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  • Scam app 1/5

    By Silenced veteran
    This app is a complete nightmare. I purchased tickets for my sons Basic Training graduation but had to reschedule the flight. These people wouldn’t change my itinerary or refund me. I called the airline carrier and they told me they would gladly refund me my money but it has to go to Kiwi. These people are the worst people you could ever do business with. If I could them a zero I would. Do not use these people.
  • SCAM! 1/5

    By Darshit N
    It’s a SCAM! I booked my flight and waited for 5-6 days to not even receive a PNR number with the airline. I called multiple times during this period to have no concrete answer. I wanted surety of my confirmed flight so, the customer service agent applied for my refund request which was 3-4 days ahead of my flight and confirmed that I can proceed with alternate ticket on my own. Now, after the Check-In window is open they send me PNR which is literally last minute. I already had another flight booked on my own. Moreover, when I called again the customer service agent acted like I should have done it 48 hours before which by the way I already did. I asked to escalate to a manager which they said was unavailable and I should call at a certain time, no call back method from their side. Every time you call they put it in notes but no emails about the complaint and they keep dragging just to charge you money for a ticket which wasn’t even confirmed with the airline. WORST customer service and ZERO accountability! SCAM!!! Stay Away!
  • Cheap flights, terrible service 1/5

    By Aaronfdhgr
    These “travel hacks” will leave you wishing you had gone elsewhere with your business. 1) My flight was pulled ahead almost 12 hours. My schedule still allowed it, so I made it work 2) My return flight was booked as 2 separate journeys, which meant I had to pay Frontier twice to check baggage that I have to go collect and recheck during my layover. ($228 for 2 bags under 40lbs) Tried contacting kiwi about it before my outbound flight and they refused to help because I was inside the 36hr window from the start of my trip.
  • Terrible platform 1/5

    By Gingersgotsoulz
    They’ve cancelled my flights and made sure to provide me with flights that don’t connect to my original, my flight leaves tomorrow morning and they sent me boarding passes that are not even mine or for the same flight and I can’t get anyone to respond to even send me the correct boarding pass for myself and my girlfriend, I wouldn’t use this app tbh, it’s a headache.
  • Avoid this terrible company at all costs 1/5

    By isicuciudiwnbeucuvieojwbd
    Awful service, confusing app, software is always broken, they charged me 40 dollars to change my profile in the app because they made a mistake. Awful, miserable company. Do not use. Literally avoid at all costs and just book directly with airlines. This company is the definition of what is wrong with modern society, spend the extra 5 dollars and go with a real company. This organization will bring nothing but pain to your life.
  • Company will squeeze you for money 1/5

    By Michelle98769
    While buying my ticket they will charge you to choose your seat and start charging you small fees one after the other, which will gradually increase the final price until you realize you are hundreds of dollars above the originally stated price. I bought a ticket to china and they gave me an itinerary that required me to stop in India and go through customs. They did not explained this to me before I bought the ticket. After buying this ticket and discovering this they refused to refund my money because it has been past 24 hours. Mind you they took 6 hours to send me confirmation. Any questions about the flight that I had they told me to call the airline. And on the same day of the flight at 2am they emailed me can’t check into my flight to please contact airline. Don’t use this website they will squeeze you for money, give you terrible flights without details, and than refuse to refund your money.

    By Salasc7
    En menos de 3 minutos cuando hize mi reserva, tuve que cancelar por motivos externos, lei sus politicas y entiendo que cobren el 10%, pero solo me abonaron un credito de 10 euros y el RESTO se quedo con ellos no es posible si en sus politicas claramente dice que tenemos dos dias para la modificacion o cancelacion, a todo eso tienen opciones donde te cobran mas de 30 euros para garantizarte el retorno del 100% La PEOR APLICACION DE LA VIDA NO LA DESCARGUEN NO MA USEN Y DE PASO COSTO ELEVADOS
  • Thank you🙏🏻 5/5

    By So iNrediBle
    Thanks kiwi.You just sent me notification with the 16€ prices.Love you
  • Customer Service 🙄🙄 1/5

    By SuDani24
    The customer service is horrible!! 😡
  • 0 stars!! Bot reviews giving them rating!! 1/5

    By Bernardvaddo
    Worse service ever it’s been 5 months I’ve been waiting for my refund. They keep saying they are waiting for the airline to refund them before they refund me!
  • Just one thing missing (unless I missed it) 5/5

