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$ 0 Cheap Travel Deals App's unique booking system gives you access to the world’s cheapest flights, hotels, rental cars and train tickets. Save up to 90% on direct prices with our advanced algorithm and exclusive industry deals. With you can select the best prices for: Flight tickets Hotels Train journeys Rental cars Finding travel bargains has never been simpler. “ will find you the cheapest international flight tickets.” - Condé Nast Traveler “ clever that once you understand how it works you cannot help but be impressed.” - Business Insider “ helps you figure out where you can fly within your budget.” - The New York Times 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD USE KIWI.COM 1. Super savings - is proven to offer the lowest prices on flights, hotels, train tickets and rental cars 2. Lightning fast search means almost instant results 3. Simple price calendar helps you to compare the cheapest deals 4. Responsive customer support in 17 languages’s advanced algorithm scours the marketplace for the lowest-cost deals. You can see the best deals for your dates, choosing your perfect price. Proven as the world’s leading low-cost flight agent, we’re now able to use this technology to bring you the world’s cheapest hotels, train tickets and rental cars. Saving up to 90% on booking directly, offers savings you’ll never get with bigger carriers. Plus, with no commission to pay, we’re cheaper than other online agents too. Be a NOMAD Want to visit more than one country? We’ve got you covered. Kiwi NOMAD takes the stress out of booking your multi-city trip. Simply Enter the destinations you want to visit and Kiwi NOMAD will calculate the cheapest possible route between them. You can chop and change the flights and destinations until you find your perfect trip. All at the lowest possible cost, of course! Bonus Our Price Alert feature alerts you to price drops and new deals meaning you will always get the best price with Explore destination Wherever you want to go, is your ultimate travel partner. We think booking should be fun! Choose ‘Everywhere’ in the destination field, see cheap travel deals from across the world and book your dream flight. Don’t forget to select the breathtaking hotel to stay at and your travel connections in advance - all with of course! Never worry about luggage size Available in the app, Kiwi’s augmented reality baggage measurement tool can help you pass baggage control with no hold-ups. Just point your mobile phone’s camera at your bag to get a visual confirmation that it will pass airport check-in. Once you’re done, pack your bag, book a hotel and rent a car - all within the same app. Happy travels, globetrotter! Where to go this year? Don’t know where to go? Get inspired by the top 10 most popular travel destinations in the US! 1. Mexico City (MEX) 2. Havana (HAV) 3. Rio Negro (MDE) 4. Barcelona (BCN) 5. London (LGW) 6. Paris (CDG) 7. Prague (PRG) 8. Rome (FCO) 9. Toronto (YTZ) 10. San Juan (SJU) Did you know there are 195 countries in the world? We do - because we operate in all of them. offers almost limitless combinations of flights, hotels, train tickets and rental cars. It’s a total travel app. So, what are you waiting for? Get the cheapest travel deals anywhere and everywhere. Start your booking now! Cheap Travel Deals app screenshots Cheap Travel Deals app reviews


    By Farfo420
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. EVER. I had booked a trip from Charlotte to Oslo, with a connecting flight in Orlando. It was supposed to be a 15 hour flight from Orlando to Oslo. This turned into a 4 1/2 day nightmare through Europe. Not once would they book me a direct flight, every flight had a layover somewhere. My first flight was delayed 9 hours, so they got me a hotel in Orlando, gave me a food allowance, and rebooked a flight the next day with a layover in Gatwick (London). Everything was fine, they were great. Then the trouble started. My flight out of Orlando was delayed 4 hours. Causing me to miss my flight out of Gatwick. I had to wander around the airport for almost 18 hours, no food allowance or offer of a hotel, constantly on the phone with kiwi, which by the way the customer service is horrible once you start costing them money. After several breakdowns and screaming phone calls later, they booked me another flight, with a connection in Milan. Now I’m going to Italy. My flight to Milan was delayed 6 hours so of course, I’m going to miss my connecting flight AGAIN to Oslo. I finally arrive in Milan around 8 pm, I’ve been up now for almost 36 hours, lived on the little boxed sandwiches from “Boots” and am no where closer to arriving in Oslo. I just miss the check in by 15 mins. Now I’m stuck in Milan. I call Kiwi to tell them, they said call back in 3 hours. No offer of a hotel, no other flight options. Nothing. Nada. I’m now homeless in Milan. At midnight I call Kiwi back and again- they have no new flight, I asked to be booked into a hotel and they refused to do so, but again, advised me to try back in a few hours. I don’t know if you’ve ever had an ugly cry on the phone to your mother in the middle of an airport in a foreign country begging her to book you a ticket home because your sanity is gone and now you just want this nightmare to end, but let me tell you. I have. Thank god my boyfriend finally had enough and booked me a hotel and a new direct flight for the next day to Oslo. By the time I got to the new hotel it was 2 am. I called Kiwi back and told them cancel whatever flights they had remaining for me (which none were still booked as the representative told me) and to go kick rocks in more colorful words. After I got to my room the next flight I found to Oslo was with a connecting flight to Warsaw Poland the next day. The next morning a supervisor from kiwi called and wondered why I had cancelled my remaining “flight”. After explaining to her what a nightmare my trip had been so far, and it was now MONDAY, I was supposed to arrive in Oslo, Friday morning, she asked what flight I had booked for that day. After I told her she said that was the flight they would have booked for me. I highly highly doubt that. So just from me to you, NEVER use this company. I’m appalled at the way they treat their customers and the lack of compassion they have for the hell that they put you through. Spend the extra $20 and book somewhere else. It will not only save your money in the long run but your sanity as well. I’m now beginning the process of trying to get refunded for my last flight I took, but I’m not hopeful I’ll see a dime. I just hope this never happens to anyone else. Thank god it was just me and not with my kids.
  • Stolen Card Info- Not secure!! 1/5

