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  • Current Version: 36.2
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Kroger App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger app. It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and link your Plus Card to access all these great benefits: · Create and track Pickup, Delivery and Ship orders right from the app · Shop an extended aisle of 1,000s of products from our trusted third-party sellers · Use Kroger Pay at in-store checkout – one scan applies your Plus Card and payment · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order · View your weekly ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list · Clip digital coupons and use them to save in-store and online · Get Cash Back deals to earn money on items you already buy · Discover even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards · Refill and track the status of your Kroger Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet · Check your fuel points · Use our locator to find the closest store or Fuel Center · View your purchase history and use it to easily reorder your favorite products · Add your Plus Card to Wallet for iPhone. To use the Kroger app, you'll need a Kroger digital account. You can create one and link your Plus Card through the app. Don't have a Plus Card? You can add a new one when you create your digital account.

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Kroger app reviews

  • Bad app 1/5

    By no name avalable
    When bringing something over from the weekly add it doesn’t calculate correctly.
  • Coupons not loading 1/5

    By technical difficulty app!
    It’s great to pick up several items that have digital coupons available but the app has technical difficulties so you can’t clip them.
  • App needs work 1/5

    By Emmie`s Nano
    It seems great until you get to check out and it won’t let me add a card and will log me out and lose everything I had in my cart.
  • Shopping experience 5/5

    By CPht2013!!
    No matter which way I shop, whether in store or clicklist, everything is always completely efficiently and accurately. Never a bad experience
  • Best reason to use it is frustrating for seniors 2/5

    By slawrence2k
    My wife likes the app so I gave it an extra star. She use voice calls to reach the pharmacy. Pharmacies need DOB for patient record selection. This app requires me to tap the back arrow to go from a July 2021 calendar to the June 1954 calendar. That is over 800 taps. You cannot hold down the back arrow to scroll through months and you cannot get the app to give you your virtual keyboard for date entry. My HEB app doesn’t have that issue. Umm, it’s probably time to call my doctors to change the pharmacy I use.
  • Kroger pay never works !!! 1/5

    By AyeHoneyBee
    I keep getting error code KC2617
  • The 1st time using this app sucked 1/5

    By Kristen M. RN
    It better get better
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Ms Know
    Good service hard and complicated app to use
  • edtcsjd7 5/5

    By 321-456
    I use Kroger pick up order frequently. Thank you for allowing it.
  • Kroger Delivered 5/5

    By Nvisionit
    I love the convenience of ordering online. The customer service I receive from Kroger and it’s partner Instacart has never been disappointing. I recommend using this service.
  • Krogers App 5/5

    By msladiluv
    I LOVE LOVE KROGERS APP!! So so easy and convenient for me being that I’m limited in my mobility… Thanks!!
  • Exceptional Kroger Pickup Team 5/5

    By AppleSavy
    Kroger on Wabash Ave. Terre Haute IN. Customer service at this location is the best. Our town has 3 and I will only go to this location. Pick Up Team are always so friendly.
  • Coupons wont apply 1/5

    By Davetheyuppie
    More work on the app us needed before i will plan to use this service. The coupon clipping process does apply in my cart therefore i will not be ordering. Too frustrating. Wanted this to work given the promotions and Kroger being new to my area. May try again in the future. Update: tried to submit comments to customer service and got a failure message.
  • Make shopping easy 5/5

    By Shawnda McCullough
    Simply wonderful. Makes shopping easy and saves me time.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By bbhhhhrctctcitxfkitcgitxh
    I love click list!
  • Can’t change store! 1/5

    By Dark Coco2
    This would be a nice app but you cannot change the store once you put your zip code in. I live near 2 Kroger’s - the one in my zip is furthest from where I live, the one closest to me (newer and nicer too) keeps showing an “unknown error” every time I choose the store. Every time I try to use this darn app there’s a problem.
  • Freshness 4/5

    By freshnesd
    I am surprised that the commercial for freshness is not what is in the store. Vegetables, lettuce and fruit are not very fresh and at times on the verge of rotting. Getting very disappointed with quality.
  • Nothing is working since yesterday 1/5

    By irish_las
    The website and app are inoperative at the most pertinent time in my overly scheduled week and weekend. Please fix things.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By Lahza
    I just have a few suggestions. 1. allow us to sort by price 2. allow us to search coupons 3. allow us to change the theme. i’d rather have a lighter themed app than a dark theme app 4. allow us to use apple pay 5. allow us to choose substitutions from an available list.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Cvxtrvu
    Very helpful and appreciated
  • Unfresh veg and fruit 3/5

    By ehjuyt
    Seedless watermelon fullof seeds tomatoes not fresh and firm
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By Leximo297
    Great selections of products, easy to use coupons and easy checkout! I’m in Florida so I am very excited to get products from other states delivered to my home. Thanks Kroger!!
  • Great Service 5/5

    By veronicakissi
    Try the delivery for the first time food were fresh and the delivery get home before the time was scheduled A++++
  • Kroger pay is flawed 1/5

    By 30_Ali
    This app needs some serious updating. Kroger boasts “contactless” pay by allowing you to use your app for Kroger Pay if you don’t have your debit card. Well, this happened to me yesterday. Somehow, I misplaced my debit card and I figured Kroger Pay would be useful. Before I walked in the store, I checked the app to see if Kroger Pay was working. It was, so I proceeded to shop. AS SOON as I got the register, Kroger Pay was not working citing error: kc 2617. I tried opening and closing the app, no improvements. The cashier said maybe I needed to go outside and try there because there was not good reception. I tried that, and the app still did not work. After uninstalling and downloaded the app 3 times, and spending 20 minutes in my car, I continued getting the same error. This has happened a few other times before, but I overlooked it because I had alternate payment methods on me. However, this time was super inconvenient and beyond embarrassing. This needs to be fixed in the app or Kroger needs to accept Apple Pay or something. It’s ridiculous to boast that Kroger now has contactless payments, but it doesn’t consistently work. Very disappointed.
  • $4.95 pickup fee??? 1/5

