Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: PlayStation Mobile Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Knowledge is Power App

Knowledge is Power is the companion app you need to play the quiz game full of trivia, tricks and tactics for the PlayStation®4 system. Challenge your friends and family to a battle of brainpower in this competitive quiz for two to six players. Use your phone or tablet to answer rapid fire general knowledge questions, compete in touch screen challenges and target your rivals with an arsenal of Power Plays. Make sure your PS4™ system is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device and then you're ready to go. Simply follow the in-app instructions to connect. Use this app to: Choose a character and snap a selfie using fun filters that match the look Answer quiz questions without your rivals seeing your choice Choose from a selection of Power Plays and target your closest rivals Engage in touch screen challenges to be the faster finger on the sofa Play 'Quick Quiz' using just the app and share your winner’s photo on social media The application can be used in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Hungarian & Arabic. For the full game experience in Arabic, make sure both your PS4™ and devices are set to the Arabic language. PlayLink titles are all about social gaming that everyone can enjoy. Pop a game into your PS4™ system, pick up your smartphone or tablet, gather around your TV and prepare for a refreshingly different experience – without the need for multiple DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers. Please note: This app acts as a controller. PS4™ system, the Knowledge is Power game, and the Knowledge is Power Companion App required to play. PS4™ system and the Knowledge is Power game for the PS4™ system sold separately. The following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to the use if this app, depending on your country of residence:

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Knowledge is Power app reviews

  • Good questions 5/5

    By qweryachinti
    The questions are hard and easy it’s perfect
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By big ben 82
    The last 5 times we’ve played as a family it disconnects my phone from the game. Very annoying.
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Lyrik Johnson
    This game is creepy and is not fit for any age group.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Amm68x
    I love playing this with my family it’s amazing
  • Needs a skip 4/5

    By Onarolldesign
    Dear goodness please add a skip button so we don’t have to listen to this announcer FOREVER each time we play!
  • الجواب ما يجي فوق يسار 1/5

    By زقنبي
    الجواب ما يجي فوق يسار لاتحط نقطه نهاية كل جمله حط فاصله مغامراتي متواصله
  • I just love it 5/5

    By MasterSnake121806
  • Please look at this developers 4/5

    By ShaannyBoiii
    I have a really good thing which can help your game! I would play this game with my family more often but I don’t because of the power plays. My family and most others don’t play with power plays. We wait until the clock goes out and no one gets hit with a power play. But that wastes thirty seconds each question! If you add a setting where you get to choose to use power plays or not that would make your game the best trivia ever! Everything else is great!
  • I have a few things to say about this game 1/5

    By Arielnicole
    This would be a great game if: 1) There was an option to shut the announcer up, more than half the game is him talking for no reason 2) if the questions were actually challenging, or got more challenging as it went forward 3) If there were a way to turn off the extra attacks, because the person who is highest up on the pyramid has zero chance of winning when people are constantly bombarding you with debilitating things 4) if the pyramid level gave points to the person who got the answer right, not the fastest 5) and if the questions matched the categories.... it could be amazing if they actually tried to make it a decent, fair, and challenging trivia game
  • Great game 4/5

    By marshman1717
    Fun game, never seen the same question twice and allowing up to 6 players is perfect for family play. I do wish they’d update this version instead of just making new ones (decades) as some of the streamlining in the newer one greatly improves the game. Also, the characters/selfies are definitely better in this version.
  • Pyramid is a joke 1/5

    By WaterMexican
    Seriously you don’t even need to know anything to win the game all you have to do is randomly tap the answers at the end the fastest. There’s no penalty for getting the answer wrong you just get to try again and again.
  • Fun at first, but then it becomes obnoxious 1/5

    By Lollipop Raver
    The beginning is very promising! Cute and quirky character selection and funny pictures. The topics are really awesome too!! But then it becomes really annoying since the game gives you the opportunity to sabotage EVERY SINGLE ROUND. It’s just very aggravating and doesn’t really allow for everyone to have the most amount of time.
  • Worst game 1/5

    By the truth about bad games
    this is the worst game i ever played i do not reccemend this game delelete it as fast as posible this game doesnt work well not enough characters to chose from and to choose a name its only 5 characters to short
  • لماذا لاتكون الغاز لثقافة عربية 2/5

    By Eidmdhb
    جيد ولكن لو كانت الألغاز تخص الثقافة العربية والتاريخ العربي لوضعت خمس نجوم
  • Great game. 4/5

    By Atombomb98
    If you and your family are bored and want to couch party, this is the game to get. The final round takes a long time if you don’t have very many players...only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars. But, it is certainly enjoyable overall.
  • Fun game but has some problems 3/5

    By 00PT
    This game is really fun, but it is too hard when playing with many players. When players answer questions, the guy who did it first gets much more than the slowest one. In a game with 3 players, the fastest gets 300 and the slowest 100. This is a fair scale of knowledge to speed. But with 6 players, the fastest gets 600 and the slowest 100. This scales speed far above knowledge. And it gets worse the more players. In the finale, points are converted into steps, but there aren't nearly enough steps to make this work. It ends up being that the guy in first place only has a head start of about 3 or 4 steps. With 3 players, the fastest player goes up 3 steps. But with 6, the fastest player goes up 6 steps, allowing them to scale the entire pyramid in only a few questions. And the slowest players don't accelerate nearly as fast. With enough players, I believe it is possible that the fastest player can scale the ENTIRE PYRAMID with only one question. This makes it so that the fastest player wins. If you aren't fast, or if you allow down, you are left in the dust. But the game is about KNOWLEDGE, not speed.
  • Fantastic Family Game 4/5

