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  • Current Version: 6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kronos Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kronos Mobile™ App

Your information, when you need it, when you want it. Kronos Workforce Mobile™ untethers you to access your workplace information when you need it and when you want it. Employees can check their schedules, approve their timecards, or even view their paystubs and benefits from the comforts of their home or while sipping a latte at the corner café. Mobile is about convenience too. Did your weekend plans change? Unexpected friends or family in town? Swap a shift or submit a time off request so you can enjoy the weekend with your fun and crazy cousin. Kronos Workforce Mobile also means freedom for managers who can approve timecards on the fly, adjust schedules to accommodate employee requests, as well as complete simple administrative tasks without even stepping into an office. Be you and be more productive with Workforce Mobile. Want to check out Workforce Mobile on your own phone? View our “Demo” option that appears on the user entry screen. Kronos loves hearing from their customers and may not always be able to respond to feedback submitted on the Apple Store. We would be more than happy to engage with our users at [email protected] or in the Kronos Mobile Community. Join the conversation, we’d love to hear from you. NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have Kronos Workforce Central® server software configured for Kronos Mobile. Contact your system administrator for details. NOTE: This release requires a minimum support of iOS 10

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Kronos Mobile™ app reviews

  • Works but FRUSTRATING. 2/5

    By jimenezraul94
    There should be a rework of where the schedule is shown. The shift for the day of is below the the date and that gets really confusing when I look at my complete schedule. There should be a gradient of grey and white to separate shifts not just a line. I also want to be able to view my schedule and compare it with my coworkers because shift swap requests don’t work. There should also be Face ID login so that I don’t have to log in every single time. If not, I shouldn’t be automatically logged out every time I multitask from app to app. Some sort of email should be sent to the store so that they know when someone has swap shifts because it doesn’t do it.
  • Horrible can't get help! 1/5

    By EmilieMarie07
    I can't even contact anyone to get help. I log in my first time and it wants my security question for incase I forgot my password . I enter my questions and my answers and hit submit and nothing happens. I got the clear button and it all clears. Submit will not work though. I've deleted and reinstalled I've tried over and over but can't get passed this point. Worse part is I can't even get ahold of support to help. Horrible!
  • Not working after update (IPhone User) 1/5

    By Chancy 101
    I recently updated the app and now I’m unable to login... It says unable to contact server please fix the problem.
  • Update 1/5

    By Kcpk21
    I just updated to the newest version and now it just won’t work at all. It keeps saying error. I even tried deleting the app completely and reinstalling it and it still won’t work. Says the server is bad but it’s the correct sever.
  • Finger print log in!! PLEASE 2/5

    By Roeyjengz
    For the love of god, please let us log in with our thumbprint or something.
  • Phone Face Recognition 3/5

    By workdaybyday
    Does the current version (6.3) allow Face Recognition to open the app on the iPhone 10? If not, when is it anticipated to launch? Thanks.
  • Almost 2/5

    By Kantiana
    Just really wish I could clock in from the app.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By Pooppippy
    My first problem with this app it doesn’t save your username or password or if you’re not using it for like five minutes and you have the app open it will log you out it’s really goddamn annoying or it will freeze sometimes not a fan he is Annette works great checking my schedule
  • Doesn’t Work At All 1/5

    By ScubaPineapple
    Used to work, mostly. Now it constantly says it cannot reach the server. This has been going on for days. On top of that, it’s antiquated when it does work. It’s hard to use, hard to figure out. I end up printing my schedule at work whenever I can. Most of my fellow employees do the same. We can’t rely on the app at all.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Lovealwayss21
    App won’t even let me log in keeps showing server error message
  • Does not work!!!! 1/5

    By OneWordsGirl
    I’m so annoyed by the poor quality of this app!! It only seems to work with Android phones! I can’t get passed the security questions! 😤
  • Log in 5/5

    By destroymylife
    Hello how could I login if is telling me enable to log in
  • Not usable. 1/5

    Kronos at all angles is not a worthy or reliable company no matter the circumstances. I can’t even connect to my server because it is not a functional app.
  • This is ridiculous 1/5

