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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 19.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Krispy Kreme ® App

The Krispy Kreme® app is filled with tons of delightful surprises! Download now to experience the joy of Krispy Kreme and all the exciting features below: Hot Light™ • Find out exactly when hot, fresh doughnuts are coming off the line • Locate the nearest Krispy Kreme shop, wherever you are • Get push notifications to know when the Hot Light is on (optional) Krispy Kreme Rewards™ • Simple and Sweet! Earn your way to free doughnuts, dozens, or coffee and receive a free doughnut just for signing up!

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Krispy Kreme ® app reviews

  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Diamond772
    I cannot get the app to work. I keep getting error messages. It literally doesn’t work at all. I wish I could give zero stars.
  • Useless App!!!!!! 1/5

    By masbrancam
    I downloaded the app, registered like it said, yet kk employees NEVER know how to use the app, scan it, or give discounts!! I deleted it! Useless waste of time.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Fhcgfhn
    Won’t even let me log in I downloaded the app and it saying my login isn’t in the correct format. Finally in you can’t order from the app it redirects to the site and the the store in my area isn’t eve. Listed as an option. No point in having an app that only directs you to the site when you could just go to the site instead.
  • Apple 1/5

    By Fancy girl Ohio
    Apple just charged me a dollar to download the app. It didn’t say it cost anything.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By Wife of Dr Wu
    U open the app to place an order & it takes u to the internet to logon. Why bother? Just logon from an internet page & save your mobile device some space!
  • Poor 1/5

    By Scheyna
    My app is updated but I don’t get notifications when the hot light is on. I practically have to stalk the Krispy Kreme closest to me which is 20 miles away from me. I have the app for convenience but instead it is the exact opposite.
  • Wrong info 1/5

    By nontemp
    On the app it would say the “hot light” is on but when I went to to store to buy some donuts because of the hot light , the store would not have any .I left without buying any . What a disappointment
  • Can't log in 2/5

    By Duckboy
    It worked great at first but now I'm logged out and can't log in. It says I need to use Facebook but when I try it doesn't let me. I used my phone number at the store which worked but when I was logged into my account it wouldn't let me link my number so did I get the reward?
  • Why can’t I order through the app?! 2/5

    By JenBW8
    I really don’t understand the purpose of creating an app with an “order now” that doesn’t let you order. It’s bonkers that I select this simply to be taken to a webpage that requires me to sign in again and select my store. This is dumb. I love Krispy Kreme donuts but it should not be this hard. Clearly the developer doesn’t understand the purpose of an app.
  • Gift Card 1/5

    By whizzer.88
    Can not load money on to card, keeps say network error. App doesn’t work, I’m deleting it & going with Dunkin’ Donut App cannot be scan at store, what’s the point of having it? You can learn from Dunkin’ Donut app!
  • No store location 1/5

    By Barreras-Rael
    I just downloaded the app and just visited a location and I have my receipt with all the store location but it will not give me this location in the app to collect my rewards. Help
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Dr. FNP
    The app is useless. It locks and apparently this glitch has been an issue for a while according to the customer service rep.
  • Offers don't update well 1/5

    By Bluiemonster
    App is decent but offers more trouble than benefit because the hot light feature isn't reliably accurate and the offers don't update once expired... Honestly a little pathetic
  • Hot light does not work 1/5

    By Tu-man
    The store I am located near does not register when the hot light is on. This is the whole reason I got the app and now that is rendered useless.
  • Garbage right off the bat. 1/5

    By Gazorpini
    Somehow I created my account via the app but other than that; this app offers NO advantages over simply using a web browser. Any time I try to order it redirects to Safari and after enough attempts at hitting the “order now” button it logs me out and displays an error message stating “The info seems to be in the incorrect format”. Only when closing the app and restarting my phone does it allow me to log in. I cant stress enough how pointless this app is for me in its current state. Please do something.
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By ScamFinder Inc.
    This company in nothing more than false advertisement and a huge cash grab. This app need to be taken of the App Store and never allow than company to false advertise on the App Store and goggle play.
  • I lost $20 1/5

    By K8tkp
    I put $20 on the app and the app won’t let me use my 20 that I put on there. I keep having to pay with cash or card. Very disappointed
  • I wish no stars was an option 1/5

    By JenTunes
    Horrible app. When you order, you’re taken to the website to order outside of the app. Then when you do order, you can order donuts the store doesn’t have available so you drive all the way there, just to be told you can either cancel the order or substitute other varieties you didn’t really want. I don’t understand why this is even an app. Terrible.
  • Really terrible app 1/5

    By gpdel72
    This app gets stuck in a logging on loop. Can not access the app after multiple efforts to reset account. Even tried creating a brand new account and still no luck. Stay away from this app it’s terrible.
  • Krispy Kreme App 1/5

    By ArizonaBay
    Horrible app, cannot add my debit card as method of payment. Once you add money it doesn’t show up on balance and money is lost. Constantly requests that you sign in to add funds when I’ve already signed in to begin with! It requires one star to rate but I’m giving it a rating of zero stars
  • New store Springfield,NJ 5/5

    By JohnnyO!!
    Visited the new store this evening in Springfield, NJ. Please update the app and add this store. Keep up the great work and awesome donuts.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Annette86
    My husband just tried to use the app at the store. They said it doesn’t work because it’s “old”. I already updated the app to the most recent update. So I went to missing transaction on the app and tried to enter the info manually. It doesn’t even have the location where he bought the donuts from. I give up. I don’t go there that often anyways.

