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  • Current Version: 1.46
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: La Crosse Technology
  • Compatibility: Android
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La Crosse View App

The all new La Crosse View app from La Crosse Technology, provides a world class, weather app experience. The app works by connecting to one of our new La Crosse View Ready Personal Weather Stations, connecting you to your home anytime, anywhere. Unlike most weather apps that show weather from a predetermined location you could be miles from, La Crosse View allows you to see your home environment, such as wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, and humidity, as well as customize alerts, study, track, and monitor your weather with graphs, personalize your sensor locations with personal images, and so much more! The La Crosse View opens your station to a whole new set of features that is displayed on your station using our innovative data stream technology. You’ll now enjoy weather data from the National Weather Service, time and date information from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, customizable display options, and the option of displaying sensor data from additional sensors. The innovative and easy-to-navigate design, ensures a user friendly experience for all ages. Download now to start enjoying the View!

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La Crosse View app reviews

  • Cannot get it to connect to WiFi 1/5

    By Nickhami
    Have tried dozens of times to connect to WiFi. Am using 2.4g freq from wireless router. Lacrosse has even sent me a new monitor. Still no luck.
  • Can’t connect 1/5

    By chitown bull
    Very difficult to get my iPhone to talk to unit. Still have got it to work.
  • LYV-TH2 5/5

    By Mreablank
    Happy again. Apparently they sent out an update and my weather station wouldn’t take it so when the power went out and came on it wouldn’t connect to wifi. They are replacing the base station. I’m very pleased. This is the most accurate weather station I’ve owned. Thank You!
  • Pool Thermometer 2/5

    By Pamjrn
    LTV-Pool Thermometer sounds like a useful little gadget to have- if it worked. I am on my second one, which was provided for free, however this one died too. Battery life two weeks tops. Digital reading only displays partially after a few weeks. Can’t say I would recommend this product to anyone.
  • Multiple problems- few solutions 1/5

    By T Nett
    Loses WiFi connection daily and finally gave up calling CS. They just want you to go to website for help. No printed instructions came with it and CS says the instructions are online. The app has to run on your phone all the time to connect with the weather info device. The wind speed is never accurate. This is a bothersome and trouble proned headache. You can get weather information everywhere. This thing is not worth the effort. Would not buy it again.
  • Seems unfinished 4/5

    By CaptainBusDriver
    It works but some things don’t display. It may be that it needs better instructions. It is discovering sensors that don’t exist.
  • Great for monitoring weather conditions when traveling 5/5

    By De-Be-Reel02
    The app is great for weather enthusiast. It gives you the ability to see live and past data in multiple views. I use this app all the time when I’m traveling, it allows me to monitor the current weather conditions at my home. 👍🏽 Looking forward to new innovations.
  • Doesn’t Consistently Update Info From Base 3/5

    By Eachtohisherown
    Fails to get updated information from base station. Base Station works great but the information transferring to the app is hit or miss. Sometimes the information is recent while other times it’s missing and hasn’t been updated for hours. It’s not uncommon to see the last update 17 hours ago and “- -“ in place of a number.
  • Very poor 1/5

    By lake fever
    This is very poor app, I have had 2 La Crosse stations since January 2019, neither one connect with the app and can not use them ever. Its useless!! Don’t spend the money and wish I woul not have, plus they charge $20 a year for the connection and it doesn’t work!!
  • awesome 5/5

    By johngiggs
    great app
  • Don’t like to give reviews 5/5

    By bob z tx
    Don’t like to give reviews
  • Not to dependable 1/5

    By Not a golfer :)
    Second weather station,1st one defective within days, this station won’t keep Wifi Connected
  • Download app 1/5

    By toms lacrosse
    Why didn’t you make it user friendly all should have to is plug my cell phone ho to the app and download this poor design
  • Excellent device. Fun to have at my fingertips on my desk . 5/5

    By ---FJR
  • Poor quality product 1/5

    By Ronwg
    Device will not connect to WiFi. It’s junk, don’t purchase.
  • Can’t make it work 1/5

    By 13551702
    In spite of it seemingly connecting to all of the sensors, I get very little information displayed and no forecasts.
  • Problematic 1/5

    By RuthShell
    I have spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to adjust the time in my weather station with no success. My station continually goes offline and I’ve battled this for 2 years. I’ve had “no nist” for several months. I have temperature and wind and that’s all. Very very disappointed.
  • Time and date will not update 2/5

    By etsully
    I have tried everything outlined in owners manual and on line sources. My unit is 6 hours ahead time wise and displays the next day. It’s Monday, my unit says Tuesday. Two weeks have passed since I contacted Lacrosse and still no resolution to their software problem. They initially responded it was being worked on and they would contact me. I am going to look for another weather station that is accurate. In the manual mode I am using I do not get NWS data.
  • Weatherman 5/5

