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Kohl's App

THE KOHL'S APP It’s like your own personal Santa. (And so much more!) HERE ARE 9 WAYS THE KOHL’S APP IMPROVES YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE: 1. IT'S LIKE A STOCKING STUFFED WITH SAVINGS. We’ll keep your Wallet full by automatically storing all your offers, Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You points and rewards. That means no more paper and no more forgetting about deals so you’ll save all holiday season long! 2. IT'S A REMINDER TO SAVE ON THE PERFECT GIFTS FOR EVERYONE. Never miss a sale and never let your Kohl’s Cash and rewards expire. Opt in for push notifications and we’ll keep you up-to-date and ahead of the game on all our best sales and deals. 3. IT MAKES PAYING FOR AND SAVING ON GIFTS EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE. Leave your Kohl’s Charge card at home! Use Kohl’s Pay to apply offers, Yes2You Rewards, and Kohl’s Cash and pay with one scan. It’s makes saving as simple as snapping a single picture. 4. IT'S A PRICE SCANNER FOR ALL YOUR GIFTS. Find your final price by scanning the barcode of any item at Kohl’s and applying any offers and deals from your Wallet. No more math so you can be assured that you’re saving the most you possibly can! 5. IT'S AN EASY WAY TO SHOP YOUR LOCAL STORE. Shop My Store lets you shop your favorite store’s inventory from your phone. If you find something you love, buy it on the app and pick it up in that store for free. 6. IT'S A WAY TO SHIP ALL YOUR GIFTS FOR FREE. Can’t find what you’re looking for in store? Buy it on the app while in a store and ship it for free. Just make sure your phone’s location services are turned on. 7. IT PAYS YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING BILLS. Schedule Kohl’s Charge bill payments and check your Kohl’s Charge balance on the app. While there, check or update your billing information, too. 8. IT’S A CAMERA FOR CAPTURING GIFT IDEAS. Use the Snap & Shop tool in the search bar to snap a picture of virtually anything, and the app will try to find similar products at Kohl’s. 9. IT’S REWARDING. Download the Kohl’s app and we’ll deposit 50 Yes2You rewards points right into your Wallet*. Want to make sure it’s all there? Check your Wallet right from the app. *Must be a Yes2You Rewards® member. Points will be awarded for first-time Kohl’s App downloads only. SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Download today and find out why the Kohl’s App is your one-stop shop for saving on holiday gifts, men’s, women’s and kids clothing, shoes, home decor, clearance items and so much more!

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Kohl's app reviews

  • Useless garbage 1/5

    By chdhdjdydjdfjsjsdhdhdhfh
    This is the most annoying app I have ever tried to use! Your website says come here, I download it and your app isn’t letting me do what I need too!
  • Shoes 5/5

    By kc2450
    I love all of their shoes.
  • No payment button! 1/5

    By AB-253
    I went to make my payment (I don’t use the card often) and there are green buttons/icons but many with no words. I tried clicking one hoping it was “confirm payment” but it wasn’t and took me back to the menu. Don’t even try to find a contact email address or chat, you’ll get circled back to their FAQ’s for an eternity. I guess I’ll make my payment later...
  • Issues with Kohl’s Pay 3/5

    By kimommie
    I love Kohl’s pay and the convenience it offers, however I have found an issue/bug when using it. If I do not have any offers to apply OR if I choose NOT to apply offers in my wallet, the app freezes and will not move to the next screen. We’ve tried re-ringing the purchase, cancelling the transaction, closing and reopening the app. I have had to cancel kohl’s pay and pull out my card. I am an associate and can tell you that we don’t get a large volume of Kohl’s pay users but as this technology catches on, this issue will cause delays at the registers and, more importantly, frustration for our customers which will ultimately drive down sales.
  • The most annoying app of 2018 1/5

