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KSDK 5 App

The KSDK app allows you to stay up-to-date with local and breaking news, as well as real-time weather and traffic conditions in the St. Louis, MO area. App Features & Highlights: LIVE STREAMING You can now watch LIVE STREAMING broadcasts in the app! WEATHER See current weather conditions, hourly and extended forecasts, a full radar map and weather-related health information. TRAFFIC Our interactive traffic map provides real-time information about traffic incidents, commute speeds, accidents, events or construction areas that can impact your travel plans. CLOSINGS & DELAYS Browse a list of local Closings & Delays 24/7. ALERTS Sign up for Breaking News, Weather and other alerts for the stories most important to you. SHARING Easily share articles and video clips with your network via Facebook, Twitter or email. YOUR TAKE You can now upload your own pictures and videos of the action to share with KSDK viewers through Your Take, we may even include them in our coverage!

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KSDK 5 app reviews


    By BUGGSBABY:7695
    I do watch channel 5 but like every news media I am sick and tired of them being so biased against our President Trump I am beginning to think you are wanting to help take .America down but what you and the Democrats forget as hard as you try God is in control and he will have the final say. I just want to know whose side do you really want to be on. I sure this will be removed from from your review page but just remember the title and like I said WHOSE SIDE DO YOU WANT TO BE ON
  • No Longer Works 1/5

    By Amandaleighway
    This app has not worked correctly for months. When I open it up, the whole thing freezes and does not let me read or watch anything. I have reinstalled the app and updated my phone, the app also behaves the same way on other phones/devices. I am now deleting it because I am unable to use it except for the notifications that 99% are irrelevant. Channel 4’s app is the way to go for local news apps.
  • Can’t read anything 1/5

    By Longtime Fitbit lover
    Almost every time I open this app it is frozen and I cannot click or do anything. It’s useless.
  • Surveys 5/5

    By Irish Kerry
    Surveys allow individuals to express Their views on taxes etc. I don't like the idea to charge more for Licenses for cars that get more MPG. as they are lighter vehicles That cause less wear on roads! It should be a tax per gallon so all road users pay. Especially the Heavy trucks that tear up roads and bridges 😤
  • KSDK app freezes 1/5

    By kawcrow
    This is the only app on my phone that freezes up. Not sure what’s up, just that it freezes on home screen.
  • Watch News Feature 1/5

    By Super-duper good
    I can’t watch Live News any longer on either of my electronic devices. I get the commercials but then all I get is a picture of the Arch.
  • Random Changing Settings 1/5

    By Kevin41269
    I have selected only what I want to see alerts for; however, at random the ones I have turned off will turn on. It’s to the point I’m about to stop using the app.
  • Freezes on latest iPhone 4/5

    By kprcardinals
    Mostly a great app. It freezes and I have the latest iPhone on Verizon’s network. Closing out and reopening the app just goes back to the frozen app.
  • Five on my side!!! 5/5

    By De'bod
    I never use to watch channel 5 news but; one day my connection went out on my tv. It was like a new day dawning once you all appeared in the place of the other station aah what’s it’s name??
  • Content not prioritized over ads 1/5

    By mistermidi
    Updated on my iPad and got a full-on auto play video ad the very first time I clicked on an article. Not doing the update on my phone.
  • App ok 5/5

    By BlueNoteFan
    Would be nice to be able to actually read the story from the notifications that show up. When you click on it, you get either a blank page or a bunch of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with what the notification was about.
  • List of bad dog food 1/5

    By concerned multiviewer
    They say come to KSDK.com to find this information but it's no where to be found even if I try the search engine. Not very easy to find information I missed on nightly news. If you don't make it easy to get to places on your web its useless Should have a list the click on story you want. It's that easy to make.
  • New 5 5/5

    By 13$13$
    Love the news cast all are So Professional looking I like that you’re not distracted
  • Lady of 5 pm news 1/5

    By HisBabygirl57
    The dress was too short. Looked like a lady of the evening
  • Topics 5/5

    By ric the rat
    The format is well displayed for easy reference.
  • Your App 5/5

    By Anne J. Claythorn
    I love your app. So user friendly! Thank you!
  • Love being informed 5/5

