Knights of the Card Table

Knights of the Card Table

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  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Iron Horse Games LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Knights of the Card Table App

Master over 100 dungeons and 3 worlds in this dungeon crawler card game that puts YOU in control of the dungeon cards. Rearrange the dungeon cards to collect loot before rolling dice to slay foes with your nunchucks. Will you chug a POWER DRANK before you fight the vampire cat? Or should you cast a spell and sip the power milk? Read the cards carefully to make the right choices. Activate dungeon cards in the right order to build streaks for extra power. Tactics are everything. ~Knights of the Card Table - Dungeon Crawler Card Game~ * The Guardian: Best Games of 2019 So Far, " Very accessible way into the genre for newcomers" * Polygon: 5 Best New Mobile Games, "Hilarious writing and charming character designs" * Pocket Tactics: 4/5 stars, "One of the best card battlers to hit mobile devices in some time" * Gamesradar+: iOS Game of the Month, "Everything you want in a not-so-serious dungeon crawler" * Pocket Gamer: 4/5 stars (Silver), "Everything about KotCT is designed to keep you entertained" CONQUER Dungeon crawl through 3 wacky worlds--Suburbia, the Haunted Forest, and the Deadly Dojo. The mailmen of suburbia are really mad about something, I'm not sure what, but they're throwing envelopes at me and it really hurts! With 1 finger gameplay, this dungeon crawler card game is easy to pick up and hard to master. Activate cards in the right order for powerful streak bonuses, and unleash spells at just the right time to dominate the dungeon. CRAWL Descend through the multiple levels of each dungeon to slay tougher challengers. Rearrange the dungeon cards to face foes in the order you choose. Drink health drank to recover HP and power milk for an attack boost. Roll a D4, D6, or D8 based on your weapon to determine your damage. With several types of dungeons including endless dungeons, this dungeon crawler card game will challenge you and provide countless hours of fun. COLLECT With a huge collection of weapons, shields, and characters, Knights of the Card Table gives you plenty to achieve, and tons of tactical options. Play as a Sodamancer for an extra punch from potions, then pick up a riot shield and some brass knuckles to slay your foes with style. Also, everything looks so cool you'll want to collect it all. People always ask us, "Can I carry cool weapons like this in real life?" No, you cannot. COWABUNGA This hilarious card crawl will delight you with its incredible art style, soundtrack, and puntastic dialogue. Chug a gallon of power milk for strong bones before heading into battle. Collect ice pops to buy new goodies and put your gold coins in your piggy bank to save up for a new, ahem, flash saber. This dungeon crawling card game has a captivating style all its own. DATA PRIVACY We've adopted the same data privacy policies for US, Canada and other countries that we have implemented for the EU. You will be presented (and must accept) a disclaimer that this game uses third party analytics services. Although there is no advertising in the game, these services require the use of an advertising identifier to track in-game behavior so we can improve the game.

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  • Thanks 5/5

    By Paradigmino
    Questy. Simple concept. The dice are well implemented. Cards are really fun and easy to understand. And the strategy has nice layers to it that my simple mind can implement and relax to. Great music too. Nice Adventure Time feel.
  • Decent Game. Needs balance. 3/5

    By Portmanteaublerone
    I’ve been playing this while traveling today. I like it, but it has serious balance issues. Once you get to the second zone and buy a couple key upgrades, nothing seems to matter. You can just hit the next item over and over and win. More importantly, in some of the Challenges (the very, very, waaaaay too long levels that reward you with better gear), you can go on auto-pilot after establishing a small base of upgrades. And the biggest problem with the Challenges is how absurdly long and repetitive they are. I’m currently on a Challenge in the second zone with 40 levels. 40 levels is fine, but having to play 40-60 cards per level with no strategy feels purposeless. I hope they improve the balance issues and stop padding the game with lots of unnecessary content. It could be a fun one if they do. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By beebooba
    Love this game. The art style and polish are great. The core mechanic is fun and it’s nice how it ramps up slowly. I do have some suggestions for improvement: the game is fun but at times feels too easy. Too much health is offered and I’ve breezed through the first 50 levels or so with only a couple of fails. Mobile games in general shouldn’t be too punishing in my opinion but a little more challenge would be cool. The expansion island challenges are fun though. Also there seems to be a coin imbalance as I have way too much gold and nothing to spend it on. More customization would be great. And I didn’t know you could swap weapons or characters. It would be nice if there was more strategy in terms of characters and equipment. (For example, a dungeon with only boss monsters, a dungeon with no health, etc.). Would love to see the devs improve on the base game because it is super fun!
  • Haven’t even opened the game yet... 5/5

