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Join millions of readers around the world and access eBooks and audiobooks all with one app. Go shelf-less and take your reading adventures on the go. With over 6 million titles to choose from, there's something for every type of reader and listener. Purchase eBooks and audiobooks directly from Kobo. They'll automatically appear in the app immediately afterwards. The Kobo App makes reading even more comfortable and convenient: • Customize the way you read. Enjoy crisp, clear text in the size and style you prefer. Try Night Mode to make reading easier on your eyes before bedtime, and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode. • Our beautifully designed, easy-to-use player makes it simple for you to move through your audiobook with a single touch. Never worry about losing your spot, and see how much time is left at a glance. Schedule it to turn off after a set amount of time—perfect for listening before going to sleep. • Read thousands of free eBook previews or listen to audiobook samples to help you find your next favourite. • Start reading on one device and pick up on another. The Kobo App always remembers where you left off, so you can keep reading across all your devices. • Share your love of reading on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Post your favourite quotes, notes, and thoughts from what you’re reading. • Rate and review the books you’ve read or read reviews from booklovers like you! • Read in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese or Japanese. • Listen to audiobooks while you drive with CarPlay. Download them before connecting to CarPlay, or else you won’t see them. *You can listen to audiobooks on any iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS version 9.0 or higher.

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Kobo Books app reviews

  • Not updating 1/5

    I have been trying to open library and update and it won’t let me on my iPhone. Hopefully I will be able to through my computer.
  • To Kobo app about my Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology book 1/5

    By mikeyc3po
    Nice one Kobo app - you arbitrarily turn off a book format without notifying me with another way to read my purchase? I only got Kobo app for reading my Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology book, and now you tell me just to “get rid of it” because you changed your app so I cannot read it anymore? How rude, inconsiderate and obnoxious can Kobo books be? So what am I supposed to do now? How do I read my expensive school book now?
  • Love this but... 5/5

    By Mehai
    I would love it more if my annotations synced from my kobo ereader to my phone. Thanks!
  • This is the worse app 1/5

    By panda1534
    Because they changed me 2 this month for 10.69
  • Meh. Crashes a lot 2/5

    By SNA is a scam
    Two or three times per book you must uninstall and reinstall because the book stops playing and gives an error message. Then you have to reinstall book and the books install excruciatingly slowly.
  • A fantastic modern fairy tale... 5/5

    By Illustro Obscurum
    ...in a modern setting with well thought out and fully formed characters.
  • Türkçe kitapları bulabiliyorum 5/5

    By avantgarde youngturk
    Aradığım Türkçe kitapları bulabildim. Gayet kolayca yüklenebildi ve okuyabiliyorum, hem de iPhone üzerinden
  • Girl wash your face 5/5

    By Shaleana12
    I intended to read Trent but he introduced this book. I’m glad I started with this one. She really gets me I didn’t realize there was someone a woman who saw things the way I did who felt what I felt and explained it so perfectly I’m in a urge for change and the book her book is the go to book for me
  • Please take the Raunchy horrible free books off the homepage 3/5

    By Hal the 5th
  • Can’t cancel 1/5

    By fuckthisappppp
    Do not get this app unless you want to jump threw hoops to cancel
  • Action Action Action 5/5

    By GST DO I T
    Very hard to put down when coming to the conclusion. Loved all the twists and turns. The plot had my mine thinking about what was going to happen. Great read.
  • Liars Robo liars 1/5

    By Bunnyburke
    Nothing but lies cheats scammers they probably see you a 30 day trial they still take the money out of your account they have nothing but robots to talk to you no email address no phone number to contact them they do not recommend this wet this app it should be wiped out kobo is a freaking lie
  • Missing a lot of settings that it should have 2/5

    By ohwhatastorm
    The bottom home bar on iPhone X and above stays lit up the whole time you’re reading, which can be really bright and irritating to the eyes. Kindle app hides the bar. Also when you increase text size the space between text lines increases to ridiculous height. Makes the whole reading experience awkward.
  • iPhone will not sync 2/5

    By Sis Aunt Mom
    iPhone will not sync. iPad syncs just fine - what am I doing wrong?
  • Keeps crashing on my iPad Pro 1/5

