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Kung Fu Tea

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LevelUp Consulting, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Kung Fu Tea App

Do you live and breathe Kung Fu Tea? With the Kung Fu Tea app, you can now pay with the simple scan of a QR code and earn rewards at the same time! - Built-In Rewards: Get 2 bubbles for every $1 spent! You’ll unlock free drinks on your birthday*, 3rd visit*, and for every 168 bubbles earned. - Social Rewards: Share your Kung Fu Tea experience on social media and win instant in-app prizes - Referral Credit: Refer a friend, get app credit for your next purchase - Exclusive Access: Enjoy exclusive in-app promotions and receive special invites to Kung Fu Tea events - Store Locator: Find Kung Fu Tea locations nearby - Drink Gift Cards: Easily send Kung Fu Tea e-gift cards to your friends and family *Must be Red Belt status to be eligible for a free birthday drink (up to $6). *Free Drink (up to $5) offer on 3rd visit only available for new app users. Talk about a win. Download today! Questions or comments? Email [email protected] or visit www.kungfutea.com/app. Find us on Instagram: instagram.com/kungfuteausa, Facebook: facebook.com/kungfuteausa, and Twitter: twitter.com/kfteausa.

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Kung Fu Tea app reviews

  • Won’t tell you balance or when funds are low. 1/5

    By Micheel20202
    Terrible app from a dishonest company. Does not tell you the current balance of how much you have left. Leaving out this information is only so that you are unaware of how much you spend at the store. By default the app will also choose to auto charge by 25$ every time you don’t have enough funds, without notifying you that you are being charged.
  • Will automatically withdrawal $20 without permission 1/5

    By amb1097
    VERY misleading app. I wanted to use a coupon and was told I had to download the app and pay with it to get the coupon. So, after I did it automatically charged an extra $20 without asking permission!! That should not automatically be set that way! I contacted their customer support over a week ago and still have not got a reply. So now I guess I’m stuck with $20 credit to a place I hardly go.
  • Get your free drink sign-up and forget the rest. 1/5

    By Nipt49
    With 168 stars and only 2⭐️/$1 earned, you’d have to be drinking bubble tea all the time to make using this app for the “reward” worth it. So $100+ spent for $4 off. With that, you can get a small drink with no toppings. The asian in my is crying!! I miss the days when it was simple 10 stamps gets 1 free drink, no limits.
  • Have to spend at LEAST $10 1/5

    By BTS✨
    This app has screwed me out of my money. The only way I am allowed to use it at the location I am at is if I am spending at least $10. The average drink at most costs me $7 which means that I have to buy two. Now that I am down to $8 on the account, I can not even use that money. It’s stuck in there because I have to spend at least $10. Ridiculously unfair waste of my money. Not worth it. Just use cash.
  • Very convenient and has potential 5/5

    By STGFH74130
    I have many apps from restaurants and I notice that many of them allow you to order from the app and then pick up from the store. Many would say what if something comes up and you are late so the tea has been sitting on the counter for a while. Well the Chick-fil-a app checks your location or asks you when you are here so they can prepare it for you. That way you can skip the line. This app is excellent and has potential. No complaints at all.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Pokervixen
    In order to earn you have to have your payment method stored in the app. And we’re talking a credit or debit card not loading funds from PayPal or Apple Pay. That’s something I’m not comfortable with. Without it, you can’t redeem offers and you can’t earn points. To me that makes this app unusable
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Lyranichole
    Amazing love everything about it ❤️
  • Awful experience. 1/5

    By からかまやぬぼはな
    $10 was the minimum to use app payment and I had to buy 2 drinks to use free drink reward that covered $4. The cashier said like "You can not use this reward under $10" with bossy attitude. Even though 1 drink is around $5 and I just wanted it. It's ridiculous and reward on app didn't mention about it.
  • Not a good way to pay 1/5