    By alexandriadking
    It tried to charge me a $4.95 fee for a pickup order??? And you know that’s going straight to Kroger’s bank account, not the employees bringing the groceries to your car. How about no, I’ll just use Walmart’s app where pickup is free!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sheanngo
    The app id great. If I had one criticism, it is the search engine can be a bit frustrating. For example, a search for parchment, no results.
  • Very hard to navigate 1/5

    By Lesabeth
    This is a very difficult app to use compared to Instacart. I have given up a few times. I am hoping that I will finally get my order but my order is very scattered.
  • Easy to buy Groceries! 5/5

    By Okudhama
    Covid made it hard to grocery shop. I did nothing but ClickList to keep safe. This app was the best. Plus, if you’re in the store, it tells you where items are as well. All around great app.
  • Grocery pickup 5/5

    By Naggybond
    Super easy & fast way to get items I want.
  • Pick up great, need shorter wait times 5/5

    By etsumom
    I love Kroger pickup! My vegetables and meat are chosen carefully and items are accurate. I only with the pick up times weren't so far out. I usually have to wait 4-5 hours; nonetheless, awesome service and greatly appreciated!!!
  • Dependable 5/5

    By Bamagalnky
    Fast friendly dependable service. Love the app!
  • Needs work 2/5

    By amcsherry
    When reviewing the shopping cart on iOS it is way too easy to accidentally remove items and there is not way to see what was removed if you miss the undo link when the item is removed.
  • Great pick up option 5/5

    By X-rayMama
    Kroger has made their pick up service so easy! And no fee!! I just use the app (very user friendly) to create my order. There is notifications when you are on your way and when you arrive. I never have to wait. I rarely have substitutions. It’s been a HUGE time saver for me
  • Latest update leaves App useless… 1/5

    By LazyApp
    Updated the app, cannot see saved coupons, page just flickers every several seconds, rendering this part of the app useless..
  • Crashes at Item Details 1/5

    By K125690
    App still locks up completely when trying to view product details.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By NeaNea555
    It is nice being able to place an order and pick it up! I really enjoy shopping this way! Thank you
  • We love Kroger!!! 5/5

    By Ange M-H
    I love curb side pick up! So convenient and groceries are always fresh and usually they have everything in stock that we pick through the app!!
  • Items available 3/5

    By Lovejeeps
    I really wish this app provided a way to see if items are in stock. It's really frustrating go through the time of placing an order only to find out they only have 5 of the 30 items you need.
  • Love it 5/5

    I Love this kroger app, I have been saying that to friends and family for year. It the most user friendly app I have seen for a grocery store. It remembers my previous purchase so i don’t have to go looking for the things i topically shop for. I also love that if I lose my physical receipt I can retrieve it in the app. It shows the asile where the items are for my store location; so when I send my husband to pick up thing for me, which he doesn’t like doing😅 I can direct him to the exact asile to find it. I usually do reviews😊 so for me to do this it’s that good.
  • Love grocery pickup 5/5

    By 74grad
    I have been using this service for over a year and a half. I started using it when I had surgery 18 months ago, I couldn’t get out and about for a couple of months so this was perfect. But, even after I was well and able to get out and about and going to stores and shop, I decided I will do a pick up because it works… And I appreciate that Kroger thinks about the customer and alerts them to any substitutions or changes way before they pick the products up. Will continue to use the service!
  • Worthless 1/5

    By myreasonsmile
    Don’t give me what I asked for half the time. Then doesn’t give prices. Horrible app. Not worth a single star. And get rid of the stupid pickup at the bottom. It’s in the way. I neither want nor need it. 7.15 - Stop reloading the page after I take 15 seconds to answer a text and making me start over. Absolutely ridiculous. MINUS 5 stars.
  • Waited for 20+ minutes in the car! 1/5

    By ArtsyLivelyMom
    Never again. I ordered online early this morning and arrived at the last 15 minutes of my pickup window. There weren’t any other cars waiting. I called in immediately and waited over 20 minutes, calling twice and my order never was brought out to me. I could have gone in quicker but had small dogs with me today and it’s 100 degrees so they just can’t stay in the car. What a waste of time when I’m in a mad rush!
  • Pickup service 5/5

    By dryingup18
    The pickup service is nice and allows me to stay in vehicle and not have to go inside due to my disability.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By butthade
    My family loves it we just place an order my nanny picks it up it’s that easy.

    By Disgruntled Shooper
    I live close to the Kroger’s in South Lyon and I have to say they have they worse produce. I went to buy some cauliflower and all had major brown spots on them! They only removed because I complained. I’ll do my shopping at other Kroger’s when I’m out. They need a new buyer of produce.
  • *Easy *Convenient *Savings 5/5

    By Kimmie24K
    Great deals with easy breezy delivery!!! Awesome
  • Computer ordering 1/5

    By you need to go out of business
    This website SUKS!!!
  • Nope. 1/5

    By Ailien2039
    Not going to put in banking info into yet another app when they could just accept Apple Pay. Just accept Apple Pay. In the mean time enjoy paying for credit card transaction fees.
  • Deliveries 3/5

    By Crissy's Itunes
    I wish their website would tell us what was out of stock and what is not so it would make online shopping a lot easier! Especially when it comes to my babies formula! I don’t like that I can make an order for formula and not get any formula because they were out and then I wait for delivery instead of finding a different solution just to find out I won’t be getting any formula for my baby!