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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 18.7.07
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Krispy Kreme ® App

The Krispy Kreme® app is filled with tons of delightful surprises! Download now to experience the joy of Krispy Kreme and all the exciting features below: Hot Light™ • Find out exactly when hot, fresh doughnuts are coming off the line • Locate the nearest Krispy Kreme shop, wherever you are • Get push notifications to know when the Hot Light is on (optional) Krispy Kreme Rewards™ • Simple and Sweet! Earn your way to free doughnuts, dozens, or coffee and receive a free doughnut just for signing up!

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Krispy Kreme ® app reviews

  • Loss of History 2/5

    By DArlynn81
    With the new version, I cannot view my history. What you can do in this app version is very limited aside from scanning at purchase (assuming the store’s scanner even works). Where can I see my receipts? Can we order ahead of time? Have not been as happy with the new rewards or app thus far.
  • Mrs. Harris 1/5

    By BabyDoll6274
    I downloaded the app and it won’t let me sign in plz fix!!!🍩
  • Difficulty logging in 1/5

    By BrwnIs92
    I have tried on multiple occasions to open the app but keep getting an error message. It says it doesn’t recognize my account. Try to reset password, says it cannot be done on the app. Try to logon from FB and get an error for that too. Very frustrating. Thankfully the people who served me were to access with my cell number. Fro. What I understand, this happens quite frequently.
  • Used to be good, not anymore 1/5

    By CaroVegas
    I used this app a lot, but now the Hot Now lights are out of sync. It is simply not working and it does not deliver what it promises. Besides, people at the Silverado Ranch Store in Henderson, NV are very rude. Some does not even speak English so it is hard to communicate. When you mention the app and the reward points, they act like they do not know what are you talking about. Lack of training, very unprofessional. Will be looking at other doughnut store.
  • What are you guys doing? 1/5

    By Krispy Kreme is forever
    I know the older app was not as up to date looking but at least it worked better. The map is to small and it doesn’t stay in a zoomed state. It keeps going back to the zoomed out position. I don’t need a list of stores on the bottom making the map smaller when I can tap the Hot and Ready on the map to get the store info. Come on people less is more.
  • Worst update/worst new reward system 1/5

    By 93customer93
    The new reward system moved this app to have more cons than pros. 1. Pros-there’s a messed up reward system (but takes a lot longer to earn rewards) CONS- 1. The new reward system is crap(inefficient) 2. If you get locked out of the account impossible to regain access 3. You can’t order online 4. It gives you issues uploading money onto your account. (It’s a hit or miss when you try to “add funds”) there’s a glitch in the app...well a few glitches. Hope they fix all the glitches and come up with a new reward system or even the old one they used to have.
  • Not worth the trouble. 2/5

    By jjtenbensel
    The main reason for the app is rewards and offers. In the new rewards system it’s broken into four categories and you have to buy 12 items within a category to get 1 free of that type of item. Also, quite often the purchases don’t even register. I’ve contacted customer service twice and both times they claim it will hit the account but it never does. Now, for the offers, half of them only hit my email and don’t even show up on the app...
  • Worst app I ever had ..... ever! 1/5

    By Hooua
    Using this should be easy & straight forward but it’s so bad & at the end it doesn’t work , they keep sending me promos that does exist in the app & the store doesn’t know how to scan the barcodes of deal with any thing related to the app .. i loves krispe kreme but now I hate them because of the lousy app
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By markwakeboards
    They have a problem... you can’t add funds
  • Deleted 1/5

    By E in A
    Doesn’t accurately identify hot now.
  • Still unable to correctly set location 3/5

    By aphartman
    Whenever I try to set my local store (Roanoke, VA) as my favorite and enable toe hot light notification it instead selects the Jacksonville, MD store for both favorite and hot light.
  • Rewards only 2/5

    By Exit52B
    No mobile ordering. During holidays and family gatherings, we often order a bunch of doughnuts. The store generally does a good job but I was hoping to try mobile ordering. I should have read the details first; the app is only for rewards. Also, while trying to sign up, if I went back into the app to continue the signup process, the signup process restarted from the beginning.
  • Error when I try to load money to use 1/5

    By Chris42485
    I like the concept of this app because it is nice to have been a pinch when you don’t have your wallet on you like I tend to do sometimes but if I can’t load money onto it using my card then what’s the point of having the availability to pay with the app, every time I try to do it I keep getting an error message or being timed out is really something that needs to be fixed in order for the app to be effective, if that’s the case I’ll just pay with my card
  • Hot Light Error 4/5

    By Grace_lou5
    My app won’t tell me when my hot light is on. It shows one store in my region that is lit constantly but mine is never listed as lit on the app. Today I drove past while the hot light was on and the app said that it was not lit.
  • Simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By TeeSeaJay
    I’ve reset my password several times, but the app never lets me log in. It used to, several updates ago. It’s now useless to me and I have to use my phone number and can’t track my rewards.
  • Fattening 5/5

