KTUU News - Anchorage, Alaska

KTUU News - Anchorage, Alaska

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KTUU News - Anchorage, Alaska App

Now Alaska’s News Source goes wherever you go! For decade’s Channel 2 News has been Alaska’s most trusted source for statewide news and information. Now our award-winning content is accessible right on your mobile device. With 19 ½ hours of broadcast news each week throughout the state and real-time news online at KTUU.com, we keep Alaskan’s informed, connected and engaged every single day. With the new "KTUU News" app the latest statewide news, sports and weather will literally be at your fingertips. Whether it’s breaking news, state and local politics, severe weather or an in-depth feature on a critical Alaska issue, this app will keep you in the know on the go. We want your feedback! At Channel 2 News we continuously strive to create and improve the user experience . Please don’t forget to rate our apps. Requires iOS 9 or higher.


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KTUU News - Anchorage, Alaska app reviews

  • Ads are too many and too long. 1/5

    By tivo reviewer
    I get it that they need advertisers but the ads run way too long and there are too many. I just close out and go to the other local site and not use it hardly at all. There needs to be a better balance.
  • I miss the old app 1/5

    By AKCraneDude
    The ads pop up while I’m trying to read news. Also the latest version keeps crashing when I try to open it. I have the KTVA app as well and their platform runs smoother and no ads when I’m reading a story.
  • Crashes Repeatedly 1/5

    By Catzandkittenz
    Has started crashing on startup, between articles. Virtually impossible to use.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sourdough Lady
    I can’t open this app. My husband has it on his phone and it crashes several times before he can open it. It happens any time he wants to use it. Worthless.
  • Stop with the sounds! 1/5

    By silo83
    it’s become borderline unusable now with the pop ups and auto start ads with sound. i don’t want to hear audio! no one wants the audio! i’ll move to KTVA
  • KTUU APP 1/5

    By rongiers
    When you click on a story, you are forced to luster to an audio ad and have no ability to shut it off with or closing the app Sad!!!
  • Forced sounds 1/5

    By Jumper54322
    Ads now pop up everywhere and you're forced to listen to sound and talking in the background when all I wanted is to read the local new. Now it's much intrusion so moving on to any other app with local news. This app is now too intrusive. I may be back when ads have no sounds. Was good until this. Straw that broke the trust is that it's now using so much batt power. Only check the news a few time a day but usage show it's use 25% the iPhone power. Even when app not being viewed it seems to use the most power. Ads seem to play in the background even when no longer viewing the news.
  • Sound from the ads? Really??!!! 1/5

    By akgirlchris
    This is terrible, there is no option to stop it and now there is no way to discretely check the news at anytime due to the obnoxiously loud ad that I have to listen to while doing so. If this doesn’t stop soon I will have delete this app that I love.....
  • Save yourself the headache... Too many ads! 1/5

    By WanderYonder
    Ads pop up all over the place and usually don’t disappear or collapse when you try to close them. I like news, but this is too frustrating! Grey Television marketing department, take note: Your mix of ads and content on this is imbalanced. You’ve drowned out the content in favor of ad revenue. And now I’m deleting your app. Poof! (Gone.) Time to rethink this “app thing!”
  • Ads now automatically play sounds 1/5

    By Staceyrme
    A lot of the time I am checking this on the go or when in line. It’s horrible that I am forced to listen to an ad without the option to turn it off. If it keeps happening I will discontinue using this app.
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By Wickedly Disappointed
    Sometimes live stream works and sometimes it doesn't, in the same place.
  • KTUU 5/5

    By zFreme
    When checking deals it does not work. Otherwise it's better than it used to be.
  • No issues 3/5

    By Furon34BA
    Works fine for me, just sayin
  • Constant issues 1/5

    By bswagnerak
    Constantly having issues trying to open the app. Been having to delete it and re download the app just to try to get it to work
  • Won't open 1/5

    By Senior
    I have had this for a few years and had no problems. I just updated it and it will not open.
  • Itts a nice app for weather!! 5/5

    By Mhcycl
    👌great to see a app!!!!
  • KTUU APP 3/5

    By akdennie
    The APP is good but the annoying adds that show up on launching this add will force me to uninstall
  • Too Many Ad's 1/5

    By ADQIslander
    This app is so heavy with ad's you can hardly find the news. Loaded the app an hour ago, ready to dump it now!
  • Not useful if you want the news 1/5

    By blytheak
    Too many clicks to get to the news - first a splash screen, then you have to tap on "Top Headlines" then you have a choice of just four news stories. Most of the rest of stuff taking up real estate in the app is not relevant. It has the same sized box - a simple list of headlines as soon as you open the app would be much more useful.
  • Diffective unable to post 1/5