    By tonino great sight
    Wheelchair assist.
  • Don’t use this app! 1/5

    By anandres199402
    Don’t use this app. I paid 120 dollars for my tickets. One of my flights got cancelled. When I went to get a refund, kiwi’s option to get a refund was the first on the option list. It said I’d get my refund right away. I went for that option but they only gave me 20 dollars. These guys are thieves. I called to get a better deal and I ended up talking to a middle man guy who could not give a better deal because “I should have chosen better”
  • Terrible customer service, terrible agency 1/5

    By pictureperfect285
    My flight got cancelled, which meant my connecting flight would be missed. Instead of giving me a similar alternative option, they offered to charge me another 800 dollars on top of the $500 i had already paid and give me an alternative flight with a 12 hr layover. I called customer service, they told me theres no other option. I hung up, called the airline and they gave me a similar flight with their partner airlines and bumped me to first class with no extra charge. Kiwi is a rip off, and unhelpful. NEVER book with them if you want to travel with peace of mind or if u actually want to get where you’re going.
  • terrible customer service + same cost as booking direct 1/5

    By jen3tonic
    I booked a flight via Kiwi, and within 30 minutes realized I had made a mistake in the booking. I hadn’t even gotten a confirmation the flight was booked and they wouldn’t cancel the reservation. This is terrible customer service/satisfaction. Furthermore the flights were exactly the same cost as booking direct through the airline— who will honor a 24hr cancellation, especially in this day + age of travel. Please don’t waste your valuable money with a company who honors their policies over humankind.
  • Terrible customer service 2/5

    By Nengimama
    They will literally not give you your boarding pass and then when you get to the airport you get charged $200 for a boarding pass they didn’t give it to you and then when you send them the prove that you were charged by the airport they will refuse to pay you back your money do not download Kiwi do not use it service. This website is more or less a scam.
  • Wicked 1/5

    By olori Tee dining
    This people are thiefs, I repeat thiefs…. Please don’t try to book any trip from them because when you do and cancel they will give you stories and not refund your money. I booked a trip yesterday and canceled today, they only gave me one option for a refund, I clicked on it and they they refunded $10 out of $153… I called to explain and get my refund but they said there’s nothing they can do about it, and one of them even hung up the phone on me… PLEASE DONT BE SCAMMED
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By jcd13th
    Never again will make a booking here. They will offer you to get your refund in Kiwi credits and when the airline changes schedule and you are not gonna take the alternative flight they delay what ever refund you get from the airline as long as they can and taking the Kiwi credit that you have used even if the airline fully refunded the ticket price to them
  • DO NOT USE! 1/5

    By Strangetalents98
    Something will go wrong and you will miss your flight. You will almost always hear that there is a boarding error cause int your ro miss your flight. Bad service bad app. DO NOT USE!!!
  • DONT DO IT 1/5

    By ter877
    Scam!!! Cancelled my flight and was supposed to ger a refund the refund was charged to different cards that werent even mine!!! Never got refunded
  • Best travel company! 5/5

    By Afandijon
    I enjoyed dealing with Ki
  • Adds 1/5

    By Jamilahicks
    Nicole and dimes you for everything including support. Won’t let you add baggage unless it’s a three day heads up. By far the worst site to navigate as well.
  • Horrible Company, changed my flights and ruined my vacation 2/5

    By big chumbly husker
    At first this seemed helpful and like a good deal. At the very end of the booking they had confusing tiers of "guarantees" that were more than double the price of my trip. I went without a "guarantee" and within 1 or 2 days my return flight was changed by more than 24hrs. This was unacceptable as I wouldn't even be in town to catch the flight. The customer service was extremely unhelpful and the representative barely spoke English. I was given no alternative. I finally got ahold of the actual airline directly. I was told that they had been trying to email me to offer an alternative, but Kiwi had been receiving the emails and not forwarding them, essentially hiding the solution from me. I was offered solutions and eventually fully refunded for the changed flight. I am appalled at how Kiwi handled the situation, and would insist that no one else use their services. 2 stars only because the app was very functional and nice to use..

    By Montaye95
    Do not use. Kiwi is fraudulent, luckily I was able to call my credit card company and they were able to dispute the transaction. You have been warned!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By bluz225
    Got to the airport to find my flight was delayed 5 hours, no notification from the app, nothing. The app only shows scheduled time. Also tried to include trusted traveler info to the trip at the bottom of the trip screen as instructed, there is no input for that either. Good job guys.
  • They Change the price 1/5

    By Russ F A
    Hi Everyone, Stay away from them! They increase the price after you buy your ticket and plan your whole trip. I got two tickets from them one for 130$ and based on those tickets reserved parking and rented a car and the day after I received a message saying the price has increased and you should either pay 218$ more or we can refund your original money!!!!! I had planned the whole trip and then they easily ruined my plan, called customer service couple times with not any other solutions!!! You wanna risk your trip go with them. I wish I could attach a photo showing this price change.
  • Great job! 5/5

