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Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts App

Get shopping deals, discounts and rewards with the Kohl’s app! Access savings and manage your Kohl’s account on the go. Love Kohl’s? Then you’ll love our app. It’s packed with features to help you find the best deals, manage payments easily, and browse online and in store. Here are 3 reasons users love our app: 1. It saves you money – all offers, rewards and coupons in one place! 2. Shop online or in store – use the app as a price scanner, or browse deals on the go. 3. Kohl's Pay - We're giving you a simpler checkout with all your offers & Kohl's Cash loaded into one QR code. And there’s more! With FREE SHIPPING, amazing deals and FREE STORE PICKUP, the Kohl’s app helps you shop with ease – and save money! Our features include: KOHL’S WALLET Save some serious money with Kohl’s Wallet. It keeps all your rewards and offers in one place – no more paper and no more forgetting! Plus, we’ll remind you to use them before they expire, so you don’t miss out! SHOP ONLINE OR IN STORE Shop your local store’s inventory, or use the app in store as a price scanner. Can’t find what you’re looking for in store? Buy it on the app while you’re in store and get FREE shipping. KOHL'S PAY Kohl's Pay is now quicker and easier. Quickly select all your savings offers, rewards and Kohl's Cash to load into a single scan QR code and breeze through checkout. MY KOHL'S CHARGE Payments just got a lot easier. The app keeps you signed in so you can quickly and easily check your Kohl's Charge balance and make payments. YES2YOU REWARDS Track your points and progress toward your next $5 reward. Download the Kohl’s App today and discover our huge range of fantastic products and amazing deals. From beauty to furniture, fashion and toys, you’ll be sure to find something you love at an awesome price!

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Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts app reviews

  • Doesn’t work with iPhone7 plus 1/5

    By Fakes01
    I used to love this app now it won’t even open I started to read about it now it’s not compatible with and iPhone7 it has to be iOS10 or newer!! Thats so dumb I don’t want a new phone! Please fix this!
  • App crashes 2/5

    By wacyflo
    Haven’t been able to open this app since March 😩
  • LOVE KOHL’S ! 5/5

    By Keith C 504
    Kohl’s is the best!!! The best prices, loads of discounts and Kohl’s cash, and even more discounts and Kohl’s cash! Always be a place in my heart for this wonderful place. Thank you Kohl’s
  • 2 is fair 2/5

    By boscher50
    the Kohls Card portion of the app makes me want to cry
  • Terrible App for IPad 1/5

    By Gary Guru
    Can’t view in landscape mode to shop. Tried looking at shoes and choosing size doesn’t work. All shoes show Size 11. Works on iPhone and Macbook but not on IPad. Frustrating! Please fix these issues for App on IPad!
  • Latest updates don’t work 1/5

    By EParrish2
    I’ve updated twice in the last week. Prior to updating the app worked. Now it won’t open. I updated again today and was hoping it was fixed. Nope. Terrible
  • Credit card bill pay 3/5

    By Tay008
    The app is great. Easy to make purchases. I just wish the bill pay was easier and more in-depth. It hardly ever sends me an email confirmation of a scheduled payment. The app nor the website gives you the insight on when you have a scheduled payment. I’ve doubled paid in a week because I forget if I’ve already scheduled. Only downfall to me.
  • Still not working 1/5

    By Unlimitedsoundsdj
    Another new version and all immediately crashes as soon as app loads.
  • Hate hate hate 1/5

    By Mrs Yelvington
    If I could give this app 0 stars I would... since I downloaded the app over a year ago I have had nothing but problems with logging in... the only way I can actually log into my account is by going through the full website... what’s the point of even having an app at that point? It tells me my pw/email is incorrect and yet when I go to the full site I have ZERO issues with the exact same email and pw. I’ve even had issues paying my bill bc of this (incurring a LATE FEE of course), reset my password MORE TIMES than I can count, emailed costumer service and STILL cannot log into my friggin account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much money kohl’s has lost bc I haven’t been able to complete my purchases in the app, becoming too frustrated to even bother going to the full site to start the process all over again
  • Can’t even open it 1/5

    By Vicoludo
    Frustrating !
  • Worst app ever is right 1/5

    By kohls dont kare
    It’s overly frustrating. Don’t bother. I gave benefit of doubt 6 times! Online support is no help either!!! I gave my phone number to check my order cuz I had major problems placing it, and she pulled up someone else’s order! And they could DO NOTHING to rectify the issue or to make me satisfied!!!
  • Literally. The BEST 5/5