    By MG2433
    I see splash screen and then the app crashes
  • This app is horrible 1/5

    By WOO13
    You can’t buy audio books with credits without going to some place I can’t find I have credits I can’t use.
  • The app does not work 1/5

    By SarahAW123
    My audiobooks did not transfer after purchasing them.
  • Continuous Scrolling view 5/5

    By Smash790
    Could use continuous scrolling view like in the Kindle and iOS Books apps.
  • I like it! 5/5

    By Patricia.Naja
    Nice layout
  • Love the content, but buggy 2/5

    By princessarah258
    App keeps freezing and crashing, or pausing randomly, even though I only have one audiobook downloaded to it.
  • Some books won’t load 1/5

    By AlvarezKelly
    Adequate app without many extras but some books simply will not load into the app. The books will download but the app will just sit there trying to open them. It is not limited to large books. About 2/3 of my books will not load on this app.
  • Dean Koontz 5/5

    By tarragon69
    I love Dean Koontz books but I have trouble reading at age 69. Now I can listen to them on audio and it’s fantastic! I’m on my 3rd book this week. I’m hooked on audio books,
  • Really Enjoy 5/5

    By Smsooner
    This is a really well done app. I purchased a Kobo E-Reader, which I like more than a kindle. I would recommend using this app along with a Kobo E-Reader.
  • Great app to have. 5/5

    By Foodchef
    A great app to have. A lot of great books. Any chance there can be a way to ‘earn’ points while reading for a certain amount of time, like 10 minutes and get 2 points?
  • Kobo Books is A NIGHTMARE. 1/5

    By Qomo
    Customer service is non existent. They do not respond. I want to cancel but get no response. Use audible and Amazon. This site ia a nightmare.
  • Kobo Books app 1/5

    By AnotherAngryMoma
    App deleted my books. Customer Service was unable to retrieve them and told me to try a app repair which did not work 😡
  • Easy to use, but not perfect. 4/5

    By Ghosty_Visuals
    The app itself is great and I’ve never had any issues with. However I feel quality of life upgrades are quite lacking. Such as interface, a few examples: -Better ways to organize your books -Better ways to take notes -Better ways to use the app in general with color and such Another quality of life item for me is that I have to get off the app to buy the book, then It’ll download. Why not have it where you can pay from the app too? Overall however the app is pretty great.
  • No way to change password 2/5

    By 700MFN007
    No way to change password
  • No longer supports small bookstores 1/5

    By Bircjlfx
    I previously used the kobo app and e-reader even though it was not as easy to use as Kindle because I wanted to support my local bookstore with my e-book purchases. Kobo now can only link with large stores like Walmart, which is very disappointing as the ability to support my local bookstore was the only reason I used this company. I will no longer be reading on the kobo app after this change.
  • Kobo Books 5/5

    By Karenm366
    Would recommend this app to anyone who reads, you can take a large number of books and you aren’t locked in to a closed system like kindle.
  • not great, to be honest 1/5

    By 29028
    Not terrible, but not great either. - takes a good number of taps and navigating to make notes or to find then - options to change fonts, line spacing and margins is limited (unlike on my h2o, where there are a lot of options) - background color choice is very limited, and text color cannot be changed - bugy: i get notified that i have opened my book on another device when i know i have not. another time my book got marked as read half way through without me intending to do it. and a couple of suggestions: - how about a setting that would allow the reader to keep page numbers regardless of font size. say a particular book is 200 pages in print. i would like the option to have those pages marked on my e reader as well. this 100% system of marking progress is really clumsy. - i would also like the option to read while holding my device in a way that my finger rests on the screen without highlights or notes or other helpful things popping up. there could be a way to activate and deactivate it easily - say by long pressing in one corner of the screen, and while activated, the device would only react to a gesture to turn the page, which would be elaborate enough so it would not be activated by accident... - changing font size would be nicer using buttons to incrementally increase/decrease. the current slider is clumsy and not as effective. doubt this will be read or considered by a human, but on an off chance.. good luck!
  • Terrible selection, absurd interface 1/5

