Kinsa Smart Stick

Kinsa Smart Stick

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  • Current Version: 9.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Transform Health Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kinsa Smart Stick App

Let Kinsa guide you from the first sign of sickness through recovery and beyond! As seen in Apple’s “Parenthood” commercial. Easily track temperatures, symptoms and medication for each family member. Remember details such as when symptoms began, how high the fever got, or when to give another dose of medication and share it with another caregiver or your doctor. Temperature data integrates seamlessly with HealthKit and the Health app. Kinsa’s new Care Recommendation feature gives you peace of mind with age-specific fever and symptom guidance in real-time - so you can know when it’s important to take extra precaution or see a doctor. The free Kinsa app works best with one of Kinsa’s award-winning, pediatrician-recommended thermometers, available for purchase online and in retail stores across the U.S.

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Kinsa Smart Stick app reviews

  • Old School 1/5

    By Spam not gone
  • So, easy 5/5

    By Screamjng Mimi
    Could never have imagined getting a temperature so easily and so fast
  • Doesn't work on iPhone 1/5

    By RoseNichole
    Followed all the directions. Doesn't work on iPhone. Only works perfectly with Android.
  • Horrible app that does everything but take your temp 1/5

    By tommysturn
    I don’t know what happened but I don’t want weather or health or mic access I want to take my families and my temp. It used to work fine and now it’s useless. All the update has done is make the temp stick not work and when I needed it the most I had to jump through hoops and waste time, and it doesn’t work on my phone anymore. My wife didn’t update and it worked on her phone. I’ve since deleted it and won’t buy another of your products because of these recent changes.
  • App not available? 1/5

    By Nayofeo
    Why isn’t this app available? I have the smart stick but suddenly I can’t download this app?
  • Love it 5/5

    By bgusmar
    Easy and my kids love the bubbles while they are waiting for their temps
  • Great thermometer 5/5

    By shmegelllll
    Love the thermometer, hope export issues are resolved soon
  • Thermometer and App are PHENOMENAL! 5/5

    By Keren109
    Bought the thermometer approximately four years or so ago and wasn’t expecting it to still work. Very impressed that the app is still being updated and that my thermometer still works! Thank you for this amazing device!
  • Inaccurate, or poor instructions 1/5

    By Nessustoo
    I bought this to double check my infra-red forehead thermometer, which has a little variation. The Kinsa is accurate about half the time I use it, but tonight I got one reading of 98.2, one 98.4, and four of 98.8 within a six minute period, compared to my usual 97.8 with the infra-red ( I have been hypo-thermic all my life) and the 98.0 has been confirmed by numerous Drs. I wonder if there is a problem with the unit, because on the MyCare screen it shows the battery as being ‘disconnected.’ Unfortunately there is no easy way to reach the manufacturer.
  • Easy to useand well made 5/5

    By PMcGowanJohnson
    I bought four. Two of the sticks and two of the ear model. I’m mailing a set of them to my daughter in Boston. I’m in a rural setting and she is in a big urban area. She has roommates and I have family here. It seemed reasonable to have the larger thermometer for others in our homes and the stick for personal use. It is quick and easy to use. I am very pleased with them and will feel better knowing my daughter has them too. I really like the idea of data sharing to catch infection in hot spots, or areas that may be heating up. I hope you will continue to make this side benefit of data available to folks and make a nice forecast of healthy areas vs not so healthy areas before they get bad. It is so important and will, I believe, save lives. Carry on!!!
  • Easy peasy 5/5

    By ataying fut and informed
    I love this ! I found it after it being packed away for awhile . Taking my temp daily during this virus in order to Make sure I’m not spiking a temp . Digital and accurate with memory, tracks symptoms and more !
  • Awesome 5/5

    By preatyangie
    Love it 👍👍💛
  • Early warning always worth knowing. 5/5

    By Sonnypete
    My old thermometer did not work and every store I checked in Madison Wisconsin and even on-line stores were out of thermometers a few weeks ago. I am 80 years old and like to work for the elections; the April primary was coming up - I was helping mail out absentee ballots downtown. I finally ordered a Kinsa and was looking forward to some “peace of mind” knowing I had technical proof of no fever. (Retired nurse in infection control). Impressed when Rachel Maddow explained your data program. I am encouraging my own friends and my adult children to join me in this so simple daily act while this virus rages. Wisconsin carried out a foolishly-timed election which may result in many infected people here in the next two weeks. I am happy to have a reliable thermometer to be an early warning of illness and need for testing.
  • This is how we control spread 5/5

