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Kohl's App

Shopping + savings, all in the Kohl’s App. Take a look at some of the features: Kohl's Wallet All your offers, Kohl’s Cash and rewards are automatically saved. No more paper + no more forgetting. Kohl's Pay Pay with a scan (and apply offers, Kohl's Cash and rewards, too!). Reminders We'll remind you to use your Kohl's Cash and rewards before they expire. Shop My Store Shop your local store’s inventory, plus use the app in store as a price scanner. Free Shipping Make a purchase in store, and we'll ship it for free. Free Store Pickup Skip the shipping and pick up your order for free. Snap & Shop Snap a pic of something you like and we'll try to find similar items at Kohl’s. My Kohl's Charge The app keeps you signed in so you can quickly and easily check your Kohl's Charge balance and make payments. Yes2You Rewards See your rewards progress and track your points. Download the app today and we'll deposit 50 Yes2You rewards points right into your Wallet.* *Must be a Yes2You Rewards member. First-time app downloads only. Download today and find out why the Kohl’s app is your one-stop shop for saving on men’s, women’s and kids clothing, shoes, home decor, clearance items, gifts and so much more!

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  • 4-5star when app fixed 🤔 2/5

    By Nonyann
    😹I read other reviews to see if I am the only one having this problem. NOPE! 🤔 It’s apparent that you all know and see that it’s a problem. I’ve called in the past and it’s still a problem. I am told - I’ll tell my supervisor and they will get it fixed. HA! What a joke and I guess a way to get you off the phone!!😐 Still not fixed?! Apparently you all do not care about 🤑being able to make a payment from your app. Why does it constantly tell you that you have the wrong password.??! 🤔 You change it & it works one time! You change it again it works in one part, but not the other part. It works on .com but not in the app. It works in the app, but not in the payment. 🥴... 🗣What is the problem?! I actually should rate it one star because this is been a consistent problem and consistently ignored! #!#!😑 It was working fine until I did the stupid update and now I can’t schedule a payment via the app. I’ve talk to four people one day and was hung up on or one of the calls🤬! 🗣If you all don’t know how 🧠 to fix the problem, you should say that instead of having us to consistently and repeatedly change the password and then it still doesn’t work.!🤦🏻‍♀️ I give up! 🤪🥴💩👎🏻🖕🏻🤡
  • iPad app please! 3/5

    By Fa1rydu5t
    Make the iPad version of this app so I can use horizontally please!
  • Won’t allow me to pay bill 2/5

    By Leeben04
    Just recently this app won’t allow me to pay my bill. I can access my account and make purchases, but when I try and make a payment the app freezes up and sometimes tells me I have the wrong password which isn’t the case. I’ve been using this app for three years now and this is the first time I’ve had this issue. This is day two.
  • Screen freezes 3/5

    By YaYa.539
    Screen stuck on product view page, wouldn’t let back out. Had to leave the app for 30+ minutes, then returned, the it was on the home page.
  • Please put SKU/UPC numbers in product details 3/5

    By sadangrygay
    I work at a Kohl’s and customers come in all the time with the Kohl’s app pulled up on their phone and show me that the app says we have something in store. I always help them find it, but it isn’t always easy and a lot of times, the item is never found. The thing is, though, without an SKU or UPC I cannot find the location of the product on the floor or even where/what stockroom it is in, so I am unable to help the customer at a certain point, if they don’t want (or even refuse) to order it online (a lot claim they need it ASAP) or can’t find an alternate item. Also, without an SKU or UPC I cannot check availability at other stores (if they are even willing to go to another store in the first place). Sometimes, customers will get rude with me if they don’t receive their product or repeatedly complain (“But online it says it’s here!”), and it in result can sometimes lose business. Having an SKU or UPC in the product details would make it a lot easier for the customer and employees in the store.
  • Best place to shop for ur family 5/5

    By 321 laila
    I’m shopping twice a week at Khols great prices and more discounts
  • Jeans 1/5

