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Kohl's App

THE KOHL'S APP It's coupons. It's a store. It's so much more. (And it fits in your pocket, too.) Here are 9 ways the Kohl’s app improves your everyday shopping experience: 1. It’s like a wallet stuffed with savings. We’ll keep your Wallet full by automatically storing all your offers, Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You points and rewards. That means no more paper and no more forgetting about deals so you’ll save on every shopping trip! 2. It's a reminder to redeem your offers before they expire. Never miss a sale and never let your Kohl’s Cash or rewards expire. Opt in for push notifications and we’ll keep you up-to-date and ahead of the game on all our best sales and deals. 3. It makes paying and saving in store easier than ever before. Leave your Kohl’s Charge card at home! Use Kohl’s Pay to apply offers, Yes2You Rewards, and Kohl’s Cash and pay with one scan. It’s makes saving as simple as snapping a single picture. 4. It's a price scanner for everything in store. Find your final price by scanning the barcode of any item at Kohl’s and applying any offers and deals from your Wallet. No more math so you can be assured that you’re saving the most you possibly can! 5. It's an easy way to shop your local store. Shop My Store lets you shop your favorite store’s inventory from your phone. If you find something you love, buy it on the app and pick it up in that store for free. 6. It's a way to ship your purchases for free. Can’t find what you’re looking for in store? Buy it on the app while in a store and ship it for free. Just make sure your phone’s location services are turned on. 7. It pays your Kohl’s shopping bills. Schedule Kohl’s Charge bill payments and check your Kohl’s Charge balance on the app. While there, check or update your billing information, too. 8. It’s a camera for capturing shopping ideas. Use the Snap & Shop tool in the search bar to snap a picture of virtually anything, and the app will try to find similar products at Kohl’s. 9. It’s rewarding. Download the Kohl’s app and we’ll deposit 50 Yes2You rewards points right into your Wallet*. Want to make sure it’s all there? Check your Wallet right from the app. *Must be a Yes2You Rewards® member. Points will be awarded for first-time Kohl’s App downloads only. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Download today and find out why the Kohl’s App is your one-stop shop for saving on men’s, women’s and kids clothing, shoes, home decor, clearance items, gifts and so much more!

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Kohl's app reviews

  • Love kohl’s 5/5

    By Xxflirty69
    Can’t get enough of kohl’s!! Shop once two twice a month
  • Update 1/5

    By Bequri
    Ughhhh!!!! Quit forcing users to update!!!! I cannot use this app anymore!!! I have an older iPad and I cannot update to the version of safari needed!!!
  • Love kohl’s ! 5/5

    By kittens today
    My favorite store
  • Great app 5/5

    By L.charlton
    I like this app. Easy to use. It keeps all your coupons and kohl’s cash in your wallet. I like that you can keep track of your yes2you rewards. I like that it shows you your points history too. Great app! Keep up the great job!
  • Come on Kohl’s!!! 1/5

    By my15clicks
    I haven’t used my card for years. Used it recently and was reminded how horrible their card company is. Makes absolutely no sense. I forgot my password and everyone high tech company would send your password with an email request. Of course Kohl’s asks for your security question before it will allow you to be sent a temp password. Kohl’s let me ask you something. If I can’t remember my password do you think I’ll remember the three security question answers. Locked my account. This happened constantly years ago and apparently they haven’t fixed anything yet. Garbage app and company.
  • Girls clothesline 5/5

    By Grtbow
    Love the price and selection
  • Store and online shopping 5/5

    By happy customer at kohls 1224
    Love shopping at kohls 1224 and online. Associate Dorothea helped me in intimates was very helpful as to choosing my size on line!
  • Laggy 2/5

    By Anna_lyskid
    When I’m scrolling it’s a bit laggy and all the clothes look out of style but when I visit the actual store there clothes are cute.
  • Buzzlightyear300 4/5

    By blondemuzikchic
    There’s a page where you confirm your shipping info before you place your order. Had you read it and put the correct address in you would not have the issue of trying to locate a package. Don’t blame the system for your incorrect information. Kohls isn’t perfect but then what is??
  • Love Kohl’s 5/5

    By jeangall
    Never disappointed, quality and pricing is exceptional
  • It can’t remember my password 1/5

    By Infolady12
    I used to love this app. Then a few months ago I noticed that it would not, could not, refused to save my password. It will also not accept what I know to be the last password set. Now every time I want to log in, I have to use the password reset feature. Needless to say, this is incredibly inconvenient and frustrating. Then the last time I went to the store, I had $10 Kohl’s cash in my account. I took a screen shot of it the day before in case I couldn’t log in at checkout (excuse me other customers while I do a password reset for the umptienth time). But low and behold, when the cashier tried to scan it, it came up as having been cashed out in Texas. She could not explain it. I was not in Texas yesterday I told her. I was in Ohio. She could not help me. When I called support, the man on the phone did not seem interested or concerned about investigating the theft. No ma’am. All he could offer me was another $10 to apply to items in my shopping cart. Err...hhmmm...I did not have items in my shopping cart you see, as I had just been in the store to use the coupon. Then the only thing he could do was have me note down a case number so that when I did have something in my online cart, I could call support at that time and have them apply that $10. Fantastic. Now I just have to find that piece of paper and remember to do that when the time comes. Well played Kohl’s.
  • Easy to use, but I wish 4/5

