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  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 3.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Fitness International, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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LA Fitness Mobile App

LA Fitness wants you to “exercise your options” and maximize your fitness opportunities, and this complimentary application helps you stay connected to LA Fitness no matter where you are. - Check-in to the club using the Mobile Membership Card option - Find Clubs and Classes - Create quick access to your Favorite Clubs, Classes, and Instructors - Book Personal Training sessions - Reserve Racquetball/Squash courts - Review your Check-in History, and much more. The LA Fitness App supports Apple Watch. You can access your Mobile Membership Card, Favorites and Check-in History directly from your Apple Watch.

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LA Fitness Mobile app reviews

  • Can’t find classes. 1/5

    By CurleyB1950
    I’m in Florida. My app will only search LA Fitnesses in California and its just too far to committee. My profile is good and map settings shows me in Fla. Come on guys, get your app together.
  • Full of bugs 2/5

    By Toessss
    Fix the bugs
  • Defaults to California 1/5

    By Johnathan Sherer
    The app is not good. It defaults to California for the nearest clubs, even though the latest update states it fixed it, the look of the app is not appealing.
  • location fix 3/5

    Better after location fix
  • Convenient 5/5

    By tiggerbob
    Easy to get to the membership pass and easy to find classes.
  • Location Issue 2/5

    By Work Out List
    I use to love the app and thought it was helpful, then one day it stopped working. My location is now listed in California...about 5000 miles from where I live. I reloaded the app, restarted my phone, and reentered my location without any resolve.
  • Update Yesterday disabled access to membership card 1/5

    By Barilko5
    The only thing I use the app for!
  • Location 2/5

    By anil2277
    I have my location settings on, but when I pull up classes it shows me classes that are at gyms about 2 hours away. The location gps on this app isn’t accurate right now.
  • Club Location 1/5

    By Spinster14
    App no longer recognizes clubs in my area, just California clubs. Not very helpful seeing I live in New York. Very annoying when I’m trying to sign up for classes 😡
  • Location wrong 1/5

    By alp-wa
    Since the last update, my location does not track correctly. It continues to show California clubs as close to me and I have never been to that state.
  • No class schedules 1/5

    By jtufit
    Latest update makes use of app to check class update inoperable. App no longer recognizes clubs on my area.
  • Gps stopped working 2/5

    By Njgirl05
    The app won’t show clubs in my area- only CA clubs. Even if I try press the locator triangle. I have to type in my zip code.
  • Location setting not working 2/5

    By usquatz!
    I live in Minnesota and when I would open the app to find a club near me it would show me classes within the area. I never changed my location settings but now it is showing me classes and clubs in California. I tried to delete and download the app again but it still isn’t working. Please fix ASAP.
  • No longer tracks my location 1/5

    By jbt2019
    As of three days ago the app no longer tracks my location. All of my settings are correct. GPS is on. Now I have to reserve using “find a club” and entering a zip each time . The find by class only refers me to classes in CA.
  • Update horrible 1/5

    By njaquarius
    The La Fitness App was updated on its own and now I can’t view any class schedules. It shows me the Map of the USA. What happened? Updating suxs.
  • Newest update 1/5

    By Etkala
    I used to be able to check the classes and schedules in my area from the home page. Now it automatically defaults to California classes and gyms. I live in Phoenix. No matter what I do. Please fix! Or let me go back to the previous app version.
  • App Problem. 1/5

    By Homeytudball
    When I open the app it displays a list if clubs in California. Not much help if you live elsewhere.
  • Worked okay until latest update 1/5

    This app wasn’t great but at least I could check in using the app on my phone. Now, when I try to open membership card on app it says the club needs to activate it. When you talk to the club staff they’ll tell you that the app is messed up. Cannot check class schedules, track check ins, etc. Please fix this ASAP. This company makes enough money from our membership fees to come up with a decent, consistently working app.
  • New Version doesn’t work 1/5

    By thisnameisnittaken
    The new version will only display class schedules for California gyms- total waste of time! No stars!
  • Location service wrong 1/5

    By Lopinhjkft
    Please fix the location service! I am not in Irvine California!
  • Location and Notification Broken 1/5

    By SB3032
    Horrible update. Fix ASAP
  • Problems in updates 1/5

    By HazelEyZ
    There’s glitches in recent updates, the worst of which is the difficulty and inconsistency of the membership card. My digital card works 20% of the time; the other 80% it doesn’t even show up. The app tells you to have your gym activate, but no one working the desk knows anything about the app, and why would they? Are they expected to be the local IT person?
  • Membership Card No Longer Works 1/5

    By Ashalfironman
    Trying to check in with to my club with the app and it doesn’t work anymore. When you click on the membership card it tells you to ACTIVATE IN THE CLUB. Please fix this ASAP and then I will change my rating.
  • Defaulting to CA for classes, I am in NJ !!! 1/5

    By sjones45
    New version keeps defaulting me to California when I try to find gyms near me for classes. I have to fight it to view clubs in my home state (NJ) Listen NJ is bad enough the only state worse is CA, I don’t won’t to live or work out there!!!!!
  • Location Services Broken 2/5

    By Frustrating Letters
    Looks like the latest update messed up the club location services. Shows all of the clubs only located in the Southern California area. Also don’t know why it has never defaulted to our favorite club to get the class schedules
  • checkin is broken. the most important feature is no longer working 1/5

