Krazy Coupon Lady: Save Money

Krazy Coupon Lady: Save Money

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  • Current Version: 2.5.4
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  • Developer: Krazy Coupon Ladies
  • Compatibility: Android
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Krazy Coupon Lady: Save Money App

Shopping for deals and finding store discounts is a breeze with Krazy Coupon Lady. Save money and shop smarter. It’s as simple as that. Want to stop overspending while you shop and start saving big? Krazy Coupon Lady experts give you the latest deals and discounts on the best brands! Get exclusive access to amazing offers and shop smarter with tons of personalized money saving tips and tricks. 3 reasons you need Krazy Coupon Lady in your life: 1. Dive in and find KRAZY deals, we post 80 new offers every day! 2. Check out the best discounts on big time brands like Dollar General, Target CVS & more. 3. Create a shopping list, save your coupons and then sync across your devices. Watch your grocery bill get cut in half! Discover the hacks you need to shop smarter! Check out our articles on money saving tips, cost-cutting solutions and get advice from our expert community of savvy shoppers. New to couponing? We’ve got you covered! Our in-app tutorials and videos will turn you into a money-saving machine. Because friends don’t let friends overspend. Join our community and be proud of your new smart shopping ways by uploading and sharing your ‘brag’. Give us the details of your savings and we will share it with our community of women just like you! Step up your savings game and find discounts. Couponing with Krazy Coupon Lady is a major game changer. Download Krazy Coupon Lady today - Shop, save and share.

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Krazy Coupon Lady: Save Money app reviews

  • There are much better apps out there 2/5

    By Kplan23
    Free isn’t free when you have to give up your email address or cell number in return for a deal. Many deals are only valid once you surrender your email address or cell number. Then you can’t get a good offer without having to create new disposable address or cell number. It’s not worth the time or effort for the rare item I may be interested in. The UI is chaotic. Try finding something you saved. Full page video ads prevent me from using the app until the ad finishes. That ad is soon replaced by another. The app has a habit of crashing. Lastly using the iPad promos as an example. The regular price listed is MSRP including iPads that were discontinued years ago. When has anyone paid RSVP or some other price that’s way above retail? The potential savings are overblown. There are a lot of deal apps around that are easy to use, don’t require hoops to jump through and don’t constantly crash. They also let you narrow down the ads to your needs. I’m well past needing diapers and hopefully far away from needing them again. I don’t want to see toddler clothing or diapers aimed at me.
  • Coupons and saved money 5/5

    By jessicagriffis
    Just wanted to say this app is incredible!! I’m grateful for all of your hard work teaching all of us!! ♥️. Jessie
  • Exactly what it says Krazy!!! 5/5

    By Mr. Fatts the Cat
    I love how they have everything on here, and there are Krazy deals on here all the time!! Thank you for saving money, and helping me to save money too!! I really appreciate y’all!!
  • App does not work properly 1/5

    By Baby3011
    Every time I get a notification and I click on it, it goes to the app and the app never loads and I get a error message. It’s unfortunate because this site has really good deals. I’m deleting the app.
  • Stretching my dollars 5/5

    By gratefull ♥️
    I being in lite duty at work since December my income drop to half of what I normally make so being at home I was online when the app “KCL” pop up and I got curious and open the app. and saw how people save so much money and thanks to “KCL” and her advice I decided to tryout using coupons at CVS following her advice and to my surprise my very first time doing this I was able to save on a total sale $70.10 .....worth of L’Oréal makeup and face day cream & face cleaning cream once I present my coupons I end up paying $27.06 I couldn’t believe it I’m so thankful for helping me and many many more persons like trying to stretch our $$$$ thank you your # 1 fan lots of blessings going your way 🌹♥️🙏
  • A life-changer 5/5

    By Chica Sandz
    Love this app. I just can’t say enough good things about it.
  • Love this 5/5

    By Lilibutrico
    I seriously look at this app multiple times a day! Saves me some serious cash
  • Money saver 5/5

    By Queenbfroggy
    This app makes saving money so easy
  • Good but slow 3/5

    By noclaf14
    I love this app, honestly. There's absolutely no problem going through the categories, except "Brags". For some reason now, when i try to scroll through the brags, it goes sooooooooo slow. Its definately not my phone or my Wi-Fi. I have no trouble looking through "My Stores" or "Our Picks". But once i get to Brags, its like trying to use a laptop from 2007 and using FireFox. I love looking through everyone's hauls and finding scenarios i could use, so this just makes it really difficult and frustrating not being able to see them.
  • This app is just what I been looking for! 5/5

