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KOMO News Mobile

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  • Current Version: 7.18.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fisher Interactive Network LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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KOMO News Mobile App

The KOMO News app delivers news, weather and sports in an instant. With the new and fully redesigned app you can watch live newscasts, get up-to-the minute local and national news, weather and traffic conditions and stay informed via notifications alerting you to breaking news and local events. • Breaking news alerts and stories • Live streaming • New weather section with hourly and daily forecasts • Live weather radar and traffic information • Completely overhauled app that is faster and easier to use

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KOMO News Mobile app reviews

  • Portrait Mode Only 1/5

    By Momzeal
    I use my IPad in Landscape mode with a keyboard. This app won’t rotate like most of my news apps. Deleted it.
  • Kills your battery 2/5

    By tyffs
    I like the general format better than most news apps. You can read the highlights or drill into the details. But the stupid video adds just kill your battery. You can turn off WiFi and it is supposed to stop the videos but that doesn’t always work. Dump the video adds!
  • No sound 1/5

    By So Ddooonnneee!
    This app has always caused me heartache. It has never had any sound no matter what I do. I also like to read the news in landscape mode, but that is not possible with this app. I am a diehard fan of KOMO News on TV and would love to get the news on my device when I’m not at home, but I’m getting frustrated and will be using a different station from now on.
  • Not iPhone X or higher friendly 1/5

    By P-Dawg12thMan
    Cannot close out (x out) videos because “x” button location in top right corner conflicts with iPhone screens command center pull down feature. Have close out app and reopen to continue reading news - just don’t watch anything video related. Stupid UI/UX iOS bug. Who does your testing?
  • App look great now add sound 1/5

    By ScottSSA
    This app looks like it would be great. You get the ability to watch the news in the morning on the app and don’t need to turn on the TV. Now if they would only add sound to the app it would get a 5 star review.
  • Another Sinclair Broadcast Group shill 1/5

    By Kevin the K in SEA
    Just a pipeline for BS content and fact free faux news to reach your phone. The interface is as terrible as the mush it pushes. Take a hard pass on this app.
  • Meh 3/5

    By ArmandoGomez4
    The app lacks a lot of in app functionality and launches a browser window to open almost everything, rendering the app basically useless because it’s an extra step to access articles directly via the mobile website. If more pages were directly embedded within the app the pages would load faster and the app would be more enjoyable to navigate. Not a fan will uninstall.
  • Get it together KOMO! 1/5

    By KOMO Fan
    I used to receive sound on my apple products now nothing, your forcing me to go to KIRO, yikes. Please hire a IT person to do their job correctly, for Christ sakes this Seattle, not Yakima.
  • Sound will not work when watching videos or live broadcast 2/5

    By BadLuckBDOGG
    Sound doesn't play during videos, and I know it's the app because I am getting sound in other apps just fine.
  • App locks up frequently 2/5

    By jamie11558
    In order to get through all the news you have to close the app and reopen it again as the screen freezes. It does it on those generations of iPads that we own. And iPad air two and an iPad Pro. Fix this please!
  • Story link goes to weather instead. 1/5

    By itshouldworkoutofthebox
    This stopped working a while ago so I uninstalled it. Just downloaded the new one and it was a fail. It’s like Komo is the poorest tv station in Seattle.
  • Power Monger 1/5

    By Skates 'n Spikes
    This app drained 30% of the IPhone power while I ate my breakfast!
  • Almost all good 4/5

    By Scott in Seattle
    It’s almost all good. Some of the recent improvements, like the handling of pictures, are great. The “listen live” feature needs a lot of improvement. It constantly cuts in & out. It seems there is more time where it isn’t working than is. I’m usually connected to a WiFi network when listening but I’ve tried turning the WiFi off & it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
  • No landscape orientation on iPad Air 1/5

    By FJB53
    While I like waiting your news on TV, I some times miss the show and want to watch it at a later time. This app does not cut it so I’ll be deleting it. Let me know when you have landscape available and cached programs available and I’ll re-load it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By yahooyoyo
    I’ve used this app for years while commuting to work. I don’t know what you did in the latest update, but it’s terrible. Cuts out constantly, I’ll be changing to another station. Years ago there were similar issues, in the early stages of apps, there’s no excuse now.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Seattle Guy 166
    I was hopeful that their app would preform better than their website (since that is very sluggish) but was wrong. The news feed tab doesn’t load anything not the weather tab. It’s a shame because I like their news content but they don’t make it easy other than watching it on TV.
  • Ads 1/5

    By patt206
    I don’t mind ads, but it’s the same product between EVERY video. Good content. The wine ads are a game changer for me. When I see them when I open it, I shut it down. Will uninstall soon.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By JDW-NY
    This is all print stories, no video. Why bother with this? I could read these on any news feed. The video is what would make this worth my time.
  • No landscape mode. 2/5

    By Knightrider51
    You can't see it in landscape mode for the iPad. Make the app where you can rotate to any position. Also the ads should not look like the news stories. Be careful what you click on or you will the ad instead of a news article.
  • Not impressed 2/5

    By Pandora15
    Content is ok but what really annoys me is the constant freezing of this app. Scroll, freeze, force shut, reopen is a daily occurrence.
  • Sinclair Group schill 1/5

    By Ericmallen
    Get your fake news here.
  • Sinclair...uninstalling 1/5

    By Adz198819881988
    Found out this is a Sinclair station....no longer using, I’ll rely on an independent news source. No scripted talking points...
  • No thank you Sinclair 1/5