    By Marlina4
    So this is an amazing tool for personal and community use. Everyone who gets one adds to the fever map and wellness map. Kinda data appears to have predicted the Brooklyn outbreak as an example.
  • Why I started using Kinsa 5/5

    I just watched a NY Times health experts explain how temperatures measured with this thermometer are used to map flu around the country. I want to do my part in this data collection effort.
  • Does not work with iPad 1/5

    By ibkwejfndkjw csd
  • Needs ‘add all’ button 4/5

    By NickPunt
    If you just want it use this to add data to Apple Health, unfortunately the UX requires you tediously add each temperature reading individually. It takes 3-4 taps each time, which if you’re monitoring temp closely is a lot of tapping to get through your backlog of readings just to fulfill a simple user need. If you want to use the app to track symptoms then it’s not so bad, but I like to track symptoms in another place as do many others. Kinsa team: I recommend adding ‘Add All’ button on Alerts page to quick add all temperatures in queue to Apple Health.
  • Proud daddy 5/5

    By proudpapaof5
    It’s very handy and works really quick and easy and awesome that you can track over years of use and takes the guess work out of stuff when at the doctors office when they ask questions
  • Doesn’t work anymore 1/5

    By KatieKins17
    I bought a Kinsa thermometer stick a couple of years ago and it has worked fine until the app overhaul. I can’t use it anymore because it won’t calibrate; I need some sort of black connector that I didn’t get when I purchased it and never needed until now. Now I can’t check my temperature and it’s so frustrating. Ridiculous.
  • Incorrect readings 1/5

    By haligsang
    Kinsa is useless. The readings are always wrong. I had a fever measured at 100 at the doctor's office and Kinsa said I was 96 degrees! Piece of trash.
  • Bubbles 5/5

    By Hai Neko
    The bubble popping is the only thing that allows me to EASILY get a temperature from my toddler. No fighting or squirming gives a more accurate reading as well! I like the old analog thermometers, but not for a toddler! Kinsa SmartStick all the way!
  • Great thermometer 5/5

    By Perez73
    I’ve had 3-4 different thermometers for my daughter and this is by far the best one I’ve used. The app is great it’s nice to keep track of past temperatures.
  • What’s the temp 1/5

    By Ashleypoga
    Had this for over a year almost never use it because it’s too complicated when my kid or I don’t feel well. Could get it to just sync the temp to the app. If I wanted enter the temp by hand I wouldn’t have gotten a thermometer with Bluetooth!
  • Could be better 4/5

    By esp123Ekm
    Could be better
  • Clumsy 3/5

    By tnaschpotato
    Cannot manually adjust from Celsius to Fahrenheit on thermometer! Cannot easily switch from two separate devices. Nice to have the Bluetooth option, but this device forces the use of it. Finally, I’m curious on its accuracy...consistently a few points higher than two other therm’s!!!
  • On off 3/5

    By Jdf1941
    The on off button doesn’t work. In order to take temp I have to remove and reinsert it.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Everdil
    Every parent should own this! I have a tendency to silently panic every time my child has a fever. This gives me reassurance of just how critical his illness is and what my next steps should be. I also love how it allows me to log all his symptoms and medications so I can refer to it if we do go to the doctor. I’ve read other reviews of it giving inaccurate temperatures but I haven’t found that to be the case.
  • Wow this is so cool! 5/5

    By Moniree
    Wow. This is so cool!!!! You can add the whole family and track the Temperatures as sickness arises. It then gives advice on how to deal with the temperature and symptoms. The thermometer itself seems to read accurately as I check the temp back to back and all readings are very close. Only downside- be aware the thermometer does not come out of the package working so if there’s an emergency or you’re overwhelmed due to a sick child- this might not be a quick grab. You must download the app and sync to phone before the thermometer works. That said- once that’s done- it’s really so helpful.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Akan(Ican)
    I love it😎😎😎
  • Very Cool 5/5

    By HeatherRae1
    Love this thermometer! So cool how it connects to your phone and tells you everything. Highly recommend! Best thermometer I’ve ever owned. I really like the advice it gives too.
  • Love this APP 5/5

    By Rukiddingwithme??
    Just bought the Kinsa Thermometer and downloaded the APP it is amazing! I created family profiles and used for my honey, he got stomachache and fever while traveling, this is incredibly good.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Mrz.Montes
    I really enjoy this! Helps when my babies get sick and helps keep track with all my kids! Amazing thing!
  • Kinsa 5/5