    By jmpg222
    Were $19.99 yesterday, $35 today????
  • Angry customer 1/5

    By cvdcfc
    When I got notice of what I bought I tried 3x but couldn’t get anyone who could understand MY English not could I understand them. Called store they were to be picked up from twice—after more than 30 rings each time—no answer. I was beyond frustrated. Then they shipped to another store my other part of the order. We drove 67 miles to go to this store to pick up one item. Clerk was nice BUT it took all afternoon to get there and back. And I still don’t have second gift. It will ship to requested store near me. Now I have to deal with things like did they use my $10 Kohl’s cash. Did they give me second item half off. Did they give me back to school discount. I don’t think I’ll ever do this again. And I can’t believe next pickup will be smooth.
  • Love Live Laugh 5/5

    By Glittery Doll
    I love Kohl’s XOXO!
  • Can’t open the app 1/5

    By kohls supporter
    I went to update the app to the latest version and now it won’t open. Super frustrating. Tonight is the night I am school shopping for my kids. Guess I will be going through other stores.
  • ‘Save for later’ option in the cart 3/5

    By TTF lover
    In the cart, only options are remove. Required ‘save for later’ option. Have to search the product again which is time consuming. Thanks
  • Kohl’s really needs to fix this app 1/5

    By Jessica529m
    I never write reviews but this app is so horrible I had to say something. Every single time I login is has to send a code to my email to verify that it’s really me. I use this app multiple times in a month, stop asking me to verify it’s really me. It also gives you the option of sending the verification code to your phone but I can’t find where to save my phone number so I can stop scrolling through my email. And if you hit the back button you immediately get logged out and have to start the process all over again.
  • WORST EVER 1/5

    By midnightrealm
    Every single time I need to look at my Kohl’s credit card or pay it I have register my card and info all over again. It’s been 5 times in a month. I can’t sign in because it always says it’s incorrect when I know for a fact my info is correct. It’s the worst and luckily I just paid off the Kohl’s card I have and I’m throwing it away. It’s worthless. Multi billion dollar company and you think you’d make a workable app.
  • Good App, but, Needs some additional things 4/5

    By JLG1012
    I usually have no problems with the app. But, I wish there was an option to delete stuff off lists. It’s really annoying when certain things go out of stock and they’re not deleted from your list(s), and there’s no option to delete them.
  • Not good for an iPad 2/5

    By Dlr4499
    Using the app on an iPad mini is difficult. The app looks it was created for an iPod in 2007. It doesn’t appear to be updated since the screen doesn’t fit on it.
  • New phone 1/5

    By ironman063
    Very angry. Kohl’s app will not accept my email address to sign in. The att goes red, as soon as I hit the .net.
  • Great return policy and overall customer support 5/5

    By rchase1
    I've never had a problem with Kohl's so I don't understand the gal who rated Kohl's one star----- there are so many businesses that do deserve that rating but Kohl's is far from it--- I've never been let down by kohls--- ever---- I guess if I had to really think about one thing I'd like them to change is I guess more plus sizes in the store. That's it. I love Kohl's!
  • Frustrated !!!!!! 1/5

    By breville juicer!!!!!!
    Bought a Breville juicer and is definitely used! Been trying to call the store nobody picks up the phone! And this is the second time I bought a used one the other one was the nutri bullet ! My point is why they don’t damaged it out and not to put it on the sales floor! You guys don’t pay back for the inconvenience you cause from going back and forth and calling your store and you should know how tiring it is to complain ! You don’t want complain but putting used appliances on the floor and customers buy it , what do you expect? A manager trying to help me told me to call ? She said there’s Nothing? Well I’m here today at your store! You have four on the floor! She wants me to buy online and exchange both and buy again the one that I bought online? Now tell me why I have to do this review? I have all the reasons !
  • Awesome 4/5

    By msKerry69
    I love using the Kohl’s app. I’ve never experienced any problems thus far!
  • Less then ok 1/5