    I’m giving 5 stars to the Dev based solely on their responses to feedback. Now to play... Edit: Fireballs should destroy TNT cards Edit: Option to buy single use, pre level start buffs would be cool
  • Best rogue like game yet 5/5

    By FreekishLancer
    Hands down amazing and addictive, I usually download games then delete them, but I went ahead and bought this after reading about it, that was months ago and I'm still playing it. Would be nice to see more weapons and characters but if you're looking for a game with longevity and alot to do then look no further!!!!😛 🙃
  • Cute game but it is missing detail 4/5

    By Malren_Strider
    Update 06.06.2019 1. There is a graphical issue where text in the support book (manual?) is being cut off and I have no way to scroll the text to reveal it. I am playing on the XS Max. 2. I found what seems to be a bug on the first stage where double damage enemies are introduced. If you die, then restart the level after refusing to use a pop to revive, the background reverts to the neighborhood from the previous region. Review: This game is easy, but fun. The music is catchy, and the simple mechanics means that you can jump in and play a quick level without having to give too much thought to if you’re going to struggle or not.
  • Great possibilities but falls short 2/5

    By jpcarey67
    This game is unique in my experience and seems like a system that would present many great possibilities for clever and challenging game play. But ultimately there’s too little variety, too much grinding through one easy level after another, and no real challenge. I’ve kept playing level after level hoping things would get more interesting, but no. I never lost a single level, and really never had to make a decision that wasn’t pretty obvious. Disappointing to see something with so much potential fall so flat.
  • Enjoyable for a casual gamer like me 5/5

    By WRS15743
    I’m a casual gamer, and my schedule is such that I can only play in small spurts. I’m just getting the hang of the game, and I really like it. Not so deep as to be overwhelming, but not so simple as to be boring. I like the balance. Also, I appreciate the bright colors and winsome design; so many dungeon crawlers are dark, and this brighter color scheme is much more enjoyable to me. I also appreciate the developer pricing it fairly. I’m over games with tons of microtransactions ... I’m glad to pay for games like this one. Thank you, developer!
  • Cheeky Munchkins-like Game 5/5

    By TokyoShorty
    Finally, a game that doesn’t have in-app purchases. Pay five dollars upfront, play as much as your heart desires, for as long as you want, and never receive ads asking you to buy packs or boosts or other power up items. Five dollars and you own the entire game. Oh, and it’s really fun, too.
  • So Boring 1/5

    By Tim723849637
    Terrible design choice to scale difficulty by making the levels get LONGER. Why would anyone ever enjoy that. Why not just have bosses with more HP. Overall, a couple sort of interesting ideas ruined by this one truly awful decision.
  • Meh 2/5

    By ItsOkItsNotBadButYeah
    I didn’t know what I was expecting when I got into this game. It’s cute yeah and the musics good but it feels lacking like there’s not much there in terms of playing and it’s boring and lack luster. I’m sure other people love this game but this really isn’t the game for me and I wish I could get a refund
  • Well done, very basic, a tad slow 4/5

    By Sembiance
    It’s a fun little game, but very much in the slow side. Playing cards you have to wait for animations to finish before playing more. Each animation maybe only takes half a second, but it ads up. Wish there was a “fast mode” so I could whiz through mindless decisions as fast as slay the spire allows you to. It’s also a bit on the “simple” side even pretty far into the game, clearly designed with younger kids in mind, which is ok, but don’t expect too much depth (like skill trees or additional upgrade mechanics). All in all, wanted to give it just a 3, but I respect the developers honesty and communication, so bumped it to a 4.
  • Impressed with changes by developer 5/5

    By Drillerr
    The developer takes suggestions seriously. After a couple of different suggestions made by me and others, the developer quickly responded by updating the app. Fun game, and the updates have made a world of difference.
  • Thanks for the update 4/5

    By Glass wedge
    Thanks for the update.
  • Too thin 3/5

    By Gplayer769
    Solid app, just not much to it. Didn’t hold my interest.
  • Balance is off, and long dungeon saves are nearly worthless 3/5

    By Wadatah
    The game is fun, and it’s unique, but it’s astonishingly easy to build up an attack modifier that’s several times what it takes to even one-shot a boss card, even before other buffs. Additionally, while the dungeon save feature is nice (as some of the long ones can take 2+ hours a session to clear at once), it also sets all of your bonuses to zero when you renew the session making the save feature more dangerous than any monster in the game.
  • Math and Dice 2/5