    By Rasputin_rocks
    This app is ridiculous, I’ve used Kronos at several stores I’ve worked for and there always seams to be issues. I can’t get the app to recognize the server I’m typing in. Several of my coworkers are having the exact same problem. The app had only worked for a few people so far.
  • Really like this App 4/5

    By KBreeze3
    I really this app. It’s very useful in helping me keep up with my schedule without having to physically go in to work or call my job to check it. I just wish that there was a way for my schedule to sync with my calendar on my phone. Then, I would be able to set up shift start and end reminders that would show up on my phone automatically. Other than that, no complaints!
  • Another iPhone user 1/5

    By Supermansgay
    I’m on the latest iOS with an iPhone X, and like many others, I’ve recently been unable to log into the server at all. I have the exact url, and nothing has changed on my end. I definitely agree with others who have used branch before this, and definitely feel the downgrade between the two apps. No one at my store likes this app, and I work for a biiiiiiig chain, you would think the developers would want to do what they could to keep that many people on their app happy? But hey they already got the downloads from people who were forced onto it, so here we are. :/
  • Nope 1/5

    By sj2020
    Here’s the problem, it don’t work.
  • App is not working 1/5

    By sw85
    I have been trying to use this app since December 2018 and when I log into the app it shows error page.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By miveson
    Please make an update where I can check my timesheet...
  • Trash 1/5

    By Getmoney44
    This app is absolute garbage. Half the people in my store can’t even use it despite everything being up to date.
  • Do you listen? 1/5

    By Dmm8427
    Do you people even read the comments that are made to you about how crappy this app works? You updated it and I cannot connect to my work server on my phone!!! I have an IPhone and people with android say it works just fine for them!!!! Fix this issue!!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By teddijay
    Poop app. Buttons don’t work. Has me under a different employ ID? Nothing loads. 0 STARS.
  • Buggy and strange 2/5

    By Nosaj544
    There’s some weird design decisions in this app. Even something as simple as scrolling doesn’t behave like every other iOS app. Views reload every time they’re opened. Navigation is confusing and doesn’t let you swipe back from the edge of the screen, like an iOS app should. The whole experience feels bloated and awkward. And the FAQs feel condescending. Forcing the user to log in every time should not be an employer decision; users can be responsible for their own devices. At least allow us to turn on TouchID login, please.
  • Halfway decent until just before Christmas 1/5

    By Thungore
    This app has gotten the job done maybe 60% of the time. Always issues, but it's what my employer uses so I didn't have a choice. Now since BEFORE Christmas, today is 1/15/19, Kronos cannot access the server. It is happening to everyone at my work with an iPhone. How can this problem not be fixed in nearly a month?
  • This is terrible 1/5

    By @5102
    I have been trying to log on to this app for 6 months. No one I work with can access this awful system.
  • It doesn’t work for my IPhone.. 1/5

    By annettecrear
    Okay so I’ve been having issues using this app for my current job. It use to work for my iPhone 6 then one day I tried it log in and it said this device is not supported by something-basically saying I need adobe flash player. Which is weird because the app use to work. Last year I got a new I phone (the X) and it still says the same thing...but it’s weird tho because my other coworkers use the app on their I phones. Yesterday I got a new I phone (the XS) and it still does not work. Can anyone help me out with this? Why doesn’t it work for my phone ???
  • Contact server? 1/5

    By Chubbyslatte
    Looked great at work. The truth is no one can even get into it, much less use it.
  • Update failure 1/5

    By Shortylg
    If i could give zero stars I would. Used to be able to check my schedule. Now can’t even sign in. And it’s not me, it’s the “update”. Deleting and reinstalling does nothing.
  • Got it for simplicity-made everything complicated 1/5

    By Timnicknamemaybenottaken
    Absolute garbage. Use a computer. I got this for simplicity and,due to the errors and inaccurate stamps it throws in everywhere, now I’ve got a complete mess for my manager to go in and edit before end of the pay cycle. Out punches went through as In punches everywhere, I get error messages half the time I try to navigate around. Thought I’d give this the benefit of the doubt and ignore all the bad reviews. Don’t ignore the bad reviews.
  • Incorrect password/username 1/5

