ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant

ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 1.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AIBY
  • Compatibility: Android
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ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant App

Need help crafting an essay? Looking for a way to supercharge your sales copy? Or struggling to write a speech for an event? Meet ChatOn—your personal AI assistant! Whether you are a student who needs help with a research paper, a business person getting ready for an important presentation, or a copywriter looking for a clever turn of phrase, the ChatOn app is right for you! Running on the innovative AI technology, our chatbot can respond to various questions and perform multiple tasks in a matter of seconds. Simply type in your request, and the app will go through the tedious writing routine for you. Start generating creative content and upgrade your writing with our universal AI chatbot here and now! AI WRITING ASSISTANT With ChatOn, you can get personalized help with any writing project, from essays and speeches to lyrics and poems. GRAMMAR AND SPELLING CHECKER The app can quickly correct grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your texts. PROFESSIONAL REWRITER Our AI-powered tool can rewrite your text to make it more engaging, coherent, and professional. AUTHENTICITY BOOSTER Whether you're crafting a social media post or a business pitch, our bot can help you fill your writing with genuine emotion, personality, and flair. TEXT SUMMARIZER ChatOn uses advanced algorithms to identify key information and present it in a brief and digestible format, saving you time and effort and ensuring you fully get the information you need. TEXT STRUCTURE OPTIMIZER The bot offers ways of reorganizing your text and improving its clarity and general flow. MATH SOLVER ChatOn can solve any math problem in a snap and provide you with clear, step-by-step explanations. EXPERT CODER Our app can write and check any programming code, preventing potential bugs and errors. EXPLANATORY TOOL The bot can break down complex ideas into simple components for you to learn and retain information more effectively. Plus, it can explain legal documents and technical terms in a way that is easy to understand. RESUME AND COVER LETTER BUILDER Create a professional resume and cover letter that will showcase your skills, experience, and achievements and definitely present you in the best light possible. SMART SPEECHWRITER Whether you're giving a speech at a wedding, a business conference, or a political rally, ChatOn can help you deliver a powerful and memorable message that will captivate and inspire your audience. SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS CREATOR The app is here to help you generate eye-catching posts for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn profiles. EMAIL GENERATOR Creating sales, announcement, or discount emails has never been easier! With ChatOn, you can craft professional and compelling messages in a matter of seconds. BRAINSTORMING TOOL The bot suggests topics, generates ideas, and gives inspiration for any type of project. RELIABLE CHAT PARTNER This AI companion can generate humanlike responses, giving you the feel like you are chatting with an old friend. As you see, ChatOn is a smart AI assistant that can help you with any task. It’s perfect for anyone who strives to boost their writing, speed up their workflow, and ease their study load. Download the ChatOn app now and take your writing to the next level! UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ALL FEATURES - You can subscribe for unlimited access to all app’s features. - Subscriptions are billed automatically at the rate depending on the selected subscription plan. By using the app, you confirm that you acknowledge and accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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ChatOn - AI Chatbot Assistant app reviews

  • Tks 5/5

    By unknown 4462
    I wanted to say tks for making this im a dry texter i wanna show my gf love texts this helps so much thank you
  • Algorithm this will help me weaponized myself 5/5

    By sin qu non
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Chaos007
    It’s only capable to do some basic research . And on multiple requests it’s been giving me information which is not very accurate ( or the latest updates ) . It’s still needs lots of work but the principles are ok . Fun toy to play with if you are bored
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Jfan52
    No continuous memory, even a simple RPG tells me that it won’t create inappropriate content when what I’m doing isn’t adult in any way - I don’t need it to tell me what is explicit or not as it’s subjective, a bad clone of ChatGPT. I wish I could give zero stars.
  • Useless 1/5

    By ***browngirlwhomtech
    Your only allowed to ask maybe 3 questions before it requires a membership.
  • ChatOn with Chat-GPT is my new bestie! AMAZING! 5/5

    By Mella75
    Nothing less than AMAZING! It’s my new BESTIE!
  • Lovin the next Brilliancy for humankind 5/5

    By Tracylist
    Jus busy trying to keep my mind from exploding!! 👏🏻
  • It’s programmed to lie 1/5

    By 101002846251
    It just goes with the narrative and not facts
  • “REQUEST TIMED OUT 24/7” 1/5

    By HoustontTX
    Constantly getting REQUEST TIMED OUT for any of the tasks I assign it. I have un installed, re installed, many times, checked my internet and have done everything possible to make sure the issue is not from my end. This is unbelievably frustrating. It’s 40$ for the subscription and the frustration is an added bonus to add insult to injury. How is this okay? It’s a garbage app that doesn’t work over 95% of the time. There are other complaints from users in the reviews, buyer beware!
  • Beware, this app is not the real ChatGPT! 1/5