    By Zombie_Hell_Me
    This is really more of a game of figuring out odds for dice rolls and doing add/subtract to determine the best order for cards. it becomes pretty repetitive pretty soon. overall great presentation, but the core gameplay is bland.
  • Fun game. A couple glitches. 5/5

    By JazzyPhoto
    Super fun game I have played through most of the content. Good game to play while you are sitting around waiting for something. Nice art and fun writing. A couple issues I have seen. The final fighter character causes a glitch that destroys a card, but will not let you advance to the next level. It just sits on an empty screen with no cards left. Also wish you could save in the long dungeons. You can spend hours getting through 40-60 levels and then get pulled away from your phone and it goes back to the loading screen.
  • Great game but devs I have one request 4/5

    By Mr.Simple88
    Great game, satisfying gameplay. Sharp and fun design. Find myself getting lost in the loop. But I have one huge problem. Getting later in the game and the levels can get really long and there is no save state. Twice now I’ve been on the same level with 20 rounds and both times I wasn’t able to play all the way through. I stopped playing without closing the game and when I came back it would just take me back to the opening screen and I have to play the level from the begging. Can’t see myself going back to it until I can save my progress.
  • Great Character, Repetitive and Slow Gameplay 2/5

    By Judge pownser
    The art and music is great. The underlying mechanic is promising, and it feels like it is just about to open up into something very dynamic and fun...but it doesn’t, or didn’t after investing much more time than it deserved. If the gameplay were faster, maybeit wouldn’t feel so repetitive, or if it ramped up the complexity faster, it would get to something good. This has potential, but it isn’t ready.
  • Great game with a few issues. 5/5

    By Mr. Jerome
    Let me start by saying that I completed the last dungeon in the game today, and I never finish games. I loved this one and it is absolutely worth the price. That being said, there are a few issues. I’ve beaten the entire game and only unlocked two of the playable characters despite having TONS of gold and popsicles. What are the other characters there for if it is impossible to unlock them? Also, nothing happens when you finish the last dungeon. The game needs some kind of ending. Finally, this game is just screaming for different modes and challenges to add some replayability; I hope more good stuff is to come in future updates.
  • Revised review, luck based gameplay 2/5

    By MajesticLobster
    I really had fun with this up to a point. The art is great, the mechanics are fun, but then you hit a point where the roll of the dice makes or breaks a run. The game becomes impossible on the 30 (!) floor dungeon, where I’m often dead on the first or second floor. All it takes is a few bad rolls and it becomes impossible to continue. Upgrades to weapons and shields, or new characters a infrequent. Gold is completely meaningless, and so are pops. An exercise in frustration, changed from my initial 5 star rating.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Sc24evr
    Super fun game. Hilary recommend. Ty for not having In app purchases. One some recommendation, maybe make the routes to obtaining new characters and gear more clear. I’m not entirely sure what I need to do to unlock more characters.
  • Fun gameplay loop, but would like better weapon strategies 3/5

    By Lerithan
    The main gameplay loop is great in this game. I’ve had lots of instances of “just one more level”. I think the only thing I don’t care for is how the weapons work. Once you get a D6 with no roll penalty, for example, it doesn’t seem like there is any reason to ever equip a d4 weapon again. I’d love to see some more utility added to the lower-die weapons.
  • Fun into Frustrating 3/5

    By LiquidFruit
    This game was fun until RNG ruined the experience. You will roll low numbers forcing you to die over and over. I really had a great time until this soft cap of developer rng.
  • Great personality, horrible balancing 3/5

    By Shortstuff410
    So. This game is adorable, the writing is clever, the music is really charming, but the balancing badly needs to be reworked. For example I have never had to save up to buy anything after the first weapon, and at this point I have hundreds of pops and hundreds of thousands of gold. There is no incentive for maximizing the currency you earn since the game just basically throws them at you. Secondly, many of the cool features from rolling dice of the same number or getting critical hits rarely matters since enemy hp is so low. Similarly, the low player hp means that if you die, it’s almost always a single hit from one of the double damage enemies rather than player error, which can one shot you from full health. I like the idea of having multiple weapons equipped that use different dice, but there is almost never a strategic advantage to playing with more than one weapon. The spells should be looked at too. Other than freeze and blessing, they mostly feel like a waste of space so I spend them as soon as they show up. Anyway, my point is that I really wish the mechanics worked a little better, because the game has SOOO much potential to be a really fascinating and deep romp. Honestly fixing the currency balance and doing a blanket increase for pc and npc hit points would fix most of the problems.
  • Like it so far, 5/5

