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Klarna | Smoooth shopping

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  • Current Version: 20.27.142
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Klarna Bank AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Klarna | Smoooth shopping App

SHOP NOW. PAY LATER. In the Klarna app, you can choose to pay later in 4 installments, interest-free. This gives you the chance to get what you love now and make your payments more manageable over time. SHOP MORE. GET MORE. The more you use pay later in 4 installments with Klarna and pay back on time, the more purchasing power you unlock, as well as exclusive deals and offers, of course! ACCESS THE BEST DEALS AND DROPS. Never pay too much for the stuff you love again. In the Klarna app you can find weekly deals and discounts for thousands of different products. The deals tab will always be updated as soon as another deal from our retailer network goes live. SHOP EVERYWHERE IN ONE APP. The Klarna app gives you a better way to discover, browse, and shop the stuff you love. Whether you’re looking for fashion, furniture or home electronics, you can check out any online store in our one-stop shopping portal and choose to pay later in 4 interest-free installments. CREATE WISH LISTS. Keep track of what you love. Browse online stores, pin your favorites, and share your saved items with friends. All in one app. PERSONALIZED WISH LISTS. While onboarding, you will do a quick questionnaire to identify your interests. After this, we will deliver you personalized Wish lists based on your taste. TRACK ALL YOUR ORDERS IN ONE PLACE. You no longer have to log in to different websites and search tracking numbers or call to check where your package is. Just check your order status in the app. GET PRICE DROP ALERTS. Never pay full price again. When you set up price-drop notifications in our app, you’ll be the first to know when your favorited products go on sale. MANAGE YOUR PAYMENTS. Love being organized? When you shop with Klarna, you get a complete overview of all your purchases and payments. You can now pay a single installment early for added convenience. INSTANT SHOPPING CONFIRMATION. No one likes to wait. When you buy something through our app, you'll see your purchase just seconds after your order has been placed. STAY SAFE. Shopping is thrilling enough without security risks. Our log in is just as simple as it is secure – with Face ID, Touch ID or PIN. We are at your service in our chat in the app. Try smoooth shopping in the Klarna app, it’s a game changer.

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  • Despite all the 1 stars 3/5

    By ShoppinMomma95
    So I decided to give it a chance despite all the 1 star reviews. I was browsing Hot Topic and saw a cute backpack I really wanted and it said pay with Klarna and I was like oh this is my chance to try it. So I went ahead and did it, it just asked for my debit card and it was all good. I was pleased with how easy it was. Then I decided to try what I truly wanted to use it for, Wayfair. Since we just got a new house. So again I decided to try it, went for something small and honestly something I have in the budget to pay for in full today but I wanted to see if it would work. It said I was not approved for a ghost card and I’m sitting here wondering what is the point of this app if no one can use it? What is the point. How do you gain money by denying people. What’s the point?
  • Customer service 1/5

    Unable to buy from your company due to a misunderstanding and credit to my account several things I like however you have continually sent me late notices and after I have paid my bill on time not once but twice my last notice from Customer service admitted their mistake and said they were sending a report to the finance group for my refund of over $700. Would appreciate a follow up as to the status of my refund thank you Joseph Dragna
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Carol Finuff
    This app is a joke and I would not advice anyone to download it. It keeps saying they cannot approve me even though I have a real bank account with funds that is above the amount of purchase. I will be spreading the word not to bother with this joke of an app. 🤬😡🤬😡🤬
  • Terrible customer service, don’t expect your return money 1/5

    By kmab97
    I ordered concert tickets for my mom as a birthday present last year. I used this app as Ticketmaster had it as a recommended option. Checkout was smooth and order went through. This is where the problems started. Due to concerts being cancelled or postponed I was sent the money back from ticketmaster, but a month later and I never saw it into my account. I figured it took longer since klarna had to process it too, but when I talked to a customer service agent all I got were vague answers to it being returned and when I finally got my point across it was said to have been escalated to the customer support desk and I should expect a reply in 1-2 days. It’s been 4 days now, and I have not heard a single thing. At this point I’m simply writing this so no other person goes through what I’ve been through. If you aren’t worried about the possibility of returns or getting your money back, then this is great. Otherwise, look someone better.
  • Works just like described! 5/5

    By SG26060
    Love it, It works and it’s super easy to use. Great app that doesn’t need a million words to describe its validity. Thank you for existing!!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Von Waddie
    I have used Klarna numerous times with no issues or late payments. I tried to use it yesterday and it now denies me with no explanation. A real disappointment!
  • The best ever 5/5