    By nattravels
    Not only does the app highlight great deals at your frequently shopped stores. The app breaks down the whole couponing process so you learn how to coupon without the app which I wanted to do to learn what to look for. This app simplify the process and get rid of the guess work like how to combine coupons to get the best deals even freebies .OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Meri Happy
    Love The KCl team!!! Love watching Joni, and Heather! Love the matchup. This is my go to page for couponing!! Keep up the good work!
  • ♥️ 5/5

    By MissBonitaVida
    I love this app so much! Very detailed breakdowns and they are always watching for amazing deals 💖 perfect for beginners like me
  • Doesn’t really work 1/5

    By rocker_duck1
    All of the mobile coupons take you to third party apps or websites that are now invalid. Printable coupons also have issues as it also takes you to a third party but never the right one. Ex: clicked on coupon for diapers, took me to third party website for viva paper towels. I like the idea of this but the bugs need fixed before it’s able to be used
  • Audrey 5/5

    By blondmom69
    Love this app!! It is great!!
  • Great app.. one issue 5/5

    By superwomanhasflawstoo
    I love this app overall. I just have one main issue where when I click on a notification, it just takes me to home feed on the app. It would be helpful if it could take me to the link the notification mentions. Instead, I end up having to search for it, or more often than not, I end up getting distracted by other things that pop up in the home feed and forget what I clicked on to begin with. I know I can be very forgetful, but as a busy working mom of toddlers, I would like to think I’m not alone in this.
  • Love this App.. 5/5

    By smart:shopper
    Deals deals deals !!! the online steals and deals.. Didn’t use coupons yet.. THANK YOU !!!
  • The greatest help with couponing ever 5/5

    By Mistimornings
    I love this App it is the greatest thank you so much for helping me learn how couponing really does works!
  • Scannable coupons 5/5

    By mostyk
    Too bad we can’t scan coupons to our phones I love this app
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By cydtehfufuvig
    I absolutely love this app! She finds all the best deals. I always check the app before I go to the store to make sure I get the best deals.
  • Best coupons app ever!!! 5/5

    By frenchie2983
    Best coupons app ever!!!
  • Thank you KK Lady 5/5

    By No1dragonfly2016
    If the extreme couponing confuses you, this app will walk you thru it. She tells you the deal, tells you what to buy, tells you what coupons you need and where to find those coupons. All you need to do is follow the directions and you get the deal! Awesome
  • MUST HAVE 5/5

    By Jahoesaphat123
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU Ms. KCL for creating this app...👏🏼 This passed December if I was waiting for a few specific “1 day only sale” 1 at Bath n BodyWorks I actually didn’t have to go to the store...just checked my notifications.!!! Again Thank you ————————————————- I also was going to message you asking for your thoughts.... Okaay, so I’m what you could call a “Coupon Hoe” 😆 Almost every week I receive multiple copies of the Sunday coupon circulars.... I’ve asked my local ShopRite and 2 Walmart’s if I could hang up a poster cork board for coupons so whoever needs 1, takes! Is it possible to add something for coupons.?, give or even buy to here OR What would you or even a review reader suggest I do with my extra coupons.?...Im already ALL IN peoples carts to see if I have any coupons they can use.! I hate throwing them out, it’s like “wasting money” Thanks, Kimmo
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Ariel Luria
    Awesome app! Alerts me to sales, advice on savings, i.e. what to stock up and when. If you want to save money, you NEED this app!!!!!
  • Very confusing app 1/5

    By DrakeBoo
    I’m having problems figuring out to print these darn coupons!!!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By DrCuddhy
    This is THE BEST BEST BEST APP for couponing! I wish I could give it 100 stars! I love it!
  • Great thorough app 5/5

    By JessVoor
    Love this app!!!
  • Coupon Crunching Companion 4/5

    By Santacatmom
    This is like FINALLY getting the weekend paper with all the coupons AND the nosy neighbor (me) has marked all the cool deals, dog eared the magazine page, and highlighted the “gotta go to sales” on Girls’ Day (Shower, shampoo, shop, and slump) deals. Now I don’t have to think I’m missing a Savings because y’all got it for me. Thank you!
  • Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By Dooxie Boopsi
    This app is truly amazing. I am so glad I stumbled upon it!
  • Fake 1/5