    By andlynsis
    My initial payment was stopped by my bank because it was being processed from Czechoslovakia. I called to have the hold removed and then processed my flight info against the wishes of my bank. Within 10 days, my card info has been compromised and I have people trying to use my card number in Tennessee and on various online websites using my full name and address and phone information. This is the only questionable site I used my card on...
  • First Timer 5/5

    By SoDlishsheus
    I am excited to receive such a great deal Thank you!! Can not wait to tell of my flight experience!!!
  • No good 1/5

    By msi0308
    Please delete this app
  • :/ 4/5

    By SlayKingB1tch
    Bad customer service but got my money :) had to do everything my self
  • No refund 3/5

    By GiannaNat02837
    Would never use Kiwi again. Paid for a seat on the plane and did not receive the seat and now am not getting a refund without jumping through a million hoops.
  • Kiwi guarantee 1/5

    By Kingstongotsthejuice
    It’s not as easy as it sounds to get your money back per the guarantee. The guarantee was the primary reason I booked the flight. My flight got delayed which caused me to miss my next flight. Kiwi declines to reimburse me for the flight I had to reschedule and the hotel room I had to get as a result of the missed flight. Also, I prepaid luggage through kiwi and United had to record of me paying the luggage so I had to pay for luggage again.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By kathy a......
    Kiwi is the worst app I have ever used to book a flight. This is a simple one way ticket locally in the USA. I made a simple spelling error on the name and kiwi is charging me $80 to correct this. I called customer service and spoke to 2 different reps who have such heavy accents I could barley understand them. These reps were zero help. I’m also being prompted to enter a passport number. Why? This is a local flight. Now I’m back to contacting kiwi AGAIN and the airline to get this resolved. Worst company ever
  • Kiwi the way to Travel the World 5/5

    By BK Travel the World
    A realtor was asking me what are used to travel and I without hesitation said Keewee. Keewee has competitive rates has a large list of airlines they use. Their app is exceptional to have on the phone too.
  • Tricks 1/5

    By Scam.alert
    Learned my lesson the hard way. They cancelled my flight coz I failed to verify my debit card but they still deducted the amount to my card. They sent me a proof of void but my bank asked me to contact kiwi again coz the amount was still debited. I’ve been trying to contact kiwi especially their customer service but I think they have none. You try and reply to the email They will ask you to contact the customer support but they won’t leave a number or email address to contact to.
  • Bad customer services 1/5

    By for kiwi
    Terrible service. When I called no help provide beside having a conversation about issues with services provided by later I received email that all your issues are resolved. How this possible?
  • Straight up thief 1/5

    By Avaworld
    Most disgusting site , straight up lairs, do not book with them . When you fly international the way they book your flight you have to check your bag and go through security again and pay and recheck your bags .
  • No recommend 1/5

    By euro 1990
    Me quitaron el dinero y nunca me devolvieron nada, pasaron 3 meses y nada son unos estafadores.
  • Kiwi flights USED to be good, now I’m experiencing issues 2/5

    By jpalmer0503
    When I first discovered kiwi I didn’t really have any issues I paid online I was able to make all of my flights there were no delays in flights I didn’t experience any issues from the complaints that I read but as I continue to use this app for my traveling I began to notice that I am encountering problems. On my last trip the airplane was was so delayed that I almost missed my flight and luckily they held it for me as I rushed like a bat out of hell trying to get through security to make it to my plane, Most recently when I went to book a flight, the summary which INCLUDED luggage showed me a price of $803 the next day i checked my bank statement and noticed they charged me $903 and separated the luggage fee which is NOT what i agreed to pay in the app when i was asked to confirm my payment which INCLUDED luggage!! Customer service had NO explanation. I’m done using this company before i start to experience problems worse than these.
  • Nikita1210 5/5