    By 9mm mom
    I love Klarna! Allows me to buy things on a fair payment plan, no interest, and always able to see the plan and change whatever i need to. It’s fantastic!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tapout 13
    Love it!!!!
  • Beware Of these scammers!!!! 😡😡😡 1/5

    By ccrews89
    They put a charge on the account saying that I made the same purchase twice and will not remove it. Their customer service is terrible they try to get you to chat with there online people instead of speaking to a love person. Then when you speak to a love person good luck getting any help. Oh and they don’t have managers or supervisors that you can speak to. They claim that they can’t give out their information. Each rep will tell you something different and your issue will never be resolved. I am not sure how these con artists are still in business.
  • Don’t waste you’re time 1/5

    By ladywhovian
    The first purchase is great. Paid it off two days later. Now I cannot get a ghost card been trying for months. Not worth the space on your phone.
  • Klarna 5/5

    By ginalb9
    Love this app and options are great !
  • Cannot complete purchase with “ghost card” 1/5

    By Kelike2812
    I have tried more than 5 times to complete a purchase with a merchant through the Karna app. It keeps vaguely saying it cannot be completed, but will not give a reason. I have the funds on my card. I didn’t have this problem over Christmas and I cannot find answers in FAQ. No email, limited chat and limited customer service via phone. Ridiculous. Do not recommend.
  • Love this app it help out a lot 5/5

    By blackish 2
    Helpful app
  • Good features removed. 3/5

    By CartmanUK39
    For one week we had the ability to pay one payment early and now it’s back to letting the payments go on schedule or paying off the whole thing, the feature was really useful and should be reinstated.

    By calypsogypsy111
  • Love it 5/5

    By Texas Cyco
    Love it
  • Yea more debt 1/5

    By warfles
    Yaaaa another way for me to stack up more debt
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lynniemayne
    This app doesn’t approve you for a ghost card even if you got the money and al the correct info. So I’m gonna see if afterpay works instead.
  • I love it! 5/5

    By 4lsoKnownAs
    By far the best app I’m really glad I don’t have to pay all the money at once for the items I buy online. This app splits payments for every two weeks up to two months 😇
  • Love It! However... 4/5

    By KillThemInThatDress
    I would LOVE the option to make payments early, but not have to pay the entire thing. Like I might want to pay the 2nd & 3rd payment early but not the fourth. It would just make it way easier. But besides that I love the app! It’s great that you can use it to make purchases literally everywhere.
  • Use Caution 1/5

    By Agoss82
    Be very cautious when using this app. My one time use ghost card that was supposed to expire after 24 hours was hacked after 23 days and the remaining balance was used at the same site I used it after being declined numerous times (suspicious! I called and was told it was technical errors before they were able to get anything to go through). So I call Klarna back today only for them to tell me I need to call the merchant and have them refund me even though I explained that the merchant verified they only had one charge from me. If you are looking for secure transactions, this is not the app/company that you want to be dealing with.
  • Apps not working 1/5

    By Angie Nicholson
    App updated and now my App will not open?
  • Great but, 5/5

    By Abode.Alkhazaly
    Hello developers, im sure you are constantly working on updating the app and I appreciate your work. However, there’s one thing that is annoying, when visiting certain websites like (bestbuy, amazon, etc) I get redirected to their own app(my iPhone actually opens up their own app) and it’s annoying when im trying to check something out and it just keeps switching. Im sure you guys are working on the web surfing interface and im excited to check out the new updates. Again thank you!
  • I LOVE KLARNA!! 5/5

    By TAT0322
    I don’t know exactly how I stumbled upon this app and I thought it was something else but the pretty logo got me. Thankfully this happened. I AM OBSESSED WITH KLARNA. I have a small boutique and being able to make small payments is fantastic for me. Especially no APR? If I read that right which I’m pretty sure I did. Only thing I would have to say is to be careful not going crazy because this app is solid gold. Shop responsibly. Cheers to KLARNA!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Service, app 5/5

    By kdiddy1107
    Excellent Customer Service!!!!
  • What’s my limit? 1/5

    By TMSUConn
    So explain this to me, Klarna.... if I spend over $1,000 you tell me I’ve gone past my limit which is set at $1,000. If I spend UNDER $1,000 suddenly my limit has gone down to $80. 🤔 INTERESTING. So.... how am I supposed to shop with you? I’ve literally gone to EVERY site they support and gotten THE SAME THING. Don’t waste your time.
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By HeadieMurphy
    Great app
  • Prompt delivery 5/5