    By Marissa Edmiston
    The app updated and now it’s saying I’m entering an incorrect username/password. I know for sure that the information I’m entering is correct. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but nothing is helping. I need to be able to see my schedule. Please help.
  • Atrocious 1/5

    By I post Awesome reviews
    Overall this does not function with any reliability.
  • Potential 1/5

    By brucifer85
    This app as so much potential and for a company like Lowe’s to use it and it not work is just sad and a missed opportunity for these guys.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By GuitarLuver15
    This app is a great way for me to request days off as well as see my schedule privately. I love how fluid the user interface is too.
  • Limited uses, no options 2/5

    By Jakertakert
    The app is so extremely limited. The website is t much better. They really need to take some customer feedback and fix their stuff.
  • Won’t even connect to the server now 1/5

    By Jc2225
    I was able to check my schedule before and now the app is useless, I can’t log in to the server now they know that they have one job at first and is to make the user log in at first .
  • Not working 1/5

    By Studmuffin274
    I’m signing in with the correct sign in but it signs me out the second I get in. Session times out after 5 seconds, no joke.
  • It actively acts up 2/5

    By neulie
  • Nope 1/5

    By raintreesvilla
    My employer (large grocery chain) recently switched to Kronos for scheduling- and it’s been a disaster. People who are scheduled according to Kronos coming to work only to find that they aren’t actually on the physical schedule or that their scheduled hours differ that day from what Kronos says. Managers spend a large amount of time overriding what Kronos has scheduled. Asking for time off within Kronos is difficult, particularly if you only need a segment of a day rather than the entire day. Most departments have to write their schedules- and then go into Kronos and see what matches, adding and deleting what doesn’t match. Not a great app. Dysfunctional and a major time waster.
  • Lowe’s employee 1/5

    By dmpmedic
    Terrible will not connect with server on iPhone
  • It’s a shame you can’t give zero stars 1/5

    By alltimelolo
    The app is completely redundant and difficult to use. The only thing you can do on it is check the date of your shifts from week to week. But I end up running to my laptop anyway because you cannot see your coworkers shifts and you can’t accept shift swaps or coverage requests. A waste of time. I can’t believe someone was paid money to design this.
  • Horrible please fix 1/5

    By eris12345679
    It’s horrible I can’t even log in to my server for Lowes
  • The new update has caused issues 1/5

    By Tigerfiresmash
    For me my Kronos has updated by itself and now the servers are always down for me
  • Antiquated 2/5

    By billfromlowes
    I expected more from an app like this. If there was something else I’d use it. Need to be more user friendly. Takes way to many step to log in. Doesn’t total time per day. Can’t wait for something better
  • Screwy 1/5

    By Tendopain64
    I try to see my schedule but it all gotten screwy for a sudden need a fix up. It won’t let me log in all it says unable to connect to server please fix it. App is trashy at the moment.
  • Not supported for iPhone XR ?? 3/5

    Hi, I have been using Kronos for my job and it’s been great but ever since I upgraded my phone from the iPhone 6 to iPhone XR it is giving me that it cannot connect to server every time and won’t proceed forward. Do I have to get a new Kronos or is it not supported for the new phones ? Please let me know what can be done thank you.
  • Review 2/5

    By niamorie
    There should be an update when the employer changes the schedule. If I want to know the updates I have to check the app every hour since I would never know they went in and changed something themselves.
  • Not working!!!! 3/5

    By Kp9056
    The company I work for uses Kronos for its scheduling HEAVILY. I just got a iPhone XS and the app isn’t working, I’ve already deleted and reinstalled the app and it’s still not working, I’ve contacted my employer IT department and they said that the latest version of Kronos is not compatible until the do a patch please do this because I don’t have another way of getting my schedule.
  • New update 1/5

    By Sham0612
    This new update made the application not work. I am very upset now because I depend on this application for everything at work.
  • Unable to connect to server 1/5

    By Ellis From Philly
    This version is no longer allowing me to connect to the server and is now useless to me. Only people who upgraded are affected by this at my job.

Kronos Mobile™ app comments

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