalled the app, and restarted my phone, in case that was creating the issues. Frustrating, to say the least.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By Kels2829
    Great app! It makes it super easy and convienant for me when I don’t have time to run to the store, or just when I don’t feel like getting up to go walk the store forever with my son. Great service and never had any issues with it!
  • Could use some work ... 4/5

    By Koppertop
    Nice to have an app ..... but the GUI or user interface on this is TERRIBLE...... very confusing ..... difficult to navigate .....
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By iandhs
    Every other month I contact Customer Service regarding my free Friday download and they can’t do anything but apologize, how pathetic for a corporation I don’t trust watching a surveillance video! Worthless rewards! Safeway is the way I guess? I’m never denied there. Hmmmm
  • No time to grocery shop! 5/5

    By Navred001
    First time user with no time to grocery shop this week, feeling sick. I’ll rate the total process after the fact also. Took along time to get through the first grocery list and set up, in hope it’s a smooth transaction process here after. The online process is awesome. Great set up IT department.
  • Needs bug fix update 1/5

    By Angoolio
    For over a week now when I remove things from my cart or say to clear it completely, the items in it immediately reappear. I can’t get rid of them. And then when I tried to submit this feedback and ask for help via the app the message never submitted and the app crashed. Needs development/fixes.
  • Really!? 1/5

    By TavorrachoTavoludo
    Who was the genius who had the idea to change the app color and K to look like Kmart’s? Was it too hard to actually update with...I don’t know..the same color as YOUR logo’s color?!
  • Ok app, needs better search filtering and functionality 3/5

    By Joevrone
  • I couldn't put in my discount code anywhere. 5/5

    By KymmieMay
    I i
  • Pain 1/5

    By DnMrDvs
    This app has caused me nothing but headaches. I can’t delete the items in my cart so I can’t use it for shopping. I have tried to delete them multiple times both one be one and my hitting the delete all items button. They just pop back. Also at least 1/5 of the items I want are shown as not available, don’t show up at all or I can add some of them to a shopping list but I can’t put them in the cart.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By Positively Annoyed
    My cart keeps auto-populating with 7-30 items. Removing all items does not work. I added this app to create easy shopping lists. They aren’t easy to use. It is fairly easy to find the items. But all the lists seem to be made for the cart. The description of easy lists is fraudulent. Grocery lists are no more easy than any other app. Instead of making every single item addable to the cart it would be better to have the option to just make a list or set the list to export to the cart or to choose specific items from the list to put in the cart. Half the time I can’t tell if I’m adding the item to my list or to my cart.
  • What an ugly logo 3/5

    By Slotmplayer
    I like what the app does, I just don’t like the new logo.
  • Cart Problems 2/5

    By penguinrek
    I took my last list and tried to delete the items I did not want. It took me logging in and out PLUS having to call customer service to reset my cart to show the list I wanted, although I had to add a couple items that had been deleted. I usually have a couple of things to correct on the site. May need to find a way to simplify the website Robin K
  • Savings12 2/5

    By Savings12
    How do you add your savings card number to the order. There is not a notification of the savings with the card or how to add it. Thanks.
  • Adding to Apple wallet still doesn’t work 3/5

    By Beatbox fable
    Got the pastiest update still adding membership card to Apple wallet doesn’t work, devs would really make it handy while shopping in-store.
  • Always Great But 2/5

    By NylonKnot
    I cannot delete things from my cart anymore, so Ive been shopping at Walmart instead. I’m disabled so grocery pickup is a huge help for me. I would prefer to use King Soopers but not being able to delete things from my cart is a huge deal.
  • Paper bag choice 5/5

    By Kuhlrunnings
    Please create a choice for bags! Thanks!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By smaraci ste pravi
    I have put some items in the bag and wanted to remove two of them. I removed them but when I proceed to checkout it constantly returns those items in the bag! I even tried to delete all and create completely new bag, but those items again came back!!! I can not order because of that! I ordered and tried to make a comment that these have to be excluded, but will see what happens
  • Much Improved! 5/5

    By MtnOtter
    This app has become easy to use as well as convenient for those of us who are living with limited mobility.
  • Why do my items keep reappearing?? 1/5