    By nskom
    If you press an arrow back while in app, it will kick you out, and when you try to sign back in, it will tell you that you are already signed in. This is stupid. When you try to shop, add items to the cart, and try to check out, it will not recognize your password and user name, repeatedly.
  • Paying 3/5

    By Joelieanne
    I wish you had the ability to pay online without having to phone the company I live too far away from the store to make an in-store payment I feel this would be a way of improving your app
  • Deceiving application 1/5

    By moana 0522
    I was trying to make an order, I just reached over $75 and the application was charging me shipping fee when it was in bold letter free shipping with the purchase of $75. I got upset and I will never use this application any more.
  • Happy 5/5

    By MrRiigs
    I’m Happy With The Deals And Rewards I’m Receiving. I’m Definitely Going Back...
  • Nightmare 1/5

    By RemEmO
    This app is an absolute password/login nightmare. Be prepared for total frustration if you choose to use this app.
  • Love the app and Kohl’s! 5/5

    By BLacK-HaRTz
    So lately I’ve been shopping at kohl’s and let me tell you... it’s so convenient that they have every brand there! I don’t care for Jordan or any other brands besides my Nike, adidas and clothes for my kids that this is a one stop shop for me. The app is so convenient and I easily shop online and either ship to the store or pick up at my nearest kohl’s... I have 3-4 local kohl’s in my area that I can easily pick up my orders. Only thing that happens is when I order something, it does say “pick up not available for an item” but doesn’t show which item it is so I have to guess what the item is. Usually when that happens I just head to the store and get it myself. Also, just finally decided to get a kohl’s credit card since I shop there so much and today I’ve been approved ready to go! Keep it up
  • Good design, poor execution 2/5

    By JacyMcN2016
    I am a former employee of Kohl’s so I had to learn how to use the app and assist customers with it. It’s tricky for many to get it all set up by creating an account, and then linking up a rewards account and credit card. But once it’s set up, it can be a great tool for finding coupons, storing Kohl’s cash and viewing your bill. The app works great at home, but when I need it most, while shopping in store, it almost never works. There’s something very wrong with EVERY Kohl’s store’s network. I can hardly every use it price check or pay my bill from inside the store. Their network seems to be a place where corporate has drastically cut costs and it shows. Fix that issue and I’ll be happy.
  • Great service 5/5

    By KimPog
    You will always receive great fast service thru the kohl’s app!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By PatPattyPatricia
    Who ever programmed this app needs not only to be fired but they need to change careers!!! Hey Kohl’s hire a usability team to fix your app or just start over! The connection to the charge card is ridiculous - why doesn’t this have fingerprint access?? The menu is confusing and it’s easy to click the wrong button which throws you out of the charge area which means you have to re-enter credentials plus get verification code at which time the program tells you that you are already logged in but there is no access except to log in again and the loop continues. Once in there is no obvious way to check on auto payments. That’s only the start of the problems. Do not bother with this app. There are plenty of other places to shop. Try another store that cares enough to have an app that is user friendly. Kohl’s obviously didn’t spend a penny on usability testing!
  • Security code does not work 1/5

    By JenMcG6
    For the last 2 months everytime I try to pay my bill I’m denied access to my account. I ask to resend a code and everytime it says it failed. Fix the security code step or remove it. All I want to do is pay my bill.
  • Not happy 1/5

  • App doesn’t handle Loyalty ID correctly - can’t submit order 1/5

    By SwarthWeber
    I’ve tried to use this app to place an order. Every time it throws an error saying “Invalid value for Loyalty ID”. Keep in mind that I am already signed in properly, so any loyalty ID value that isn’t being passed correctly is the fault of the app itself. I was able to submit my order with no problem on kohls.com, but the app is worthless without the ability to place an order.
  • Soooooooo annoying 1/5