    By HappyCoustmer
    We play it every Friday, it’s a fun competition. Only thing is it gets a bit repetitive. Not in questions, those are always different, but the Challenges and the Pyramid at the end are a bit boring after multiple plays. Over all, good game. 👍
  • A Few flaws 5/5

    By kdbstzgd
    Ok the game is really good, but one question asks what continent was the Maya civilization part of and the correct answer is North America. The civilization began on the Yucatán Peninsula which is part of Mexico and Central America which is all part of North America. South America is not the correct answer.
  • Needs updated 3/5

    By D-Rock619
    Needs iPhone X update to fit screen makes it hard to play otherwise.
  • 1st grade level questions. Not a trivia game for people who enjoy trivia. 1/5

    By iNgledang
    This game had some good things going on at first. It’s great technology to have the app connect to your PS4. And the character selection that involves your phone’s camera is good and cute. But when you finally get to the questions, they add in a bunch of silly features that allow you to slightly inconvenience your opponent, like making them “wipe” slime off their screen so they can see the multiple choice answers. It wouldn’t be so bad if that was all. I soon realized that every single question was from elementary school level. And it took 30 excruciating minutes to get through 10 questions because of all the repetitive, dumb fluff. They put a lot of work into this game, and it blows my mind that they squandered it all by putting no work into the question research. You know, the trivia part.
  • It’s rigged 1/5

    By Aj'sFortYT
    First there is a randomized generator that chooses what answer is right and secondly people guess so there should be 5 seconds until u can choose so people don’t guess answers and when u get 4000 points I should go up 3/4 of the pyimid and finally everyone makes fun of the losers.This is why Sony is failing
  • Need to fix the bugs 1/5

    By Uskwidl
    Worst thing ever is being in the lead and getting kicked out for no reason. Then you can’t rejoin. Fix this ASAP
  • Amazing game BUT.... 5/5

    By Agry Booty
    Please guys on the finale where we go up the steps I wish it wouldn’t be who guesses first but more like who gets the question correct. It would also make the game last longer which means more fun, some more suggestion I wanna add are that maybe if you answer the question wrong you go down 1 or 2 steps this would prolong the last level and make it way more fun.
  • Knowledge really is power! 5/5

    By Trainlover143
    Me and my brother had a blast playing this it’s so fun and never gets old! Totally recommended for bored groups of people and family’s!
  • Omg wowww 👍🏻 5/5

    By mad catte
    Oh wooiiiooow this is so addicting and fun ps I always play as the princess I named her Lucy
  • Love 5/5

    By shay12344()
    Love love this (even tho my husband is winning) recommending for family game night
  • Awsome game 4/5

    By maxeeeeem
    I really really love this game , keep playin it with my family , please add aditional 2 players

    I play this with my family and it is so fun if u are looking at this and are thinking about buying it know that it is for the PlayStation and the game on the PlayStation it cost money but if u have PlayStation GET IT NOW
  • Fun but there are some WRONG answers 2/5

    By HeidiZ0626
    Mexico is part of North America. The game says it’s part of South America. If the answer to this question had been correct in the game, my husband would have won. If the game is supposed to test knowledge, please get the facts right in the game.
  • New favorite PS4 link game 5/5

    By liebniz3_14
    I love this game for parties. We have issues connecting phones using WiFi, but the hotspot feature works great. There are a very eclectic group of questions. And the category voting is a great feature.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By NubianGb
    Great party game! Luv it, just wished there were future updates since a lot of the questions are pretty easy. Also, it be great to add your own questions like in That’s You!
  • So much fun!!!!! 5/5

    By kendrvv
    Please update 😌
  • This game is useless! 1/5

    By Encouragement Mama
    When I saw that this game was free for ps plus users I thought that I could play it with my friends online, and we would have a fun time playing trivia. But apparently you can only play on the same PlayStation in the same room. And to make things worse you actually have to buy the game, when you could just play it on your phone or tablet for free. I would never buy this game or recommend it to anyone else.
  • No system to system play 3/5

    By Ferrari21
    This is a decent game, had fun with my parents and siblings but it loses all playability with no system to system connectivity. Not even giving this game away for free will help with that issue.
  • Great Concept 4/5

    By davejhave
    Super fun concept and design. Questions are too easy, hopefully updates includes harder difficulty settings.
  • Order up in aisle two 5/5

    By ButterFryPanSauce
    This app buttered my toast!
  • Loved this game!!! 5/5

    By TheStayAtHomeGamer
    I just love everything about this game. 🙂
  • Bad connectivity and design. 1/5

    By IronPylons
    Kept dropping connection over a stable WiFi, and also took forever to reconnect. JackboxTV did it better. Easier to use a website than wait for everyone to download the whole app.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Draged0
    We enjoy it
  • Great game. 5/5

    By BetterDays333
    My wife & daughter and I play this game and love it. Especially my daughter who keeps winning 😡🤣. She plays trivial pursuit with us and doesn’t do well so she gets a real kick out of beating us on this game. I hope they continue updates to this game cause it’s fun for whoever plays. Highly recommended!!!!