    By beefhaze
    But... I have no audio. I’d like to hear what’s going on. I have a feeling it would really improve the experience. iPhone 6s 12.0. Will update this review after I can hear the audio.
  • Is this fun? Or am I bored? 3/5

    By Neurobashing
    Take the formula of the idle clicker, and lay down a thin veneer of strategy, and you have this game. Whether or not that’s fun is more about your personal approach to idle clickers. So for example if you just tap on things you’ll likely die a LOT, which is not much fun. But the individual moments you get to make use of actual strategic thinking are few and far between, since the order of the draw negates any notion of strategy most of the time. Want to save up those buffs or healths for the big monster you know is coming? Too bad, you have to use them on the tiny one, because there’s a locked monster ahead of it. (I thought card draws were random, but it happens SO. OFTEN. that there’s almost no chance it’s random, they had to have built it like that, presumably to generate some “drama”). Speaking of random, I think their RNG is just bad somehow. How is it I get so many crits after rolling ones? For that matter a quick bit of record keeping shows far more 1s appearing than probability would indicate. About 30% of my d6 rolls are 1. That’s very odd. My last gripe is, what the heck do I do with the eleventy zillion gold and pops. I can’t buy equipment unless it’s dropped in a level, and it never is. Does everything drop in the last level? Gold is like the opposite of Bitcoin, it’s just endless and obtaining it takes no effort. There is a wealth of fun ideas in this game, but close examination - or a random number seed that is cursed - makes me wonder if it’s really more than window dressing on the same idle clicker game we’ve all played.
  • Fantastic game 4/5

    By librarypunk
    Hard to put down. Cloud saves would make it perfect.
  • Ugly version of a free game 1/5

    By Ixis
    This is just a badly drawn version of Card Crawl, a game you can play for free.
  • Too easy 5/5

    DEVS: I have an idea for a new game mode, where the game deals 5 cards and you have to rearrange the dungeon card, and then push play and hope for the best while the game plays itself for those 5 cards. The player would need to plan their heals/boosts ahead of time according to what they think will happen Now my thoughts on the game: You can get through most dungeons just by equipping your best weapon and clicking the first card in front of you. No real strategy or decision-making required. Also, it requires a lot of grinding, with some of the bonus levels having 40+ stages, which is extremely time consuming. However, I do love the art style and overall idea of the game so I’m giving 5 stars
  • Amazing game 4/5

    By Cammmmm33
    love this game, but love it for how challenging it gets it later levels.. with your new update that my phone made me do you have deceased how hard the levels are toward the end ruining why I do love this game. I hope you will possibly had a hard or extreme mode making this game a real challenge. Other then that love the game and if you make a hard mode 5 stars! Ty for the response really look forward to more end game levels.
  • Love love love!!! 5/5

    By AShady79
    Love it! Well done.
  • UPDATE: good to see issues addressed 4/5

    By Tulik Alock
    Literally a day after making a review for the grind and slog of the later levels being too arduous the developers have fixed this, and this makes me happy! The game is wonderful when not forced to go through 60 floors of 75 cards each. The only complaint I have now is that some of the unlock requirements can be vague for the characters, though that’s not a big problem. I hope this game keeps providing more content, as it has a lot of potential!
  • Might be a tad overpriced. 4/5

    By Omegapixel
    For $5 you get some unique gameplay, a polished art style, and a lite progression system in the “card” game genre. You get to choose the order of heals, buffs, debuffs, and attacks based on limited knowledge of what’s up ahead as you progress through each stage. The game has a lot of RNG: attacks are a dice roll; critical hits are percentage based. I’d like to see some deeper character customization: skill trees, classes, less linear armor unlocks. There just doesn’t feel like enough “meat” to the game, and I’m having a hard time getting hooked on this one.
  • Great little dungeon crawler! 5/5

    By In5omniak
    First, I love the idea of this game, I love the strategy, and the stylistic visuals are great. Super responsive developer and ridiculously polished.
  • Mediocre gameplay at best 2/5

    By trojmor
    The design aesthetics are quite charming if repetitive . But the gameplay is downright dull and unimaginative
  • New York mean spiders. Watch out! Heart and sole in this game. Brilliant. 5/5

    By spidermanplaysgames
    Great soundtrack and cutest graphics ever. New York mean spiders ain’t got nothing on exploding kittens. Gotta go get me some milk
  • Tons of Fun! Thumbs Up! 5/5