    By Lisa the superstar
    I downloaded this app because I have a kohl’s charge and was shopping with my daughter there when an employee told me how great the app was. She said I can scan stuff to price check, and pay with the app, and get discounts for doing so. Well, I spent 30 minutes trying to get my account set up, and then when I finally did it logged me out and I can’t log back in. Nobody at the store knew how to fix it, and I really wanted to get the discount for using my card on the app. But it’s just a terrible app.
  • Stop logging me out 2/5

    By Moorrsville Hawkeye
    I like having all of my coupons in the app. However, it’s useless to me when I walk into the store and I’ve been logged out of my account by a recent update. Kohl’s is the only app that does this to me and it’s happened repeatedly. I stay logged in when my bank apps run updates, Facebook, Target, etc. Please fix this, Kohl’s. It’s beyond annoying.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By tinybitt
    The app keeps shutting off
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Onyx-the-dog
    This app is absolutely horrible. I don’t understand how it has so many stars. It always crashes and signs me out without notice. And now it won’t even allow me to sign in even after trying to reset my password! Aren’t apps supposed to make it easier and more convenient for people to pay and check their balances? This one is definitely not convenient or easy. If you want a super frustrating experience though, this is the app for you!
  • Kohl’s Pay STILL inop 1/5

    By Shadowmon123
    Downloaded most recent version of the app again (30 Jul 2019). Kohl’s Pay still does not work. Screen cuts off to select confirmation method. Please fix ASAP!!!
  • Don’t use this app! 1/5

    By conazza
    I was given a $100 gift card. I entered into the app. It registered that I had $100. Went to the store to use it and they wouldn’t allow it. Left the store and my app had a zero balance on the card. Called customer service and they put the money back on but now I can’t use it in the store or online. I’ve lost $100 thanks to this horrible app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kevhill71
    I can’t log in to pay my bill. I can’t get the necessary code sent to my phone or to my email to change or verify my account. I called customer service about it and they told me they were aware of the problem and working on it. That was 3 months ago. From the other reviews I’ve seen, I want to close this charge account and take my business elsewhere. SAD!
  • Latest update is horrible 1/5

    By giglz84
    As an avid Kohls online shopper using the app; the latest update wont even open on my Iphone. Frustrated that I now have to go the the actual website when the app was working great for me. Please fix app so I can use it again.
  • Love 5/5

    By Jackieh60
    Ive always had good luck ordering on line.. one time ordered sandals and got one pair of 2 different styles, called customer service and they shipped another pair right out and told me I could toss the other pair!🤗
  • La app no sirve 1/5

    By Ez ! pina
    Baje la aplicación y la use un par de veces y un día ya no me dejo entrar más diciendo que el password era incorrecto, lo cambié con la opción olvidé mi password y no funciona.
  • Love my kohl’s App 5/5

    By Pebs62
    Love shopping using this app!!
  • Good deals 5/5

    By israel sierra
    Very good deals me and my wife love it
  • No longer works 1/5

    By PensFan109
    I used to love this app, worked great. On an iPhone 6, the last update rendered the app unusable. I can no longer open at all. There doesn’t appear to be any mechanism for reporting technical issues, so here’s to hoping some compatibility testing is done soon.
  • Always fast delivery! 5/5

    By Baby Frani
    Kohl’s delivers in every way Fast shipping Good quality products Easy returns Kohl’s takes Amazon returns too! Baby Frani

    By Shewanna14
    I love shopping the app, but I dislike how many things are not included in the discounts!
  • Forced Updates?? 2/5

    By Street Map
    I just tried to bring up the app only to get a pop up telling me there’s an update. Apparently, you MUST update to continue using the App. Is this an iOS requirement or Kohl’s ?
  • Doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By cougr
    I have been using this app almost daily for over a year. Today i went to open it and it required an update. After the update the app will no longer open. Completely useless.
  • Online order 5/5

    By CreedMac
    This is one of the easiest stores to shop online. It is an hour drive for me to shop in store. I order all the time online. I have never had one issue with order or customer service if I decided the item wasn’t right for me. I love the app and love the store!!

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