    By Deb Dar
    I am loving the updates on news in our area. Weather, traffic, information on what is happening each day.
  • never works 1/5

    By nikoli976
    this app never works properly.... fails to load and freezes frequently. completely unacceptable for a news app.
  • Thank you five on my side. 5/5

    By Corvette rocks
    Best news ever
  • Freezes 4/5

    By Shannon Seger
    It freezes up daily.
  • Format 5/5

    By Sue CH
    I liked your standard format! You and presenters are professionals. It lends itself to trustworthiness. Please do not present the game show format.
  • Unprofessional sports reporting. 1/5

    By hommer1a
    A sad comment on your sports hall of fame reporter. While a rivalry is good for sports Being biased and unprofessional while reporting is just wrong. It’s bad enough that KSDK won’t report any score other than St. Louis is insulting to sports fans. But the obvious bias mr cousimonto has for Chicago is wrong. It’s ok to hate one team and supporting your home team but the lack of respect for a competitive team is bush league. Gloating is just wrong. Do your job and be professional.
  • Lock up 3/5

    By yffvgrrgfr
    Lately has been locking up (Sept ‘18)
  • Another Fake News site! 1/5

    By Jim 72
    Just another Trump bashing leftist “News” source. Just deleted the app, after reading the Porter Rico story. Proper headline, trump unhappy as numbers a revised upward after his visit. I haven’t seen KSDK write a story about the Porter Rican officials that have been prosecuted for stealing PROVIDED resources of the people provided by FEMA and other federal sources.
  • Update 1/5

    By kwk1214
    Latest update freezes up
  • Annoying ads played at full volume 2/5

    By Cho Dizzle
    The app is good EXCEPT for while reading an article you scroll down towards the end and an ad will play with full volume.
  • Pure Awesome 👍 5/5

    By Annnthen
    KSDK5 has You Covered 👍👍👍👍👍
  • KSDK 5/5

    By Glitcherfixer
    Enjoy being updated with accurate information!
  • Keep KSDK polished up and keep updates coming 4/5

    By LexLuthor2012
    I think KSDK App is getting a lot better now than what it was before. I am hoping for the next update for Traffic and Weather that there would be a way to submit Traffic Accounts throughout the year as well as icy road conditions during the winter. As for Weather section I would like to see alerts go out about severe weather or winter weather as the soon it is issued from the National Weather Service.
  • Review 5/5

    By zulu lott
    Good job thanks people ! ! !🙏🏿👌🏿✊🏿
  • KSDK 5/5

    By Yruhape2
    I watch TIST every morning at 4:00 am - 7:00 am; then watch Today show following that. I find KSDK has the most updated news, breaking news, with actual weather prediction . I Love the whole news cast especially Rene and I would love to meet him in person. His has such a great taste in clothes, if his wife buys and picks out his wardrobe then she does a fantastic job. My morning show everyday starting at 4:00am thru 9:00 am
  • Sports 4/5

    By Blue Leader6
    Why does KSDK graphics continually block out the Cardinals scores & other sports scores in the lower right of the screen with a stupid KSDK logo with time & temperature? I have to go to another channel or app to find out the darn score!
  • Pop up videos are HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By Sandman...
    The app now has videos that pop up multiple times while you’re in the midst of reading or scrolling. It’s the most annoying thing ever. Unless it changes soon, I’ll likely be deleting the app. That’s not worth my time.
  • Going downhill 2/5

    By Tmkomor
    This used to be my go to app for local news. But over the last couple of months, the advertising interruptions have become so ridiculous and intrusive that I can not even finish reading a story without out pop up ads every few seconds. I’ve given up and will be deleting. My husband also deleted this app. I should be able to read more than 10 words at a time without being bombarded with advertisements. It’s sad you’ve sold out. I used to really enjoy your top stories coverage and felt you truly wanted to cover the news. No longer the case.
  • Good coverage 4/5

    By Dondi_1
    Lots of topics, categories included - appreciate that - thanks.
  • Below Average. 1/5

    By 777458
    The station is very liberal and doesn’t represent the MO views only the city of St Louis views.
  • Generally good 3/5