    By kfernley
    This app is annoying. Every time this app gets updated, you have to log back in and reset your password. Now I know some people are just going to say “it’s a security feature” and that’s nonsense because you can keep using the same password. I don’t know why they do it but literally every time I go to use this app I have to go through a 30 minute process for clicking the forgot password link, finding that email in my spam folder (because Kohl’s sends 4,763 emails a day) and then resting my password to the same one I’ve used. Just use your card and bring in the coupon they mail you. This app isn’t worth the struggle.
  • Apps ok, their online ordering is CRAP! 1/5

    By Beerconasr
    I have used Kohl’s on line twice now. The first time it took for ever to get my order. They went past the estimated shipping date by a week. The second order it took them two days to tell me that it was out of stock. The funny thing is I can go right back on and order it again for regular price. Be careful when you order expedited because in FinePrint it might say it will take weeks before they actually ship it. All in all it’s just crappy service all around. Oh and good luck trying to get a hold of them!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Scottie52
    Never had an app from a major retailer that was this glitchy. The payment option page was a complete mess, and took about twice as long as it should have.

    By Geo2smart
    Customer service is great! Very happy with my items and quick delivery. No problems with using their website at all. Easy to navigate around in.
  • New purchase 5/5

    My order has been shipped and I expect it to arrive in a couple of days. Hopefully it will look as good as it did on their website.
  • Useless! 1/5

    By Jeb654
    Spent a lot of time placing an order. When I went to check out it wouldn’t accept all my information. So, I tried Apple Pay, wouldn’t work without entering Y2Y, wouldn’t accept the “Y” entry. Wasted a over a half hour and never did get the order placed.
  • Thank you kohl’s 4/5

    By word 5
    Loved shopping online app. Made it so much easier for me after ankle surgery for holiday shopping!!!
  • This app is a mess 1/5

    By RickMorris
    Trying to check my credit balance. When launching the app, logging in works. When I tap to view my account it asks me to login again ??? and, using my username and password it tells me invalid username or password (and I NOT mistyping it)
  • Awful app 1/5

    By anaivette
    Wouldn’t let me redeem coupons or rewards at checkout. Not convenient and pointless.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ChicagoXavi
    Why must one enter log in info each and every time in order to make a payment on my cc? It's a time consuming activity. Makes me less likely to use this cc or visit the store often, just to avoid the hassles associated with this app
  • Frequent shopper 3/5

    By paulatahah
    Love kohl’s... but should start carrying items such as diapers also like target does. That would be awesome ...
  • I love it 5/5

    By wgmom
    This app saved my Christmas! No lines no searching in stores for hours and hours. Just pick on line in app and have it shipped home! Thanks so much
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By CarolH.
    I made a purchase online and since I try to avoid shipping charges (it lessens the value of the deals), I opted to pick up my order in store. Super easy & fast! Employees working the Customer Service Area in the Woodhaven, Michigan store were very courteous & helpful. Thanks for giving me an awesome after Christmas shopping experience! Happy New Year!
  • Adding Kohls Cash to Wallet 1/5

    By Barcawins
    Does not work! Please check.
  • Kohl’s app 5/5

    By mrspugmomgonzo
    I love it! And it’s super helpful 😊
  • Poor management 4/5

    By Incompetent slut
    If you write a bad review it will ask you to put in a nickname. I put in 12 different nicknames and they all were taken so they asked me to put in another nickname all the times that I put in taken. That is how they keep the negatives out.
  • Price change during check out 1/5

    By a truly blessed mama
    I was in my shopping cart to check out the 2.99 Big towels and 1.99 wash cloths. The prices changed on me prior to me being able to check out!! I had 40 towels and wash cloths all together!! I was very disappointed that I was not able to get the towels and wash cloths!!!
  • Kohl’s pay 2/5

    By nlievano
    Doesn’t work on iPhone X. Could be me I guess but I doubt it.
  • How does this app have such a high rating score 1/5