    By jbrad1313
    I received laCross as a gift and love it. It does everything I need. Was having a little problem with the WiFi. Called them and had excellent customer service. My router was the problem and they lead me how to solve it. My friend call me for weather updates now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 GREAT product. Thanks guys🌸🌸
  • LaCross 4/5

    By ShooterMcEd
    I’m totally geeking out with this system and app. I love getting alerts from the app. I just wish my base station would show my local temperature on the home screen otherwise 5 stars!
  • iOS and Android user not happy 2/5

    By Urban_Nomad
    Yeah this is an an app plus everything thing else review. App keeps freezing and I have to reboot the whole phone to get out. Similar issues in iOS and Android At the moment all the HArdware equipment I purchased is working as it is supposed to as stand alone = 2 stars! however the application isn’t working as marketed -2stars and the weather station in the exact location as my old one was is intermittent -1star losing connection to the WiFi! I wish the architects had not totally dropped the optional RJ45 plug on the new weather stations! I am not impressed thus far considering the investment I have made as a long-standing loyal customer! I would manually set priority on the router for the weather station however there isn’t a MAC address on the device itself, packaging boxes or anything visible, just pushing the buttons aren’t as easy as it should be! Bottom line I am not getting the App/phone/weather station all to work together in sync like it is supposed to!
  • Never works right... 1/5

    By Rutherford42
    Maybe updates once a day with data from the unit (at best). Support is less than helpful.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By thelegbreaker76
    Unfortunately the WiFi stopped working and now I cannot get it to reconnect. All of the instructions and troubleshooting tips were followed without luck. The WiFi feature was the deciding factor in purchasing the product.
  • Only works so long, then useless 1/5

    By iPerson
    As many others have have also found, the app can connect to the weather station for a while, then it just stops working. There is no longer connectivity, and the app displays dashes for every sensor reading. Full reset of the device, all new setup, nothing works. The app becomes useless.
  • Nice Home Station 5/5

    By The Old Dad
    Great little set up. Accurate, dependable.
  • Owner 5/5

    By Green Creek
    Very handy tool. We are able to monitor our home at anytime of day.
  • The app is not user friendly.. 1/5

    By MdThelen
    I am interested in the outdoor temp and humidity, but only get interior data. Frustrating.
  • Reboot 2/5

    By a7w2
    The unit is at a vacation home and regularly loses the connection to the internet so we are unable to monitor while away. We cannot re-establish the connection until we are at the vacation home (base unit) again. Requires a shut down and reboot/reset to be able to monitor again.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By jimbaggett13
    I have using this system for about 1 1/2 years. The rain gauge is inaccurate as is the wind gauge. On the rain gauge you need to take the amount on the screen and multiply by 2 . It sits next to two conventional rain gauges that match each other. The wind gauge is on the peak of my roof and is no where near accurate. Now the WiFi component does not work or connect any more. It does appear to get the temperature right but that’s about it.
  • Do Mot Buy their products 1/5

    By Kinglizard476
    While the product ( I have a C84343 ) is not enough, they DO NOT SUPPORT their app. It’s been over 6 months since they screwed up their DATA STREAM function. All you get back is, “they are working in it”. Basically, a “feature” has been rendered useless. Will NEVER buy another one of their products. I have a glorified thermometer. BUY another companies product.. Would give “0”, that is “ZER-OHHHHH” if allowable.. The weather isn’t too SUNNY regarding La Crosse Technology
  • Comfort knowing! 5/5

    By Curly Wolf
    I own a second house in a remote wildness. I am able to check the temperature and humidity of the house, crawl space and barn as often as you want!
  • Very good for the price 4/5

    By 303miked
    I like this weather station for its cheap price and features. It has really helped me manage temperatures around the house as I live in Colorado but have no A/C. I wish there was a way to tap into the data stream via a REST interface so that I could work with the data a bit more. As it stands now, everything must go through their servers and one can only download data from the last 24 hours. Overall, very good for the money and if you don’t have any data capture needs.
  • Mr George Leedy 4/5

    By blfdva
    Outdoor wind sensor dead! I submitted a request for assistance!Thanks!
  • Worked for 3 months 1/5

    By andre dear
    The app was connected to the device no problems for 3 months, unplugged it and moved from the kitchen to the living room and it never will connect to WiFi again, have tried everything from website support and gotten nothing.
  • My lacrosse weather station 5/5