    By nikita1210
    I flew through them before the prices were great plus the service was awesome
  • Good 4/5

    By Joseph khz
  • Application 5/5

    By anne laure LA
    Super application facile d utilisation
  • Extortion DO NOT USE 1/5

    By Steeeeeve buskemi
    the day before my trip I was notified they needed $500 in order to stay on my flight. Worst experience with a flight app ever!!!
  • Can’t beat their prices! 5/5

    By mona the nomad
    I travel a lot, trust me I know.
  • Map feature 3/5

    By Eggjfjs
    I love the map feature online, it’s the only reason I downloaded the app. However the app doesn’t have that feature in it. Please add it! I haven’t used this service to book any flights yet so I can’t comment on anything else at this time.
  • The worst/0 star 1/5

    By Crash every single time
    I am flying from China to USA. They didn’t even bother to notify you that you need visa type doc if you are transferring fly at Vancouver. Again, I have us green card and don’t have intentions to enter Canada. The transferring time is under 2 hours. I end up to purchase another fly ticket from another website. I will not recommend Kiwi to anyone.
  • Pretty good ! 5/5

    By kelly yueh
    Well experience to enjoy this APP!
  • Cheapest!!! 5/5

    By ConsciousOne
    The app is cool. Straight to the point. I don’t know how they find cheap tickets but this company is by far the cheapest.
  • Recommend! 5/5

    By Gennadii Oberemok
    Very good app to by a tickets! Recommend!!
  • Baaaaad concept 1/5

    By Gary295325843
    First and last!!! They do NOT allow you to do the check in for flights on your own. They ask your data and then send it to the airline BUT it has to be at least 3 days before. I tried to do the check in 2 days before like I always do and it was impossible, so I had to pay 110 $ to greedy Ryanair for 2 check ins... thanks to you kiwi!
  • Booking 1/5

    By merchi60
    I can’t find a past booking
  • Unknown hotel 1/5

    By World Rose LLC.
    It gives a total price with out naming a hotel !
  • Rich USA-BRA 5/5

    By Rich USA-BRA
    Very useful to find good deals!!
  • Absolutely Horrible Travel Experience 1/5

    By Ed M M
    Please beware that will not be there for you when you get stranded due to a delayed flight. I was stranded on Orlando on June 8th and called to get rebooked based on the guarantee. I never got a formal response for more than 10 hours leaving me stranded overnight in Orlando. When I called the customer service number all the offshore customer service agents told me was there us nothing they could do but wait for an email in 2-4 hours that never came through. The agents lacked empathy for my situation and just kept parroting the same script over and over. BUYER BE WARE OF KIWI.COM they will leave you stranded when you need them most! Worst travel experience EVER!!!
  • No big guys beat their prices and service 5/5

    By Florida3
    When traveling in Asia have been using them since 2014. Great prices and service In 2019 find non of the online booking services match their prices on USA / Asia sector. They even rebook you free if miss connections. I will also book my New York / Manila sector with them on my Asian vacation. Good Job
  • worst booking service 1/5

    By otar1983
    I book flight and they cancel it after 10 hours, I came to pay 2 times more for new another. Don't waste your time and money use other services
  • Great app 5/5

    By shahrakm
    Fantastic and useful airlines booking app
  • Mr. Medina 4/5

    By Valster007
    I had some glitches with the booking as far as needed to repeat more then once the travelers info. It kept on kicking me out for some reason. But everything worse went smooth.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By beni_du
    Easy to use app, searches smaller (cheaper) airlines. Lots of options to tailor your flight, quick comparisons, with clear and helpful info on terminals, car rentals, etc.
  • Great app great prices, frustrating customer support 2/5

    By Emmalilly4
    Loved getting the good prices on here and the app is nice. My biggest complaint was a flight change situation. I accidentally booked the wrong day to Venice. I called, which wasn’t too painful, and requested the flight be changed to the next day and time changed from 7:00am to 12:40pm. They changed my flight and charged me something like $60. Not too bad at all. I get my new flight, and it’s again at 7am. I called again to make the correct change, and they said it was going to have to be another change for a fee and wanted like $150. Even though THEY messed up the time, they wouldn’t change it without me paying, AGAIN. Ridiculous.
  • Cheapest fares 5/5

    By eddie-ross has the best prices. Ill never book a flight from a different site! is the way to go if you want to save money.