    By emilyks13
    I have tried to delete my old list 5 times and it keeps adding everything back in! I have deleted it one by one and have deleted the whole cart and it just keeps coming back.. beyond frustrating!
  • My cart kept adding things back in after I removed them 3/5

    By JM colorado
    I hope this bug gets fixed.
  • Great 5/5

    By JennHink
    So easy to use!!
  • Good when it works 2/5

    By Blazer1970
    This is a good app when it works but it routinely has errors and issues along with the website
  • Not Working 1/5

    By den5791
    App won’t let me delete items out of cart. Tried to remove all items in cart and wouldn’t let me. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Still not working.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dwjII
    Selects my home store 40 miles from my home and tried multiple times to change my home store without any success
  • This app has 2 major problems 1/5

    By mac_guy1975
    The first is that when I open it in a store to check on something it defaults to the Shopping In Store mode which doesn’t necessarily show what I wanted to know. As a result I have to waste time closing that to get to the main app which a real pain. The second problem is that it doesn’t always delete coupons when they’ve been used—they just change colors from blue to purple which implies that they should still be available. Most of the cashiers don’t realize what the colors mean so if you take the time to show it to them they’ll take it off of your bill manually meaning you could use it 3 or 4 times if you don’t know what the colors mean. Also these coupons can’t be removed from the app.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Exponet
    So easy to use and saves me a ton of time!!
  • Great but... 5/5

    By RJCa5533
    Awesome app, very useful but it would be way better if you could add a price check tool. Tell the app what store you’re at, it would need camera access to scan the barcode. Then you could get the price at that specific store. You could even use it as a way to up sell. “Price check on the 4 pack” “here’s the price on the 8 pack as well, and this competitive option is on sale...” just a thought.
  • So annoying!!! 2/5

    By Needs a 12 step mtg
    So.... EVERY TIME I open the app it only gives me the option of “shopping in store” which I don’t do, I just want to order delivery! It’s ridiculously complicated to get out of that screen and to the actual home screen where I can choose coupons, weekly ad, etc. Now, I’m trying to delete items from my cart and it’ll let me delete or alter quantities of a bunch of items and then all of a sudden all the crap I deleted is back. Over. And. Over. Shut down so, restarted, no change. This app is becoming more of a waste of time than a convenience. Also, do you all realize it’s cheaper to order King Soopers thru Instacart than it is they the KS app? And... why can’t I add an item to my cart from the weekly ads, instead of just my list? Seems to me that it shouldn’t be that complicated to make that an option if adding to list is an option? Then again, if your updates are more inconvenient than beneficial I guess logic is out the door anyway.
  • Don’t use delivery! 5/5

    By BusyTeacherMon
    This app is great! I love that I can scan bar codes to add to my list. The Click List staff is always great at the Broomfield store at 120th x Sheridan. Last March I tried to use the Delivery option which Kroger contracts out to Instacart. What a nightmare! I was charged double my bill. Most of the produce was rotten (from the Fed Heights location) items were missing. Kroger could not help me because it was on Instacart. Instacart did NOTHING to help. Their customer service with this issue was awful. I am very happy to pick up from a King Soopers store instead. I set my pick up time for when I am on my way home from picking up my kids from day care. A few times I forgot items and I called the store and they had no problem adding it to my order. Very happy with ClickList!
  • App glitch 2/5

    By luv4edward
    I’ve had this app for quite awhile and use often. I add/keep items in my cart for the next pick up. In the last week or two it’s telling me certain items are my pick up list and others are delivery list. It won’t let me delete items from my cart. When I delete them it shows them gone but then the app blinks and everything that I deleted is back in the cart. I can’t revise the cart items to be delivered. Basically I can’t use it anymore
  • Review? 3/5

    By YourDaddyNow
    In no particular order this app needs to be able to scan my credit card as well as my King Soopers discount card. A total site search needs to be at the top of every screen not just one. On a pad or computer screen there is a lot of wasted space. Sort and filter should be available for the results of every search. When tapping a product the first alternate choices should be the sameProduct in other sizes and then other products by the same manufacturer/vendor before showing other matches and random matches.Why does orange juice come up in a search for breakfast bars? It would be nice to see a reason as to why I must pay a delivery fee and tip. Make all purchased items into favorites and allow me to pick from favorites rather than having to pick the entire list.Keep a running total. I thought I saw that to begin with but then it disappeared well before I was done shopping. Provide a way to increase the font size or smaller screens and higher resolutions. Also a compact view for larger screens would be nice. And the problem I see with all grocery apps is that it is difficult to determine the actual size even though the weight or volume is listed there needs to be someway to see the products in a comparative size display the way you would see them on the shelf. I have found myself buying much smaller or much larger packages of some thing then I needed because I couldn’t tell how big it was. Find me why am I required to put a title on a review? It’s a review!
  • Garbage. 3/5