    By Pi-Beige
    I downloaded this app thinking it was the ChatGPT AI language model, but it's not. This app is using the ChatGPT logo and introducing itself as the ChatGPT, which is misleading and concerning. As a user, I want to make sure that I'm interacting with the real ChatGPT and not a fake version. Be cautious when downloading third-party apps, and always verify the app's legitimacy and safety before installing it.
  • Dated and frustrating 2/5

    By Ray EJ
    Well first of all there are no letters showing while I type this review. More frustrating is the fact that your AI is telling me it is currently 2021 on today March 20, 2023 Terrible
  • Dishonest Scam 1/5

    By JackHatesYou
    Despite the assertion that the free trial does not incur a charge you are charged full price immediately. Scam.
  • Phenomenally brilliant!!! 5/5

    By 11131691
    Very creative AI application with many capabilities I love apparently seamlessly written code! Also w/ blockchain tech being so transparent as well as convenient I would love to see better integration between applications w/ e-sign options to authorize even automate certain actions on behalf of the citizen. L👀k forward 2 our future 2Gather
  • Great app but… 4/5

    By ronni_B
    This is an great app & innovative work tool. However, I’ve noticed that the AI assistant will occasionally provide incorrect information. Always do your own research on any information the AI assistant gives you to avoid utilizing bad information. Other than that, this is a great app. Very satisfied
  • More trial 5/5

    By tb77778
    Not enough in trial to decide if you liked it
  • Very cool 5/5

    By Ириша199803
    ChatOn is the perfect app for busy professionals who need to write quickly and accurately. This app can help you save time and boost your productivity.
  • Was great.. Before the update 3/5

    By Selkies sloth
    This app was very cool and intuitive before the update it doesn't work well and less intuitive (when the request doesn't timeout). I may have to delete. What a shame
  • Times out nonstop 1/5

    By americandaughter
    Wish it worked.
  • Thanks South Park 5/5

    By rickygotheat
  • Great app but needs to be able to learn 3/5

    By Mpenochs
    Needs to be able to learn new up to date information; otherwise, what are we paying for? Also I keep getting the message server timed out. That's not good and if it continues I will cancel service.
  • poor execution 1/5

    By Anya82
    it has potential, has no continuous memory. after completing answer/task, it forgets what it was doing. unable to cite sources of information. it would make for a great alzheimer’s patient.
  • Fun and helpful 5/5

    By hayforkhills
    I was nervous about what the bot could do, so I got the app and tried it out. Great experience! I was reassured by the answers to my questions like “how old are you?.” The app was also very helpful when I copied my resume to it and asked for help fixing it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By mmiralex
    Great bot, works without interruptions, specifically and clearly performs the tasks! Thanks to the developers💫
  • 無中文 5/5

    By leisi98
  • Subscription service? Really? 1/5

    By Jake.G.
    Why would anyone pay a subscription service for something that is free if you used it on Safari or any other web browser? A 5-10 dollar initial price would be understandable for the convenience, but paying for a subscription is absolutely ludicrous.
  • The Perfect Assistant 5/5

    By JordaynRose
    I have been using ChatOn for a little over a week. In this time I have been experimenting with how to frame questions so I can get more detailed responses. I have learned that I need to be very precise in what I ask, and to be clear in how I would like the AI to respond. The positive: The AI is incredible, the depth of its knowledge and writing abilities are amazing to me as an individual who does not have technology training. I used the ai to write an outline to use in a meeting with my boss and I was able to stay in target and stick to the prompts rather than trailing off, which led to a more productive meeting. I have also been using the ai to assist in research and to look up different topics and it has infinitely shortened the amount of time it takes to do these tasks. The negative: The ai can make up information such as dates, events, and people. This is simple enough to remedy, I have been verifying information for myself. Sometimes the response can time out as well, which is remedied by either resubmitting the query or asking it to shorten its response. For the developers: It would be helpful and would potentially fix the timing out problem if the ai had a larger text and character limit. It seems to be limited to 300-350 words, if it could be limited to 1200 it would be capable of answering queries in a more efficient way, as it seems to be wordy in its responses regardless. Overall this is an exciting tool and assistant and I look forward to any updates or improvements that might be made in the future!
  • Reese application is beautiful and very helpful for me, I love it 5/5

    By garudavoyager
    I love this application, this is very useful for me,
  • Works great for first few days, then you pay for it and it suddenly can’t answer any questions. 1/5

