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Kolor it

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  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ZPLAY
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kolor it App

Rotate the platform and roll the colorful balls over it to bring the colors to the world! The satisfaction from painting the figures provides ultimate relaxing experience, meantime it constantly piques your interest to uncover new figures. Along with the intuitive one hand control Kolor it will become one of the favorite time killers on your device. - Paint the platform to uncover the geometric figure hidden in the shade. - Explore 75+ uniquely created platforms - Uncover 35+ Special figures - Unlock 27 funny and interesting skins - Enjoy the beautiful colors and the aesthetics of the game. - See the astonishing visual effects

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Kolor it app reviews

  • Yes but no 4/5

    By Mary Kate1
    Love the game itself but so many adds I was trying to play but after each level I would have an add so I would have incourage you to fix it please!!!!!!!!
  • Waiting on an update 3/5

    By Blah Blah Blah🙂🙂🙂🙂
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game. But I wish I could press the “GET IT” button. I literally can’t press any buttons except for “LOSE IT”. What’s up with that! Also the designs of the paintings get a little repetitive. I swear I’ve colored the same design at least a dozen times! If you could update the game and fix the bugs in the buttons and make new designs for painting, that’d be great.
  • I love this game 5/5

    By fhtjdhte
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!
  • Terrible 2/5

    By cat10chat
    #1the levels are really easy #2 the colors are not that good #3ever when you pass a level you have to do it again I mean don’t get me wrong other than that it is great and fun game but I’m hoping these get fixed soon I just finished playing and I know that one of players wrote this same thing but I did get to level 33 and I’ve been on the same level nonstop since a week ago and still can’t get past on second thought I really don’t recommend this it won’t let me play anymore and there’s nothing I can do about this glitch I really don’t like this game at all it’s really boring to.This might be the reason I am writing this but #1I am in a lot of pain#2I am really tired #3Because I am sick really really sick and probably be in bed but instead I’m sunbathing and just got out of the pool I love you guys byeeeeee!!!!!!!
  • Too Easy 3/5

    By kellyartistry
    The concept of the game is great and satisfying, however, I get to about 98% and it seems the game finishes the rest for me, taking away the full satisfaction. I like being able to finish things myself and I don’t like that the game sees my “struggling” and finishes it for me. I want to keep playing, but end up closing the app from frustration. I hope you choose to update and fix this issue!
  • Yay 5/5

    By KatrinaLovesDancingLine
    So satisfying and cool!
  • Levels finish too quickly 4/5

    By DesiredWolf_x
    I’m honestly impressed by this game. The graphics are on point and it’s a very relaxing experience, making it close to one of the best games I’ve come across. Although, there are a few things that could be added to make it better. 1. Two different modes. The current mode, where you tilt the platform with your finger, and another one where you tilt your phone. 2. More colors, and maybe a few levels where there’s all different colored balls together. 3. This is more of a fix than an addition, but sometimes I’ll be playing and I’ll have a few little spots of the platform left (sometimes bigger chunks) and the level just completes itself without letting me finish it. This is really unsatisfying to me. Other than that, this game really is a good one.
  • 🙄 5/5

    By jalissa morale
    Actually I do think I can pass level 3 I’m already on level six and I started yesterday but I’m low because I don’t. Play. It. That. MUCH
  • level 49 = 💋 5/5

    By nonametimecheese
    level 49 be like 👌
  • G.O.A.T.E.D 5/5

    By Maso .91
    It’s goated
  • Omg so addicting 5/5

    By flyyf
    This is amazing it is addicting and I just started playing this too I love it good job!
  • No hate 5/5

    By ~*maria*~
    I’ve gone further than level 3 :>
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Spider🕷Venom
    It’s a good fun game but there are WAY to many ads. It’s annoying
  • The best game ever!🥰 4/5

    By Kaitlyn🥰
    If you could put songs and it would be better but no
  • I love it 5/5

    By 3Savvi
    It’s a very addicting and satisfying game
  • 👍 4/5

    By lon lon💚
    This game is very creative 👍
  • Button 1/5

    By davidtuck
    None of the get it work
  • kinda mad 1/5

    By amgry hhhhh
    i got this game bc i looked relaxing but it kinda rushes you into finishing coloring. like i wanna take my time but it’ll fill in any blank spots towards the end even if you’re not done
  • The Ads are 😷🤬 2/5

    By ㅇRetardedㅇ
    You can play 2 rounds of finishing the art and then a ad has to come up like every 2 paints that you do which is like 40 seconds , then you have to watch an ad and its annoying like the ads are none stop coming WTF☹️🤬
  • Love the game but to many adds 5/5

    By Alinesmith
    I loveeee this game so much it’s so fun! When I’m bored I’m going to play this. But there are to many adds, but I still love the game🤪💕
  • It’s good but..: 5/5

    By its good,But...
    I love this game it’s the best I play it to show my friend a and sometimes there is a lot of ads and what’s the point of diamonds.Im at level 53 and those are the only bad things about it.you can also show your friend this game and I think they would like it
  • Love it it’s so fun 5/5

    By hhgbbggffffddddddddfgjjjjj
    Love it !! It’s soooo FUN!
  • Satisfying, but not really a game? 2/5