    By Toneschaser
    Shows all my regulars 3 times and crashes
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Kay-C0623
    The app is easy to use and very convenient. I use it every week to order groceries and find coupons. The search function is a little buggy and they recently made a change regarding when you select Pick-up or Delivery that I don’t like. I liked the ability to choose this after I finished my cart but it is still a good app overall.
  • Great app! Wish there was a little more to it 4/5

    By Shelbbot
    Love this app! Just wish there were better sorting features, for example, by price would be nice. Also if they could make keto/vegan sections that would be cool! Overall though, I love it!
  • Update broke it 1/5

    By Playtime Shelly
    So you simply can not delete things from your cart. I almost ordered over $60 worth of things i didn’t want because they were deleted but keep reappearing in my cart. I had to go to the webpage.
  • Digital Coupons not recommended 1/5

    By i'm done with DC
    Digital coupons do not work very well, more than half of them don’t load or become activated. Regular King Soopers card always works.
  • Easy 5/5

    By Bethbmh
    I work sometimes up to 60 hours per week and and my family still needs me to do all the Mom things. Using delivery I even managed to the weekly shopping while on a business trip
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By Such an Idiot
    At least 2x a month my shopping lists disappear. Sometimes before I leave home but more often than not, when I get into the store. Going back to making lists on Notes. Ridiculous waste of time.
  • Wads/Chatfield 5/5

    Cole great service!
  • Great idea 4/5

    By thst is my nickname for yelp
    I can’t always find articles I know you have but is a great system otherwise. People are always helpful and quick.
  • No, bug laden update 1/5

    By jspeciner
    Carts and lists have become unmodifiable — put it in your cart and you have committed to buying it, in perpetuity. You can’t remove it. The Google Assistant integration might as well be an integration with a potato now. The app is also now clunky and hard to use. Sorry for the development team responsible for breaking a perfectly good app/platform.
  • Nice, but could be better 3/5

    By ChrisJoy007
    I enjoy being able to search for and add coupons on the app. However, my app often crashes. Also, I wish they would update the ability to find the buy 5, save $5 and other such sales on the app. It is really hard to find which items belong in that category on the app; especially when placing a Clicklist order. Mostly a great app, just needs some tweaking.
  • Customer service 3/5

    By groceryshopper7
    The app has been helpful so far and easy to use for coupons. My super card unlinked from the account for some reason and it’s not letting me reconnect it. I’ve called the customer service number on the app 4 times and keep getting a recording that says the person can’t hear me and to call back and then they hang up. Just want to get it set up again so any help would be great!
  • Not organized 3/5

    By wiselady39
    This app is handy, but needs a lot of work. There are items that will only show up by brand, not item. If you click on a category, such as produce, there are no sub-categories, so it ends up easier to search by item. The other issue is the training of the people who picks the produce. I’ve switched stores, as the one I left was manned by very young men who picked poor produce and made illogical substitutions. The one time I tried delivery, there were items that I had not ordered and had to be returned. I continue to use the app, as I feel that it keeps impulse buying at bay. Convenient enough.
  • Delivery service needs improvement 1/5

    By goldenco80401
    Delivery service through Instacart is terrible. They canceled my order with out contacting me and with out providing a reason. Customer service was terrible and not solution oriented.
  • How do you link this to my Sooper Card? 5/5

    By DMackPMP
    See above
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Rhonda😎💜
    I love this service! It saves me time and money (no impulse buying). The produce is fresh and exactly what I ordered. Always very friendly and helpful staff that brings your groceries to your car!! That is my favorite part of this service, no wondering around the store looking for the items on your list. Groceries in the car and done. Thank you King Soopers!!
  • Excellent Service! 5/5

    By Meblame
    This service is so convenient. There’s easy parking, courteous help, and accurate shopping done for you!

King Soopers app comments

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