    By LJbooks
    Tech needs update users reporting news.
  • KTUU News 1/5

    Last update ruined the app! Undo the upgrade, seems like when ever we have an app that met all our needs, you guys have to screw things up attending to improve it. What happened to the WEATHER, I tap on the weather icon and it closes the app. I hope you guys figure this one out quickly, it use to be my go to app. Now all k want to do is delete the app!
  • Great source for news 5/5

    By bomohundro
    My go to source for the news in Anchorage.
  • Just BAD. 1/5

    By MrLarryJay3
    To many adds, the first version was far better. Suggest you go back to the way you were.
  • Not good 1/5

    By Lex-Factor
    App was decent until today when it's trying to make me log in with Facebook. I can't access the news headlines unless I log in with a Facebook account. If I wanted to do that I'd just use Facebook. Get rid of this.
  • What happened 1/5

    By Zoro0914
    What? Where's the news? The only thing I see is an add for that stupid watch, and the other bad reviews. What's the point
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Venge
    It's pretty but it crashes to desktop every minute or so. I used it a few times but had to delete it. The watch glance is adequate - when it works. Maybe I'll try it again when the CTD issue is resolved. Update: the CTD was fixed. Looks kinda the same as the old app with more ads. The watch glance is just another weather app which gets a solid meh out of 10.
  • Th jkkacvnl 1/5

    By Ah jointer
    All the added ads have ruined this local news app for me!
  • Could use some improvements. 3/5

    By James8133
    I really don't see the difference between the new KTUU app and the old one created by Doapp Inc©. I hate all of the ads that keep popping up. I really hope Grey Television Inc© makes some improvements on this app.
  • Changes was not an improvement 3/5

    By CMU Coed
    The changes from a few weeks ago only made things worse than previously. Now, when opening the app, first an ad for a health club pop's up each time. Then if you want to see a video that goes with a story, you have to wait sit and wait for a ad to end so you can see what you want to see. If this garbage continues, I will soon be getting my news from another station more often. KTUU is going down hill rapidly!
  • New app 1/5

    By Looking for another source
    Absolutely worthless! Bring back the old one.
  • Uh...why the forced new app? 1/5

    By Stinkhole321
    I've seen no improvement so far and only negatives to being forced to drop the working app for this one. Video doesn't work on my iPad air2. Sweet, they made it worse and wasted my time downloading a separate app then also having to delete the previous app that worked just fine till they killed it. Double threat I suppose -sarcasm for those that have trouble identifying it
  • -5⭐️ 1/5

    By choppa907
    This app is ridiculous!!! I was trying to watch a news clip and it made me watch advertisements over and over. Don't bother with is app.
  • It is glitchy and the clips don't run smoothly. 1/5

    By PRJAlaska
    Does not work well at all.
  • Won't run 1/5

    By Venge
    Ran it on the iPhone. It crashed to desktop every minute or so. Tried it on the iPad and it immediately crashed to desktop with every attempt to run. Deleted it. Other than the fact that it didn't work, on the iPhone it looked about the same but had a prettier icon.
  • Out with the new back to the old 1/5

    By Differint1
    Don't like the lay out at all and seems like I'm missing some news because of it... Should have left the old one working so people that liked it didn't have to get the new one.... My self back to getting my new elsewhere shame didn't even start using the ktuu app not to long a go and all ready that dissatisfied with it.
  • Its the same thing. 5/5

    By P'tarus
    I have no idea what all these people are complaining about, its basically the same app. I feel like these people are just angry that they had to download a new channel 2 app.
  • The ads!! 2/5

    By Sampingolimgo
    Every time I try to watch a video the ads play back to back, I finally gave up after the 4th ad and watched the video on Facebook.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Saucy Gram
    What are you thinking. There's an old saying ... If it's not broken don't fix it. Your app worked. I could access anything I wanted quickly and easily. The new one is a hunt & maybe I'll find it. Worthless will delete it.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By AlaskanVeteran
    This new KTUU app is far superior to the old one. I'm a frugal person who doesn't wish to pay for cable so I rely heavily on the Internet and NPR for local news. I look forward to using this on daily basis.
  • Hate the new format 1/5

    By Northernl
    I wish they wouldn't mess with something that is working
  • Looks good so far! 5/5

    By Markmcak
    It has a watch app and a glance with local weather and loads quickly. Weather locations could use some improvement. Doesn't recognize Chugiak or Eagle River. (Except for WI, of course!) :(

KTUU News - Anchorage, Alaska app comments


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