    By Jbj2304
    I purchase donuts, at a minimum of twice a week for customer meetings. There are two obvious businesses, until today, that I rotated my business with. In attempts to save time for an early meeting tomorrow morning, I looked to see if Krispy Kreme had an app, in which I could purchase and schedule a pick up for the morning. I was excited to see they did provide an app for this service. However, I downloaded the app, and provided my info to establish my profile. After that, I attempted to place an order for 2 dozen donuts, to be picked up at 6:30 am tomorrow. I was booted off the app 6 times, before I was able to place the order. Once I finally completed the order, I received an email from my credit card company, showing I was billed two separate times for the same purchase. I attempted to find a location in the app, to cancel and/or modify the order, but had no luck. I attempted to find a customer service contact in the app, but found the only place this was located, was buried in their privacy statement. I sent an email about the issue, but seeing the efforts Krispy Kreme puts in to serving their customers thru this app, I am sure this will be a lengthy issue to resolve. My attempt to save a few minutes in my busy day, has failed and only added multiple task and my time to resolve their failure to provide a service they claim to provide. I would have been ok with KK not having an app, but I am not ok with a business promoting a service they are not able to provide and/or that causes a customer to work harder then they do, just to fix their gaps. I will NO LONGER be doing business with KK. When I arrive at my meeting tomorrow, I will explain to the customer, who specifically asked for KK, the reason I had to bring Dunkin Donuts instead. An additional purchase of 2 dozen donuts may not seem like a huge issue to some, but when you have to justify those purchases to your finance department, or take the time to resolve the issue w the is a significant amount of time, and is absolutely unacceptable
  • Pointless app, just wastes space. 1/5

    By Jsimmons19
    Useless, app just opens safari when you click order, just wastes space on your phone.
  • Can’t order directly from app 1/5

    By S Gross
    When you attempt to order, app sends you to website where you have to login (again) and re-enter location info.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By @ksohn
    Just installed app and signup. When I tap on order now then it is redirecting to safari browser and asking for login. Every time when I click on order now it is redirecting to login. If I have the app than why it is redirecting to browser?
  • DON’T DOWNLOAD!!! 1/5

    By Tashni
    This app does not work at all
  • Error message everywhere 1/5

    By mkm0609
    1. “Forgot password” sends my email a verification code, but when I enter it in the app, they say it’s wrong 2. I just gave up and signed in with Facebook, but the app didn’t recognize this and doesn’t let me sign in at all 3. I tried ordering using the app, but it says i’m not signed in anymore (because it opens a web browser) 4. In the “Privacy and Security” tab, I tried adding my birthday, but it told me that I need to call a number to change my birthday, so I assumed that they had my birthday already, but when I clicked the big red “Done” button, it says I need to add my birthday...but the app won’t let me. 5. A lot of reviews are talking about things that are wrong with the app, but they gave 5 star reviews. This seems very suspicious to me and I truly believe that these star ratings may have been messed with so that it doesn’t bring down overall star rating.
  • Order button does not work 1/5

    By Golfer fiend
    This app would be awesome if it worked. The order button does not work.
  • Poor APP 1/5

    By Lwpscguy
    Worst app I’ve downloaded. Points don’t register even after calling customer ‘support’. When I try to log in after doing so prior times, it’s giving me error message on my log it. To top it off, ordered and paid for 4 dozen yesterday to pick up this am for church group. They tasted like they were packed yesterday when I ordered. Very disappointed ... and embarrassed when we served them.
  • App malfunction all of the time 1/5

    By CraZ4farming
    I’ve been trying to login with the app and it just keeps giving me error messages that my entry is in an incorrect format. WHAT?!?! Frustrating to say the least...
  • App is Trash!!! 1/5

    By kduant
    Downloaded the app today so I could place an order. Tried to order from the location that’s literally 10 minutes from me, using my zip code. It was matching me with stores in Georgia that are over 2 hours from me! And I’m not even in Georgia! Clicked on the Order button and nothing happens. Eventually it routes me to the website where the same thing happens 🙄
  • Scam 1/5

    By tbrtf
    This app is a scam. The free donut for signing up and the birthday rewards don’t work. Don’t waste your time.
  • Love KK. Hate the app 1/5