    By Rosiesampson
    I usually do not write reviews but this app is so terrible that I feel that I should share. I do not understand how this app has such a high rating score. I cannot believe that the score is accurate. The search features, choices and options are useless! If you choose more than 2 filters, although there are many available, you get zero results. If using the app in-store to search for available products, you get zero results. If trying to check for in-store availability, the app closes or freezes when trying to switch stores. On and on, I could go. This is one of the worst shopping apps I have ever used. I like Kohl’s brands and quality, but often need to save time and check availability before making a trip. I have several times settled for a brand or quality that I knew was available in a discount store rather than make the trip. If only the app were better designed...
  • A complaint 2/5

    By uckfayuyay
    I just opened a Kohl’s account and spent a good bit today in the store. I got home to see that my new sweater still has the hard, security device on it. I don’t know how I got out the door? Now I have to drive 40 miles round trip to go back there. Please teach your employees to always double check items as this is a major inconvenience for me as I wanted to wear this item tomorrow. Just an FYI.
  • Five Stars 5/5

    By Thegurls56
    Love shopping at Kohl’s, always have always will. Thank you Kohl’s!
  • Kohl’s 1/5

    By No mame 66
    Never works. Terrible.
  • Kohl’s C S 1/5

    By Texan yes but not a cowgirl
    Happened to me several times in the last 3 months. CS cannot understand English or say hold on and hang up or keep you waiting for an hour while they research how to place an order. The CS was as bad as it could be. I spoke to mgmt.
  • Garbage app with garbage customer support 1/5

    By mrbofus
    Not only is shopping in stores an exercise in frustration, half the employees working in stores are incompetent. Calling customer service results in speaking with people who obviously cannot speak English well and who clearly do not care at all about resolving issues or helping people.
  • Bad Christmas shopping experience 1/5

    By Klp1111
    Went to Kohl’s and purchased a large amount of Christmas presents. Got home and earrings I had purchased and were in my receipt were not in the bag. Called Kohl’s and the would do nothing at all to help.
  • Newest version is worthless 1/5

    By Neuro-Zen
    I used this app on my old iPhone (5s) for years & with the last upgrade the app would close itself a few seconds after I opened it. Figured it was incompatible with the older iOS so I put it on newer iPhone with current iOS (12.2...). The app froze. Won’t budge. I liked it before. Wish app developers would take it easy on the endless ‘upgrades’. Their tweaks often make things worse or altogether useless.
  • Done with Kohl’s 1/5

    By mesweets
    I ordered an Under Armour shirt on the 18th guaranteed to arrive by Christmas!! It has been saying Dec 24th and a time on the tracking for days. Now I get an email delivery Dec 26th!! I need it tonight so much for that!! I could have gone and bought something else if I had notice and time!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By ohiochick330
    Love the app it’s so easy to use and helpful helps me find what I’m looking for before I get to to store.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By E Lat Ro
    I love the app. I just wish that I could filter only seeing items at a particular store for pickup rather than having to see all stores in the area. I will still continue using the app.
  • First Time Shopper 5/5

    By AAweau
    I know I know the last Saturday before Christmas is the absolute worse time to shop but I had a fabulous experience with Kohl's even the wait in the line was good, no major problems the cashiers were smooth, very very nice, knowledgeable and all of them were smiling ( which honestly is rare being how super busy they were ) I loved shopping here and I'm glad I came during the busiest time of year cause that's when you see everything
  • I CANT PAY 4/5

    By Vtikhhhkkkkknnnvf
    I can not make a payment it’s just not available on app . I paid early in December and it’s the end of December and it will not let me pay my Kohl’s Charge card off . Please fix this bug.
  • Worst app ever for shopping 1/5

    By Smart Moms
    Please fix this awful app. Doesn’t let you sign in. Too many bugs and still isn’t fixed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Briggszzzzz
    The kohls app is horrible especially when you logon to your Kohl’s charge card every time you switch menus it logs you out and you have to sign back in talk about time-consuming and a pain in the rear fix it
  • My Store 5/5

