Kings Legion

Kings Legion

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  • Current Version: 1.2.286
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TOP GAMES INC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kings Legion App

Are you ready to play Kings Legion with fellow players worldwide? Save the Nasland from the dark forces and recover the order of the world! Summon your favorite Heroes, select your Faith, and train fearless troops for the establishment of your own empire! Unique Features -Ally with your friends Create or join an Alliance, unite your allies and rally into the battlefield together! -The Llivia Gate! Got confused as a newcomer? The Llivia Gate leads you to the secret place of Nasland, where you can learn about the magnificent history behind it and get well trained! -Powerful Heroes Recruit and upgrade heroes from Nasland and let them help your kingdom all the way to achieving the glorious throne! -3D Camera Switching Battle Scenes! Experience the unprecedented battle scenes where you can freely switch between different camera positions in 3D reality! -Choose Your Faith Are you a military genius, an economics talent or a research counsellor? Here, you can choose your own faith and decide your path of development! -Diverse Game Strategies! A variety of battle lineup combinations from 15 troop types and up to 35 heroes! You cannot miss this if you are a true strategy game fan! -Unlimited Market System! In need of legendary weapons and resources? Go shopping in the Nasland’s Market System and trade with global merchants to meet all your needs!

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Kings Legion app reviews

  • Love the game but…. 3/5

    By mmarti
    I really do love this game. Been playing for 451 days. Met a lot of people from all over the world and have great gaming friendships. BUT whatever you do, DO NOT go to Server 6. It’s being destroyed by the king or by others that have multiple accounts. I have watched friends be zeroed out for no reason. I totally understand that it’s a war game, but I figure that the battle would be done only during the KVK server wars. If you didn’t want to battle, then you just bubble up and stay out of it. Server 6 is a war zone. Stay away from there if you can.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Benlexs
    Don’t bother.
  • A game I loved being destroyed by greed 2/5

    By Vanessawilsonpsych
    I’ve been playing this game more than 200 days. I’ve loved it, the challenges, the million ways to improve your power, but recently every update has done nothing but take things away. I’ve never encountered this before. The last several updates have made everything harder and more expensive. They now take 30% of your troops when you upgrade. They take the opportunity to earn heroes through play and change it to a money only purchase. They make daily tasks more difficult. And they ruined the Gold card, which is a money purchase but you used to get a lot from it, including a hero. Now- it’s harder to complete and no heroes. So why would I continue to buy it? I’m seriously questioning my desire to play the game at all. The most recent update is severely broken for my server, but works well on others. It’s been more than a week and we have gotten zero response to our notice of issues. So, not only is the game evolving into one that you can only be successful if you spend money, it is effectively now stealing from us by not giving us the same things in the update that other servers have. Very poor business plan if you ask me. The only reason I’ve continued to play is the network of friends I’ve made. Unfortunately, many are on the verge of quitting and when they go I will have no reason to remain either.
  • Kings l 1/5

    By yoa boi
    Nothing works correctly on this game, nothing.
  • Help please !!!!!!! 4/5

    By JSmittzy26
    I love this game. However. Developers need to listen to their players. The “Gia Yang” many many accounts across many servers are destroying your game. It is pure harassment. He now has somehow killed millions of troops and zeroed top players with 1-3 troops !!!!! Fix this or you will lose all the biggest players/spenders on S8. Several people have already quit because of this. Please we beg you for help !!!!! ID 370476 !!!!
  • Too bad. 2/5

    By Pcoy62
    Here we are again. I am such an idiot to be duped by this “play for pay” game. So far, I figured it costs about $50 - $75 a day to play this very COMPLICATED game. (How many Playstations or X-boxes I could’ve bought with the money I have dropped on these games). I do love the graphics and the puzzles, but when it costs more to play a game per month than rent, it’s time to say BYE-BYE. Please do not reply to me with some drivel about how it’s too bad I wasn’t happy. What a waste of time, energy, and money.
  • Another Evony Clone but with Gacha 2/5

    By Kreylix
    No one asked for this.
  • Waste of time for many reasons 1/5

    By Leader Bob
    Not worth the effort. Advertised as a puzzle game, but the puzzles are clumsy in design and lousy controls make many nigh on impossible to solve. Actually a battle game, but battles are also clumsy in design. And they pit old servers against new servers resulting in very unbalanced wars where a server can easily have everyone decimated. It is a money trap - if you want to compete, you MUST spend $100s of dollars to buy and develop the stronger heroes. Recent changes made it impossible to even get the stronger soldiers for your weaker heroes without years on the game or large cash spending. Many better game options exist, with better design, maintenance, and support.
  • Cheaters 3/5

    By BobMine66
    I play this game on two different servers. I like it a lot. That said, one serious problem is the obvious cheaters who are allowed to prosper—unlike other games. On the newest server, one alliance was suspiciously large the very first weekend it was open. Currently, the R5 of that alliance is self-admittedly drunk and rampaging around with a ludicrously large castle—far over the current migration limit—beating up smaller players just because he can. This is a serious problem, Top Games. I will change my review if steps are taken to remedy the situation. Thanks.
  • Same O 2/5