    By Cassiespirit123!#
    Easy to book
  • Total scam 1/5

    By Evan 356
    I booked a flight with this company because it was surprisingly cheaper then anywhere else but now I understand why. I picked my days and confirmed the payment for $230 and once I got the confirmation email the dates were completely different. The month, the days, and the times of the flight were completely changed. I called their customer support to change the flight and they said I’d have to pay for the flight I originally booked and would only put $10.61 from my original $230. So I cancelled the flight completely and they refunded me $10.61. Total scam and now I’m out $220. Highly recommend you use a different app.
  • The absolute worst 1/5

    By ctctct1026102
    This entire company is basically a scam
  • Scammer 1/5

    By Mrmflv
    It is a scammer

    By bijahsgirl
    Before I start yes kiwi got me a flight and it was not a complete scam… however they are the worst 3rd party site I’ve ever used. They never sent an email with the actual confirmation code. They made so you could not check in online unless you did it 24 hours before your flight but they wanted extra information like a passport or id number just to check in. That very much sketched me out because it’s some foreign site and not the actual airline. Not to mention I never had to use my id to check into any other flight just to get through tsa. Because I chose not to check in 24 hrs before my flight kiwi made it extremely difficult to check in and because of the complications with check in I nearly missed my flight.
  • Great for cheap flights… please secure your info! 4/5

    By Raquelkelly
    I found great budget friendly flights for a “short” trip (less than 2 hour flights) that I didn’t want to overspend on. After purchasing, my credit card information was stolen (within 3 hours give or take). The only transaction I had done that day was booking the flights through Kiwi. Then coming to the review section, it’s all over the reviews, happening to other people. BEWARE and protect your personal data. On the other side, the flight experience and the notifications received through the whole process, the checking in 24 hours prior to every flight was EXCELLENT! I had a great experience using the app. What I believe they need is to better their systems so our information doesn’t get “stolen”.
  • Avoid booking through kiwi 1/5

    By Meshari10
    When I requested to cancel due to the long time it took to issue my PNR, they only refunded me €10! When I told them that my booking wasn’t confirmed because the PNR wasn’t issued yet, they said that I requested to “voluntarily” cancel the booking and that they sent me the PNR, even though nothing confirms what they said because I couldn’t find it in any email, e-ticket, or the app. When I contacted the help desk, I was answered by different people and they all refused to help me and were hinting that I should’ve paid the extra fees that included “customer support” and such. They make you think they offer cheap flights while in fact they are stealing your money. The developer even reached out to me. AVOID AT ANY COST.
  • Worst Experience 1/5

    By Danniebean20 is something I will NEVER recommend. I paid the baggage checking fee on their app. When I showed up at the airport, thinking I just had to print my luggage tag, I spent an hour and fifteen minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t print the label from the kiosk—having to get in and out of line. Only to finally get the answer that my bag had NOT been paid for the flight. I travel a lot, and this is the only time I have been charged for extra pounds, 50 pounds being the norm; however, 40 pounds was the cut-off. I was unaware of that, my bag was 47 pounds. Then there was a $25 printing tag fee because I couldn’t get the tag printed at the kiosk. Mind you; I have two children with me; it’s a busy airport, and we had to race to get to our flight. I have never had such a terrible experience traveling.
  • Horrible Third Party 1/5

    By ez1.43
    Do NOT book with them, they will try to make you spend more money for a ticket change more than the airline if something goes wrong. They tried charging me $660 for a whole new ticket and the airline offered $156, DO NOT do it!!!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By GigiEvariz
    I went looking for tickets for me and my son. My grandfather passed away, and having to travel so short notice, I came across this app . I saw reviews it being terrible, others great. I took a chance. Regret. Money was taken out my bank account, customer service wouldn’t let me speak, talking over me until I had enough. I called due to not receiving no confirmation, no email. Just to be told the “booking #” is non existent when I’m directly looking at my screen with the booking info, and looking at my bank account . Ridiculous. 1600 gone and I have to figure out what to do since I was suppose to leave at 7am, it’s currently 1:53. Very disappointing
  • Fake discount 1/5

    By Natalyli
    They sell you the app on their website with a $32 promo code, you download the app and check the flight, it costs $30 more than on the website…
  • Scam scam scam 1/5

