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Kroger App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger app! It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Kroger Plus Card to access all these great benefits: · Shop Pickup or Delivery right from the app! · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order. · View your Weekly Ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list. · Load digital coupons directly to your Plus Card and use them to save on items from your shopping list. · Get even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards. · Refill your Kroger Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Just type in your prescription number, select your Pharmacy and schedule a convenient pickup time. · Check your fuel points. · Use our locator to find the closest Kroger store or fuel center. · View your purchase history. Use it to create standard orders that will save you time. · Add your Plus Card to Passbook for iPhone and iPod Touch. To use the Kroger app, you'll need a Kroger digital account. You can register for your account and link your Plus Card through the app. If you don't have a Plus Card, you can create one when you register to access all of these savings and rewards!

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Kroger app reviews

  • Kroger Rocks!! 5/5

    By GGs'
    Love it!!
  • coupons? 4/5

    By pvinjamuri
    Find a way to take a picture of store and manufacturer coupons.
  • ClickList 2/5

    By pooy pie
    Tonight pickup. Waited 1 hr and 45 min for order to be loaded. 7 out of stock. Not notified. Cash register down. No order print out give. Coupons totaling $18 unable to apply due to register being down. Austin landing is a MESS!!!!!
  • Couldn’t pay 🙄 1/5

    By elwolfe88
    I triedTo pay. And I was unable to add my card.
  • Order 3/5

    By papacof
    To many times my order is not completed with all items. Then I go in the store and the items that were said to be out are not out. Fix this or I will shop elsewhere. Thank you.
  • This Kroger’s is the worst! 1/5

    By Bmscott3000
    I have bought products from this store just to have to return it because it was expired. I have ordered pick up service and I get moldy produce. I use to allow them to replace something that was out of stock and they always choose something more expensive and completely NoT what I wanted. Not to mention the call 20 min before pick up that my order won’t be ready for 2 more hours. Why they offer pick up service is beyond me because they are terrible! I will never use this store again. They are priced much higher then other Kroger’s in the area. It may be the closest and most convenient but trust me you pay for their mistakes more then you would the gas to go to another!
  • Time saver 5/5

    By Gorman500
    It’s so easy to order your groceries before you leave work and when you get home they’re there it’s a real time saver.
  • Limits on clipping 1/5

    By kiwis2020
    I understand there are limits on clipping but this is ridiculous. I clipped a few I was interested in then found one I definitely needed and it say limit is reached. I then I’m unclipped and it still will not let me clip. The whole process of having a reward card then requiring clipping is absurd.
  • Pickup service 5/5

    By mama em 51
    Excellent! Helpful in so many ways.
  • Exceptional Service 5/5

    By Thee beloved emerald
    The Suwanee GA supermarket is outstanding when it comes to service when using pickup.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By _taylor_renee_
    Was not the easiest to navigate the first one or two times I used it but, once you use it a few, times it starts to keep track of all your purchases and has the option to scan a barcode which is really great in the event that you cannot find how the product is listed as under the app
  • Easy 5/5

    By EiHus
    So much easier than using the website!!!
  • Clicklist employees 4/5

    By Jennjoyjjj_74
    It was so, easy just to go on line make my order an have my husband pick up.. he don’t like shopping an I’m not able right now.. Thank you for all you do..
  • Love the easy online shopping 5/5

    By Idle iPod
    I also love the notifications if a substitution needs to be made. It’s so easy!
  • Good store 5/5

    By i like shapping
    I Like this store they are the best
  • Angela 5/5

    By Angee100
    Best thang since slice bread🥰🥰🥰
  • Pick up store in Mt Carmel ! 5/5

    By scooterbrat67
    Please make this a regular store again . It was important to so many people in our community. It had everything you needed .
  • Order site: online 4/5

    By sheenalady
    I’m having a little problem with the changes I spent time trying to get to my cart. It’s not as easy to navigate as it was before. Maybe I’ll get used to it. May be clear to younger people but I’m 88 yrs old.
  • Amazing customer service 5/5

    By Tylertlc
    I come here instead of anywhere else because I am always served by familiar friendly faces. I also love the new delivery option since we are quarantining at the house.
  • Preferred Old App 2/5