    By ms.nambo
    I really like this thermometer it’s saves every time they have a high fever and what medicine you gave them so you can know what time is the next dose so worth it I love it I have 1 profile for each of my kids so if I need to take them to the doctor and they ask me about their fever I just look on my app and it’s there date and time..
  • Stupid thermometer 1/5

    By ngeagb
    Stupid thermometer that won’t work except paired with a phone! I once was worried about my son having a fever and wasn’t with my phone. It refused to work. I definitely do NOT recommend
  • Cancer 5/5

    By EricaNoelle180
    I bought this thermometer after my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We have to keep track of her temp due to her white blood count being down from the chemo. The fact that it syncs up to an app is extremely helpful in recording her temp. Only complaint is that diagnosis of illnesses is limited....but then I do understand that this is designed for children and not really want I am using it for.
  • Great app but.. 3/5

    By Banzaikoji
    Volume for voices never works for kinsa stick. There's a weird glitch when scheduling meds. If you schedule more than one time, it glitches on the main screen making it difficult to reschedule or edit. It also doesn't show the full schedule of meds on main screen.
  • Love this product! 5/5

    By Olesea62
    This a great thermometer! Works really fast and it’s really easy to use! I haven’t tested it side by side with another thermometer but it feels pretty accurate! The app is also amazing! I don’t know if you have to have actual thermometer with it but I would just download it for the information!
  • App is not working with iPhone 8 1/5

    By hsbfmxje
    I can’t get it to work with my iPhone 8. Worked with my iPhone 6. Got it for my grandkids. Now does not work with the app
  • AMAZING product 5/5

    By AllMoms
    This is a game changer! To be able to see the prior entries of my sons temperatures throughout the sickness was amazing. As a parent, you always second guess yourself when it comes to your kid’s health, but this made me feel confident. It was like having an advice nurse in my phone. I HIGHLY recommend this product to ANY PARENT.
  • Worst thermometer 1/5

    By pentak3
    Doesn’t even work, keeps displaying Err. No matter what we try, oral, underarm or rectum. Going to return
  • Terrific 5/5

    By Earmstrong80
    Great app. Easy to use and the kids love watching it on my phone :)
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By floralee3
    Compared to a cheap thermometer this is so inaccurate. The cheap thermometer matched the hospital. This was consistently 2 degrees lower than the cheap generic and the hospitals thermometer. I had really bad chills and doubted when this said my temp was normal. So glad I checked with a generic cheap one right after showed I had a temp and the hospital confirmed it.
  • Limited use 2/5

    By 123abc456defgRandomName
    Why can’t you add past symptoms and temperatures and change the time/date?!? When you have a sick kid, you don’t say “Hold on, kid. Let me enter this information.” If you want to track the medication timing and you don’t enter it immediately, then entering it later makes the app useless.
  • Most accurate digital thermometer I’ve used 5/5

    By A Nickname 337388846
    Typically matches mercury thermometer within a couple tenths of a degree... and much easier to read. We’ve had poor experiences with both ear and forehead thermometers, but even checked this one out at our pediatrician’s office for accuracy. Love that we can set up accounts for each family member and keep all medical notes in one place. Easy to use! Hoping they will develop a BP cuff and a pulse oximeter!
  • Thermometer 5/5

    By Ajmommy18
    Best thermometer ever, comes with the app makes it easy to track everything!, worth buying
  • Has never worked! 1/5

    By Jaamega
    I have a smart stick and it’s never worked. I’ve tried it with different phones and it always says the L/R audio isn’t balanced when it is. Wish I could rate how good it is, but I can’t since mine doesn’t work!
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By clynnlaughy
    I am super annoyed I spent the money on this. I just tried to use it for the first time and set it up before my baby boy arrives , it connected to my husbands phone and seemed to work properly. We then disconnected from his phone so I could use mine since I will be the one who normally will be using this for our son and no matter how many times I try to connect it to my device and it says “ connected “ but it doesn’t work with the app. Never shows any temps taken from thermometer. I only purchased this more expensive thermometer for the convenience of being able to track the temps on the app and it doesn’t even work. Tried about 20 times and I’m ready to just throw this thing in the trash. Don’t spend your money on this. I have the Smart Ear device.
  • Temperature reading runs higher 3/5

    By Babybaby430
    I like this thermometer, however it seems to often show a higher than normal temperature, so I’m not sure how accurate it is.
  • pretty solid 4/5

    By ripcore
    i didn't give it five stars (I could be wrong) because at night when you just want a simple reeding you have to have your phone and the thermometer so quick checks are... well.. not quick. but tracking wise its great. recommendations are good if your a new parent but annoying if you have a second child..