    By paidoboss
    Was a gift from my wife and daughter. I love it. Accurate, customizable alerts, NWS link. My name is David Varney, 57 yrs. old but still a kid at heart. My La Crosse weather station is a combination of a kids science project, and an adults tool!!! I bet, if LA CROSSE advertised your products, just before Father’s Day and Christmas OMG sales thru the roof. It’s a toy, tool, info system, with alerts, a home protection device. Your company only needs to make consumers aware of your great product. Invest in advertising, it will pay of ten fold! If you ever need a customer applaud, you can reach me at 170 Boston Tpke Coventry CT 06238 h860-742-3234 c860-402-6418 your weather stations ability to alert a home owner to a freezing condition in there home in New England, while they are in Florida for the winter is enough to make it so every home should have a LA CROSSE system!!! By the way I am not just an excellent salesman, I am master of fire, water, wind, lightning, and earth😎in short master plumber🤙😭
  • Wifi won't connect 1/5

    By Lt1z350
    Keeps saying connected but not connecting to the tablet. The wifi keep flashing and time won't update on its own. This is also the second one I tried as first didn't even work at all out of the box. So what good is the app if won't connect to the weather station
  • Bad Buy 1/5

    By HungrySasquatch
    Works if and when it wants too with respect to the app. Very disappointing. We have had many weather station over the years but this is the worst by far.
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Bjenko
    My wife and I can view the weather measurements from anywhere the is an internet connection, by cellular or WiFi. No problems.
  • Junk. 1/5

    By rain103
    Rain gauge doesn’t get track of rain. Overall very poor.
  • Never stays connected 1/5

    By texaslskehouse
    I have this station at my lake house and it never stays connected so you can view remotely.
  • Can’t get app to work 2/5

    By Steamjet
    Weather station is great, wish app was! Put this at our second home as a means to monitor conditions prior to making the trip. Can’t get the app to work for some reason, everything else is great, wins meter and rain gauge register fine. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Horrible app... horrible weather station. 1/5

    By awboater
    Cant even change time zone in the app. Station keeps resetting itself 3 hr off. Nowhere in the clock or app to confirm or change time zone.
  • Weather service data not available 3/5

    By d_abhikin
    I have La Cross view model C82929. Weather service data is not available in app and if I try to update zip code throwing error as “A server with specified host name could not be found”. Update: Contacted developer through online form before written initial review. No response. Issue resolved automatically after 5-6 days.
  • Never works 1/5

    By RaymondPat
    Right now there is no temperature or humidity on display. Happens a lot. Also loses WiFi and NIST connections a lot
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lainey Raes Mom
    It don’t work half the time says a completely different temperature on the app than the actual one says even when is says it just updated! I really wanted this so I could see temperatures/weather when I am out of town! So so so so disappointed!
  • Help 1/5

    By CMH4NU
    Can’t get my temperature readings to display via the app.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By buhwana
    Wind direction stopped working and Rain gage no longer works. Haven’t had the machine for 6 months
  • Unable to get data in phone app. Numerous requests for help ignored by customer service/ support 1/5

    By Big boy likes burgers
    Used to get data on my phone app no matter where I was. All of a sudden stopped working. Absolutely no changes to my equipment (internet, base station, remote sensors etc.)Base unit connected to internet 2.4GH no problem but with no data to my phone app. Numerous customer / technical support inquiries ignored. Going to have to call it junk and move on to a different brand. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Worst weather station / software comb I’ve used 1/5

    By Kenji Kato
    Well after a year of struggling off and on to get this WeatherStation to stay connected to WiFi I’m done! The basic equipment the system comes with seems to be nice and seems to get information across to the included display, but I can never get the app to properly connect and show me data or for the base station to keep a Wi-Fi connection, even after resetting the system multiple times, and contacting customer support. If I’m just reviewing the software then I’d maybe rate it 3 stars, but this software is for use WITH the hardware. Without the hardware connection the software is useless. Update: I was contracted by La Crosse tech support yet again after leaving my one star review. Yes I’m using 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz WiFi, yes I moved it exactly next to the base station, yes the app is up to date, yes my iPhone is on the same WiFi, yes I put the weather base station in pairing mode, yes I have reset the baes station to factory default. Yes all my other devices are working on the WiFi router fine. I’ve even reset my router multiple times (just for their weather station) to see if that would work. 🙄 As someone who works in tech, programs apps, and has used a lot of other IoT devices. It doesn’t speak well of La Crosse that they need an 8.5 minute video that starts off telling viewer that users of their hardware report issues of connecting to WiFi often. Maybe it’s not the uses, but something about your tech? At least they were willing to reach out after a bad review, but unfortunately for them they were still unable to solve the issue I’m having with their hardware software combo. So I’m leaving my rating at one star.

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