    By Charlesw922
    New App is much harder to use. I think they intentionally made things like coupons and fuel points harder to access, requiring more steps. I do like that it shows clipped coupons in list and cart, but that is about it. The older app was much cleaner and easier to use. Guess they aren’t interested in older people using it because change is more difficult for us and they keep changing it.
  • Review 5/5

    By Belle-Star
    Love Kroger.
  • App Useability 3/5

    By Ghost.Sage
    The app has now become more complicated when it comes to finding your cart and checking out. If a user is not careful you can end up with tones of duplicates in your cart and not even know it. A friend of mine was trying to do her grocery shopping and ended up with 200 items in her cart, because she could not find the cart and it kept taking her back to making her shopping list. so I tried it today in mine and sure enough it did the same thing, but I did have 200 items I ordered 6 items and ended up with 13 duplicates. Either this intentional or a poor user design done by the developers you chose.
  • Newark Kroger 5/5

    By leslie franz
  • Thankful for your click list. 5/5

    By janflp
    This is my first time to use your click list.I am 78 yrs old, so am not sure how to let you know I am a Senior citizen so i can come in the mornings. I am hoping i ordered everything correctly. I don’t have my grandson here this morning to help me😊💕. Thank you for having this service. I look forward to using it from now on. Judy Flippo 936-293-1827 -cell phone My home phone i use when I use my Kroger card is 935-756-1040
  • Weekly ad order 5/5

    By swink219
    I wish you could order groceries right off of the ad. It would make things easier.
  • Missed Bins of Groceries 3/5

    By bejrd wbhcse
    Curbside pickup has worked well EXCEPT for the 2 times that the person bringing the groceries to the car missed 3 or 4 large bins of groceries in our order. We discovered the missed items while unpacking the groceries at home. A second trip to the Kroger store was required to get the rest of our order. Kroger’s method of labeling the bins should include the total number of bins containing the order. Hopefully this way the employees would count the number of bins they are taking to the car to make sure they have the entire order. I have learned to stop in the parking lot and check my orders before driving home.
  • Simple and bug free 5/5

    By Singing snowy
    Very simple to use and time saving to grocery shop on my phone!
  • Watson 1/5

    By EastTexasNative
    It is impossible to use the app to place an order. I’ve tried 7 times to use the password you send to me and it just says over and over password is incorrect.
  • MAC 68 5/5

    By MAC 657
    The app was easy to use, allowed me to switch back and forth between screens with no loss of the items in the “cart”. Check-out was also easy.
  • This is great!! 5/5

    By Kimmerd30
    I never knew Kroger would deliver. This is much easier than going through a checkout. Thank you very much!!!
  • Thank you Kroger and employee’s for your help in this trying time! 5/5

    By gioiafrom oxford
    God bless
  • Kroger Pickup 5/5

    By JencyJoanD
    I’m 80 and going into my favorite Kroger store no longer seems wise so about two months ago I tried the pickup service and I love it! It’s a wonderfully designed app! I use the search box to find new items - so easy! I especially like where it shows me what I’ve ordered before and lets me order again. I’m picking up my 4th order tomorrow and it’s actually better than going into the store! Kudos Kroger!!
  • Review comments 3/5

    By mandalco3
    It’s hard to look things up without scrolling thru a lot of things that fall in same category!
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By blumoonrisn
    Challenging to find the feature I love the most ... “My Recent Purchases”, here in the app. Love everything else about it, tho!!
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Sasha 723
    Very convenient app. Ordering groceries online is so much better with this app.
  • Love the ability to just pick up 5/5

    By Markerss
    It is so convenient to be able to place an order and then pick it up.
  • Easy to use, I’m hooked 5/5

    By Juliiiiiih1985
    The app has not crashed at all, and most importantly the browser knows where you were and where you might want to go. Plus it’s simple to see what you’re purchasing and how many if each, also the substitution option is nice with the notes; generally all around really grateful for such a time saver. Especially during covid.
  • Kroger Pay!? NOPE! Where’s APPLE PAY? 1/5

    By Clamball
    Ridiculous. Too cheap to take Apple Pay.
  • Found a new love!!! Grocery Shopping Online 5/5