    By MDaniel0850
    Excellent service
  • Ghost card not approved 1/5

    By Anon.7777
    I have had this app for a while and I just started to use it. Although, for some reason, I cannot get approved for a ghost card! I spoke with a customer service rep and they gave me requirements I had to meet in order to approve for one. I met all of the criteria and it is still not approving! 👎
  • Declined a ghost card 1/5

    No balance due And no card issued Also stop with the bots and get real people in your chats it’s rude
  • EA MoAaa 5/5

    By ea moraaa
  • Love using Klarna ! 5/5

    By Shawty2013
    Seriously thank god for this app !!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By blntgndr
    Terrible app , no contact with app customer service even you can not delete your account
  • Do not have a account with yous. 1/5

    By colsed acct
    Please stop tell me to send you a payment. As the accounts with yous are closed. If you don’t stop turning over to state attorneys office and consumers affairs for being harass by yous.
  • Best App 5/5

    By tinksmom2002
    Love love love this app!!
  • First time used 4/5

    By Jluc76
    So far so good, we wait and see how the it goes towards final 4th payment than give a clearer point of view of using this app
  • Useless sales front app! Negative stars 1/5

    By TDC0430
    This app has Bot support majority of time. Flimsy non consistent approval. Ghost cards are issued with same month expiration-therefore, vendor declines- you contact customer service at Klarna they say contact vendor...Clueless all around. Customer service when you reach someone days later is somewhere overseas-
  • Not working 3/5

    By Yof12
    I have bought many things using Klarna and out of no where it’s been kicking me off the sites. Please fix !!!!
  • I’m so happy that I found you😁😁 5/5

    By Panda cowgirl
    This app have allow me to get the things I need to make my home comfortable for myself and family!
  • Funds 1/5

    By wezz929
    One day I have a $1000 limit the next day $150.....smh
  • Used to work now I get declined for any purchase 5/5

    By benice2me
    I been using app for months with no issues I always paid in time maybe missed 2 times and paid 2 days after . I have been using this app almost 1 year now making a lot of purchases. Not so much now anything I basically try to purchase now gets denied. And little info is given and sounds like a cheap excuse. Due to my past credit history . Ghost card tells me an estimate then when I go try to purchase I get denied. Will be Using more QUADPAY AND AFTERPAY Update- a order for $110 finally went through will update again in a few days Updated again - now still having issues getting approved not sure what’s going on anymore they need to be more transparent on the situation 6/23/20 update - App states I can make ghost card $1000 limit when I go to try to make a purchase with ghost card i get declined 6/25/20 update Seems to be working now - if keeps working right and given the correct info I will always rate 5 stars
  • Could you make an update where the app DOESN’T crash after every 5 minutes? 1/5

    By Jadeshy
    Re-read the title. Thanks.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Kristipics
    Love this app! Amazing customer service during Covid!
  • Love this App 🙌🏾 5/5

    By vuvy89
    I haven’t had any issue with this app. I like this one a little bit better than other similar app because you can use this app at ANY store versus the other app your limited to the stores that they have a contract with.
  • It’s okay sometimes 2/5

    By samhainsunrise324
    Klarna is very helpful for splitting up large orders and making it easier for me to shop without breaking the bank all at once. However, Afterpay is way better in the sense that you can pay a single installment early instead of paying off the whole purchase. Klarna had this feature for half a day and then it was gone again. Bring it back! Also some websites they just refuse to let you make a ghost card for. It’s happened to me a couple times and once it held the funds for almost a week but my order didn’t actually go through because the card got declined. If you’re patient it works fine, but it needs some tweaks.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By vsajousse
    I was really excited to use the app but it won’t let me make any purchases. It just keeps saying that I’m can’t be approved.
  • 5 star 5/5

    By Apoin43
    Definitely an amazing app for the savvy shopper! Recommend wholeheartedly!
  • Terrible Customer Service and Under Valued as a Customer 1/5

    By kellspr90
    I’ve been ordering through Klarna since they started, not once had a late payment, missed payment sometimes even paid it off early. As soon as covid happen I couldn’t get approved for anything and the explanation is always vague!!! I use them for Business and in return you’re only a number. Never will I use Klarna again and I have friends this has happened too I will continue to spread the word of poor service
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Mr.Two3
    Customer service is terrible. Requested a supervisor reach out to me regarding an issue, never received a call/ email. Reps do not listen to the issue or provide intelligent resolution. Issue still not resolved over a month now.

Klarna | Smoooth shopping app comments

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