    By clarkn06
    Easy to use, but I wish there was a “save for later” option in the cart.
  • ❤️ Kohl's ❤️ 5/5

    By Lacey Ivy
    I ❤️ shopping @ Kohl's!!! I seriously have never had any negative experiences whatsoever, & whatever issues I have had were resolved in a professional, & unbelievably timely manner!!! #KohlsCustomerForLife ❤️ Lacey Ivy
  • Gift card 3/5

    By alalarein
    I tried yesterday to buy shirt from the app and I’ve gift card but it didn’t show me where can I pay from the gift card that I’ve already in my wallet
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Aj Bones
    I ordered shorts and put $15 kohl’s cash towards it and they canceled order due to out of stock and never sent me my kohl’s cash back and they said they can’t
  • Shop Wisely 5/5

    By Shop Wisely
    Love Kohls cash
  • Forced to upgrade 3/5

    By ynkebt
    I like the app. I’ve had it for several years but it’s annoying when it forces me to upgrade the app for what purpose? Because it supposedly fixes bugs? How about having the stores upgrade their internet! I have to screen shot my coupons before I go into the store and save it to my photos because their internet will not allow me to pull up the app in the store. I’ve tried using cell data on my phone and pull app up that way but that doesn’t work either. It’s basically useless except to keep track of coupons and kohl’s cash.
  • Can't add rewards card to Apple Wallet 2/5

    By Floksam
    There's no way to add the rewards card to Apple Wallet although the app details show the Wallet supported icon. Please fix.
  • Upgrades 1/5

    By screw your nickname too
    It is EXTREMELY frustrating to be FORCED to install the upgrade especially when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time for such nonsense. Too bad Kohl’s lost a $200 sale because your “mandatory upgrade” ticked me off!!!!
  • New version terrible 1/5

    By tcbueti
    Put in Cart? “Internal error occurred”. Filter? All the choices are BLANK. SORRY I DOWNLOADED IT.
  • Constantly Signs me Out 1/5

    By aconsales
    Every time I use the app, I have to resign in, even though I’ve enabled Touch ID. The most frustrating aspect is my password then needs to be reset because for some reason it doesn’t recognize it. I know it’s the right password because I save it in my phone, but it doesn’t work and I end up having to make up a new one YET AGAIN because they don’t let you reuse any old passwords. I appreciate safety features but this seems more like a glitch than a protection. It’s way more hassle than it’s worth.
  • App is awful 1/5

    By samsmurfette
    I got multiple gift cards for Christmas so I got the app so I could have it online. I go to add a card to my “wallet” and when I put the correct card # and the correct PIN in numerous times and each time it says they do not match. So I tried the scanner and it says the camera will scan automatically so I hold the camera over the barcode like it says with good lighting and no glares for at least 2 minutes and it still won’t read my card.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Manner2018
    Great shopping tool. Keeps all your coupons and kohl’s cash/yes2 rewards handy. Great great great!!
  • VIP Kohl’s Customer NO LONGER 1/5

    By Miss Rose Red
    I ignore everything that’s wrong with this app and the outrageous prices with the pretend “saving money sales” that merely sell you the item at regular normal store price (check prices near you). Oh no, that’s not why I’m giving this app and company 1 star... see, I went on vacation last month and with all of the chaos and booking, plus kids, I admit to the mistake of missing my payment. So, what did I do in March? I paid 1/3 of my credit limit; which I’m good about doing by the way, is paying more than the minimum payment. It would be a whole lot easier to pay my balance on a functional app, but instead they make it frustratingly too frustrating... They reported me to collections. After one month. This is the second time that they’ve done this; despite keeping an “open communication”, they gave me smiles and pulled the same crap on me by reporting me after I kept contact! They harassed me then, but not now? Ridiculous! I’ll solve the problem right now by saying Goodbye Kohls!
  • Please add a “save for later” option 4/5

    By Ashbogard
    Please add a save for later option for things we want to save and hold in our cart but not ready to purchase yet. That way we remember the items. Thanks! Otherwise great app.
  • The app works great for me 5/5

    By caringperson1
    I have this app and it works great for me hold my Kohl’s cash has al my coupons and I get all the great deals for being a rewards member thanks kohl’s for making my shopping easier
  • Wacky 1/5

    By Bjpantoja
    Keep locking my account, I don’t get it
  • Older device 1/5

    By nyx_itunes
    The app offers an older version for updated vices, but when you are trying to sign in, and use the app, it keeps showing the update you need to "OK" too. So, instead of being able to sign in and use the app, it keeps switching automatically over to the App Store.
  • Love to shop in kohl’s 5/5

    Our family has 4 members and we all love to shop from kohl’s
  • Needs an order history 3/5

    By no name 1947
    Pretty good app but absolutely no way to refer to previous orders to order the same thing again.
  • One star is entirely too many 1/5