    By Pa0ttiee
    I love the Kohls app. Plain and simple!
  • Not allowing store selection 1/5

    By Sllrsvllgal
    Trying to order for store pick-up but App will not let me choose a store! 😡
  • Credit card Access 2/5

    By Bpeper16
    I don’t know what happened but the credit card access doesn’t work anymore for my iPhone X. The app worked great until just recently. It made it very easy to pay using the app, but now I’m just deleting it. It’s worthless to me now. Hope you fix it soon.
  • Decent app/Charge Account Problems 3/5

    By gcuadrado09
    I like the app enough, however I have NEVER been able to log in to my charge account through the app. I always have to go to the website- which defeats the purpose of the app! I’ve made sure it’s the newest version, uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing works!
  • Barely works 1/5

    By emmaMcdeleteupdate
    This app essentially does not work and will not allow me to shop a specific store. I have used the shop my store tab to search near me and it is bringing me to random stores in other states. Yes i have put my zip code in and yes I have my location on for the app. This app preforms horribly and needs to be fixed. I am a millennial and I can’t use this app so im not sure how anyone is supposed to be able to find their way around this corn maze of an app.
  • App Isn’t working 1/5

    By Narda12
    App not working not responding
  • Update did not “get rid of pesky bugs” 1/5

    By ThunderRoad61
    ...but made them worse! Open app and get a “white label notification page; this application has no explicit mapping...” so right now it’s useless.
  • Inventory issues 1/5

    By Calculator app
    There is a reason I do not shop at a Kohl’s store, but the moment I give their store a chance online.. two orders were cancelled because they were out of stock.
  • BEST THING EVER!:-) 5/5

    By Samina Azam
    This app was like a life saver I didn’t have to go to the store all I do is log on and buy things.If informed me about how many kohl’s cash I had and much more!I definitely recommend 10/10 !
  • For Charge Card review it is one of the worsts 1/5

    By txboi1980
    I wanted to use the app as a means of checking my balance and making payments on my card but this is the worst set up for that. Maybe some day Kohl’s IT will get it right....
  • App crashes all the time, can’t use it 1/5

    By vinz.dasari
    Unable to use the app at all. Doesn’t open
  • Very impressed with my Kohl’s 5/5

    By LMB happy
    Enough said, I love Kohl’s app, online quick deliveries and store thank you
  • Filters aren’t the same. 4/5

    By CardinalsAndSage
    Size filters don’t seem to be specific like the last app update.
  • Terrible for Payments 1/5

    By littledeazle
    Don’t bother trying to use this app to pay your Kohl’s charge. It never works, makes you change your password, then won’t let you log in with the password it provided you. It’s so frustrating and their solution is just to use their pay-by-phone option in the future.
  • Notifications after midnight 1/5

    By K. Shopper
    Kohl’s, why do you think it is okay to send notifications/ads between midnight and 1:00a.m. almost every night ???!!! I want your ads, but send them between noon and 9:00 p.m. PLEASE!! Lots of people leave their phones on all night for emergencies, but a store ad is NOT urgent!!!
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By dnadan2000
    App is horrible , I literally type “ men’s shorts” and all I get as results are polo shirts .... also it’s very slow.
  • Try as I May, Try as I Might, Can’t Purchase Product 1/5

    By RLMxx
    This app consistently has session problems. I can’t buy product. I can login on the My Kohl’s Charge website, but not with the app So frustrating.
  • App 4/5

    By Marii1991
    Like the app but I wish we didn’t. Had to have 2 password one for the reward and the other for the kohl’s charge hopefully u guys fix it at some point !
  • Great App!!!! 5/5

    By Radar weather is great
    Very easy to use !!!
  • Difficulty tracking my order 1/5

    By Bribri 2 da max
    I ordered 2 items on May 17th & still waiting for the 2nd item. I can’t track it because UPS is not delivering it. I’ve been trying to track this for the past 1/2 hour or more. Need help tracking the package who can I contact?
  • Kohl’s cash 1/5