    By sbennett21
    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • App won’t work 1/5

    By donutvb
    It’s been months. Emailed support, told me to just give the store my phone number. Not the point of having the app. Please fix this! Still no help with the app. Stores aren’t crediting either. Please fix!! Updated 12/19/18
  • Bring back old app! 1/5

    By DoctorWhoDisney
    I have never seen a company whose app makes it impossible to give them money! Every time I try to add money to my account via the app I get an error message. What’s the point of having the pay feature if you can’t use it. Such a frustration for the store as well! The original Krispy Kreme app was great… Bring it back!
  • Cannot Order Thru App 1/5

    By QJJP
    I literally downloaded this app to make a pick up order just to learn I cannot. I’m deleting this
  • Old was better 2/5

    By Preston2
    What’s the point of having an updated app when you buy donuts in store they CAN’T scan the barcode. You have to read or show them the very long barcode numbers.
  • Way too cumbersome and just doesn’t work 1/5

    By bwalsingham
    I love Krispy Kreme. Seriously, it’s an amazing product. However, this app (at least my experience) is far below the standards of their restaurants. I downloaded the app thinking it would be as easy and streamlined as others in this segment like Dunkin and Starbucks. Those seem to work smoothly and allow me to reload cards swiftly and with no glitches. However, the Krispy Kreme app has gone completely off of the rails. I downloaded the app, set up my account, attempted many times to load funds onto my account with multiple methods of payment and every one of those triggered a “whoops! Something went wrong” message. After quite a few attempts I deleted the app to try again another day. Today was that day. I downloaded the app again, logged in, tried to load funds and again was greeted with “Whoops!...). I know these MOPs work as I use them daily and have no issues except for the KK app. So it is now deleted, again. Hoping that Krispy Kreme can Trouble shoot this as I love their product but this app falls short of their reputation. P.S. allow touch ID instead of continually logging on.
  • Crashed twice 1/5

    By 0z8h0rn3
    I was finally close to getting my free dozen donuts and the app crashed on me. This time it will not recognize or allow me to reset my password. The screen quickly resets to the home page when try to put the verification code in.
  • Really nice... 2/5

    By ItsaMotto
    Version 18.7.06 Now receive the alert notifications however once you click it or open the app. The notification (message) is not present. Updated: Missing notifications although toggled on in settings. Occurring on iPhones 7-10XsMax with iOS 12+ Really nice app. Never encounter an issue while using it. But what happened to the e-club newsletter? Someone I know gets the newsletters about different promotions (I’ve never received), but not the in app notifications. I’ve noticed lately the in app notifications aren’t working like before when I get a new “message.” Although my alerts are on for the app. Would like to see: * Apple Pay introduced for reloading money on the app * Ability to update account profile information (Birthday)
  • App crashes on Profile & Security 5/5

    By Abfabbabe
    When I go to My Account and select Profile & Security, the app crashes. I have an iPhone SE and currently run iOS 12.1.1. Other than that, the app appears to be working fine.
  • All about the app 4/5

    By Chulã
    I love the app and the discounts it brings i just don’t like that it keeps signing me out and now it won’t let me sign in nor reset my password
  • poop 1/5

    By blakey357
    I was promised a free donut and never received said donut.
  • Missing rewards 1/5

    By dhaubner
    I had 5 dozen free donuts. Just went into MV location and It showed no rewards. Several months ago I purchased 12 dz for work. They automatically used 4 of my rewards. I was saving them for another time. They cancel out the transaction. But I never received my rewards my rewards back or for the current purchased. Staff said I needed to call corporate office. I emailed with no response. Frustrating Staff has no idea how to check app or anything about the app. Or give rewards. Of course no manager was “there” to help either.
  • Nothing but horrible experiences 1/5

    By S_Patrick19
    Since downloading the app a year ago, I’ve tried everything in the word to get it to work so I can use it. I’ve been told it’s unable to connect to my Facebook account for whatever reason. I created an account but it never sent me an email. Then when I go to log in with the apparent account, it won’t let me, and if I try and send a new password to myself, nothing ever gets sent. If I try to create a new account, it tells me I already have one. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times and I think I’m finally done trying, which is too bad. There’s no winning with this thing.
  • LTShinholster 5/5

    By lshinh02
    Just one will do it!!!
  • Lousy app. 1/5

    By frame1picture
    One might think with today’s technology KK could develop a better app.
  • 0 stars 1/5

    By FallingShadows
    It doesn’t work, no one helps, and they delete reviews to get their rating up. 2nd review
  • Not getting points 1/5