    By 449920
    Worst customer service of any department or retail store I have ever shopped with. Rude reps, and even worse supervisors. Horrendous policies that they refuse to explain to you. Never spending another penny with this company that doesn’t care at all about keeping its customers.
  • Makes it easy 5/5

    By Colliebooooooo
    This app makes it easy to claim coupons, Kohl’s cash, rewards and shop all together! Best thing for someone on the go and has all the brands for my whole entire family!
  • I love this store, 4/5

    By Wendy=mommylove4
    I only have a 4 star because they don’t have a kohl’s in Hawaii, but they have TV ad’s, also during the shut down the lady told me she wouldn’t put the late payments on my credit and wouldn’t charge me the late fees, but they still charged me the late fee and it still shows on my credit they were late payments. But I was late, So I only have myself to blame. But with that aside, I truly love kohl’s, the amazing prices and sales are awesome. Very helpful and sweet people that work there. Thanks Wendy
  • Forced to reset password; doesn’t work 1/5

    By Smileychild2815
    I have been forced to reset my password multiple times the last few months. I always do it. Today I had to do it again and now it’s saying it’s having trouble logging me in and to check the date and time in the settings. Nothing is wrong with the date and time and that shouldn’t even matter with a shopping app to begin with. Your app is terrible and I’m really getting burned out on trying to use it. And no, there’s no updates - that’s one of the first things I checked for.
  • Don’t get it... 1/5

    By asparagras
    I got a message from Kohl’s that I have Kohl’s money in my wallet and 30% off coupon, but when I tried to get to it...nothing there! I’m probably going to delete the app...useless in my case!
  • New update 1/5

    By Lolabran12333
    Don’t download the new update! After doing so I can’t directly apply any of my coupon codes. So frustrating!
  • Don’t update! 1/5

    By Bëliëbëlërrrrrrr
    I just updated the app and now it won’t even open!
  • Spanish/Mexican cashiers 1/5

    By Tarzan227
    I have the Spanish/Mexican cashiers talk about the public buyers in ear hearing distance. I had an encounter with 2 of them an I was appalled. I asked for a price check an you would have thought I asked to rearrange the whole store. I have been a faithful customer of this Kohl’s every since they opened an this was the worst experience ever. They were talking about me in front of my face, rolling their eyes an heads. Totally thuggish. I told them I hear you an they continued on with this appalling behavior. After telling them I hear your talking about me about 3 times I asked for the manager who was very, very nice. Their attitudes an behavior was totally unacceptable. I keep my cool behavior because I have seen the time I would have yanked them from behind the counter an showed my own unbecoming behavior. But something told me they weren’t worth it. I make no promises if it happens again. This happened at the Kohl’s in Burlington, NC on 2/24/19.
  • Looking for wide width athletic shoes 1/5

    By woodlandnurse
    Why are you out of ASICS women’s shoes in wide widths?
  • Error when going to cart for checkout 1/5

    By muffy7861
    Missing required Parameter First Name
  • Not working 2/5

    By Poompo
    App is not working you can not add anything in cart, getting error code.
  • Everything is together! 5/5

    By Fae45
    I LOVE my kohl’s app! It keeps all my rewards, Kohl’s cash & coupons in one place, which means checkout is a breeze either in store or online. I love the scanner too for when I’m in the store & cant remember or find a price. Best shopping app out there!
  • Items in my cart 4/5

    By fan_ofkohls
    I’m having trouble deleting items in my cart. I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it twice. Message states “ trouble retrieving information from server. Please try again after sometime” This has been an issue since yesterday. Please fix ! Other than that I love the app.
  • New update messed up app 1/5

    By Jamram109
    Never had a problem til now. The app will not allow me to remove items from my cart. Your new update must have caused this issue. The flag keeps tell me there is an error with server.
  • Fix it! 1/5

    By tai1218
    New update won’t let me remove items from my cart and it’s really annoying!
  • Just updated? 1/5

    By AveriesMom
    App continually won’t let me remove items from cart.
  • Primatinea #1 pick for big and tall 5/5

    By Chron123
    Kohl’s is the #1 place for big and tall. Don’t sleep. I’m an 6”6 athlete that has a hard time finding items that fit. Here at kohl’s... no problem.
  • Fix this bug 1/5

    By Mom2obros
    New version doesn’t work. Every time I try to remove something from my cart, it gives me an “error in retrieving” message!
  • Package lost in mail 5/5

    By Never disappointed grammy
    I totally disagree with a previous response regarding disappointment on Kohl’s online support. I recently had a problem with a package I mailed to my grandson for his birthday! He was anxiously awaiting the gift, but it never arrived. So, his Mom and I went through the proper tracking to try and locate the package we had no success. So I called Kohl’s online support to get some help. To make a long story short. The representative was very helpful. She told me to call back the next day and she did some checking. She told me to not worry and would send it again in a one time curtesy! I thanked her and my daughter in law just asked if she could sign it upon arrival and the representative said that shouldn’t be a problem! The package arrived with no problem and everything went well! I personally thank you Kohl's for your kindness and support putting a big smile on my grandsons face for his birthday! You all are great!! I’ve been shopping with you all for a long time and you have never disappointed me! Thank you again!

Kohl's app comments

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