    By Komocode
    need this fixed as soon as possible
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Bigdaddy P
    The latest update has disabled my gps location. It keeps forcing me to go to the club to activate the mobile barcode. After uninstalling and reinstalling nothing works.
  • Class Schedule Locations 3/5

    By Bill Kron
    After this most recent update, when searching for class schedules, it only shows classes in California. It’s as though it’s not looking at my current location.
  • Martha 3/5

    By Birthworker
    We should be able to CHOOSE notification sound - the one it uses I already use for something else.
  • Can’t create account - “Password must contain...” issue 1/5

    By Bigtoga
    I just signed up for a membership today and tried to create my account on the app a few hours later using password dks0Gqwyt! The app gave me an error- “Must contain at least one letter and one number” And I tried 3 other longerore complex passwords first and finally simplified to that. Disappointed.
  • Even the Employees Hate it 1/5

    By TheRealNumber3
    I have been trying to make sense of this app for nearly a year. I set up an account and found the thing to be useless and so deleted it. Then I needed it again to get visitor passes and when I tried to reset my password I ended up in an endless loop. The employees at my gym told me that happens all the time because the company doesn’t support the app and that I would just need to create a new account. The app makes customer’s and employee’s lives more difficult. It’s a complete failure. Also, customer service won’t email you back even though they promise to get back to you within one business day.
  • Having trouble logging in 1/5

    By uh_me_lala
    I had this app since 2017 it’s now 2019. Since the last upgrade was made I have been having trouble logging in. I am able to login online with no problem but, from the app. It doesn’t allow me to log in. I only have a badge through the app I do not have a keychain badge. Since I don’t take my keys with me inside.
  • Terrible useless app 1/5

    By Glenchhh
    I dont know why la fitness built this app. Only purpose for this app is that you dont have to bring your tag.
  • Isn’t connecting to my Apple Watch. 3/5

    By Glorysmali
    Anyone having troubles connecting/syncing between Apple Watch and IPhone XS Max?! So frustrating...
  • Making improvements 3/5

    By Lindapat
    Good information about the clubs in the area. It would be very beneficial to be able to load the club membership card in the apple wallet (for the iOS version).
  • Additional Comment to Sarah Sixpack’s 3/5

    By adhahn
    Membership card should be made to be available on the home screen or in Apple Wallet without opening app.
  • Like the app but, 3/5

    By 234152356
    I really liked app at first because it would show what days you went to the gym by your card being scanned. Since December 23rd this feature has stopped working for my I reinstalled the app and signed in and out and it still doesn’t work 🙄
  • Membership Card/ID 2/5

    By boricua244
    Trying to figure out the logic of allowing us to either use the membership card on the thru the app or the key card? I should be allowed to use which ever I have at the time. If I chose to use either one, it will cancel each other out. How about making the app that I can store the membership card into the iPhone’s wallet app? Much cleaner & easier.
  • Add membership card to Apple wallet 2/5

    By Naked78
    Would a lot easier then opening my phone & the app the access membership card. If you made it location based it would just pop up when ever I’m at my home gym
  • What’s the Receipts Icon for 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    I don’t see any of my monthly receipts. Need them for my health insurance reimbursement form. Why aren’t they there. It’s just a icon taking up space.
  • Happy but not happy 4/5

    By R ( B ) S
    As a senior, I'm not able to use the waits to exercise with .so I use the steam, sauna and the pool to get my exercise. Very disappointed when it takes weeks and months to repair them.i don't understand why. It can't be for lack of money, if possible, please explain thank U.
  • Can’t get my messages 1/5

    By Mc26K13
    I use this app to enter the gym and sign up for cycling classes. The app is full of bugs. One of my most annoying is it sends me messages but doesn’t allow me to read them. What good is a message you can’t read!!! It only allows me to delete all. Why don’t the authors of this app read the reviews and fix these bugs?
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Cij8c50
    They definitely need to attribute more resources to the app. No one wants to keep the key tags anymore, make it compatible with Apple wallet. Also, log in process is very unreliable, and the reset your password process is even worse. LaFitness needs to do better if they want to claim the top position in their field
  • Scan bar issue 3/5

    By Shadwbxr
    So far it’s decent but one major concern is the fact you can’t add your membership card to your virtual Apple wallet.
  • Please update 1/5

    By claire65789
    Please update this app! The interface is deplorable and makes me not want to use it. To search for class type you can only filter by type or near me- no option for searching for your home gym. Why not have your gym selected already so you can see the specifics for the gym you always go to? Please bring this app up to the 21st Century because it desperately needs it
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By xcgfdgh
    I can’t log in as a member it’s telling me my account is wrong. Can’t access the map features to see where there are locations on my route, it’s not helpful for me personally at all.
  • It’s goood 4/5

    By mikegaaa87b
    I mean it gets me in the club with the check in so if anyone expects more then that from a gym app your dumb smh
  • Check-In Trouble 2/5

    By Jorge0212
    I like using the fitness app so i could keep a tracking routine of how many times i go to the gym on a week but lately the app isn’t scanning the check-ins and other times i have to scanned it three to four times to get it correct! Im really dissatisfied with this! And i would like to know if there is anything possible you could do about it.thanks
  • Crappy 2/5

    By Ploskd
    This is the ugliest app I have ever seen. It should be a corporate embarrassment. It's slow and won't remember my location or settings. It will tell me a class is cancelled but won't tell me the gym is closed unexpectedly.

LA Fitness Mobile app comments

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