    By giry
    Wish I could give them 0 stars. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, especially if you value your sanity. They angered and frustrated me so much I was left stranded crying in the airport overnight. My flight was delayed and I called them and they refused to change my connecting flight because they didn’t want the chance of even losing a few dollars. It is so frustrating to have the people on the phone flat out tell you they care more about the money than you ever getting home. After literally 8 phone calls to their customer service line - they still refused to help me at all - I ended up getting stranded in LA overnight. They promised to get me out of LA but the only flight options they sent me were 6 days late and to cities I was not going to. I wanted to be home so they said I could book my own flight the next morning and be refunded fully. They refunded me only 1/4 of the amount of my ticket. They are a scam that just wants your money and they do not care what happens to you. I will never use this service again - worst travel experience of my life.
  • Customer service rep hung up on me 1/5

    By Jdub da fool
    I wanted to see if they would allow me to get a different flight since I purchased premium which supposedly came with all the bells and whistles and flexibility with regards to their options. Your customer service person hung up on me last night. I knew it was a mistake trying to give you an opportunity to earn my business. This is the last time I will allow you to have it because you didn’t do anything to make me want to give you another bite of the Apple. Thanks and I’ll be sure to give your potential consumers a review of my worthy experience.
  • I like 5/5

    By sabi_ann
    Super cheap and reliable
  • Horrible app and even worse service 1/5

    By jboy_ak
    First time to use the app and purchase a ticket. It will be the last time for sure. Once I get this round trip flight completed I will delete the app Got to the airport and could not find my boarding passes even though they were supposedly sent to my email. Finally got things straightened out at the ticket counter. The app had interchanged our first name with middle name. The ticket agent straightened that out and hit me the airline app which slowed me to get boarding passes for all three of us.
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4/5

    By berglind rós
    My go-to travel app.
  • Lost $400 on under-24-hr cancellation 1/5

    By bkschmi
    Kiwi lost me $400 on flights I should have been able to easily cancel on my own free of a cancellation charge within 24 hours of purchase. Kiwi has an extremely long cancellation response time - their terms literally say THIRTY DAYS. As a result, my travel plans to see my friend’s wedding are sunk. In the US, the Dep’t of Transportation recognizes that changed plans and human error occur often. Consequently, ANY FLIGHT can be cancelled without any charge within 24 hours. Unless you booked via Kiwi. I cancelled my flights after 20 hours and Kiwi failed to contact Delta in time! I knew this was a risk and that’s why I personally called Kiwi on their service line (that took 20 minutes of digging on their website to find) to attempt to accelerate the process. The customer service agent (who spoke English as a second language and struggled a bit) said he could do NOTHING to speed up the process. It was like watching a train crash in slow motion without being able to do anything about it. As I had feared, this morning (36 hours after my purchase) I got an email saying that a refund was unavailable from Delta. Of course it was! Because Kiwi took so long to contact Delta about it! There needs to be a way to perform the cancellation IMMEDIATELY.
  • 服务态度太棒了 5/5

    By LeMoon1009
    从美国到中国经加拿大转机,由于航班延误需要重新预订机票,kiwi的工作人员非常耐心、态度很好,帮我重新预订了机票,而且花费都在kiwi guarantee里,非常感谢!
  • Worst experience ever! Ruined our honeymoon 1/5

    By Sara stimart
    Do not use this company! I honestly am disgusted with the whole experience. I am heartbroken and have been crying all day. We couldn’t get to our flight because of a tornado and now we’re out two thousand dollars in flights and three weeks of hotels. They wouldn’t even comp us our flights back that are 20 days out. I will never use this service again and would recommend others do the same.
  • Just no 1/5

    By Mglb8385
    Don’t make an account with Kiwi. It is impossible to find how to delete your account when you find that the app doesn’t save any money on flights.
  • Flying to La Paz MX 5/5

    By Msdontask
    I booked through and I flew from SFO to Guadalajara MX and then was supposed to change airlines and get a second flight to La Paz MX which was cancelled. No one spoke English... I found the window for my airline and the lady said next flight was in 2 days. I called the 800# and spoke to the Kiwi guy from London? For about 45 min until he got the proof that the flight was cancelled. They said to give them an hour... but in 10 min. They called me back saying they booked me a new flight on another airline for the next day and also offered me a said amount for a hotel, taxi, dinner and breakfast. So I accepted the amount and spent the night in a nice hotel near the airport and arrived at my destination the next day. The money was credited to my credit card before I returned home! Excellent deal! I have booked another flight with Kiwi.Com in September. Love it!
  • Dmitriy 5/5

    By Dmitriy Abeldinov
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By HonestVerifedReviewer
    Stay away from this company. It’s better to book using any other means. They took over 24 hours to confirm my booking. When they finally got back to me they said the price rose nearly 500€! They claim their “processing team is processing the order and only takes 4 hours”. This company is a scam. Think you are booking your ticket when you click purchase? Wrong!!!!! Stay far away from They are the worst.
  • loves great deal 5/5

    By tatay @ anak
    GREAT TRAVEL WEBSITE,,, fast refund if booking cancelled! Cheap Travel Deals app comments

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