    By gisellegalapagos
    This app is severely flawed as a payment app for many reasons. 1.) It only lets you load money witj $25 being the lowest amount. There should be lesser options than $25! 2.) When you load money, you cannot view your balance!!! It doesnt tell you if the money was successfully loaded, so I accidentally loaded $50! 3.) If you arent careful, the option to automatically reload once your account dips below $10 will be turned on, so your card will be charged automatically. You can’t even see your balance so you don’t know if your account is about to reach $10!!!! PLEASE FIX THIS APP, ITS NOT A GOOD PAYMENT METHOD FOR KUNGFU TEA! There are HUNDREDS of reviews saying this, so why hasnt it been fixed yet???? KungFu Tea doesnt care about its consumers.
  • Poorly Designed App 1/5

    By tisomura
    App does not automatically apply credits or rewards that it says you have. In store workers are absolutely incapable to help. If anything goes wrong they will tell you to “contact the support on the app.” Of the transaction goes through they cannot cancel or modify the order.
  • tea is fine, app is trash 1/5

    By cammy21_
    This app is really terrible. Not user friendly at all, will need you to link your card and then it’ll charge you randomly. Save your money, go get your bubble tea from someplace else
  • Useless and misleading, junk app 1/5

    By SBoat46853754
    1). Reward is not really reward, it is the balance of your preload and prepaid card 2) “Bubbles” price is way way way to high, you have to spend $100+ for a free $4 drink? 3). No ordering on app? So loading the app is a gross waste of tome and cell phone storage, classic junk app.
  • It’s okay but some features should be fixed 3/5

    By Nubzzz83
    This is a good app but some are faulty like auto charging on certain cards when app is auto scanned. They should have a feature that allows you to just scan.if this feature already exist they should make it easier to find.
  • Awful app. Charged me for a drink I didn’t order 1/5

    By Beryl2317
    This app is awful. It charged me for a drink I didn’t order and when I asked the cashier about this, they said I ordered two drinks. I did not. The other worker said it was the QR scanner’s fault because I was charged for the drink of my friend behind me. My friend paid for his drink though and all the worker had to say was that my friend needed to Venmo me.
  • Tea 5/5

    By havsjdkwba
    Awesome every time I’m here! Love the tea and everyone is so nice!
  • No honey no 1/5

    By mermaids4me
    The line was so long and I have to put in my credit card to get a free drink. The person taking orders took forever and then took a phone call in the middle there were so many people and not a good experience
  • What??? 2/5

    By ilovethisappreviews
    The app is really confusing
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Coldplaylive2003
    SAy you
  • I don’t think this app is secure 1/5

    By carjs
    After this app i got a breach in the email i used for it
  • Does not give free drink for new users 1/5

    By Angelinepp
    I downloaded this app because it promised a free drink for new app users. I did not see the offer in the app when I downloaded it so I asked the cashier how I can redeem the free drink. She told me to put my credit card into the payment method and scan the bar code to redeem the free drink. However, not only did I not get a free drink the cashier did not tell me I was getting charged for the drink. I only knew because I saw my receipt. Very disappointing. This is how you get scammed.
  • Download the app and get a free drink they said 2/5

    By watermelon-sundae
    So I did just that, presented the reward and did not get a free drink bc it “wasn’t valid”.
  • Requires credit card info to earn rewards 1/5

    By sudo potato
    Major deal breaker. Why would anyone give out credit card info to earn rewards for boba tea? Also the rewards program is a major rip off. Spend $84 to get $4 dollars off. Hard pass.
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By riri riring
    I love KFT
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bobamilktea24
    You cannot even see your balance. This app is fundamentally flawed as a payment rewards app.
  • Free Tea -Yes Please! 5/5

    By Kdog❤️boba
    The app tracks all my transactions and puts perks right into my account like free bubbles and tea! Sometimes there is a freebie just waiting for me to use it!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gyze_82
    Very convenient
  • Great play and love the app 4/5

    By Desidoo88
    My only complaint is that the scanning social media for the #nationalbubbletea to claim rewards doesn’t work. I tried IG, FB and Twitter and none of the attempts were successful.
  • Need fix 1/5

    By AIcurl
    I’m not sure how many times I tried “scan for already shared photo”!!! It’s not working! I’m definitely tweeted photo with #KungFuTea !! Very frustrating🤦‍♀️
  • Not really a review 1/5