    By Bladeniter
    Hands down one of the best card based dungeon crawlers game out there. The card gameplay mechanics is engaging and graphics are stylish and bright. The game captures the dungeon crawler atmosphere very well and it’s a lot of fun to play. I’m looking forward to future updates with more content. To Developers: Please keep the final levels in brutal difficulty as an option instead of lowering the difficulty as it was done on the last update.
  • Free-to-play “privacy policy” for a paid game 1/5

    By Clutch31313
    This game requires you to agree to privacy policy which requires the forfeiture of your data and privacy (IP address, GPS location, various account numbers, etc.) in order to play it, as you might expect a free-to-play game to do. You cannot play this game you paid for, unless you agree to this. No premium single-player game should require you to agree to the forfeiture of your data (gps location data? Really?) in oder to play it after you’ve already purchased it. I shouldn’t be expected to give you the sort of data your privacy policy is demanding AND pay for your game. I’ll happily retract this review when the forfeiture of one’s privacy becomes opt-in or is otherwise not required in order for this game to be played. It would be one thing if this were simply a google-analytics type thing that could be opted out of with a check-box, and I’ve happily paid for plenty of those sorts of games because I understand how beneficial that sort of data could be to a developer when gathered ethically. Forcing the player to submit this information in order to play after they’ve already made the purchase is not the ethical approach.
  • Superb 5/5

    By JackattakOne
    What a splendid gem of a game. Always excited to see something like this. Great artwork, fun themes, witty dialog, all for a simple price with no IAP. Just a great game that’s easy to pick up and put down.
  • Fun and interesting 5/5

    By J33hopper
    Lots of neat cards and interesting story. The concept of using the different cards is fun.
  • Lots of fun! 5/5

    By mmmcds
    I’m really enjoying this game so far. The tongue and cheek feel of the DnD dungeon master is a lot of fun and the introduction of new mechanics after a chunk of levels keeps things interesting. They are very generous to let you by the super dungeons - those levels are intense! One thing I’d like to see is the ability to sync multiple devices - I play on my iPad mostly but would love to get a few levels in on my phone when I’m out too. Great game, lots of fun and well worth the price!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Drok81
    Great game simple game but complex and the same
  • Satisfying and comfy card tactics 5/5

    By JobindoGaflonzo
    Great, cute game, with a straightforward but compelling ‘chain’ concept that brings in push your luck elements. Thanks for this fun solitaire adventure! I have one small favor to ask 🙂. Could you allow audio from other apps? I love audiobooks (or even just my own music). Would love if it could play my book in the background while playing your game. 🤘✨🎶
  • Not very fun 2/5

    I like the art style a lot, that’s what got me in, but there’s not really a game here. You tap a card, a dice rolls, and you do an attack, most of the time you one-hit-Ko that enemy even from early levels. I’m up to level 30, it’s been the same every time, I’m not making important decisions or seemingly having any effect over the game at all. Wish I didn’t pay for this app.
  • Great Game; Can’t Put Down 5/5

    By GAEMS Dean
    I quickly lose interest with mobile games but this game has more than kept my interest. I have played for a few hours and wondered if I would burn through the game in a day but I am happy to say there is still so much more content to go. I do have just a few nit picky issues. First, I wish enemies who do more damage had different color cards or damage symbols just to catch your eye. Second, I wish you could go back and forth between items you have unlocked. Most items seem to be an upgrade from the previous iteration. But there is a shield that has a bit less of stats but gives you an extra heart and if I had known I couldn’t go back to it I wouldn’t of upgraded my shield. Finally, I would love to possibly see more customization in the future. I noticed that my coin amount is well beyond what I need to unlock dungeons. Different colors or anything would be greatly appreciated. I would like to say even with bringing up the issues above, these are just my hopes for the game but still love it for what and how it is. I enjoy it so much that I want more and more.
  • Keep creating content! 5/5

    By Eusbkvkrbtnfk
    This game is great, not much else to say on the matter. However I really hope you keep creating content, free is great of course but I’d pay for more too. There are some minor strange balance issues, like I’ll face a deck that’s pitifully easy with 1/2s+tons of potions and then another deck wrecks me with several 1/4s in a row. Other than that though I love everything about this and I hope more comes in the future.
  • OMG Amazing 5/5

    By Tftffygyftftytfytfgrt
    I got this game and it is soooooooo fun. I will be playing this in my free time. I’m currently level 13 as I write this but I now I will grow soon. Weapons are cool and characters and shields. This great get it now

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