    By Race:-)
    Being forced to take extra precautions due to the COVID 19 epidemic has come in handy. I’ve discovered a new love for grocery shopping! Who knew grocery shopping online could be so exciting?!! It has been a blessing! Finding what I want and need minus the frustration of bumping my cart into something or someone is a plus. Thank you for this option!
  • Gloves please 5/5

    By Feeney Gizelle
    All is great with the service but staff should wear masks AND GLOVES.
  • Would be great if it worked 2/5

    I am hoping that Kroger/Dillons is truly just having technical difficulties with their apps today. Neither of them work. I downloaded both of them hoping to get a head start on my shopping. Neither of them are working. So the 2 stars is because I live the concept of these apps. Will update and reactors if/when I can get them to work. Very disappointing.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By arhaze2
    Love the app! Wish there was an easier way to move stuff from my list to my cart though.
  • Incredibly Frustrating 1/5

    By sammariebakerbarnett
    I’ve been trying to grocery shop for pick-up (what used to be clicklist) and this app has been completely useless. I’ve spent about 3 hours trying to get it to work so buckle up because I have a lot to say.... First of all- to check out you have to have your Kroger plus card info. Which wouldn’t be a problem except they keep rejecting my Kroger card. You can’t proceed to checkout without this (which is ridiculous anyway) so here I am trying everything to get it to recognize my card or alt ID- ya know, the one I use every week when I’m actually shopping IN the store- it locks me out for 30 minutes after too many “failed attempts.” I see if I can just get a new card. You have to CALL customer service to do this. Not happening. Then I decide to just create a completely new account with my husband’s info. It lets me BUT for some reason my OLD shopping cart is popping up from my OTHER account, HOWEVER when I proceed to check out- nothing is there to be purchased. SO I end up logging out, deleting the app, re-installing it and trying it again. I finally manage to successfully create a new shopping cart... but it keeps taking things I’ve just added OUT OF MY CART and has switched back and forth saying I have 14 items in my cart- then 51 items. Each time I refresh the page.. it shows something different or REMOVES things from my cart. Guys. I’ve lost my mind over this. I know you’re thinking WOW WOMAN JUST GO SHOP IN THE STORE. Well I only ever shop in-store BUT I have a newborn and toddler. Not trying to go out with them during a pandemic. And my husband gets home late. My entire morning and afternoon is GONE because of an app that is MEANT TO BE helpful, quick and convenient. SOS send help and thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  • Location 2/5

    By Nma100
    I live in Salt Lake City and my phone says pick up in Denton Texas and it won’t change.
  • Delivery 1/5

    By Ccjj0612
    First time ordering delivery, received a notification that my order would arrive around 10:20am. At 10:38 am it says my order has been canceled. Definitely not a good first experience.
  • Comfort diapers 4/5

    By AdamR.Maineville
    I wish the app would let me purchase Comforts brand diapers. I can purchase all National brand diapers and Comforts wipes and Training pants but it never says Comforts diapers of any size are available for purchase. I can use the scan feature to scan an old UPC I have and it will show me the diapers but won’t let me add them to my cart for pickup. It would be nice to add those to my cart so I don’t have to get a pickup order and then go into the store to purchase the diapers, it defeats my purpose of the “pickup” order. Thanks.
  • Substitutions 3/5

    By 18 month user
    Substitution should be of like things: hand sanitizer and Lysol should never be substituted with soap. It’s similar to substituting tide clothes washing detergent and cascade dishwasher detergent for Dawn dish washing liquid, it don’t work the same it’s not for the same purpose . if we wanted soap we would’ve purchased soap, it doesn’t work for the situation on hand that the hand sanitizer & the lysol ordered for. A simple phone call or text could’ve been made and that soup would’ve never been substituted. Also A refund must be made for these four bottles of soap that I was provided. What really confuses me is that you substituted the above but you didn’t substitute the pouch of kroger apples for a few apples? are you completely out of apples?!??
  • Garbage 1/5

    By jimiano23
    The interface is busy. The app is slow and the check in process does not consistently work.
  • First order 1/5

    By Seductive grape
    This was shocking to me 7 items I ordered were replaced with things I don’t want and I had to cancel.

Kroger app comments

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