    By Unsatisfied Platypus
    This is a scam model.
  • Incredibly biases 1/5

    By Pizza-pocket
    It’s very liberal and makes no attempt to be neutral in its political opinions. It even goes as far as correcting you on your opinions
  • Woke 1/5

    By qweefus
    I don’t a lecture in morals after every question. It’s pretty ridiculous. But I like the concept. Half star
  • Best app! 5/5

    By Mr.Haul
    Love this app!
  • Bruh 3/5

    By 🧚🏻‍♀️🍄Lilly🍄🧚🏻‍♀️
    Only a few uses and that’s it bro pls add more uses to it so ppl can enjoy it without buying stuff
  • Junk. Focused on snowflakes 1/5

    By Nikp90
    This chat said everything is inappropriate, but if you asked it to write a negative article about pronouns it would instantly give you rampage material.
  • Needs an update 5/5

    By Bochum hung
    The ai’s last update was 2021. I needs an update. It doesn’t know of the Ukraine war or the queens death. It needs an update
  • Perfect 5/5

    By TRISTAN 80
    I don’t write reviews… at all , but this is the BEST app I have ever owned. I pray that this app will run for the rest of my life because I kid you not👏🏾 IT 👏🏾IS 👏🏾PERFECT !
  • Bom 5/5

    By Junim da pica grossa
    O baguio é bom memo
  • Good 5/5

    By Goodsdccyf
  • Not the same! Don’t believe the fake reviews 1/5

    By Mirarchi
    This isn’t the same, it’s worse. The outputs aren’t as good as the online web version. Save yourself the time
  • Changed my life as a student 5/5

    By Kitty litter 123
    I'm currently enrolled in college, and I've always had a hard time learning new material and retaining it. This was especially true when I had to read lengthy lab manuals or science textbooks in preparation for an exam. Using the "EXPLAIN THINGS EASIER" function on GPT, I finally understand everything in my textbooks and enjoy learning for the first time in my life. Honestly, I CRIED when I realized what this feature could do for me. It was like a huge burden had been removed from my chest. Thanks so much for making this available; it has truly made a difference in my life, thank you to the developers of this program :>
  • Thank you for this app 5/5

    By iaaha6jaja
    This app has helped me SO MUCH! Its amazing how it answers very fast its seriously amazing
  • What’s the fuss about? 1/5

    By Straightouttawatava
    Anyone who finds this remotely better than siri has never used ChatGPT. Do yourself a favor and just use chatGPT
  • It’s great 5/5

    By Gotham808
    I really can’t believe that we have this much power on our phones. It’s pretty cool
  • outdated links, incorrect info 1/5

    By vduic356
    was looking up make-up and words like primer, full coverage, highlighter did not exist in 80's vernacular, and pulled up incorrevt release dates. also gave missing, broken, outdated links to current houses for sale. meh, not expressed.
  • One word.. 5/5

    By JSPoetry
  • It makes my life so much easier! 5/5

    I recently started using the ChatOn app and I must say that it has completely transformed the way I approach writing tasks. Whether I’m working on an essay, a speech, or a social media post, ChatOn has been a game-changer for me. One of the things I love about ChatOn is its versatility. It can help with anything from grammar and spelling checks to rewriting text for clarity and flow. The app’s AI technology is incredibly powerful and can even solve math problems and generate programming code. Another great feature of ChatOn is its ability to help me generate new ideas. Whether I’m brainstorming for a project or just looking for inspiration, ChatOn always has something interesting to offer. And when it comes to writing emails or crafting social media posts, the app is a true lifesaver. It helps me come up with catchy headlines and compelling messages in a matter of seconds. Of course, there are a few areas where ChatOn could improve. For example, the text summarizer feature could be more robust and better able to condense lengthy texts. And while the app is great at generating humanlike responses, there are times when its responses can feel a bit too automated. Overall, I highly recommend the ChatOn app to anyone looking to improve their writing skills and speed up their workflow. The app is easy to use, incredibly versatile, and has helped me tremendously in my writing projects. If you want to take your writing to the next level, be sure to give ChatOn a try.
  • On and off 1/5

    By Laliita!
    When it works it works great, but when it doesn’t work it takes days to start working again, I paid for the year so I need my moneys worth.
  • Wrong,Wrong 1/5

    By arginine4
    I have tested the reliability for correct responses and the AI has failed repeatedly. Please do not depend on information gotten through this robot. Test this AI robot before trusting it’s response!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Diliana1025
    Like literally doesn’t work. Every feature is NOT WORKING. It’s quite pathetic really.
  • Errors Galore! 2/5

    By Lana Boo 19
    I continuously receive errors no matter what I type. What’s going on? Not too happy.