    By iGameAlways
    From a gamer’s perspective, your offered packs and greed are killing this game. Tone those pop-up purchases down and players will play more.
  • After update this game not work 1/5

    By Cls_500
    After update this game not work !!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By go make the best games
    The game is probably the best game I’ve ever played of action and fighting my best game in development I was sad because my first city was captured but now I’m even better than ever The best thing I love is that the puzzles are complicated
  • Scam 1/5

    By Unethical Devs
    Devs block your account whenever they want stealing your money.
  • Full of bugs and hacker friendly 1/5

    By Gary8732
    The best way to summarize this game is buggy and poor coding leading to multiple hacks. Will seriously recommend to think 100 times before putting a single dime in this game as you never know someone will hack around the game, get power in no time and screw you over out of blue. The perfect icing on cake is developers response being next to cold on all these complaints and issues raised with proofs. On pretext of beta version features, they are trying to screw people who are spending money so they pay more money to get their accounts normal again which is a screwed up approach in my view.
  • The bottom line 3/5

    By !#*?+*#!
    Kings Legion has some good points. I get to play and chat with people from around the word. One point that we all agree on- it’s become evident that the changes to the game have become more about the developers financial gain than good game play. I stay for the friends I have made.
  • No support for any issues with game 1/5

    By stayzaway
    Their seems to be no support for any issues with game for older servers, no matter how bad the issues is. Have sent MANY tickets over last six months, from issues with purchases, to inability to log on game from Facebook account, and never even received a bot response. Latest big issues include being locked out of game on android phone, due to facebook login issues, translator button being busted when the merge our server with a Vietnamese centric server, causing huge misunderstandings and much profit for developers, as all out war ensued. Now 200k of my troops are just missing. Also had a purchase dispute I ended up taking to Apple to refund, as they would not even communicate through the ticket mechanism. Have tried numerous attempts at contacting developer, to no avail. Stay far away, they only want your money, and offer no service. Any issues they blame on being a beta, and never really compensate, other than a pittance. Will never play another game from this developer, as they only care about money, not the player, or how well the game works….
  • Glitch Central 3/5

    By No POM
    This game is really glitchy each time a new event is rolled out. Buyer Beware! They compensate, but no less frustrating. Being down a double-point hero and a whole Army slot for 24 hours because of a glitch deserves more than the standard compensation rate.
  • Sexual harassment 1/5

    By christinamcclure123
    This game should not be on here due to major bullying and sexual harassment and cheaters watch ur back
  • Wont load or link on ios and android. 1/5

    By zshiek33
    Want to play this game but never get past the stupid tutorial. As i cant tried reloading app which makes the issue worse. Cant save which means cant continue. I have fast internet so thats not the issue 500mps download. So tired of this kind of behavior. For game every other game I played on my ipad pro has no issues only this game.
  • Wrong advertisement 1/5

    By amlanbhowmik
    Wrong advertisement
  • Review:ok 3/5

    By JamieFloridaFemme
    Ok I get lots of games but when I tried this one u could enslave people I thought dis game was kinds racist and there’s ton a bugs to my kid loves but not me also lvl 1-8 is impossible and it’s unbearable when u gotta wait to upgrade yeeeah no. Fix this!!!
  • pas mal des casse-têtes 4/5

    By viel7
    ce jeux marche de l'appât frais et récompense au quotidiens 👌
  • Worst programming 1/5

    By Dhwang362
    They put updates without testing. Which Fs the game up. Recently I lost more than 100k in troops for no reason alll that work. DONT INSTALL Their response reinstall Really with all the money I invested in the game
  • Customer service issues 2/5

    By Hhiillo
    WARNING: This game is decent to play but be warned, there are so many bugs and issues that cost you in lost rewards and interruptions to game time and quality. The BIGGEST PROBLEM is that the customer service is AWFUL!!! They say they are forwarding it on to developers but nothing is ever done. I have sent in many that are never fixed or compensation given. DO NOT spend money in this game
  • Bullies and bad words 1/5

    By oldandevil1
    Our server is run by bullies and chat is full of vulgar language if you are unlucky to hit the translate button in chat. The developers purposefully have battle events so you must buy items to heal and revive. Evony has the exact same issues. Complaining to the developers is a waste of time. Find another game to play. One that rewards for good play.
  • Updates 2/5

    By W Mitty
    I was beginning to understand the game. Alliances pounding on relatively inert players to scarf kill points is probably where a lot of the complaints are coming from. Really not liking that the mythic potions are now required to forge items but you don’t give any indication of how to acquire them. If it’s something I have to buy, I’m going to be even less interested in the game. Looking over the reviews this seems to be a frequent occurrence.
  • 5-Stars no doubt 5/5

    By bad5525
    Great game, lots of activities to do and able to meet a lot of people from all around the world. Would recommend to anyone. There is one thing I would like to bring up, so after completing your whole art gallery what are we supposed to do with the items we receive from killing monsters. Just collect in our inventory? Wish there was a way to sell them or trade them in for stuff. Maybe an idea to think about.
  • Coool 5/5