    By Inmycudizone
    So since when did legit apps do those stupid bot/generator surveys? Lol bye.
  • Great app, but can’t search by coupon 4/5

    By jennnn008
    It’s a great couponing app but with multiple updates and changes, my app freezes a lot and I can no longer search for coupons. That was very useful for last minute organizing to clip coupons from different inserts.
  • Thanks a lot!! 5/5

    By savethrifter
    I love this app. I need to save money and this helps me out tremendously. Thanks for everything on your site!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Mommy's iPhone1112
    It seems like the only store they promote is Walmart and the app seems very outdated.
  • Huge Help! 5/5

    By Itskatieyooo
    This app is wonderful for newbies who are learning how to coupon!! It’s very thorough and descriptive, telling you how to get the best deals with exactly which coupons. You can turn on notifications for specific stores and products too. You won’t regret downloading this!!!
  • New 5/5

    By Lauransparta
    I’m new and just figuring all this out but it seems well organized and that it could be very useful
  • This app is a nightmare 1/5

    By Tirinity
    This app could be great if the software was overhauled and updated. It is sloppy looking, it glitches, paged goes blank and Probably other issues. I worked at a service center years ago for dell troubleshooting computers. This app is a mess. Very annoying. I will delete it if it does not get better. Doesn’t deserve any stars. All these nicknames are not taken you don’t like my post. Mane I need to talk to apple about App Store and how reviews are rejected because there are no nick names are left for desired.
  • Best! 5/5

    By Dkg26
    This is by far my favorite savings app! When a deal is posted, she shows the original cost plus breaks down what you need to do in order to get the best price. It’s been so helpful to me! 10/10 recommend
  • Video ads 1/5

    By Mee123!
    A great app has now been ruined. Be aware there are video ads now that pop up when you click on a link. If the app was not already filled with a lot of ads.
  • App keeps crashing 3/5

    By dsh1$
    I love Krazy Coupon Lady, but the app crashes over and over again. I have to open it in my browser in order to use it.
  • Freeze 1/5

    By Moon🌙🌟
    Deleted in less than 5 minutes. I like the concept but it kept freezing on me. I’m home connected to my WiFi and nothing else so it’s not the phone.
  • Annoying piece of garbage 1/5

    By Coasterclick
    This seems like it would be great to view weekly ads and appears to be the only thing on the the App Store that offers printable coupons. Sends me non stop notifications and emails that are completely irrelevant to me. I clicked unsubscribe and the emails continue. Tons of ads in the application and annoying notifications throughout the day. Needs a daily digest option before I’ll even consider reinstalling.
  • Love it 5/5

    By kwilson1990
    My life saver
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Chowfuntom
    I used to love this there are so many ads. And now I get several emails a day spammed to my account. I still like to scroll through the offers, but so many now are just regular sale prices and not couponing deals. Why is Black Friday still being listed for new deals 4 weeks after Black Friday?
  • Crap 1/5

    By brobitch
    This thing crashes all the time, I can barely get the first page to load before it crashes. I can’t look at any articles without it freezing and crashing. Pulling up the website is easier.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Blataz
    Very helpful to know the deals out there !
  • Sold out 1/5

    By Kenjihikari
    This app has completely changed. They are just trying to make money off you with stupid topcashback notifications. Don’t fall for it.
  • Extremely sluggish and slow 1/5

    By Giannalu
    The app has been Awesome for the time I have been using it, but lately it’s been very difficult to use due to the slow scrolling crashing and WAY to many pop ups. I am not using the app as much lately and seems that it just a matter of time before I completely delete the app for good. Sad to feel so negative about this app as I have been following Krazy Koupon Lady for years. Please update your app and fix all of the issues that your readers are posting. It’s time to fix it and make it a great app again.
  • Love the website but app closes by itself 4/5

    By CalpNasty
    I love the content and the app is easy to navigate but recently the app has been closing itself when I click on a deal. This happens so much that it makes me not want to use the app at all. Again absolutely love the website but something has been up with the app itself.
  • If you buy anything get this app 5/5

    By BronzeGoddess001
    This app is seriously awesome. Let’s me know all the best deals at all of my favorite stores and will even create a shopping list for me! It’s free so I would try it out for a week or two... no commitment so delete if you don’t like but I’m obsessed with this app!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By VVPink
    It allows me to create a list! Whooohoo! No more copy & pasting!!

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