    By Lisalovesinstagram
    My Jensen Beach FL store has the best staff anytime you need anything somebody’s there to help you customer service is great the registers are great everybody that works in the stores absolutely wonderful
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By JMillerTime74
    Easy to use, has all my Kohl’s charge info on record. Also store all your Kohl’s cash, and all coupons! Can say enough good things about this app very user friendly.
  • Ads? 2/5

    By FullyDressed
    Every time I’ve used your app a Rate Shield Approval banner appears
  • Decent 4/5

    By Wowzas15
    It’s a decent shopping app. I’d like to see more pictures of the shoes and clothing from different angles. I don’t like seeing only one side of a product. I also wish reviewers could share pictures of the item they received and how it fits or worked out for them. I wish there was more integration between the shopping app and the rewards site. When in the app right now, if you want to look at your Kohl’s Rewards and make payments on your card, you have to sign again, which is a burden to customers like me and negatively impacts my experience with the brand. To alleviate burden and improve the experience, these two areas should be more integrated and should support a single-sign on feature.
  • Please fix this app! 1/5

    By UpsetMick
    This is one of the most frustrating apps I have used. I can only login after changing my password 3-4 times EVERY time I log in. The app itself is pretty lame in functionality. Searching and buying on the website is significantly easier. The only thing I use the app for is making a payment which is not available on the website. Come on, Kohls. Get into the 21st century!
  • Great App 5/5

    By 123450042184
    I love this app. It’s very user friendly and it reminds me to use my Kohl’s cash so it doesn’t go to waste. If you shop at Kohl’s at all, you MUST have this app. I can’t shop without it now.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By your app is aweful
    Why can’t I pay you with my info or my thumb print? I always pay double & you reject payments! How do you recognize revenue? Bad App!
  • Order on App 2/5

    By jmblade
    It would be nice to be able to view and check status on the tab “your orders” from the actual Kohl’s app. I also placed an order through the app and it launched the mobile web in order to complete the the purchase?!?! Kohl’s app does still need some work done. Thanks and I hope this gets resolved.
  • Patricia 1/5

    By broomrider1961
    This is ridiculous! The same email address I use to shop isn’t recognized when I try to claim my kohl’s cash. Hmmm very odd that it always works when I’m shopping. What’s up Kohl’s? Who do you need to know to get your kohl’s cash? Mine expires Dec 19 and I still haven’t got it.
  • Most pathetic app 1/5

    By SirjonSR
    Was this tested even once by the developer? If you login and go to some menu, there is no way to come back. If you click on Back button you have login again. Not expected and very frustrating
  • Help 1/5

    By Cindy07201957!
    For some reason I can no longer access my shopping cart. I get an error msg to try later. This has been happening for over a week! Help!
  • Barcode scanner doesn’t work, cannot upload photos for review 2/5

    By be_lovely
    I have an IPhone X so I know my phone isnt the issue. When trying to scan the barcode it’s blurry at first and won’t seem to focus—app doesn’t allow for this, and it does nothing. No scanning takes place. This is SUPER annoying. There is no focus feature within the app. I’ve only been able to scan something once and I’ve tried dozens of items dozens of times each—PLEASE FIX THIS KOHLS!! There is no option to upload photos to your reviews in the app, but you can do this on the computer. Also you cannot view photos within reviews which is MAJOR issue for me as reviews are how I decide whether I am going to buy a product. Also the app is not up to date for what items are actually in store. I looked for items prior to going to the store, went to the store and the items were there I then searched again via the app and it was saying that the items were not available in that specific store, but they were clearly in my hand. There are also little things that need tweaking like with the coupons and add to wallet feature. Sometimes they are applied on their own and other times you have to add them. They stay in the used coupon section even if they don’t apply which is annoying as well. Lastly the items names are not quite accurate on the app example: the Sonoma Goods For Life “The Warm Wool Sock” Trekking Crew is listed on the app as Women’s Sonoma Goods for Life Wool Trekker Hiking Sock. Which if you were looking for “the warm wool sock” you wouldn’t be able to accurately find it searching the app, especially if you write it on your Christmas list and your gift giver is looking for Sonoma’s “warm wool sock” :(

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