    By tonil55555
    I ordered stuff for curbside today. Earned $15 Kohl’s cash. Got an email saying that. So decided to spend it now so it could be added to my curbside order. But my Kohl’s app says there isn’t any Kohl’s cash. Frustrating. Now I need to pick up my order but not sure what happened to my $15 that I earned. Plus if you are able to fix this I’ll have to go back a second time. Not easy because I’ll have to have someone take me because of recent shoulder surgery. I spent over $75 to get free shipping but one if the items forced me to pick up in store. I’m about done with this. Shipping should be an option and free for card holders. Just like Target
  • Shopping Cart Empties 2/5

    By kara_dawn
    I’m not sure why but the shopping cart gets emptied every time I leave the app. This never happened before. I’ve put multiple things in my cart and they disappear the next time I open the app, even if it’s just 10 minutes later. Very annoying as I shop in spurts as time allows. Please fix!!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Zsedcrtyhj
    This app has many problems and any time I try to log in it frustrates me so much. I hope they change it to be easier to use when logging in to look at my khol’s charge account. It often goes blank even when I input the correct information.
  • Update 1/5

    By dan!elle87
    Just updated the app and now it loads main screen and crashes.
  • App needs a whole over haul 1/5

    By Sweetbeats33
    This app looks like it was made over a decade ago. It’s a pain to find anything in it. You search for juniors and it shows women’s and plus sizes instead. Trying to access your rewards and coupons is a pain when you are at the store. Good luck getting your purchase to show up in the app to get you more points. I can’t be bothered with it anymore. I barely shop there much because the selection of items keeps getting worse. The quality of clothing is terrible as well. And the models used in the ads. Geez. Looks like the average overweight American. Stop shoveling food in your pie hole. I can’t even tell what the garments will look like on me from the pictures online. Why you have fat models when it’s not PLUS size? The women in the swimsuits. Oh lord. Must be the millennials that were told they can do everything and anything. I would be embarrassed to have myself put out there with a Chonky bod.
  • Size 12 Petite 3/5

    By Vickie L T
    What’s up? No size 12 petite jeans in stock? Are you going out of business?
  • Updated App 1/5

    By Owlbe1
    Since I have updated the app the app has not opened.
  • Love kohls, impossible to shop on the app 2/5

    By mcarlton11
    Every time I add to my cart, the app freezes. For this being such a big company, you would think the app would work better. The app glitches, freezes, and makes it impossible to shop.
  • I deleted it! 1/5

    By Marlene Diane
    There are too many issues and malfunctions to list. DON’T BOTHER! Its not worth the headache.
  • Sad... so sad. 2/5

    By Miss Su Z Q
    I did LOVE my kohls app. One day I open it and it says “we have gone away from our app, please use Kohl’s.com.” So i deleted the app. I go to the full website a couple days ago. And it says use the app. WTH? So, i download the app again. THE APP IS NO LONGER USER FRIENDLY. It only works in portrait mode..... there is in WALLET, THERE IS NO ADDING COUPONS. IT IS A DISASTER. PLEASE FIX IT!!!! I NEED MY KOHLS APP!
  • My return 1/5

    By sorry i shopped here
    I purchased yoga pants, 3 pairs, on March 30th. I returned them on April 13th. I have not yet received my credit of 60.90. I am more than frustrated over all this mess. I have misplaced the order number, but I am a frequent Kohl’s shopper and would think they could find my order. I returned it to an address in Middletown, Ohio. Kathleen Mucci. Zip code 30314.
  • Poor service 2/5

    By Booknoir
    Stock off, can’t order and ship item and it’s not in stores either for pickup. Tried 4 times to order one item and cancelled every time after 2-3 days. Oh and only free shipping if you soend$75, if you want business get your act together.
  • Great app but could use something else! 4/5

    By josieSwan
    Would love to have a section for saved items or a wishlist so us regular shoppers can keep our items ready to go!
  • Fix app 1/5

    By rw11221
    App Never opens up, please address the problem. Thanks.
  • Cashier don’t let me used my coupons! 1/5

    By C123arlos
    Cashier Darla at Tyler Tx location don’t let me used my coupons and my 40$ Kohls cash. She says she can only take one coupon for transaction!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SC0624
    The app is so glitchy. And doesn’t apply codes it’s worse then there website if that’s even possible. I give up shopping here it is just to difficult.
  • Fast, easy and convenient 5/5

    By 321esa
    I love to order online and either choose pickup or just get it sent to my home. Always convenient and if for any reason, it’s not what I wanted, it’s very easy to return.
  • WE LOVE YOU KOHLS !!!!❤️❤️❤️👍 5/5

    By Tonton929

Kohl's - Shopping & Discounts app comments

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