    By FFIY
    Update: my local KK closed, so I didn't know about the new point system. I've now moved, updated the app, and see all the offers in a new tab. Can they delete the offers once they are expired? I'm tired of seeing these offers from months ago! Original: I have had this app for a few days. I have made two purchases and none of them are showing up in the points section. There is no description of the reward system (what dollar amount equals how many many points). I'm disappointed. I have emailed three times. The first time I was told to wait up to two weeks. At two weeks, I sent another email. No response. After three weeks I send another email. So far, no response. Also the app never asked for my birthday, which it listed incorrectly...
  • Issues 2/5

    By Teacherashley
    There are always issues with this app. It wouldn’t let me log in with my correct username and password, so I reset the password and after 25 tries, it let me in but too late. I had already paid. Today, the app will not open at all. I have a free reward dozen to use and I can’t use it. Very frustrating.
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By nchellee
    Never shows current offers. Can’t delete old offers. This is store related but still: there scanner isn’t working or they say it worked and no credit ever goes through.
  • Endpoint timeouts 1/5

    By Myrhillion
    Nothing but endless endpoint timeouts on a solid Wi-Fi connection. It's got a great graphic design and UI, but functionally useless.
  • Where are my points?! 1/5

    By Turkelton
    Just opened the new updated app and all the points I’ve earned this year are gone. No way to look at transactions history or point/reward history. I loved the old app and system which actually encouraged me to go there and pick up a dozen or so for coworkers. Now it looks like it will take ages to earn anything from the rewards selection and I’m left with the feeling of “why bother?”
  • I can’t get anymore points 1/5

    By ~*Yesenia*~
    I’ve been going to KK so many times per week but I get NO POINTS or visits added towards my next rewards .It’t been stuck on 7/12 specialty coffees for the longest time
  • Forced Redemption is AWFUL! 1/5

    By JSSims23
    There are times that I don’t want to redeem my freebies, and I have no choice now. What a horrible decision!!! Sometimes my business is paying, and I have to use a free one?!? I want those my personal use, Let us decide when to use them!!
  • Logging in issues 1/5

    By Keven_H
    Please fix the logging in issues with the latest version of this app.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Ash McClendon
    This app was awesome at first but after multiple updates it has gotten worst. I lost all my rewards from the first app. This new updated app is not working and not work for over 3 months. Duncan Donuts are not as good but at least the app works.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By ちチ血
    I didn’t do anything, but I can’t login.
  • Completely Useless 1/5

    By Deeeeeeeeeeeeeerrre
    I’ve had trouble with this app for a while now. Anytime I try to login I receive an error message stating that my info isn’t recognized. I’ve saved my username and password for this and also enabled Touch ID. I’m not sure who I should make a complaint to. At this point the app is just useless and taking up space on my phone. I will be deleting it. At this point the rewards program is not worth the headache
  • Unusable: Endpoint Errors / Won’t Load 1/5

    By Gr8pimpin
    Mostly wont load. When it does, Endpoint timeouts. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No help. Wasted storage space. Deleted app.
  • Worth it...when it works 3/5

    By knchilds
    The last 3 times I’ve tried to use the app it refused to log me in. Even when I reset my password and tried to log in 2 minutes later I got an error message that my login info was incorrect (I wrote it down and saved it on my phone so it couldn’t have been wrong.) When the app works I love it. Maybe to combat this issue there should be a way to scan got receipt so you can still earn points.
  • Overall Krispy Kreme Technology Isn’t Sweet. 2/5

    By DaSuss
    Their product may be sweet but their tech and this app are not. Every message every received remain cluttering the inbox long after no longer relevant. The menus don’t match the actual selection at the local store. There’s no way to order ahead to have selections ready upon arrival. The mobile payment system within the app is useless when the store’s system can’t receive payment from the app (leaving funds stuck inside the app, wasted). There’s much work to be done here and such a large chain ought to be able to handle it. Sadly disappointed.
  • Rewards 1/5

    By kz2zvm
    Unfortunately you have to manually enter a receipt each time you buy something if you have eligible reward you don’t want to cash in during that purchase. Every other reward program asks you if you want to use your reward not automatically deduct it
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Elicris27
    Still doesn’t work, not permit sign with my password. Disappointed again.
  • Rewards account lock out 1/5

    By amandacvm
    My app signed me out of my account, and would not let me log back in. I tried logging in on the website, and it wouldn’t work either. Tried to reset my password, I can’t even do that, an error message pops up. I wanted to buy some doughnuts but if I can’t access my rewards, i don’t want to. Please fix.
  • Password reset ridiculousness 1/5

    By Redirection
    Can’t reset password through app. Requires a 4 digit code. When you go to email to get code and go back to app, app restarts and goes to login page so you can’t enter in the login code to rest password.

Krispy Kreme ® app comments

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