    By bes game that rate is 9/5
    This game is so fun and it’s little challenging but I like it so try it and let’s play
  • Worst technical support 1/5

    By MattieKrong
    I do not recommend this game to anyone Technical support is not any help I only play on Apple phone and can not get account transferred to new phone I contact support only to be told my account is only playable on an android even tho I don’t own and have never used an android I do not use google account your game is broken I choose Apple ID to link account Also game robs people of items they pay for Chat is often broken as well as translation So many problems that no one is fixing Truly worst game I’ve invested time and money in
  • Awesome 5/5

    By JaxonVala
    It’s an awesome game I absolutely love it Make sure u download it
  • Stay away from this game 1/5

    By PT011
    The developers let hackers kill the game for the rest of the legitimate players. It seems like they care less about fixing this issue.
  • Horrible customer service 2/5

    By yourtreephoto
    Well the game has loads of bugs. So many im not going to take hours to write them all. Simply put this could be a good game if they cared more. Iv sent to complaints about events and such and I get a 3 word response (“update your game”) well I’m as nerdy as it gets and I have the newest version with a brand new phone. Doug event will just stop giving you boxes. Arena event you can be top 10 in the server and loose to a person not even on the leaderboard. I’m sure they have some excuse for it. You get chat notifications all day and cannot shut them off. I could go on and on. If you play this game don’t spend money. If you like war. Everyone here is farmers. Best of luck to you. I doubt this will even be approved.
  • Really ? 1/5

    By fattie58
    It takes a bit to figure out all the tricks tips to play and it is enjoyable until they do their monthly update and decide to STEAL EVERYTHING that you spent your time, and yes money as well by making changes that FORCE YOU TO SPEND MORE MONEY TO REDO EVERYTHING YOU HAVE ALREADY Done.
  • Another fake 1/5

    By studeggle
    Another game that is so awful they don’t dare show you the real game. Don’t waste your time downloading they are just lies and will then try to con you into in-game purchases that who knows if they will even honor

    By Beccaloveskitys
    I hate this app the first puzzle is practically impossible and there is no way to skip I would like this app if hints were added in😤 I BET THAT RESPONSE WAS PRE-RECORDED I WANT PEOPLE! YOU KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO TELL MY FRIENDS TO UNINSTALL IT!
  • FAKE! 1/5

    By Tim2o
    It doesn’t have the game on the add. It’s clickbait.
  • Let’s the hackers ruin the game 1/5

    By Matty4268
    Devs aware of various hacks and allows them to continue without patching the issues.
  • Shambles 1/5

    By Sgt Ginga
    The controls couldn’t be worse I am only 4 stages in and can’t pass the stage Tap tap tap taptaptaptap nope. Dead Idiots
  • Not a fun game 1/5

    By NoelPhotoStudio
    They show a different game in advertising then is too much crap with other type of game, do not download it! Not worth it
  • Used to be good, but needs changes 1/5

    By Tipsyone
    This might sound like a complaint, but just honest feedback. The game used to be very well-made challenging and the efforts worked, however on all the servers certain alliances are just too over powered therefore does not allow members of other alliances to grow. Each server has 2-3 alliances really that control the map while everyone else that’s trying to build an alliance has no chance so there’s no point. It just really comes down to the fact that you very quickly will lose interest knowing there’s no competition amongst alliances/competing territories, therefore really no point to the game. Adding to that, for those trying to grow their alliances as best you can, by fight tribes and such, that ability has now been taken away having to rely on rallies (which with all the people disappearing from the game has made it far more difficult) and thus crippling the smaller teams further.... terrible update! As I said again the development and the side quests to the game are great, so that’s why it’s rather unfortunate that the alliance structure and the war structure is so lopsided rendering the game pointless
  • Not the game you think it is 1/5

    By StrahinjaNS
    Based on the ad, I thought I was going to play a puzzle game, but the topic of the game was completely different: I gave up immediately.
  • It provokes your thinking OK 5/5

    By johnni slaam
    Play it c
  • Doesn’t Load 3/5

    The game doesn’t load, it stucks at 57%.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Garden A John
    Fun game. Enjoy accomplishments and rewards (since there are so few in real life!)
  • Nerfed 1/5

    By lacklusterlackluster
    The recent update nerfed us, it’s bad now very bad. You put in all your time, effort, and money then they reward you with weaker troops, slow march times, and overly strong in game enemies. It’s not worth it to play this game. Don’t bother giving this game a try.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Adan006
    Really addictive game loving it
  • Hard puzzles 4/5

    By hey your trash
    The game is good overall it’s just that the puzzles are too hard and maybe we should have more hearts.
  • Review 3/5

    By kittycatjd
    I think this app is very good but I think it is worth 3stars because it’s really hard after level 1and2
  • Might be fun for a child. 1/5

    By Hexit123
    So the puzzles showed up on my Instagram and it looked fun. But it’s 1% puzzle and the rest is just clicking where it tells you to click and listening to some stupid talking. If it were just the puzzles it would be fun. But it’s so much boring non puzzles