    By Mr. Utastic
    Have not once found an audio book I was looking for. Can’t purchase through the app anyway, you need to waste your time with the web log in. Wish I’d never bothered.
  • Kobo decent reader but a few annoying glitches 3/5

    By WilkinsRunner
    I like having an alternative to Amazon and Apple readers. Kobo has filled that bill for me. But recently I note some recurrent bugs. Exit app. From time to time, Kobo just exits. I had done nothing to cause the exit. Restart and all seems well. Drop back a chapter. More frequent and mor annoying. As I finish a chapter, I find Kobo has jumped back to the start of the just completed chapter. Annoying on short chapters, vexing on long ones as I page through it quickly.
  • Nite 5/5

    By Owner4848
    I could not find a night mode .. background black letters white Sorry .. I found it.. would like the dyslexic font . Works well . Thank you
  • Trouble downloading 1/5

    By wendyray
    The first book that I got downloaded easily but I am having trouble downloading the other books I bought it keeps saying cannot download try again later Been on email with them ALL DAY. They have asked me to do SEVERAL things (all of which I have done) I STILL cannot download the book. I even reset the account as they told me to do and all the books I purchased downloaded EXCEPT the one I have been trying to download. Poor customer service!
  • Great App! 1/5

    By patiprints
    Have tried several eBook Apps, and find that this one is the best overall. Has great selection of best sellers as well as a great variety of free eBooks. Not just the classics are free. Kobo has many new expiring writers, that have written good novels. I love to read and love that Kobo is just like having your own library! This used to be a great App. until they did business with Walmart for their downloads for eBooks. I have paid for an eBook 5/3/19, from Walmart, read 3 Chapters, and today, they want to charge me another $1.99 to read more, which l paid and could not download to Kobo. I also bought 3 other eBooks and can’t download them either. What a rip off!
  • Sooo many errors! 1/5

    By xkjcjymnstr
    I purchased books and downloaded them and I have had to re download them 4 times before they will play without me getting an error.
  • Audiobook 1/5

    By mercyandlove
    Terrible. Not easy to purchase an audiobook.
  • Customer service helpful 4/5

    By TK7786
    Customer service was always very helpful! Especially Cesar M. who I live messaged with.
  • Can’t purchase within app 1/5

    By NinaLowe
    Need to be able to purchase books from within the app. It’s too confusing otherwise.
  • Lovely! 5/5

    By everbind
    I love this platform! Easy to use, has the same features as any other ebook reader, and feels nice!
  • Everything I need 4/5

    By Jungo Torii
    I recall the sign in through Facebook was a little glitchy at first, but once I figured out how to sign in, the rest was just grand. Excellent library, very convenient to see which books have audiobook equivalents, very easy to read in the palm of my hand.
  • Impossible to use on phone 1/5

    By droll3
    Too many margin graphics won’t let you view the entire page. I can’t get rid of them in settings.
  • Any book in English 1/5

    By Susieinperto
    I don’t read in Spanish. How can I change books to English
  • Page display 2/5

    By Evansdv
    Blank pages at the end and beginning of chapters is something that could be eliminated. It would greatly improve the overall experience. App crashes constantly. When the app is reopened, the place in the book is often wrong. I like the books, but I’m getting very annoyed with the app.
  • 無法移除已畫重點 1/5

    By Crazybull1106
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By kissitok
    I have had nothing but problems with the last book I downloaded. You can’t even make the text size large enough to enjoy. I downloaded to my iPad and it wouldn’t open at all. This will definitely be my last purchase from Kobo. Had to download the kobo app to try to figure anything out. I haven’t enjoyed my book at all. And to make matters worse you won’t even let me leave a review.
  • Not working 1/5

    By User 2536575
    This app is a scam, don’t buy books because it doesn’t work
  • Audiobook specific - Notes section/highlights 4/5

    By Joerugby12
    I really do love this app and listen primarily the audiobooks. I love it, because it is simple to use and there is not much to it. One thing that is missing that would add value is the addition of a feature that would allow you to highlight a particular point that you would like to come back to later. Even if it is a simple push of the button that show where the highlighted parts are to quickly find those, similar maybe to what you can do on a “GoPro”. Thanks!!

Kobo Books app comments

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