    By Tlk-s
    I do like the fact that your reporting is more non-biased than other stations. I feel like I’m getting the story without a political slant to the left or right and I appreciate that. The app however has been glitchy lately. It has a habit of closing down suddenly for no reason when your in the middle of a story so that’s kind of annoying. Otherwise I would have given more stars on my review. Also news alerts often don’t open or have anything in them when they do.
  • App closes at least once a morning 1/5

    By abcBeth
    We have the KSDK app on two iPads and my Android phone. I have tried watching the news on each device and experience the same results. The app will close and when it is turned on again we have to listen to the (already too frequent) adds again. This happens at least once a day, but often 2-3times in a 45 minute time frame.
  • Great App 5/5

    By 68stangirl
    The app is great...all info I need to know is right here!
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By fybchj
    Push notifications are way too many, too often, and for insignificant stories. Also should have some sort of way to qualify what your interested in such as I want to see weather alerts but not every crime notification. Finally surveys topics are silly and app provides no way to opt out. Apps annoyance is too much.
  • Update app 1/5

    By Chelathome
    I watch the Live newscast in the morning and for a couple weeks now the app crashes while watching. I’ve been watching for over a year and it never used to crash. Perhaps an update?
  • Wow KSDK 3/5

    By sejjae
    ♥️It’s OK but when reviews say it needs improvement then someone should follow thru!! It crashes and disappears a lot when reading or watching a video. Also on notifications about a crash, closing of a road or some breaking news. The info is provided and states more updates will follow later then you hear nothing ! I would say updates would be good to keep people happy. Also a search button would be Super Helpful along with Comment Section for Viewers💬 ♥️
  • Tried, True, & Tested 5/5

    By Spyridon Kukuzelis
    This app is just the next phase of a wonderful relationship, with the greatest Television station, in StL,Mo’s history! My very first, continuous & consistent, ‘televised’ memory, was the Ralston-Purina Fire, on 01/10-11/1962! l cut teeth, was weaned & raised, on the Great: Corky/CliffSt.Jas.! Congratulations and Many, Many Years to you all! YOU HAVE MADE A MOST POSITIVE DIFFERENCE! Gratefully & Respectfully Submitted, xSpyridonGermanKukuzelis
  • Crashes ! 1/5

    By Misha1035
    After the last update, this app crashes repeatedly.
  • Content, great! App... 3/5

    By STL24682009
    The content on KSDK news is great; I’d give it five stars. However, the app has room for improvement. Most significantly, the rate that this app drains the battery on my iPhone is astounding. I could play a short video, then close the video screen, and notice that I’ve just lost 15% of my battery power in a very short period of time. On other news apps, like the AP’s, I don’t seem to have that problem when I play videos or simply use the app. Fix the battery drain issue, and I’ll likely change my rating to four or five stars.
  • Notification Options 1/5

    By Mary62035
    There needs to be options for notifications. The ability to choose the types (weather, traffic, local news, etc.) of notifications you want to receive would be nice. I have completely turned them off because there are way too many that I don’t care about.

    By MUSICMAN827
    KSDK feels the need to repeat GOSSIP from the failing NY Times (who is extremely biased, and has had to retract SEVERAL FALSE STORIES about President Trump). Therefore, KSDK has turned into nothing more than a GOSSIP COLUMN. True journalism is now gone in this country. SHAME ON KSDK. Side note: This will likely get CENSORED and deleted by the communists who moderate these comments because, quite frankly, the truth hurts! MAGA!!
  • Narrow minded 3/5

    By Janestl
    Such a narrow minded news station. There is a big world out there. On days there have been terrorists attacks across the world , particularly Africa you report useless petty irrelevant news. Have seen it multiple times. Get with the program KSDK
  • KSDK App 3/5

    By Nique3232
    I think overall the app is okay, nothing special or overwhelmingly awesome. I ave several issues with news reports. There are often times when I receive notification and then launch the story and the story will be blank. Also in terms of live television cast if I want to watch those love speeches or broadcast when I open the app those too are not able to be viewed. In terms of accuracy I do find that when the stories are finally updated they are pretty accurate and do not need many modifications. But it would be a great idea to post of positive stories as well as the breaking news. Things that average citizens do in the community to help, or testing scores improvements, this that also boost up the community.

KSDK 5 app comments

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