    By TjcATL48
    As much as I love Krispy Kreme, I hate the app. I’ve never been able to log in, change password, log in through facebook, etc. I even signed up for another account and still have the same problem with password and trying to reset it. I always get error messages.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Vware1
    I’ve installed and uninstalled various times and still every time I try to access my rewards it crashes...please fix! I can’t even re-sign up!! I’ll change my rating once this gets resolved
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Zen11/24/16
    Says I’ll get a free doughnut for signing up. Checked rewards and it isn’t in there. 🤬
  • Horrible 1/5

    By lpglady
    I’ve been using this app for about 3 to 4 years. It update and now saying my info not correct, not right format, user not valid. Nothing has changed but this is bad. I’ve always been Krispy Kreme and my husband Dublin doughnuts. If I got to keep dealing with this I’m definitely no longer loyal to kK.
  • Crashes when trying to add it to Wallet 2/5

    By Kid Mage
    Doesn’t allow to add the card to Wallet. Just goes black and crashed when attempting, every single time. Even after deleting app and rebooting phone. Also did get caught in the loop of erroring out and parse errors when trying to log back into app. Needs that fixed as well
  • Painfully Slow Menu 4/5

    By KsJayhawksfan
    All of the sections of the app load quickly except for the menu. Please update the code so the menu loads faster.
  • This App is Crap 1/5

    By G.G. Girls
    Tried to use it, it was difficult. Finally got it working & used it to purchase some donuts from a local shop, but the ones I bought were “promotional” and the promotion ended the day before. They could not refund my money in the store & told me to contact customer service for a refund. Customer service told me the app was through a 3rd party & they couldn’t refund my money either, but to just dispute the charge with my bank. WTH?? Deleting app now & going to Dunkin’ Donuts

    By K. Karner
    When I signed up I didn’t put in the the correct spelling, so I tried to change it, but it wouldn’t let me because I didn’t know the password. I signed out and tried to sign in again and saw the “forgot password” button. I clicked that and it asked for my email so it could send me a verification code. Once it sent me the code, I tried to put it in, but it kept saying the verification code wasn’t valid. I tried a new code, but it still didn’t work. I got so annoyed with it, I just quit trying. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM! I will keep the app, and when the problem fixes, I will keep using the rewards program.
  • Poorly Designed App 1/5

    By Mike22Moore
    Tried using the app to pay multiple times with my payment information at krispy kreme more than once and it has never worked. Don’t waste your storage space on this.
  • Worst rewards ever 1/5

    By TKERooster
    Downloaded the app to earn point for free food. Worker perfect for years. They update the rewards program. Now app won’t stay signed in. So to earn my points I have to pray the app lets me sign in and doesn’t sign me out after 10 seconds then lock me out for days.
  • Not able to load Gift Card 1/5

    By hEMpINEM
    Got a $10 e-gift card from my mobile provider. Instructions are to show it to cashier. I show cashier and she looks puzzled. Blames it on that it’s not loaded into the app. I say it’s no big deal and pay cash and decide to come back another time. I come to find out that there is not a section to load gift cards on like every other major company from Starbucks to chick fi la. I’m not giving it a 1-star because of my poor experience in store. I am giving it a 1-star experience because you the app will only take new money from a debit card. I am not able to use my “Krispy Kreme Gift Card” which are American dollars that are only valid at a Krispy Kreme.
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By MaxWorldHQ
    App does not work. Tried to order and it redirected to Safari and requested that I log in AGAIN on their web site after already logging in on the app, then gave error messages. Was never able to place an order on either the web site or the app.
  • The worst app 1/5

    By Mjung0228
    This is one of the worst app ever. I tried to do pick up but it constantly open safari but still won’t let me order. Then I tried to look up the flavor and again, it opens up safari. What’s the point of an app if its constantly opening up the safari! On top of, I still couldn’t order. AND the coupon doesn’t get linked so I ended up ordering in the store. Utterly useless. I have no idea what the point of this app is
  • No longer letting me know when Hot light on 1/5

    By Ty!B
    App use to work fine. Now it doesn’t tell me when the hot light is one. I checked the setting in the notifications in the app and in my phone settings to make sure it’s turned on and they both were.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Donotdownload11111
    Ever since Germany family bought Krispy Kreme it’s been going down hill. I spent $50 on doughnuts wouldn’t even give me free doughnut after waiting 30 minutes. What happened to the past discounts? Now it’s buy 12 dozen maybe get one free. I used to love this place.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Texas Bubbles 33
    Well we dearly love Krispy Kreme. We do not have one near us so when we planned our vacation we decided to go through Lubbock where there is a store. All 8 of us traveling together got out of our vehicles excited to start buying our doughnuts. When we got in the store there were very few doughnuts we couldn’t believe our eyes we went ahead and bought two dozen of what they had of course none of our favorites. They looked like someone had set on several others were very small others were oddly shaped & very greasy needless to say they even tasted horrible so in the trash they went. 8 people left very disappointed & we will see how this complaint is handled to see if we ever go back again!!

Krispy Kreme ® app comments

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