    By cc app hater
    There’s really no challenge to this at all because you have forever to roll it around. The game also seems to throw its hands up and a certain point and be like “okay fine! I’ll finish it for you” and fill in the last 1%. It also repeats levels pretty fast. Less than 200 levels in (each one takes like 30 seconds or so) and I’m already seeing repeats. Ultimately it is really satisfying but not long-lasting. Could use a lot of improvements.
  • WAY TOO MANY ADS!! 1/5

    By brat brat pew pew
    This game is absolutely filled to the brim with unskippable ads, even if you click on the button passing the ad, another will play. Can’t stand this game at all!
  • Pretty awful and satisfying 2/5

    By Fornite-star
    This game satisfying but...once you pass levels it stops letting you go further and it gets boring because really all you do is color in a outline. When you press a ad to skip a level it won’t work (idk if that’s only me). I would not recommend this game to a friend or anything.
  • Fake. 3/5

    By Mia'sKool
    Okay well although I love the game in certain advertisements from the game, it will say” I don’t think you get to level 3” sort of putting themselves out there saying that it is very hard, but it is also false advertisement, that is just wrong. I don’t think they understand that, because I am certainly not on level 3, and I downloaded this last night, as a TEN YEAR OLD GIRL I can somehow understand why they would do that, cause now days people look for a challenge so, just wanted you people to know, that this is false advertisement and it is very wrong, not something that you should participate in, and although, I maybe taking this to a more dramatic level, false advertisement is still pretty bad and not something someone will be interested in hearing you did. Thank you
  • Color it 5/5

    By mikayla cantor
  • This is the best game come and check it out 5/5

    By avaea
    Love this game
  • I think it is an ok game 3/5

    By jdjdnfbjahdkegksgejeusk
    I give this a 3 star rate because I think it need more challenging things and it needs less adds and it needs to be harder
  • Chill 5/5

    By Yani💚🤪
    Very relaxing
  • Not too happy 2/5

    By katniss.3v3rdeen
    The general game isn’t bad and it’s really calming but every time I had a chance to get a mystery gift or more keys, it would click the button but do absolutely nothing. I’ve never EVER gotten the skin in the reward thing and it’s starting to feel like a rip off. Again, I like the general game but I think it’s unfair
  • Good game when bored 5/5

    By Night shine 13
    I finished my homework think what I’m about until I had this game.
  • Big with rewards 3/5

    By Jpxfrd56
    There is a bug with rewards where I can’t select the “get mystery prize” or “get X6” instead I have to choose to loose the reward and watch an ad anyway.
  • Great 4/5

    By hakima2268
    This game is so fun 😃and interesting I could just sit and play on it all day 😃but when I first got it It was a little confusing 🤨but it's free and fun so try it out and if you don't like it delete it.so I gave this game a rating of four ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️stars and if you get this game please rate it 'cause it's fun but also try other wise try some other games of lions studio.
  • I love this game but 5/5

    By Veto99
    To many ad,s 😖😖😡😡😡😬😬😬😬
  • It’s “ok” 3/5

    By A specific user
    While there are only a few ads, the game is still relaxing. This not only relaxes the user but also is a good way to pass time. I personally think that the game is fun, but only when you have nothing else to do.
  • Angel Trull 5/5

    By Princess Angel Trull
    Guys I swear I just got this game just right now and it is the very best game you would want to ever get it is literally the best game omg 😱 😱😱 the best game I literally have no words to describe it but try it out
  • Kolor it!! 5/5

    By byebye1234116637648
    This game is thev best i play it everyday when im bored i plat it its the best❤️❤️😩💔
  • Ok game 3/5

    By haleighwelch
    It’s ok but not changing and has nothing hard 😐🤨
  • This game is so fun! 5/5

    By Gwenny W.
    This is a very fun game, although it wasn’t what I had in mind. I thought you had to tilt the device, which would make it more easier. But I guess it wouldn’t be as fun if it was at least a little challenging. This is a super fun game, and I totally recommend it!
  • SO SATISFYING!!!! 5/5

    By Mpusa123456
    This game is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SATISFYING!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for making this game!!!!! I LOVED the RaInBoW LeVeL!!!!! Thank you,And goodbye.
  • Fun 5/5

    By big dady o5
    This is the best most satisfying game ever and you just can’t lose
  • Won’t let me click 4/5

    By blue skys 999
    I love this app, it works great. But whenever it is giving me the “prizes” it won’t let me click on it. Overall the app itself is great but I would like it if y’all could fix this.👍🏻
  • Kolor it 5/5

    I love this game it’s awesome
  • I like this game because 5/5

    By nat nj cat
    You got to try to solve things like problems
  • This game keeps me busy for hours and it’s so so fun 5/5

    By bgghgkjckjch
  • Impossible to enjoy 1/5

    By BloopImaPanda
    Would be a good and relaxing game to play but WAY TOO MANY ADS. Who wants to play a game that’s constantly intruded by unwanted ads and offers? You play a game to have fun! And that’s impossible. Couldn’t even play a full 10 minutes because I got fed up completely.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By d i e i n a h o l e
    This game is so addictive
  • I really like this game 5/5

    By Fineillmakeaname
    I really like this game so far. It’s worth a look!!!

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