    By Flyboy Instructor
    So purchased two tickets on the same flight at the same time. Didn’t notice till the day before flight. They were different prices. And one was significantly higher! One ticket was $88, and the other was $118. I only saw these numbers when I checked the airline app which showed me the ticket price and tax fees breakdown! Wow! By the way, even the cheaper ticket was a few dollars more than buying it direct from the airline, that’s ok bc it help me find the tickets I need. However, the $30 extra is not ok.
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By MiaGSosa
    My advice is to just spend the couple extra dollars, book direct, and save yourself the headache. And READ REVIEWS. If everyone is saying the same thing it probably not a coincidence. Usually those are 2 rules I live by but being at the end of my vacation I was trying to be cheap and was only reminded why I have those rules to begin with and consequently, I’m going home sooner than I wanted .This is my first time ever using kiwi and I do not recommend it. It’s impossible to get ahold of anyone and the amount of work it took to get the best of the worst case scenario I feel like I had gotten a second job. I paid extra for flexibility and it only flexes in kiwi’s favor . I got scammed. So all in all I lost about $350+. I could have spent 1/3 of that booking direct &saved so much time, effort, and ofcourse money. I did get a good laugh at their website claiming to be created by Traveller’s . It’s like a group of travelers wrote down everything that would be great and every thing every traveler would hate , gave the list to the website design company who then switched the lists and voila ! Kiwi was born . :(
  • No customer representative 1/5

    By bdjrtsz
    Couldn’t get a customer representative to answer questions for the trip.
  • Flight Issues during Holidays but Kiwi provided full reimbursement 5/5

    By Winston6192
    A Frontier flight I had booked using Kiwi was cancelled at the last minute during the holidays and I had to buy a new flight to get home. Kiwi provided me a full reimbursement for the new flight. At the time I was very frustrated but I felt like Kiwi did everything in their power to make it right and I’m happy in the end. Thanks!
  • Predatory business practices — book through your airline! 1/5

    By sddssdds
    As other reviews have said, you’re really better off booking directly through the airline. I wouldn’t call this a scam outright, but their business practices are certainly predatory and their hawkish customer service are happy to take your money with little concern for if your travels are successful. I personally will never use this service again.

    By humandisappointed
    NEVER book these people is the most horrible experience of my life I would have gave them 0 stars but that was not an option. they never booked us in on any flights online check in was always unavailable so we had to go out the airport and back in again every time also they did not refund any part of our ticket to go back when the airline refused to allow us to bored cause they required a visa for Japan but I had already check us in online thru there website even tho Japans website says you don’t need a visa if your just connecting flights within 72 hours of landing in Japan so we had to go back home kiwi refused to help us at all. They don’t give any customer service it’s all by email so by the time I got a response back my plane was gone and I had to find a way to get to another hotel and how to pay for another flight wow never book with this company it was a horrible nightmare experience and to top it all off it was super expensive but my wife’s dad died so we had no choice but to pay them for the nightmare. IM WARNING YOU PAY EXTRA DONT USE EVER!!!!!!!!
  • Booked the wrong airport out of the wrong city 1/5

    By amartiniUp
    I booked a ticket out of Phoenix, one airport, they made the reservation out of Mesa, AZ. When I called and asked them to fix it they didn’t care. They left me stranded, blamed their app, refused to refund, and refused to rebook! It cost me another $400 because of their error.

    By Shaniquea 2.0
    this is the worst third party company i have ever worked with. made everything 10x harder. poor support, hidden fees. would not recommend to anyone.
  • Unsuccessful Refunds and poor customer service 1/5

    By Chris limbe
    I booked a flight through kiwi for the first time but unfortunately the flight was cancelled due to weather(by the airline itself). And kiwi started the assisted refund process which I thought I was getting a full refund. Unfortunately no! I got like 40% of what I paid for. That was totally fine until then. But, I reached out to the support team who told me that the refund is still in process and the amount I received is the partial amount. But, I reached out to them after a while and they said the refund is complete. I was furious and asked them the confirmation code for my flights(had 2 flights) but they didn’t provide me that at all saying refund was complete. I am never using this thing again. Looks like a total scam even if the app ratings is high here!
  • Covid Cancelled Flight(No refund) 1/5

    By kraj1991
    Stay away from these scamsters, long story short if airline cancels or rescheduled your flight you’re on your own, Kiwi will not refund you, there are already many horror stories online. I disputed Kiwi’s charge with my credit card company and got a full refund. Book directly from airline don’t use these middlemen third party booking websites
  • Best prices! 5/5

    By EdCrown
    Best prices!
  • App fails every time 1/5

    By Paulcaccamise
    App fails every time with error
  • These guys are total scam 1/5

    By Abhishek Dikshit
    I was trapped with the cheap flight offering. I got tickets for me and my family. They did fraudulent booking and eventually the ticket for my family was marked as fraud and airlines cancelled the ticket for my family. It was a nightmare experience with them. We had to return from airport. Stay away.