    By djay413
    I personally never used the app. This is more and a message to developer. I am extremely hesitant about using the app only because and all the reviews explaining to me how it’s not worth it and all this about need 25$ on the account. I don’t think the app should even add an account and only charge the card on file when a purchase is made. I personally get tea a lot but not anymore since KFT is currently the only place I can and I don’t want to go there if I’m not getting rewarded like I feel I could be, if the app gave me that confidence. I hope changes are made soon and I can enjoy my tea again.
  • Scam app 1/5

    By iphone_370894
    Scam!! They closed my account for no reasons right after I earned free in store drinks and earn a second level in the app. I emailed to ask why and they never answered.
  • Crashes 100% of the time 1/5

    By carolmb
    Can't even use it
  • Horrible format 1/5

    By krys53015
    Terrible system to use. Difficult to get refund of money loaded to card.
  • EDIT: great customer service 5/5

    By mooooomnsa
    ever since the update, i don’t have access to how much money i have on my app anymore. i hope it gets fixed :( EDIT: i was emailed on how to fix my problem!! guest service is wonderful. thank you so much!
  • Like a cheating game 1/5

    By Ella wasion
    You don’t get the rewards like bubble teas or other teas. And always ask you put more money in this apps. No rewards. Always asking for refer friends. That makes me dislike kungfu tea and instead of choosing My Milk lab. They have much better and easier rewards system. And no need put $25 first.
  • Worst app charging 25 dollars without reminding 1/5

    By arthureve
    This app charge you 25 dollars automatically. No reminder. Worst app I used
  • cant sign in with facebook. please rix 1/5

    By Jayjayjay12341234
    cant sign in with facebook. please rix

    By ms. k nguyen
    You’re supposed to get a free drink when downloading the app and adding your credit card. This is not the case. Had to go through extra steps for false advertising. Don’t download this app people!
  • Linked Credit Card Required 2/5

    By cfcfever93
    While the app is user-friendly and offers rewards, it looks like you’re unable to get points without connecting your credit/debit card to the app. For someone who only occasionally gets bubble tea, I don’t necessarily feel safe giving KFT to keep and save. If the app allowed you to earn points but pay in person, it’s definitely be a 4-5 star app.
  • Scam. No free drink 1/5

    By Huylyalibaba
    Offer free drink after downloading east meet east but no free drink after 2 months.
  • Can’t see balance 1/5

    By Omegajedi
    I do not have autopay set up. Can’t tell my remaining balance. Annoying
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ninestone9
    I updated the app and now it crashes immediately when opened, making it utterly useless!
  • Not intuitive enough 1/5

    By Ytn9999
    Searched everywhere and I still can’t seem to find my remaining balance anywhere. This app was kinda working ok before, but after the update, I’m having a really hard time liking it. Definitely not impressed.
  • Broken App 1/5

    By Spentx
    Nothing on the app seems to work except for taking money, don’t waste your time
  • Terrible Reward System 1/5

    By catapultop
    Impossible to get higher tiers. Not worth it.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Poke Chops
    First app guy is paid for his review. Don’t listen to that nonsense. Doesn’t even work with promotions they advertise.
  • Reward rate not as advertised 1/5

    By slamdunk107
    Received emails regarding app update and claiming that rewards were every 84 bubbles. However, after updating the app, it seems like the reward is every 168 bubbles. If you spent about $4 each trip, then the 84 bubbles would be slightly less than the previous required 12 visits, but for 168 bubbles, you would now need 21 trips to get a reward.
  • Laggy, not well thought-out, annoying to use 1/5

    By kaerFtaNg
    Title says it all. There’s no really much that redeems this service.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Christopherlh84
    This app will not work correctly.
  • Worst 1/5

    By Igalang
    I had the previous version of the app where I had a $4 reward. When I updated, it disappeared. I requested that the reward be brought back but I got no reply. Don’t update and don’t use this app because they will first entice you to register and get a reward and later they will take it back.

Kung Fu Tea app comments

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