    By Pancake23
    Just deleted- I don’t want my local news biased by Sinclair broadcasting. Bye bye
  • Looks great with the recent updates 5/5

    By Hawk Big Fudge
    The updates to Newsfeed and Watch are a big improvement
  • Descent app with lot of scope of improvement 4/5

    By JunaidAzadCs
    Audio is working when the phone is not in silent mode.
  • Doesn’t recognize iPad mini orientation 1/5

    By Latte Rob
    I have my iPad mini set in a stand in landscape orientation, and I have to set it to portrait to read and watch live. Live will move to landscape when I change, but i have to move it first. Other apps will already recognize the orientation. Also my biggest negative with KOMO and this app is their repeated annoying komo ad. Why can’t they fill ad space with something else or air the normal ads as on tv. Anyway, going to use other network apps.
  • App turns off when screensaver comes on 1/5

    By A previously happy listener
    As of a few updates ago, your app now stops playing when the screensaver / lock comes on with my iPhone 6S. The only thing I can do to affect it is to change the length of time until my screensaver comes on. Can’t believe I’m the only one this happens to. I’ve basically stopped listening to your live radio as a result...
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Drumcorp69
    Thank you so much for the coverage on the train derailment. You really helped the major networks understand what happened!
  • What... 1/5

    By nmg89
    Whenever I open the app, the stories are old. Even after restarting/refreshing/everything possible, the articles are always 9+ hrs old.
  • Updates? 2/5

    This app’s content is updated about once every 24 hours. It is not updated again till the next day. It is less accurate than a stopped clock. 10/2/17 I am removing this app from my iPhone and iPad because of the company’s exceptionally poor update schedule. Ten hours after the Las Vegas shooting there was no update that it had even happened. Really a crappy service. 11/22/17 Got a note from the app developer saying they solved the update problem. WRONG! The problem is that KOMO’s news department is so understaffed they can’t provide enough news to do news updates! KING does. KOMO does not.
  • Notification hell 3/5

    By Vingetjur
    It works well enough, I really wish they included the ability to filter what type of push notifications you get. They send 15 million Seahawks notifications and I couldn't care any less about the team or the NFL. To be able to turn off sports or Seahawks notifications would be great. I've disabled all notifications as a result.
  • Doesn't like Apple TV or watching via mobile 1/5

    By Travnseattle
    This app doesn't like you watching live broadcasts. It constantly repeats a komo 4 advertisement. Over & over. When I watch on the regular tv, the app is still repeating the same advertisement, either komo 4 ad or a honda ad. Very frustrating. King 5, KIRO 7, Q13 apps actually work great. Even better, kiro 7 has an Apple TV app. Komo was actually better when Fischer owned KOMO. Sinclair seems more concerned about politics than the viewers it serves.
  • Crashes when opening from toast pop-up 1/5

    By kaizersoze
    Please fix
  • App Working Again 5/5

    By AAABadForm
    Latest update fixed crash at startup on my iPad 3. Application is working well now. Thx!
  • Well done! 5/5

    By mugs1351
    Thanks for fixing up my favorite news app.
  • Absolutely no sound during video stream 1/5

    By TribalFusion
    I downloaded the app because the web based live stream freezes so much I was hoping it would be better here. Unfortunately, this app won't play sound during video stream. I've reloaded the app twice thinking it just installed incorrectly and so far no change. It plays video quickly for the live stream but has no sound on both my phone and iPad. Bummer.
  • KOMO News Mobile Ver 7.0.0 1/5

    By Puget Orca
    I don't know how much beta testing went into this latest version, but it simply doesn't work. Suggest the developers try to download and pretend to be an user. This version is a bust.
  • Latest update crashes 1/5

    By 5 star example what not to do
    After the last update, the app crashes every time. Even deleting the app and loading again does not get it to work. 0 stars was nit an option
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Savyplay
    It will no longer open!
  • KOMO app 1/5

    By Blabs4me
    This new updated app doesn't work at all. Crashes every time.
  • KOMO Okay for News But App Disappoints 1/5

    By Pattycolleen1
    KOMO is the only news app I have that doesn't adapt to landscape or upside down portrait position. I occasionally use my iPad upside down while plugged in, but the app won't rotate to support this, so I revert to other local news sites which ALL have screen rotation ability.
  • Crashes every time I open it... 1/5

    By Jazzman16
    This is the new version too. 7.0.0
  • Terrible app but most Seattle residents should lap I up 1/5

    By Neutral Observer
    KOMO usually presents its news with a viewpoint, an extreme far left point of view that the fascistic, socialistic residents of Seattle no doubt approve of.
  • Ridiculous amount of ads! 1/5

    By Picklgreen
    The amount of ads in this news app is RIDICULOUS!
  • Mobile app review 1/5

    By MLS 2667
    Am not happy with this app. Does not refresh to current stories when opened. Have had to unload and reload app several times to do this.
  • My Go-To News App 5/5

    By Daily Grindee
    I love this app!! Stories are reported quickly, and are very informative to working Individuals. Seems non biased compared to the other local popular news app
  • Needs landscape mode 4/5

    By AZ_Doc
    iPad version doesn't rotate into landscape mode so you can't read or watch using your cover stand.
  • Crappy app! 1/5

    By 1Ruff1
    Not user friendly at all and can't find stories that it alerts u too!!
  • Breaking News 2/5

    By Nitescan
    If I get a notification for breaking news, it'd be nice if when opening that item from the notification that the app actually take you to the breaking news story. Once in the app, I can never find the story that I was notified about. Please fix this!

KOMO News Mobile app comments

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